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5054 West 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46254


39.8250243, -86.2456454




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Rio

  1. straw hat big daddy

    The new management guys do a great job and keep the atmosphere safe and clean. Girls are nice for the most part but there always is a turd of two that are self-serving sneaky little bitches. Overall, it is one of the best clubs in Indy.

  2. Performers wanted

    Disease-ridden strippers and smelly a-hole gangsta wannabe managers needed for struggling strip club. Must be able to handle firearms and trained in first aid. Customer Service skills not needed. Apply at Club Rio, ask for Dick… I mean Rick

  3. True that

    An’ I luv dis place 2…

    Aint nothin like reaching down between a working girls legs and feeling bugs crawlin’ out…

    That’s f-ing HOT!

  4. allen


  5. PT

    Gutter bar

  6. Nigel

    Excellent selection of find vintage wines.

  7. Dayshifter

    I visit clubs in the afternoon a lot(more personal attention) and have say rio has been a bad deal for the past few years. I remember having a great time talking with ladies here in the past and getting GREAT dances. But, now the little money-grubbers they have working just try to rub up against you for a few seconds and then get their tip and move on. Not what I’m looking for.

  8. Nadar

    The only establishment in the city with a Private Jet for those of us with VIP status. Well done indeed.

  9. Charles

    Proper for any black tie occasion.

  10. sara

    hey everyone this is sara. i used to dance at rio a while back. if your looking for some fun you should go see me. i dance at the harem house now and i also do massage and other fun stuff:)

  11. James

    Disappointing to say the least.

  12. sky taylor
  13. Annoyed

    Ok, so I tried going to Rio (even after seeing these bad reviews). I figured someone was just pissed off about something. It was the worst night at a club I’ve ever had.

  14. BoobyFan

    The girls were very polite. The dollar is king. Early in the evening, cover is cheap – got in early, liked the personal attention and cheap stage dances ($1 for some “special attention” from one of the stage dancers early in the evening – $2 or $3 a little later). No full nudity, but almost – tiny, tiny thongs on most of the girls. Mostly really hot white girls when I was there. One or two black girls. No Asians, Indians, etc. that night. Girls had a great attitude; not arrogant or snobby. Some chicks were over-tanned (fake since it’s the winter), but that’s cool. You can spend a whole night and only put out a bunch of singles and end up having a great time. Almost all the girls were really hot, too. Only two that I didn’t like out of 12+.

  15. Dick

    Dark corner sounds good. You are sort of butt ugly. How much for a BJ ?

  16. Cliffy

    Hey, I work here as one of the dickhead doorboys, and I take offence to the “all-time low” shootings. We’ve worked hard to keep up a high gun to customer ratio. Also, we’ve been working to get the girls to stop showering so you can have that true skank experience.

    Come see (and smell) us!!!

  17. Uhh...

    Yeah, it really does still suck (this is a real review). We went last night for a party, and we left after about 30 minutes because the whole scene seemed to be I’ll sit on your lap for 10 seconds and ask “you want a $20 couch dance?” Yes – go and get a cold, boring dance w/o being able to touch the girl at all.

    No- she gets up and asks for money for her “lap dance” she just gave???

    Not going back.

  18. Wine List

    Is the wine list available in advance for the nine pm seating ?

  19. IndyMike

    Had an ok visit. does anyone know where Angel is? use to dance a while back here.

  20. Zoomba

    Slow night. Only two shootings in the parking lot.

  21. RJ

    Night shift here is good I’m nit sure what the negative comments are. Like all clubs some pushy dancers but the crowd and dancer qulaity pickups up at 10:30 on weekends. 9:00 Mon – Thurs is the better quality point.

    Rating scale didn’t work I would rate Rio an 8

  22. Elvis live ?

    I think I would like to see Elvis perfomr live. How much are the tickets ?

  23. Harry

    Obama fund raiser tonight at the club.

  24. Matt

    My girlfriend and I took a trip to Indy and stopped in at Club Rio (old hangout). Doesn’t seem as good as it use to be.

  25. Cut the crap

    You guys need to cut the crap on the all this shooting stuff at the Club. There are many, many more knife fights than shootings. Get your facts staight.

  26. Jim

    I can’t stand the smell of this place. It’s gone way down hill since the good old days.

  27. Looker

    I will be in town next week. Any recommendations on dancers to see.

  28. Teddy Bear
  29. GUNS allowed

    Guns are allowed inside Club Rio for obvious reasons. Great club with some sexy dancers and small arms fire most nights. Just lovely.

  30. jeffrey

    brickyard weekend was great. can’t wait till next year

  31. Switch to knives

    If everyone switched over to knives we could cut down on bystanders being accidentally hit. You could save money on ammo too…

  32. EEVV


  33. Private Jets

    Club Rio provides Private Jet Service to all members of Club “100” Rio members

  34. Free giveaway

    Hey, be sure to stop by and get your free gifts from Rio. You can choose from a gangsta’ gold chain and pimp hat or a dirty wife beater (w/ pit stains) and silver plated chew container! Hurry supplies are limited.

  35. What the hell

    I was almost shot! When I go to a strip club, I’d like to have a little fun, drink and go home ALIVE. Never go to Rio – no matter who you are, never go to RIO unless you want to have a dangerous and shitty time.

  36. go somewhere else

    Gone last to weekends. Nothing here but southside whitetrash tryin to take your money. When I left a couple of guys were shoving each other around in the parkig lot. Mest up some other guys car too while they were doing that.

  37. Tony

    Go see Samantha at Brad’s. See’ll “blow” away anything you’ll find here.

  38. Wolfgang Puck

    is the featured Chef all next week at Club Rio. Reservations are highly recommend. Black tie required.

  39. Club Rio Yatch

    The Club Rio Yatch will be sailing on the Ohio River for the next few weeks. Just lovely.

  40. Nightly Shootings

    What is the big deal about Plaxico Burress ? Someone gets shot each and ever night at Club Rio ? If you call 911 they will tell you to fill out a “I got shot at Club Rio” form online.

  41. just me

    best blowjob of my life, however the club was terrible.

  42. you're wrong

    Don’t know what this last guy is talking about. Rio sucks in any and every way.

  43. Regis

    Ellegant club with fine service. The ladies looked spectacular in the white gowns. Dinner truffles with tea outstanding.

  44. Hold on

    Get ready Tara, I’m cumming for you.

  45. Limo Service

    Does Club Rio still over limo service to/from downtown ? We are coming for the Super Bowl Week. Will we need dinner reservations for the 9:00 pm seating ?

  46. Woo Hoo!

    No one has been killed here for almost a month… Great job everyone.

  47. jared

    I love this club. The girls are all very nice. There are many very attractive dancers and they are very polite. The service is great. It is a fun atmosphere. Everyone seemed to have a very pleasant attitude. The dances were great. I had so much fun I will definitely be back.

  48. Jaime

    Circle City Brewery Tours. Tours running Feb 1st thru Feb 4th. Shuttle picks up on North Side of Indy. Too much fun. Beer lovers paradise. Call Jaime (317)796-8563. Welcome Superbowl fans!!

  49. Black Tie Only

    Club Rio has flown in four dancers from Paris for the Champagne tasting this Friday. Black Tie Only.

  50. Abe

    Shootings in parking lot are way down. Good time to visit the club until the patrons reload.

  51. Gleln

    Tom Tom is in jail as well. The club may be safe for customers for a while.

  52. Elvis Live !

    Elvis will perform live next week at Club Rio ! Seating is limited and heavy drinking recommended.

  53. Dan

    Good place to get shot !

  54. Nathan

    Dead Dead Dead

  55. Was a fan

    Im shocked this club remains legal or open.

  56. george

    Good Club night shift has nice set of established dancers. Day has two good dancers but a lighter dancer count on days.

    Saturday day can be extremely light on dancers I’ve been told.

  57. Nick

    Nothing going on at this club .

  58. Queen Elizabeth

    of England will be dancing this week at Club Rio. She is bringing her own “Royal” strip pole. I her she does “extras” for the right price.

  59. I agree

    Very little gun violence. Now we just have to worry about the disease and poor service inside.

  60. Victor

    Very few bodies in parking lot. They are really starting to clean this place up !

  61. Pacers Fan

    The Pacers start a new season. Shootings to follow at Club Rio. News at 11

  62. Everyone

    Rio = bad

  63. Under cover

    The story is that the under cover cop got a blow job and then refused to pay. That is when she started kicking him in the balls. He had blood coming out of his mouth when he was drug away, which can not be good. I guess you need to pay when served ?

  64. Max

    This club is still better than Brad’s Gold.

  65. jim dandy

    i have a great time at this club. the new management did a great job cleaning it up. love the new line up of day girls. night girls are a little wild, but i may be getting old. lol

  66. Mike

    I am on the way Tara !

  67. Brazil

    We went invited to travel to Brazil for the grand opening of the sister club. Club Rio (Brazil) is very similar, very upscale with a private chef for each customer. The use of the private jet for high end customers is a nice touch.

  68. Billy

    Terrible club! I use to go here often, but will not be back. Bouncer in the afternoon was an incredible jerk and burst in on VIP dance because of too much contact (nothing was happening). Threatened me and pushed me out the door because I asked what I did wrong. Nice looking girls, but watch out for getting setup.

  69. Zoro

    Very few shootings in recent weeks. It must be spring !

  70. Not someone who works here

    Why do the a-holes that work here keep posting stupid jokes about getting shot and giving the place a rating of 10? Is business that bad that they need this site for advertising?

  71. DEGGA

    This place is just scary.

  72. Steve

    This place is awful…

  73. Bat Man

    I was to scared to get out of my car.

  74. Randy

    Nice club. Fun strippers.

  75. Knives and Guns

    Don’t forget your weapons.

  76. Race Fan


  77. Rich

    I agree. The last time that I flew on Club Rio’s private jet they were all out of caviar. What a dump!

  78. Bang Bang

    No one was shot in the club last night. That makes one.

  79. Koop

    Guns and gangsters

  80. Torture

    They shoot, knive and kick customers. How can it get worse ?

  81. Champane Auction

    There will be a charity Champagne Auction this week at Club Rio. All procceds to the Heart Foundation.

  82. Don't go there

    I agree. Buddies and I went last night for a sort of “nostalgic college hangout night” and left after 3 or 4 songs. Busy is good, but this place wasn’t busy. It was just annoying. Slimy, smelly girls giving weak dances and lots of stupid guys paying top dollar for nothing. I’m not looking to hookup with a dancer at all, but it would be nice to have a good time, not feel like cattle watching pigs dance.

  83. Sold Out !

    The Elvis Live concert is sold out.

  84. Jerry

    There are better looking dancers at Pattys

  85. Debbie

    Used to dance here. It wasn’t too bad then, but the new management is pretty abusive. If you care about the girls wellbeing, then go somewhere else.

  86. Stabbed ?

    I have been stabbed at Club Rio but never shot. Does than count ?

  87. Carter

    Nice club, found one dancer that was not on crack.

  88. Big Tony

    Good place to get shot.

  89. Torque

    The club bought a new glass for the customers. This place is now on the rise.

  90. Ouch

    Hey, I was the one who got shot.

  91. DON

    Gun and Blade Show tonight (and ever night) in the parking lot.

  92. Michelle Obama

    I can hardly wait to get a lap dance from Michelle !

  93. Sucks

    It really sucks… this place is just gross…

  94. Mandingo

    Pick the right girl and you will have one hell of a good night. Overall, the best value for your money anywhere in Indy. I’ve been to A LOT of clubs all over the country and Rio’s dancers are some of the “friendliest” gals I’ve ever come across. Dedicated to making sure you get your money’s worth.

  95. Go quick

    there are a few new girls who haven’t caught any diseases from being at the club yet – you should check them out soon…

  96. Doug

    Sat. late afternoon–only two dancers and the waitress filling in (good body but she stunk). Based on my visit, I would not recommend. Dance with the one good looking dancer was less than inspiring.

  97. Queen Elizabeth of

    England put on one hell of a show. Huge hooters and an ass the size of Whales ! She was turning tricks in the parking lot after her show. Long live the Queen !

  98. dancer maya

    rios managers Bo and Bill Rock the djs are awesome this club is nicely set up and come check out the great selection of dancers as well grab a bottle of wine and head to the jim beam VIP no one has a vip quit like RIO

    The waitress are awesome and overall the best club ive worked at in the city

  99. Andre'

    Outstanding French wines.

  100. Holy Shit

    The guy that got kicked in the balls and head by the stripper was an under cover cop ! The first kick must have been a good one !

  101. Extra $20.00

    I gave Michele and extra $20.00 if she would let me cum in her mouth. She needs the money and I needed the suck. Win Win situation.

  102. Mongo

    Shootings in parking lot are at an all time low.

  103. Shootings

    I haven’t heard a shot in weeks.

  104. Earl

    Don’t like this place, and I never have. Skanky girls, jackass guys working the place and it smells like ass.

  105. Jar Head

    This club is the hidden toilet of the city. The place is just crap and shit and piss. Nothing good about the place, nothing.

  106. Bill

    I tried the dayshift last week, and found 1-2 worth talking to. Not much action, but ok looks.

  107. Thugs and crackwhores

    Not going back, you shouldn’t either. Thugs and crackwhores just about says it all.

  108. Not George

    I haven’t been there in the evening for a while, but the daytime shifts and weekend day shifts have been weak everytime I’ve gone for the past year or so. I use to love going to Rio, but not anymore.

  109. Hot Girl

    Hey I was in a few days ago and saw a hot dancer. Didn’t get her name, but I was surprised when I saw her here. Most of the good looking women have left or gotten rundown and not so hot looking.

  110. Call the health department...

    They should just burn this place to the ground. That’s the only way to kill all the disease and filth…

  111. herman

    wow love those day girls and the vip room.

  112. Not True !

    Someone does not get shot ever night at Club Rio. No one got shot last Tuesday ! Sure, there were shootings on all of the other nights, but not on Tuesday. Get your facts straight. Holy Shit ! Gun Fire !

  113. Cincinnati Guy

    I liked the girls that were here for race weekend – HOT

  114. Tim

    In college I used to go to Rio with a bunch of guys (sometimes on my own too). Back in the 90’s it was the best thing around. Sad to say that’s not what I’ve seen now. Went back two times (to give it a second chance) and had a bad time, and an even worse time. Stuck-up girls who are trying to take your money with no service are not for me.

  115. Tar

    Only small arms fire in the parking lot. Nothing big.

  116. Tara

    Come to Vegas to see me! I know you will have an amazing time at the Crazy Horse:)

  117. Gun Shots !

    I heard gun shots ! Pacer season can not be far behind.

  118. Bob

    The club has improve and doesn’t totally suck now

  119. Fire Power

    Anyone find my 9MM ?

  120. Don's Guns

    Hey Pacers fans, do not forget to stop by Don’s Guns on your way to Club Rio. You do not want to be out gunned in the parking lot as we begin a new season !

  121. I hate Rio

    Forget about the shootings (if you can survive them); this place has lousy service and increasingly not attractive women. Do Not Go!

  122. DOWNHILL ?

    Are you crazy ? This club has shootings on a regular basis. One of the dancers kicked the shit out of customer. The place is dirty and the dancers ugly. How can it go downhill ? It is already at the absolute bottom !

  123. Hi Don

    I think we should all lay off the Pacer thing too. They’re a lot less gangsta now.

  124. Total Shithole

    Yep, that’s about it.

  125. dennis

    went in for the steak special friday. great food for a strip club. liked the girls and the waitress we had.

  126. sorry man...

    but Rio has been going downhill for a while. Back in the day it was a great time, but lately I’d say go almost anywhere before here.

  127. Live Elvis Concert

    The live Elvis concert was wonderful ! He looked better than ever (until the wax started to melt).

  128. Zeke

    Lots of guns, very few girls.

  129. Tommy

    It’s really bad…

  130. al

    a total dive. a classic gun and knife club…you know, when they check you for weapons at the door and if you dont have one, they give you one.

  131. theone

    private room is amazing. Anything you want, one girl wanted me to do more… Money is king, so come with some and they will let you do ANYTHING. See Sugar.

  132. Peter

    Butt ugly strippers.

  133. Brother

    What ‘ya say bout knifes ? Don’t be in my face or me cut you . . stupid muther

  134. Real Fun

    Hey guys, come visit me at the Crazy Horse in Vegas. Ask for Tara:)

  135. Hey baby

    Come see me at the Crazy Horse in Vegas:)

    Ask for Tara, and you won’t be sorry!

  136. Exclusive Club

    Very expensive and very, very exclusive club.

  137. Upscale Club

    Very nice upscale club. All the dancers are professionally trained and wear gowns. Vallet parking, wide choice of champagnes and cuban cigars. Full menu with lobster and Omaha steaks. Chef from Paris.

  138. Paydirt


  139. NAS-TEEE

    I was there last night, and was having an ok time (about the best to hope for at Rio anymore). Went to get a couch dance (out in the open, crowded next to two other guys). I sat down, she started grinding (doing ok), she turns around for some butt grinding and I put my hand on the couch – MY HAND TOUCHED SOMETHING STICKY AND WHITE THAT GLOWS IN THE BLACK LIGHT ON IT FROM THE COUCH!!!

    I will NEVER go back.

  140. Bull!

    Things are getting pretty deep around here.

  141. Hoosier Don

    Heard gun shots, so I thought this must be place for me. I had a terrific time, stabbed two other customers, then I shot a stranger in the parking lot. Terrific club for a fun night out on the town !

  142. hoosier mike

    As with all gentleman’s clubs, the atmosphere can vary tremendously from week to week dependoing upon the girls working. Over all this club gets a grade of “B” compared to others in the area.

  143. Boobman

    I went there for their fetish night and was quite entertained. I got some good lap grinding for $20 in the lapdance area but was not happy with how open the area was.

  144. robert chelsea

    I have been a customer here for a long time and I would not have as much fun anywhere else than here

  145. Wine

    Spectator magazine has selected Club Rio for a special wine sample forum of vintage ports.

  146. Wine Spectator

    Club Rio was again listed in the “Wine Spectator” magazine for its collections of vintage Bon Montauge Burgundy, vat 1778 from the South Region.

  147. Crazy Horse:)

    Come to Vegas and visit me, Tara:)

    I’ll make sure you have a GREAT time:)

  148. Marcus

    Very expensive high end club for gentlemen that demand the very best. Professional chef, exotic dancers from Paris, and limo service to/from your hotel.

  149. Hot Chick

    You should all come visit me at the hottest club in Vegas. At the Crazy Horse you can have any kind of party you’re looking for! Ask for Tara! Bye boys:)

  150. damon

    dangerous place to go…way to go pacers…stay clear of this place

  151. Anderson D

    Some of the patrons are running low on ammo. Good time to go to the club, until they reload.

  152. It can get worse

    If you think this place is bad, just wait a few months… It is getting worse – somehow

  153. Don Guns

    I love the Pacers and I love Club Rio ! They are what keep me in business. Don (of Don’s Guns)

  154. Club Rio Hater

    We’re all just being unfair. This is, by far, the best place in town… Probably the world…

  155. Reginald

    A truly ellegant experience. Professionally trained dancers with wonderful costumes.

  156. Tom

    Come check it out, not so bad sometimes.

  157. Everyone...

    I went to Rio with some friends Saturday night before the Race and had a terrible time. The back-up girls brought in for the race crowd were hot, but the regular girls and the ship-ins were all way too pushy. These girls are expecting lots of cash for lots of bad service. Go somewhere else.

  158. I call BS

    yeah, this place is pretty bad, but some of these posts are just crazy

  159. Andrew

    Club much improved since Reggie went to jail.

  160. Former Customer

    It’s sad how bad this place has gotten. It’s really just a big shithole lately.

  161. Kimberly?

    Does anyone know where a girl named kimberly went? She danced here 4-5 years ago, but I haven’t seen her since. She gave me her number, but I lost it.

  162. Private Jet

    Club Rio has a Private Jet for VIP customers. Those in the “Class One” can fly to Brazil without charge.

  163. Bad

    Rio is a pit.

  164. New upgrades

    Hey, the club has put in a new shooting range in back. Things will be so much safer with everyone having better aim…

  165. It's a stinky nasty hole

    best description I can think of for the club, and the girls… O yeah, and the guys that work there are a bunch of real doushes too…

  166. I don't think so.

    I like rio… but only if it’s in Brazil

  167. Henry K

    Very few shootings lately. Less than two a night.

  168. Uhh.....

    Yeah, it really does suck worse then the Gold Club… or any other place in town I’ve ever been to. Granted, I haven’t gone into the truly scary places in town (silk & lace, place on post rd., etc.) but they can’t be much worse then Rio has been the last two times I went.

    Nasty, dirty club with a big hussle going on. Douche Bags and Dirty Whores…

  169. Oscar Night

    at Club Rio was spectacular ! All of the girls were elegantly dressed and the men with black ties. Very formal, but with a true compact red carpet feel.

  170. I likey... no

    Glad others are catching on to the suck that is Club Rio

  171. Tonto

    Thugs only

  172. Yeah, it's crap

    Nuff said… save yourself the headache (and money)-

    just don’t go

  173. A real person

    Not a place you’d probably want to go. Pretty dirty, not an “inviting” crowd(went in afternoon). Wouldn’t go again… no matter what.

  174. Great place

    It really has been a while since Rio has been in the news for a shooting, fight or health violations. It must be awesome again…

  175. Cowboy

    No more gunfights in the parking lot?

  176. A real report

    So I actually went to the club. I didn’t have a great time, but there are some hot girls. I just wish they would play a little more. Too many girls saying they don’t allow touching, blah blah blah…

  177. Smart guy


  178. Night in Vienna

    Club Rio will again sponsor a “Night in Vienna” to support the Indianapolis Opera. Black tie required. Donations should be made to the Indianapolis Opera Fund.

  179. Bad time

    We had a terrible time at Rio last weekend. The place is nasty smelling and dirty everywhere. Girls were ok, but I was afraid to touch them after seeing some of the nasty guys who were all over them.

  180. Alred

    Sort of dirty.

  181. Doorass

    Hey, the guy at the door was a real jerk. Girls were ok to not so good.

  182. High End Club

    Extrodinary high end club for gentlemen who demand, and can afford the very best.

  183. NPR Fund

    NPR will hold a a funding party at Club Rio on Friday. All welcome. Donations in excess of $10,000 are recommended. We wish the very best to our supporters of National Public Radio.

  184. john smith

    Club Rio is off the hook and is Indy’s top club for having fun

  185. Dude

    This board is pretty rough on clubs. I’ve been here twice in the past month and had an ok time. There’s not a lot of extras here (unless you want to get rid of a lot of $$$). Other then that the girls look ok.

  186. Sucky

    Girls don’t suck, but this place does.

  187. 3 Point Shot !

    3 Point shot ! NO, that was 3 shot in the parking lot !

  188. Andre

    Very upscale club. Limo pick up at your hotel, special meals from Chef, imported champagne, and Cuban cigars.

  189. Tom Tom

    So I am in jail for a fucking while, I will be out soon, and you will know it.

  190. Just another club

    I’ll agree, the night shift is decent. But what club that doesn’t totally suck not have an ok night shift (loud music, lots of booze and naked girls = a fun night). The afternoon and early evening is rather lame from my visits. Not sure who “Cliff” is, but none of the guys working when I’ve been have seemed especially great guys.

  191. Crazy Horse???

    Why is this girl posting about going to Vegas?

  192. ed

    lot of fun. didnt come in for a while then ricks cabaret took over the gold club. wasnt impressed with ricks so i went to rio and enjoyed the girls especially one name autumn.

  193. Bill hates Rio

    This is the worst place around. I wish someone would just close it down… Maybe the health department should check it out.

  194. Rio veteran

    This club is a hidden jewel in town. Nice variety of girls. Like all clubs some you want to avoid but the experienced customer should be able to sort that out. Much better value than some place like PTs

  195. T

    Lazy fat dancers

  196. Adam


  197. Jeff

    The number of shootings in the parking lot has been going down lately, Much improved.

  198. Shootings are down

    Shootings at the club are down because of the high price of ammo. This lousy economy is taking a toll. Stabbings are at an all time time as it is a much cheaper alternative method. I am Barack Obama and I approve this message.

  199. Gulfstream V

    Club Rio just purchased another corporate jet for use by the VIP guest.

  200. hosier harry

    Good night’s entertainment for the buck

  201. Place sucks

    I can’t believe people still go to this disese infested skank-hole…

  202. Touchdown

    I heard gun shots in the parking lot !

  203. Jane

    any hot chicks there who are into women

  204. How much

    I’d pay good money for that! I wonder if they’ll kick just anyone in the nuts???

  205. Boring...

    I went on Friday afternoon for a little jumpstart to the weekend. Some of the girls aren’t too bad looking… but that’s all you’ll get is “looking.” I had a couch dance with one of the hotter ones, but she (and the others I saw dancing) didn’t really allow any contact other then their “grinding”

    Want some action or at least contact? Go somewhere else. Want someplace classy to just relax? It’s not Rio.

  206. New Lead Chef

    Flown in for this week only is Chef Andre Marcee de Raiintel from Le Tayylele on the left bank. Reservations required, black tie only.

  207. Hate It

    What is there to say:

    Crap, Crap… and more crap

  208. Ouch !

    I watched as the Bouncer held this poor guy while the tall blonde dancers kicked him in the balls about a zillion times ! When the bouncer let him go he just fell to the floor and laid there. Then this Bitch kicked him in head. Nice club.

  209. Brad

    This one’s a dump…

  210. Not good for Bachelor Party

    We went for my party… Glad we started early so we could go somewhere else that was decent. Rio is nasty.

  211. WTF?

    The Bouncer and Dancer beat him up? Wow that story is ALMOST to hard to believe. I guess I’ll never go here.

  212. Smelly?

    This club smells like old moldy ass, covered with smoke.

  213. Club Rio Jet

    I just flew on the new Club Rio Jet. It is Gulfstream V and is just so very comfortable. The cabin crew are all professional dancers from LaRouge in Paris. Wonderful experience available only for the “Club Rio” members.

  214. Shithole

    Shut it down and turn this place into an auto parts store.

  215. Bag Man

    Shootings are down to almost nothing, club is getting kind of boring with just da whores.

  216. Evan

    Club improving rapidly ! No one got shot last night.

  217. Number of guns ?

    Does anyone know the number of guns allowed at this club ? We went last Friday and the door man said we could only bring in three guns per person ! He said the was no limit on the amount of clips, just the number of guns. I do not think they can do this ? Should I call the ACLU ?

  218. July 4th Celebration

    President Obama will be at Club Rio to celebrate July 4th with several local VIPs. Invitation only.

  219. Mr. Clean

    This is for the last three posts.

    Where in the hell did you guys go, sounds nothing like Rio,

    Please for the love of GOD share with us the drugs your on.

  220. Say whattttt

    Only reason this place has good dancer/guest ratio is that no one was there. I had two nasty girls that wouldn’t leave me alone (asked for drinks, VIP dances, whatever). I wouldn’t let my dog get a dance from them, let alone my dong

  221. Jackson
  222. Fine Art Showing

    There will be showing of works of Monet for Club Rio VIP members this weekend. Black tie required.

  223. I hate Spam

    I hate spam messages

  224. Chef Mairece Befoulee

    Flown in for this weekend only, Black Tie required.

  225. Ditto

    I agree… Rio sucks BIG time

  226. Holy Shit !

    Holy Shit ! I was at this dump when the blonde stripper kick the shit out of this guy. She must have kicked him the balls a hundred times. Then when he was on the ground she kicked him in the head. I got the f&^k out of there. Did anyone call the cops ? Did the dude die ?

  227. suck it

    rio is the worst strip club I’ve ever been in – it’s only competition are the crackwhores working around 38th

  228. Elegant Club

    A very sophisticated club for the wealthy. Jet service is available for Super Bowl guest. Please contact Pierre for details.

  229. Pacers Coupon

    The Pacers are giving out coupons that get you 50% off the regular price at the Hospital when you get shot at Club Rio this season. They has put out several thousand coupons !

  230. big daddy

    Thanks Bill,

    The Club continues to improve . . .

  231. Shot ?

    Most of us that have been to this club have either been shot or at least shot at. Just the fun of going to Club Rio ! Pass the ammo.

  232. Ike

    No one got shot last night.

  233. Paul


  234. Good Club

    This is a good club to see how well you can shoot at close range. Lots of action and lots of gun fire.

  235. mikey
  236. T Bone

    Luv dis place, cus da hoas do da thing

  237. I love Rio

    This place is great! Really..

    I’ve danced here for almost 6 months and I’ve made TONS of money by hustling guys for VIP and Couch Dances. I just tell them it will be really fun, and then I give them a lame half-assed dance. It’s total worth it… well, if you’re the dancer, at least.

  238. Alonso

    This club sucks !

  239. Edmond

    Dancers are all professionally trained.

  240. N Y Nick

    Only two shootings last night. Economy is slowing and ammo cost money.

  241. No shootings

    No shootings for a long time.

  242. Dave

    I think I caught a rash here a few days ago. Skinny dark haired girl (tiny boobs) came up and asked if I wanted a dance. She stradled my leg before I could really say anything and just kept rubbing her smelly bits on my thigh. Now it’s red, itchy and feels nasty.

  243. M & M

    Mean dancers

  244. Crazy Horse

    What’s with the spam from a LV club?

  245. Greg

    I heard “Dreamy” is back at Rio?

    If she is, stay away from her. She’ll rip you off and kick your ass.

  246. CRITIC


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