Dancers Showclub



8013 Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46231


39.7368493, -86.3020554




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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158 reviews for “Dancers Showclub

  1. Kevin

    Both your lack of respect for women, and your delusional fantasies are obvious. A club like Dancers, and the girls who work there, are not going to risk a prostitution charge to cater to a broke ass hillbilly who can’t get it any place else.

    Change your outlook, and get a job that doesn’t require you to own a pick up truck, and things will get better for you. Have a nice day.:):):):)


  2. Harley man

    Bitches with a attitude. Save you money. Go to the Gold Club

  3. Melissa

    I love this club! These strippers are hot and aren’t afraid to “play” with guests. Lots of touching and nasty girls dancing – actually dancing, which you sure don’t see in many clubs these days! I liked it that they weren’t afraid to play with my tits and slap my ass. Most of the other guests seemed to enjoy it too….. I had a GREAT time and I will be back!

  4. Why ?

    Why doesn’t this city have a least one club that is half way descent ? This club sucks and is the best in the city !

  5. yaeh
  6. re: Kevin

    Everyone knew your were gay forever, no big deal. You were just born that way, nothing you can do about that fact. Just keep your hands off my dick.

  7. Good Club

    Doesn’t matter if you get blow jobs or not, the club still has the best looking dancers of any club in the city.

  8. RegularGuy

    Best club in Indy…plenty of beautiful girls…great


  9. Tonto

    Lots of new girls !

  10. Regular 47

    Best Club in Indy….great looking girls

  11. Behave

    worst damn club i have ever been to. girls were rude and not wanting to work.

  12. ass man

    This club hires the hottest girls only. Other clubs in Indy should pay attention. I only go to this club.

  13. Pure Crap

    This club is terrible. Pure crap. Best in the city.

  14. James

    Brooke(her real name is Ashley) sucked my dick for 150 then she wanted to fuck for 300 so we did. Brooke is real good whore and sucks a good dick.

  15. Alex
  16. AL BUNDY

    YO DUMB DUMB!!!!!!!!!!




  17. me

    Madison still works here.

  18. Re: Sex Only

    Both your lack of respect for women, and your delusional fantasies are obvious. A club like Dancers, and the girls who work there, are not going to risk a prostitution charge to cater to a broke ass hillbilly who can’t get it any place else.

    Change your outlook, and get a job that doesn’t require you to own a pick up truck, and things will get better for you. Have a nice day.:):):):)


  19. Duomo

    Love it had the time of my life been every where in town and this is by far the best

  20. Scotch drinker

    No thanks!

  21. RE: Big Ben

    The reason she (Dylan) doesn’t like him is that he’s lying about her…nobody likes to have lies told about them, especially by assholes and he admits he’s an asshole. That doesn’t change the fact that this is a good club with lots of great girls

  22. Rick

    Where did the hot girls go?

  23. lovesthedancersgirls

    anyone who says anything bad about this club either has no money, or doesn’t respect women. the girls at this club are friendly and give great dances. they don’t try to screw you over and they aren’t rude.

  24. Number 1 Club

    This is still the number one club in the city to get a blow job from a hot young stripper. Ignore all the comments from Hawaiian Shirt Guy, I know him and he is a prick attorney from the North Side. Also ignore the comments from the gay hair saloon queer (Kevin). This club is suppose to be about the girls. I love Jade and Diamond, lots of suction for the money !

  25. Just Awful

    This club is just awful. It is also the best club on the West side only because the other clubs are worse. Club Rio is dangerous, Brads Gold is a dump with no dancers, Babes is old and dirty. Dancers is NOT a good club, it is just that the others are even worse.

  26. Roy

    Never had soooooo much fun

  27. Lousy

    This is not a very good club, but the other clubs are even worse. Pathetic.

  28. Sandy
  29. jackncoke

    the waitresses are hot, the dancers are hotter, and the dances….to die for

  30. Kevin

    Nicest club in the city, BY FAR! Got to see Rachael, and Haley, both new girls.

  31. Al

    Best club in the city for cheap sex from a HOT stripper !

  32. Re: Previous two posters

    Your simplistic attempts at come backs are getting weaker, and weaker. Then again considering in the war of the words, you two are unarmed, it really is no surprise is it? It is obvious you two rode the short bus to school, but did you also have to wear the plastic helmets? Have a nice day! :):):):):) Kevin

  33. Mullet Madness

    Great overall. Drinks are good. Food could be good, but the male cooks SUCK and are pretty creepy. Strippers are hot. Waitress are good looking. If you want an easy piece of ass talk to Phoneix.

  34. Hawiian shirt guy

    Best club in the city. HOT girls, good food, good prices.

  35. Ugly

    Ugly strippers, lousy servcie, best club in Indianapolis. Sad.

  36. WTF?

    Closed on Christmas? Santa likes boobs to.

  37. where

    Is there two Dancers West? On the list there is two Dancers??????

  38. miller light

    uhhh if your new to this, how do you go about getting a bj here?

  39. To the previous poster:

    The fact that you are afraid to use your own name is no surprise. Were you born a coward, or did that develop as a result of being a lifelong underachiever? If you had any balls you wouldn’t have to fantisize about girls who are about six zip codes out of your league.

    If you can’t afford Dancers get back in your $200 pickup truck and go to Babes, or the Flamingo. Greasy, uneducated, broke ass red necks would fit in well with their fat toothless dancers. Learn to show some kindness, and respect for women Gomer. Your life may change. Have a nice day.:):):):)

    Kevin ( the one who tips, not the dreamer wantabee.)

  40. Not number one

    This club is not the best in city, but it is not awful either. Just an average club in an average city.

  41. BJ

    Still the best place for a BJ from a hot stipper at a resonable price.

  42. Least Bad

    This club is just least bad. All the other clubs are just worse.

  43. Dancer Number Two

    Ying and Yang got it right. A blow job in a stip club is just as natural as the sun going up in the morning. I have worked here at West for a few years and love the club. About half of us girls will give a blow job and about have would die first. That is fine with me. I would much prefer to give some guy a blow job for $100 for five minutes work than to give lap dances (which is hard work) for an hour for the same money. It is just business, not big deal one way or the other. Some of you are just like Puritans or something.

  44. just some guy
  45. No More Cover Charge

    Dancer’s West has done away with their cover charge. Now you can come and go on any day on any shift for free ! Place was packed last night ! The also have two for one beer specials. This club is awesome.

  46. pj

    This club scans your drivers license into a scanner and registers who comes into the club.

  47. Las Vegas Lou

    Amazing how naive some people are in life. Las Vegas is full of cameras as well, each room, each hallway, and yes each elevator. When you are Dancer West you “tip” the staff to turn off the camera for your area ? Duh ? This my favorite club for sex with strippers, do it all the time. BUT FIRST I HAVE TO TIP THE MANAGER AND BOUNCER ! Don’t be so cheap and you can have all the sex you want with some hot little body. This is by far the best club in the city to have sex with a strippers. Clean club with clean girls, and accomodating management. You have to pay to play however.

  48. T

    Nice club.

  49. dancer
  50. Andy

    Best club in Indy !

  51. Great Club

    Great Club…plenty of beautiful girls…lots of action during private dances…

  52. Iron Mike

    The is the best club in the city. None other comes even close. I have been a regular for years, and have had blow job from almost ever dancer that has ever worked at the club. A little expensive, but all the strippers are first class. Better to pay a little more to keep my friend happy and healthy !

  53. Move On . ORG

    OK, we all agree that “Kevin the Queer” does hair for the girls at his place in Broadripple for half price. Now, can we get back to talking about the dancers, dancers, and dancers ?

  54. TF DUMP

    Total f&#king dump ! (best club in the city)

  55. Robert

    Nice club.

  56. Re two previous posters

    Gee one really doesn’t need a PHD to understand your fascinations/obsessions with homosexuality. Is that why you two don’t like good looking women?


  57. Embarressed

    I am embarressed that this city does not have even one descent strip club. When we bring in clients from out of town we have to have “entertainment” at private parties in a hotel. We deserve on great club ! This place is just the “least worse” of the bunch. Brad’s Gold is less than nothing, Club Rio you will get shot, Babes is dark for a reason.

  58. Sam

    I agree that $100 is a lot for a simple blow job. However, the girls at Dancers are top notch, and there is a good selection. The only $50 BJ in town now is Club Rio. I just as soon spend the extra money at Dancers.

  59. willow

    the best club in town… the HOTTEST girls, the BEST waitresses and bartenders… this place ROCKS!!!

  60. Channel

    I have had “Little Sweet Kevin” do my hair for almost two years now. I love his place in Broadripple and he gives all of dancers 50% off. Of course he is gay. He owns a hair saloon for God’s sake ? He needs us all to give me a kiss. Coming out of the closet (even if we all knew he was gay all along) is a big deal for these little men.

  61. EG-Camby

    Dancers is the BEST in Indy. Girls are friendly and HOT and that is rare in Indy. Private dances are very good.

  62. Regular guy

    Super in Indy…beautiful girls…great lap dances

  63. Martin

    Beautiful girls that are there to provide stress relief ! I mean “real” stress relief ! I love this club !

  64. to KEVIN

    There is nothing wrong with being GAY and you should not be ashamed. As a matter of fact, most of us sort of thought you were gay for a long time.


    I am now giving style cuts to all you big, burly guys, as well as women at Kevin’s Hair Saloon in Broadripple. You will get a style cut, shampoo, and the shoulder rub of your life. Love you all, hugs and kisses, xoxoxoxox Kevin :);):)

  66. Anderson

    Best FULL service strip club on the West side. Large parking lot. Both the day and night shift have girls that will fill your needs. Great club.

  67. Jack
  68. Tank

    Really nice club. You can get BJ in the back for $100 from most all of the strippers. Good music as well.

  69. Fantastic Club

    This club is fantastic. Many, many beautiful girls of all types. The drinks are reasonable, the cover is reasonable, the atmosphere is great. The only downside is the VIP room is too expensive. Don’t listen to those guys who downgrade this club. It is the best…come and see for yourself.

  70. Long Time Patron

    I have been going to Dancers for years. I always get a blow job from one of the cute little strippers. All you have to do is ask. Over the years the girls change, but the quality of the service is always the best in the city. This IS by far the best club in the city and has been for years. My hat is off to the management for running a top notch club, with clean girls, and keeping the price of a blow job resonable.

  71. Terrific Club

    Great club…hot girls…hot lap won’t be disappointed

  72. pete

    best in town

  73. DUECE


  74. Re: Previous poster

    It is a rare treat indeed to encounter someone capable of authoring a retort so well thought out, and so well written, it would bring tears of admiration from Shakespear himself.

    Your moronic hillbilly attempt is not a example of such. Have a nice day.:):):):)


  75. GROSS


  76. Bill

    was in dancers last nite…. The girls r beautiful, fun to talk to… really enjoyed raja and sabrina’s company, made the nite fun

  77. Re Re: Big Ben

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone………Gee.

    I don’t see any rocks flying:):):):):):)

  78. Great Selection

    Most of the girls at this club make sure you know they are available for OTC for the right price. Many of the girls are 7s & 8s with terrific bodies. I am here once a month on business and have fucked several of the dancers and they all are terrific fucks. If you are looking for a hot young thing to fuck this is the place to pick one up for the night. So far I have not had even one say no.

  79. Dancers Regular
  80. Foolish

    The girls are hott and so are the waitress’s. And Misty the bartender is the best ever. Had a great time.

  81. Re: Previous poster

    Yes, that Hawaiian Shirt attorney man is just so mean to me, and I do not know why ? Have a nice day ! Kevin

  82. Erick M

    Why are the dancers missing teeth?

  83. adamrod

    Pure Passion went under new management a few months back, so I thought to give it a try. I’ve been there on weeknights and weekends, and I can honestly say that this place has never failed me. The outside of the building could definitely use some remodeling and doesn’t look appealing at all, but they’ve really worked on the inside of this place and it actually looks pretty good on the inside, much more spacious than it appears to be from the outside. The strippers are GREAT! All beautiful, great bodies, lovely smiles, and they’re all very friendly. The private dance is only $10 per song, so I usually get 2, only $20. And the drinks are inexpensive, so you can have a good time drinking and getting dances without going broke. Overall, it’s a good time there 🙂

  84. Jonsey

    This place stinks

  85. Bachelor Party

    We had a bachelor party at Dancers West last night and it was terrific ! The entire staff took care of all our request and then some. Never been to a club that had so many girls available for outside the club. We ended up taking five girls back to our hotel downtown. This was my first trip to Indianapolis and I must say I was impressed ! WTG INDY !

  86. Chicago Craig

    First visit here…used to go to Brad’s Gold Club, but lately its been so bad I wanted to check this place out. Nice club….clean…nice set up…..most of the ladies were hot….silicone city…..but attractive…..but some had attitudes….got a couple dances from Haley, really cute girl….but she left me for some fat guys in the corner….and left a drink on the table as well…..not real impressed with the limited touching during lap dances…..miss the contact of Brad’s….but the quality of talent here is much better, as long as you don’t touch…

  87. Jake

    This is a favorite club period. The girls look great and all are friendly. I usually get a blow once or twice a week but never thought it was big deal ? Some of the girls like giving head and others don’t. Obvously, I hang out with dancers that do, but the others girls are still wonderful, just do not offer the service I need.

  88. Big Mike

    Love this club and the girls. The management is cool. I do not drink and do not get lap dances. Just come to the club to pick out a girl to fuck outside the club. Most (but not all) girls are available. Best part of this club if the girl you want to fuck says “no” she will call over her friend that will say “yes”. Awesome club to pick up a girl for the night.

  89. Not very good

    This is not a very good club. However, Brads (rated 2.0) Babes and Rio are worse. We really do not have a class club in the city. Sort of sad.

  90. Beautiful Club

    Beautiful Club, lots of beautiful girls, great lap dances, not dull at all like the last review said. Great place to be….one of the best clubs in Indy…

  91. CVS on weels

    Get some dances from Dylan, and a massage from the rub girl Haley, and you are set!

  92. re: Dancers

    Yes, Andrea still works day shirt and Cheri is still available on nights. Carole only works a few days a week but looks better than ever.

  93. Raymond

    The best club in the city to have sex with a stripper. The security is terrific and no problems with the cops. The girls are young and clean, and know how to please. A great fuck for a resonable price.

  94. Club Sexy Mujeres

    and Dancers West are owned by the same Mexican. This dude owns over 40+ strip clubs around the country.

  95. lonewly
  96. Same Same

    This club is the same as all the other strip clubs in that the managers and bouncers make no money. I give them a nice tip and then I get my terrific blow job from the stripper of my choice. Guys this is NOT rocket science ! I am a long time regular that has never had a drink or a lap dance at this or any other club. I just go for the sex and know how to work the system. This is the best club in the city.

  97. BMW driver

    Dylan, daytime dancer, is the BEST in the city!!!!!!

  98. Rahal Fan

    We big Rahal Fan’s and sure hope he has a great race ! We also a big fan’s of Andrea and Nile ! Just found these girls last week and they are super ! Andrea is going to race with out team.

  99. newb

    this club is nice. some days are better than others. some girls are just lazy and sit around, others work hard. it seems like there are many regulars around here and the girls just sit with them. if you are new, come in a group or you will get no love. you just aren’t worth the same $$ as a table full of guys. simple economics there. some real babes here, and some bad ones. overall would recommend.

  100. Zoro

    Nice club with some good strippers

  101. AK guy

    Club is a little big, but the girls are first class.

  102. Dylan

    Mattthew, David, CVS on wheels, and Hawaiian shirt guy are the same people. I do know who u r. We both know the bj thing is a lie obviously cause of the $300 comment. You r mad cause I didn’t go to lunch with you on Saturday. Go ahead and keep the bs going it might help my $. Thankyou by the way. Jokes on u. Keep it up and I will make sure everyone knows who u really r and what ur bout. Didn’t think u were this childish.

  103. entertainer

    This is an amazing club. The previous post is highly inaccurate, however. I don’t know of any girl that works at Dancers who will blow you for any amount of money. The girls that work here make money easily and have no need to resort to prostitution.

  104. Hawaiian Shirt Guy

    To the previous poster: Don’t flatter yourself. An asshole I am, childish I am not, I don’t get even, I just ignore.:):)

  105. Bryan

    Dancers used to be the dumpy strip club on west washington by the airport back in the day, then they renovated (a long time ago) and now it’s very nice! The girls range from country to suburbian but always pleasant and attentive. Nothing ever forced. They had 4 poles last time I was there and a great layout for a club. Someone mentioned Red Garter…yea, not happenin…Dancers is much nicer then Garter, just a little more out of the way. Especially if you’re just in town it’s about 10m from the airport. Check it out!

  106. RE: Lookin for fun

    I have personally been with Jamie and what you heard is true. For the right price she will do anything. There are no worries here because the security is awesome and in the VIP section anything goes. Shes not the only one, but is the best I’ve had there.

  107. ed

    I cannot believe that this club is rated below some of these other really BAD clubs in the area. The girls here are mostly great. Dirnks are reasonable. Private dances are great.

  108. 500 Race Fan

    I got Brooke to suck my dick for $200 . . paid extra for a copy of the video . . love this club . . and love to the girls that work for a living


    Me and the gang are in INDy for qualifications and then the race. Looking for a good time. We had a terrific day with Obsession, Andrea and Crystal on day shift ! All three are great dancers. Andrea and Crystal agreed to go the race with our gang ! Party, party, party !

  110. Big Ben

    Did I miss something ? The guy gave the girl a big compliment ! He said she gave the best blow job in the city and ended it with “I love Dylan”. What more could a girl ask for ?

  111. Lookin for fun

    Has anyone ever spent any time with a hot tan tattooed stripper with huge tits goes by the stagename Jamie? Ive been told she is a hell of a good time for the right price…….any feedback on this info? If not who is the girl at this club who is?

  112. Great Sex

    with hot strippers. This IS the place in the city to fuck a stripper. Good security and clean girls that really, really need the money. Private areas to fuck your brains out. And yes, if you ask they will sell you the video when you are done.


    Awful club, nicest in the city by far. All the other clubs are worse.

  114. curious

    I’ve been to this club many times, and I have never seen a girl give a blowjob in the back, nor have I been the recipient of one. Could anyone tell me the girls that are likely to do this? I agree with the last post, the girls here are top notch.

  115. in.funcouple
  116. Marco Polo

    I always have a terrific time this club. Best back room in the city. Ask for Nicollete.

  117. Morris

    Maybe we should review Strip Club 101. I have been to most of the clubs in the city over the years. There are always girls in any club that will give blow jobs. Dancers West is like all the others. No more, no less. Strip clubs are all about sex and money. Life is good.

  118. Duke

    Good Club..lots of hot dancers…best club in the city

  119. the king

    best management in town, over one hundred diferent girls in any given week

  120. Coors Light Guy

    This is the best club i have ever been to…

    the girls r hot, especially Nikko, Rajja, Mallory, and Nicolette, and the waitresses and bartenders r very friendly

  121. fan

    I went to this club the other night for the first time. the girls are really nice. they’ll talk to you for a while before asking for a dance. great palce to have a drink before you go home, and definately a great place to spend your money for dances.

  122. Henry

    Just an average club. Price of blow jobs went to $100 which is more than some other clubs in the city.

  123. tom
  124. Topper

    Why all the talk about “Kevin the Queer” ? Great, he does the hair for the girls at his saloon in Broadripple. So what ? If you ask me we should put this little fag back in his box.

  125. Regular

    Super good club, lots of beautiful girls, lots of action during lap dances

  126. Dullville

    This club is sort of dull, but better than Babes or Brads which are crap.

  127. Video

    For $25 the club will provide you of a tape of you fucking your stripper in the VIP section. I have myself fucking four different girls. The club has the best security in the city. Clean club.

  128. HSG

    The fact remains this is still be best club in the city for to get a blow job. Prices will go down as the economy contines to stall. Just supply and demand.

  129. New Yorker

    I was really impressed with oral sex that these young Indiana girls do on the big member. They are just so nice and sweet, and smile while sucking your cock dry. This club is really a must visit for any guy that goes to Indianapolis on business.

  130. David

    Dylan is give the best blow job in the city. It will cost you over $300 but it money well spent.

  131. Ted

    Club sucks. Best in the city.

  132. Ying and Yang

    The sun goes up. The sun goes down. Men go to strip clubs to get a blow job. Just a normal part of life. I am sure “Iron Mike” has had his share of blow jobs in a number of clubs. But, so have most of the male population in the country. No big deal. I do not drink, could care less about a lap dance, I just go for the blow job. This is just normal part of most guys life. Have I had a blow job from ever stripper in the city ? No. But, I have had several, and plan on having more in the near future !

  133. John
  134. trtfyjutiyug
  135. Good selection

    There are a lot of excellent strippers at the club that are ready to give you full service. Best club in the city for top quality sex with a stripper. Dylan is terrific, but so are a lot of the other strippers as well.

  136. First timer

    Great club. Beats the hell out of the Brass where the drinks are watered, and the dancers are bigger than the Colts offensive line.

  137. Sex Only

    The only reason to go to a strip club is to have sex with a stripper. Why else would you go ?

  138. Horny Guy

    Best club in the city to have sex with a stripper. Lots of really hot girls just waiting to fuck your brains out. Exceelent security and a super clean club.

  139. Wants her old boobs

    Clean club, hottest girls in town, good food!

  140. Mobe

    Brooke and Joey have best bodies and very nice asses and give great dances and it was well worth it. Drinks are a little high, Great music, Cant wait to go back soon.

  141. 500 FAN

    Thanks for the info

  142. Matthew

    I agree that Dylan gives the best blow job in the city ! She is an excellent example of why you should pay the extra money for a first class stripper. You only go around once, you might as well have the best ! Dylan I love you !

  143. Jenna

    You guys need to give Kevin a break. He has had a rough few weeks. He had the courage to admit being gay, and we all need to support him at this critical time. He is a sweet, sweet person with fragile feelings.

  144. Amazed

    Friday was this girl’s first time in ANY club. Samatha was AWESOME!!! She awas so sweet and attentive. She only works Tuesdays and Fridays, but you should all go see her.

  145. Good

    Pretty good club for a town like Indy. Lots of girls and lots of lap dance action.

  146. Question

    Is this club owned by the same guy that bought Club Sexy Mujeres on the East side ?

  147. Yankee

    Good place for cold beer and cheap sex. You can still get a blow job for $100 from on of the blonde hotties ! I love this club !

  148. hoohaa

    There is only one Dancers but for some reason they have two on the list. Still the best club in Indy in my opinion.

  149. rocker
  150. Earl

    Strippers are good looking, BUT $100 is a lot for a blow job. Back to Club Rio for me

  151. Top Ten Rating !

    Dancers is now rated as one of the Top Ten Clubs in the State. This is big time. Strip Club List ALWAYS gets it correct because it lets the actual customers give the ratings. Well done to Dancers West, you deserve this honor.

  152. entertainer again

    Puritans?!? HAH! Obviously you didn’t pay attention in history class because if you had, you’d know that many of the marriages in Puritan society were forced due to pregnancy. If you look at the records, it was a common occurence to see a baby born much less than 9 months after marriage.

    And as far as the blow jobs go, I won’t deny that some girls would do that outside the club. But as far as in the club? Until I see it with my own eyes I’m not believing it.

  153. H P

    Super club ! Really sexy girls that know how to give a quality blow job. The staff is terrific and they keep the club very, very clean. My vote for the best club in the city !

  154. Mark

    Best club in the city for a BJ from a smokin hot stripper. The price is now $100, but that still is a good value.

  155. Michel

    great time

  156. Grand Prix Fan

    We are in town for the race. Stopped by dayshift for a few cold ones. Super hot dancer named Nile was the best ! Great club and a lot of girls that do OTC and they make that perfectly clear. Great club in a great city !

  157. XhXeXy

    SCANDALOUS. This is your spot if you like bullet holes, tattoos and multicolored hairweaves on your ladies. Drinks are cheap but bring exact change because anything left over goes directly in the tip jar whether it’s a dime or a 5 dollar bill. Staff is friendly, girls are friendly (especially if your money is out *wink wink*), pretty sure there are some shady things going on behind the scenes at this place – keep an eye out. There are plenty of fake gangstas for your people watching amusement…they’re making it rain all over the place…with crisp singles…ballers.Visiting in the evening? Bring a buddy, there’s safety in numbers.

  158. Duke Fan

    We are in town for the Final Four. Went to this club to have a few beers and get some lap dances. Ask two hot dancers but they told me “we do NOT do lap dances, ever”. They said they only do OTC for $1,000 per night ! Strippers, that don’t do lap dances ? Crazy.

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