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2014 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46222


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Patty’s Showclub

  1. John Q. Public

    I’d hate to say im a regular here, but i go there about twice a month. This place is the best hole in the wall around. its like a regular bar with naked girls(not quite the best looking, but im not taking them home either so who cares). Touching is very relaxed and, when you tip on the stage, a $1 will get you about a 20 to 30 second lap dance, and if she likes you, she might stay a whole song. depends on the girl. Im a regular guy that likes attention, and if your like me then you’ll like this club.

  2. John McCane

    They are all either way too fat or way too skinney

  3. Closed

    This club has been closed for a while

  4. GhostSurfer

    My buddy and I have been to this club several numerous times and we both love it. Ok the facts – yeah it’s a pretty small club with just a bar and not really any food. The girls pick their songs off a jukebox to dance to and when they’re done it’s silent until the next dancer starts. But here’s more facts, and the more important ones at that – the dancers are always pretty friendly, sitting and hanging out with you for no cost to be with you. They’re a little on the chubby or a little on the skinny side, but most are all pretty sexy or hot regardless. And when you pay for a private dance, they work it and work it good. It’s just a friendly environment that has friendly dancers and beer. Not a fantastic, but at least a decent place to hang out with buddies eery once in awhile. At least worth checking it out just to see how it is.

  5. JON85

    This place is the nastiest club I have ever been to. Most of the girls look like bikers w/ 10+ tattoos! Half the the girls are over 45 AND have not taken care of themselves. Its $20 a dance. Take ur money to the Brass & get ur money worth!

  6. Jon C.

    My wife and I had been meaning to check this club out for ages. We saw it during a trip to the Botanicas nearby on Washington. We saw it listed in Gowalla as “John Waters-esque.” Now, to us, that means potential crossdressers and such. Because that’s what John Waters is into. That and … well, can’t talk about that here.Well, so, it was after the Broad Ripple Beer Festival. She was a little tipsy and said “take me where-ever!” so… We rolled down Washington and headed into Patty’s.There are no crossdressers and no dog waste. :DWhat we found is a VERY laid back club.The bouncer apologized up and down (and up and down a couple more times) that he had to wand us for weapons. We were like “no, no, that is awesome – need no weapons in here!” I went back to the car and dropped off the tactical knife I carry, got wanded and we sat down.The club is small. There’s a single central stage. The girls choose their own music on a Touch-type juke box, that apparently has a very diverse selection. There’s a private room for dances off to the side, and it’s fairly private, with a bunch of separate padded stalls.At first, 2 girls were on duty. One a tallish, small woman of color. Another a larger, but pretty hispanic girl. Later, another girl came on, also a fairly tall, thin woman of color.The hispanic dancer chose awesome music – lots of Rob Zombie, SOAD, stuff like that. Also Rammstein. And – she was SINGING ALONG – she KNEW this music; she wasn’t just playing to the “white couple.” After dancing, the girls are very friendly – they’ll come sit with you, don’t really ask for money (much), and basically will chat about normal stuff.We ended up getting some private-room time with that Metal Chick and had a good time. She didn’t really “get” how to dance for my wife (dancers knowing how to dance for women can be a problem at ANY club) but we still had fun, and we’ll likely be back.I think a lot of people don’t really know what John Waters is really all about. :DAlso – we’ve seen numerous reviews where people claim rampant beav-flashing and the like. We saw NONE of that. Prior management perhaps?

  7. Deej

    This place is a dive. One good looking girl out of 8. You’re in heaven if fat and skinny turns you on. Prices are good and girls are friendly though.

  8. Man from the sticks

    Honestly the worst club i’ve ever been in..They only had 3 girls working and the only pretty one in there was the girl that came by to ask if we wanted a drink and then said it was a 2 drink minimum to stay there…They didn’t even have a DJ they had a jukebox that you had to pay to listen to..I definately will not be back and will not recomend it to anybody…

  9. CHIKI

    Okay, so Patty’s is definitely not for people who want an upscale strip club. It’s a hole in the wall for sure. There are some diamonds in the rough but a lot of the chicks were prego. I rather see thick chicks than prego chicks but apparently the girls there make bank, so good for them.

  10. x
  11. Horny

    Can take out be ordered here?

  12. ?

    I’ve been out of town for a while and drove by Monday after 5pm, looked like the club was closed. Is it closed?

  13. Bird

    Many changes happening here. The place no longer looks like a dive inside. The girls are great and the touching rules are quite relaxed. You may come away with tape in your teeth. That relaxed!

  14. boredinsb

    this place is awful. went in on a friday and the “women” must

    have all weighed north of 200 pounds. avoid this place like

    the clap.

  15. Up North Friend

    Take out can be ordered here. Be aware of flakes and phonies up front. Kind of like Roulette, you never know what you spin will entail until you try. I’ve had amazing times and then a few that were horrible. Certain aspects of this place keep me coming back (mainly Denise)

  16. Closed

    This club is closed

  17. Wondering

    How much $ for take out?

  18. jerry

    take out not fresh

  19. Mr. Ponytail

    Be sure to check out Sugar. She is hot!

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