Curves Cabaret



2130 North Oracle Road, Tucson, AZ 85705


32.2479068, -110.9772739




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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31 reviews for “Curves Cabaret

  1. julian

    daytimr waitress monique getting old and drinkstoo much but will take caree of you im back

  2. Todd came

    Monique day time dancer, getting old and used up but still gives fill service for too much money. Go there and ask for Monique she will give you what you want in back.

  3. Nick

    Great full device during day from Monique. Waitress dancer

  4. A

    Used to like this place but not much anymore. Their hiring policies are flat-out racist. There were zero black dancers on
    the floor last night and at most 1 or 2 any given night in the last year. The entryway bouncer ignored me for 5 minutes after I
    got to the rope, and after he admitted me, he insisted on helping me find a chair in a room full of chairs so that
    he could pressure me for a tip. I recommend Venom: friendlier and more diverse.

  5. fritter17

    GREAT food good prices! Bomb ass burgers with french fries for $2 and if you like chicken wings they’re only 25 cents each! KILLER drink specials! And the BEST looking girls in Tucson

  6. Bruno

    I was in Tucson for a half-day job. Afterwards I went to Curves. Found a sweet honey and spent some quality time with her. Very good value on the private dances. Then she introduced me to a girl who was working her very first shift and told me to get a dance from her. Very nice for a dance on the floor from a rookie.

  7. ralphyorker

    This is one of the good ones, or at least the last time I went it was a blast. Girls were very nice and nice looking. There wasn’t a real boob in the place! Going back tomorrow and hope it is as good as the last few times I went.

  8. Fredz

    Really nice club. Nice girls. Some real beauties.

  9. Amy is IVY

    This club is AWESOME! I have worked a lot of clubs around the US, and this one is BY FAR one of the best! Top ten in my book. the dancers are hot, the waitresses are usually quick, and the prices are reasonable. I will definately come back to this club!

  10. Brian

    Ive been to clubs in many states this is still the best.

  11. Frankie

    A great place – one of the better places in Tucson

  12. harryharry

    I have never review anything on this site but after the experience I had today at this place is worth to spend a little time writing this for the customers, this place has BY FAR the raciest place I have been in my life, the manager is the BIGGEST asshole I have meet in my life, we came in and they ask fof ID the group was average 46 years old, but since we didnt have a US ID we had Mexican Official IDs they did not let us in, no explanation by the asshole manager and nothing, I guess this place is own by Trump. We went to another place own by the same group spent about 2,000 dlls and no Id issues whatsoever, I guess the owner has to work on human resourses and hire capable staff, because maybe with a well worth explanation we would not have any problems.

  13. Freddy F.

    Went on a Saturday night, which is probably primetime. The girls were gorgeous–only one or two that were shot out physically. Lap dances were fun & tasteful, atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable, with a number of TV screens here and there to watch sports (but with so much eye candy, I’d find it hard to pay attention). Service was a little spotty at the tables–I had to wait a while to get a drink once I moved away from the bar. There was one dancer who was kinda trashy–I tipped her while she was dancing and she came over and grabbed my front-junk. Maybe I’m old fashioned or a prude, but a crotch grab is a little nasty (maybe not if you’re in the champagne room or in a more private space)…Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience, and I’ll be back at least once a month.

  14. adamrod

    Hands down worst club I have ever been to. You dummies say this is one of the top ones? seriously? these girls look like they fell out of the ugly tree and hit all the branches, like you put some lights and a pole in the welfare line, horrible soundsystem, muffled, low volume, place doesnt know if it wants to be a strip club or a kareoke bar, and on top of that, the bartenders forgot that the word “service” contains part of the word SERVE, which you clearly are incapable of doing. I got better service from the guy that sits in the bathroom all night. NEVA AGAIN. p.s. I love watching guys in Tucson act like they are millionaires and like this is a club in miami beach. Dude your at a skank club in tucson, your not balling.

  15. Bruno57

    I was in Tucson for a half-day job and then went to Curves. Found a sweet señorita from Columbia and fell in love. Good value for dances in the private area. Good conversation.

  16. richard95

    Went on a Tuesday night, I’ve never been to a cabaret where the girls did not want to earn money. The place was packed full of men and my buddy and I sat there with a stack of 80 1’s on our table and were never approached. Strange. The dancers were huddled in a corner all night talking with eachother. We asked our server about the situation and she stated she was getting similar complaints all night. Girls were gorgeous, however, we got bored and left. There are better places out there….

  17. Frank

    Excellent service on the orders both drinks and food. Superb assortment of dancers they are the most beatiful. Overall atmosphere is excellent.

  19. Dave
  20. igor34

    I went to curves and it use to be a good place to go. but they have a manager named James, I was at the front door at 11:27 they open at 11:30, he told me I had to leave the property and come back in 3 minutes, if this is how they treat regulars beware people, but the girls are nice the management sucks.

  21. bob

    I just dont like looking over and seeing a dancer give a blow job like its nothing and then wipe her mouth and ask me for a dance

  22. fisherdex1

    Not impressed by the service at all. Was double charged for drinks. When we questioned it they pretended like it was an accident. We then asked for the drink we were charged for. Overheard the waitress say I don’t give a f@*k what he wants. Then got a dirty look and sarcastic wave from her. Would never go back.

  23. james1412

    Best club in tucson, az. If you are in the area than you should check it out. The girls here are very beautiful

  24. winston12

    if you like dope head girls that steals your wallet you is in the right place……. have you ever seen a stuck up dope head striper go to curves in you will find her…… tens is way better hands down………. no stars

  25. name


  26. C B.

    The only strip club I have been to are the ones on the East Coast. Which is very different because there are apparently a lot of rules in the EC compared to here. Regardless, this place is pretty cool. I came with a friend on free taco night, the tacos were delicious, and the girls were friendly and beautiful. My only complaint is that on the EC if a girl looks like she is drunk out on the floor, she is taken to the back and told to sober up. Here there are girls who become hot drunken messes and its really unattractive and bothersome when they try to order more drinks for themselves on your tab! Not cool. I wish they would have more discounts for beers and well drinks because after happy hour, two beers are 7$ a piece.

  27. curtis17

    didnt like the place we went for the first time just to try it out and we got there the bouncer looked to be high on something and when we walked in we sat down and we waited for our waitress to come for at least 30 minutes awfull service the waitress messed up our order more than twice untill we asked to be served by a diffrent waitress the dancers looked to be drunk or high not worth coming back

  28. Bobby
  29. Sari

    Great atmosphere! Customers all seemed to be having a good time and although the waitresses never came to my table the entire 2 hours we were there, they seemed very friendly to their customers–I think they were just very busy (end of the evening alcohol rush) 🙂

  30. ryan123

    Everything was fairly priced including 5$ ATM fee!

  31. curandero

    I love a few of the dancers, like and long for the rest.

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