1813 S Michigan St, South Bend, IN 46613


41.6553602, -86.2498635




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Torch

  1. ok.....

    After coming here, I’m so glad there is Edwardsburg, MI. Now that is the best club ever! Escape Reality…Edwardsburg, MI about 15 miles nouth from this dump!!!

  2. Manda

    Money is over flowing here and the crowd is worth working.

  3. srsmokalot

    very nice–good job girls!! 😛

  4. K_Conn tha Don

    For South Bend, this place is great. Nothing much to do in this town after the Irish win. Shout out to Mackenzie. She is the best.

  5. adam

    too small, drinks are too expensive, lap dances are okay, bad location, poor music selection. needs more professional dancers. when someone gets a dance they don’t talk to me afterwards. they would make more money off me if they just held out and sat with me. i come there for the entertainment and some company.

  6. PJ

    The girls were all very friendly and customer conscious. This is a great club. I found it while traveling through the area. It has a great atmosphere- the music is not overbearing like in most places. Angela gives the best dances and has so much more than just the fuck me eyes a previous reviewer commented on. If you are in the area this is definately a place you should check out. You won’t be sorry.

  7. Salem

    hey I like the “open” signs!!! Your parking lot was full.

  8. Joe

    Different girls are better private dancers than other girls. I very much enjoyed Jordan.


    I have been to several other clubs in the area and found that I like this one the best, The women are hospitile and the the drinks and dances are well worth the amount you spend on them

  10. paul

    ill be there saturday

  11. Allen

    I would rate this club very highly since it’s my spot. (no I don’t own the club, just the girls) It’s a cool place to drink and flirt with the girls. Emma is very sexy with a big booty, long brown hair and gorgeous eyes that you’ll wake up in a cold sweat over. Naomi is another favorite, a blonde bombshell that makes you want to write bad checks all over town she’s so sexy, along with pheonix who is a total package of sexy sweet and sinful that will make your mouth water. I also enjoy the steady traffic of new girls always through there. They come and go like the wind but love the long term ones more. Security for the lot. Peaches right next door with no additional cover. the waitresses flirt as much as the dancers and also go private. Angela is a cutie with short black hair and fuck me eyes, she’s fun to talk to and sexy so get her as a waitress or a dance.

  12. Trace adkins crew shirt guy

    Jenna and Allison were awesome on 24th of April…i loved those towels

  13. I guess so

    yeah the club is ok.Nothing like PoleKatz though.But you are in SouthBend.The bartender at the Torch is smoking hot and sexy at best.Those long legs would give any man a heart attack.Her name is Julie what a sweet girl.She gives great lap dances and good conversation,excellent bartender.They need to keep her shes a lot of fun! She doesnt hassel you for drinks or dances such a sweet heart.The other girls need to learna thing or to from Julie.Yeah but some of the girls think that their you know what doesnt stink like that Jordan.Girl jenny Craig needs ya.You are not all that like you think that you are.Get a clue and grow up.Other than that I think I will go to another club.

  14. Sam Fox

    Had Great time there. Waitress was very nice, service was good. Dancers were good. would go back when in the area.

  15. BLRed
  16. Bradly
  17. G-Rod
  18. Timmy D

    Waz up here? This place sucks. Girlz are trashy. Dont waste the dime.

  19. Travis

    the girls were scarse but a few very beautiful very talented girls who made this trip very memorial. not a bad choice for our first trip to mich. little bit of a shady area but well worth the time.

  20. old man

    an odd bar some girls are a bit shopworn, others are semi-lesbeens bouncers are pushy/strict take a pass on this place-head to north webster and/or kokomo

  21. V&V

    Like the cornfields

  22. dan
  23. asshole :-)

    lose the fat bitches

  24. bored in sb

    i have to say i was in here a couple of weeks back and they have done a better job with this club. the women were better looking and were more fun. they tend to still be pushy for dances and the bouncers dont let you touch at all. the waitress that was working that night had great tits and would show them off for 20, to be honest i wish i would have convinced her to give me a dance. good progress but still a ways to go.

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