Outer Limits



6560 Northeast 14th Street, Des Moines, IA 50313


41.6796174, -93.6012892




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Outer Limits

  1. K Johnson

    Dancers had me at full attention during a very stimulating private dance!

  2. Fish Guts

    Who cares!

  3. big boy
  4. Anonymous

    I came back here for the first time in 7 years hoping my favorite dancer from when I lived in Des Moines was still there. I knew it was a long shot, but she was only about 20 when I was there before I think. Her name is Nicole. She looked latin or indian, but she told me she was half black. Long leg girl with big natural tits. I would buy her drinks and once she got a couple in her the dances became legendary. She would get very handsy and let me put my fingers in her. A couple occasions she let me kiss her. Best dances I’ve ever gotten. Does anybody remember her/ know if she’s still dancing anywhere else?

  5. FanForNina

    Nina is a beautiful asian woman. She is a sweet person as well as a hot babe. She is worth every dollar you can spend on her.

  6. jj1953

    There’s a very pretty Asian there on weekends.

  7. fish

    they dont treat the girls right the black girls that is

  8. Rudy

    Had a good time, girls are very nice, laid back place. I REALLY enjoyed your dances summer, when do you work again? Everyone should give this new summer girl a try at a private dance, she’s phenominal

  9. Dan the Trucker

    Hennessy and Rayne are two of the sexiest black women at the club. Check them out!!!!

  10. traveler

    Not…no way

  11. Kelly W.

    I love a good bar, an really dig a fun bar, but when you automatically get at a bar, an expect to get helped, purchase a good stiff drink, one that knocks your six off, your lookin for a fantastic time an ya wanna spend some money, DONT COME HERE!!! The bartender kept blowin me off like I was an alien life force, what, did he not like that i smell like my prefered purfume which is baby powder or somethin? I know, its because im a female, isnt it!! Well, i have moola too, folks! And to the girls inside, sweeties, ya dont know what you missed!!! I had lots of cash available to have fun with, not one girl came my way to even say boo to me! And im probably one of your best tippers!!! I think the bartender doesnt like girl patrons, and the girls dont like girls!!! That Sucks!!! Oh well, better luck elsewhere!!!

  12. tj
  13. adamrod

    Wish I could give out fewer stars. Went to this place in a group with our wives while in the Des Moines area. We’ve done couples weekends like this before and we all have a good time. This was the seediest club we’ve been to. Girls were pretty good dancers but that was the the only upside of the place. Girls are “all natural” no enhancements not in a good way. A little creeped out by all the bare ass dancers sitting in the bar area couches. Didn’t stay long for fear of getting HepC. Bartender makes a pretty good vodka gimlet.

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