Bottoms Up Lounge



2800 Twin City Drive, Council Bluffs, IA 51501


41.2160117, -95.8901992




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bottoms Up Lounge

  1. Buck Naked

    Anyone who gave a good review either has no taste or drank way more than me. The place is a dump.

  2. ken

    great place now serving food

  3. adafe


  4. happyguy
  5. spoiled rotten

    anyone have a amatuer nite? we visit often and have fun in the club..girls are nice. just a goodplace to relax and have some fun..drinks are kinda high other than that is is a fun place to hang out.

  6. Big Abner

    Okay from a first timer, I had a terrific time. I’ve only been here once because I have to come from clear over on the other side of everything so it’s just too out of the way to make it a stop by after work place. The one time I did go, it was great. The beer was the coldest anywhere I’ve been in this area. The girls were fantastic. My favorite, I wish I could remember her name, was kinda skuzzy and I like that in a girl, I don’t like them too clean cut.

  7. Dave

    This club is a joke.

  8. Aisa

    Nothing but hookers!

  9. bellaFKNlina

    this place is fucking ghetto!!!!! no wonder why i left. i don’t know why tha hell u gurls stay…??? boring as hell and all tha gurls are money hungry whores with too much drama. sum gurls need to lose weight cuz back rolls and post-babyfat is gross and tha other ones need to lay off tha meth, eat a fucking whopper w/ xtra cheese n mayo, and tha one w/ fake ass tits should’ve gotten a nose job than a shitty pair of tits that are way too monstrous for her puny rail thin fucking tattooed ugly ass body. these gurls are not even hot. oh yeah, wuts up w/ that one cracked out whore that does headstands and yoga and wears electrical tape for her chunky tits??? that’s shits weak!! hated it!!! i want to see a gurl dance not do gymnastics or tha ones that lay on tha ground and not even dance. this place is a shit hole.

  10. holla
  11. Rick

    Utter disappointment. Waste of time and money. The 20’s across the river is a far better place to have a good time.

  12. buck


  13. Marshal

    Got something for every one i love these ladies heck i love all ladies

  14. Lizard King

    my first time at this club,I will be back,Great Looking HOT gurls,Mz. Chelsea Is Fabulous,she is a Marilyn Monroe look a like only with Brunette hair instead of blonde,you got to get a private dance with her,she is the BEST !other girls are great looking too.

  15. james


  16. Ramon

    Great Club ! got a Private from Chelsea she is AWESOME !

  17. G Faulkner

    This club can be hit and miss but every once in a while they surprise me with some really sweet, curvaceous angels. I’ve had evenings here where I emptied my wallet, and other nights where I downed one beer and split. This is one of the more laid back, friendly places I’ve seen. This club like a ton of others relies too much on the tribal-tat nu-metal or gangsta (c)rap. Why can’t somebody bust out the Sinatra or Dean Martin just once? Feel free to disagree.

  18. Bottoms Up Lover
  19. hotwheels

    this place much better sence they got rid of the crazy DRAMA bitch SPICE like we need to hear about her shity life….that crazy bitch jumps off stage n attack some guy the other nite…..n the dumb bitch dont kno how to keep her mouth shut…..up till 5am every nite doin meth then sleeps till 6pm wakes up with a bottle of cheep wiskey n her moms basement……..she has fucked over everyone that has ever tryed to help her do something with her worthless life……bitch is worthless

  20. alvin

    its so comfoty the girls are nice and cute my favorites are amanda,pricess

  21. marc

    i had a good time with spice and jenny the bartender pallace was kool id come again to see these 3 girls the are thr real ones of the club

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