Raiders Reef



6475 East Golf Links Road, Tucson, AZ 85730


32.1924761, -110.8540994




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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All Inclusive


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0 reviews for “Raiders Reef

  1. igor34

    This place is expensive (entry fee,and dance) and the girls smell (body&/or breath). There are lot of male employee walking around, I don’t know their purpose, but you are paying for that too. Not better compared to other joint I’ve been. If they are going to be close to someone they should smell more pleasant. Also the management is rude and not understanding considering that people might spend $$$ here. The girls here only care about $$$.

  2. ralphyorker

    It is hard to rate this club. It is a hit or miss place. I have been there and had a great time with some real babes, then have had the opposite experience. My advice is, go and if it is hopping you’ll know right away, if not leave and find a new place. Again, I’ve gone and had the best time!

  3. tonycluber

    Haven’t been to a topless bar in a decade, glad I went to this one. The first couple girlsLooked bored and out of it, but then several came up that were just sweet, hot, and fun! Not to mention a FREE TACO BAR! How did I not know topless bars have food? Lol The tacos were fresh, authentic, and never ending. Got a lap dance, courtesy of my friends, then went back have another taco. Lol

  4. XhXeXy

    if you don’t get a disease from the food the women will give you one. up side everything was cheap

  5. mike
  6. Females

    The dancers are freaky deaky but not that attractive. Better take yourself to V.I.P! Nice. Great if your smashed and have no standards. Not the classiest place.

  7. Suzy S.

    Awesome establishment! The decor is unique and inviting all the while hiding the most hottest women in the state. Me and my husband have frequented topless bars all over this country and Raiders Reef continually ranks at the top of our list. I can’t beloved the previous poster was shocked that making out and groping each other is frowned upon. I guess if ya wanna do that go south of the border to Nogales or some of the more seedier parts Tijuana. Those people make a living off perverts. If your looking for a clean classy top shelf topless club this is your place. The girls were all tens and one 9, the food is delicious we could come just for the food alone. Mad respect for the chef I would not be surprised if he was to be picked up by some clubs in Cali or New York. I also would not be surprised if most of the entertainers were ex models, or U of A girls because the beauty and talent on stage is some of the best I’ve ever seen. Truly a remarkable and erotic experience meant for only the true connoisseur of fine food and fine women.

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