Tuxedos Show Club



5220 Grand Avenue, Davenport, IA 52807


41.5721476, -90.5658259




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Tuxedos Show Club

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  3. Phillip

    Wow beautiful ladies two stages running and the only thing i didn’t like they are taking care of. Had a dance on one of the new couches love it well worth the wait.

  4. adam
  5. jimmy
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  7. jill

    awesome time. Love the ladies

  8. Dude

    This club is awesome all around!

  9. danny boy

    good job guys. it looks like you have turned this club around keep it up! i think i did like 100 dollar dances. Jewel sure knows how to hustle

  10. Impressed

    15 dollar for a private dance penny beers and only 10 dollars for cover this place is awesome and the ladies are hotties all around

  11. dave

    great club

  12. chorus line management

    my club chorusline will have tuxedos outta buisness real soon

  13. Jeff
  14. Tim
  15. chuck
  16. Allen

    Naughtia made me so stiff and hard! Painfully fun!

  17. JOE

    I am impressed fag

  18. roger

    nice place and great girls! don’t think steve would say anything like that, so get a life!

  19. Some Guy

    This is my favorite club. Check it out.

  20. Stewie
  21. IowaFunBoy
  22. Dale

    Hott!! Hott!! Hott!!

  23. Rick

    Great value girls are great love the dollar dances VIP rooms are great idea. More of a bar atmosphere you can actually sit and get to know the girls

  24. SoCo Guy

    I am picky about strip clubs. Very picky. This place rocked. The women who work here are all down to earth. They are friendly, laid back, and really know how to show a guy a great time. Most of them have a great “girl next door” look to them. You can tell that many of them take care of their bodies. If you like fake tits and fake attitudes, this is not the place. The women are genuine from head to toe. Not a drop of silicon that I could see and their attitudes were great. Very friendly without being pushy. I wish I lived closer so I could visit more often. I spent twice as much money that I intended to spend, but it was all well worth it.

    I can’t say enough good things about this place. But like I said, if you like fake girls with fake attitudes and fake tits, do NOT GO HERE. These dancers are the real thing and they know what it takes to make sure you have a good time.

  25. Mitch Cumstain

    There is some serious GRINDING going on here! Damn!

  26. Alex

    I was there from 6 to close on amateur night in July. The amateurs sucked but the real girls were excellent. Brandy was the best I have ever had. I have lived in Vegas and Texas. The reason she was the best she could have a normal conversation. Hot ass, cute smile and brains. I guess you could say she was my type. Several VIP dances and couch dances. Skip the VIP and go to the couch. The more dances the hotter she got. She spent lots of time on my lap just chatting. Some of the girls like Chloe were some damn good athletes too. All were very friendly. Can you say $1 lap dances. The best is on the stage. All nude. Great beaver shots. Ella has a unique piercing in the right place. I suggest get there at 5. Drink your 3 beers for a quarter( yes the guy asked for a tip but $1.25 for 3 bud lights is great). Go eat and come back (they really should serve food) around 10 pm and stay the rest of the night. Bring back a 12 pack of your favorites since it is BYOB. The DJ was below average with a weird voice. One of VIP songs went only 2 minutes and Brandy talked to him about it and basically tough luck. Oh well I dont go to a strip club for the DJ. Go see Brandy she is the best!

  27. Zach
  28. Thomas
  29. old bob

    Wow. Saturday night was great! like the good ol days. nice having 2 stages. when heavenly went from stage to the other i followed. Nice Seeing tuxedos back again its been a long time NOW BUY SOME NEW COUCHES

  30. just me

    we rock!

  31. mike

    nice place great value

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  33. jack m

    The best club in davenport.I also stopped at daisy dooks which was a big rip off,

  34. old man winter

    had a great time , new in town so i went to a couple of clubs not the most ladies but the most friendly. i didnt feel like i was going to be mugged by the other guests like at the other club i went to first

  35. Josh

    wow Bentley. long legs, nice ass, great smile. I will be back to see her

  36. chris
  37. jim
  38. Cape

    Have always enjoyed myself here. I like the club

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  40. tom
  41. Old timer

    I miss the good old days.Brandy, Gina, Natasha, the good old crew. Those gals knew how to make an old fart feel special.

  42. JW

    Wow, first time I went to this club and I was impressed. Great looking dancers, 15 dollar private dances and the first 3 beers for only a penny each!!! The only problem was finding the place since it is a little bit off the beaten path. Great value and well worth the trip.

  43. jay jay
  44. seven
  45. dirk
  46. Gregg

    This club is awesome I am not scared for my life like I am in some of the other clubs in town and I can actually buy a beer here and the beer is very cheap too. Not to mention some beautiful women running around

  47. So Happy when I left

    Well I have to say I got a dance from Kayla and WOW she was HOT!!! I went to see her due to a friend telling me about her.She was full of smiles and can make a man feel good. Over all loved all the girls.But Kayla looks like she likes to be up on that stage. And I liked her being up there Great Club!!!!

  48. John

    Rock ON

  49. a real honest person

    we rock! bottom line

  50. lucifer

    had the best time

  51. Sam
  52. Dude8778
  53. GammaRay

    I stop in every few months. Got a few private dances. Mallorie is a GODDESS! Pleasant to talk to and a great dancer. Hope she is still around in a few months when I go back.

  54. Tuxedo's Fan

    Just got home from another great night at Tuxedo’s. All the girls were perfect and the 2 for $25 private dances are great. So, why the low rating? this club is a 10 all the way.

  55. brian
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  57. Steve

    jade is where its at.

  58. Charles

    Absolutely beautiful girls!

  59. danny

    had a great time. I WILL BE BACK!!!!!!

  60. chip

    Had a good time. But club needs to purchase new couch’s and maybe new more comfortable chairs

  61. Mish

    I have been to clubs all over the world and this is my favorite. Good, friendly atmosphere, Attentive staff, and great dancers.

  62. short&sweet

    I have not been there for awhile,but thanks to Passion, I will be back!

  63. b

    Tux’s girls have awesomely fun and sexy times, by the way-thanks!

  64. 2Cool

    It is nice and relaxing. Girls are friendly but not exceptionally beautiful.

  65. Spanky

    Great club. The girls are not supermodels, but they definitely are not rejects either. Most very friendly. Prices are very reasonable too. Girls do come by to ask for dances, but they don’t hound you about it. The club can be hard to find if you’ve never been there, but it’s worth it.

  66. xjay

    Went here on my birthday with my best friend.Wow I had A “boobie sandwich” that was fun!

  67. me

    we rock

  68. Fred
  69. ramseys

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