914 N Washington St, Junction City, KS 66441


39.0318156, -96.8295077




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Foxy

  1. bitchomatic

    Sounds like local is one of those crack-whore John’s. Caught somethin’ in the VIP did you? proly doing something you shouldn’t anyway, dat is wat u get!!!!

  2. makemebad
  3. DONT GO

    This club is known to have drugs involved, useing and selling.. Plus the girls are ugly

    AS OF 2008

  4. J P

    I love the place…

  5. deej

    Had heard lots of negative hype about this place, finally decided to go one night just to see. I went early and was delighted to meet a bartender named Draven, she was what can only be described as gorgeous. I typically don’t go in for goth chicks but she has enormous natural breasts on a body that was deadly curves. Later she stayed to dance and while her skills on stage were never really exhibited she liked to linger with the customer dances. There were a couple of other girls, Shelby and Marvalis who were also very talented and personable. Two others, Jessica and Rose, were very attentive as long as the cash was available. Draven and Shelby on the other hand, would sit and chat with guys without getting dressed, which I thought was a plus. Their lap dances did not seem contrived, but generally interested in giving the customers their absolute satisfaction.

  6. Disturbed

    This club is NASTY! All the girls look trashy and drugged out. Most dancers aren’t too shy about offering for “special dances” either that happen outside the club. I cannot believe this place hasn’t been shut down. Don’t waste your time…

  7. General
  8. Shogun

    Foxy is like a mini rap video, if you are not street wise your just a food for the beast. I would not recomend it bar to weak of mind, body, or soul. This is where all the real locals hangout at. Beware of Fanasty she is the queen of the thugs, for you guys who are afraid of letting your nuts hang you might want to hangout with luv, she is sweet and very sexy.

  9. Wisdom

    My buddy got the number of a new stripper who works at Foxy’s. He called her up and she wanted to meet him somewhere because she and her boyfriend were planning to rob him. I intervened and surveyed the sight before it happened. One rotten apple ruins the bunch. Bottom line if a girl tells you her name is LaLa she and her boyfriend are trying to lure you into a real bad situation.

  10. James

    If you like hood, then this is the stop for you.

  11. Jon

    Best kept secret in JC! hot,friendly girls. The girls here are much nicer than those from G-spot or Mustang. Check it out!

  12. John
  13. G I

    Bailey was great! She could dance, is hot, and she was a ton of fun! See Bailey for great dances and good time. This place is really coming up now that they have girls like Bailey.

  14. Grossed Out

    I was thinking about working here and it was the most disgusting club I’ve ever been to. Drugs & illegal activities are not a problem here and most of girls are dirty. It not the kind of place a quality person would want to be associated with.

  15. Sea Bass

    No F ing way I was there these bitches are wrong. I got ripped off to tonight I know times are hard but, really all they have to do is shake their asses. The games are just so unreal. Beware to anyone who enters this club. you will be ripped off.

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  16. anon
  17. Local

    Like I said in my comment post, only go here if you have all your shots.

  18. truth010
  19. ReXXX

    Small but dont let that throw you off, GREAT place to party.

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