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0 reviews for “Pleasures

  1. clubber

    Great club. The girls were very friendly and hot for the most part. I had 6 lap dances from 2 different girls and they were both great. I’ll definitely be going back.

    I have to admit that there seemed to be some suspicious activities in the parking lot. It looked like dealers. But, if you stay out of their business and are respectful to the girls, there is a lot of fun to be had at Pleasures.

  2. JR
  3. Mark
  4. jjay

    the girls are young and beautiful

  5. Old school teacher

    Well I will say they needed the remodel.It doesn’t look like they spent a ton of money on it, but hey, I’m not complaining. The bathrooms are better now. Thank god for that. and the club looks pretty much what it should of looked like all along in my opinion. But hey, I’m just an old man, what do i know?? Glad to see that some of my favorites are sticking in there still. thanks gals. I know you have to give some of your money to the bar now. But it means alot that you all have stayed. Well most of you. some of you have gone to other clubs in town – which has kind of forced me to venture out a bit. something i’m not used to doing. I like coming here because i can relax and it’s just a nice feeling to know the faces of the ladies. But I’ve been going out to jezebels lately too…don’t hit me with rocks next time I come in. the only thing I have to say is that the waitresses at jezebels are a little more aware of the customers needing to be waited on – and they do dress up (which is nice to see). The girls there do dances a little different than they do here. I admit that I like the dances over there best. But for my favorite ladies here on dayshift, don’t worry, I’m not leaving you!!! Ever. I will just go to both places now. I’ll split my time up. But I’ll always come back here to say hello and pop in to have a few dances from my favorites!

  6. john
  7. Boats and Hoes


  8. Ed

    Lola is the best!

  9. CJ s cowboy
  10. Marc

    I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND STAYING AWAY – I followed the police into the place, which I thought was rather strange. I noticed right when I arrived, there was quite a stir and buzz circulting all throughout the club. Girls all over the club whispering in each others ears. Then one girl tells me she couldn’t give me a lap dance while a red light was flashing. It must have been some “signal” that the heat was in the club. I saw very strange things going on like what must have been drug transactions going on, so that would explain the cops. Overall poor value. The girls were super unfriendly. I asked one girl for a lap dance and all she wanted was for me to buy her some $40 drink and refused the dance. Forget that!? I couldn’t get a waitress to wait on us, we had to go to the bar to get drinks all the time we were there. We placed an order with one waitress and she never came with our drinks!? Very strange….find some where else to go

  11. Michael


  12. Mic
  13. Photooo7

    Club is looking better. Dancers are HOT! Lap dances are excelent!

  14. Big John

    Club is full of scummy people

  15. Greg Wright

    They just did a remodel which was a great idea.The bathrooms were bloody terrible!I would not even wear good shoes to the club because of the pee on the floor.I could not even take clients there.But the remodel has helped.I can wear my decent shoes now.You can tell the remodel was a little confusing to everyone.The owner, the staff, etc.It just didn’t seem like the right hand knew what the left hand was up to. They haven’t finished all the way.But the main part of the bar is.I hate that they cut center stage and made it about 1/3 the size it used to be.Harder to tip the girls and not much room for us pervs to sit!ha. and the lights drove me crazy.they get reall happy with that damn strobe.Or they were for a while. The vIP I don’t quite understand? it just feels like the rest of the bar but is just set further back?No privacy like Jezebels.They have two of them and I like that at Jezebels.The attitudes of the dancers have changed dramatically. I’m guessing becuase many things changed once remodel was finished.Dont know all the details, its not my business.but something about them having to give around ten dollars for every dance.I could be wrong on that, but I know it’s something very close to it. So they don’t seem to be happy women.The wait staff was alway terrible.You could wait forever and a day to get a drink unless you went to the bar, and I like to buy ladies drinks, so I depend on the waitress to come to the table-and I tip very well. Seems not to matter.they would like to be on their phones texting instead I suppose? I’m easy going- although I’m sure by the sound of my writing I dont come off that way. At least at Jezebels I get better lap dances. A little flesh is nice. NOT too much.But a little. Here NOTHING, EVER. All in all a remodel done -maybe cheaply, but certainly better than it was.and the girls attitudes will probably brighten back up eventually.I’ll frequent that club more often when this occurs.And I certainly hope that it does.Plus one of my favorite dancers left just after the changes.I don’t know if it’s ok to write her name, so I’ll just say she went to Jezebels, which is where I’ve been going. The dancers at Jezebls are very fun to watch.But for some reason all of the dancers at pleasures seem to dance almost the EXACT SAME WAY. all the time? It’s like no matter who is on stage you get to see the same dance over and over again the entire time you’re there???Oh one more thing.Very sorry to sound so negative. The food coming from the kitchen is just awful. It DID NOT used to be. They have gone through many cooks. But this one’s food is abysmal.

  16. Jason Huffton

    Best Club in the ICT

  17. Dan O.

    I like the girl with the big ass

  18. mapanggulo
  19. Kenny

    I have to say I like the changes made! Naughty gives great lap dances and lives up to her name!

  20. wolfnwolfsclothes

    The girls were wonderful and VERY friendly. I especially recommend Jade and Cinnamon.

  21. never again

    This place truly has gone to the dumps! Can’t say I am ever coming back!

  22. shawn
  23. Aminuts

    I have to say this is a very good club by any standards. Not long after I arrived, I was assaulted, in a good way, by a lovely young lady with long black hair. She was very sexy, pretty, and aggressive. All things I enjoy. The overall layout of the club was alittle confusing to a first timer, and I believe the price of the dances was high.

    However, the dances were well worth the price.

    The majority of the dancers were in the 6 – 8 range with a few 3-4’s scattered in. And there were plenty of them.

    Overall I would have to give Pleasures a good rating. Although I believe it would be better if the club itself were not taking 33% of the ladies tips for dances. Just my two cents.

  24. ceverhart

    great club, great girls, just need to be polite and treat them like the people they are.

  25. JAS
  26. Stickler The Pickler

    This club has just gotten god awful! The hot girls have moved to Jezebels and the attitudes of the girls that have stuck around are horrible as well.

  27. OneWhoKnows

    Michelle’s Beach House is better than ever!

  28. Phil

    Looks so much better, excellent dj’s and lots of girls!

  29. joseph1k

    You can see more vagina here than at a gynocologists office. Girls are for the most part attractive enough. Drink prices are not too bad and private dance prices are a little steep at $30. They have fixed it up a bit inside but the bathrooms are still nasty. DO NOT eat there unless you want a raging case of the shits. The management is sketchy and they do not treat the girls all that well. In other words, a typical strip club. All of this being said, probably still the best one in the Wichita area.

  30. Okie 1

    Best club I’ve ever been to. The gils are great and will respond to good, honest treatment. I never had a bad time there. If you don’t have a great time, it’s your own fault.

  31. Clyde Shoemaker

    Remodeling is looking good!

  32. Jim

    The club is getting better… can’t wait for the remodel, but PLEASE don’t make the lapdance room less private… what would be the point?

  33. dude
  34. Steve

    Stay away from this hole in the wall. To much trouble and all the girls are followed around by their drug dealing pimps

  35. Dave

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