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5822 East Speedway Boulevard, Tucson, AZ 85712


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “TD’s Showclubs

  1. laura

    great club

  2. Ian

    lol… I doubt that actually happened. I have never experienced that in the VIP and the women always keep track of the actual dances received. And no, there is no harm in using the ATM there. You must work at the place thats down the street that sucks a big one 😉 TD’s = Coolness

  3. Ripped off in Tucson

    Overall, club was good however watch out on the pricing scam. Girls and management will NOT tell you they use a scratch paper to track how many dances you receive in the VIP lounge. Was ripped off by management who stated more dances were provided then actually received. Management bullied and threaten to call cops when challenged about number of dances. When cops were coming, they quickly hid the scratch paper list of dances! Watch out for the ATM inside club as card was scanned and account accessed by thieves!

  4. Gary

    After visiting some of the other clubs in town this one has restored my faith in the entertainment industry.

  5. Tony&Friends

    Was the best club in Tucson. The drink prices a little high but the girls are most beautiful ive seen in town and are very sweet, so its worth it. Lots of Talent.I will definatley be back for more.

  6. Jim

    For too many years now, I’ve travelled coast to coast and been in many clubs (I used to joke with friends that I was going to write a book about them one day) from the smallest, darkest places in Newport, KY (back in the 70’s) to the nicest, flashiest ones in Dallas, Denver and LA (Los Angeles, not Lower Alabama) I rate TD’s East as one of, if not THE finest I have even been to (30 years have passed in this “tour”) when one considers a balance of beauty, good food, reasonable prices, professional staff (bouncers included) and just a relaxing good time in a rather small club environment. Now being a single old guy, I still travel to Tucson (from LA) at least once a year just so I can enjoy a few nights at TD’s…it’s a vacation destination!

  7. Sly

    sure not as good as the old days, went there on a Friday afternoon, Friday night and Saturday night. afternoon pretty good, nights weak

  8. Elle

    I worked at this club for a while when I was in Tucson. This is one of the only upscale clubs in Tucson. The club has a nice atmosphere and is very clean. The dressing room and bathrooms are also clean. It is hard not to make money at this club if you are good looking. Some customers tend to be big spenders as there is a nice VIP lounge with a VIP waitress. The stage is a little strange!! No pole!! I noticed a few girls doing “extra” work in the VIP which is “not good” but I still made money. Girls should definately try to work at this club if you are passing through Tucson.

  9. Kai M.

    If I could give zero stars, I would. This place is dangerous! No girl should feel safe here as a guest. Two girls got in a fight over a dollar and the bouncers were so slow to do anything. I understand that unexpected things are going to happen but management handled things so terribly. After they finally broke up the fight, they let the two girls stay sitting next two each other, although they were clearly still heated. They did not make the girl leave until after she threw a glass that came very close to hitting me in the head and then actually hit a gentleman in the hand and shattered. Thank goodness after about 10minutes someone went over to check on him. But that is too long in my opinion. The bouncers were too concerned about getting more guests in and not making sure the business was safe. After that I started watching the bouncers to see if they would step up and do their jobs. But the bouncers never started making rounds, which I found alarming because that clearly means they don’t know how to do their jobs. I wanted to make sure the manager knew what was going on so I asked to speak with him. Unbelievably the bouncers started to fight with me and wouldn’t just go get him. Guess no one ever told that guy that the costumer is always right. Once I knew the staff clearly did not know how to control the establishment I got my things and left. It’s just bad business! It’s such a shame because my friends were excited to go for my friends birthday especially since it recently reopened. Needless to say the night was ruined and I will never go back! Bottom line, DON’T GO HERE!

  10. jake

    best dance club i have been to in tucson so far.

  11. Larry


  12. John

    This club is great!!! The girls are very friendly and cute, and everyone is really very, very nice. Hard to beat the VIP room too.

  13. B

    overall its cool here good atmosphere

  14. Guilt

    Great club. Does anyone still know if Jamie is dancing?

  15. Chris

    Great club, really enjoyed the friendly staff and the girls look excellent.

  16. stripperman

    club is great all around

  17. azstudent

    The club wasn’t nearly as busy as I thought it would be, not a lot of customers. The girls were gorgeous, a lot of diversity in their looks and the way they danced. They all followed the rules and I still felt like I got the dirtiest dances I have ever gotten. Awesome! Much better than any of the other clubs around. Atmosphere was very classy.

  18. Franklyn

    Sorry guys I took the most gorgeous woman alive from there and she is my wife now. I had the best Birthday ever though and found the woman of my dreams!!! She danced her way into my life and had me from the get go. I hope everyone enjoys it there but it just won’t be the same since I stole the most beautiful woman in the world from there.

  19. ryan123

    I went on a sunday night. It’s 2 4 1 drinks Sunday-Tuesday I think. Lap dances are $8. They advertise $5 but all the girls said $8. The security was friendly towards us and down to earth. The bartender wad great. I actually thought she was a dancer cause she was hot. We only ordered beers so not sure how great her bartending skills were. A lot of seating, nice comfortable chairs, they have 2 stages (one with a pole and one without). The girls were only dancing on the stage without a pole. Most of the girls were actually dancing and not going through a bunch of boring typical stripper routines. They don’t try to force you to buy a dance, they’ll ask and if you don’t want one they’ll move on to the next guy without an aditude. Cheap dances like I said $8 and they work hard for it. Some might think it’s sleezy but come on you’re in Tucson not LV. It’s worth coming to.

  20. Kc32

    Over the top gorgeous girls with intelligence and class to match.Friendly Staff.Great Dj.Good Times. Not for those with low Funds.

  21. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  22. fritter17

    Went this past Thursay night. Paid $10 for the cover. Sat down at the stage. Saw a gangster dude fussing with some girl(patron). As he stands his pants sag revealing a pistol tucked into his underwear. Promptly left, told the bouncers on the way out. One bouncer looked at the other who was doing pat downs like, you motherfucker. No idea what happened after that, ended up at Eden and had a great time.

  23. Mark

    I was there on 2 June 2007 from 9pm – midnight. The girls aren’t quite as good as they used to be here, but even if they were quality girls, they just wouldn’t make up for a crummy atmosphere. Lap dances are a waste of money, the girl barely does anything. Seriously, they just don’t earn their money at this place. The regular stage rotation dancers are even worse, in fact the main stage had only one girl dancing about every three songs… Drinks are pushing almost ten bucks. Seriously guys, if I can buy a six pack for under six dollars at the regular store and they probably buy their beer at wholesale prices… Why charge so much? – Oh yeah, the place was 90% empty and about 1 girl for every 5 guys. I will NEVER, EVER recommend this place as it currently is.

  24. obi-juan

    Fukin great!!!!

  25. David

    This place should be torn down.

  26. NJ Travelers

    Very clean atmosphere. Girls were very pleasant. Espcially Elaina.

  27. rogerrab2

    I just had an early birthday celebration at the East over the weekend & I was made to feel like a true VIP. The waitresses were great & personable, the security staff made my guests feel safe & escorted them to our table, the bartender’s made my drinks properly and finally, the manager, Anna, was amazing in that she made sure my guests & I were all well taken care of throughout the night. I highly recommend Anna & her team if you want to feel like a true VIP.

  28. NA

    I love this place!

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