The Cat West



14916 Fort Campbell Boulevard, Oak Grove, KY 42262


36.6535202, -87.4402656




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Cat West

  1. joshua
  2. jim

    drinks are a little expensive but worth the company of a pretty lady


    they got some hotties now. ill be going back, OFTEN!

  4. mac

    The DJ tries to make fun of you and kind of ruins the atmosphere…

  5. Jose

    I think it is place to go out and have fun.. I actually go there when ever i get time. It has come along way since the first i went last year. If you wanna have fun with fine ass girls and want to get the best dances in town, go to the catwest and look for Jessie And her sister Paris.. Best ones there, and best ones i seen in a while.

  6. jeff
  7. brooklyn

    this place has stepped their game up. i started about 3 months ago and since i stared we got some hotties working their. i have a blast i am a very outspoken person. i love having a good time, and you never know what ill do next. tuesdays are get two dances for the price of one all night. come hang out with up. dont forget to tip your hot door girl bambie!

  8. T.D. Jakes

    I thought this club sucked bad!

    Every aspect of this club sucks.

  9. mikey
  10. moses
  11. joseph

    compared to other club around the US this place sucks over charged for half the fun of other places.if u like this place its cause your a virgin military boy or youve never left clarksville. re-paying out the but for liquor youve allready purchased is rediculous

  12. maitai
  13. Bryan Adams
  14. dancer69

    good girls an ok club

  15. Rick

    Great place for bachelor party.

  16. DJ Dante

    I usually don’t bash DJ’s BUT

    this guy is the absolute WORST

    I’ve Ever heard!

  17. Dan the man

    Cant’ believe the cover but after you pay and get in you forget about it pretty quick when your surrounded by some hot sexy strippers

  18. john
  19. Jacques Sporta

    not good

  20. Jonny

    Love this place

  21. kitty
  22. Gunner

    Catch Something here

  23. HELL YES
  24. Brock Samson

    Heard they hired DJ Vane (Jeffrey Scott Harper), if true, I will never come back to this place.

  25. 3barsandamullet


  26. Truck Driver

    I travel all around. This is one of the shittiest clubs I’ve been to. DJ sucked. Sound system sucked. Dancers sucked.

  27. wayne

    if you want free sex go to catwest if you want drugs go to catwest if you want them dace on you all the way nude go to catwest if you want something the dacer have go to catwest me i go to nashville where there is something to look at but thats me

  28. General

    Pretty good- best place you’re gonna find in the Fort Campbell Area without having to drive to Nashville.

  29. jhgf
  30. Im embarrassed to say i went


    WANT THERE! I thought pink

    lady only let you but they will

    touch all over here! I even

    got my dicked grabbed and

    touched plus was being

    kissed on my neck! I met

    Mocha ouside of there and

    well….we will say she got bill


  31. Mocha

    I sure miss this place. Can I please come back to work wayne ? Im so sorry, I have my mental problems under control now !

  32. matt meeks

    The club has a lot of potential and if your just looking for some piece of mind this is a great place. It usually doesn’t have any customers there so you get all the attention from these young women as you want.

  33. josh

    Reall hot women. Great dances

  34. bambi

    im not going to say this is an amazeing club just cause i work there but because the fact of the people who come in and actually pay attention and they come to spend money if you are worth the time we really do give it to you so if you would like a good time we love to have them

  35. Worked at Cat West

    wayne is a jerk. he requires SOO much out of the girls. talks shit, watches the cam like a hawk. the drink rules are bullshit and upset the customers, the dance fees paid to the club are way too high, not worth undressing for. every chair in the club is ducktaped and there are three areas in the floor where girls in shoes WILL fall. the dance room is gross. the stage is absolutely fucking horrible. its a lawsuit waiting to happen. the dancers are bitches to new girls. ugly. the rules are enough to say fuck the money and seek elsewhere. i worked there for two weeks, despite all the rules sold the most and made the most for the club. they still weren’t happy. the only reason its here is because the soldiers keep it running. pass this one on.

  36. matt

    sexy nude ladies, best place in town

  37. Random Soldier

    Cost was $12 to get in door after signing a form, get patted down, then 2-drink minimum. Girls will take you in back for couch dance at $30 but theres only one room, so you may be sitting next to another guy. Girls get VERY close and do touch a lot. They will grind their hips into your crotch and will kiss your neck. No bouncer sits in there and watches you, but hes right at the door as expected. Girls on stage will “kiss” $ bills out of your teeth.

  38. Kev

    really nice really hot girlz

  39. Charles U. Farley
  40. kenny


  41. Melissa
  42. tits mcgee
  43. pam

    that club sucks balls wayne is a old perv who has cameras all over and sits in his office watching and listening in the dressing room and the rest of the club drama that he and his mama live for

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