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2606 Richmond Rd, Lexington, KY 40509


37.7836995, -84.3281986




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Camelot East

  1. Fluffernutter

    Not always the waitresses’ fault. They have to wait on the bartenders to make the drinks. Could be the bar is backed up or the bartenders are slow, etc.

    Or maybe you’re a shitty tipper. I get great service myself.

  2. Christina

    I love the ladies at this club! Some of the best couch dances I’ve ever had and they are so friendly to couples!!

  3. billbobagit

    Gets some new girls….

  4. Peter

    The Trash is still here…

  5. G-Money$

    Their bu ttholes are even bigger than their co oc hies.

    Aint nothin new here- just some new paint and a bunch of Cameltoe West rejects- and thats sayin somethin if you have been rejected from the lowest of the low!

  6. dancer zero

    Tori has not been there for a few days. If she is really sick, I hope she gets well soon.

  7. Tony

    my favorite club in town!

  8. Alec

    Some wild girls up in this place, and better drink prices than I am use to.

  9. tha infection

    what in the hell kind of infection does she got????

  10. Golden

    George Brown fat black guy g-money, says you can get handjobs there Mondays and they’re $20.00/

  11. ME
  12. Jerry
  13. Clark
  14. 4RealURHungLikeAToddler

    “one of them looks like a transvestite”

    they fired your mom.

  15. rbh
  16. Simon Milligan

    Lots of new girls, never seen so many here

  17. libby
  18. Fre$h2Death

    lots of girls to choose from. hot asses. that’s what’s up

  19. UTFan

    passed through Fri. Lots of girls…various quality. Prices a little better than in TN. Would come back if in the area again.

  20. wes

    I don’t know what all the talk is about but this club sucks….

  21. crazy

    Yea i was there too . That whip cream show with three girls was awesome. Wonder when they will have another one?

  22. out

    I will never go back to this club again..

  23. mr Happy

    glad 2 her Sasha is coming back i’ll be back in there to see ya

  24. Alan J.

    Hours started at 3pm. I went in at 4:15 to grab a beer a look at some pretty girls. Only a few old men in there. No dancers on stage. One with another man. After 45 minutes a new dancer came up to me and told me nothing happens until around 8 pm when a lot more dancers show up. WTF are they doing being open if they don’t have any f****ing dancers. Not gong back.

  25. The Man

    This place is still a shit hole….

  26. Phill D

    Nice new walls, looks kind of like a shower tho

  27. red

    Very positive changes. I had a little trouble finding a seat friday night but other than that, the place was great

  28. Reese

    Whet in Saturday was a bit slow but ok…

  29. Paul Bellini

    Good times

  30. Big E

    Charles is doing a great job turning this club around!!! Go check it out for yourself. 20 plus girls – hula hoop shows – great variety of women! East has it all.

  31. leah
  32. big pimpin

    cool whip cream show tonight

  33. klo
  34. calvin

    a man wants a good time willin 2 pay but not for ugly stretchmarks and s k a n ks

  35. Vampire Bill

    They’re doing different things at East. Lots of variety in the girls and the shows.

  36. UK man

    Weak talent

  37. adam

    It was the best bachalor party ever.makes me wish i never got married.

  38. Jake

    Amanda’s a disgusting slut

  39. fuckery12

    Dirtiest Strippers in town! This is not your fancy frills strip club this place is down and dirty, straight No Limit. If this place were rated by consumer digest it would be a Best Value, get more for your money here than any other strip club in town, except maybe Camelot West.

  40. bored

    I hate tattoos go somewhere else next time

  41. Buddy Cole

    Renovations look killer. Great little blue collar club — don’t expect Platinum or Rhino, which is a good thing in my opinion.

  42. it really sux

    The women if you can call them that, (more like dogs from the local kennel, are trashy and hardcore biker tattoo type rednecks.

    Most need a tummy tuck and liposuction. At least get some sun so the stretch marks and pimples on their asses and the sores on their crotches are less visible.

    Nothing but trailer trash including management.

  43. Sox Fan

    It’s ridiculous that they don’t accept credit cards…I would’ve spent a hell of a lot more on Cameron!

  44. Optimus Prime

    Good times had by everyone in my group. I had a mind-melting double girl dance on the couch.

    This club isn’t the prettiest, but the girls are chill and give a good grind. Plenty of value for my money…

  45. HxC

    Wow, East has cleaned up… less old ass Cowboy’s hags, lots of young, Suicide Girl types. Hot.

  46. yes!!!!!

    This place is getting better and better. Went in tonight saw a hula hoop show and at midnight Reese did a two song paint show which the audience was allowed to participate in. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  47. Summer/Amy

    I worked here about 5-6 years ago and I came in last night and could’nt believe what I saw.. Must not be same owner because the girls were in the back were puffing off a crack pipe, and then had enough nerve to ask me if I had anything! I guess next time I come into town I know what clubs to go to and NOT!!

  48. Sam
  49. mike

    still a shit hole

  50. Happy Guy

    I was in there last week for the first time and had a blast! Sasha, Landon and Alize were so much fun to sit around with and bs and drink with! I enjoyed my time with each one back in the couch room! They each have their own unqiue style! Also everyone was very nice and took great care of me! Thanks! See you girls soon!

  51. bj
  52. well

    Will not go back….

  53. Ok

    Let me try this we came in lastnight around 12. The girls went from a 3 to a 5 and they all looked very fucked up. Two of the one’s we talked to had track marks does that help with way i said it was a shit hole? You only had 12 or 13 girls from what i saw….

  54. serty
  55. OMFG

    I mean does the one peeps that vote work here went in last nice i saw like 9 girls and it was dead…..

  56. :)

    Change is starting Sunday … stay tuned

  57. Tori

    Reese gives the best dances

  58. TabbyCakes

    All old ass bitccches worn out used abused

  59. kukri

    Nice girls. I will definately come back.

  60. plucky
  61. The Nounce

    Here is the deal: When the new manager took over he did his job he got diffrent Girls from different clubs around town to work there 4 a couple of weeks, when they saw the same people from the other clubs they went back to where they worked and took the costumers w/ them. thats the truth.

  62. Mike S

    This place will never change.. SUCKS

  63. Jeff

    We were very disappointed and all 10 of us left for a much more fun club. Girls are true mercenaries and let you know it.

  64. Trey Brackish

    I hope this is true about a remodel… the club needed it. Good girls, though.

  65. js


  66. Mountain Man

    Don’t believe the hype. I visited all of the strip bars in Lexington Thursday and Friday. At least the ones anyone would ever go to. The remodel has improved this club. Hover, it is still not great. Some good looking girls but overall just middle of the road.

  67. Camelot East

    No problem. Check out our Phase III remodel!!! New champagne rooms added!!!!

  68. smokey
  69. kadence

    i have worked this club and have seen better than is what is coming out!!!

  70. bellamy
  71. Bilbo

    Some promise but needs some talent and less intrusive bouncers in the VIP area. If the bouncer really wants to watch my couch dance that close I’ll buy him one.

  72. 666

    That is because most of the white dancers are crack heads.

  73. StudFieldMouse

    I didn’t see anything worth staying for when I visited this club.

  74. moet

    I love this club Yay!!!!!!!

  75. BS
  76. Paint Show

    Paint Show tonight Swwwwwiiinnnggggg!!!!!!!!

  77. Lemons

    If she’s (Tori’s)sick or there’s staph infections involved, hopefully the Health Dept. will shut the skeezers down.

  78. Moe

    3-5 girls to every customer. I got drunk with a table full of hot ladies — no pressure for dances (but I definitely took advantage of the 2 for 1 specials), tons of personal attention. The DJ was giving away free passes and he even bought a few customers drinks for playing music trivia. I will definitely be back this weekend!

  79. Daddy Warbucks

    Very difficult to find for an out-of-tower. 2 girls approached me VERY quickly. Cameron was absolutely stunning and sweet, but Drew is really annoying. The girls drinks are ridiculously priced and small. Mine were a decent price. Cameron gives one fantastic couch dance and works for the money. If you smell like money, be prepared…the girls will be all over you and not let you go until you spend a lot…but you WILL have fun with it!

  80. jj
  81. ryan
  82. HungLikeAMule

    It’s about time you remodeled that shack. The bathrooms smell like fish and shit. So do the women. One looks like a transvestite.

  83. E Dub

    Nice black girls. Good blondes on the weekend. Great $5 table dances.

  84. UFC

    I heard they may be getting the U.F.C. fights in there. That would be awesome. I’m there if they do, hell I’m there if they don’t.

  85. Coming Soon

    Remodel starts next Sunday!!!!!!!

  86. Heck Yea

    I had a blast this weekend- crazy paint show at midnight was awesome as was the hula hoop girl

  87. Mike H

    Can you redo the girls and i mite come back…

  88. wow
  89. Chris

    Love this club! Not too snooty or expensive like some other clubs in town. The girls are down to earth with good attitudes. Lots of variety in the girls too — something for everyone. Music is a good mix, mostly rock.

  90. Bill M
  91. cockpit
  92. not a strong reader?

    Yeah, because a girl got sick, and has NOT been there, the health dept should shut someone down. Idiot.

  93. McLovin

    To bad Sasha Dates the manager I was spend I bunch of money on her, looks like she don’t need the money so somebody else will get it.

  94. vc
  95. hj
  96. dan

    new renovations are pretty cool- club needed it

  97. bill

    AWSOME DAYSHIFT!!!!! Keep it up

  98. Cracker

    I don’t know where the good reviews come from unless it is from the people who work here.

  99. War Paquiao

    We went here Saturday Night… not my usual hangout, but for some reason the only bar that was showing the fight.

    All I can say is, this place has changed for the better. I could not believe it was Camelot East, it’s a whole new club. After the way they rolled out the red carpet for us, we will be back every Saturday for the fights. We got invited to sit in VIP by the owner, he bought us a round of drinks and sat with us… cool guy. Everyone was cool. Thanks CE!

  100. Danny

    i have to say i am with you. Not alot to look at..

  101. happy camper
  102. MICHAEL S


  103. jsyk

    Had a good time. Cheaper dances than I am used to.

  104. Sasha

    I will be back from vacation this week. Check me out Wednesday through Saturday. 🙂

  105. Larry

    Whats with all the gnats??? Starting to look like west. now all you are missing are the roaches

  106. East Regular

    I don’t know where the bad reviews are coming from unless they’re from people who USED to work here.

  107. edc
  108. Deej

    The club itself is kinda run down like west used to be, but the girls were cute and there were a ton of them. We had a good time. My boy got shitfaced, and the bouncers were cool about it. Helped me carry him to the cab! We will be back, guys… just don’t get so drunk next time!

  109. Denny Crane

    By reading recent reviews you think this place has improved a bunch. By going there it doesn’t seem to be true.

  110. TFMAN

    The girls most have be picked up at the local weight watchers. All but two were big girls.

  111. protip

    no actual customers bother with stripclublist. It’s 99% industry trolling. A handfull of people posting the same shitty comments over and over. You can match the spelling errors and poor grammar. Has anyone NOT figured this out?

  112. obvious

    Reading the reviews it would seem that either the same people keep coming back to East over and over and they hate it (which begs the question of WHY do they keep coming back) or people from another club (a club whose girl count has dropped DRASTICALLY as of late) are just attack spamming. Whatever works for you guys. I’m sure slagging us on the web will bring all your girls back.

  113. Gavin

    my fav

    no srsly. it’s my fav.

    check it out!

    maybe it’ll be your fav too!

    yay boobies!!

  114. Remodel

    Camelot East has a new GM and the remodeling has already started to take place. They literally are changing the club from top to bottom hence the new air conditioning unit they just put in. Word is the whole place is getting a well needed makeover.

  115. Fred


  116. rick

    its not worth the time to go the girls are not that exciting

  117. Joe

    A good time. Not all thugged out. Love the rock music and the tattooed girls.

  118. Alan

    A down home, laid back kind of club. I was surprised to see a dozen girls on a Sunday. I had three girls chilling, hanging out. Not such a hustle (like Deja Vu)

  119. SarBear

    The only girl I spend my money on there is Brandy. She gives a hell of a couch dance, gives you quite a little show for tips on stage, and is friendly. She made me feel comfortable with being one of the rare non- stripper females in the place. There’s a few other cute girls, nice to look at, but not nearly as friendly.

  120. YUCK

    If a woman’s meat curtains are purple and red and smell like Long John Silvers, something is grossly wrong. Do they have regular checkups?

  121. jimbo
  122. Lurker

    Man I just dont get the HYPE. Not many pretty girls at all.

  123. bb

    shit hole

  124. lori

    they are getting new girls all the time come see me

  125. Howard
  126. Just a Guy

    who is rating this place i went in and it still sucks..

  127. The Critique

    Not much to say about this club. I know it used to be a pretty hopping place. I know I walked back towards the DJ booth, and there must’ve been a dressing room close by, but all I could smell is weed and burning plastic. The music was alright but a little too much rap for my taste. The girls, well some of them are good-looking, but seemed “mind-altered” and “out of focus”. This place has DRUG RAID written all over it. I don’t think I’m going back any time in the near future. Alot of thugs and mexicans. This place makes me feel really uncomfortable.

  128. Doug

    Kick ass club!

  129. Dev

    Prices are fine. Girls are terrible looking. the ones that are decent looking have attitudes. cover is not worth it, $6 should get 2 people in or a drink along with it.

  130. strikeforce

    Had a blast, but the UFC tonight was a disappointment. Maybe next weeks will be better.

  131. Thank You

    Thank you, thank you thank you for fixing the mens room… it needed it!

  132. ]]
  133. happy man
  134. WHO CARES


  135. a.........

    i dont see what the buzz is about. this place still sucks.

  136. drew
  137. butthutt

    no amount of $ spent on upgrades will help, what ya need 2 do is find some attractive women

  138. All i Know

    All i know is that its still the same old run down club….

  139. upset

    will you please get some girls that can take a drink order. those girls are terrible. it takes 15 mintues to get a drink and its not like it was busy that night. not sure when i will be back?

  140. bleachit

    Nasty a$s dump bring out the B L E A C H

  141. gtg
  142. mj

    Ok needs some remodeling done on the inside

  143. tyjk
  144. love
  145. big daddy

    ok club some girls will do parties

  146. Ned

    Does Tori really have a staph infection???? If so shouldn’t she be at home? Just concerned!

  147. gh
  148. y
  149. Won't be back for damn sure.

    I don’t even know where to start…from the horrible quality of the girls to the shitty music to the quality of the club altogether…i saw this one blond girl, she was pretty in the face but i could of sworn she was pregnant or just had a kid very recently. she has some blue blotch of ink on her tit and when i asked her, she said that it was a rose? i just don’t dig stretch marks or pregnant women, nor do i care for old hags that could be great grandmothers, and women that look like they’ve done way to much meth all their life. one meth looking woman even had this long streak of gray in her hair. i just don’t know about this place, it’s scary for damn sure. all i could smell throughout the club was weed. i didn’t hang around for too long, i mean i’m surprised this place is in business and that the cops haven’t raided this place.

  150. peterlemonjellojr

    i’m done w/cowboys this is now the place to be the new manager is talking about possible putting food in club, if that happens it’s over for the boy

  151. ?????????????


  152. Scott

    I had a great time tonight. Very relaxed atmosphere.

  153. Where did she go?

    Where did sasha go? She is awesome! Beautiful,intelligent and gives one heck of a couch dance!!!

  154. travis

    man.. the club aint so bad.Alot of the white girls looked high and the black girls were really the best looking, but, they stayed so damn busy. Bambi, was a nice one.

  155. missy

    pretty cool club couple friendly

  156. By the Man
  157. dancer

    the stuff that they have already worked on looks great! Come check it out and become one of our vips!!!

  158. kj
  159. No name

    Lots of girls, no customers. Some nice ones too.

  160. Disappointed...

    Went on a slow night, there were plenty of girls, but they were going out of their way not to take my money. I was clean, well dressed, and ready to spend, but they just weren’t having it.

  161. Charles

    Come check out the new CE. Doing new things every night.

  162. d

    Too much rap!

  163. Brian


  164. Coach

    Get a real manager! Not some stupid, fat, biker dude!

  165. Billy Badass


  166. bbc

    I’ve heard so many different opinions about this club from both sides of

    the spectrum. Not knowing what to expect,a friend and I decided to see

    for ourselves. The club is not fancy but nice,you can tell it has a few years

    on it. More like a neighborhood bar. The entertainers that were working

    that night weren’t starlets but more like the girls you see in everday life,the

    girl next door type. All were very friendly and relaxed,you didn’t feel like

    you were being hustled. The drink prices were quite reasonable and the

    music was varied.They actually played rock and a little country. Not many

    places do that anymore. The dances both couch and table actually lasted

    the whole song not some abridged version like in many clubs. The only

    negatives I experienced were the chairs,very uncomfortable and their

    stage setup. The side stage and the back stage seemed out of place you

    couldn’t really see the girls perform from the main area all that well.Over

    all I enjoyed my visit.

  167. Fireman

    I visited a lot of clubs this week and this one did not impress me at all. It was rated good but the girls were just not that pretty.

  168. NEW happy customer

    I hear they’ve been making some serious changes at this club and reading the reviews, it shows. Definitely some EX employees trying to take their revenge. I’ve had nothing but a good time here.

    I prefer my girls without track marks (cute in the face, but fuck THAT), so I appreciate the new lineup. East will have my money from now on.

  169. A Guy

    when to night damn they have some big girls and was dead in there …

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