Deja Vu Showgirls



3421 Taylor Boulevard, Louisville, KY 40215


38.198846, -85.7823078




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Sightseeing is a must in Louisville, with Horse racing the biggest attraction. The Kentucky Derby Museum, the largest equine museum in the world, is a great place to start. Churchill Downs, the Louisville Zoo and Six Flags of Louisville, are other points of interest. But if you are more in the mood to rest your tired dogs and kickback with some hot young ladies, from the area, might we suggest the stimulating Deja Vu Showgirls of Louisville.


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. Andrea

    Very clean, well-run, and very organized. Girl were attractive and friendly. Had a great night out on the town and plan to return.

  2. jimbo
  3. jimmy

    please was really clean girls were sexy and nice

  4. crorkz

    uSURtt A round of applause for your blog.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

  5. ricardo
  6. Rebel

    Nice club girls are super hot.

  7. jad
  8. Brannon
  9. Lindsey
  10. The Happy Couple

    We were both pleased during our recent visit to Deja Vu. My wife and I have been married for nearly ten years. My wife has never been to a strip club and she was most definitly pleased! All the ladies in the club were very responsive to having a lady in the club and treated us both well during our stay. We even ventured into the private dance realm where I got a couch dance while she was able to watch and my wife even was willing to have a couch dance while I got to watch… By the way, it was way HOT to watch them together! Looking forward to another trip in the near future.

  11. dewiite

    best club i have ever been to. cover little to high but ever thing else makes up for that.

  12. brad
  13. TT
  14. KG

    I went there and had a blast the ladies were fine accept 3 haha bobbi and a couple girls took care of me id like to find out who that other girl was i think her name starts with a S.neone know when she works? it wasnt sara tho

  15. tking
  16. fuckery12

    My friend found this place on a strip club directory. Men, they know about these things. Apparently Deja Vu was the top-rated titty bar in Louisville, so of course, being classy creatures, we decided to give it a try. I think when we saw a tow truck in the parking lot as we pulled up, we should have gotten a clue. Or maybe when the surly door guy informed us that there is no discount for ladies.Sorry, WHAT? I am a goddamn lady. I see boobs and ass and vagina EVERY DAY. I should get in for free or cheap, but fine. Fine. Fine. We found the bar, which is located directly next to where the classy ladies were shaking their money makers. The strip club and bar feature a scenic view of a busy road and a used car lot, by the way.The frantic bartender with giant boobies and a tragic methface made me a STRONG drink. She forgot to give my friend his because she was too busy making out with another bartender. When we finally got her to come out of her speed haze for a moment, she fetched him a drink and gave them to us on the house. Which was really nice. But onto the sexy stuff: Nothing is sexier than overhearing strippers talk about their children.Wait! Two strippers softly embracing while one whispers, “Shh, it’s okay. A couple of other girls got beaten up earlier, too.” THAT is a panty-creamer right there.Or the morbidly obese patrons, sidling up to the young and obviously drug-addicted dancers….That could be what seals the deal, right there.But then again, hearing a half-naked girl even younger than myself talk about how she believes in God despite her grandmother and her best friend dying recently….And then asking an old fat man if he wants to take her on a “date”….Um, that’s pretty erotic, too.Come here if you want to cry.

  17. Bubba V

    this club is amazing! i <3 the girls!

  18. clolson

    dejavu is probly one of the worst clubs in louisville, the girls have shitty attitudes and act like bitches when you turn them down. Trixies on the other hand have beautiful woman WHO CAN DANCE on GOD status……..TRIXIES>the vu

  19. Derek Owen

    Hell yes, Brittany Angel was the best couch dance of the night, I had the best Saturday night in a long time. C-ya next Saturday!

  20. rogerrab2

    Five stars for a few reasons -1) when I enter, I’m the classiest guy in there2) I enjoy helping these women. They are all studying to be doctors, lawyers and school teachers3) these women are beyond sweet. They always call me baby, handsome and tell me how smart I am. Strippers never lie. That’s a known fact.

  21. missy
  22. Scott

    dont let mia get away

  23. Dr Python
  24. Tony

    Great eye candy for a man to see and enjoy after the track.

  25. Just Me

    we had fun, but there was this guy that was getting married, so they got him on stage and stripped him down. it was humorous, but not what i wanted to see lol. but the girls were hott. some could use bigger boobs though, but it was still fun

  26. bob

    i wish they would tell the girls to wipe the shitty looks off their face

  27. The Happy Couple (3/23)

    We were both pleased during our recent visit to Deja Vu. This was our second visit to the club. Again we were very pleased! Although it was slow, both ladies ‘Brittany’ and ‘Brandi’ were very responsive to having a lady in the club and treated us both well during our stay. Our many ‘couch dances’ were fanatastic and a real treat. I was blown away with that little vixen ‘Brandi’ dancing with my wife… WOW! My wife and I could NOT put into words how great it was for both of us. We hope to visit the club a whole lot sooner than later!

  28. respect

    All I have to say is give this club and thses girls some respect I mean come on if you go on a weekday it will be slow and when I was there it was nothing but a GREAT time. Atmosphere was awesome I felt it was open clean just a awesome time. Thank you Deja Vu of Louisville

  29. Ty

    Nice club, pretty girls and great little shop!

  30. george

    The club if great and Hannah is one of the sexiest, most beautiful girls around. She was so hot and attentive, and liked doing some wild things, that i had two 15 minute sessions back to back. I will definitely return to see her…thank you, Ms. Hannah!!

  31. Nicole
  32. harddog

    some girls could use a little less attitude over all a good time

  33. larry


  34. Carolyn

    It was a wonderful first experience of a strip club. the girls were friendly and did not hassle you if you said no to anything. The Entertainer “Riley” was fantastic, was wonderful, did an excellent routine; was one of the funnest nights ive ever had. i wish the age limit was 18 instead of 21 in indiana, but it was definitly worth the drive from columbus. the dancer “Jersey” was so down-to-earth nice, and had a great body. such an excellent experience that i cannot wait to go back!thanks for a great time guys

  35. Bobbie
  36. Pat

    Always a lot fun! The girls are great, usually there is at least one stunning beauty at any given night. My friends and I have driven for hours from Indiana just to go to this place. Free refills on soft drinks, smoking, free popcorn, full nudity, and some of the girls give really great couch dances! What more could you want?

  37. Tyler

    nice club . nice chicks . pricy though

  38. Danny
  39. michael

    last friday 9/12 is the first time i went and i will be back just because of 1 girl and it was her fist day.

  40. frequent flyer

    Alley cat? think you got the wrong club you sure you were on the deja vu side, all the girls in there are pretty and very friendly

  41. KyChick

    I’m a woman who loves beautiful women, and Deja Vu Louisville has that! I visit quite frequently, and every visit, there is some fresh, new, hot face there. I can’t wait until my next opportunity to return!

  42. KJ

    It was one of the best times I have ever had in a club…the girls were excellent and Trinity treated me nicely…wonderful

  43. HB
  44. K
  45. steve

    i went here on my 18th bday with 2 buddies, had a BLAST i plan on going back plenty more times

  46. harleybiker

    3rd best at best for Louisville.

  47. Rick Pooley


    This is a cool club. I have been traveling to Louisville on a regualr basis the last few monthsand have found that once everyone gets to know you, you become part of the group. Vanessa is just a great person and Desire is the best bartender. Lots of fun.

  48. Eric

    Very hot ladies and very friendly too! best in town..

  49. Ryan
  50. Amanda Healy


  51. darkrazor

    nicest club i have ever been to in liousville and indianapolis. not to dark alot of hot girls, good music. a must go to

  52. Kevin Bubb

    It is awesome…..I live in Indianapolis, and I go down there every two weeks when I get paid….I love it!!!!!

  53. pyhot

    I went to this club on a Tuesday night…will never go back, there were like 2 women there!! The waitress was nice but that’s probably not the service to be rated highest in a quality club. I have no grudges against anyone or anything like that it was just a BAD atmosphere.

  54. Preston
  55. Brew

    It was a good time and who ever the guy is that does all the annoucing is the greatest.

  56. Ace

    I little boring and the people are not very friendly.

  57. Jim

    Alabama, say no more!

  58. josh
  59. van

    had a very good time at club . club was clean.girls all looked to be having a good time at there work !

  60. heaven

    its ok

  61. lala

    man i simply love it… some of the girls are kinda stuck up, but others are absolutely fabulous. alabama is the best, she gives the best dances & really has a great personality… i have gotten many dances from her & i have never been disappointed!

  62. Rock

    One of the best clubs I hae been to in years.

  63. Jay

    Kylar was fantastic

  64. Chuck

    Iwould like to know if the club is going to have another car show this year I would like to attend it if you have one I realy ejoyed the last year for it was my first time at a club such as yours Miss Alabama was the nicest person I had met in a long time say hello to from Chuck I won the best mopar for my PT CRUSIER lookinh forward to getting up there again later Chuck

  65. MIKE


  66. justsomeguy

    I went in and fell in love, within 15mins. I go there all the time and always enjoy myself.But, this time I met “Bambi.” She’s the hottest girl there. I’d give her all my money. But, I’m broke.

  67. bentman9

    this club is hott some of the baddest chic in the u.s


    I had one of the best times of my life on February 13, 2010. The girls were great and always available one way or another. The dancers were talented and with each girl I saw something different. My wife and I of almost 20 years had lots of fun and both of us enjoyed the girls and the show they put on. We shall return soon for more. I can’t wait.

  69. Hey11

    Over all this was a pretty good club the girls where hot for the most part! An all where pretty good dancers.

  70. chris

    gotton a lot worse over the mant wiggers.

  71. me
  72. mj
  73. Carl

    I celebrated my 56th birthday here. Had the best time of my life. Girls were awesome…

  74. anthony
  75. salquod
  76. traveling man

    Came in twice on my way through Louisville. Georgia was great!!!!! Really nice girl and awesome when it came to the private dances! Can’t wait to stop in again next time I’m driving through.

  77. Jon

    Well, it’s the only strip club I’ve been to, so I can’t really compare it to any

    other strip club. Tempest was really good ;). Fallon was also very good.

    Trina is amazing when she gets up on stage, and in private as well. I’ve had

    fun every time I’ve gone, so there’s not much I can say to put this place down.

    It’s been great! I’ll likely end up there again. Deja Vu Showgirls, probably one

    of the best in Louisville.

  78. Big Joe
  79. Joseph
  80. big truck man

    Club was great. Jade was awesome. My sons 18th birthday will always be remembered due to this club. GREAT TIME

  81. j simpson

    Awesome Place!

  82. Robert
  83. Chuckyee

    I like this club very much because they really seem to have it together where it counts:

    Customer Service – Rob was impressively attentive and Hannah was very nice

    DJ – Mark plays a great mix of music with a good club DJ personality

    Venue – lots of comfortable seating, stage and otherwise

    Value – lots of specials

    and finally, Girls – hot, talented, and they take good care of you

    If you want to have a GREAT time, this is the place to go!

  84. dixie
  85. Janel

    Triple threat!!! Great Music,Great Girls, Great Atmosphere!

    I’ll Be Going Back For Sure

  86. john

    The 2 for 1 dance is affordable and well worth the money

  87. R T

    Goddes is one of the best dancers anywhere!!!

  88. Panther

    This is in regards to Win, Place, or Show, the alcohol side

    of Deja Vu.

    If you’re not stopping in here during day shift you’re

    missing out! The best bartender in the city, Serena, works

    during the day and Ivory is the sweetest girl around. Stop

    in after work for a drink and you’ll have blast. Laid back

    atmosphere and everyone leaves buzzed and laughing.

  89. Eddy
  90. brandon

    hannah is probably the best in the club from what ive seen. she gives a great private dance. Alexis is also another good one there.

  91. Zack
  92. Seymour78

    Great place to spend an evening. Great dancers especially Mary Jane. She reminds me of Topanga Lawrence, yet even hotter. 🙂

  93. aaron
  94. david

    Got to like Kristen. Other girls are friendly. Good DJ’s They know how to keep the girls moving.

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