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227 East Market Street, Louisville, KY 40202


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “PT’s Showclub Louisville

  1. KK

    This place rocks ten times more than the other need a shot to cure you places in town…

  2. noddy
  3. Jay

    What a Dump…At one time the best club in Louisville Now not even close to it!!

  4. rboy

    Best in town, (even if I still go to Deja Vu sometimes because the dances are cheaper, and sometimes you can find a really friendly girl there). That said, PT’s is the class place in town. First couch dance sets you back $35, next one $30, but they are always great, no matter which girl. And a dollar bill at the table always gets a quick thrill. It is also the best place in town to get lunch, if you like to look at beautiful naked ladies – and that includes all of us here, right guys?

  5. brent
  6. Big Sexy

    Ladies enjoy your company but they do not offer much at the tip rail as far having fun and being personable unless they are a little older. The young dumb ones are afraid to talk to you. About 80 percent are hot ladies there on a weekend. Paris, Cocoa, Destiny, Cameron, and Mariah are all cool dancers.

  7. deadmeat

    Get a woody thinking abut the place

  8. dave

    i had agreat time

  9. Harrison69

    Provided things have not changed since I was there, this place is excellent. Only went around thanksgiving and christmas time, so things were a bit slow and lots of specials going on. Tried a place closer to E-town, but the drive to PTs is worth it, if you are at Knox.

  10. freddy

    classiest girls, i just dont know which girl to pick, thy’re all very beautiful, and i like how they have four stages of girls that all know how to dance, like a circus, girls just dont get any hotter than this

  11. Carlito B.

    The females are not pretty at ALL! The drinks are VERY watered down. One of the strippers looked like a man and I was about to go and do a neck check. Then they had a waitress that worked there who’s ass was so flat she could lean against a wall and it would be no space between her and the wall. PEOPLE PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY AND MOST OF ALL YOUR TIME. PLUS THEY DIDN’T GET NAKED SOME STRIP CLUB!!!!!

  12. BJ

    Very nice girls, most are hot & nice. But there are a few who look like it’s time to do something else in life since it looks like there in late 30s early 40s. The dj plays horrible music that I danced at when I was in high school & I’m 56 now if that tells you anything. The music has got to go! overall though the best club in louisville.

  13. Al

    A really great experience. I come here every so often. The girls are hot, Tempest is my favorite. The only thing is it’s hard to find girls to sit and chat with and some can get pretty pushy when they’re trying to sell dances.

  14. A

    Agree, club is one of the best in town. Obviously other clubs are trying to bash

  15. TallDarkHandsome

    This club has very few hot girls. There is about only 4 smoking hot girls, every other girl is just average or below average. I would start going more if the music wasen’t so outdated. I go to see sexy women dance to sexy, good NEWER music instead of rock n roll from the 70’s and 80’s! Please get rid of the old horrible music, I’m not the only one complaining as you can see. The music has got to go.

  16. TomMot

    This club is OK. Just OK. The girls are not ugly, but

    that’s about the best you can say. One tip worthy girl

    there tonight. Come here if you want an light dance, where

    grinding is purely incidental, and touching is policed by A

    hole bouncers. 30 bucks to get private. Tons more for a

    worthless upgrade to a worthless “VIP” “room.”

  17. joseph1k

    OK – time for a guys review! Someone who has been to the mountain top!Visited on a beautiful, cool and crisp Spring evening. Stripping and drinking was in the air! Decided on a few beers, a Makers Mark (at the Marriott bar) and a nice cigar in front of the club talking to the staff prior to entering the club at 10:00 PM sharp (shift change – new ladies coming in 9:45 until 10:00). Watched who came in and out and mostly college aged guys in groups. Just so happens 3 bachelor parties and 1 bachelorette party were roaming the streets around the club and inside (also staying at the Marriott Fairfield Inn – 2 blocks from the club where I was staying as well – found out as they were all a breakfast the next morning looking like crap). Lots more couples and large groups than usual (was a Saturday night). Quite crowded and busy; easy to find a seat or two. Almost on the verge of getting out of control around 2 to 3 AM at times but didn’t (e.g. couple of guys rushing the stage but falling off anyway)!Nicely organized with bathrooms in front, bar along one side and 4 circular stages with padded armrests and no poles (DIDN’T miss the poles!). Lots of seating at the “round table” and between the tables. They are low and you sit low. Private dance area in the back was nice, private and comfortable but monitored by the bounce staff quite tightly. No funny business here.Girls dance a 3 song rotation – this is fully nude and the ladies spend lots of time down low with you. These ladies REALLY WORK for a living! Make it rain and they will pay attention. Guys get private attention in the round and expect to pay a buck or two for your little “boob in the eyes”, “g-string action” stuff. No buck, go home! You WILL be skipped in subsequent rotations (saw this happen with mostly the really drunk bachelor party guys). A couple times I actually tipped FOR these jerks and the girls REALLY liked me!A Penthouse Pet was the featured attraction (if you can call it that). They charged $15 at the door instead of the $10 usual cover. She wasn’t as good as some of the regular dancers! She did do a nice dance with moisturizer which really made me think I should really take care of my dry skin! Most of the female visitors were quite liberal with the dancers and vice versa. Saw one hot visitor and one dancer doing quite R rated things right next to me! That was worth a $5 tip FROM ME and I was just watching. Wow was that hot!Needless to say, I left with a smile on my face, a spring in my step, birds starting to wake up (4 AM close time) and a very light wallet!Prices as of May 2009Corona and Lime: $6.50 (waitresses are HOT and FAST)Around the stage: up to you, mostly singlesPrivate Dances: $5 surcharge for the first dance ($35 total) gets you a fine blue wrist band. Subsequent dances are $30 for one song. Some dancers were a bit more generous with the touching but its no touch from the knee down (local law).Private Room: $175 per 1/2 hour (just asked)I great night out with lots of goofy guys and hot ladies: PRICELESS

  18. dc


  19. Scuba Steve

    I like the variety of talent in this club. They dont hustle you too hard on drinks or dances. They give you money’s worth at tip rail often. Dances are pricey but get the right dancer and its worth it. A dash of Asian and no black talent.

  20. Domino

    Music is out dated and too much hustling from dancers

  21. W B

    Boring!!!! Foxy Lady is much Better.

  22. Billy

    This club is great, and of course the drinks are going to be high, as opposed to the other dives in town that not only charge you twice as much, but you do seriously take a chance at getting mugged in their parking lots – not here. The girls are on the dingie side, but what stripper isnt?

  23. Bob

    My wife’s favorite club in Louisville

  24. Billy Jean

    Same music for years, servers are strung out on cola, dancers who have no breasts and five tatoos each.

  25. jimbo
  26. Mike

    Frist time being there but a really cool club.

  27. john
  28. Sam

    They should close this dump

  29. Troy

    It was ok, had about 10-12 girls working for the 1st 2 hours I was there only about 4 guys to watch them.

  30. Happy Jack

    I bought a dance and it is 35 bucks. A redbull vodka is 14.

  31. Chase

    This club is the worst club I’ve ever been to.

  32. joey

    need to get some dancer that are worth spending money on

    used to come here all the time but there are no good female left dancer

  33. JASON


  34. fritter17

    It is totally possible for a big group of straight ladies to have a great time in this place. The dancers are very friendly and talkative and very tasteful. A big group of us went Friday night and had a blast. The only reason I couldn’t give 5 stars is because of the price of bottled beer and the restrooms.

  35. lost sole

    Despite the new laws, this place is still the best in town. Miss the fully nude, but what can you do? The girls seem to really appreciate when you come in.

    Private dances have always been quite nice. VIP is better, more relaxed since you’re not on as much of a time constraint.

  36. JoeJ

    80’s music is horrible..everything else is great!

  37. b.rad
  38. moneyman2

    This was awful. Me and a couple of buddies came here a few years in a row for bachelor parties. This year there is a new ordinance no dancer cannot touch anyone while on stage. Most dancers were upset about the fact and also talked to the owner. He seemed upset about the issue and used cuss words towards myself. Hopefully it will become better than the current situation.

  39. david

    i came on a saturday night 4 my buddys bachelor party and started talking to this one chick, nice face but gross body, more like a 5 y/o boy than a woman. Seemed a lil coked out. She was bitching about some girl who was getting up onstage at the moment, saying she was nasty and an ugly whore and shouldn’t even be working there. I looked up at the stage xpecting to see some blown-out streetwalker and came face to face with the prettiest stripper i have ever seen. i swear to god, she was amazing. i cant remember her name but she has dark hair, big tits, lil waist, juicy ass, perfect smile. got a dance from her, it was pretty damn good but she was a BITCH about touching, tied my hands with her top. Said the club wouldn’t let her use handcuffs.

  40. Jim Crapperbottom

    Indy PT’s much better. Hard to believe these two clubs are owned by the same company as the dances are much better in Indy than here.

  41. BEWBS
  42. biggs
  43. bb

    Best club in Louisville by far. No skanks like the other nasty places.

  44. yo
  45. Levi


  46. Jimmy C.

    Friday night at 10 pm and there was what appeared to be a bachelor party and about 30 more people (including women) there. I have been to quite a few strip clubs so I brought a few hundred $$$ with me, I was going to have fun I thought… There were a few good looking, and not so good looking, girls working that night. I am used to seeing the girls working their game and trying to get that money but this place was different, one girl approached my friend but that was it. They wouldn’t talk to me, I was upset that I left that place with over 3/4 of the $$$ I brought…it sucks spending it somewhere else because when they see a wad of $1’s…well, you know. I’ll find somewhere else to go next time.

  47. Mariano

    Courtney, Cameron, Candy and Mariah are the best looking dreamgirls at PT’s. They are all very attractive and but you got drop some loot.

  48. knockers

    Been to this club with my hubby a few times now. Only been in on weekends, but the girls are normally beautiful and really good dancers for the most part. Not as much touching as at other clubs…

  49. me
  50. billtheguy12

    bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad I was played . I was robbed. Horrible place. I will never return and will tell anyone who listens the same

  51. harleybiker

    Neck and neck with Trixies for the best in town, it just boils down to preference between the two.

  52. THANKS
  53. Joe
  54. blain
  55. B-Dawk

    Good solid club. Dances and drinks are ridiculously overpriced! Even worse than a major league ball park. The dancers are so-so. Most are 10s or 9s in a lot of areas and then there’s one area that they are a 1. And it’s tough to keep your attention off of their one flaw and that ruins the experience. The girls are all real nice though. Overall decent, but don’t expect anything to be cheap.

  56. Wayne

    Girls are not fantasy material. Music is 80’s hair bands. Stock is low quality here. Do not worry it can only get better not worse. Nothing to keep me from coming back except laughs.

  57. larry1

    After hitting it lucky at the horseshoe casino, my boyfriend and I (I’m female) decided to find a worthy strip club. First of all, they charged me full cover ($10) and being a lady, that was a little disappointing. The music was terrible – no dance or hip hop, just straight up shitty hard rock. For St. Patty’s day @2am it was pretty dead. We watched a few dances from afar – the girls were nice and came over and said hi to us.there were a bunch of creeps, but that’s to be expected. There could have been more girls, but whatevs we were having fun. We went to the table and asked the dancer if we could make it rain on her. She was totally down and my boy and I stood up with our stacks in hand and made it rainnnnnnnnnnn!!! She loved and rolled in it like a kitty cat ^-^ meeeeeOW! Wrarrr!

  58. J.C.

    Felt like I was going to get mugged. If this is the best this city has wow its horrible sorry for the men of the town.

  59. O B WAN
  60. Tuff

    Was back in this club it seems to have gone in a way that “I” do not like, It was early but the girls that was there was not what I remember in the past. I MAY check this club out again next year but right now it seems to be moving away from the type of club I want to spend my money in.

  61. Lonnie M.

    Worst place EVER!!! If you want to look at women who look like crackheads then this is the place for you. The girls have flat butts and they’re lazy dancers. The drinks are watered down and expensive. One of the dancers had noticeable herpes between her legs instead of giving her my money, I wanted to give her cream to clear up her out break.

  62. Finnee
  63. LeAnn

    The strip club was awesum! my boyfriend and I loved it. The gurls were so hott! we wanted to take them home with us! I loved the dances too.. They were HOTT!

  64. B

    Ok this club sucks!

  65. lostsole

    best girls in the ville, with no hassle/hustle. trixie’s comes in 2nd IMO.

  66. LoveEatinPussy

    It’s still PT’s, but miss the fully nude action. Some hotties in the club. Got some VIP with a cutie, but she needs to improve on her private dances. Long haired brunette who talked about her husband the whole time. All in all an ok time.

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