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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Venom

  1. Mark

    I enjoy the dancers for the two nights I was there. There should have been a revolving door for the VIP room. I had dances from almost every dancer the first night.

    I guess I should have reserved a dancer for the last set of the night. The dancers became scarcer as closing time neared. I should have worn a button that said “JUST ASK ME” I had to almost ask the dancers if they wanted to do a private dance. There is a mix of dancers. You have your dancers who think they are number one. I do plan on going there again next July during my vacation.

  2. larry1

    I visited VENOM on a whim I was pleasantly surprised how nice this club presented itself. I was greeted a large bouncer as I walked into the club. This was a Wednesday night he’s looked very intimidating at first but after checking my ID and I liked there How they use a wand to search. I asked some questions about the girls and bar info. He suggested the perfect type of girl I was attracted to he also eXplained the privacy booths which I took advantage of throughout my night. The bartender was super friendly and made great drinks. The Dj was great keep a party through the night for someone looking to kill some time I ended up staying till the bouncer at the door called me limo (crazy little driver, but got me to laugh and home safe). I ended up tipping him for showing me a great time and getting me home safe and I usually only tip once I’m inside but this tall bald guy was great. Can’t wait till my next visit this time bringing my grOup with.

  3. Jet

    The only thing this place has going for it is that it is relatively cheap. However, the girls are not worth it unless you are looking for variety of the talent — the overweight and plain to ugly variety. The one decent girl (tried them three times) is impossible to get a hold of as all the men want the same one.

  4. rabidtaternutz


  5. Batman

    I tried to This club is old and dying. You know you’re in a dump when half the TVs don’t work and you cannot understand what the DJ says. On the few occasions I’ve been there, I was lucky to see three good looking girls. The rest were either fat or just plain ugly. The value isn’t all that bad due to the cost. I’m sure that’s why my buddy likes it there. For me, I’d much rather go half as often and enjoy a decent place with good looking, friendly girls. Watch out for the rip off artists and for girls that try to start dancing when the song is already half over. Some gang activity, so be careful. The parking lot is always full do to the education center next door (no hot college girls in this one though).

  6. John

    This place is cheap for a reason. Go somewhere else.

  7. Anthony
  8. doug

    awesome place

  9. Kevin Wells

    This is one of the best clubs in Tucson where else can you still get a hot $ 5 table dance and 10 in vip. I am an amputee and these ladies still treat me great and I cant say that about other clubs in tucson.

  10. George

    This place is a waste of time. Stick with Curves.

  11. me


  12. james1412

    It’s okay! Make sure you bring about $200 or more with you ready to spend! You could go to curves and spend only $100 and leave happy but if you go to venoms you will need more!!!

  13. poopshoot bootscoot

    i should’ve stayed at home and watched my 7 kids and helped them with their school work


    It be the shit !!!! I’ve been going there off & on for over 8 years now, & it just feels like home. Sure, they could have a better rotation of Ho’s, But it goes in surges like everything in this world. Maybe screen them a little better, & not deal with the paranoid drug suckin’ whores that are whacked outta their skulls & accuse certain people of being cops !!!!

  15. ralphyorker

    Nice looking club. I have been a 4 times and each time I leave after my first drink. Girls are not very friendly. I like to have a good time and don’t mind spending a buck for it, but there are better places in Tucson.

  16. Happy Sleazeball

    It’s basic strip club in Tucson. It’s not Scores, nor should it try to be. It’s an O-kay place to look at moderately good looking naked chicks. The girls are basically friendly. I usually have a good time.

  17. darkmonkey
  18. john

    the best club in town

    chep drinks and hot chicks

    the best club

  19. tonycluber

    Excellent. A well managed strip club that is respectful to both its customers & staff.I visited in fall of 2013.Only flaws are: the A/C is kept too cold. Not everybody has hypertension (high blood pressure).The other is the music. Rap isn’t music! Some artists/songs i suggest are: Milk Inc., Tiesto, DJ Encore, DJ Encore ft. Angelina e.g. “I see right through to you”, “Do You Know” by Angel City, album: Love Me Right, “Bring me to life” by Evanescence, “Living Dead Girl” by Rob Zombie, “Better off alone” by Alice Deejay, &/or any electronic dance/rock music. Or type these songs into Pandora/Pandora One & it’ll play the same or similar songs.This is also the cleanest & newest club i’ve been to in Tucson. The numerous LCD’s can be a bit too bright. New plasma TV’s work much better in the dark & can show better dark scenes unlike bright LCD’s that only work well w/ bright scenes & bright rooms. Trust me, i own two 2011 Panasonic plasmas. No burn-in problem.

  20. John

    Dancers were all young and fairly decent looking. The lap dance was nothing to write home about!

  21. Mike

    Compares well to east coast clubs for those on travel; variety of entertainers offer something for everyones tastes.

    Sterling is an absolute wonder and is highly recommended. A very pleasant young lady with ideal proportions and a perfect disposition.

  22. winston12

    So the night we went was rather disappointing there were only a few girls working so entertainmentwise we were bored. My drink was watered down and overpriced but out of several years stopping in here on a night out this was a rare occurrence so I’m thinking it was just an off night. I will be back because usually it’s pretty entertaining good music and good drink specials

  23. caps

    I love this club! Been cummin here for years. Sometimes the talent is weak, others times outstanding. I got my fav’s, but there is good competition for the buck. Dances are cheap and the VIP is awesome with the right entertainer!

  24. lonewolf1714

    great club been going for over six years been some good times and bad but the good out weigh the bad would tell everyone i know to check it out if they are in town

  25. maxxy1

    Just don’t. Terrible business managers, terrible strippers, the only person there that was competent or attractive was Courtney, the bartender.

  26. dom99

    This must be the best value in the US. The outside looks like a typical storefront. When I was there in the afternoon there were about 10-15 dancers from 5-9s. I was not charged a door fee and the beer was very reasonably priced. The parking lot is usually full. Inside there are usually dancers on 2 stages. The $5 topless lap dances were outstanding for the price, a lot of mutual touching. $10 gets you into the VIP room (you only have to pay once/day, good to know). In the VIP area YMMV, but will the right girl you will leave a happy camper. At $10 a dance you can afford to check out several dancers, if you are not happy with the first. Some of the dancers get very personal. This club is a better value than any in Tampa, SF, LA or LV.

  27. Monkey Boy

    This place rocks!

  28. bc

    best club in tucson. Laps are $5 full contact and they don’t cut the songs short. The VIP area is GREAT $10 a dance w/ a $10 cover. Drinks during they day are 2-4-1 and are full size. This prices here are great, the girls are great and very accomodating, the place is clean and has enough seating to be comfortable and not crowded.

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