6112 Preston Highway, Louisville, KY 40219


38.1616091, -85.700194




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Trixies

  1. DeviantOne

    This place is by far the best thing about Kentucky!!! No need to go to any other strip clubs… this is the one to go to!!!

  2. duder
  3. Dude


  4. Missie


  5. Jim Crapperbottom

    No reason to go here when Indy is so close. Trust me, you’ll have much more fun for your dollar and get better value.

  6. junior
  7. lulu
  8. MARCO

    LOVE IT…………….

  9. Franklyn

    I had the task of best man for one of my oldest and best friends up in Kentucky. I planned out my evening with him and some friends with all the standard bachelor festivites including the last stand at the strip club. We came in about 1AM money at the ready, and went straight for the bar. The girls looked pretty good, but none were dancing. The girl behind the bar starts screaming at the girls to get on stage. Finally one crawled up and danced. Things resumed a little awkward but usaul pace. Then I inquired how much it would be to give the groom a special treatment, the woman told 125 dollars for every 15 minutes… Very seriously that is ridiculous. When I inquired what she was going to do for that she went ballistic. More screaming started. Then the manager started screaming at the girl for screaming at me. Getting out of that situation I went back upto the front table to enjoy some more, ran out of ones. So I went to the cash register and got 40 more. On my way back to the table, that same girl came up and ripped the money from my hands and told me “find me later.” She literally stole $40 from my hands for no services. I complained to security and he says “you gotta watch your money man or these girls will take it all.” So, at that point I was done. Suddenly I hear more screaming, one of my other friends who was recieving a lap dance said the girl stopped right in the middle of a song and started yelling at him. Now I wasn’t there, maybe he touched her or something, but I’ve known the guy for a good bit and he is solid character. He comes up to me and says he’s done as well. Ontop of that they shut down the bar an hour early at 3:00 AM. Management needs to get a hold of their operation. I understand its a strip club, but this is a buisness fellas. You provide services and I provide cash for them. Getting stolen from, dealing with people who are either drugged, high, or crazy is not what I call a good time. If you’re like me and you need to plan a bachelors party, head over to Godfather’s where its a reputable establishment. We went there the second night to make up for this one. The girls were professional, beautiful, and talented. (I’m sure there were other good clubs thats just the one we tried on round 2).

  10. ktd

    Place needs a face lift inside, and turn the light up just a bit, if you cant see them, you wont tip them

  11. das
  12. Mike1980

    Does anyone, know if Trixies is hiring Security Officers.

  13. LVis

    I guess $8 cover on weekday is ok.

    The girls are hot and are generally friendly.

    I had a great time without breaking my wallet.

    Note: If you want to buy drinks for the girls, it’s $15 for a soda. Get a private dance instead!

  14. lil summer

    use to work at the club a couple years ago moved away but my husband i am have went back and checked things out since then and two the both of us it seems like the girl are going down hill in their going down hill in their body and in there looks but there are a couple of hot girls that have been there for a couple years they need to get back jazmine from 2004 and i thinks things will start heating up agin

  15. joepa

    Had a great time here in Feb. Does Sasha still dance? Had a great time with her.

  16. mrm
  17. BardstownGuy

    Went up there tonight and had a blast. Taylor was well worth the money. Spent an hour in the VIP with and would definitely do it again. Then I went to the other side and watched the girls. All of them were great, but Sierra was the best. She sat with me when she wasn’t dancing and chatted. Then she got on stage and did an awesome job dancing.

  18. biggs
  19. BruceN

    heaven on earth….

  20. Chris

    There is an older lady that strips in the gold room that is hot

  21. Harrison69

    I can’t imagine why the good, honest reviews were filtered out. For f*ck’s sake it’s a gentleman’s club, not a place to take your family. There’s glitter everywhere, and it’s an excellent establishment to drink until you can’t even open your eyes. Bikinis only, and the girls are fun to talk to. The owner is the coolest strip club owner I’ve ever met. I hail from the strip club Mecca better known as Florida – the land of wet noses and pitched tents in real strip clubs. Louisville really disappoints with their laws on nudity, for being pretty a liberal city, the local government still clutches onto their bibles with a tight grip. Ease up and let’s have some fun!

  22. leonidas
  23. james

    does anybody know if megan still works in town?

  24. george


  25. Victorian
  26. peaches
  27. mj
  28. hillbilly

    This place rocks ! They used to have this Redheaded gal

    at the front door that was hot as hell, I used to go there

    just to check her out …lol. The nude bar is great too,

    this is one of the VERY few bars of this type that you have

    a good time for a reasonable amount of $$$. You can simply

    order a couple of drinks, spend a few dollars on $1.00 quick dances….and have a great time. The thing is, the

    girls are so damn hot you’ll ask for a private dance 🙂

  29. Derby Guy

    This has to be the worst strip bar in the world u guys suck!!!!!!!!!!

    Will never be back and i will tell everyone that comes down for the derby NOT


  30. Mark

    Love it! Trinity was the best! So was Naomi.

  31. first time at a strip bar

    I love it!! It was my first time!! The woman in there is smoken hot!! There was this blonde in there she is hot as hell!!!! I am going back.

  32. hoosier

    Use to be a great club but has since dropped in quality.

  33. sexy motherfucker

    They had the best song i have ever heard and the ladies keep singing it to me. (you sexy motherfucker)

  34. scott66

    best tits in louisville! yum

  35. Erik

    This place is the best in town!!! I would especially check out Peaches

  36. Jeremy

    The New Girls Are Awesome

  37. March Madness

    Fugly pushy dancers! Rip off prices. I wrote a long detailed review but this website kept saying invalid characters when I tried to submit it. Bottom line is don’t waste your time.

  38. Shannon W.

    Not my first visit here but my first time to watch a concert here. Since my last visit the separated sides had been combined into one with a stage added for bands to play and also a Spinelli’s. I have to say this was the first time I’ve ever heard of a concert at a strip club but it worked I guess. Had a great time & was front & center stage for the band. The drinks are a bit high but that’s normal for a strip club.

  39. mw

    This place is actually 2 clubs. The one side is topless, air dances, with food and booze (no cover). The other side is full nude, grinding lap dances, but no booze ($8 cover). If u pay the cover, u go back and forth between sides as often as u want. The girls are above average on both sides. The girls are friendlier in the non-nude side, but the lap dances (if you like nothing but pussy and ass grinding) are top notch in the nude club. They could use a few more dancers. Overall; a club I will visit again.

  40. aylo
  41. Don Juan

    The time and money is well worth mine.

  42. harleybiker

    My favorite club in town.

  43. honey
  44. onewhoknows

    Nice club, pretty girls one of the four best clubs in Louisville. Worth checking out.

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