Manhattan Club



221 E Water St, Richmond, KY 40475


37.7458887, -84.2931892




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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All Inclusive


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0 reviews for “Manhattan Club

  1. Peter Lambert

    Place could use a big change… start over. You people have no idea whats going on. I came in with plenty of pocket money, but no suit and tie, and was treated like a bum. When I started spending money, that changed, of course. Then a dancer asked me if I was a meth deaer and could I get her some. What a joke of a bar. Stick to Lexington!

  2. yea
  3. e5y
  4. jg
  5. fvhj
  6. DJ Don Mega

    Honestly, it was 3 years ago when I was there. It wasn’t bad inside and I can’t imagine there being any massive redecorations. I DJ in Phoenix at Le Girls West. I do not recall there being a DJ there but in all honesty there had to be because the sound system wasn’t like a boom box or anything. Wait, there was, I remember him taking CDs from the Dancers. If I were in the area, I would go back. Dances were decent and there wasnt a huge pressure from the girls to get dances. I know lexinton is up the road and there may be bigger and better clube but honestly, this small town club has more quality than some clubs I have seen in Phoenix.

  7. anewfan
  8. Sam
  9. ncbandit

    Great little club…Definitely worth checking out !!!

  10. wef
  11. Jack Spann

    Please, stop worring about going full nude and start worring about giving decent service to the people you already have, I mean had…

  12. Heavyfoot

    Maybe if you live in Richmond, this club might be worth popping in. We drove from Lexington, and I can safely say we will never do that again. Nothing here worth driving for.

  13. dfgtu
  14. james
  15. very happy

    awesome time!

  16. joe blow

    who cares

  17. mh
  18. th
  19. raggedy

    nothin but raggedy hoes in here.

  20. mj
  21. J D

    This place sucks

  22. sasha

    favoritest club i ever worked at. girls are alright some have attitudes but the others are great, the stage is pretty cool. runway style. the dj’s are fucking fabulous and the management is FLIPPING awesome. fuck lex. stick to the Richvegas

  23. big e
  24. Tha1andOnLy

    For this small town it is great. The dancers are sweet and the shot girls are fun. The Management is very welcoming and outgoing. Over all, Great place

  25. peckher

    gaines cant get a job at one of the better clubs so she has to sell her ass here

  26. Chris

    Best club in central ky

  27. Blake "The Snake" Arnold

    Eh, best boobies for my drug money

  28. Ritchie

    THE BEST, FRIENDLIEST CLUB YOU CAN VISIT! Staff treat you like family. No one is pushy, and everyone will have a great time. I spent two great nights here on Friday and Saturday. I especially love Jalina’s dancing and company. If you are within 200 miles, it is worth the trip, because you will never have such a fun time anywhere else. When you do go, tell Jalina Ritchie recommends the full couch dance. Tou will be amazed and have visions of loveliness you could not imagine. Go and check her and the club out. You won’t be disappointed.

  29. rick

    one of the best i’ve been in, the girls are awsome

  30. hjgf

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