Wild Orchid Cabaret



3735 East Texas Street, Bossier City, LA 71111


32.5296361, -93.6858779




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Wild Orchid Cabaret

  1. Nathaniel V.

    This is a good place to come to hang out and blow of steam. Good girls and they take care of you. If you are here for a night on business or live here and come every weekend. You will not be disappointed. Come down and see what good Southern hospitality is allabout!

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  3. Del Ray

    Beware of Missy. Little scammer who will lie and steal to get your money. “Everything” considered, she ought to be arrested.

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  5. candy


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  7. jg
  8. Bossier Dude

    Daizy is HOT!

  9. big daddy

    this club rocks

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  12. average club
  13. jb

    exellent club

  14. Jamie B.

    Overpriced drinks for the class of dancers. Majority over weight and all trashy. Would not recommend it ever go there again.

  15. me
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  17. xxxx

    Jailbait City.

  18. Macrame Me

    This place is for the most part decent but the wait for a drink and the crappy attitude of the wait staff is intolerable. I will go back but I will not be buying any drinks here.

  19. Yo!
  20. swamptiger

    the girls make this club there are some real hot girls here and the lap dances are not bad this club to me is the best in shreveport or bossier city . peace and love swamptiger

  21. adamrod

    For an all around laid back atmosphere where you can enjoy a cocktail and have lovely ladies removing various articles of clothing for one’s vieweing pleasure, in my opinion, the Wild Orchid Cabaret can’t be beat!!Drink prices aren’t outrageous ($6.75 for Premiums) the ladies aren’t aggressively going after you for lap dances or other up market offerings if you’re chilling up at the bar which in most clubs is considered neutral ground and is the area I prefer to hang out at in any club of this type cause I’m just in to enjoy a cocktail and the show and am old enough to know ain’t nobody falling in love except for the dude that’s willing to get talked into the up charged services…Poor, naive fellows!!The Orchid is small with 3 stages for one’s viewing pleasure…it’s nicely appointed with comfortable seating at the bar and on the main floor…smallish VIP section near the main stage…I much prefer this place to any of the other clubs offering this type of entertainment in the Bossier/Shreveport area mainly because of the laid back vibe mentioned earlier…Weekends are a $10 cover and Weekdays its $5 with a 1 drink minimum always…I no longer have to worry about the cover cause I got promoted to VIP Member status mainly cause I’m a pretty cool dude…If you’re in the area and looking for some titty-lation stop in and check it out for yourself, you just might find me holding down a stool in the neutral ground…

  22. Fresh2Death

    The Girls Are Sexy And Friendly They Might Just Be Doing Their Job But They Make You Feel Comfortable The Club Is A Bit Small You Still Can Go Here Relax And Have A Good Time The Best Gentleman’s Club I nthe The Shreveport Bossier Area

  23. XXXbeast

    This place sucks. No dancers. There are three. Only one is on state the other two are sitting. Drinks are way too expensive. $6 for a XX in a bottle. It’s $10 for admission. So I basically just paid $16 to sit in a nasty seat to talk to my friends. Could have done that at home and had a better time.

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  27. Platinum Plus Lover

    can not touch and vip dances they stay fully clothed

  28. Just me

    The girls are a little pushy, and they are all pretty much the same,super skiny and no chest. I like my women with curves. Also the music was a dissapointment,or lack there of. That DJ wont shut up and plays the same 10 or 15 songs over and over. But I do have to say the club was very clean and well run and the bartenders and waite staff was GREAT!!!

  29. Joey

    The club looks great! It is amazing how much it has changed! See you guys soon!

  30. Kelsey H.

    My hubby and I went to wild orchid on a Friday night around midnight or so. The place was super busy and the parking lot was packed. When we went in, only a few seconds after we had sat down, the waitress came up and asked if we wanted drinks. We declined and said we wanted to wait. Then the waitress got all rude and said there was a one drink minimum. My hubby ordered a cheap beer. And by cheap I mean $6. She asked me what I wanted and I told her I didn’t want anything because I was the driver. She again told me it was a one drink minimum so I just got a water for $3. The dancers weren’t very attractive and the place felt cramped. We could barely move through the tables. We left after only staying there for around 10 minutes. We went to hustler afterwards because it is just a way better strip club overall. Wide open room, nice and attractive girls, and cheaper beer. Never going to Wild Orchid again.

  31. dude

    They’re only “pushy” about drinks b/c cheap-asses just sit there and think the show is free

  32. Jason
  33. Mikey
  34. JW

    This club has been completely remodeled inside and out, and it looks amazing! It sure beats out all the other ones in the area. We will definitely be back this weekend.

  35. james1412

    I had the best time ever. Great fun, good music .The staff is great and the drinks are very good

  36. arklahunk
  37. AssnTits5

    I’ve been going here for a while not really upscald gi telmans club … it’s way more chill …way less security ..way beter music.. come as you are type of place…

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