Roxy Cabaret



830 S Magnolia Ave, Yuma, AZ 85364


32.7125191, -114.6418579




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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13 reviews for “Roxy Cabaret

  1. Joey Asses Joey Asses

    Can I give zero stars? No decent talent, bouncers screaming at everyone to get out. Worst experience ever. So much smoke my throat was dry from just breathing thanks to the intense smoke machine. I enjoyed the movie that was playing which had no sound more than the “entertainment”. Never again. Not even by request. This place is the pits. Dancers are pigs and LD room sucks. It says it all when a customer responds great sound system when hes at a go go bar. Its the only thing you can say about the place.

  2. unsatisfied

    fat and ugly…..all on meth….wont go twice

  3. george

    girls are nasty and fat. The Dj sucked and there are no hot girls here at all. the place is a complete dive.

  4. stu

    If you like fat crosseyed girls or meth freaks this is the place

  5. Andy

    I love it here!!!

  6. Ramona

    Nice small town feeling. Not a big club feel. Ladies are nice and Mercy the Bartenderess WOW.

  7. Thomas Carleton

    These bitches are huge and nasty…just they way billy and i like it!! We love these nasty dirty fat huge bitches!! I love the dirty slutty whores! YESSSSSSSSS! We loved the private dances with the ‘happy ending’. 🙂 These cheap dirty sluts worked hard for my dollar. I spent all my rent money on these whores. Oh yeah, and all of my newborn’s diaper and formula money went to these fat bitches but it was totally worth it. We loved the nasty stretch marks and pimples!! Our wives are way hotter than these hoes but we love this shit!! Who cares that our wives were back in San Diego taking care of our new babies. We’re disgusting nasty Marines that love to treat our wives like shit! I just wish we went there on quarter night so we couldve thrown quarters at these fat whores and watched them bounce off their rolls!!

  8. who cares
  9. cop

    very homey and friendly

  10. city guy

    First of all I’m not from yuma, AZ….I’m a editor for E! entertainment….and yes, I did go to Toppers.

    Toppers needs to be REMODELED!! Even the sign outside needs some Professional help!!

    This place is a shithole dive so I heard they just remodeled it.

    First of all the location for club is bad it’s right next door to some residential homes (very sad). The parking lot is literally DIRT POOR! The owner can’t even put in some concrete or asphalt for pavement.

    So, I walk in through this beat up unsophicated door! I look around and the carpet is hideous and cheap. The dancer’s stage is fucking ridiculous! There’s some type of Flimsy so called plastic mirror for the backdrop on the stage and the stage looks like it could break at any given moment.

    After observing the atmosphere in the club I start looking for the dancers, and I must say I was impressed. The first thing I thought was some of these girls just don’t belong here and some actually did quite indeed belong in there.

    I bet your wondering if I stayed or I left…..well, I stayed. Where else I’m I going to go in Yuma AZ….lol. Anyway, I got a dance, had a drink, and I left. I hope the owner of this place reads my comment, because you really need to put some Classiness into this place. Give your Dancers a nice classy place to work at!!

  11. out of town
  12. John

    This club is pretty good. They say it’s for sale for 950K. I heard it included everything even the real estate. If I had the money I would so buy this place. It’s a feakin cash cow.

  13. Not from AZ

    This is a good little local club; the private dances were reasonable and pretty good…

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