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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Rick’s Cabaret

  1. Cheri A.

    The better of the strip clubs in NOLA. I just hung out with our group in the back. Didn’t really watch much of the dancers.

  2. JD

    private dance are $60

  3. Michael W.

    15$ cover charge…id say the only nice thing were the strippers but even better was the bathroom!!! they had all sorta of cologne and diff. types of snacks!!! LOL!

  4. girl

    there are alot of girls in there who look like they could be grandmothers. they have VERY LOW STANDARDS when hiring the girls. I mean they should be more selective they have plenty of girls period they need to start letting the girls go that are hurting the rick’s image!!!!!

  5. stripforme123

    ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!tl;dr IF YOU ARE BLACK DON’T GO !!If you are younger than 40 they will assume you are brokewhich is extremely stupid. If you are an upscale Gentleman, go to penthouse. If you are middle class I would honestly just save up and go for a night there as well. Yesterday I went to Rick’s. This is relatively a long story.I’ll try to make it quick. Do they have good girls, it depends upon what you like. Most of the girls are white girls in there mid to late 30’s with fake boobs. I happen to fancy Asian girls. So I go, ask the door man if there is a particular girl. He says they are upstairsgetting ready. I say ok, come in, and when she never arrives Iam pissed off but calmly I leave. Yesterday, I went, had a dance with Kim. It was sublime. I got about $200 out of the atm, because that was the maximum that it would allow me to take out. The dance was incredible. But let me clarify a little bit.I am an African American, in my mid 20’s. I have a tourist shirt on and black dress pants. I am not particularly ugly, but no Ashton Kutcher either. After the dance with Kim, I was basically in love. Ready, to blow pretty much whatever, because at the time I had the residual income.Earlier in the night, I talked to a patron of another club that I know. He isvery well known at all of the clubs. He was teaching me about real estateand the basics of how he obtained his real estate fortune. We were quietly talking leaning against a wall. Before that I was talking with one of the waitresses. One of them was really cute so I just gave her money. Literally, she did nothing and I’m like here is money.I bought 2 blue moons for 10 a piece, and I was honestly just happy they had my favorite beer. Kim was a Vietnamese girl in her early 30s it looked liked. Extremely well groomed and smelled like Heaven. I was ready to get another dance and was basically ready to throwthe money out my wallet. I asked her about an older white gentleman in his 40s or 50s who she was talking to earlier because honestly I was jealous. She said that he said he was a Surgeon, but he just, “wanted to see her boobs real quick” and I chuckled to myself.”Yeah right” lmao. Anyway, right after the dance she says she is going to go work the floor, before I even got a chance to tell her that basically she had me hook line and sinker. Feeling rejected I go down and introduce myself to a couple. They were in town for a cancer convention, and having had in interest in medicine myself, I wanted to talk to them. We were laughing and had a good time until a manger comes over and tells me I had to leave. You can’t talk to the customers it looks weird. I think to myself, wow, I dropped maybe 100 bucks. There are about 8 girls sitting here doing nothing but playing on their phones. Upstairs in the “dance” area there is no one. I was there for about 3-4 hours and maybe 1-2 people went upstairs. I understood that talking to a customer might kill the vibe. However, this guy was like, “I’m going to ask you to leave, and don’t come back” After I was pretty much just giving out money. I even came back apologized and explained that I understand that discretion is an important part of your business. However, he said that there was no argument. I respect his consistency. I can’t help but feel I was profiled against. The guy was Russian or something. Deep down, I am soooo glad that happened, because I would have given Kim soooo much money. My goddd man. However, I must say that THEY WILL LIE TO YOU ABOUT WHO IS THERE AND MOST OF THE TIME THE PICKING IS AVERAGE TO OK.

  6. ryan123

    I’m a novice, but I catch on quick! Lol~Look, When you’re in Rome, do as the Romans do…and when your on Bourbon Street, do whatever the hell you want. I had the time of my life here and I’m not too proud to admit it! ;D The security guys were so professional…they watched over me like a hawk all night, but then I am also a very generous tipper, too. When I slipped out for a moment to charge my phone in the hotel, they had men on walkie talkies tracking me because my husband thought I’d been gone too long. I should have told him that I was running to the room, but I didn’t think it was a big deal, as the hotel was directly across the street…but they don’t take girls missing lightly at Rick’s, even if they are guest. I didn’t mean to cause a fuss, but it really made me respect how this Club is run. The girls were great, too~down to Earth yet out of this World! …tip well and enjoy responsibly!

  7. ross
  8. tonycluber

    Girls in this club were fine!Pros:1) Girls were attractive and fun (even if you didn’t want a dance)2) VIP dances were well worth it.3) They had 2 blondes working that night and a very fun Canadian Korean girl!4) They honoured a free entry coupon!Cons:1) Closed too early2) Smoking was allowed.I can’t remember the prices of dances but they were on par and worth it.I’d visit this club again.

  9. troy b.

    This place is great, really classy with good service. The girls are hott, the waitresses are really friendly and the bartenders are amazing. The drinks were really good and came quickly. They are open LATE!! Past sunrise so it’s fun for after hours too. I was told that there will be a lot of upgrades over the fourth of July weekend. Can’t wait to come back for my next visit.

  10. ...

  11. rogerrab2

    I certainly liked the one in NYC a lot better than this one. It was a Friday night and I’m sure there were a bunch of drunkards throwing their George Washington bills around so they drew more attention from the dancers and bartenders. A group of us just wanted to sit around and chill… Not sure why we decided on a strip club (the guys outnumbered the gals 3 to 2). And since we weren’t flaunting our Abe Lincoln coins we had to clothesline a waitress just to serve us drinks.Rick’s Cabaret is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. Translation: they need to be very profitable with a strong revenue and growth stream so people will buy their stock. TRANSLATION: they only have dimes working there. No second or third string talent.

  12. mathewater12

    A little disappointed in this place actually extremely last visit was the worst place was rude staff is rude and waitresses try to gip you out of a tip will never come here again rather go to barely legal. Besides there was only a couple of hotties and I dnt even see that now

  13. joseph1k

    This place charged a $10 cover and the girl at the door “miscounted” the change of anyone in our group who was typsy. Dances were $60 which is too expensive IMO. The women were good looking but were not eager to please. I prefer several of the other places on bourbon over Ricks.

  14. fuckery12

    One of the top two clubs of it’s type in NOLA. If you are expecting something like you saw in some tv show or movie, then this place isn’t for you because as the name says…Cabaret. Quality over quantity here!

  15. Tim

    This club as the best lookin girls on Burbon Street-didn’t see any ugly girl. Had a night to remember in that VIP!

  16. Jordanp

    The dancer were mostly poor quality stages were very small. This does not have the quality of other Ricks locations

  17. richard95

    beware of this place. me and a group of my friends came here and the two of us that paid both got ripped off by this place. if you go and use cash thats ok but if your paying with a debit card. it does not matter how much the bill will say when you sign your receipt, they will turn around and charge you $150 as me and my friend found out. my bill was 69 and his was 37 and we both got charged 150 each on our statements. i’m in the process of filing a dispute against it right now. the girls seemed very lazy on stage as if it were some kind of slow motion stripping and our waitress was very unorganized. taking more than 15 minutes to just bring our bill. i HIGHLY warn anyone who wants to come here. bring cash and keep the plastics in your pocket!

  18. billtheguy12

    I was definitely expecting more when I ventured into Ricks. Having gone to their NYC location in the past, I was expecting an experience very similar, however I was mistaken. There is a “no touch” policy on the floor. Now I can’t speak for everyone, however I personally feel this is at a disadvantage compared to other establishments. I was HIGHLY ENCOURAGED (borderline bullied) to agree to a $60 private dance where touching seemed to be acceptable but I could not justify what would be triple the cost for something that should be already included on floor lap dances. In addition, I’m puzzled why I was charged a cover when others do not charge. Additionally, I’m almost flabbergasted they wouldn’t budge on waiving the cover for the one female in our group. Strange. I will say the women were, at minimum, 7/10 (my personal opinion) and appeared to be quite skilled. When I return to bourbon street in the future, this will definitely NOT be one of the places I spend my money at.

  19. Gaby G.

    Went on a Friday, wasn’t too busy but it might of been too early for a crowd..so got to sit up front in all the action with my girls. The dancers were lovely, not too much “pole” action or tricks..but still entertaining. ONE in particular caught our eye, can’t recall her name (sorry..if you read this..I get distracted easily..but you were GORGEOUS!) but after her dance she came over and introduced herself to us along with another dancer , sat and chilled for a good 10-15 mins talked some “girl talk” we didnt get lap dances because we just went in to relax before leaving town and not get “full service” lol ..and then they went on their way..but it was nice of them to stop by. The establishment is not too lit up but not like “damn..cant see the person sitting next to me” kinda darkness. Our bill was close to $80 for seven drinks..so not too bad. We will definitely go back next time we’re in N’awlins. Thanks ladies for the hospitality..keep up the nice work 🙂

  20. maxxy1

    If this place is like other Rick joints, Do Not waste your time. You’re gonna be ripped off by beer prices and dances prices whch are usually double more than anywhere else. Yeah $30 bucks for a barely 2 minute song – enuff said?

  21. adamrod

    Best on Bourbon. the prices for alcohol are the same as in other high quality places. Worth to visit.

  22. igor34

    This Is An Upscale Gentleman’s Club… Fun Environment, We Had A Great Time…. !!!

  23. john

    Sucked. Phoebe looks like a trainwreck and heard she will go home with anyone for some $$$$…

  24. XhXeXy

    Not bad…I was expecting a lot worst. Seeing the types of girls standing outside the doors of all the other strip clubs set my expectations really low for NOLA strip clubs. Being from Vegas, of course I wanted to compare my town’s strip clubs to their town’s. I just didn’t know howz about I was gonna do it. Chicks can’t get into a strip club by themselves in Vegas so I assumed the same goes in NOLA. Luckily, I rounded up 3 cool guys (2 teachers and a vice-principle from Pittsburg) and twisted their arms to go in there with me.From the first impression, I thought it was very classy. Tastefully decorated in somewhat of a murder-mystery mansion type decor. IDK how else to describe it. Kinda like the Artisan Hotel in Vegas, if it were a strip club.I noticed there were a high ratio of pretty dancers to ugly ones but it seeems as far as body type, they were all skinny with no curves or anything. Not even somebody you would consider healthy looking. IDK if I were a dude, I’d prefer someone less boney dancing on me. The dancers were all very talented and stage performance was definetly a big part of the show there, unlike Vegas where no one really even pays attention to the stage.This dancer (who dances between NOLA and Vegas) tried to give me her number, and that made those 3 guys I was with pretty jealous.

  25. Caro M.

    No pole?!Strippers were uglier than me.NO POLE….There’s a cover charge.. [but luckily we didn’t have to pay.]NO POLE? Why?!I guess this place is considered one of the more “classier” strip joints, but how classy can a strip joint be?! We saw an old hag stripper in a tiger-clawed hot pink dress hustlin’ some sad looking dudes. She must’ve been stripping since the 1970’s because her hair resembled Farrah Fawcetts hair [in a bad way] and her leather skin was as tanned as that one old lady from “There’s Something About Mary.” I was like, “damn. She’s foine.”I would give this place 5 stars if they just upped the standards on the aesthetics of their strippers. The interior is not too shabby– service was good.++ their match boxes are awesome.

  26. NakedHazel

    I love New Orleans dance clubs, but there are so many to choose from, how do you pick just one? That’s simple…don’t go to just one! Hit every freakin one of them while your there!

    Ricks is definitely in the top 5 clubs in the French Quarter. Centrally located on Bourbon, no cover during the days, your best bet is to bring a lot of money! Lap dance prices vary, and the VIP rooms are always under camera surveillance. One stage in the middle of the room with out a pole offers more of a runway show. They choose there dancers from the finest in Louisiana, you won’t be disappointed!

    If you want to dance there: Ricks takes care of there dancers, newbies tend to start on days and work there way up. They limit the number of girls per night. You’ll always find people there no matter what night of the week it is. Expect an average to excellent earning potential, VIP’s a must.

  27. Thomas L.

    Overpriced Rick’s Cabaret franchise you say? Hey its Bourbon St. what did you expect. I was with group of friends 2guys/8girls we just walked in without cover. The first night in NOLA we kinda over did it and next morning my friends informed me I had bitten one of the performers leg but lets just leave that for another time. 3 Stars at best for no cover and having 2 girls on stage. Lappy was $40 but I think you can talk them down to maybe 25-30. Waitress comes around asking if you want a drink and I remember seeing a pole somewhere on stage.*not a place to bring your family, good place to talk and entertain do business.

  28. Austin V.

    Check the name – this is more like a cabaret than strip club. You enter and have large seating section with low rise chairs and candle lit table tops. The room is dark but not dark enough at times because of the stage dancers (no pole folks, just stage). A quarter wall wraps around the main room for the semi-private “no touchie-touchie” dances – 40$ bam! There’s a front and back bar, and behind the back bar area, is the back/vip room – minimum $60 for song dance to head back there… The cocktail waitresses are usually right on you for drinks unless it’s busy and expect to pay $10 for beers and up. The girls… well… there’s some gems in the rough so be patient. Don’t bite with the first one that comes your way. The girls here know the game well and I would say they are some of the best at separating men from their money on Bourbon street; but usually you won’t feel too guilty about it (depending on how much is left). They’ll sit on your lap, sit next to, pet your arm, bring their friends around and stroke that ego till you cave for a dance. There are definitely a few that will pull the “give me $20 to sit with you” move and ask straight up “I’m leaving but will give you my last dance for $30” line but there are others that will actually put in work for the Jacksons…. I got a few 40$ dances and a few worth only $5, but nothing I’d tip over on; but then again, I really didn’t pay for them (the casino winnings did). My biggest annoyance with this spot is the cover. $10 any time, no ins-n-outs and no exceptions (well… for the common folk). If you want some hot girls, that took a show today (and still smell good), will make you comfortable and give you either a freakyshow or sensual dance (depending on the girl), then this is a good spot for you. For my money, I’ll go to a club with a little more dirrty and p*rn star appeal and spend less for just as hot a girl. Check my other reviews…

  29. Ryan G.

    By far the best dancers in Bourbon Street. Great music, great dancers who actually know what they are doing and fun crowd here. Definitely don’t go to any other strip clubs in nola except Penthouse Club and here. You won’t be disappointed.

  30. winston12

    Best in the state.

  31. Mr Mort

    Private dance $60 for 3 minutes. rude dancers

  32. Greg T.

    Stopped in with some colleagues since they had no cover although there is a one drink minimum which is really not that big of a deal since the drinks are not outrageous.Girls were decent but not as good as Penthouse. The layout is rather odd with columns all over the floor so it blocks your view to the stage.Only serious gripe is th cigars are crap and over priced.Otherwise worth stopping into if they are not charging cover.

  33. Dancer

    I fly down here, and I love working for Ricks. This is the best club I have ever worked for. Management is excellent, girls are great, no drama. Most of the girls fly in to work, and we are all happy to be there. The other clubs on the strip are nothing compared to Ricks. My only complaint is that the hiring of girls is starting to get too easy. Quality not quantity.

  34. Dylan R.

    We were initially pleased to be receiving a “deal” on the cover charge as we were given a special price of $5 each. However, we were unaware of the two drink minimum. Luckily, I was able to combat this by avoiding the waitress.The girls all seemed to be pretty decent. I do not believe I have ever experienced as much lap dance pressure in a club as I did in this joint. If you think that a $60 lap dance would leave you with some stories to tell, you are right. Unfortunately, the story is that you got ripped off.

  35. Eric

    This is the best most honnest club on Borbon Street. The girls are all very attrative and not real pushy. My favorite Nadia. I’ll be back!

  36. John T.

    My wife and I were looking for some adult entertainment on Bourbon Street during our recent stay in the French Quarter. Due to the awesome bartender at Mike’s Cajun restaurant (across Canal), we were told that Rick’s was one of the more laid back classier joints on Bourbon Street, so we decided to start there.We’re novices when it comes to strip clubs, so we were looking for a place that we could blend in and just watch for a bit without much involvement. We were not disappointed. The girls were all above average looking. All girls had nice to great bodies. Half were disinterested in dancing, but the other half actually worked during their performances. There was a nice racial diversity to the dancers. More importantly though, the girls here were not pushy (with us, at least). The first night we went we only had one girl solicit a private dance (very friendly and sweet), and the second night we went we were not solicited at all. Probably not a good thing for those couples specifically looking for lap-dance action, but for us it was perfect. The girls definitely knew where to focus their attention and read body language well. They focused on the groups of guys and/or single dudes. The first night we were charged a cover, but the second night (Friday) there was no cover but a one drink minimum.Staff were very friendly and relaxed. The reason this review is not a five-star is because the mixed drinks were very weak and extremely expensive. Over-priced drinks was no surprise. Strip clubs are notorious for that and I understand that’s how they make money. But I can’t abide a weak cocktail!We didn’t visit any of the local competitors, but it’s hard to imagine a better experience than Rick’s.

  37. eddyL

    Like many places in the Big Easy this ‘establishment’ harkens back to the town’s past… It’s pirate past. Well, that might be a bit harsh and not entirely fair. In defense of Lafitte or Blackbeard they at least used a sword and likely smelled better then this dive when they robbed one. Allow me to explain. The other night as my friend and I are enjoying Bourbon St. in all its glory we come across Rick’s and are begged to enter this dump by the doormen. Now this might come as a shock but we had both been drinking. My buddy was worst/better off than me and was kinda out of it but we agreed that no lap dances would be had. So we go in and I go to get us some drinks. It takes forever but when I return a ‘stripper’ is asking my friend for his pin number to his debit card! I ask why and she states that he owes them for two dances. I point out that that is very unlikely, she retorted that my drunken friend had agreed to two but had NOT gotten them yet! I tried to explain to her he is wasted and would have sold his kidney for a beer and that he wouldn’t be paying for something he didn’t want or got AND that asking for a drunken guys debit card’s pin was questionable at best. Well she went and got the manager and shocker he backs her up… That is Rick Cabaret’s policy. If they can get you to drunkingly agree to a dance, even just to get the gal out of your face, you must pay for it rather you get it or not. So to save the fuss we paid and left. Kind shady in my book. Simply put: DON’T GO HERE….

  38. Anabelle B.

    I love Rick’s! To me this place is a must, just like Aurnaud’s or Petunia’s. $20 lap dances, average price and totally worth it. Good drinks, good music and hot chicks, you can’t ask for more!

  39. John M.

    I have visited Ricks cabaret for 7 years for my birthday, at different cities. I walked up and talked to the managers they were rude from the moment I walked up. I wasn’t looking for a free drinks but hey ‘thanks for coming here” would have been nice. All I got was ” OK?””. I took my business to hustler’s barely legal down the street and me and my friends spent $2000+, Corey the day manager gets a shout out!!!

  40. Johnnyboy123

    Upscale and classy! Great drinks, too!

  41. Tricia R.

    My husband and I decided to sit at the front bar for awhile. He got a beer. We people watched for awhile. The girl at the front bar was great. My husband had to use the bathroom. She said it was OK to go in. The front door guy stop him. He explained about the bathroom. He was kind let him go in and told him he could do what ever he wanted. As I sat there, the two front door guys would let people in no charge. The girl would pick and choose who she would charge $10. After he came back we decided to go inside. She wouldn’t let us in unless we each paid $10. We had sat at the bar for 3 drinks prior. We were the only ones sitting there. She knew we had been there. Poor business from her. Be careful of the shady front door girl

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