The Goddess



38 South Eutaw Street, Baltimore, MD 21201


39.2876439, -76.6208381




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Goddess

  1. Drew

    I Love This Place.

  2. Johnnyboy123

    OK OK… Now I am starting to seem like a total gentlemans club aficionado or something?! So what that I have been here I’m not a bad person don’t judge me!!This place is what you expect nothing over the top weird or bad about the place it’s your typical gentlemans club around a baseball stadium. Attractive women and decent drinks.

  3. raunchy

    Few girls and not pretty. Ladies are riddled with drugs and it shows.

  4. Lappy

    Nice clean spot! The lappys are a plus!!

  5. john

    katie sucked a mean cock though

  6. jim

    place sucked girls,sucked,staff,sucked, ONE WORD [SUCKED]

  7. pac man

    i went tryin 2 find a goddess,dont b fooled by the name girls like a3 or 4 , place ant got no class

  8. larry

    nice spot will be back!

  9. franko

    its ok / needs work , ile try goin back in a few mounths, c if they got any better girls

  10. T.C.

    this place is a fuckin joke /the girls suck

  11. Billy

    Keep it real

  12. Steve

    I have been coming to the Goddess for years after every Orioles and Ravens game that I attend. I have to admit that over the last year the chicks at this club have been rocking! I am in love with Autumn and Katie…they have to be the hottest chicks in Baltimore. Hot Girls + NO COVER = Good Times. By the way the DJ rocks there too!

  13. LOVE the girls

    Hands down the sexiest strippers are at goddess. Go in the vip room,

    dont waste your time buying lap dances here

  14. sexybitches

    LOVE THIS CLUB ! all sexy girls work there!

  15. strap fan 1

    this club was hot and good looking woman. love it with hot women wow is hot. love it.

  16. ripken rules

    this place was the lamest excuse for a club

  17. Mike

    I thought the club was pretty nice.I BOUGHT a dancer a twenty dollar drink.Then the bartender starts get very pushy about getting a thirty dollar lap dance.I declined politely.

    Too expensive in here.

    Poor value in here.

  18. CoolD

    Love the women out there. Dancers are hot. All in all a fun place. Kitty Meeeeows and Starr rocks.Fun fun fun….

  19. Big Daddy

    This club reminds me of your neighborhood bar, except there are naked ladies. I like the atmosphere of this place and these are the hottest girls I’ve seen in awhile. Even the bartenders are hot!

  20. darkchocolate

    after the sexy belly dancer left there is no one i like up there….anyone can tell me what club she went to?

  21. nonya

    gets a five, sometimes its hot, sometimes its not.

  22. greg
  23. fantasies

    this place sucks come to fantasies

  24. pete

    club n girls need work

  25. stripclubfan

    lets just put it this way i will go back there. i love it

  26. ryan123

    Walking in the door of this place I had some hope. It was easily diminished upon entry and the next few minutes that followed.I walked in on a Wednesday night. I paid $5 at the door. Acceptable wage at 12am on a weekday. I was surprised to see a half full bar with all red lighting and a stage behind the bar that filled the room in the center. Most dancers. Rawlings across the bar for extra TIPS at the end of their routine. In my opinion, Stormy had the best routine of all. The confidence and sexyness was the best in the club! And Karma sat with me for a bit. Her personality was spectacular! I sat on the far side of the bar and a dance almost finished her 2 song set and I was not greeted and in all honesty ignored. So I moved to the other side close to the door. Mel was my bartender. I reluctantly opened a tab with a 30% tacked on because the 20% tip and 10% entertainer fee was tacked on! The service was alright but not 20% worthy. The bartenders were older and experienced but I don’t trust any “free poor” in a strip club especially when my liquor is poured over ice and kept in that tin in front of me and poured our of upon my request which means it is being watered down! So I’m paying $10 a shot for watered down alcohol which is a complete rip off. The stage is behind the bar. Everytime you throw money it ends up in the floor, out of site and the mean faced bartenders don’t even pick it up for the entertainers and place the money on stage . Which it is a strip club. The entertainers are the main reason why guests visit. I don’t understand the hostility. Lastly, a girl approached me complaining about her job there. Saying there is no money and management was yelling at her for not making enough money. Sorry. But this was not what I expected. Before arriving I even called to asl specials and the man who answered the phone seemed annoyed and said, “wr do not have specials here. No drink or dance specials. We are an old school club and we don’t do that!”What you see is what you get and it isn’t worth it. Please, don’t bother.

  27. danny o

    wouldent waste my time again

  28. 911Targa

    probably the best place in Baltimore, great girls, great staff

  29. Robert

    I have been to the Goddess twice after spending time on the Block. And while I still like the Block, I think that most of the ladies here are fine. My favorites are Raven, Marie and especially, Drew. As long as the women stay and fine and nice, I will be back.

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