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0 reviews for “The Millstream Inn

  1. Todd

    ile be comin soon 2 c Lilly , an have lunch


    These girls have horrible attitudes! I expect to walk into a club and have a great time after hearing my wife bitch at me all day. These bitches WHINE more than my bitchy ass wife. They all beg for food and ask not to let the boss know it is for them. They all act like they are starving!! WTF why can’t these scrawny ass bithces with no tits eat?? This club needs to get some real women with real tits. Every girl there has fake tits and thinks they look good. They all need to gainnnnnnn weight badly. I agree they do look like crack whores with tooo much make up on. PLEASE FEED YOUR BITCHES AND STOP TELLING THEM THEY ARE FAT! AND WTF was up with patrice? She was walking around like trash putting her tits in everyones face like her titties were nice or something. She had a better personality with no tits at all. She’s really gone downhill since she’s started. But what can you expect with an owner like that???

  3. Pissed

    Scott Braglio is a fat fuck who only cares about taking money from other people. He is the greediest bastard I have ever seen and should go to hell when he dies. Greedy mother fuckers like that go to hell! He treats the girls like shit and takes their money when they don’t normally make 200 or more a shift…it is better to go where the girls are happy with their jobs

  4. dan

    its ok lilly is the only girl worth spendin ur money on

  5. fred

    I’ve found this to be the friendliest, most comfortable place to relax in the whole town. The girls are quite friendly, the food is actually quite good, and the facility is first class, but not trash tooflashy like Hustler downtown. Safer neighborhood too. Love this place.

  6. anonymous

    I have had a hard time dealing with the scheduling manager. The general managers/bouncers are also very moody and unpredictable…not to mention that There are fines for EVERYTHING that are imposed with or without warning.

  7. JOHN H

    A great place to go…most of the girls are friendly and very pretty. Thet definitely range from thin to thick, small and large chested, young and older, funny and serious. If you cant find a girl that interests you, well i dont know what to say. The new manager is great…she can be a little tough, but she cares about the club and the girls too. I think they all call her mama.. thought that kinda funny since she’s so young. Food was great, and music was good, although it was a little loud. Had a great time…will definitely be back!!!!

  8. pokerman500

    Stephanei is an AWESOME Girl! I brought my friends in for the first time yesterday and she worked the crowd great we thought! She was so FUN! She had a trophy personality. We will all come back. It sucked we couldn’t stay longer we were having so much fun but we had a poker tornament to go to. We offered her 300 dollars to be our dealer but she wouldn’t go without another girl. We will come back to see her. She said if we went through her boss she’d do a party for us. We didn’t know why she wouldn’t take all of the money for herself, but hey at least you know she’s not a prostitute! My friend was Intrieged by her because He said she was intresting even in a non-sexual way! He was thinking of leaving his wife for her! He’s crazy though. Everyone who reads this should go to millstream to have a great time! IF this posts it didn’t post in the comments

  9. Steve
  10. THE PRO

    WHO THE HELL IS THE MANAGER OF THIS CLUB! I hadn’t been to this club for five years and my wife wanted to go to the Pajama Party. For an hour and a half there was a crusty white(OLLLLD) women fucking every black man in by the back bar! She was getting fucked two at a time. We left after it was going on for a while it was DISGUSTING. Everyone was watching too… Sad this club has come to that but I guess the way the girls are at that club now thats the kind of trash you ring in! WHATS WITH ALL OF THE SKINNY CRACKHEAD LOOKING GIRLS? ANYHOW DID THEY GO SHOPPING ON THE BLOCK?? I would not be surprised next week if the club has a crack smoking party BRING YOUR OWN CRACK AND GET IN FREE! man has this place gone tremendously downhill. Sorry the owner can not find better managment! Good luck next year buddy! If your not closed down!

  12. NYer

    I have always enjoyed myself here. There is a good variety of girls and talent. Extremely passive when it comes to lap dances. You pretty much have to chase the girls down to get one, Tiffany and Danielle are amazing.

  13. babygirl

    Dissapointedrobbie you sound like a fucking prejudice cracker. Don’t act like you never jacked your 3 inch dick thinking about a black girl. Fucking racist pig!

  14. best bachelor party ever!

    This club was awesome! Kayze and Stephanie were amazing! Staphine had the BEST attitude ever. She was SOO MUCH FUN! She just made the club Shine! She also give the best lap dacne I’ve ever had! And being in the military i’ve traveled to many clubs. like I said by far it was the best no touch dance ever! Thanks to her I had the greatest last single night of my life! My friends and I would recomend this club to anyone and we will definately be coming back!!

  15. Chris

    the hell with this place a girl tryed 2 steal money from me. then managment did not care. will never return

  16. Mark T.

    I’d say this place is an all over 10. The only downside is waiting so long for a waitress or for her to get back to you with the drinks, even as they sit made and ready for her to bring to you.

  17. pickwick

    I liked this club a lot till cpl weeks back but now they have all new dancers and quality of private dances has gone down too….Before that it was excellent place with excellent dancers…Does any one by chance know where does Candy works now?

  18. alex
  19. Moose1963
  20. Mark

    I will NOT go back to this club. I brought my friend here for a bachelor party because I heard very good reviews on this club. I had never been here before. Overall when I walked in it was very busy. We were having a great time, the girls were all very nice. The food was great, and we were having a great time. we were waiting to see the jello wrestling. During the wait, my friend and I decided to get a lap dance. immediatley as soon as we sat down a woman came back and said genlteman keep your hands to yourself. (ok obviously) So we started our lap dances and I told the girl I wantd more privacy since it was so busy. She then said she could take me or my whole party in the V.I.P. section for $100 a piece plus a nice tip. the girl had huge boobs. I said if she gave me a good enough lap dance i’d take my whole party back. Well we started doing the dance… not even a minute into it some fat fuck comes back and starts screaming at the poor girl I HOPE HE’S PAYING YOU GOOD MONEY YOU’RE FINED $300…. So she try’s to tell him whats going on. And she really didn’t do anything. I didn’t touch her, she didn’t touch me. (she had her HUGE boobs hanging in my face!) He started screaming at her that she was fired. WOW what a loss on his behalf. I bet that girl made that club a lot of money.She was one of the best looking girls they had in there! And sorry to the clubs owner we ended up going tothe Gentlemans Gold Club spendin $3500 that night. I feel bad for those poor girls. The only bad thing about that club and I’ve heard it from others, the dj completly sucks. He’s gay and he Screams soooo loud. My friends didn’t like how loud the music was. they couldn’t speak without screaming to eachother.

  21. larry1

    Went here for my bachelor’s party– lordy, over 13 years ago!! Good to hear it’s still a nice place. I remember it being really friendly. I’m not a dancer bar type, but I remeber being surprised at how NOT sleazy the place was.Dancers weren’t total nude- but they put on a nice show. Food was suprisingly good. Never thought of a pole-dancing place for good food- but, oddly enough, the food was really freakin’ good, and the beer was very reasonably priced!! Even had nice veggie (!!), cheese, and wing platters for the party. Typical bar food- wings, burgers, steaks and such. But at a dancer bar– this is above and beyond!!(My wife would still totally kick my ass if I ever went back, though……….)

  22. Jod M

    Wow! Sounds like the over concieted manager wrote a lot of things about herself on here! But If that makes her happy! She used to work at Bamboo Bernie’s, her teeth used to be all jacked up like a crackhead until a guy I knew paid to get them fixed. I guess I have flash backs of her drug addict looking ways, I just can’t see her as looking hot! I’ll have to post a picture that I have of her from sometime back.

    But the girls and food here are all great. The overall environment of the club was very nice. The waitress tends to lose herself, she forgets shes working often. She’s still very nice and funny though.

    The comments on here that the “manager” wrote about herself makes me not want to come back. Seriously Lady,Psychologically nobody comes to a strip club website to write about the fully clothed, old, ugly manager. Repeatedly at that yet. Don’t you know that you uneducated ex-drug addict!! HAHA GET A LIFE!

  23. cruz

    millstream sucks fantasies rules!!!

  24. dancer lover

    I like this place, very upscale, top-notch girls and services. Highly recommended.

  25. MadDog


  26. Freddie

    I love this club, the girls are hot and sexy. There are a variety of girls and all of them are HOT!!!

  27. Shogun

    Great club, all the girls were friendly. 4 HD TVs to watch, don’t know why you’d watch the TVs though.

  28. Mustardhater

    This club is extremly classy inside. The girls were all very nice except one. Which she was ugly anyhow, she is normally a day girl. They shouldn’t allow her to work in that club. Her attitude is, she thinks her shit dont stink and shes better than all of the other girls I know this because she told me! HAHA….. No… her shit does stink and she’s a very horrible girl who doesnt deserve the privelige of working in that nice club.

    (Sky) If you cant tell from my very descriptive description! The other girls were all Extremly EXTREMLY beautiful and nice, and management is definatly improving a lot over the last year. Patrice made it a point to tell me all about the great manager (Denise) Thank you Candi for telling me about this website! And yes you and Stephani have the nicest asses in the club. Hope to see you next Saturday night again. You, Maddie and I are going in the Champaigne room again!Definately great picks to go in the back with!!! Mabey we can see how naughty your friend Stephani and Cali are too!

  29. mike

    This place has terribly gone down hill in the past year and a half! The new girls are all extremly boring, they just sit around and bitch. They also are extremly skinny and flat with no asses! This place used to be great, But the girls and the managment they have now is horrible! BRING THE OLD GIRLS BACK LIKE APRIL, KATHY, SYDNEY, STEPHANIE, NIKKI, MARCIE, YAZMINE the fun party girls!!!!

  30. Joe

    Just another excellent time last night with the friendliest ladies in Baltimore.

  31. Kang


  32. in PA

    Hey, I like this place. Haven’t been in for a while, but last time I went it was good. The girls are almost all very friendly, I like that they come around the bar to flirt w/ customers. If you tip em nice, they’ll give you a little table dance on your stool. I have to say the one bartender w/ the long dark hair on daytimes should be a dancer. She’s hot!! Sorry, I forget her name.

  33. cool han dic
  34. Bobby

    Welcoming and comfortable. A place you can be a regular at and everyone will treat you like your part of the family. Girls a beautiful and real. Not snobby pencil sticks with fake tits.

  35. George D.

    Girls are hot, eeven the one that manages this club. She had to be a stripper before..too hot, not too!

  36. ryan123

    Steamed shrimp is delicious. Served w sweet corn on the cob. They always have something going on during the week. Weekly specials ex “Amatuer Tuesdays” and “Buy 2 for 1 drinks on Mondays” I think, you might wanna check the website.

  37. billy t

    seriously folks get it together. you have a lot of work to do before you can be considered a decent strip club

  38. richard95

    I have been checking out the clubs in the area and found this place on a recommendation from a dancer at another club. My husband and I both really enjoy going to clubs and have been looking for a place where we are both comfortable and it seems that Millstream is the one. Having grown up in the area, my only recollection of this bar was “dive…dive” but they have renovated and the inside is upscale and comfy to just hang out for the night. We have been during the week and the specials are great. Tuesday is 2 for 1 dances and completely worth it. Dances can be tame and there is some level of supervision in the back but not too much. I never felt like I was being hawked. We will be trying the “suites” out sometime soon. The dancers have told us that we will have a better time as we can be more relaxed and they have more flexibility in the VIP area. Will update you on that experience hopefully soon! Not all strip clubs are “female friendly” but I had no trouble here. For you ladies out there who love a good lap dance, check this place out. Good for couples and singles alike.

  39. Rick

    I have been coming here for years and I love the atmosphere very laid back not like going downtown where you have to worry about leaving late at night. Some of the girls could work on how they talk to a guy but for a club with no cover and the size its very good

  40. Good Job!!!

    Private dances are great!!! You don’t need to be a VIP member to get a private dance. Girls are friendly. There is a very nice variety of dancers.

  41. had fun

    had a great time, wish i could have stayed longer

  42. Ron P

    Awesome!! I’ll be back. And due that said the manager is hot…you aint kiddin man. This place rocked.

  43. john

    this place SUCKS! Music is too loud. 45 year old strippers? GIVE ME A BREAK! EWWW!!!!!!!!! The only thing i liked here was getting drunk and going home.

  44. Mary

    My husband and I went for our first time here.We are not swingers, but like the entertainment. No cover- excellent.Dress code- excellent. Music/dj excellent. Waitress- excellent. Manager? with the broke foot- HOTT. Interior of the club-excellent.

    Anyway. I can’t say enough nice things about this club.All the ladies were very nice. Good to see all different ranges in age and size and color. I didn’t catch alot of names. BUT… I saw Jasmine when I first got in and then right before I left. Do not miss her!! Beautiful and holy crap tight body!! She does the flag into an upsidedown vertical move on the pole. The guys keep her busy, but I’m sure she’s worth the wait.

    As for the guys posting on here about the girls working the room for dollars. Don’t be so cheap!! Give a girl a dollar or two. Most of us are so busy gawking at them on stage what would they make on stage since you don’t get off your lazy ass to tip? They have to pay to work there. And they are strippers- they should be getting PAID. If not for them you’d be looking at your fat homely wife if you got lucky enough to even get one.

    There was a stage show there. A girl got put up for her birthday.That was great!

    So if you want someplace to go where you can feel comfortable and see a great line up of girls get great service have something to drink and a late night snack. This is the place.

    I only wish they had more parking!

    And that guy Tim that posted below ROFLMAO.

  45. Wow

    There a bunch of Happy Horny Sexy Fun girls at this club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. will not return

    could get no private kinda dance / n evrey thing was way over priced place had no class

  47. urclubsux!

    who the hell let that NASTY OLD WOMEN Dana dance.. she needs to keep her clothes on!!!!that party absolutely sucked and dana made it 10000 times worse!!! UGLY BITCH!!!

  48. stan

    liked lilly , rest of girls were nasty, n the ones on the web site dont work there i asked 4 some of them

  49. Comfortable

    Millstream has become one of my fave places to just chill out. The ladies are all beautiful and friendly, the DJ plays a good mix of tunes, and the food is quite good. I’m not certainly why other reviews are so negative… guess it all comes down to what one expects. I don’t expect much, and I have a good time each time I visit. It was nice that they had a headliner this past weekend – was a first for them from what I understand, and hopefully won’t be the last 🙂

  50. Dale

    The best!

  51. Richard

    The club is overall, a hot club but there is no cigar smoking allowed and there should be. There are other clubs that allow cigar smoking.

    The sound system should be toned down a few notches on the weekend nights.

  52. very relieved

    For awhile this club was going downhill. All of the girls were too skinny. I am very excited to see that there are a few thicker girls now. I wish more of the old girls were back. But I guess we all move on in life. The girls all had great personality. We had an very good time. Some of the girls had a lot of very fun energy, that was another improved thing that i’ve noticed from the last time I was in. Managment seems to be doing a lot better. food was definately something to brag about!!! (other than the nice t and a!!)

  53. businessflyer
  54. Augie Doggie

    Ughhh! Millstream sucks.

  55. walt

    place has no class and no privicy, not 2 mention the drinks r weak n over priced

  56. Tommy

    This club has gone downhill dramatically and the owners are a bunch of jerks who wouldn’t know the first thing about what a strip club should be like. They hire any and every nasty girl walking in the door. All of the hot girls have left because they realize it’s becoming a dump.

  57. ilovetitties

    wish vip room wasn’t so expensive… what goes on in there for $300 for 30 minutes?


    This club rocks!!!

  59. sucks

    what happened to this place? The girls are always getting fined, stripper boot camp or something?? Stop treating your staff like shit!

  60. Tim

    This Stephanie was like no Kazakh woman I have ever seen. She had golden hairs, teeth as white as pearls, and the asshole of a seven-year-old. For the first time in my lifes, I was in love. I’ll be back after I fix the puxsy magnet in my where did they hide it?

  61. Greg


  62. Gary B.

    Girls were great..bartenders were sweet, liked Blair. Had a great time!!

  63. Happy testies


  65. skibbydoowap

    The girls are so hot and sexy. club has great set up. CR is a little expensive. I hear out of $275 dancers only get $125. Ouch…

  66. Derek

    Thought the girls were great..had alot of fun!! Although the manager should definitely dance, she has a rockin body,with great tits

  67. Ken

    I must say dissappointedrobbie when I went in I did not see any black chicks??? A large black crowd but no chicks! However I thought the place was pretty fair. The girls were all pretty, not many of them talk, except to come by and get their money or to try to get a free drink. However you should see this one girl shes not even a girl she’s a smoking HOTTT woman! Stephani!! WHOAAA! She was so fun! Great personality. She made me and the guys next to me to just have the best night ever!! She is what will be making me come back! And all of the comments about the food. The food sucks now! So If you’re down and you want a pick me up pick a night when Stephani is there. She’ll do the job!

  68. Playboy

    One of the best stripper clubs in the Maryland/DC area. April is fantastic. I plan on seeing her again. Nice atmosphere, friendly and pretty girls. I go there often. The only suggestion I have is to have a smoking and non smoking area. Cigars should be permitted.

  69. eddyL

    First I have to say that I remember this place being amazing two to three years ago. It has always been and still is the cleanest and chillest environment with excellent staff. However…not sure what happened as of late, but the quality of girls has plunged dramatically. I felt like I should be slipping gym membership cards in their garders. And they now have a midget performing?? Did I just walk into a circus? Not hate’in on little people, but damn, that was kinda shocking.

  70. Phil Grauel

    Great place to unwind. $2.00 beers on Fridays and great girls make it a nice place.

  71. Daniel Eyster

    the dancers need to do more pole tricks

    and pole dancing

  72. Stash
  73. Jack

    Millstream rocks since Lexie is back and she brought a hot new sidekick Macie. They are so much fun. I don’t know how they can be in a great mood everyday. They definately are the life of the party.

  74. harryharry

    The millstream inn is a semi-hidden gem, nicely removed from the sleaze of “the Block” and definitely higher-end than the college-town desperation of some of the strip bars of, say, Towson. The food is genuinely good, not just strip-club good, and there is some actual talent (quotation marks omitted intentionally) working the stage, cage, and private areas here.On a Saturday night you’ll find 2-for-1 drinks, girls and dances, and a decent population of couples and singles from a wide cross-section of Baltimore. Take away the nudity and change the lighting and you’d swear it was an indie sports bar. The DJ tonight was interesting without being distracting, funny without making the girls or guests the butt of the joke, and the music was a great mix of genres (pantera’s “walk” followed a mashup of “Billie Jean” and “sweet home Alabama”). My waitress was sweet, competent if not attentive (busy night), and of course exotically pretty and sporty. On the downside, The mens room is a bit better maintained than the womens, drinks are still strip club prices, and some of the girls are best left onstage (a detached, antisocial lapdance can ruin the beauty of a dynamic stage dance or the best bodies man can build).If you’re looking for a good party location or just a place to spend an evening and a stack of $1 bills without wallowing in dank self-pity, drop by the roadhouse off Security Blvd. It’s a little hard to find but completely worth the effort.

  75. Big Tipper

    I like it.

  76. ryan123

    Dances are pretty tame but at 2 for $20 deals, no one seems to complain. Food is excellent along with friendly staff. I would not recommend this place for dances unless your expectations are low. It is great hang out place to go because no cover charge, great food at reasonable prices, and drink specials. Some of my favorite dancers were Gina, Lauren, Giselle, and Mia. You can check their website for dancer schedules, which is nice because so many clubs refuse to do this and treat all customers as potential stalkers. I heard for group parties there is a $10 cover but they serve free food/munchies. Again, a great hang out place but don’t have any high expectations for the lap dances.

  77. disappointedrobbie

    There are way too many black chicks working at this club, it didnt seem like it would be that type of a club, they need to hire meatier white chicks, and stop making the club so GHETTO. Either that or only let one work at a time. This club when inside looks like it should be in the slummmmms of the ghetto they way they dance.(THE BLOCK!) Other than that the girl were very nice(AND SKINNY=()Overall the club Would be a nice environment if there wasn’t so many block girls there, and the dj didn’t scream and have the music so loud for no reason. I had a great meal though.

  78. sleeper

    many of the the girls are hot or at least fair. there is no cover and the club is decent. thats the good part. otherwise, the girls hit you up endlessly for dollars. just walk up to you and demand it. soneone told them that every time you walk through this room, everyone here owes you a dollar. thats it. the lap dances are ok for the money, however i was taken by one of the girls (blond, big tits, said it was her first day) who charged me double for a dance. i was mad, but gave her the money and left. be careful. nicer than other clubs in MD, but i won’t be back.

  79. satisfied

    I’ll never go to another club in maryland

  80. Dave

    Sexy ass bitches!!

  81. BEN
  82. RIP


  83. The Strip Club Critique

    It had no cover charge and most girls were decent looking, those are the only two good thing I can think about this club. Maybe one girl new how to dance the rest need to take some dancing lessons. There was no friendly atmosphere non of the girls took a few seconds to sit down with you and simply talk to create or at least try to create an atmosphere. They would come up to the table and ask for a tip. Not even a “hello, how are you doing” type of thing. It was more like “Where is your tip?”. Sorry I was seriously disappointed in the cold hospitality of the girls.

  84. Robert

    The girls look like Skinny Crack whores, The girls need to have more meat on their bones.

  85. bob

    The girls were great. Environment was nice. I wish I didn’t have to leave so soon. Great food!

  86. t

    I have been to this club three times since December. I think that I can safely say that if there’s a topless/pastie club that’s worth going to over the nude clubs in Baltimore- particularly those on the Block-this one is it! The club itself is quite comfortable. This is one of only two clubs in the county (that I know of) where you can sit next to the stage. The seating is quite comfortable with chairs comparable to those in a hotel lounge. The restroom is pretty clean as well. Virtually all personnel are quite friendly. The service is quite good. Do have your wallet ready as drinks can be expensive, though! The overall quality of the club tends to make up for it. Fortunately, there’s no cover charge. Lap dances can be had if you’re a VIP member (I believe), and there is a separate VIP lounge. The dancers here are mostly quite attractive including some of the older(30+) ones. Their hospitality ranges from fair to excellent! Some may be willing to sit with you, though they’ll probably request a tip for this. I have seen some dancers hustle customers for tips while off-stage. If there’s a bone that I’d have to pick with this club, it is that plus it would be nice if the county allowed full nudity. All in all, though, a nice place.

  87. old fucker


  88. andrew


  89. Lappy

    This club is the worse during the day!! The girls are flat all the way around!! Don’t waste your time there!!

  90. Paul

    The worst club I visited in the Balto area. Wouldnt waist your time

  91. Dave P.

    I had my bachelor party here last year…it was a great time. The dancers were all very pretty and nice. The prices were fair (not that I paid for anything) and I had an awesome time. Some of my pals went back to the VIP rooms and it sounded pretty great! Nothing tooooooo great if you know what I mean, not that my buddies would have said no! Yo, seriously…I recommend this place. Go have fun, look at naked chicks, eat decent food…and if you have some extra money laying around go check out the VIP jammies.

  92. Brian
  93. Jake
  94. Martin

    Hey guys you need better looking and younger dancers

  95. gocommando!!


  96. billybob

    made my first visit last nite, a whole different scene from “The Block”, and that’s a great thing, No cover, domestic beers and rail drinks were 2 for 1, so its easy to get drunk for cheap, Woman ranged from 7 – 10, all shape and body proportionate, no fat chicks, no chicks that looked like they smoke crack or meth, although there were a few with obvious perfect/fake/paid for breasts they have dancers of all colors, and I even saw my first ever Asian stripper here. There is also food offered here, it was ok. Girls will dance on stage, some guys will tip on stage, then the girls will go thru the crowd for tips. Some guys will immediately ask for a dance, so the girls may not make it thru the crowd till 15 minutes after they have dances. Considering there is no cover charge, it should be mandatory to tip each girl at least $1.

  97. strip club pro

    very disappointing. pretty much nothing but older chicks here that should have hung up the stripper shoes years ago

  98. update

    I used to say that this club was the best that Baltimore county had to offer. Unfortunately, because of an incident which happened earlier this year I can no longer sing this club’s praises. I came in with a friend on a Saturday night. At one point, I asked a dancer for a favor which had been granted twice before but was told this was not (or no longer) allowed. When I addressed this matter with the shift manager, he was quite rude. I find this sort of behavior extremely inappropriate especially considering the caliber of this club. Had the matter been addressed politely, I would have understood. I mentioned this incident to a friend who was a doorman/bouncer at several clubs on the Block for over a decade and he agreed with me. In any event, unless the top brass make changes, I won’t be coming back! It’s a damned shame because this club had a lot to offer!

  99. samantha

    most disappointing. girls are too old. bring in some new talent for cryin out loud and tell them mature ladies to hang up the stripper shoes.

  100. Jack P.

    This club was great…in from out of town, the girls made me feel welcome. The manager came over and welcomed our table to the club, and maryland. Bought our entire table a drink. Asked if we would like a special girl to keep us company, and checked on us at least 3 times. Jen was sweeet, and Juliette was sexy…a nice visit from georgia.

  101. Sierra

    Is this good place to work? I am looking for a place to make average 250+ a night and nice girls to work with.

  102. Freddy66

    Best club in B-more. Hottest girls, decent food and prices, nice club, low pressure. Something for everybody – milfs, GND, exotic, and the LDs are the bext bang for the buck in town. No extras from what I can tell, but solid nonetheless.

  103. Mitch

    Do yourself a favor and pass on this place

  105. annonoymous
  106. keith

    place sucked was very disapointed

  107. Memon


  108. DD

    Haven’t seen Candi lately. Does she stil work here?

  109. the man

    What’s up with the only topless. Didn’t like it myself.

  110. Henryo

    I will not go back to this club. The women “manager” was sitting up in the bottle service section making fun of every single girl all night long with the gay sausage stuffing dj. I found that very unprofessional, and I will go somewhere much better without annoying bitching women. If I wanted to hear a women bitch i’d listen to my wife. Not one girl would work there if they would have heard the rude things that she was saying.

  111. VSmith
  112. fun8382
  113. Z110

    This used to be a good lap dance club, but now it is just a frustrating low contact air dance club.

    The 2 for $20 lap dance bargain is no longer a draw. It’s an OK place to go if you live nearby and just want a place to grab a couple of drinks, but if you are looking for lap dances move onto McDoogals, the Wagon Wheel, or the Baltimore City lap dance clubs.

    If you still want an air dance good luck. On the 2 for 1 nights the girls dance 2 songs on the main stage, 1 song on the VIP stage, collect tips for 15 or 20 minutes, go outside for a smoke and then change costumes. That leaves about about 5 minutes for personal dances until they have to hop on stage again and go through the same rotation.

    If the timing is right and you do land an air dance, don’t be surprised if you can’t buy another as she is being called back on stage.

    Also note that all dances are monitored and that if a girl does start to grind on you during a personal dance a bright ceiling light will flash on you. If she does it again the light will go on and stay on and a manager will come out and yell at her.

    I don’t know if this sad air dance situation is permanent, but it has been in place for several months and the girls and the customers are equally annoyed by it.

    For greener lap dance pastures go to McDoogals, the Wagon Wheel, Showcase, or some of the Baltimore City clubs.

  114. customer

    What happened to the redhead with the nice ass!!???

  115. WOW!!!!

    The atmosphere is really nice here. I was happy and had a good time!!! ILL BE BACK SOON

  116. Buster

    Nice to see That old ugly dancer was not there last time I was in. I think you know who I am talking about.

  117. Stevie

    Sorry but nothing good to say about this second rate place

  118. maryland mazdaa

    This club has good girls….candi is beautiful and gives a good dance..crystal pole dance is awesome but she doesn’t care anyone.The dj n music system is also good enoguh..Jade is a worst ever bitch i have seen here…she always tries to rip all u r money w/o providing any fun or entertainment.Rest everything is ok..lap dances are a little expensive…$30…

  119. player 2

    club was nice inside… very classy look about it. Girls were ok. I was looking for some dancers that i would remember, but a lot of new girls. I only knew one or two at night. What happened to all the really hot girls that you use to have? Does anyone no where they are working now? Mia,Macie,Lexie,Heather? Just curious…Those girls put on a good lesbian show and kissed all the time….was really hot stuff coming from some hot girls…..damm is all i have to say

  120. bigbuck

    Champagne Room is Terrific

  121. XXX O

    It was ok. nothin specal

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