Night Shift



1725 Ponca Street, Baltimore, MD 21224


39.2720826, -76.5532056




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Night Shift

  1. carlos

    prices too high, girls too ugly. there really isnt much good to say about nightshift.

  2. "cecil" pronounced "AJ"

    Best club around! That’s why i keep going to this web site every day, several times a day, littering it with my hater-grams using various fake names like “cecil” trying my best to come up with one the Mocker can’t rhyme. But Mocker’s

    way smarter than I am so I get mocked mercilessly every time.

    Mocker’s laughing wondering which fake name I’ll try next today.

  3. ninny vinnie

    one super little strip club that really rocks

  4. Timothy

    Terrific girls, always a bodacious time

  5. Jeannie

    I used to dance a bit myself so I know talent when I see it. I see it here.

  6. knobby bobby

    this club really rocks! girls are truly awesome!

  7. ALEXcuse

    terriffic strip club featuring ultimate girls + nice prices

    which is why Mr.Hater posts his daily hater-grams using fake names ever since he got fired for being such a dumbass. he chose “alex” because it’s short for what he is:

    “A Lame EXcuse” for a bitter,broke,lying little weasel!

  8. da new guy

    Girls twirl around a pole and get nude, and I love the USA!

  9. v for vindictive

    the top spot in town

  10. slim chance it's tim

    super little strip club, now reason to go

  11. tame, "lame"

    this place rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i agree that mr.hater’s lame-o hater-grams are, indeed, lame.

    guess that’s why he chose “lame” as his fake name today.

    mr.hater, does that mean you’re back on your meds and your mind is clear enough that you recognize how lame you truly are? if so, good! now go get a job, get a life, and a clue!

  12. Ref

    I say “Wow!”

  13. petrified petey

    this place roars, girls terrific

  14. Jen

    Cool place!

  15. re-tardy "marty"

    It just rocks like no other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. robert? no, obvert.

    100% pure delightment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, AJ/Hater, finally wised up and picked a fake name that’s difficult to rhyme. At least it gave an opportunity to use a cool Scrabble word, obvert, in today’s word war. Will the other fake names you’ll use today be as fun?

  17. morty

    gets no worse than this joint

  18. da Muse


  19. EDitor

    Funtastic is the word

  20. Rocker

    I love the music and LOVE the goth girl!

  21. ICQ2

    I had my batch party here went great.

  22. mis-info man

    awesome club with hot women, better than most of the competition. that’s why mr.hater keep posting his hater-grams ever since he got fired. “info man?” ha! “mean streak?” he needs to streak right to a loony bin.

  23. beatdown bobby

    this joint seriously rocks like no other

  24. "quinn", see?

    Fantastically fun! It’s me, AJ, yet again, and posting as a variation of “Quinn”. Did I really think that would fool the mocker??? Wonder what other fake names I’ll use later today?

    Mocker’s laughing at me already!

  25. NetizenB

    Hotties and brewskis and food oh my! A big ol’ 10+ and highly recommended.

  26. Gina

    The girls are all so cool! Natasha and Barbi are hot! I totally love Emma!!!!

  27. liz

    I Loved IT! it was Pretty inside! i like how the stage changed colors… oh and most of all i loved JADA!

  28. bobbymilton

    snappy club thats nicely priced with ultimate dancers. i miss the day before mr.hater started his daily campaign of leaving hater-grams using fake names like “bobby” and “milton”. too much coward ton use his real name, ever since he got fired for being such a dumbass.

  29. alas, sal's an ass

    many of the ultimate dancers in town work here

  30. Gloria

    I discovered this club while looking for another. Glad I did!

    Everyone from the bartenders to the dancers kept my friends and me happy we stopped in, so we’ll be back for sure! Our visit was July 15th, around 10PM.

  31. TC

    Pretty nice.

  32. Bobby G.

    Dakota’s double D’s!!!!!!!

  33. same ol' sammie

    one sweet ass little sugar hole of a strip club

  34. slick willie

    easily one of the best in town. its that good

  35. "pete" is cheat

    The best line upof dancers ever ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    That’s why “AJ” posts his daily hater-grams using fake names like “pete” ever since he got fired for being a dumbass.

  36. Big Montana

    It has Lilly, Taylor, Emma, and Layla! That’s about the best thing any club can have going for it!

  37. Busted

    This place has lost it !

  38. Under Rated

    There are some hot ass girls there.

  39. MHD

    Big time nudie funhouse

  40. Gia

    This club is way way fun! So many sweeties!

  41. Schweps

    Tits and tunes is a great combination! Good mix of girls from all natural to playboy model types.

  42. Canis Maximus

    major mojo to the max!

  43. worst of both

    worst of all worlds – big asses, small titties, and watch you wallet

  44. Babe

    Lots of sweeties

  45. walnut

    awesome awesome

  46. walter

    this club really sucks, least favorite in baltimore

  47. mario

    Ever again , this is a white only club , even the black girls there are white .

  48. AJby

    club is terrific for too many reasons to list

  49. brandon

    shitty little strip club with ugly dancers. dont believe the hype and false posts that mocker puts on here day after day, usually many times within the same day. he’s just a deranged loser that runs the club and thinks people believe him when he posts his shit on here.

  50. Dandy

    Smallish. Typical prices for drinks. Nice dancers.

  51. punked out "petey"

    prettiest strip club in baltimore! that’s why im on this

    website every day leaving my hater-grams. i always say its

    the worst club in town, bad dancers, etc. because ever since they fired me ive been a bitter,broke,lying jerkyBoy!

  52. osama yo mamma

    definitely the best i’ve seen in a long time

  53. OooRah!

    Hot babes! Small club. The DJ rocks! Little bit hard to find this place.

  54. Software

    Course it works both ways. There’s a true fan on here giving

    highest ratings to counter the hater who’s giving lowest ratings. Can’t sort out the real ones from the spam. Amusing, in a way.

  55. tam is sam is sammy

    club rocks, girls rock, everything is bodacious here

  56. yo ho

    theez iz aj/deleted/hater agin. i cant spel but i am a skanky little jerkyboy who leevs stooopid messages heer

    evry day. the “yo” message below shoze i’m also an ignorant

    little crack adikt.

  57. alllie

    worst club in baltimore, a terrible little strip joint.

  58. pit bull

    Gone wrong !

  59. alice springs

    this sugar pole swings like no other

  60. Prist

    Something fun

  61. "willy"'s really ill-y

    It’s the best of all the rest

  62. a whammy for "sammy"

    It rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Hoser

    That’s cool by me.

  64. allie boy

    weekend leaves a lot to be desired………usually clubs that arent that great at least have some hotties on the weekend – not here!!! very poor selection of strippers.

  65. 9/6


  66. Ton of Fun

    What happen this was the hottest club in town

  67. ex-batchelor

    Titties! Boobies! Knockers! Oh my!

  68. playful

    natasha is a hottie !

  69. "timmy" has no "jimmy"

    Doesn’t get any better than this! The pool of talent is beyond awesome. Mr.Hater posted yet again as “Timmy”,

    possibly in tribute to the character by that name from the

    “South Park” cartoon show.”Timmy” fits Mr.Hater perfectly!

  70. bong bong

    Very pleasing, line-up in bodacious shape, don’t recommend

    you pay attention to any of the weird hate messages I leave here daily under various names like “Tom Tom”. I do that

    when I take my daily coke snort.

  71. MtH

    Damn good steaks! Props to the chef.

  72. "petey" is deceive-y

    this place rocks, completely through and through. it s an awesome strip club, they have hot strippers. mr.hater’s brain will not work anywhere. that’s why he posts his daily hater-grams using fake names like “petey” ever since he got fired for being such a total dumbass. hey, hater, stupidity is not a virtue and you’re fooling only yourself.

  73. ever harder

    this place STILL rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mr.hater STILL sucks! probably always will. dude, callling yourself “mr ever hard” doesn’t change the fact you’re soft in the head!

  74. albert

    very disappointing, suggest going elsewhere

  75. Leo

    Guess not everybody like having a good time. But I do and that’s why I like this place!

  76. abby normal

    club is terrific for too many reasons to list

  77. M.Personator

    The club truly rocks, the babes are gorgeous, the food’s good,

    and I hype this place shamelessly!

  78. osama

    definitely the worst i’ve seen in a long time

  79. darla
  80. Antonio

    Quite a change from the old layout. Very nice! I’d heard they poured a ton of money into it and it shows. Good combination of high tech and titties.

  81. Donna

    Not happening!!!

  82. dont like

    dancer don’t seem happy since new owners took over that is a shame

  83. Rave

    Good place to get a dance. Two different classes of dance:

    regular and champagne. Both fun but go for the champagne room if it fits your budget.

  84. Jim

    Better than some!

  85. i heart boobs

    i like it. the music rocks. it’s much better than seeing chicks dancing to 50 cent songs. most of the girls are hot. great for a small club, and the remodeling looks good.

  86. Jilly Jelly

    Very pleased! Great line-up of dancers!

  87. Tango

    Da best of all the rest

  88. iz 'e Mr.Hater? oh yeah!

    absolutely, completely, totally rocks like no other!!!

  89. Sadden

    Going down hill !

  90. quinn is not in

    totally rocks,i’d say best in bmore. very awesome girls

  91. BK

    This place sucks!

  92. N.A.

    Very nice club.

  93. Buford

    Whats happen! Only dancer worth coming here to see is Natasha.

  94. billy b

    hate this one – bottom 3 in baltimore, maybe worst

  95. El Magnifico

    !Chicas calientas!

  96. BEN

    Ijust love this club

  97. yikey mikey

    one of the wildest strip clubs on the planet

  98. bobby

    worst club in baltimore – no doubt

  99. slingin sammy

    absolutely worst strip club ive seen in baltimore

  100. Senor Hater

    Yo soy pendejo

  101. iz 'e "Quinn"? hell yeah!

    absolutely, completely, totally, truly rocks!!!

  102. Will I Am

    I always have a great time then I get drunk and leave lame-o

    messages here.

  103. Rock On

    Best little club in town. Good dancers, typical drink prices,

    lap dances a bit pricey but fun.

  104. alan

    make this place a last resort, it sucks

  105. V4

    Yes, V1, 2, etc. are all the same guy, protesting MrHater’s lame spam.

  106. dis "belief"

    this club is really hot. ultimate chicks, nice prices rule the day at this delight. all the negative stuffing by mr.hater wont change that fact. disbelieve all of the bs mr.hater posts ever since he got fired for being a dumbass.

  107. "edmund" = "nude md"

    most delightful lineup of strippers i’ve ever seen. that’s why

    mr.hater is on this website every day leaving his hater-grams using fake names like “edmund”. “edmund” in this case is an

    anagram for “nude md”, meaning NS has the best nudes in Maryland! keep coming up with more fake names like that, mr.hater. it makes mocking you so much more fun!

  108. ceasar can't please 'er

    It totally rocks. Best I’ve seen in Baltimore! That’s why i keep going to this web site every day, several times a day,

    using various fake names. “Ceasar” at least shows some imagination, even though it’s misspelled of course. Guess i got tired of using “billy”, “timmy”, etc.

  109. Lost In Space

    I agree club has lost its mojo!!

  110. nemesis

    cozy nude bar and couples friendly too.

  111. "norman" misinformin'

    nightshift is a big time fun.listen everybody, i know back in the day this joint was great,now even more. really gone major upscale. mr.hater’s two hater-grams below…blow.

  112. A few words

    Nice club. Pretty dancers. Good steak.

  113. "jake" is a fake


    Mr.hater’s at it again. He’s posing as “jake” this time because it rhymes with what he is: a fake, a flake, and a lowly snake. Too much coward to use his real name, and so dumb he keeps posting the same “doesn’t feel like a strip club” message. Mr. Hater needs a life, a job, and an IQ.

  114. what's truly up

    “Mitch”? “Big Jim”? Mr.hater, how many personalities do you have exactly? You post three times in a row on the same day,

    replying to your own posts. You are so very weird, dude!

    Thought these ratings duels were a thing of the past, but you still want to play. O.K., here we go again!

  115. "ed" as in "liED"

    Fantastic strip club! Yes, it’s me, AJ/Hater again, I left my most recent hater-gram as “ed”. That’s two fake names for me so far today. wonder which one i’ll use next? It’s a certainty that i’ll keep doing this today. I have plenty of time ever since i got fired and became a bitter,broke,lying little weasel who gets mocked by the infamous Mocker!

  116. fluffy
  117. Obsession


  118. objective review

    simply put, the worst strip club value in bmore

  119. 9/9


  120. Big Fella

    Only one hot chick Natasha!

  121. Joseph

    badass club, cool staff, awesome dancers

  122. steer clear of steve

    clearly has become one of the best clubs

  123. customer

    The worst thing that can happen to any club in baltimore is for its owners to be the same as McDoogals. This place is going to suck big time from now on because they don’t know how to run a business. No more privacy for dances, stupid rules for girls when they are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, miserable staff, and the list goes on. How can you treat INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS like minimum wage employees??!! They pay rent to work, why should they have to be bossed around by some idiots who think they know how to run a club? This place used to be awesome and now customers are already leaving to go somewhere else.

  124. Da Bestest

    Good nudie bar. Any other comment is hate or hype.

  125. AJ
  126. Mr. Hater

    Oh so very cool!

  127. 10/2

    A solid 8 out of 10 in my opinion

  128. Pussycat Doll

    I love the girlz!

  129. sieze *this*, AJ

    It totally rocks! best I’ve seen in Baltimore or anywhere else in the known universe! true, this is total hype, but it makes a nice counterpoint to AJ/Hater’s mindless hate-o-grams he keeps littering this site with. I think I’ve finally got mocking AJ/Hater down to an art form. he makes it almost too easy.

  130. c.a.r.l. means...

    “comments are really laughable!” as well as “comments are really lies!” As you see, AJ/Hater, no matter what fake name you use, I can turn it on its head and spin it in ways you

    never thought of. Dude, I’m just smarter than you. Get used to it!

  131. terrell

    very poor club, my least favorite

  132. fact guy

    in reality, a shitty little strip club. no compelling reason to choose nightshift over any other club. fairly weak in all areas.

  133. jess lyin'

    It rocks me like no other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who the fuck is Mr. Hater? A total moron. Is he 10? No, but his IQ is zero. It is obvious it is Mr.Hater who fires back

    every time I expose his lies posted under fake names. He does suck since he got fired by previous owner, there is no doubt about that. He posted as “jess”, because he’s “just lying”.

  134. wally

    this club is inferior in all aspects………… there is really no point in pinpointing one or two elements, it falls short by every measure. strongly suggest other clubs.

  135. Smartypants

    Hot naked ladies always make me happy!

  136. Joey F.

    I just plain like it. Fun place to spend a few hours.

  137. barry and bob's brain

    Based on what we saw this club’s terrific! No wonder there’s so many reviews here, over 1000! Either everyone in town goes to this club, or… Mr. Hater and I post here daily in a weird little game he started after he got fired and started posting under fake names like “barry and bob”!

  138. Niner

    Decent little place. Tone down the volume of the music a little and it would be just about perfect.

  139. brant

    totally terrible. was shocked how bad this club sucks

  140. "vincent" worth 1 cent

    omg – this club rocks like no other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    all my daily fake posts make it seem like everyone in town must go to this club! course that totally defeats my lame-o efforts against the club. ever since i got fired and became a bitter,broke,lying little biatch, the Mocker just won’t let me

    litter this web site with my hater-grams in peace!

  141. gustavo

    the club is terribly run. signs of decline are everywhere. is was there tuesday and the place was lifeless except for the way too loud, way too old rock music being played. virtually no customers, and virtually no dancers. what ones they had were mostly pretty bad.

  142. tricky, "nick"y

    Fantastic club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too bad AJ got fired frim there and turned into such a bitter,

    broke, lying little weasel who gets mocked daily on this web site!

  143. "Bradley" sucks badly

    Got with it! Place still rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr.hater, your name’s not “Bradley” any more than it’s “pit Bull” or any of the other aliases you use. You’re such a coward to hide behind fake names. You really, truly, need to grow up, get a job, and get a life. Being a loser moron isn’t helping you a bit. Enjoy the mocking, it’s why I’m here!

  144. elvin

    shitty titty club. worst bmore has to offer

  145. Andrej

    Nice place to watch pretty naked chicks! ‘Nuf said!

  146. "jason", don't pay son

    ranks at the top of the baltimore strip club scene…………many, many fun things here. $60 champagne room is freakin bargain. who the hell charges $60 for a

    champagne dance?? girls very attractive also and of course thats a big plus.Mr.hater thinks he can hide as “jason”, but

    his posts are as obvious as fingerprints every time.

  147. Todd

    girls who like to get wild–natasha,barbie,emma,taylor and brook all are hot–other girls not quite. A good but not great club,pretty good time,could be better if they had a more consistent lineup of hotties.

  148. Matt

    I love the place and the dancers even lexis and penelope very hot and great dancers.

  149. Johnny

    Lost its great care free atmosphere of years gone by!

  150. TJ

    Won’t be back

  151. 'Todd'

    My friends took me there for my bachelor party last weekend. I hadn’t been in a couple of years- place had a new look and new girls and I was pretty impressed! Great lap dances, even though the hot seat/ chocolate syrup ruined my clothes for the night!

  152. mo way

    this place is now mad sexy!

  153. chad's dad

    Chad is Joe is Rick is Tim is Steve is JR is Bill is…AJ.

    The reason you “won’t be back” is they fired your stupid ass.

    and still you wonder why? geez, you really ARE dumb!

  154. Puh-Leeze, puh-leeze

    Yes a great little strip joint………………………..

    that’s why hater and I keep posting. Hater posts because he wants to fool people into believing otherwise because he’s still mad about getting fired. I post because he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it.

  155. Theo & Alicia

    We met at this place, so we think it’s cool.

  156. aj/hater, catch you later

    It rocks and rolls like no other!

  157. keygen

    good boobly boobly

  158. True Expert

    Great lineup, one of the best clubs in town. Go often and ignore moron who keeps posting his hate messages here daily

    since he got fired. Yes, “Strip club expert/Big Dog/William..” get another job and get off this web site.

  159. salsa

    Lord I Love Taco’s 🙂

  160. tammy is timmy is billy

    definitely one of the best clubs around

  161. Bill


  162. Mr.Hater

    I love this bar more than my crack pipe.

  163. brisbane

    this sweet pole rocks like no other!

  164. wildman

    Natasha is smoking HOT !!!

  165. AJlex

    absolutely the ultimate dancers i’ve ever seen

  166. brantly

    ugly girls, shitty music, high price, terrible club.

  167. tim tim

    this club sucks like no other, its awful

  168. bill me later

    wow!!! fantastic club!

  169. Amy

    Love those girls!

  170. jk

    baltimores worst bare boobs bar by far.

  171. sam

    love all the ladys there , well most of them

  172. G.Squeeze


  173. brad

    damn does this club suck! ugly dancers, high prices

  174. AJ Unmasked

    club seriously rocks! best in baltimore. that’s why i keep going to this website every day, several times a day to leave my hate-o-grams. ever since i got fired and became a bitter,broke, total lame-o i been doing this. and getting mocked mercilessly for it. i’ll post using other fake names later today and get mocked some more, just like the little jerkyBoy i am. i really need less “nose candy” and more work.

  175. Spooner

    ‘s allright. Real good pizza too.

  176. "earvin" what nerve-in

    this is one delightful, partying place, girls rock, just generally speaking. can see absolutely no reason why anybody would go anywhere else(from what i understand very few brain cells are left in Mr.Hater’s head). that’s why he posts his daily hater-grams as “earvin” and other fake names. ever since he got fired, he’s been a bitter,broke,

    lying little weasel and a total monkeyBoy.

  177. vinnie

    one shitty little strip club that really sucks

  178. MMMM

    I just say mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  179. Cygne

    Hot! Hot! Hot! I’m talking about Emma and Brianna and all the sweet hotties at the club! I love this place!

  180. The GiveAway

    Is that so many posts are happening on the same day. It’s spam. A rating war between the hater and others. It’s obvious that hater’s just going on repeatedly giving the lowest rating that the software will allow.

  181. Sonic Youth

    LOUD thumping speakers! I’m there to look at naked babes myself. Personally I’d maybe tone down a couple of the bigger speakers.

  182. Anon E. Mous

    Nice! That’s all I have to say.

  183. NYC

    Nice little place. Kind of cozy in a way. Good pizza too.

  184. Neo

    Had fun Wednesday! Going back Friday!

  185. alan is adam is AJ

    This joint rocks like no other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. The Strip Club Critique

    It had no cover charge and most girls were decent looking, those are the only two good thing I can think about this club. Maybe one girl new how to dance the rest need to take some dancing lessons. There was no friendly atmosphere non of the girls took a few seconds to sit down with you and simply talk to create or at least try to create an atmosphere. They would come up to the table and ask for a tip. Not even a “hello, how are you doing” type of thing. It was more like “Where is your tip?”. Sorry I was seriously disappointed in the cold hospitality of the girls.

  187. vinny

    clearly a terrible club, needs new girls badly

  188. barry & bob

    based on what we saw, this club is terrible.

  189. Dough

    Very uncomfortable atmosphere.

  190. deal me in

    Stupid comment + ignorance = Mr.Hater again

  191. nicholas is no saint

    so many excellent recent visits, going back again and again! hey, Mr. hater, signing as “nicholas” can’t hide you. who would keep going back if multiple visits were disappointing? nobody. and why would such a person bother to post about it? THINK before you post your lies, buddy!

  192. Sigh

    Fine nudie club with hot dancers. Any other comment is hate or hype.

  193. cindy, bendy gendie

    Great strip club! That’s why i keep going to this web site day after day, several times a day! ever since i got fired i’m so confused i can’t even remember my own gender! i signed my latest hate-o-gram as “cindy” but i usually call myself “AJ” or “Mr.Hater” and claim to be a guy. this happens every time i snort too much coke.

  194. MacMan

    Heard about it on 98Rock. Glad we came!

  195. I

    Great club, great dancers, great fun…………………….

    Ok my name is not mr hater, but that’s what i’m called because i’m too big a coward to use my real name. I’ve been posting for 3 years claiming the club sucks, ever since I got fired by previous owner. The Mocker has been mocking me mercilessly because i’m a moron who can’t get a clue. or a job. Or a life!

  196. V26

    Still typing…

  197. "william j?" no way

    in my opinion, very superior club. like it all. that’s why

    mr.hater posts his daily multiple hater-grams ever since getting fired. he posted as “william j” because the “j” is for “jerkyboy!” every fake name he uses,he’s still “loser!”

  198. "vince" needs sense

    a very niftty titty club……………………………….

    that’s why mr.hater posts his daily hater-grams ever since he got fired for being such a dumbass. he already confessed he uses fake names for his bogus ratings. he chose “vince” so far today but will use others later. just can’t conVINCE him to get the mental help he needs to regain some sense.

  199. Quinn's not in

    It rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did I mention it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. Interesting

    This club rocks the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  201. QuinnTimPeteyAJ

    totally succeeds,i’d say best in bmore. very awesome girls

  202. david

    shitty place to watch girls get naked. actually, the place and the girls are pretty shitty. many better clubs than this to go to.

  203. Dan

    A lot of fat girls. A lot of Ink too! Not a big fan since Lexi stopped working there. Overall not worth the drive into town.

  204. "curt" needs work

    most enjoyable strip club in baltimore. no pressure to part with your money, and ultimate girls to top off the totally enjoyable experience. this club gets a two major thumbs up review. mr.hater’s fake post as “curt” gets a major “try again,loser!” review.

  205. Poppi

    Jasmin is so sweet and hot. Marry me!

  206. andy is alan is aj

    definitely one of the best clubs in town

  207. Jazmin Fan

    This club’s my spot fr sure. It’s where I first saw ultra

    cute Jazmin dancing up a storm. I sure hope she gets back

    into dancing soon.

  208. lame

    this place sucks

  209. iz 'e mocked? 4ever!

    absolutely, completely, totally rocks the universe! that’s why

    I keep going to this web site every day, several times a day

    to mock the hater-grams that AJ/Mr.Hater litters here every day, several times a day. So far today he’s posted as “Izzy”.

    Last night he was “Quinn”. He’ll be others today and he’ll get mocked some more. I guess he must enjoy it by now!

  210. Nice Assets

    Love this place

  211. magenta

    thanks to all the girls who made my visit a hot one!this is from last saturday,about a week ago.youre all the best!

  212. Police this site

    Too bad clowns can post here. Needs a filter.

  213. mel

    my place to go dog watchin. nuff said.

  214. "willie" is so silly

    No doubt one of the best strip clubs in town!…………..

    Mr. Hater thinks posting as “wet willie” could make him sound less silly. Not really! Hater’s hater-grams are easy

    to spot because he’s just not a very good liar. But he’s been doing this for three years so at least he’s determined! Look for more of his silliness later today using various other fake names.

  215. Roberto

    Fun time every time

  216. "petey" is petty, AJ

    this place succeeds, girls terrific!

  217. disbelief

    this club is really horrible. ugly chicks, high prices rule the day at this dump. all the review stuffing by management wont change that fact. dont believe any of the last jillion great posts – they’re all from management, and all bs!!!!

  218. ass lover

    where has all the good ass gone !

  219. mr ever hard

    this place STILL sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! probably always will

  220. "nick" needs a d*ck

    My fave strip club

  221. sad but true

    horrible disappointment, very poor line-up

  222. I say

    A tit bar is a tit bar. This one’s cool by me.

  223. ab"norm"al, AJ?

    It rocks

  224. "greg"? neg.

    this is bodacious! love this club in every way………… very lame comments from mr.hater posting as “greg”.ever since he got fired for being a total dumbass he leaves

    his daily hater-grams, too cowardly to use his real name.

  225. quinn's friend

    It rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks! It’s funny when AJ/Hater leaves his lame-o messages here. So many messages every day makes it seem like everybody in town must be going to this club! Kind of defeats the whole purpose of his hater-grams. Oh well. Let’s keep playing anyway! Got plenty more mocking for you, AJ!

  226. bo? don't think so!

    this place rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what happen to mr.hater’s mind? really gone down hill, which is truly amazing, considering he started off with IQ of -1! mr.hater, the real bo is twice the man you are!

  227. petey is billy is really AJ

    this place succeeds in surpassing AJ’s wildest expectations, girls are incredible

  228. Mr. Mojo

    Sweet little nudie bar.

  229. marty

    terrible club, ugly girls, high prices, what a trifecta

  230. "alphonso?" nutso

    hands down best club in baltimore……………………….

    thats why mr.hater posts his daily hater grams ever since he got fired. he already confessed to using fake names to post his stuff. mr.hater,did you know you posted the exact same message as “alphonso” (12/19)and as “allison”(12/11). you are not very bright.

  231. "paulie" so bawly

    the best in maryland. period, end of story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yes this message is pure hype. it’s in contrast to mr. hater’s daily hater-gram which is pure mindless hate. posting as “paulie” can’t hide you, mr.hater. by any other name you still suck!

  232. "Donna"? Wrong uh.

    Hot happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, looks like Mr.hater is back, posting as “Donna” this time. Dude, you really need to get a life and find a new hobby!

  233. eVGA4ever

    Good to very good. Like the girls. The chef can cook too.

  234. madam i'm adam

    club totally rules, girls wild and bad!

  235. Bill Boy


  236. Naked Chicks Rule!!!

    This is an excellent club, in my top 3 party places.

  237. Papito

    Love the dancers the music and the brews. A good bar.

  238. petey

    this place sucks, girls terrible

  239. "eric", can't trick

    an absolutely nifty little titty bar – the best of everything. that’s pure hype, to counter mr.hater’s pure hate he posted as “eric”. he wrote “eric” but he meant “a

    prick”, which he’s been ever since he got fired and started leaving his daily hater-grams on this web site.

  240. Brink

    this place on the brink of self destruction

  241. almond

    incredible incredible

  242. A is for AJ

    absolutely the awesomest dancers i’ve ever seen

  243. Chad

    This impersonator jerk is enough to make me stay away

  244. TSM

    Aloha all!

  245. billy really AJ

    stay all day if you like your girls hot and awesome!

  246. Ted Nx

    A most excellent babe bar

  247. C4YourSelf

    Let the good times roll!

  248. greedy bastard

    in there the other night and it sucked more than ever before

  249. sammy i am me

    It rocks like no other

  250. Billy

    There was like three girls and five customers. We stayed about five minutes.

  251. jaaba

    much worse than i had expected. wont be back

  252. Puh-leeze

    Fine nudie bar with some of the best dancers in town. Fun place to spend a couple hours. Any other comment is hate or hype.

  253. Pretty Titties

    Most excellent club! Friendly dancers, and fun for couples, too!

  254. Squeeze this


  255. YummY

    Lilly is working where? She went to fantasies and then where?

  256. "nick", you're so sick

    totally rocks, girls best in bmore

  257. Carl

    They call these strippers?

  258. "vinny", brain so skinny

    It rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I just hate when the Mocker laughs at my lame-o posts and

    re-words them to bring them into line with the real world

    instead of the delusions brought on by my daily coke-snorting

    binges that make me so stuuuuuuupid.

  259. Gordon

    Are we in synch or what?

  260. "marky"? malarky

    Great club, great girls, usual prices………………….

    that’s why mr.hater posts his daily hater-grams ever since he got fired for being such a dumbass. he uses fake names like

    “marky mark” and “ballsafire” because he’s too much a cowardly weasel to use his real name.

  261. candus
  262. "Wesley" so pestly

    This is the top and just a good club……………………

    That’s why mr.hater posts his daily hater grams using fake names like “Wesley” and “fact guy” ever since he got fired for being such a dumbass. Now he gets a daily mocking as a result.

    There will be more such nuttiness later today.

  263. yo

    theez skanks be ugly up in here

  264. "howard" is coward

    club rocks!! terrific, terrific, terrific………….. as for all the fake reviews that mr.hater posted as “howard” and “mike”pretending to be customers, totally disregard, he puts them on here everyday as a sign of desperation. none of those bad reviews are from real customers. ever since he got fired for being a dumbass, he’s been obsessed with littering this space with his lame-o hater-grams. this has inspired a backlash by me (Mocker) and some other fans.

  265. This is fun

    This is fun!

  266. Mr.925

    I like it.

  267. sucky stevie

    clearly has become one of the best clubs! that’s why i keep going to this site and leaving my hate-o-grams, but the mocker is on my case yet again. this usual message battle continues today. let’s see how many messages pop up today, eh?

  268. brianna tanks

    This place rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, Mr.hater finally returns, posing as “Brianna Banks” this time. Weird, dude. The guy who fired you took a hike, so why are you still posting your lame-o lies to this space? Get a

    life, cretin!

  269. F1D0

    Naked babes forever! Nice club, now bring back my Goth Goddess

    and it’s a perfect world!

  270. sammy, i am 'e

    It rocks and rocks and rocks some more!

  271. innie vinnie

    fine strip club and the hottest babes in town! that’s why i keep going to this web site day after day, several times a day. the other reason i post is so i can mock Mr.Hater who litters this web site with his hate-o-grams daily. he’s been on a “vinnie” theme the past two days. he’ll eventually cycle back to “tim” or “tam” or one of his other pseudonyms.

  272. Rizer

    It rocks my socks

  273. tomtom = AjAj

    club seriously scores a 10+!!! best in baltimore!

  274. perth

    this sweet hole succeeds like no other!

  275. truth man

    terrible quality dancers, high prices, avoid this weekend

  276. could be better

    I’d say 7.5 out of 10. That’s good by East Coast standards.

    Gotta check out St. Petersburg, FL, for clubs that rate a 9.

  277. T- Bone

    Better clubs in Baltimore for the money

  278. mickey

    doesnt get any worse than this shithole

  279. vin e. diot

    one nifty club you should play at

  280. Caesar

    I came, I saw, I liked. Free buffet food at Happy Hour made me very happy. Oh yeah, hot naked ladies too.

  281. variety man

    variety here – every type of ugly imaginable

  282. andy's on "nose candy"

    absolutely terrific club. total good times……………..

    and that’s why Mr.Hater’s on this site every day leaving his lame-o hater-grams, ever since he got fired. Using fake names like “Andy” can’t fool anyone, Hater. Get a job!

  283. shilly billy

    Truly awesome club. The best in town in my opinion. That’s why i keep going to this web site every day, several times a day.

    Either that or there’s a word war going on between me and

    AJ/Hater. Hater will likely sneak on here around midnight so he can “get the last word in”. That’s his usual pattern. or he’ll read this and wait, because I predicted his next move. Either way he’s a funny little weasel who gets mocked daily by me and it drives him nutty. All the coke he snorts doesn’t help either!

  284. Laura

    Me and my friends love this place

  285. quincy

    no fun whatsoever. suggest anywhere but here

  286. Al J

    Best of all the rest!

  287. Nan = NotAnotherName


    Mr.hater chose “nan” as his latest fake names because it’s an acronym for “not another name”. How many are you gonna use, dude? Take your meds, get a job, and get a life. Mocking your lame-o ass is just too easy!

  288. vox populi

    in my top 10

  289. mad ass adam

    Best around

  290. alfred

    didnt like anything about nightshift. very poor club.

  291. bull pit

    Gone great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr.hater, you’re no “pit bull,” you’re just full of bull.

    You continue to post your lame-o hater-grams and I continue to mock your broke ass for it. Grow up, get a job, and get a life.

  292. glad and true

    Gorgeous girls and awesome sounds!

  293. abandon "brandon"

    nitty little strip club with ultimate dancers. can you believe the false posts that mr.hater puts here each day, many times per day, using fake names like “brandon”.just a deranged loser who got fired for being such a dumbass.

  294. 2Swift

    Top 5 reasons I like NS: Emma Natasha Taylor Lexi Dakota!!!!

  295. M

    Posted on the comments side and thought I’d put in a review here as well. Not a bad night last night, but I do think some of the energy has gone. It’s been awhile since I had been by and didn’t know of the owner change until then. No CC’s taken through off 2 of our group at the door and thought it strange that all the tv’s were off and the 3rd stage never even got used. There were some girls I dind’t care for, but there were 3 that had just insane bodies too. Liked the fact that this club used to be one where you could avoid hip-hop music as opposed to every other club, but it’s making it’s way into the rotation to fall in line with all other clubs. All in all, good variety of girls, had a good time….just will take getting used too. Would be nice to see the website updated to announce the ownership change, rules, rates and payment changes as well as updated dancer information. Maybe this is underway already?

  296. Tianni

    I love it here. I will NEVER go anywhere else….Sam and Jasmine are the best!!

  297. julio

    girls here are 10 times hotter than the girls at fantasies were

  298. "greedy" is needy

    In there the other night and it rocked more than ever before!!

    Mr.Hater, you may indeed be a “greedy bastard”, but you’ve not

    set foot in a strip club since you got fired for being such a dumbass. Your latest post below only shows what a jackass you are. Grow up, get a job, and start taking your meds. Your lame-o messages just make you seem so totally stupid.

  299. mr bean

    nothing good to say about nightshift…. very poor club in every way.

  300. lover

    wow you’ll fags those girls are nice all kind, of flavors to choose, i wish i could take’em all to the lap dance room with me , and they really friendly with each othe i dont know what is wrong with you all ‘ but i love that ..

  301. MB9

    This club’s good. One of the 5 good clubs in the city. Others are Gold Club, McDoogle’s, Fantasies, Scores.

  302. acorn

    fun fun

  303. tomtom is dumbdumb

    club seriously rocks. ultimate lineup in baltimore

  304. billieWillie just plain silly

    easily one of the best in town. its that mad!

  305. V33

    I like this website, but I’d tighten the controls. That way,

    they could filter out nuts like MrHater. And me, for that matter. I’d understand why. MrHater wouldn’t, and he’d gripe about it endlessly.

  306. quinn sick as sin

    totally rocks,i’d say wildest in bmore. very incredible girls

  307. tommy

    really bad, dont waste your time

  308. Tango Zulu

    My turn to say hell yeah!

  309. evan

    1 good looking girl, and a bunch of ugly ones

  310. vinidiot


  311. Bitter Biatch

    It’s the best and it rules!

  312. tammy

    terrible, terrible, terrible, need hot girls badly

  313. Sox

    There’s some awesome asses in this bar!

  314. "Beast" is leashed

    The great views are gonna make me a regular customer!!!!!!

    that’s why mr.hater posts his daily multiple hater-grams

    using fake names. “Beast” was a good choice for him since he’s a lower life form. Guess he finally figured it out!

  315. Rack City

    But you never know who’s going to be there on a particular night. Weekends are the best bet.

  316. V9

    I do apologize for spamming here, but MrHater cannot be allowed to leave his lies unchallenged.

  317. JG

    Very nice

  318. XG

    It’s a lot of fun. This is why I like strip clubs.

  319. Paul

    it is very secreative.

  320. carl:comments "ar" lies

    It rocks with the best of all worlds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  321. GFM


  322. Eman

    Pretty good place, my opinion.

  323. Beth

    Cute Girls!

  324. petey as in "p.t."barnum

    this place soars! girls terrific!

  325. ReallyOneBigERrorToo

    It’s the best

  326. adam? more like sadam

    it rocks like no other in baltimore! that’s why i keep going to this web site every day, several times a day, using various fake names to litter it with my hater-grams. “adam” was a good choice because i was cast out of “paradise” when i got fired for being such a dumb ass. mocker keeps laughing at me, and rightly so!

  327. cashew

    terrific terrific

  328. "brad"? how sad!

    This is the best titty bar in town in my opinion! what’s really interesting is how AJ/Hater posts his daily hater-grams here and thinks using fake names will keep me, the Mocker, from spotting him and giving him the merciless mocking he’s come to expect over the last few months. which fake names will he use later today? he’s not too creative.

  329. jimmy

    one of the worst strip club lineups i’ve ever seen

  330. ain't tonio

    one of the best little strip joints in bmore……….. this place has a snappy lineup of dancers, is reasonably priced and generally just a lump of sugar in the strip club world. posting as “antonio” can’t hide mr.hater!

  331. Adelaide

    Sweet tarts!

  332. steven z

    somebody buy the owner some glasses so he can see how ugly the girls are

  333. 9/11

    Very good.

  334. candy andy

    It rocks like no other!

  335. Vixen788

    I had fun.

  336. dimitri

    i say yuck!!!!!!!!!! really dont like this joint

  337. "marty" not too smarty

    terrific club, ultimate girls, typical prices, what a trifecta! as promised, i posted another hate-o-gram using yet another fake name, “marty”. i’m probably not done yet, so look for another hate-o-gram with yet another fake name later today. i must just love getting mocked!

  338. tim's mom

    terrific nudie club!!!!!!!!!! maybe the best in the city. or the state. or the universe! that’s why i dance here to pay for tim’s cocaine habit. every time he snorts a kilo it makes him dumber than usual and he posts some more ridiculous messages. we’re trying to find him work but so far nobody’s

    being stupid enough to hire his bitter,broke,unemployed ass.

  339. Get a life

    You have to wonder sometimes, about someone who feels a need to defend a dump like this by accusing anyone who posts a negative comment about a club by assuming they’re all posts from one specific person. (Said by one of the “three” that were attributed to Mr. Hater. No, not him, just someone with taste.)

    Let me put it bluntly – this place makes some of the joints on the Block look good.

  340. 14 Charlie Zulu

    I think it’s a great bar. There used to be a little blonde

    who really loved us military guys. Sexy little thing she was.

  341. madam im adam

    easily the best club in town

  342. V15

    Geez, how many more messages…

  343. Al

    Great ladies! Nadia rules! wow

  344. adelade

    this sweet house succeeds like no other in making Mr.Hater

    come to this website daily and leave his suck-o-grams. last night his latest post was as “sydney”, which is a lovely little town in Australia. so, i, his mocker, am using the names of other Australian towns to sign my mock-you-mr-hater-grams. he’ll switch themes later today after he sees i’ve cleaned up after him again.

  345. Marion

    Awesome club in every way………………………………

    See Mr.hater is back with his same old lame-o comments. Dude, your name’s not “mario” or any of the other fake ones you use.

    Get a life and get a job!

  346. MMM

    I say mmmmmmmmmm!

  347. M.Perso

    I like the sounds and love the babes!

  348. Ugh, 'e's sick

    This club is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr. Hater, your comment is indeed ugly, as always. Get back on your meds, get a job, get a life, and get a clue. You got fired by previous owner because you’re a total dumbass. Get over it. Still haven’t figured out I’m gonna mock you every time you litter this site with your lame-o hater-grams?

  349. Roberta

    Tip top

  350. get wise then

    we all agree, nightshift is a terrific club. its an example of everything done well. ultimate girls, good number of girls, accessible location, prices typical. mr.hater’s post as “3 wise men” is really “3 lies, men!”

  351. sadam

    easily one of the best clubs in town! that’s why i keep going to this website every day, several times a day, and litter it with my hater-grams. i’ve snorted so much coke i can’t remember my name. today i’ve used “adam”, i’ll use others later but i’m still the same bitter,broke,lying little weasel who got fired, so the message will be the same no matter what name i use. and the mocker will mock me again!

  352. Julie

    The girls at this club at great! Really cool bar! Brianna, Emma, and Taylor are too beautiful for words!

  353. alex,pronounced "alias"

    absolutely the finest dancers i’ve ever seen. that’s why i keep going to this web site every day, several times a day and get mocked for it. Whether i fake as “Alex”,”Quinn”,or my other aliases, it’s just me, AJ the Hater, still bitter and broke since I got fired. this happens every time i shove so much coke up my nose and sneak onto mommy’s computer.

  354. Theo

    Good variety of dancers, fun to talk to, great to watch! Nice place to hang out a while, especially during the happy hour buffet. Lots of girls with big natural boobs, which I truly enjoy!

  355. "elton" ? like hell-ton

    rocks, rocks, rocks, and rocks some more………………….

    that’s why mr.hater keeps posting his lame-o hater grams here using fake names like “elton” ever since he got fired for being a dumbass. he spelled it “elton”, but every name he uses is pronounced “moron!”

    mr. hater sucks, sucks, sucks, and sucks some more

  356. Goanna

    This is hottie central I think.

  357. "stevie" why deceive-y

    this club is major improvement over others. comes up super in every aspect. dancers are good all. mr.hater, as predicted,

    posted yet another hater-gram, using yet another fake name.

    cowardly weasel he is. look for more of this as we continue

    this silly game.

  358. cruz
  359. Angel

    was there last Friday. What a joke. Much better clubs around

  360. A.J.

    Best bare boobie bar by far

  361. Melvin not big at all

    Ultimate girls, especially the awesome Natasha! Beauties

    all around. That’s why mr. hater left his usual hater-grams as “melvin”, “big boy”.He used his “yuk” phrase to show he’s not a “big boy”,just a guy who can’t grow up.

  362. Bo

    Good-looking, friendly dancers, nice music selection, even the lady DJ and the barmaids are babes! Food’s good, too,

    especially the pizza. Comfortable seats, well designed main stage. Average VIP section. Great Champagne Room.

    Highly recommended.

  363. Karl from WV

    very different from the club of the ’90’s. Very nicely redesigned. Enjoyed my visit a lot.

  364. Packers Forever

    I took my wife here Friday night. We had fun. Nice set of dancers but I can’t remember names.

  365. Sam I Am

    Gorgeous girls, good times! And still I post my daily hate messages using fake names like “Sammy”, just cause I was a

    lame-o and got myself fired for being a dumb ass. Posting my daily hate is therapy for me but the impersonator won’t let me

    get away with it. Mocking my dumb ass has become the impersonator’s favorite game!

  366. billy's really AJ

    one of the sweetest clubs on the planet. girls are super sexy

  367. al ias

    very disappointing i’ve been spotted again, suggest my mind is going, ever since i got fired for being such a dumb ass. i can’t even remember my own name. i’ve been “tim”, “tammy”,

    “william”,”vinnie”,now “albert”, as in “fat chance i’m albert”. the mocker is laughing at me again and i’ll have to try to think up some more names now, right after i snort some more coke.

  368. Che

    Natasha is so super hot! Marry me, girl!!!!!

  369. "billy" is "willy" is AJ

    club is terrific for too many reasons to list! that’s why i keep going to this list every day, several times a day to post my hater-grams. so far today i’ve been “abby”and as i promised i used aother fake name, “billy” later. it’s just me, AJ/Mr.Hater again, with my usual suck-o messages ever since I got fired and became a bitter, broke, weepy little jerkyBoy who gets mocked mercilessly by the mysterious mocker. i’ll post as another fake name later tonight. much mocking will follow.

  370. tom is tam

    couldnt be more delighting. very rich

  371. no trustin' "justin"

    Not just a gentlemen’s club, a strip club! 🙂

  372. James

    I hav’nt been to the Shift in a year and very surprised by the lack of quailty talent! This not the Shift of old!

  373. C.B.

    I like this club a lot and the Ritz. They usually have the hottest girls at these clubs.

  374. boobie bobby

    this club really rocks. girls are terrific

  375. joey

    bad club, crummy staff, ugly dancers

  376. AJcindybillywilly

    Great club, great girls! that’s why i keep going to this web site every day, using different fake names. just to show the owner how much i love him ever since i got fired and became a bitter, broke, lying little weasel. Look for more of my hater-grams later today, followed by the usual mocking.

  377. Gladden

    It rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s why mr.hater leaves his hater-grams in frustration ever since he got fired by previous owner. how many names will you use, dude? one for each of your personalities? weird, man.

    mr. hater’s brain is going down hill, even though he started out at rock bottom. he is; therefore, i mock!

  378. Andy106

    Good club with awesome dancers. A few of the girls are just average but several are truly stunning. The crowd was cool too. Definitely my kind of place.

  379. zoie

    used to work here but left cuz it went downhill. only regret is i took so long to leave. like my new club much more. wish they’d take me off their damn website.

  380. putter

    Natasha is the only hot girl there !

  381. Sheri

    I totally love Gia! That girl is HOT! Nice club.

  382. sean

    clearly one of the worst i’ve seen in awhile. pretty much sucks

  383. Dammy, "sammy"

    Best strip club around town

  384. Beast

    The great views are gone !

  385. Bull

    Thank god for Natasha !

  386. Allen

    Ok Club need more dancers

  387. wilson

    i couldnt believe how shitty this joint is!!

  388. "roberto" es tonto

    Esta excellente! Con mujeres muy my lindas! Siempre de fiesta! “Roberto” es muy stupido.

  389. Justin

    Is it cool to go to Strip Clubs alone, getting off work I want a place to unwind? How bad would it look me hanging out there every so often for a beer during the week?

  390. Awesome

    Awesome girls Friday night!

  391. Fine

    I love these girls!

  392. peanut butter

    Sweet! Sweet! That’s why I keep going to this web site every day, day after day, posting the same ol’ same ol’. This morning Mr.Hater chose to post as “peanut”, which makes perfect sense because he is a real nut. He sets the theme and I mock him. Let’s see what other names he’ll use today. he makes mocking him almost too easy.

  393. "eric", you're just sick

    It rocks like no other

  394. Pepe

    !Fiesta toda la noche con las chicas!

  395. V21

    “I am constant as the northern star!” (Shakespeare, but I don’t recall which play that’s from)

  396. "melvin" like hell-vin

    this place rocks !!!!!! ultimate girls everywhere, plus you get to buy a damn fine drink at nice price. what a bunch of sweet. you can take this delight. mr.hater leaves his daily hater grams using fake names like “melvin” because he’s so

    embarrassed by the sheer stupidity of his messages he doesn’t dare use his “real” name. getting fired for being a dumbass has left so bitter and so totally mocked.

  397. timmy is tammy

    terrific, terrific dancers! club is really bodacious! told you’d i’d be posting again today. since i have no job i can do this. the mocker keeps mocking me but i still can’t grasp the futility of my actions. i want to fool people into thinking nobody goes here but ironically my numerous posts make it look like everybody in town must go to this place! i’m such a dimwit. i deserve the merciless mocking i get.

  398. Tony

    Dead tonight as usual

  399. jaggy

    Its been a while since I was here, but I loved it, I’m thinking of going back this friday. Does anyoen know if theres an entrance fee here? I think i paid 20 last time to enter, has it gone up, gone down?

  400. BoBabe

    The girls at NightShift totally rock! Luv ya all!!!!

  401. adAJm

    The bestest of the restest

  402. randy andy

    absolutely terrific club, high praises, ultimate dancers

  403. Sweet

    Sweet place !

  404. tim tim is tam tam

    this club rocks like no other, its awesome!

  405. Right Stuff

    A good club. Good selection of brews. Heard the wine is good too. I’m a beer man myself.

  406. tomtom

    club seriously sucks. ugliest lineup in baltimore

  407. "elvis" like hell this

    Great club all around……………………………….

    mr.hater’s brain needs lots of improvement just to be average. that’s why he posts multiple daily hater grams ever since getting fired. he’s definitely not “The King!”

  408. it rocks

    It rocks! That’s it. It rocks!

  409. "allan" is fallen

    well worth the time and money. dancers are best………….

    that’s why mr.hater posts his daily hater-grams ever since he got fired for being such a dumbass. he uses fake names because he’s too much coward to use his real one. he chose “allan” because it’s his way of saying “ALLways A Nut”, which he is.

  410. bustin garrett

    a really delightful experience. all around excellent. that’s

    why Mr.hater posts his multiple daily hater-grams. C’mon,

    Hater, “Bustin”? “Garrett”? Different fake names can’t hide you because your hater-grams are always the same. what’s not

    worth the time is your lame-o messages ever since you got fired for being such a dumbass. get over it and get a job.

  411. deAJ vu


  412. Kim the minster

    Just awesome! Fabulous ultimate naked girls dancing rock. that’s why this place rocks. that’s why mr.hater posts his multiple hater-grams using fake names “Kim” and “minster”

    because he’s too much coward to use his real name.

  413. "robert"? nah. revert

    very mid end club. good quality everywhere in this joint. why

    mr.hater posts his daily hater-grams using fake names like

    “robert” because he is too big a coward to use his real name

    and too embarrassed by the sheer lame-ness of his lies. ever since he got fired for being such a dumbass he does this. he will post again before the day is over.

  414. big billy

    baltimore’s worst bare boobs bar by far

  415. JAFO

    Club kicks ass MISTER!

  416. "MARK" my words

    GREAT CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr. Hater, using his latest fake name of “MARK” is right about onwe thing: “DONT BELIEVE” him. His hater-grams are just a way to “WASTE YOUR TIME”. Ever since he got fired for being such a dumbass, he’s been doing this, and getting mocked by me. He needs to take his meds and get a job, a life, and some sense.

  417. annonoymous
  418. "JoJo"'s a yoyo

    What a great club. Recently under new ownership . Mr.hater’s chose his latest fake name as “JoJo” because it rhymes with how his mind works: like a yo yo. Back when he had a job, he was almost rational, but recently his mind has gone down hill! Ever since he got fired by previous owner, he gets mocked every time he leaves his lame-o hater-grams here.

  419. "edmund" I'm stunned

    super facility and dancers. superior in all areas. that’s why mr.hater posts his daily hater-grams ever since he got fired for being such a dumbass. he posted as “edmund” in his continuing quest for names I can’t rhyme. try again.

  420. Happy and true

    Unquestionably one of the best clubs in Baltimore!

  421. "alphonso?" i'd say no

    easily the best i’ve seen in baltimore,which is exactly why i post my daily hater-grams ever since i got fired for being such a dumbass. i use fake names like “alphonso” because i’m too much a coward to use my real name. that’s why the mocker keeps mocking my lame-o messages every time. mocker rules my world! look for my next fake lame-on messages later today.

  422. big tony

    nightshift – home of baltimores ugliest strippers

  423. gerald

    the last two times, including last night sucked. what the hell happened to this place. used to be good, now horrible. wouldnt waste my time or money again.

  424. Hidei

    Not bad for a small club !

  425. jammy sammy

    one super ass little sweet spot of a strip club! that’s why keep going to this list every day, several times a day, posting the same ol’ same ol’. normally a rating site might have a few posts per week. this one gets a ton every day.

    gee, wonder if that’s because there’s a posting war going on for the last several months.

  426. "eli"? why do you try?

    Very good club, been my favorite for years. That’s why I post so often, and why Mr.Hater posts his daily-hater grams using fake names ever since he got fired. He confessed to doing it, so why continue? He chose to post as “eli” below because it’s an anagram for what he posts: “eli” is “lie” rearranged. Mr. Hater: you need better sense. Your posts are pathetic.

  427. stick it, "nick"

    Great strip bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That;s why I keep going to this web site cleanup up after AJ, who posts every day, several times a day. he’s “nick” and “sad” today. What’s truly sad is how bad AJ sucks. i spotted his posts in the nick of time before he made a total ass of himself again!

  428. eric's brian

    dandy little strip bar……………………………….

    don’t be fooled by mr.hater’s constant yammerings.whether he posts as “eric” or some other fake name his hater-grams are always the same lame stuff he’s been posting for 3 years. over 1000 ratings here? get real!

  429. Tug

    I like it !

  430. LaLa

    Went 2 weeks ago on a Saturday. It was ok. Super packed, lotta young guys, good music, some females (including one borracha cougar who was being passed between two rednecks kids), but it wasn’t as good as it could have been. All the girls were generic and un-curvy.. I like tattoos, personality and wiggle. Only got 1 out of 3. Kudos to the nervous sweetie who talked her head off to me and my girlfriend, you were great! Boo to the “punk” chick with the chopped up hair… don’t hate on the ladies, we could’ve been some heavy tippers. All in all it was “eh”.

  431. andre

    the girls here are mostly subpar. very unimpressed

  432. jason

    ranks at the bottom of the baltimore strip club scene…………many, many problems here. $60 lap dances is freakin nuts. who the hell charges $60 for a lap dance?? girls very unattractive also and of course thats a big problem.

  433. peanut

    horribly horrible

  434. sambo

    one suck ass little shit hole of a strip club

  435. mr t

    one of the worst clubs ever!!!

  436. the best

    Big fun here! Chicks as hot in clothes as out of ’em!

  437. milt

    if they run it like nightshift, its a loser

  438. "ain't tony"

    Girls are hot hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s why Mr.Hater keeps leaving his lame-o hater grams ever since he got fired for being such a total dumbass. He psoted as “Anthony,” because he “ain’t Tony”, or any other kind of man for that matter. Mr.Hater’s just a little jerkyBoy who needs to grow up, get a job, and get a life.

  439. little steven

    take a pass on this hole

  440. true dat

    Good tunes and hot girls

  441. "david" no goliath

    It rocks like no other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr.hater, while it’s true you never worked, you were still employed. Getting fired by previous owner is something you need to learn to cope with. take your meds, grow up, and get a job. You used “David” as your latest alias, because, mentally, you’re certainly no “Goliath!” Mocking you is such fun!

  442. WTF

    Police this website better!

  443. petepaultommy

    Dancers are first rate, best. Great club in every way. That’s why mr.hater has been so busy today, as his three posts below attest. Whether he spells it “paulie”, “pete” or “tommy” he’s still just plain “loser!” Now the fun begins, as usual!

  444. Bowizzle

    Dakota and Natasha have great racks !

  445. "andrew" untrue

    best strip joint in maryland,maybe u.s.,maybe the universe!

    that’s why mr. hater posts his daily hater-grams ever since he got fired for being such a dumbass. hown many fake names will he use? “andrew”, “enzo”,…maybe he’s going through the alphabet. mr.hater = total loser!

  446. "big john" big wrong

    worthy example for a strip club. really rocks…………..

    that’s why mr.hater leaves his daily hater-grams here ever since he got fired for being such a dumbass. he uses fake names like “big john” because he’s too embarrassed by his lame-o posts to use his real name. no surprise.

  447. Gooder


  448. M.C.R.

    Hot babes and smooth moves.

  449. sucks

    the club truly sucks. ugly girls, bad club

  450. Mr. Metro

    I totally lust for the slim blondie with the amazing blue peepers!

  451. Wesley

    This has fallen from the top to just a so so club

  452. billy is willy is silly

    definitely one of the best clubs in the history of time and space

  453. Nudie Fanatic

    Baltimore’s best boobie bar!

  454. JAC

    The owner needs to re-invest some capitol into McDoogle’s and be less focused on NS. At McD’s the outside is ghetto, not inviting at all. The sound system sucks. Their web site must be 10 years old. The photos of the dancers look nothing like the ladies look today, post a weekly dancer schedule, have printable coupons for discount or even free cover charges, advertise special events like pay-per-view sporting events (the back end TV needs to be bigger). Do something to get customers in the door, it was dead last night ! Three guys sat next to me last night and One said “can we go to Fantasies soon”. The girls are great, Management does nothing to promote the club and bring in business.

  455. Bustin

    Said state of affairs

  456. sam is sammy

    pretty sure the hottest girls in bmore work here

  457. yada

    this place still rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that’s why mr.hater continues to post his lame-o hater-grams

    long after the guys who fired him are gone. he uses fake names

    like “nada”, which is a good choice in this case, since “nada”

    means “nothing.” “Nothing” is exactly what mr.hater’s comments are worth.

  458. Samantha

    Hot girls! Good place for couples too.

  459. 9/7

    What can I say? Good club.

  460. Vol92

    Small club, big boobs!

  461. lenny

    The worst ever, ugly women, over priced drinks, shitty food,

    and a cover to see 5 girls attempt to dance. ugly whores

  462. ellis

    a generally poor quality club. lower tier for sure.

  463. Quid pro quo


  464. Sleeves3961

    Is now reopened,,,,, a review from 10/242021
    Went to NS last night (Friday). Only a handful of dancers, but more customers than opening weekend.

    There was one dancer who was very athletic and did some impressive pole work.

    One girl came over to talk to me and knocked my beer over with her purse.

    She helped me clean it up after I went to the bar for napkins. No offer to get me another one. No one.

    Seemed to notice or care that a customer and a dancer were wiping up something from the floor.

    But it was the end of the night, so I still got a dance from her. It wasn’t very good and didn’t allow for much.

    Touching. The girl I had on opening weekend, who is apparently a regular at Millstream allowed a lot more.

  465. raphael

    ugly women, high prices, awful club. it sucks

  466. tom

    terrible place for naked women, theyre too ugly

  467. "allie" is boy, not man

    weekends are a lot of delight………usually clubs this great have hotties on the weekend – this one has the best! very poor selection of mr.hater’s latest choice of fake name: he’s a boy in an ally? yes, he is! real jerkyboy.

  468. sambo is sammy is...

    this sweet house rocks like no other, thats why i suggest going as often as possible! i posted as “sambo” earlier just to show what an ignorant wretch i am. not only am i a bitter,

    broke, unemployed loser ever since i got fired, but i also indulge in crude simple-minded humor by using a term like

    “sambo”. this is why the mocker always mocks my hate-o-grams, whether i post as “sammy”, “tammy”, “adam”,

    or my host of other fake names.

  469. Prince

    This place rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that’s why mr.hater keeps posting his hater-grams, using fake names like “Princess”. Dude doesn’t even know which gender he is any more. Too much coke up his nose and he needs to take his meds.

  470. brian

    one of the worst lineups ive ever seen, here or anywhere

  471. Tippy

    Lots of new dancers, ranging from average to awesome. Always a good time. They also sell a very good blush wine.

  472. Silly Billy

    I spent about five minutes posting my stupid message.

  473. not so slick, "vick"

    It rocks the town!

  474. tsk tsk "timmy"

    these have got to be the hottest strippers in town! that’s why i keep going to this web site every day, several times a day, using fake names like “timmy”,”quinn”, etc. guess i found a baby name book. i keep thinking the mocker will let me get away with my daily prank posts but i keep getting mocked anyway. ever since i got fired i’m a bitter,broke,

    lying little jerkyBoy plaything for the mocker!

  475. PuhLeeze

    A fine little strip club, gorgeous dancers, rock music. Any

    other comment is hype or hate and no need for either. The

    daily word battles between Mocker and Mr.Hater is ridiculous.

  476. Tweeter

    Babe-o-Rama! I love the girls at this club. Taylor is totally amazingly sexy!

  477. brad's been had

    damn does this club rock! ultimate dancers, typical prices

  478. Bob
  479. "rob", get a job!

    It rocks the town all around

  480. robert? no, robot.

    It rules, AJ/Hater drools

  481. "Rocky" gets a mocky

    Little club, big fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, Mr. Hater chose to post as “Rocky” yesterday. Coward, use your own “name” if you’re proud of the lies you leave here. Still so bitter ever since you got fired. Get a job

    and some therapy,dude!

  482. G.G.t.W.

    The strippers are sexy and the bartenders are attentive.

    It’s near my house so that’s a plus.

  483. Ehi2

    It’s a nice place to watch nudies prance. This place and the Gold Club are well placed, near enough to the main city

    and not on the Block. Good.

  484. the truth

    ugly girls, high prices, stay away

  485. "clayton" not straight-on

    clearly, this is the best strip club in baltimore, maybe the best on the east coast, maybe the best in the country, maybe the best in the world, maybe even the best in the universe. get the picture, this club rocks. mr.hater post as “clayton” today but he really means “cretin”!

  486. HateJerk


  487. willy's really billy

    one of the sexiest clubs on the planet. girls are super!

  488. 6/3

    So many boobies, so little time

  489. Teaser

    Fun joint.

  490. "morty"? no, snort-y

    gets no better than this………………………………..

    mr.hater already confessed he posts negative ratings using fake names. changing 1 letter to go from “marty” to “morty”

    looks like he’s getting lazy about it. snorting too much coke

    again. getting fired for being such a total dumbass has really screwed up his head, and all that coke isn’t helping him.

  491. Roadie

    Bmore a party town i like 4 clubs best

  492. sirius

    Best overall Variety of Female Talent. You like it, they have it: and they are friendly. Superb chef, all food prepared fantastically well. The bartender is killer nice. The DJ is real: all rock and all good rock. And she means to play what you want to hear. No disappointments. C. Aguillera would strip here if she knew about it.

  493. Alex

    The DJ’s got a sexy voice. Good beer selection, but the red wine is just so-so.

  494. Antonio Grande

    Nightshift, home of Baltimore’s prettiest strippers!

  495. Branson wannabe

    Baltimore’s got some babes! I’m from NYC and came in for the ballgame. This is a nice town and a nice club.

  496. Franks-n-Genes

    Great club all around…………………………………

    So why are “Frank” and “Gene” on this site trying to drum up business for Fantasies? Fantasies is a fine club, but there’s no need for management to lurk on other lists like this to try to draw business to their club. At least identify yourselves as management, don’t use fake names like “Frank/Gene”.

  497. Game Player

    yada yada yada

  498. real deal

    shittie little club – not worth the time or money

  499. carl: coms are real lame

    The best of all the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good morning all, it’s me, AJ/Hater again, leaving the first of my daily hater-grams as “carl”. I’ll use other fake names later today and get mocked some more, as usual

  500. Frosh

    Natasha and Emma and Brooke and Sam and Amazing and Barbie and

    Lexi and Penelope and Jazmine and Jenna and all the other ladies whose names I haven’t learned yet!

  501. Trust No One

    Good little strip joint. My opinion.

  502. variety spice of life

    variety here – every type of beauty imaginable

  503. "doug"'s on drugs

    Just a plain ol’ funtime nudie bar!

    So, how many posts will be here today? Hater and Mocker got

    their posting battle going on *again*! “doug”, “eric”, what

    name next, dude?

  504. ??

    You shouldn’t be at a strip club looking for a girlfriend… none of them want to date customers anyway and I am the horses mouth.

  505. beavis
  506. PCT

    I like it too much

  507. jimmy jam

    very disappointed, terrible line-up of dancers

  508. Quinn fell in

    and it rocks like no other

  509. V22

    I hope I’m not being too anoying here. It was not my intent.

    Unfortunately, the adversary has been playing, so I must as well.

  510. Crissy

    Love this dam place !

  511. A.D.G.

    Cold beer and hot girls, that’s what makes life grand!

  512. "charlie"? not hardly

    clearly the best baltimore has to offer………….absolutely no reason to read mr.hater’s daily load of lies here. his parents must feel so ripped off and disappointed at what a lying little weasel he is.

  513. sick nick, not slick

    easily one of the best 2 or 3 in baltimore

  514. wholey modal

    Sweeet. Just sweeet.

  515. Peng

    I love this place. For me perfect. Women are very nice.

  516. Nice

    Wow yeah!!! Willowy blonde with long silky legs and sheer black stockings.

  517. "brady" is shady

    a very delightful experience. will be back……………….

    that is, if i had ever gone in the first place. mr.hater posted as “brady” because he is too much coward to use his real name. strange, since he already admitted on the comments

    section that he does this. very odd guy.

  518. Kris

    Great club and lots ot hot women

  519. AJ/MR.Hater

    Rockingest club on the planet! It rocks like no other!

  520. Joe

    Won’t be back

  521. Miklos

    Fun. The DJ has a sexy voice. Nice variety of dancers.

  522. AJ, go play

    Most fantastic club in all the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  523. Pepper

    I’m in love with this club! Relaxing atmosphere, great girls,

    and polite bouncers. Location is a little hard to find but way worth it. Highly recommended if you’re a girl in search of s strip club that’s actually a cool place to chill and get happy.

  524. Sasha

    Emma! Taylor! Lilly! Barbie! Alexa! Natasha! The list goes on and on! Gorgeous ladies and very friendly. I like it.

  525. me
  526. "osama"? no drama.

    Strip clubs rock! NS is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  527. Bman


  528. Aeros

    Nice variety of girls, unusual for a strip bar, range from nymphette to milf. This could easily become my favorite bar.

  529. "big billy"? big silly

    baltimore’s best bare boobs bar, by far, which is exactly why mr.hater continues to post his daily multiple hater-grams since he got fired for being a dumbass. he chose

    “big billy” this time but he’ll use other fake names today

  530. True blue

    Cool club with hot girls and cold beer.

  531. con vic

    no doubt one of the wildest you’ll ever see

  532. Dave

    Go to Fantasies instead

  533. pop

    I stop in every day for happy hour I will say night shift IS one of best organized clubs.

  534. Viva!

    Nice place, and it even has Latinas! Viva NS!

  535. jvl

    never going back

  536. Bobbette

    Best best best best best best best

  537. Goldfinger

    Good looking club, kinda small. Pretty dancers, including a few true stunners. Typically priced lap dances. Relatively expensive champagne room, nicely designed. Dancer’s looks range from 6.5 to 10+. Club rates about 8.5 overall.

  538. whammy on sammy

    it rocks like no other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s why “sammy”, aka AJ aka “billy” aka “timmy” aka “quinn” aka a slew of other fake names, leaves his lame-o hater-grams here every day, several times a day and gets mocked mercilessly for it.

  539. V30

    Experience is the best teacher. Don’t rely on what a stranger writes.

  540. tim mouthy

    spiffy little strip club, new reason to go

  541. stevie

    clearly has become one of the worst clubs

  542. "malcom"-tent

    hoorah !!! hoorah !!! hoorah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that’s why mr.hater has been postign his lame-o hater-grams here for years, using fake names like “malcom” because he’s too much a coward to use his real name. dude, you really need to take your meds, get a job, and grow up.

  543. Muse

    Goldie Coxx has the most awesome tits on the planet! Sweet dreams are made of this!

  544. jeff

    emma need i say more

  545. club review man

    doesnt even get one star. shitty little club

  546. Caveat reader

    Anonymous posts are as trustworthy as $3 bills. I think the club rocks! The hater-guy doesn’t, so we’re both spamming

    this site right now. getting to be a daily battle.

  547. stormy

    it sucks, makes bmore look bad. no reason to go

  548. AJdam

    easily one of the best clubs in the known universe

  549. BN

    Sweet times are here

  550. Rodney

    At first I was a little dissapointed when the new owners changed so many things but now I am impressed! Not only are the girls hot but they are friendly and sweet. Check out a new girl named Dakota!

  551. Omigawd

    The place has some of the hottest girls I have ever seen in my life! Pretty damn sweet.

  552. KY

    That girl’s got tits to Tahiti!

  553. stephen

    clearly has become one of the best clubs

  554. willie won't 'e

    Most awesome club ever!

  555. CR

    BoBabe – find an all girls bar since your so ito dikes

  556. NYCe

    Love this place and all the ladies! Best place to party!

  557. Naked chicks rule!

    Naked chicks rule!

  558. 10/4

    A soild 8 out of 10 in my opinion

  559. big jim

    to mitch you should keep your dumb ass out of the club

  560. willy

    so bad you’d have to pay me to go back

  561. nathan

    most disappointing club in baltimore. no reason to go back

  562. allison

    worst in bmore hands down

  563. howard

    club sucks!! terrible, terrible, terrible………….. as for all the fake reviews that management places on here pretending to be customers, totally disregard, they put them on here everyday as a sign of desparation. none of those good reviews are from real customers.

  564. tam tim

    definitely sure – ultimate awesome girls in bmore at the shift

  565. Sherry

    Just loved the girls

  566. ed's head

    It rocks and rules the known universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  567. daniel

    anywhere but here – nightshift is a crappy club.

  568. Rixter

    Natasja is nice and naughty! Think I’m in love!

  569. bobcat

    beer + bare boobs = big fun!

  570. samson

    this sweet house rocks like no other, thats why i suggest going often

  571. derek

    cold chicks, hot beer, they got it backwards, club sucks

  572. V3

    Would be nice if IP addresses were recorded along with the comments posted, so creeps like MrHater could be more easily identified and banned.

  573. JW=JerkWiseguy

    Great club, great girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate all the changes made to mr.hater’s lame-o posts. he never loved any place. it’s nice and friendly but now well… mr.hater’s fake negative posts means he acts desperate. i dont like that. i hope he grows up and gets a life some day so i can stop mocking his lame-o ass!

  574. thrilly billy

    wow!!! does this club ever rock! I love getting rocked! And mocked!!!!

  575. MXB

    Natasha and Taylor are the hottest girls ever!

  576. i am sam

    one luck ass little sweet hole of a strip club

  577. bob the sob

    doesnt get any better than nightshift

  578. Au Contraire

    Tip top club. Much fun, especially on weekends. Find out for yourself.

  579. jobe

    I have been coming here for years and the new Night Shift sucks ass!!!

  580. johnny boy

    does anyone know where mackenze went???she was the best!!

  581. Bravo Zulu

    Bravo Zulu! My first post!

  582. brianna banks

    This place sucks

  583. sick "willie"

    wow!! what a nifty club!! so totally terrific! that’s why

    im on this web site every day posting my hater-grams. i called myself “slick willie” yesterday,just one of my many fake names.i keep getting mocked for doing this but im too stuuuupid to figure out why.mocker’s laughing at me again!

  584. Sexy girl

    Natasha rocks it! So damn hot!

  585. Primo

    Nice place to hang out. Dancers are hot and friendly! Good place to take your wife if you want to show her how cool a strip club can be!

  586. Nan


  587. sal's pal

    best line-up of strippers i’ve ever seen

  588. K.C. Fan

    Small club, big fun!

  589. the minster

    fat ugly naked girls dancing suck. that’s why this place sucks

  590. i went

    i went, saw, and thought it sucked

  591. club the review man

    doesnt get one star, gets ten. nifty little club………….

    thats why mr.hater posts his daily hater-grams ever since he got fired for being such a dumbass. he posted as “club review man”,despite the fact he is not a man,just a weasel,and doesnt

    go to clubs,but ought to be clubbed.what needs to be reviewed is his sanity,because he is severely lacking in that area.

  592. G's Squeeze

    Having a girl who likes strip clubs: priceless!

  593. Turkey Day

    This place is a turkey !

  594. steven

    truely a boring place with crummy dancers

  595. V27

    Love and hate are both four-letter words. Love is better.

  596. "andrew" loose screw

    ultimate naked chicks rock and theyre all ultimate here.

  597. W3XTR

    Cute naked girls having fun

  598. gojo

    damn decent

  599. Newbie

    Nice place. My top picks are Night Shift,Gold Club,Fantasy and Player’s.

  600. "beaner" is meaner

    best club in bmore, thats why i’ll play every day!

    ever since i got fired i’ve been coming to this web site to post my hater-grams every day, several times a day, using fake names. so far today i’ve used “beaner”, which just shows what a wretch i truly am, using an ethnic slur. Mocker will mock me more than usual for that, but i don’t care because i’ll post using other fake names later. And of course get mocked mercilessly for it!

  601. Ms. Sissy

    I like girls who like girls!

  602. willie c.

    nothing to like here, ugly girls, poor atmosphere, high prices

  603. stephany

    clearly has become one of the best clubs

  604. "steve" take a leave

    Hotetst club in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it must be, else why would there be over 1,000 ratings and so many more every day? oh right…because Mr. Hater and I are still playing this weird game. “Steve” is his latest fake name today. He’ll use others later today and I’ll be right here to mock his lame butt for it!

  605. cipher0

    da best

  606. sick vick


  607. Sid


  608. Trust In Me

    nifty little strip club, no reason to go anywhere else. cool place. obviously the everyone in town must go there, based on the number of posts left here every day…unless a couple of people are playing games on this site. nah, what kind of people would ever do that, right?

  609. Gene

    Fantasies finally has the edge over N.S. Friday night attended Fantasies and they had around 12 dancers and I watched the Orioles on one of the television screens. Fantasies is even better than Scores or the Hustler club.

  610. "allen" but no woody

    very pleased with this place. girls are amazingly hot!……..

    So,Mr.Hater,you’re “allen” now.cycled back to the ‘a’ names.

    it won’t help you.your messages are so easy to spot.they’re the ones that seem to have been written by an make mocking you so very easy!

  611. DaRef

    Me, too!

  612. sal-ute this, AJ

    many of the finest dancers in town work here

  613. dont like mr.hater

    Great club, many changes, some I love, some I wonder about.

    mr.hater knows nothing at all about dancers, or women in general, because he’s a total loser. he doesn’t seem happy since new owners took over. that is a shame, since the previous owners, not the current ones, fired him for being such an immature, lying, little jerkyBoy.

  614. Ron'sMyHero

    My favorite’s the blonde hottie who likes to wear fishnets.

    Club’s smaller than I thought but has three stages.

  615. sal

    many of the ugliest dancers in town work here

  616. Wizard of Waldorf

    Princess’s performances amaze me. Good to watch a dancer put so much nuance into her act. Lots of dancers worthy of praise

    but I’ll keep this message brief.

  617. delighted

    liked what i saw here all……………………………

    thats why mr.hater posted as “disappointed” below. his mama is disappointed in hime because he posts the same lame-o junk every day using fake names, big coward he is.

  618. eli

    need better girls. pathetic

  619. dammit, "dimitri"

    I say yahoo! I really like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Dimitri” (which is your attempt at spelling “Mr.Hater” in Russian) we already know you hate the club because you say so every day in your rants. Get a job and some therapy!

  620. Justin? No, just lyin'

    Just right ! A great club……………………………..

    that’s why mr.hater continues to leave his hater-grams, using fake names like “Justin” because he’s too much a coward to use his real name. Been doing that ever since he got fired 3 years ago by previous owner. Dude, grow up, get a job, get a life.

    You’re not funny, mr.hater. You’re just, well, very weird.

  621. wilt, "milt"

    if they run it like nightshift, it’s a winner……………..

    Mr.hater at it again, as “milt” this time. Mr. hater, Jack is

    gone. Why are you still leaving your lame-o posts here?

  622. Girly girl

    I had fun. I really like the girl with the huge boobies and great ass!

  623. Sexy

    Its like sugar

  624. Fox Mulder

    Trust no one. Check it out for yourself. Prepare to be pleased.

  625. V2

    The “rate this club” feature was a nice addition to this website, but MrHater has chosen to abuse it.

  626. Blue Lion

    Nice club. Smaller than I’d thought. Many pretty dancers.

    Some are just gorgeous. Food’s good too.

  627. "nick"ed in the bud

    Best club in B’more in my opinion. that’s why i keep going to this web site day after day, several times a day, leaving my hater-grams using fake names. i’ve cycled back to “nick” and the Mocker is having a great time at my expense, mocking my every lame-o post, as usual. The Mocker rules and is invincible!

  628. Honey

    Love this place

  629. mambo

    one sweet ass little strip club

  630. carl remarx

    strip clubs rock – especially this sweet spot

  631. Who me

    I go for the steak & beer. Oh yeah and the hot babes too!

  632. iz 'e AJ? hell yeah!

    absolutely, completely, totally succeeds!!!

  633. eric in error

    terrific, terrific, terrific, yeah!!! that’s why i keep going to this web site every day, several times a day, using different fake names. as promised yesterday i used yet another fake name, “eric”, before the day was over. yeah, it was just me, AJ/MR.Hater, again. ever since i got fired i’ve been doing this same lame-o game. the Mocker always mocks me for it, then i go have a cry, snort some more coke, then post with another fake name and get mocked again. it’s total deja vu!

  634. V18

    I troil against MrHater’s mischief. He is the ant that pesters the perfect picnic.

  635. sal's pronounced "AJ"

    many of the awesomest dancers in town work here

  636. wet willy

    one of the luckiest clubs on the planet! girls are sexy!

  637. rating
  638. Hooboy


  639. "brant" mindless rant

    totally terrific. was shocked how bodaciously this club rocks…it rocks so awesomely that mr.hater comes on here daily to post his hater-grams. he gets mocked mercilessly for it so he must enjoy it!

  640. lisa & jay

    had a blast. all the girls were pretty. sky and candy were my lapdance girls they rock.

  641. leonard

    only the worst. never been to one this bad

  642. "mac" is wack

    pretty super example for a strip club……………………

    thats why mr.hater has begun his daily does of hater-grams.

    he uses fake names like “mac” ever since he got fired for being such a dumbass. too much coward to use his real name.

    he will use others today and will get mocked for it, as usual.

  643. "vincent", you're spent

    omg – best strip club in town in my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s got it all! and it’s a far better place ever since AJ/Hater got fired. too bad he couldn’t handle it and started his daily load of hater-grams, which just show exactly why he

    can’t hold a job. “vincent”, AJ? That name means “winner”, but you’re a loser, so you totally chose the wrong name this time!

  644. v for venomous


  645. 'Cuda

    In a word: wild! Great bunch of girls. My girl and I had fun.

    Music’s kind of loud but guess that’s because of so many speakers.

  646. Whats up

    no privacy with laps!!!!

  647. AJ's pecker

    Me so tiny

  648. LCPL3

    There are two Marine friendly strip clubs in town and this one’s the one I like best.

  649. Whizzer

    Party party party!

  650. F150

    Props to the chef. Having a good steak while watching sweet

    honeys work the stage is my idea of fun.

  651. "stevie" oh so peevy

    really pretty little titty bar………………………..

    Mr.Hater, why do you even bother posting your fake messages

    when you know i’ll mock you mercilessly for it? you should

    spend less time online and more time in therapy.

  652. "nick", not so slick

    Fantastic club

  653. 10/8

    The club is awesome in every way! This message of pure hype

    is brought to you by the committee to annoy the hell out of Mr.Hater!

  654. Lapdog

    It’s why I like nudie bars!

  655. cindy indeed

    one sweet ol’ strip club

  656. darwin

    this sweet house rocks like no other!

  657. zippy

    this is one shitty joint. dont like at all

  658. the real hater

    this place absolutely sucks. has for years, and is not likely to change even with new ownership. to the little fucking numbnuts that keeps calling everyone who criticizes this joint hater, get a life, i havent posted on here in many months.

  659. NS

    Owned by the same people who run McDoogal’s and the club sometimes

    shares dancers, but there are differences. Notably paper products in the

    men’s bathrooms (but the soap dispenser was gone last time I went).

    You must pay a $10 cover and buy your first drink at the door. Decent drink

    prices afterwards. Decent lapdance area ($30/song) where you are not seeing

    or stepping over others. My friends liked the fact that you are sitting right up

    against the stages — no bartender walkways in between.

    One problem on a busy night is that a dancer must dance 2-3 songs on each

    of the three stages before they are available for private dances.

  660. Jian

    Nice mix of American and exotic looking girls.

  661. Joe's Wife

    Fun for me too!

  662. Winsome

    Natasja and Taylor and Alexa are the sexiest girls around

  663. gregory
  664. Vj

    I love Taylor!Michelle!Barbie!Natasha!Winter!This club always has the hottest babes!

  665. I.B. AlbertJ

    Top notch club with top notch talent!

  666. Garrett

    WTF happen??? This place was the shit years ago, when I first went 6 years ago I never went to another strip club. I was out of the country the last two years and just visit, and the place is nothing like it use to be. It was a sad day, I now must find another club in the area.

  667. I.R.T.

    Super hotties and the chef can cook.

  668. She on Neon

    Boobie bonanza

  669. quinnfantile

    totally rock,i’d say best in bmore. very hot girls!

  670. V24

    “All you need is love” (The Beatles)

  671. steve's pronounced AJ

    clearly has become one of the best clubs

  672. Bob's Mistress

    I love it more than Bob!

  673. sammy i ammy

    it sucks the wind out of aj/hater’s sails like no other!

  674. beaner

    worst club in bmore, thats why i’ll stay away

  675. ILuvStrippers
  676. V7

    Going to undo MrHater’s damage here, even though he’ll be back. So will I.

  677. cindy, blendy gendie

    One very sweet spot among strip clubs. that’s why i keep going to this web site every day, several times a day. honest, i don’t leave my constant hate-o-grams just because i got fired

    and became a bitter, broke, lying little biatch who gets mocked daily by the infamous Mocker!

  678. A-J

    Baltimore’s best bare boobs bar by far

  679. Cynthia

    overall girls pretty sexy and overall hot

  680. sucky sammy

    club rocks, girls rock, everything is bodacious here

  681. "sad" is mad. too bad!

    Great strip bar

  682. enzo

    wow – what a shitty club. so totally terrible.

  683. bobby's my hobby

    this club really succeeds. girls are terrific

  684. disappointed

    didnt like what i saw here at all

  685. the legend

    It rocks the town!

  686. V8

    Hater’s easy to spot because his comments are as limited as his IQ. He repeats himself, using the same phrases, even though he uses different names.

  687. dandy andy

    absolutely terrible club, high prices, ugly dancers

  688. jr.

    Need more quality dancers

  689. Hero

    Hotties abound!

  690. sammy's mammy

    it succeeds like no other!!!!!!!!!!!11

  691. allan

    really shitty little strip club.

  692. Mexico

    These ladies are loco

  693. Disinformin' "Norman"

    wow!! this place really rocks, never guessed it would be so freakin bodacious – and nicely priced too!!! Mr.Hater,

    posting as “norman” can’t hide your dumb ass, and the only “stormin'” you do is when you try to think up new fake

    names. use one that fits you better: “jackass!”

  694. "mason" = "no mas"

    This club is all around awesome!………………………

    Why does Mr.Hater keep using the term “yuk” like a little kid? It’s one of many ways he gives himself away no matter which fake name he uses. He chose to post as “mason” today,

    an anagram for “no mas” (“no more” in Spanish). Maybe he’s asking for no more mocking of his lame-o hater-grams?

  695. new player

    It’s a titty bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  696. Norther

    Pretty good place. My second visit to a U.S. club.

  697. ed should've fled

    It’s the best of all the rest

  698. Aprez Moi

    C’est bon.

  699. brad's dad

    damn does this club rock! ultimate dancers, nice prices. what i like best is even my dumb ass son, “brad”, who’s really

    AJ/Hater of course, can get a smile there. but that’s all he can get because he’s a bitter,broke,weepy,lying little biatch!

  700. pro review

    suck ass sorry club

  701. evan is aj

    19 good looking girls, and no ugly ones. it rocks!

  702. jess

    Who the fuck is Mr. Hater? Are we 10? It is obvious it is owners/employees of this club who are firing back on all the people who are telling the truth about this place. This place does suck since mcdoogals took over, there is no doubt about that.

  703. Rick

    No good looking girls here

  704. sammy

    ugly naked girls – keep your clothes on please

  705. elvis has left his senses

    the most pleasing club experience in the city. that’s why

    mr.hater leaves his daily hater-grams. he’s not The King,

    just a very poor excuse for a court jester.

  706. Rooster

    A great time every time. Best club in B’more.

  707. really billy

    wow!!! does this club ever rock! its teriffic! that’s why i keep going to this web site, posting several times a day, every day. i’m doing the “billy” thing now. i’ll probably use another fake name later today, around midnight, and i’ll get mocked yet again, because the mocker can be just as nutso as

    i can!

  708. anna

    baltimore’s worst bare boobs bar by far.

  709. ashton

    a real dud – pleeez dont waste your time

  710. "vinny" worth a penny

    clearly a terrific club. i need new material badly because

    the Mocker so easily re-works my lame-o posts to reflect truth, not the ridiculous fiction i litter this web site with every day, several times a day, since i got fired. i thought it would be hard for Mocker to rhyme “vinny”, because i’m just not very clever at all. Mocker is though!

  711. Charles

    I saw several beauties last Saturday night. Check out Barbie, Natasha, Michelle, and Angelina. 3 hot blondes and a brunette

  712. william j.

    in my opinion, very poor club. didnt like at all

  713. "eric", not so slick

    It rocks the town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    your turn, AJ/Hater. I’ve figured out your posting pattern now. As usual, I’ll let you get in the last word of the day.

    Naturally, I’ll mock you mercilessly later. This is a weird game but I can play as long as you can. You should have figured that out way before now though.

  714. billy really silly

    wow!!! does this club ever rock me on my ass!

  715. Pink

    ok place for a visit now and then

  716. Frank

    No more sporting events on T.V. Fantasies will be the closest place for sporting intertainment and beautiful dancers. Gold club would be another place to go.

  717. Bigger Dog

    Found its mojo and it rocks like no other!

  718. Big Willy

    It rocks!

  719. "andre" gone astray

    Girls are excellent! Most impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr.Hater, posting as “andre” can’t hide you. You seriously

    need to get a job and some mental help.

  720. e
  721. Jill

    Grrrlfriendly club!!! I totally love Dakota, Emma, and Penelope! Pretty good pizza too. Drinks are pricey but I guess that’s normal for strip bars.

  722. 2LT

    Major candy for sure. All night happy hour (Tuesday?)

  723. "rob" had job,now slob.

    The best of all the rest

  724. SpelCheck

    I think that’s “champagne”.

  725. Amex

    For me it’s party central.

  726. 9:30

    Good place to party with your buds. Even the DJ was way sexy.

  727. Veritas

    One of the best in the city with beautiful dancers and good food. Look for several posts today because AJ and I have a word war going on. We’re both spamming this site as usual.

    He’ll post a bunch of negative “reviews” and I’ll counter with

    messages closer to reality. Your turn, AJ.

  728. george

    place sucked, girls r nasty ,its a dive would not go if beers were a dollor

  729. by any other name

    this club rocks like no other, its awesome!

  730. Buckwheat

    XOXOXO to all the ladies

  731. seisatnaf

    this club rules

  732. back to bobby

    It rocks on and on and on

  733. vic is a trick

    no doubt one of the best you’ll ever see! that’s why i keep going to this web site every day, several times a day, to leave my hater-grams. it’s just me, AJ/Hater, at it yet again, and getting mocked mercilessly for it, yet again. ever since i got fired i’ve been a bitter,broke,lying little weasel who posts messages here using fake names like “vick”. you’ll see more of my hater-grams today, followed by world class mocking!

  734. 8Cal Fan

    Load, but big time entertainment. Thumbs up.

  735. Jail Bird

    What happen was the best place in town!

  736. C.Diesel

    I’m a fan for sure for sure.

  737. eduardo

    Super duper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  738. "buck" as in "suck"

    Great club, definitely one of the better……………….

    That’s why Mr. hater has posted twice (so far) today, using fake names yet again but with his same old lame old

    hater message. What’s gone south, Hater, is your brain!

  739. ed said

    It totally rocks

  740. Tonja

    Very friendly pretty girls and fun for couples. Cute bartenders too.

  741. elvis? like hell this!

    just keeps on getting better!……………………………

    what is the same is that Mr.Hater still pops up on this site

    to leave his lame-o hater-grams using fake names like “Elvis.”

    Dude, give it up already! Jack and Tony are long gone. Your odd little game no longer has any purpose. Take your meds and

    you’ll feel better about yourself.

  742. pepperoni

    Got some damn good pizza and wings.

  743. sobby bobby

    this place rocks – dont waste your time anywhere else

  744. anal alan

    make this place a your favorate, it rocks

  745. tricky, but has no dicky

    unquestionably one of the better strip joints in town………….mr.hater wastes his time leaving his daily hater-grams here.dont pay any attention to his fake posts. he sounds so desperate, actually begging you yo believe him. pathetic! his ignorance is “unquestionable!”

  746. brad gets beat bad

    Easily in the top 5 clubs in B’more. I like this one best, so

    I always enjoy the chance to visit this web site and correct the ridiculous hater-grams left here daily, several times a day, by AJ/Hater, the poor little misfit who got fired for being such a dumb ass. Using fake names like “Brad” can’t save you, AJ. You’ve met your match and I’m as persistent as you are!

  747. Aaron

    Hot girls. Slick layout. Sports channel. I say “B+/A-“.

  748. Not my real name

    I like it!

  749. jeanna

    I used to dance here and it was bomb! Then the owners of mcdoogals bought this place and it is awful. They took all the fun away from this place. they boss the girls around like they are paid employees or something. They turned off all the tv’s and got rid of all the lunch specials. There is a lady that sits and watches ur lap dances now, and their is absolutely NO flexibilty with the schedule now. Girls and customers don’t waste ur time. IT IS NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE. All the girls went to other places like Huster, Ritz, and Wagon Wheel. If you like to be treated like shit and not have fun this is the place for you.

  750. "nick"ed in the bud, bud

    It totally rocks like no other on the planet in the known universe! This is pure hype of course, but makes a nice counterpoint to AJ/Hater’s latest hate-o-grams. “Nick”? “Evan”? C’mon, AJ, everyone knows it’s you. If you’re so proud of your hate, don’t try to hide from it. Your masquerade is transparent.

  751. eric

    terrible, terrible, terrible, yuk!!!

  752. Ugly Chicks

    Place suck!

  753. "korey" you so bore-y

    this is a niffty little strip club. it would have to be concluded that anything mr.hater posts on here is merely hate,

    ever since he got fired for being such a dumbass. using fake names like “korey” because he’s too much a coward to use his real name. yes this game is silly but i’ll play it as long as

    mr.hater does.

  754. ceasar

    It totally stinks. Worst I’ve seen in Baltimore

  755. Ms. Liker

    I like the babes and the pizza and the tequillas.

  756. 44D

    Hot babes.

  757. "willie"? not really!

    Great club, highly recommended………………………….

    wonder why Mr. Hater is posting as “willie g.” today? What’s

    the “g.” supposed to be for? “goofy”?

  758. likesnudes

    Girls are hot!

  759. "master" bater

    really thought this club rocked. it was easy to find, the girls were ultimate and the music ranged from classic rock to current. mr.hater posts his daily hater-grams ever since he got fired. he posted as “master martin”, but is just a “master” of lying. he will post again today, and he will get mocked again, as usual. he makes this way too easy.

  760. iz 'e nuts? For sure!

    absolutely, completely, totally rocks and rolls!!!

  761. "Nate" can't rate

    Line up is wild !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s why mr.hater posts his daily hater-grams using fake names like “Nate” ever since he got fired for being such a dumbasss. Hater, spmed less time posting and more time trying to find a job! And some serious therapy!

  762. danny

    never a good time here – girls too ugly

  763. the worst

    no fun here, you’d rather see these girls with their clothes on!

  764. Sickened

    Why? Why would anyone pay to sit with four or five unhappy

    strippers. This club looks like shit, has no life in it,

    smells bad, and it a poor excuse for a gentlemens club. The

    few girls they have are not pretty most come from the block

    it seems. The food made me sick. What once was a great club

    has become a major eyesore to the area. DO NOT GO HERE IT


  765. AJ again and again

    club seriously rocks me like no other! bestest lineup in all of creation!

  766. einniv

    best strip club in the city

  767. "wilson": ill son

    i couldnt believe how niftty this joint is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thats why mr.hater posts his daily hater-grams under fake names like “wilson” ever since he got fired for being such a total dumbass, and too big a coward to use his real name.

  768. Checkers

    JR,Joe, etc. Same guy.

  769. Real AJ

    Big fun, my son!

  770. RedSox

    Lexi so hot!

  771. Sweet Suzies

    My first time at a strip club and I loved it

  772. BobG

    Hard to find, good to find.

  773. zachery

    nighshift always brings out the dogs. very bad selection

  774. Barb

    Saturday night is the best they’ve got? How sad! Came with a group but we didn’t stay long. Went to Fantasies instead. It was rockin.

  775. whiney

    one spiffy little strip club that really successfully entertains

  776. Beast knows least

    Still awesome in new talent! Best club around!……………

    Why does Mr.hater still post here? Why “beast”? He should use

    “Beaten”, not “beast.” Dude, Jack is gone. There’s no reason for you to leave your lame-o-grams here anymore. Find a hobby,

    get a job.

  777. abby

    club is terrible for too many reasons to list

  778. management

    closed. reopening in august

  779. MacDaddy

    The NS girls are the best. Every town should have a club like this.

  780. V12

    Recognizing the spam is easy: a whole lot of comments here all on the same day. I’m making no attempt to hide it, but MrHater does.

  781. mitch

    just as bad under new management as it was under the old management

  782. silly willie


  783. Lazy Deuce

    This club ROCKS! I went last Saturday for a batchelor party. Dakota has the biggest most amazing tits I have ever seen!

  784. "sammy" is a sham-y

    One of the better clubs in town. Great staff, cool music……

    that’s why Mr. Hater posts as “sammy” mong his other fake names. He’s been doing that same weird game ever since he got fired. Too much coke up his nose I guess.

  785. norm

    my least fave club, really poor quality

  786. "evan", in vain

    one of the 2 or 3 best in baltimore, no doubt

  787. jazz

    Barbie,Natasha,Taylor…’nuff said

  788. sammie

    Nice place to hang out at!

  789. V13

    Correcting the great wrong that MrHater did. Just wish I didn’t have to use this way to do it.

  790. lou

    Ifound out the negative about night shift comes from the ritz

  791. brendonovan

    best freakin club ive ever seen. it rocks. girls so bodacious they make every night hot.

  792. milton

    crappy club thats overpriced with ugly dancers