Tony’s Place



4215 E Monument St, Baltimore, MD 21205


39.299497, -76.560633




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Tony’s Place

  1. One of Tonys girls
  2. ewww you

    Why does this club smell the the dundalk shit plant when we are in the city? Toilet.

  3. Chuck

    Please me why they have a really tall dancer who looks like a man. Has anone seen the beef jerky comercial. Messin with the sasquatch. That’s tony’s. If the wall is not gonna fall on you the bigfoot will. Carefull on flushing the toilet wait that might be the only safeplace there is. Fat, Chunky woman disqusting. Now the one with Tatto’s she is Sexy.

  4. Jeff

    Nice cozy little place, especially for me. Since I travel a lot for business and pleasure, it feels good to relax a little at Tony’s.

  5. lilbit

    we have the cheapest prices in town and the best girls it is a layed back bar

  6. Gross

    Tony’s Place Formally known as the dough roller.

  7. Guess Who

    They girls are horrible dancers except sexy Cherry. I will come back to see her. Tony man it’s time to get some new girls cause the ones you have are just not hacking it. Gross Gross Gross.

  8. OMG

    This bar is still open. A bad excuse for a club. No class Just women in the bar who think they are serious next top model. Need to shut down seriously. Will not ever spend my money in this shit of a place they call a titty bar. Rather go to the hustler club where there are better hot females ya heard me.

  9. Tiame Upps

    Tony’s Hispanic House of Groping, stop by and grope a girl. Everyone one else is! No Habla English!!


    This is where Crack-Whores go to die.

  11. New Talent

    If ya haven’t been 2 this club in a while, GO! Jimmy has taken over and giving this place an overhaul. New walls, new bathroom, new tv and a new dressing room 4 the girls. Still a laid back club with laid back girls. Good start Tony!!!

  12. maxxy1

    TONY’S PLACE STRIP CLUBis the coolest strip club in Baltimore, Maryland.A getaway spot with a pleasant and friendly environment for your adult entertainement where you can have a really good time by having your drinks while you can enjoy the show or watching sports or playing pool, alone or with friends or of-course with the company of our sexy dancers.

  13. just needed ride

    ride me

  14. Mary

    The first time I walked into Tony’s Place I thought it was a pizza shop, much to my surprise, it was not. Now 3 years and a gazillion dances later, I love it there. Tony is very good to his employees and keeps us safe. I love how down to earth the other dancers are and how relaxed the guys that come to see us are too. I will always come back to Tony’s Place. CONTACT Tonysgirls at hotmail

  15. The Man
  16. Ken
  17. friend

    we are a layed back cheap club nice place and sexy dancers

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