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0 reviews for “Zachary’s Pub

  1. Quiet Guy

    Since the club owner has waived the cover from noon to 4pm, it has been driving more business in, and in turn some of the night girls are filling in day shifts….I LIKE it. Cassie gives the best show for me anyway, followed closely by Nadia, Athena and Ashley. When I go in on Fridays, the night shift seems to start early with Gianna, Keri and Alex. It is nice to have somewhere to go without having to drive the bridge into Dartmouth. Thanks for the no cover….

  2. 1Bad Dog

    My favorite local club. The girls are hott! & very attentive. Yoy get what you pay for, and sometimes even more.

  3. CC
  4. XhXeXy

    It’s a Strip Club. Women walking around naked or wearing very little clothes. My first time ever in a strip club and it was quite interesting. I went with my husband. Its not a high end, fancy club in any way. It is quite spacious and even has pool tables. Is very easy to find and the drinks are very cheap considering you are on the cape. The women were dancing on the pole and giving lap dances to a few of the guys that were sitting around the “stage” but we were seated away from the stage. They were pretty professional and respectful to us. They did not come over to us to just dance in his face (which I thought was respectful of them). One of them was going around offering lap dances.

  5. Yeah right!

    Hey tiny banging your hand while thinking of them doesn’t count. Maybe if you learned to spell your odds would improve. MORON!

  6. Erik

    Wow…this place is by far the worst strip club I’ve ever been to…just a warning:

    1. There’s literally no contact on the dances.

    2. The Back massages are done over your shirt, haha

    3. The girls sit in the back on couches and don’t even approcah you…forget about asking them to sit on your lap…it’s not allowed…they’re not even allowed to drink, haha.

    On the lone bright note, the budlight drafts are $4, and if you don’t want to be bothered for dances and just wanna watch, you’ll ike this place.

  7. David B.

    Naked women all within their twenties. All working their way through college…right. It’s a Stank club without question but on those occasions when we sink to the depths of my primal manhood..well, you get the the idea.

  8. dburg1983

    I was glad I read about the club before I went. Not a bad area or building. When you walk in the the door you are greeted by a militant looking woman who asks for you ID so that she can put in on a pad and photograph it from an overhead camera. you have to look around to see where the stage is, way down to the left. the private dance room is kind of nice with fireplaces going. There is a pool room with a dance pole in the middle of it as well.

    When I get down to the dance stage I wonder where the girls are. They are off the stage and dancing for guys at the bar. I was surprised there were about 5 guys sitting around the bar at 1:30 in the afternoon. It appears the girls are lot more friendly to the regulars and kind of ignore the new comers. The was no cover charge and the draft was only $3.

    I had expected the extreme no touch, so I was not surprised and did not feel ripped off

  9. mike

    This club has the hottest girls, especially Angelique, Ivy, and Amber

  10. tiny

    Ive banged 6 girls there in the last 3 years…not in the club…and not for money…but when they new where I worked and came to see me it was only for one reason…

  11. Roger

    great club great girls

  12. Jesse

    looks like porky’s minus the moat…low class overall..too high of a cover…..needs new management,and dancers!!!

  13. Tom
  14. Back in 6 months

    Nice atmosphere. Some of the girls really looked like they enjoyed their job! Only one girl seemed like she didn’t want to be there. Fake tits, real tits, blondes, brunettes, there was something for everyone! To the girl that I didn’t buy a lapdance from…my bad, I tried to make it up to u the best I could 🙂

  15. greg

    a fun evening, great girls

  16. JR

    Best Club in New England

  17. joseph1k

    This place is great! Just went this past weekend for my friend’s bachelor party down the cape. We came in Thursday night and was pleasantly surprised by the talent of dancers. They had some smokeshows which i didn’t expect in a cape strip club. This place has pool, a punching machine and all the classic dive bar games and they pour stiff drinks. We came Friday because they gave us free passes. The only downside is no contact and tons of stupid rules…. other than that it’s world class for a dive strip club….

  18. Jaden

    My boyfriend made me go. It was pretty good. The girls who were there weren’t too fat. Well one was, but she looked good. I think it made Joe horney cause he had a big woody. I smoked the pole in the car while he kept saying the fat girls name. Good fun I guess. Can’t get her face out of my mind now when we do it.Damn.

  19. don

    hey guy below this. i saw devon last month she’ll be back in a few months.def. one of the hotter girls there.

  20. bud

    We had 16 guys down there and none of us had ever been here. The place was great. The girls were hot and very good to the nice tipper. I have been to many places in many states and this was an above average experience. Move the tables out of your way, tip and enjoy

  21. BILL

    I went to this place and it a crapy place for the money,the girls arn’t friendley and the private dances suck the bouncer stand right over u the hole time. i wouldn’t go back if they paid me too.

  22. Closed
  23. zman

    The girls working the night I went where amazing, espeacialy Ashley, Paige and Mindy. Mindy was amazing. Very friendly and very flexible. Best looking 34 year old I’ve seen .

  24. Lisha K.

    I had such a great time here. They were really girl friendly -there were other non-stripper girls there besides me, and the dancers were sexily attentive to me. All the girls there that night were really hot, too. The lap dances are not particularly private, but they are in front of a fire place. They’re serious about the no-touching, but it’s ok because I just waited until I got home to have good sex with my boyfriend. For a girl from Brooklyn visiting Cape Cod, this was the perfect dive strip club. I’d totally come back!

  25. Alicia

    This club is awsome. It is obvious that the girls love what they do. They are not stuck up at all. They are beatiful and always strive to impress. It sucks that you can’t touch, but even with that rule, this club is better than most in the greater Boston & Providence areas. The club atmosphere is very cape cod. Definately my favorite strip club.

  26. timmykilla

    I’ve talked to the owner, and he has been helpful in getting me the name of the dancer I wanted to send a thank-you note. He seems genuinely committed to protecting the dancers from any hurt that could come to them. The bartender confirmed that he is all about protecting the dancers. Which I appreciate,

  27. johnny


  28. george

    I love the club.beautiful women,friendly atmosphere.

  29. Joe

    Any club that you can’t call directly to talk to some one who works there has got to be a little shady. It’s a phone line!!

  30. evan
  31. Jack R.

    Zachary’s Pub is a hole in the wall of a place, but most definitely the hidden

    gem of Cape Cod, MA. This unassuming strip joint is intimate and laid back.

    Busy on the weekends with dancers who will definitely get your blood boiling.

    Especially Honey. Oh Honey! Gorgeous, exotic, and as sweet as her name. Her

    stage show is impressive and sexy and her private dances extremely excitable.

    She is worth the drive on a fri or sat night.

  32. zacharys!!

    unbelievable club.. these girls are hot hot hot! for such a ..well… run down club, there sure are the prettiest girls i have ever seen in a club before. not only hot, but they don’t hound for dances and are nice to talk to. definately come and check it out, was there thursday night. I recommend gianna, ashley, or maya! gianna can do amazing things on that pole and if she doesnt get your blood pumping during her dances..nobody will haha. I got a single with her and then I wanted to test a “double dance” from her and ashley. ashley is a hot young blonde with funky hair, the best body, and blue eyes to kill. lets just say..gianna and ashley are the best team! girls, you need to defiantely keep the show up, wonderful performance 😉 haha.. recomend it to anybody!! will not be disappointed

  33. Jimmy
  34. richard95

    this place sucks big time, my firends and ik went there to have some fun and they wouldnt let us in because we had out of state ID’s. that was the stupidest thing ever, i guess they are so busy that they didnt need our business

  35. Devan

    The girls were great!

  36. sugar

    haha this club is a real joke i have been to many many strip clubs from all over from east coast to west coast and yes there are many in cali that suck-ass and this one is up there,place all small and dingy and stage is retarded as well,girls are so stuck up its pathetic,i hate the ones that are actually good looking and yet they kill it with there personaility which usually sucks!! THERES NO FUCKING CONTACT !! whats the point of going to a strip club just to see something kinda far from u and u cant get touched,even for a women like myself,who is very attracted adn get hit on everytime i go into strip clubs cause of my tits,they werent allowed to touch me and lick my nipples,it was sad..i hated that place never will go there again,really pointless waste of time and money and took forever to find that place,providence is much better as well as anywhere else..

  37. Speed Racer

    Bar service was a little slow, sound system was lame, but the girls were very attractive and not a bunch of skanky hoes. I would definately go back.

  38. fan of the arts
  39. winston12

    Bartenders have no personality.Dancers have no desire.overall- the beers are expensive and what makes a club like this fun, the hustle from the girls, is not there… I will not be wasting my money or time at this place again, such a shame because it has a lot more potential, girls need to be trained on hustle and the bartenders need to be trained on personality and hospitality to make people want to come back…

  40. FredFoobaz

    Zachary’s is now on “winter hours”: open only Thursday through Sunday until spring. It was hopping last Saturday. Had great dances from Mya and Brandy as always. Tara Dega was in the house, as well as Giselle and many others. (BTW – no food is served here as far as I can tell.)

  41. maxxy1

    It’s dark and dingy but the girls are usually pretty good. Of course the talent is better on a Fri/Sat night than a weekday afternoon but still not bad. The mens room is gross but if that’s the kind of thing that bothers you you’re probably not going to this kind of place anyway. Oh by the way, $3.00 draft beer.

  42. Ghost

    Only show in town. Dont be confused by the twinkling x-Mas lights, the place is a dump with naked girls & beer. No cover before 4pm, Check it out!

  43. Sun Day

    Your usual dumpy strip club. Although some improvements have been made, like new carpeting & upholstery, Zacks only looks good in the dark and after a few drinks. The place is busy on Fri & Sat nights, but is usually slow the rest of the time. The cover is cheap before 4pm, but the drinks are always expensive. If you dont mind being there with only a few regulars, try the off times (like Sunday afternoon). The girls are very friendly and don’t hassel you. If you want it to stay around then support it by going, I always have a good time. Check it out!

  44. John

    Dont waste your time here

  45. Apple S.

    I’m from Miami and spoiled: women work hard, hustle to make money, smile and allow to touch in south Florida (also different law when it comes to touching according to certain counties).This place has such old school charm, I loved it walking! You don’t find these hole in the wall places easily anymore. We went on a Friday late afternoon. There was not even 5 people in the place. Our group was men and women, good mood, weekend.We sit at the bar. The blonde bartender was so fake friendly. You don’t need to be friendly or like me, I’m a customer, but it is your job to make me feel welcomed.The dancers were ok, a good variety but only 1 skinny black girl was pretty and had pole dance skills, and a genuine small and gratitude for the money she made.Some have really bad attitudes, so bad we ended up leaving because one came up at the bar raising her voice. Rather go to a regular bar then.Really a shame, this place has so much potential.It’s the only club in the cape and I’ll probably go back, but we just haven’t in 2 months because we are more drawn to go to an open late bar then deal with the attitudes of the club. Hope I can revise soon.

  46. Nine Inches

    Mondays give me the best erection. All the girls were smokin hot. The rub girl has magical fingers and hot tits. The dancers were the best I’ve ever seen especially Gianna. She had good music,sweet moves,and the illest nana. The door girl and bartender were really nice and had sweet boobs too. Best club ever!!!!

  47. Tina

    My boyfriend took me and we had a fun time. The place is kind of dumpy, but the girls were really friendly.

  48. robertinboston
  49. cape chris

    Hey Mr Club Ower how about spending a little bit of the money u make on the club. This place smells and the seaingis old worn and has springs coming through the cshions on the couch by the stage. What a dump. Oh and also if there isno touching in the state of MA by law how come every other club Ive been to I get a nice Lap dance and not an “air” dance LOL

  50. ryan123

    I have “never” been here. I “have no idea” what this place is like. I “didn’t get” hammered off their 2 dollars beers. I “didn’t pay” for more lap dances than I can count.I “don’t want” to come back here every day forever.

  51. JPPJ
  52. FredFoobaz

    First of all, this place is CLOSED Mondays. All other days it opens at 5 PM. It’s a $6 cover until 7, then $11 Friday and Saturday, $8 otherwise.

    A smallish club with a strange layout – wide but not that deep. From left to right, a bar area with the dance stage, then another bar area, the lapdance area which you see from the entrance, and then some pool tables off to the right.

    The crowd can vary from hopping (a weekend evening in the summer) to almost dead (a weeknight in winter). There are usually 5-8 dancers working – generally friendly, varied body types, mostly but not exclusively white, mostly capable of engaging and intelligent conversation. Some are real knockouts, but all are sexy, down-to-earth young women.

    Overall – a fun place.

  53. charlie
  54. Richard

    I love the talking Urinal

  55. jake


  56. dee

    Here is the deal. I love this place, in a matter of fact, all my friends love this place, even the girls I know. The girls don’t harass you, it is a very laid back place. and overall very hot girls, especailly in the summer

  57. igor34

    Went here for my bachelor party. We went a day earlier and let them know 7 of us were going to come back Saturday night. We got our own stage, which was nice, but not all the girls danced for us. By the time the second girl tried to double up on us it was time to go. We spent about 1.5 hours here, but if they sent us new girls we would have been there all night. When we requested a few of the girls we were told they were on a rotation, but I guess that rotation didn’t include everyone.6$ bottles of beer. Girls are all nude- most are pretty hot. Some were older, but good bodies. NO TOUCHING… including the lap dances, so it made no sense to spend 20$ for the same show you got when the girl was on stage. Our waitress was a ditz and kept asking for tips- here’s a tip, come back more often and get the orders right. All in all, it’s the only club in Cape Cod and served it purpose, but I would never go back. The other people there were drunk rednecks and lonely older guys. Pretty depressing.

  58. Zeke

    low level=low life clientele

  59. 2Sxy4Myslf

    I visited the club last week. I saw a guy go into the dance area with 2 girls and stay there for an hour. So I took Nadia there, then Rachel, then Athena. It was a good time, with different looking girls. From little tits to firm ass dancers, it looks like it was a good day for me. hahahaha. Recent disappearances from Ashley and Honey and Devon were a downer, but Rachel can rock her body.

  60. K2

    It was ok, kind of a low budget set up though.

  61. 1 Bad Dog

    Stopped in last Sunday. The place was unusually busy with golfers & tourists. There were some smoking hot new dancers, and the regular girls who work every Sunday. As usual Nadia was looking amazing and getting good tips. Hope to see you there this weekend, check it out!

  62. nickstrip

    Place is very relaxed on a Friday night, not a downtown club scene. Great atmosphere

  63. Porky

    poor excuse for a club

  64. bigred

    porky’s without the moat

  65. Chuck

    Providence is MUCH BETTER than this place…

  66. Fitch

    It rocks….tons of hot chicks

  67. Trippy

    best ladies in MA

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