Kings Inn



635 State Road, North Dartmouth, MA 2747


41.6396022, -71.0185397




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Kings Inn

  1. Tom
  2. Fly guy

    It has a new owner, and they have been renovating the place. I had a good time there on friday, the place is changing for the better.

  3. Garry
  4. Hardwood

    My buddy & I were there 5/25. The stage is kind of weird. It looks like a coral or something. We lucked into the first night of a beatiful 6′ blonde named Stacey. She was magnificent! I hope she comes back, because she alone made the trip worthwhile. Her private dances were excellent. She is a real sweetheart & worth the investment.

  5. Average

    I have to say that this club has major improvements, definitely will be back!!

  6. Jack

    Been going there for years, great club, and newly remodeled

  7. nb dude

    never fails allways a good time

  8. the big cheese

    grimy club…..grimy money hungry ppl work there. the girls get hired n fired everyday for doing some nasty shit. Then they are back after a week off. Not all bad girls but most are. most girls are alright with nothing upstairs. Just about everyone in there can be bought…money can buy anything to these ppl. Hardworking girls… Heaven, Holly, Carmella, Cherokee, jasmin, kim,

  9. Tony
  10. Meaty

    I have never been to a better club since i can remmeber, and it took for something bad to happen at another club for us all to realize that the KI ain’t so bad after all i have had more fun here than i did for the past 11 years at foxy lady

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  12. Bob


  13. Mr Hanky

    1/09 Great girls, everyone was nice from door guys to the dancers, freindly atmospere, money well spent can’t wait to go back.

  14. Bandz
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  16. Chuck


  17. Pete

    this place is a shithole the foxy lady is ten times better pleaase dont waist your time here

  18. Sam
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  20. maxxy1

    Even though the building needs a lot of work, I do want to state that the girls are amazing for the most part… Some are druggy, others are simply there to have fun and making a living. Overall, any guy will find themselves having a good time. As for pricing, $3 during the day, free in Sundays before night and about $7 at night. Beers cost $7, I recommend you get Coors lite, they are $5.25. Don’t bother with the hard stuff, it will cost you $10. Laps dancing is $25, VIP is based on 15 min., or 30 min. They cost around $125 to & $215. Right girl you will get what you are seeking…

  21. strip club addict

    it’s aalright…better in providence

  22. Jill
  23. lucky
  24. Traveler

    Managers must write the reviews here. The place sucks.

  25. Bored in dartmouth
  26. quality

    that’s what it is, not quantity

  27. Jo

    AVOID THIS CLUB LIKE THE PLAGUE. We walked in at 12:05 and the cover charge jumps from 10 to 20 after midnight. What’s worse is 99% of the girls are really homely looking, the owner/hiring manager had to have been drunk to hire a lot of the girls. Our first experience seeing a dancer at this place, the girl was VERY heavy and unfit, DRUNK, and fell about twice. You could also tell it was not her first time being so sloppy as she had bruises all over herself. I went into the ladies room and she was puking in the stall next to me. The next woman looked miserable. We got really annoyed because we paid $20 to get in and out of 12 girls we watched dance, only 2 of them got naked. When you go to a club that is advertised as full nude, they had better be fully nude, or it should be called a titty bar. We walked away from our table for all of 2 minutes (about 10 feet away) to tip the dancer, and the bartender threw them out. A lapdance costs $25 regardless of whether or not they get fully nude, and it’s for ONE SONG. This place is a ripoff. Drive the extra half hour and go to Foxy in Brockton. Less money for WAY better.

  28. Johnnie

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  29. BOW WOW

    The Best Around …

  30. bill
  31. Karlton Banks

    I went to the club tonight, only to get robbed of over 100 dollars, Girl took my money to do a champagne dance, then never did one, ignored me and when I went to management, she told them I only gave her 20, and they would do nothing about it even tho I had proof I got money out of the ATM, bunch of thieves there

  32. Art
  33. fall river guy

    hey if you like fat pigs that want to steel your money then that your place but for me going there once was enough never will back drunk or not

  34. ????

    wanna know who to look for when i arrive at the club?

  35. Emmitt

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  36. inns biggist fan
  37. Royal

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  38. JackAss

    This place is not very good Needs alot of work

  39. McDonald's

    I’M LOVIN IT!!!!!!!!

  40. naomi

    kings inn nice place to hangout workers,managers very friendly great team to work with.check it out!!!

  41. Alejandro

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  42. Foxy Foxy

    can you say that this is not the best voted strip club in southern new england.

  43. yowza
  44. Beau

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  45. Candel Man

    Nice place I don’t know what sum people think if your not there to spend Money don’t go. I spent all mine on a hot chick and hope to see her soon. My son will be home on R&R in April from Iraq and he wants to see the hottest girls. I told he can have them all but one.. Cheroke she in mine.

  47. King of Kings
  48. Raoul

    Cherokee is MINE bitch! Not yours!

  49. OMT

    Good to enhance your sex life, full nude helps too

  50. Greg
  51. Kurt

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  52. Eric P.

    So this good friend I have went here…and told me a very, greatly detailed, review of this place…Alright whatever, I went here with a friend the day after his 21st. His dad gave us a lot of tips about what day to go. “Don’t waste your time going on amateur night, there’s a cover that night. And to be honest son, every night is amateur night at this place.”So we went on like…a tuesday or something at noon.Lets go over the pros: (well pro’s for most dirty minded men I suppose)I must say I haven’t been to like any strip clubs but when the beer is about the same price or cheaper then the surrounding bars then that’s a plus. Having to throw down no money right away and achieve full nudity that’s a plus.Bringing along a female friend one time, and having a cocktail waitress grab the friends head and force her to motorboat her triple D’s that’s a plus.Having the strippers nibble your ear? I dunno a plus maybe? haha. But really there’s not much restrictions on what you can do here.There’s like a VIP ‘section’ with see through windows where when not being used, the hottest stripper there went and got a full body oil massage by the managing staff lady. So lot’s of stuff going on here. Then they have the more private champagne room and such of course. Havn’t choked up the money for that and never will. Maybe when I’m like 70 or something.Cocktail waitresses are really nice, and cute, they’ll legit just chill and talk with you for like an hour about life.Cons:Of course you have your attractive nights of women and not so much nights. Both times I went I happened to catch the best one there carmella. Smokin’ hot. I recommend going on a night she’s there. But other than that this place has been called ‘The Stables’ with the setup of the single pole stage, it kind of has a fence that protrudes into the crowd where the larger women like to buck up against it like wild horses.Bruised my ankle once by them smacking the fence into it.Not really many cons though, the women get more attractive with the cheapish beer you drink. 4-5 dollars a bottle I think.In conclusion, go with some friends, you get a lot of one on one time if you go on a non weekend night. Not to pricey drinks, not to bad dancing. And supposedly voted #1 adult entertainment in the area or something.

  53. skinz
  54. Alex
  55. Girls..girls..girls..

    definitely some improvement, keep up the good workl!!!

  56. Bone

    Good place to hunt for take-out freaks who do crazy stuff. Otherwise very hit or miss, not worth driving any distance for

  57. Gil

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  58. Johnnny D

    Still the best around

  59. Scott
  60. Billy
  61. Jimmy t

    Had a great time, I will be back

  62. Reggie
  63. SW
  64. club expert

    it’s not a club with all barbies.. that’s the best part there are girls to fufill whatever the fantasy maybe… if you want a sexy wild girl with tatoos (cherokee), a crazy rocker chick (jeanie jugs), a sweet and sexy blonde (holly), the sexy brunette “girl next door” (carmella), or even the exotic black beauty (Jasmine)… Strip clubs are 100% different from whore houses and this place is homie believe it or not, and you will never have girls hounding you for money in inapropriate ways, and you will feel like your time and money is well spent!

  65. Alfonzo

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  66. terry

    everytime i come to this club i’m always satisfied, you may have to fish though the roughness a little but there are several hot girls that work there!

  67. Cheyenne

    Those who criticize K.I. don’t go there for the right dancers or maybe for the right Reasons. Instead lets go to Foxxy to see fake stuckup girls. Make my living there and I’m not a weld street reg. For a real pro come in and look for a tattooed brunette.

  68. Chops

    Cool Place hot girls and some not so. But ok place to hide 1 to 10 I give it 7 not bad.

  69. Old Timer

    I have always had a great time at Kings….

    Very friendly….

  70. real superman


  71. Al

    hooters!! hooters!!


  72. fern
  73. Me

    This place can be hit or miss depending on the particular occasion you go. Certain nights it is incredible, fun, and time well spent. There are nights it is basically opposite. It would probably be wise not to judge this establishment based on one visit. I suspect this club does have a relatively high turnover, though I am not certain how it compares in this capacity to other gentlemens clubs. Overall, I do enjoy it, and most would probably like it more then most, if they can ignore the negative talk it sometimes gets. Thank You.

  74. yum
  75. Johnny
  76. Morris
  77. Pony Boy

    This Club is the pits…don’t waste your money….lots 0of gangbangers & motorcycle scum habng out here.

  78. John
  79. Steven
  80. Rufus

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  81. Tracy
  82. Markie
  83. Quiet Guy

    Not sure why the Rating of this club is under 5. My experience in the club in December was excellent. I saw 8 women. 1 was about a 5. The other 7 plus the 2 bartenders were 7 and up, and Casey, Lacey and Ronnie are 9-10 on a scale of 10. Nice smiles, good conversation, not too pushy, great lap room dances and solid bodies. In fact, all sat and talked with customers for a good 30 minutes or so….I spent 2 hours and dropped $300. The mixed drinks could be larger for the money as $7 gets you a 5oz pour at Cape Cod’s only adult establishment. All in all, Better than I expected. I will be back at least 1x month in 2011….100 mi r/t from mid-Cape is a drag.

  84. Keven
  85. Mark
  86. frank VW

    Dude, all strippers are hookers! All they want is money but if you are lookin for more go to church and try to get someone’s mommy. Personally I have been with a few of the “good Girls” and it’s just about money so get over it.

  87. Giz

    The place to be …

  88. Sammy
  89. Maciel

    I went there and had a good time. Some of the dancers were really pretty but some were fat and it turned me off! If I wanted a fat girl I would go home to my wife! There was a very pretty waitress there that was very nice to me. Though nothing was excellent it is a good club to go to and have fun.

  90. Joe
  91. Out of Towner

    Was in the South Coast area on business & dropped by the Kings Inn during a weekday. This was my first visit & I must say this Club ranks right up there with the big City (Boston) Clubs. The entertainment was A+ & it is a customer friendly atmosphere. No hustle top notch adult entertainment.

  92. the public
  93. Doug
  94. Mike
  95. Rick

    The Inn Place to be …

  96. kl
  97. Cape Cod

    Nice old Club it would be better if some men would step up and spend some money and they will have some fun and HOTEST Lady is the sexy Professional Cherokee save a dance for me!!

  98. yankees fan club
  99. biker

    To the guy whos writing bogus stuff about cherokee ,your just mad becuase she wont sleep with you and wont return your calls .Get over it .

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  101. nameless

    friday night had beautiful girls on!

  102. aj
  103. Wayne

    I went to the king’s in for the first time last night with a buddy of mine to watch the soxs kick ass. We had an unbelivible time the drinks were a little pricie the overall music was phenomenal very good variety, you could actualy understand the dj unlike some other clubs ive been to, others would agree more customers dancing than the girls lol cant wait till saturday night deffinatly comming back see what he can do to a full crowd. VERY FUN TIME CHECK IT OUT monique an heaven deffinatly worth the trip

  104. Kent

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  105. david

    Always had a good time…never a dull moment

  106. Action12

    Been here once before and after the new renovations and change in management with my wife. Both times have been a blast for both of us. The girls are not pushy and and the prices are not to bad. The stage is much better after the changes which was one of the only things I didn’t like before. Went on a Sat night with my buddy and our wives and all 4 of of had a good time (Definably a female friendly location).

  107. Bobby
  108. ka
  109. hSSGOOyAZB


  110. patron
  111. jimmy
  112. james

    The girls at this club are willing to put out privately for a price,jut ask for Alicia.

  113. Hal

    Very Comfortable …

  114. steve
  115. Hal ...

    Great Place to party, safely …

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  117. RB10

    If you don’t have fun here, there’s something wrong with YOU! The girls are friendly here. Not stuck up like in other clubs. Look for Amber, Holly, Joanne, Riley and Monet they are all hot and alot of fun…but stay the fuck away from Cherokee…she’s the best and she’s mine. 🙂

  118. MELISA

    GRAET PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. WG


  120. Katie

    I work there and I know I rock! LOL

  121. Elvin

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  122. Stan
  123. town

    if you go there 6 times a week like pika of course there gonna treat you well cause your paying there salary….retard

  124. ...
  125. Ben
  126. Pika

    If you go there and treat the employees well, they in turn take care of you. Always a great time if you’re not a drunk idiot like Town. He can’t quite keep money in his pocket – drunk girls wanting coke make him spend money.

  127. Paulie

    Nice place if you need out call service from the day time whores.. the club get a little action too…mmmm

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  130. Sergio

    All nude not just topless is great.

  131. Micheal
  132. Cory

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