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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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  2. Paul.

    I was there the other day, it was packed. there was a few hott girls too. I got dances from Angie and Kristal before i had to leave. Very sexy and sweet too. I’ll defenitly be back!!

  3. Quags
  4. jim b.

    hot girls and good music!

  5. recent_guest

    This was my first all-nude club, and let me say the full-nude is awesome. That aside, a lot of the girls were a little to a lot chubby and some had scars and stretch marks from childbirth. I asked for a lapdance ($20) and actually got a “VIP” dance, where they dance in a chair in front of you. Not really worth it. Also, the girls were very busy chatting with each other and male friends at the bar instead of patrons. It was surprisingly hard to get the attention of one to give me a dance.

  6. Phil M.

    I came in on Sunday around 4. couple of hot girls, and pretty laid back atmosphere.

  7. Ray

    This place is a dump.

  8. Steve
  9. new guy

    Had a blast however the drinks are priced way to hi. $14 for a drink. $8 for a beer. Dances r good but i think the bouncers are more into it then i was cuz they get 5 feet away and just stare. It makes u not wanna get dances. Now the massage is worth it by far, and the girls for the most part r hottttttt. At least they r not as messed up as they r at the banana

  10. larry1

    i have been to this place probably about a dozen times. ive gone with straight friends, gay friends, people im sleeping with, co-workers, you name it; and, i always have a solid time. ive never bothered getting food here; but, really. im not here for food. im here to get drunk and look at naked women.the drinks are over-priced of course, but theyve never caught me drinking in the parking lot either. so, ill chalk that up as a win. there is a blonde girl with short-ish hair that seems to defy gravity on the pole. excellent. also, there was a delightful dark haired woman who i affectionately refer to as ‘black widow jenna’. i dont even think her name is jenna, but i love her all the same. one of the girls even bought me a shot one night. i love this word; go here & bring me with you.

  11. D

    The evening might be different but in the afternoon you can get pretty good attention from the girls.

  12. Duh

    Hey Mike they were not stolen, dumbass. They chose to go there cause the Moon sucks almost as bad but not quite. They would do much better at Tens. The Cab can keep Des/Angie tho, that whore deserves a dirty smelly club

  13. better

    guess all the hott girls are leaving the moon, that place is a dump.

  14. jim

    still my favorite club and some of my favorite girls!

  15. flatlander

    The dancers here are mostly hot, and they are both enhanced & non-enhanced. Mostly white girls here as well, but all ethnicities were represented on the Amateur night that I was here for recently. The total non-contact LDs are $20/song, and you are watched by a hulking bouncer the entire time (sometimes he’ll even make faces at you while you are getting a LD). There is no private/VIP room here, and no “extras” can be found here. The cover charge is $10, and the drinks started out at around $5. The wait service was kind of slow, and they really didn’t have enough seats for customers either at the stage or away from the stage (with a view). This is basically an OK local bar that has strippers in it. The club is located on Route 1 South, which is a divided highway that doesn’t have very many places to turn around on it. Take Exit 46 from I-95 South to get here quick. They are open from Noon-1230 PM; 7 days/week. They have a main stage where at least two dancers strip nude and a back stage that rarely gets any use unless there’s a bachelor party or something like that. There is one main bar area as you walk into the club, and another, smaller bar located on the far Right-side of the club in a hole in the wall (located between the elevated, wide open LD area & the dancer’s dressing room entrance). The bathroom was filthy with NO door on the one stall. Amateur nights here are apparently Wed, Thu, and Sat. There’s really not much that’s special about this place IMHO.

  16. bad billy

    Best club of the three in the north shore of boston.

  17. josh
  18. Harrison69

    Went a few weeks ago for a birthday. It was a Tuesday, so there was no cover. Think it could have been an amateur night.Not saying that because the ladies lacked talent. Saying that because of the sign out front. Amateur night is sometimes pros from other clubs anyways. Most of the girls were great looking.

  19. emily

    this club rocks!!!

  20. so sad


  21. Jack

    Did someone say childbirth? What the fuck – the “girls” here are so rude looking. One pig was tattooed and scared. Another had stretchmarks like a rubber tire. Another looked really tired and zombie like. What does it take to get a nice club with pretty women stripping everywhere? THis place is the pits. And don’t get me started on the Men’s room -where’s the shame?

  22. JoeBlow

    Worst club ever…I went in there with $200 in my pocket, ready to have some fun…not one dancer even suggested a private dance. Awful place

  23. yourmama

    great place..relaxed.

  24. Frank

    I love taking a dump here. I crap in the men’s room all the time! I do like to use myhands to wipe though.

  25. frequent flyer
  26. NH Guy

    Came in after going to the Moon and we had a way better time the girls were nice and we will be back!!!

  27. Old Timer

    It has seen many better days in the past before I moved away years ago. Now I am back and some off the same old(older) faces and asses that I think should have retired by now as was planned for them, they talked about starting thier own store – I guess that was one of those stories from the girls, like how much she was in love with only her husband. Now no husband and bet never did the store either, they were all lies.

  28. Ex Customer

    Place isn’t safe. The carpet is dark for a hides the blood stains from previous customers that came in the day before.

  29. Rover

    Great place for a drink with your buddies, but as a strip club — not so hot.

  30. Paul
  31. customer
  32. mike

    private dances aren’t that great, they’re never close and there’s always a bouncer watching. he should pay for half of it!

  33. joe

    Quality of girls has improved. Nice wait staff.

  34. dick

    it sucks to high hell. get better girls and lose the dickhead staff.

  35. ryan123

    Bouncers and bartender were rude to me years ago so I have been hesitant to go back. They have s bit of the “tough guy” syndrome that club workers have. I worked in a club so I know all the signs. Needless to say I have ended up there for birthdays or special occasions but I never forgot the rudeness I encountered there and avoid going at all costs.

  36. John M.

    I love and miss this place. That is all.

  37. Mad Max

    Tear down club . Then rebuild . Last of all be very selective who you hire for dancers and business will florish again .

  38. joseph1k

    While knowing an ex-employee of the place has its benefits…this is not an establishment that I would frequent often. Girls aren’t that great looking, food sucks, what more can I say.

  39. Matt
  40. just andy

    i think this the best place on north shore, the girls are awesome! especially bobby, kayla and madison

  41. JARED D.

    Ahhh the Scabaret. You will see an array of scabs here. I’ve had more disappointing nights then good nights here. The worst time was when I was with a more outspoken friend. The skeeviest, scabbiest dancer of the night, who couldn’t dance made me laugh at first, but then it was just awkward. After she got off stage she litterally was standing behind me poking me in the neck saying “Get a dance, get a dance”. They aren’t supposed to pull guys paying dollars off the stage but this girl was all messed up on something, and she thought we were friends or something, I don’t know what was up with her. We go to the private dance area and they have to stand a couple feet away from you. I was sitting there thinking “This is what you were pinch-poking me for, get me out of here” She was beat too. 2 stars.

  42. lovesstrippers
  43. XhXeXy

    My friends took me to Cabaret for my bachelorette party in mid-August. It was a Sunday night, maybe 10 people in the house other than us. We rolled about 20 deep and all saddled up to the stage.The women were ALL gorgeous, IMO, but then, I think women are gorgeous. And all fine dancers, too. I imagine Sunday night isn’t a prize shift, so at first some of these ladies rocked that bored look that we all get from working and not making any money.AND THEN…One woman came out, rocking a fedora, who rose to the occasion and was greeted with whistles and cheers and applause. And many many dollars. She worked the pole, she danced her ass off, she looked like she was having a great time. We were screaming, cheering her on. I threw down a twenty.AND THEN…This same amazing dancer (forgive me for forgetting your name) kicked off her platform heels and started doing CARTWHEELS. The story has become legend, which is saying a lot, since the crowd I rolled in there with are almost ALL dancers and who all definitely identify as sluts. We were in HEAVEN.We gave those dancers so much love that the house started buying US drinks.We had an amazing time. Thank you.Excess and Ohs, Sugar

  44. agreed

    I have to say it needs a facelift, along with new bathrooms. The girls are hott and cute. Barstaff is nice too….

  45. michael
  46. Whitey

    This place is awful…girls were actually hot…but private dances suck and are a waste of money. You get nothing more than what you could get for $1 right next to the stage – no contact and there are bouncer/owner types staring at you. This is after the dancer explains that “she will not touch you and you will not touch her” – sounds warm and inviting right? I cant imagine the dancers make any money at this place

  47. Bill

    Nice club, cover is high at night great day value

  48. .

    You idiot thats not midori!! its mercedes, get it right you fool

  49. joseph

    i liked this club a lot but i wish the bouncers didnt stare at me when i was getting a dance. they should have a curtain there or something.

  50. oldster

    Been going on and off for over 15 years, really a fun place. not glamorous or over loud. Some really great girls. The new dance area is more fun, a little more private. While not fancy, you could really bring a date her because there is no shady crap going on like apparently happens elsewhere. A good fun time

  51. Niko


  52. Jimmy j

    No consistantcy no manager runs the show difeerent rules or everyone it’s a messs they let people who would run thru walls for them part ways no one knows what’s going on this should be a gold mine but they are happy for penny candy wrong peaople with own agegenda unfortunately owners customer and everyoneone else is hurt they have fired so many people but one should go is lawernce who is wowrt of wort

  53. Pedro


  54. Regguy

    Lots of new faces in the last month cleaning house n taking names lots are very enjoyable though so plus for that

  55. Roy
  56. club goer

    Extreme makeover how about an intervention? Cover charge should include soap. t.p and paper towels. There’s only 1 thing worse than a disgusting mens room. A disgusting restroom with out supplies.

    A wise man once said check the cleanliness of a places restroom to see how clean the rest of the operation is. Nuff said bambinos!

  58. needs a makeover but..

    The staff is friendly and the girls are cute. Good place to just down a few beers.

  59. AssnTits5

    i love this place. Seems to have the most down to earth girls dancing north of Boston. All the staff was friendly and the atmosphere was welcoming. I definitely would go back anytime!!!




  61. Ricky

    Was there last night and had an absolute blast I will def. be back this weekend

  62. Erik

    This place is practically an institution its been around so long. The place is a bit worn down, but the girls, staff, and overall experience are great. The atmosphere is relaxed and its comfortable to hang out for hours on end. Dances are $20 and massages are the same price. Dances are no contact, but can still be a good show. Massages are well worth it. Ask for Joslin.

  63. Sam
  64. joshua

    it’s to bad that those pretty girls have to work in such a dump. there are some pretty hot girls though. it’s worth sitting in that shit-hole

  65. mark

    very pretty girls and a nice layed back club!!

  66. dave

    the bartender was great everything else not so much

  67. BB P.

    decided to check it out, considering i’ve lived in the area for almost 4 years and never have. everyone always said it was “disgusting” but i wanted to see for myself. it was a sunday, so there was no cover *yay!* and i got a free non-alcoholic drink because i was the designated driver. it was a comfortable friendly atmosphere and 3 out of the 4 dancers i saw were gorgeous. great tight bodies, cute faces, and one was amazing on the pole. the girls there blow away the golden banana girls so i have no idea what people mean when they say its ” GB’s deformed little brother”. the bartender was charming and very attentive. definitely be back

  68. don

    the bathrooms need to be cleaned!

  69. Rico Suave

    Great club to hang out in. Relaxed,casual,not too loud and affordable. Very pretty girls too!

  70. Joe V.

    I had the “pleasure” of being taken to the Cabaret Lounge for my birthday. It was a Tuesday evening, so I’m sure the atmosphere was much different from what it would have been like on a Friday or Saturday night. Nevertheless, I was actually pleasantly surprised by the place. The place felt cozy and inviting when I expected it to be sterile and disgusting. Again, maybe it was directly related to it being a weeknight and the crowd being small. Two dancers in particular, Gianna and Crystal, were very chatty (good or bad, depending on your frame of mind) but I found that to help me feel more at ease. And since there weren’t a lot of folks sitting at the stage, there was quite a bit of one-on-one time where you could actually engage in some small-talk without feeling rushed. One dancer told me that she likes to eat Pop Tarts and macaroni & cheese. Another talked about her non-exotic dance background, which I found interesting given the resurgence of “reality” dance TV shows. They were friendly and it looked like they enjoyed what they were doing.After cycling through the entire line-up of dancers, we decided to head down the street to the Squire in Revere. Now THAT was a big disappointment. Sterile? Check. Disgusting? Check. The whole having to go through a metal detector at the door ironically made me feel more tense and less safe. The dancers were also not as friendly and the energy that they exuded was that they were there to make a paycheck. I could go on, but I would much rather focus on the positive experience of the Cabaret.So, we actually WENT BACK to the Cabaret just to be in the friendlier atmosphere. As soon as we sat down at different seats along the stage, the dancer who was on stage came by and said with a smile, “Hey, why’d you guys switch seats?” And then when it was the next dancer’s turn, she also came over and asked the same question. It felt nice to be treated as a human being and not as a dispenser of dollar bills. Granted, the good dancers are there to make the clientele feel good, which in turn makes them more money. However, as our experience at the Squire revealed, many dancers don’t go the extra mile when they simply think that showing a little skin is all it takes to make money.While I don’t see myself going out of my way to get back to the Cabaret Lounge except other than a special occasion, the place left me with a positive impression. For what it is, they do a decent job–at least they did on this quiet Tuesday night that we went there.

  71. JASON
  72. anthony

    some what decent looking girls getting naked and drinks should be a good time- not here- their idea of fun must be counting their money- dancers are friendly- but their is strict no touch rule- bounces harass patrons- bartenders act like they are doing you a favor by getting you a drink- and dj does nothing to create any buzz- might have been good in the 80’s- which is the last time they cleaned the bathroom

  73. meh
  74. Youdontneed2no

    So I went here and my favorite all time dancer was Natalya she was fantastic she was great on the pole great with costumers and the best dancer in the place I just found out they let her go so I will no longer be going there she was the only one that made you feel like you were having a good time outgoing fun loving she was fantastic why would you do that get rid of your money maker that is just a stupid thing to do she made the cab something and I blew so much money in that club without her no more that place will die I will follow Natalya where ever she gos TEAM NATALYA

  75. Ned

    I met a couple of very pretty girls. they were very nice and enjoyed thier dances

  76. David H.

    Oh, yes. The Golden Banana’s deformed twin brother: the Cabaret– caterer to the most mundane strippers ever. Not one girl was attractive in there or gave a hard-on worthy performance. And as a man of low standards, that’s a sorry statement to have to make. The girls in there are amateurs at best, and aspire to build their stripping ambitions at the wrong place. Though I rarely complain about a bathroom at a joint, I feel compelled to talk about the one at this place: it looks like a hotspot for heroin shooters. The vending machines in there are filled with cheap condoms and items you wouldn’t normally find anywhere else (cock-rings? Really??). And to top it all off, it’s seven bucks for a beer. Seven bucks a beer?? Are you kidding me or what? I’m trying to drink to save my night and perceive these excuse for erotic dancers as being slightly attractive, and the Cabaret won’t even let me have that. So therefore, I recommend staying as far away as possible from this place, and boogie woogying on over to the Golden Banana across the street for a much better time.

  77. Franklyn

    Wow. I was one c-section scar away from hurling. A dark, dirty looking (outside and in) single level building sits at the bottom of a badly maintained parking lot. Sometimes referred to as the redheaded stepchild of strip clubs on rt 1, this place has very little to recommend itself. It’s the cheaper option, compared to The Banana (which isn’t a male strip club, nope. Deceiving, eh?)I probably should’ve started out by saying I don’t like strip clubs… Well, now that I’ve cleared the air? I was not impressed, and yes, I can compare this joint to others. At one point I turned to one of the guys I was with “really, again, what’s the point if she’s not attractive AND she can’t move in a way that is graceful or interesting?!” He said: “what? give her money, she’s got kids. she told me!” While logic like this works for intoxicated people who find it “entertainment” to watch a naked stranger clack her clear plastic heels in their faces… I sat there unmoved. I have bills too, but I keep all my clothes on at work- reasons including but not limited to the fact that I wouldn’t generally be found attractive naked, and am less than graceful. I heard recently that this club was owned by the Angels (not the baseball team). I wouldn’t be surprised if it were. They have an ATM machine (surprised?), cheap beers, and a smaller (unused?) stage behind the bar. The ladies room was fairly clean (looking) considering the locale, but I was not inclined to touch any surface.

  78. JR

    Hot girls….Wish there was more contact in the private dances

  79. Trump

    Midori is a DOUCHE BAG who belongs in the Combat Zone on a street corner working. This other trainwreck with the ugly tattoos covering up her stretchmarks looks like a damn transexual-her wig looks like roadkill.

  80. Roger

    Place is the best. Day girls are friendly and nice to talk to. The only complaint i have is the bathroom.

  81. no one

    Very laid back, most of the girls are friendly. You can just hang out comfortably or get dances or whatever.

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