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151 Newbury Street, Peabody, MA 1960


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Golden Banana

  1. Mikemoose

    The banana has some hot dancers! I enjoy spending time with aria and maya, two Asian hotties! Also other dancers that are friendly are shayla and Sara!

  2. Revere Ballers
  3. Jill

    Hot girls

  4. Samantha H.

    Where did Chantelle go?!?! Does she usually work at Tens? Haven’t seen her lately! She is gorgeous!

  5. kelli r.

    I’ve been to the Golden Banana a few times since the re-opening. I think they do a fantastic job of catering to all clientele. I typically go with my girlfriends and somehow I am able to hang out with my friends in comfy chairs, watch sports on the big screens at the bar, drink some great libations and not notice the totally nude women dancing on the stage. The women are beautiful, including the bartenders. I like the atmosphere, very classy. However, I could have done without the jello shot girl showing me her milkwagons. It was a cute little dance but I’m really just interested in the alcohol, thank you very much. I’m pretty certain that these women aren’t really into the dance. I imagine that they are just going through their grocery list in their heads. I think it goes something like this:Dancer: (while rubbing breasts)”I need milk, eggs, detergent..” Anywho, I always have a fun time when I go to The Banana. The owners are great guys and understand what the customer wants..whether they are male or female.

  6. dave
  7. Harrison69

    Best strip club ever! Filled with super hot girls both on stage & off! Gotta love girls who love girls, only if they’re hot of course! Cover & drinks are pretty cheap for a strip club too! Win win! Why go anywhere else? This has become the place to be!

  8. name


  9. Craig C.

    This is the legendary strip club on route one that was shut down years ago but is now, like John Kerry said:REPORTING FOR DUTY!!!!!I mean it’s opened again.The outside is lit up and has the sign with the banana and lots of cars in the lot. and THAT’S IT.I can’t go in there. The next bachelor party is for Bulldog and it’s at Mohegan’s. My wife would kill me if I went for (just the heck of it)and to be honest I’d rather be giving my wife a lap dance.(she said no)oh well. someone else review it and I will read it.UPDATE:the gas station in front is 2.98/ gallon. I saw when I drove by. That’s not bad. (wow i wish, it’s now $3.98)

  10. xxx


  11. Mark Catino

    Great potential after some years was offline…!

    One of the best in Massachusetts…!

  12. Al

    Works for me.

  13. Dancer

    Do they have an amateur night here??

  14. The Truth Hurts

    Big-time rip off. Cover charge at all times, often high, club is too dark, dancers are unattractive, drinks and dances too expensive. Should have just installed the sprinkler system and kept the club as it was. Couldn’t you have at least hired the multitude of sexy, thin, pretty, real-breasted dancers who used to work the day shift?

  15. larry1

    i go when i can, usually with friends and cousins. drinks are high for the area but its a club. alot goes on in side from shot girls, to massage girls, table dances, privet dances. the bar is fully stocked beer and mixed drinks the DJ’s are usually good, you can request songs most of the timeFirst weds of the month they have amature night which they say starts at 8 but more like 9- 9:30 depending on how many girls show i recommend it beats all of the other joints around the area hands down

  16. AssnTits5

    Hmmm, so its been a while seen I have been here, but the second time back was not that bad. Heres the picture: One of my dad’s good friends from Central America came to visit. Now, in most families that means lounging around the porch and reflecting on old times while knocking back a few.. In my family, it calls for getting completely drunk and dragging the only sober guy in the bunch to the strip club so he can drive. Needless to say I was the sober guy.It all started when we went to Bertucci’s in Rt. 1. Since we were 5 Latinos going to an Italian restaurant, naturally they sat us all in the back corner of the restaurant. Dad and friend polish off 2 bottles of wine. After 2 hours of lively conversation, Dad throws me the keys to his truck and says “You’re driving” Normally, this would result in squeals of glee from my part (because his truck is SWEET), but unless you have driven 4 drunk old-world latinos around in the cramped cab of a pick up truck, you would not understand my horror. After we bought lottery tickets, my dad says these fateful words”Fuck it. We are men. Lets go to a strip club”The only options were the Squire and the GB. They left the decision to me, and knowing that it would have taken a half-hour for these drunks to get past the metal detector (“Whaaaa? Belt buckles are metal? Defug you talkin bout?”), I decided on this place.F. We chilled there for about a hour and a half, before the rest of the group started to get lap dances. I noticed that my dad was talking to one of the strippers and started motioning towards me. Thats where i draw the line. The same man who taught me how to ride a bike, change the oil in a car, save money, drive a car etc, is NOT going to buy me a lap dance. Its too weird. Unless you have been there, you wouldnt understand.As a result, I left and slept in the truck for an hour before they exited the club. The reason I am telling you this whole story is because it may serve to throw off my rating , due the fact that I was scared shitless throughout the entire night.In terms of the actual rating, the quality of the girls skyrocketed from the last time I was here. I almost drooled on a stripper that looked exactly like Rihanna, sans abuse (too soon?). The waitresses were nice and for some reason I just got better vibes from the place than the last time I was here. Its that intangible characteristic, that X factor, that can determine whether or not you like a certain locale. Maybe its the decoration, or the people, but for some reason I actually had fun. Go figureI am still not coming back though.

  17. Alex

    Worst club I’ve been to, fuck this place. All the girls look like their beef curtains hold a few thousand crabs… GARBAGE!

  18. Scorpion

    Had a real good time great looking club

  19. harryharry

    Five stars for a Massachusetts establishment. Well done since the grand re-opening!

  20. chris

    i like how u guys can play music videos with the songs

  21. bill

    great place to hang out.

  22. tim
  23. Spooner

    Cover wasn’t bad $5, beer prices are high $6.50, Girls are foxy and friendly, lap dances could be better $20 no contact. Would go again.

  24. former RIslanda

    Yea, the club is waaay too dark, and the cover charge at night ($15) is waaaaaay too high…but this place is a very large, nice, upscale strip club (one of the nicer ones in Northern MA IMO). It’s located along Route 1, which is a divided highway that does not have a lot of places to turn around on it. I suggest taking Exit 44 off of I-95/Route 128 to get here. The club is located behind a Gulf gas station and is set pretty far back from the road…but it’s easily seen from the road. The drinks started here at around $6, and the nude, some one-way (dancer to you only) contact LDs were $20/song. There’s also the option of having a nude table dance in the main room for $10/song, but with the club being so dark & the dancer not allowed to touch you at all in this instance…it makes that option iffy for most. There were also girls roaming around the main room giving back massages, but I dunno for how much. Amateur night is on Wednesday. The do have a bathroom troll in the mens room, which was pretty clean by strip club standards. The have a TON of seating here, and the stage-side action was well worth the trip even if you don’t get any LDs. They did have a lot of bacherlor parties here on the weekend that I was here recently. The waitservice was very sketchy here as well. I saw at least a few black girls that were mixed in with the Latina & white girls…both enhanced & not. There are no “extras” available here, but the contact is slightly better than down the road at the Cabaret.

  25. PD

    went by at 3pm today. good size, nice chairs, awesome girls. they look great & know how to dance! Domino and Allie are my favs. I definitely will return.

  26. j s.

    Classier than the cab across the street.Not bad looking inside.The DJ will take song requests.But the dancers were boring.Nothing unique.No pizazz.No showmanship.Too many bad boob jobs.They just seemed unenthusiastic.I haven’t been there in a year…..maybe there is more interesting dancers now.

  27. A

    Good times.

  28. Franklyn

    Very dissapointed in last saturday night… $30 cover for me and my Lady who is hotter than any dancer that night. (hope it was the holiday that the talent was lacking)The dancers show no personality or interest in the customers.even thought the waitress was fantastic, she didn’t know we were ther for 20 min. despite the fact the host sat us down at the table…Matbe I will go on a different night, but unlikelyDDY

  29. Butterfly

    been there once and they was respectful. i love it and it was better then other clubs that i dance for

  30. razorramon

    Not bad place, girls are okay, especially in the champagne room. Got a decent hand job in Cr from a girl. I think she paid the door guy to walk away. He glanced over right when I was shooting a load on the floor..lmfao. I didn’t even care if he noticed. I’ll be back soon. Good place to relax, girls are decent, better then the cab or squire.

  31. Steve N.

    between The Banana and The Cabaret across the highway The Banana was always known as the better, cleaner strip club. The Banana was the first in this area to put strippers in cages, a good thing?anyWho, now the tables are reversed. went a few days after the re-open and Holy Crap this place is wicked dark inside. plus the strippers were only slightly better than skank-arific.i’ll check it out again as soon as i get some more vaccinations.

  32. tonycluber

    Went here last night 02-20-15 and it wasn’t to bad the drinks kept coming ladies was pretty good. 1 girl in particular that me and my friends enjoyed and that was Kayla (she’s the only black girl they had but she’s freaking HOT) The music could be a little better but for the most part it was an amazing night. So amazing we are going tonight again since Kayla said she only works Fridays and Saturdays don’t miss out

  33. can


  34. nick

    had a great time last night.

  35. ryan123

    Oh my. I can’t really believe I’m writing a review of a strip club, but here I am.Every friend I’ve told about my visit to the Golden Banana was surprised that it employed scantily clad women and not men. And they make a good point. I mean, “golden banana” implies a certain part of the male anatomy that women don’t usually have. Who knows.As strip clubs go, though, this one was on the classier end. It’s a little dark, sure, but the dancers are mostly attractive and the security is discreet. We didn’t eat here (there are plenty of restaurants along Route 1), but the beers were expensive, though the selection was pretty big.Unsurprisingly, I got a few stares from other patrons, most directed slightly lower than my face, but the dancers were friendly.Oh, and who knew MA allows full nudity?

  36. Joe M.

    What happened to this place?! Are they trying to make it respectable? (“respectable” for strip clubs is a completely relative term) Where did the cages go? Where are the old, drunk guys mumbling unintelligably stage side? I’m guessing across the street at The Cabaret. Why is there a bathroom attendant eagerly standing behind me with the hand sanitizer? and if they have to have a bathroom attendant why does it have to be an old guy…or a guy period? (Maybe he was promoted from stage side?) And why are half of the patrons women? My wife told me that it’s trendy now for women to go to strip clubs like it was trendy 10-12 years ago for women to smoke cigars. Why do trends suck so much? It’s really hard to make Lenny and Squiggy faces at the strippers with a table full of women sitting right next to you.They’re trying to take all the sleaze out of the place. I’d only give it 2 stars but I’m giving it 3.’Cause of the nude ladies.

  37. Mack
  38. tony

    worse fucking club ever. Djs sux espically chris. I would tell him to go sux a dick, but he probabally would. Management has no idea how to run a club. All they do is fuck the girls and buy them 76,ooo cars. Fat fucks. They treat us spanish people like shit and they hate niggers. White people only at the racist banana. Haha only color guy they have is flushing toilets and washing our hands. A little advise boycott the fucking banana bcuz them 2 italian fucks don’t want minorities there. So don’t give them our money so they can go buy more grease for their heads.

  39. don
  40. yanard12

    Very sexy ladies and I feel like I always get that extra attention. The bar has everything and you can really have a great time with friends here! Much better than other spots in the area.

  41. Snuffy

    Great mix of dancers, you can’t miss, you’ll find someone you’ll attach to 🙂

    Overall it’s a great place for Mass clubs

  42. Billy
  43. bbb


  44. mathewater12

    Well. This place charge you a cover fee when there is absolutely no one in the club. I went in a Tuesday night, the bouncer asked a $10 fee immediately. There are only a few girls work that night, all white and Asian. No one really interesting by the way. Girls are not to satisfied to see so little customers and it shows on their performance. Constantly get harassed by girls for a $30 lap dance probably only last for 2-3 minutes. MA strip club is far worse than RI ones.

  45. koplouy
  46. ron

    Great lineup

  47. Rob

    This place has some really cute dancers!

  48. dd
  49. John


  50. jane doe

    Can the person who is writin this shit please stand up. That shit is corny and stop being pussy and confront the situation. Fags

  51. luvbanana

    This place is awesome. Everything is brand new and I’ve always had a good time. You won’t regret making the trip!

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