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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Castaway Lounge

  1. Bob

    Don’t bother going there on a Sun or Mon because they won’t be open… and even when they should be open; don’t depend on it because I drove all the way there from Connecticut on a friday night and they closed the place at 7:30. WTF?

  2. Daytimevisitor

    This place has a lot of potential. The problem is the lack of proper management. The day time bartender cares more about her social life then the customers. She is always on her phone, talking with the girls, or spreading the gossip instead of waiting on customers. Myself and some other regulars have stopped coming here due to the lack of service. We will return once she is gone. The club has a face book page but never updates it or puts the daily schedule on there. Facebook is free and it takes 2 minutes to post the schedule. Please stop being so lazy.

  3. Weekend NOMAD

    This club is very laid back. You can obtain good floor shows. Most of the ladies are very without being too pushy. The dances are good. The more you pay the best the dances are. Some dancers constantly bug you for a dance when you don’t desire one with them. More food and ladies that took no for an answer would make this place perfect. Over the last year, the quality of the ladies has improved. To me, its the “Cheers” of Strip Clubs. If you go before 5 on the week days and six on weekend days there isn’t a cover. Enjoy!

  4. Brandon

    Long time local

  5. been there

    not a bad club some of the girls need to work on their attitude and realize it’s not about them it’s about the customer but overall the girls are decent the new ones hopefully will stay and slowly start a revival of the place

  6. MrMaxwell

    I’m one of these guys who likes a divey, raunchy atmosphere at an exotic dancing venue. Cataway isn’t a “Gentleman’s Club,” it’s a “Strip Joint.” However, the atmosphere remains homey and friendly. No rough stuff. The girls are quite generous with what they’ll show you for a dollar. Many are “girl nextdoor” types, which I prefer to Vegas Showgirls. Private couch dances are just $20 bucks. The girls get quite naked and rub up and down you. The dances are short and if you’re not careful, you can blow $100+ before you lose momentum! The sound system is awful, the music sucks, and the drinks are overpriced, but, hey, it’s a stripjoint!

  7. x
  8. mike
  9. adamrod

    In late September we stopped at Castaway Lounge for my bachelors party. I would not usually rate a place like this but I had to say a few things about this place.1. This is a tiny club with a weird setup. It is the only club I have been to in the US, and it was uncomfortable to walk to the bathroom while watching people have lap dances.2. The dancers are nice but the management is rude. It was appalling the way they treated the dancers. Recently Mass Live wrote a story about the employees experience here. Here is the story…3. The club itself is dirty and sticky which obviously added to the awkwardness of the experience.That being said I don’t see myself stopping here again and I would advice people to steer clear.

  10. John Doe

    Christa, you can suck my cock goodbye!!

  11. Joe

    Some real nice girls and others that need to work on their approach. Nice place overall.

  12. satisfied
  13. Joseph
  14. Lovely Lady

    its nasty there!!!

  15. Ralph
  16. stan
  17. mich

    all the girls are beautiful.but sorry to say its good to see rosa back.she sparkles,no one could be her.krista to.sorry but rosa speaks the truth.shes never been concieted.

  18. Long Winded

    Went here recently… it was a Tuesday night, so perhaps things are better on the weekends, but I probably won’t be going back any time soon. It’s not a bad place to stop by if you’re in the area and just want to spend a little time ogling the eye-candy, but it’s far from the best club I’ve been in.

    The front area is small, with pretty uncomfortable stacking-style chairs (the kind you find in banquet halls). As near as I can tell, they don’t have a bar tender – the girls just tend bar themselves between sets. Same thing with the girl manning the cash register/ID station. No bouncers that I saw (in fact no men in the place at all except for the few customers) – which is good, in some ways, but given it’s a BAR I’d be worried about the place getting rowdie. Anyway – there were maybe 4 dancers that I saw (admittedly, I was only there about 40 minutes, so maybe there were others that were hidden out back), and of the 4, 2 were about 5’s, 1 was about a 7, and 1 was a dead on 9.5. I got a private dance from the 9.5. I must say, that although contact was fairly minimum (sat in my lap for very brief periods with no actual grinding), it has to be the absolute most *sensuous* dance I’ve ever had. Although I know this is not the case, by the the end of that dance my brain was spinning so much that I was convinced (at the time) that if I’d said “you want to go outside to my car and have some real fun?” she’d have said yes. Now, of course she *wouldn’t* have – but she was just *that* talented a dancer that she had me that convinced. It was an amazing dance, from that regard. However… it was, in the end, just a dance, not so much a “lap” dance.

    So… mixed reviews. Club wasn’t that great. But if you do go there, go on a Tuesday or a Thursday night and ask for a private dance with Lyndsie – even without the friction, it was a fantastic dance.

  19. holly
  20. j

    the best

  21. Jay

    This is a pretty small club but it is a nice place. We went there with seven guys for a bachelor party and we had a good time. The private dances are very good depending on who you get. Some girls will let you do some light touching if you ask and are very respectful. I had one dance (girl gone now from club) that let me touch all over and sat right in my lap while dancing. Like I said though she is gone, gone with my heart. 🙂 Most of the girls are pretty open and nice if you are respectful. Small front area and I wish the private dances were alittle more hidden but overall it was nice.

  22. johnny
  23. Buster

    Excellent club. The club has extremely nice and attractive ladies dancing. Everyone is very friendly and laid back. It’s an “out in the country” type location. I highly recommend it.

  24. Afficianado

    Went on a Saturday afternoon, and got the most intense

    lap dance’ from Christy. Had her mouth all over me, and I do mean all over. Some of the chicks aren’t all that great, but every one of them is really nice to the customers, and only one was pushy at all about a private dance. Beats the Madi Gras hands down. I’ll be back, that’s for sure.

  25. Mk

    Best place ever! Laid back, girls are awesome not to mention pretty damn hot ones. Great lap dances, comfortable invironment, overall the best!!!!!!!

  26. chris

    it really is worth the drive to go somewhere else. and if you have to drive further to get there. BAD IDEA.

  27. stranger

    one should bite ones tongue when talking about Christa!!

  28. me
  29. Bobby
  30. CJoe

    The atmosphere is divey and if you like that kind of shady atmosphere then this is your place. The atmosphere does in no such way reflect the quality and talent of the women. It is a pretty homogeneous club with a few women of color, but there are diamonds in the rough here.

    There are women here who truly have mastery and knowledge over the job. They know how it works, and although it’s not really that complicated, they know what men want. You have your really forceful women, and your GFE or kind and nurturing women.

    I enjoyed this diverse personality environment. Usually clubs have one mentality, and here I found myself doing a lot more picking and choosing which was refreshing. No one beat around the bush, and everyone knew how this business works.

    I give a toast to the women and the bartender at this club who turned a dull afternoon into an exciting trip into erotica.

    I’ll make my rounds here again after I’ve recouped my bank roll.

    Thank you for making it a great experience.

  31. M

    Good club for a regular who likes attention and to chat with the ladies who work there.

    Otherwise, it’s more of a mediocre club with a few amazing women mixed in. If you’re looking for a good wild time at a club you don’t frequent – it may or may not meet your expectations depending on who’s working that night.

  32. Matt

    Fucking awesome place!

  33. stripclubgoer

    Last Friday night this place waas PACKED! Great vibe in there. The music is bad because there is no DJ, but the girls are the friendliest dancers I’ve ever met. There are also a lot of different types of girls. Blond, brunette, skinny, curvy, and they’re all pretty sexy. I’d go again on a Friday night.

  34. james taylor

    cant stand the owner jimmy, what a prick. i mean comeon if the girl is acctually sitting and talking with a customer who is gonna get a dance and decides to yell at her right there, the customer aint gonna buy that dance no more.

  35. wonder man wond

    Well i have mixed reviews about this place. Been there few times times now. I

    guess some of the girls could be a little more friendly and less rude if they

    really want to make the $$$s. Mike the door man is a great guy, the bar maid

    was very nice and so was the very pretty waitress. ( I have $$ s to the waitress

    just because she was the nicest and made us feel very welcomed and

    comfortable). They have some new dancers now, Lexus is pretty. They s

  36. A
  37. some chick
  38. Jack

    The quality of the girls is getting better. I love the new girls this club is getting. Yummy!

  39. SteveandShelbyMorrison

    My wife and I stopped in two days last week and were completely disgusted with what we saw and smelled in there. Both bathrooms reeked of a sewage smell and all the girls smelled like they walked through a drug lords marijuana field. The lady people said was a manager was clearly unhinged as she argued with several girls in the front customer area where every could see how unprofessional she conducts herself and treats the dancers. The sound system is a relic from the early 1980’s and when there WAS a DJ there, the set up was a 50 dollar IPad and a 50 dollar piece of software. The DJ was EXTREMELY rude and nasty to my wife and I’m sickened that the attitude of the company employees is allowed to be this way. The food is frozen pizza stored in a kitchen that looks like it was built in the 1940’s (someone left the kitchen door open) and there is no privacy at all in the back rooms for dances. Every person going to the men’s or ladies room can see exactly what is going on. No wonder the girls hardly make any money here. Why pay when you can watch for free? The other day that week we went there was another bartender charging different prices for the exact same drinks for different customers. This must be the new manager’s idea of “price diversification”. We do not plan to come back until, if the stories we heard were true, it gets sold and the new owned hire real people who have actual management and bartending experience.

  40. The Wolf

    I went to the Castway lounge the last two Friday’s in a row. I had a great time both times I was there. I owe that all to Ruby. Not only is she beautiful and sexy but she is fun and very smart too. She can dance and she knows how to move. She is very sweet and a lot of fun. I will go back just to see her. So no offence ladies but my lap dances are all reserved for her. Thank you Ruby. 🙂

  41. Drake

    Had the worst time ever, that bitch bartender kylie cut me off after three beers, and i wasnt even feeling a buzz.

  42. onelonewolf

    Most of the girls are pleasant and sociable. As with real life, the some standouts and some so so.

  43. John

    Christy or Christa? Kinda hard to believe it’s Christy because she is so timid!!!

  44. Dan

    beautiful and talented women you should come and see them.

  45. Sophie

    Temporary fitntuaulocs in the financial market are too often driven by emotional causes (fear). And people who know that and know how to use others people fear, have a huge advantage.

  46. the one

    There in fact is a bartender and a door man, plenty of beautiful woman. Day girls are gorgeous and night girls are gorgeous. Every club has a ugly girl so dont hold out aon a great club cuz your conceited. I would go there again and again way better than the mardi grs

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