The Fifth Alarm



775 Worthington Street, Springfield, MA 1105


42.110457, -72.584097




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Fifth Alarm

  1. Joe
  2. z
  3. Phil Erup

    The place has a constant smell of urine… Bathrooms are disgusting.. The State Health Department needs to visit that place and shut it down

  4. JoeF

    Does anybody know if Breya still works here? platinum blonde..nice ass..frm Maine I think..

  5. Billy
  6. traveller

    Had a great time in here every time I go . I go everytime I pass through. Best private dances in Ma.

  7. RP in CT

    I stop here once a year. If you want to see lots of spread pussy close-up, and don’t mind what color it is, this is the place. No beauties here – just tits, ass, and vaginas. Last time a dancer spent too much time seated next to me – I want to view the dancers. After 15 minutes, offered to do a $300 dance that included illegal acts: now, won’t return to this strip club/ whore house.

  8. Bob

    Not afraid to play at the bar. Be careful late night. The crowd

    changes and gets dangerous. Mix of girls, some druggies,

    some older, some large, all colors, some very hot, young and


  9. DR DICK
  10. been there done that


  11. Sar

    Some one should be fired, they had a manager, dj, 2 bouncer and a doorman

    working, plus two bartenders. First the slide bolt on fire door wasn’t unlocked,

    Secondly they couldn’t keep the right dances on stage.

  12. stan
  13. abu dhabi


  14. truckin
  15. anthony

    I like how the girls act-the private dances are worth it and the girls are beautiful!

  16. tony

    I really like how the girls act, plus they are beautiful!

  17. sugar

    haha this so much to say about this place,i lived down the street from here and me and my friends would go here at least hmm maybe a few times a wk it was the dj george hes the bomb and so sexy,love some of the bartenders and the dancers are just crazy as no pressuer really unless the girl is low on cash,but other then that there pretty damn friendly and great to talk to and hangout with as well,i didnt mind that place,yes alot of ghetto chicks there and alot of drama shit i would see when there,many ugly chicks but then many sexy like brie i think her name is,nice ass,long black hair,not from the area,then that other one hazel as well she was great sexy body,great sense of humor,personality as well,great girl overall wish she was still there,i dont go there anymore really since shes not there she wasnt all about the money and shit like that she would talk and not really care thats why i tipped her more since she didnt ask,she was my fav..

    anyways the place is dark and smells alittle,wish they would fix the rug or get a new one,some managments are assholes and just aggrevating as well,the private dances..hmm thats something else..i have seen stuff and hmm had stuff offered to me as was funny..i refussed of course dont want my pussy fallig

    that snack machine is a rip off at times,the drink prices are kinda high..that damn redbull $6 crazy shit..but drinks are good when good..its fit more for whos there !! and whats requested as well !!

    i think ill stop in there again sometime to see if hazel is there..miss that chick..fucking best lap dances i have ever had i swear to god the way she moved and touched i was in heaven i swear !! just thinking of this is gettin me

  18. wait'in

    What is there to be said about “closet prostitutoin”. For the rite cash you can get your knob waxed(with what kind of nasty s*** who knows who was before you) Take your chances. Beware if dancer don’t like what you say , you could be next shishkaboob

  19. marty
  20. chris

    good club, very friendly dancers, hot dancers… drinks seemed too expensive considering a red bull is $6…

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