Anthony’s Dance Club



500 New Ludlow Road, South Hadley, MA 1075


42.2158634, -72.5580649




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Anthony’s Dance Club

  1. johnson
  2. Wanted sluts
  3. //////
  4. hollywood

    I happen to go in to the club for the first time and i happen to have my colors on and i was ask very nice by the door man if i could remove my colors because club policy was that the where not allowe to wear them in the club i had no problem removing them because of the way i was ask. as for the clu i had a great time enjoyed my self and the music the drinks where good and the hospitality was great and to thst door man i belive his name was joe you are a gentalmen. and to the rest of the staff as well…. R/R

  5. //////////////////
  6. Stripluv

    Better than Mardis Gras!!!!

  7. NJKJV
  8. Sizzle

    2 chic dancers came over to my buddy and me hot to know them, not wanted dance. They were nice kids like hang out with buddy

  9. Will

    I just want to give a shout out to Eddie! YOU ARE THE FUCKING MAN! you are such a pimp! you drive that nice truck of yours and let all your hoes support your drug habit with their tipout money 50bucks a night from each dancer!?!?! man is that alot of cocaine you must be sniffing dude! fuck can you let me in on the secret! i mean seriously??? you are one hell of a person i gotta give it to you! no security and that prostitution going on, you dont put even the slightest penny into renovating one inch of that club, your champagne room is covered is loads and loads of cum and crabs! those black lights changed my mind when i took a hottie back there once i had to turn down the little whore because i didnt want to sit in the cum covered couches you got back there… the girls dont even hide the whoredom its awesome i seen this girl put her whole pussy in a guys mouth on stage and grab the guys cock after! your bouncers must love being all coked up watching the whores go to work and not do anything about it and STILL GET PAYED?!!! a real CLASSY JOINT YOU GOT RUNNIN THERE MAN! i hope u dont sleep with those poor girls man, they all got the gift that keeps on giving, isnt herpes a wonderful gift?

  10. Jimmy
  11. /////////////////////
  12. To fu

    If your not paying they you shouldn’t be there. Your to poor to pay for the classy ones and to ugly and stupid to bag the slutty onesso go fuck off and stay out of our club! Its patrons lkie you that make the REAL customers like me look bad. the gals here are GOOD girls. Sweet and talented. Yes a few are “bad girls” but there are alot of good ones. fuck off. Your either a bitch who got fired, a dyke who cant get any or a dumb ass who wants to get fucked and gets turned down. whats wrong, dick to small or is your face that ugly? or you that ugly ass dyke that looks like a man who sits at the bar dayly an dont pay for shit. dont come in, go home loser. find another place to haunt

    To Nice, Her name is Jade. Shes a sweety. One of the classy ones actually. Dont ask for sex or head, you wont get it. But a great lap dance a fun champagn room and a real personality you will deff get. She is an angel. a girl like her shouldnt be a striper, dont fit the bill, to shy. She shuld be a hostess someplace ritzy making honest money with that pretty face and cute smile. And that brain. shit man.

  13. Abby Repulican New

    Good Morning To the Staff.

    I was at the club last night had a good time but miss not seeing my friend Joe the door man / Floor guy. what up with that? He is one of your best workers….. hope to see him when i return Yor friend

    Abby Repulican news

  14. //////////////
  15. Sgt. McCoughler

    I have been to the club a few time stop comming reason beaing the manager was always on endge. then i started comming back a few mounths ago when i meet Joe the door man very respectfull and always willing to ablaidge. I happen to be there las night and ask about Joe and they told me he was layed off not very happy to hear that I will be going to the madigra and 350 grill to talk to sheri and jimm they need to rehire him he alway know how to keep thing rolling nice and easy. Joe we want you back….


    Sgt. McCoughler

  16. the facts

    the place is a shit hole

  17. Larry

    I was in last Saturday and saw someone I haven’t seen in a long time. If I remember correctly her name is Amanda. She used to dance here years ago and she is one of the hottest dancers ever at this club! I She’s working Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am so happy that Amanda is back and she is just too sexy!! Can’t wait to see her again tomorrow!!!

  18. John

    I’ve had some great head from three dancers, in the back.

  19. justaguest
  20. Pay for each dance?

    Was there last week during the afternoon. New manager keeps track of lap dances and makes sure she gets her cut for each dance. I always used to get a break on multiply dances with the same girl but this time had to pay for each dance. Don’t mind paying $5 for the room but each dance cuts down on my dances. Think they should do like other clubs and charge for a wristband and then you could get as many dances you wanted from the girls.

  21. bbbb
  22. stumpgrinda


  23. zeke

    our party was a blast because of this place



  25. Come on now

    It is a little hard to believe that the reason you got fired is cause you complained too much. I have been to the club plenty of times and that is what the majority of the girls do is complain and we all know what kind of workers the complainers are “LAZY”. This just looks like a classic case of disgruntle employee. For some reason you feel the need to explain and try to prove yourself. If all this what you say is true, than why did you hang around and be a part of this establishment. If it was that much of a concern and complaining got you nowhere, I don’t think it would have taken a year and to be fired for you to leave. Seriously, there have to be other reasons for your firing. Your network of friends might be naive and believe this but don’t expect eveyone else to be.

  26. F U EDDIE
  27. Chris


  28. hfggf
  29. DC
  30. XtaC

    Went in on Wed. night and saw the hottest strippers around!!!Better than Mardi Gras!!!!

  31. riman
  32. jes
  33. dump
  34. bb
  35. p-iddy-hates-ed

    “Hip Hop guys” are what makes this place great! They are far more classy dress better and have more money than “Rednecks”. Hip-Hop music makes a stripclub,its sexy dance music.Much better for grinding in the LD room than smoke on the water or ac/dc….

  36. WindyCity Traveler

    This conversation is really dumb. All you guys go to a club for one reason. To get up and have it as much contact as possible. You critize the dancer if you get air dances, and insult them if they go as far as you want. The ladies are working to pay the bills. If you discover a dancer that gives you all you want, tell your friends so they can share or keep it to yourself. Do not post it, all you will do is get the lovely lady in trouble.

  37. /////////
  38. George

    Hot place

  39. Yuppers
  41. //////..
  42. What do you mean

    Joe is still there. He wasn’t fired, he didn’t quit.

    TO the ass calling the place a dump. Find a new club to flame. It WAS a crap hole, yes, but it’s gotten alot better. I went there to look at the girls BEFORE I started working there. And I can tell you 100% it’s a nice place. If you have such a problem with it how about you come in and announce it to us all loud and clear rather then hiding behind a keyboard.

  43. john
  44. Mark G.
  45. Love this place

    I’ve been here once or twice a year for years now. Seen this place through all of the ups and downs and I can honestly say that this place never disappoints. People in the New England area have no idea how lucky they have it with this place. Not all areas have clubs that are this good. Full nude, full bar, lap dances where the girls are nude…

  46. JDubb

    I love this club. Beautiful looking women, nice comfortable atmosphere, sick beats. Only downside is the under 21 section gets crowded and you have to stand or sit in seats behind others. Def. recommend it

  47. /////////////
  48. Paul

    For being a sunday night it was ok….with only 10 girls maybe…katie, arabia, chantell, china, amanti and the rest of the girls tonight THANK U…..great girls! Victoria the waitress who is pregnant i wish u the best. These girls look great!!!!!! very nice very polite. keep it up girls there will be better sundays,i did my best helping u out tonight.

  49. aceshigh

    I’d been here about 3-4 times in the last year and ahalf and left without sitting down, There’d been o one on stage and just a couple peopl at the small bar.

    Today, there were a half dozen dancers DACING.Low pressure for LD but the one I accepted was quite good.

    They may have made yet another comeback.

  50. Brad


  51. idjfughf
  53. ......
  54. Not too shabby

    The club is actually pretty good. Great managers, the bouncers and door men are pretty cool. The dancers are great too. Theres this one girl, Rain, gives a great stage dance. Awesome on the pole. Bella, shes just plain hot and fun to watch. And Jade (Jane? well the one with pink hair any how) shes cute as hell. Great lap dance form her. Only problem I have is the music is too loud. It’s hard to catch names. But I’ve become a semi regular.

  55. Matthew M.

    Terrible. Why advertise that you are 18+ If you are going to force them to sit in one small section that they can’t leave. Most places that I have been to that are 18+ have a whole juice bar area for under 21. There were no girls onstage and most of the girls we saw wreaked of cigarette smoke. Some of them were missing teeth. There was one girl that was cute and treated us well but she never gave us her stage name so I guess that’s another negative. All in all we will never come here again and will highly reccomend against it. Get your money’s worth and go to the Lantern instead.

  56. To fu,

    Not ALL the girls in there service him. Since the big wigs have been cracking down none of them do. The champagne rooms ARE better. There are cameras in there now. The sluts DO get fired. I work there as a dancer. Granted I am kind of new and have yet to be jaded by the lifestyle. But in the few months I’ve been there it has been slowly changing. There are cops in and out keeping an eye on the place. Yeah granted there are a few sluts there. But please don’t damn all the girls there. I get offered sex on a dayly basis and I decline. My pride and my selfrespect is worth much more then ANY dollar amount. I could never live with myself. And I know a few others like that. I only work nights so I can’t say anything about the day girls. But Myself, Toby, Bella, Angelina, Jordan and Jade refuse sex and ARE good girls. They do NOTHING with Eddie. A few of them have been asked. But they refuse as well. So please don’t call ALL the girls sluts or whores because not all of them are.

    But as far as the establishment goes. If you hate it so much WHY do you go? Why talk shit about it but go all the time. Thats hypicritical. (excuse the spelling I tend to be atrocious with my spellig at times) To talk about how bad it is and pay to come in. Then your just feeding the place to continue. But you may not see it but it IS undergoing changes. The back rooms are being worked on first. Offices. Safety exit in the back. The Champagne room. Hopefully the dressing rooms. We have had a good chunk of girls fired for having sex and “servicing” customers. So they ARE cracking down. There is a new assistant manager. Hes a jerk to the girls BUT hes serious. He posted a sign for us telling us what not to do and how NOT to dance. Hes threatened to fire girls if they touch the customers for too long while on stage. But hes serious about making the place a club of “Exotic Dancers” as he put it, rather then a club of sluts, whores, etc. I know your not seeing alot of this because your on the outside looking in. But it is progressively changing.

  57. Me

    Carmen is hot!!!

  58. ryan

    its great

  59. ciara

    Dallas is shiesty tried to rip off my

    friend and get us kicked out. Great

    management and the other dancers

    are awesome had a great time

    besides the drama with her all the

    problems the manager fixed


  60. JUST ME

    I go to Anthony’s a few times a week if not everyday/night. I can tell you everything about all the girl….day time girls are nothing but garbage specially Jasmin, Isis and Nichole..these are just the type of girls who would do anything for a dollar basically making money to support their man. night time girls are very nice, they look good and smell even better. Aubry is a sweetheart great dances conversation and vips with her, Amanti is just a straight ho she only works there to trick for the Italian friend of Jimmy and sells drugs for her boyfriend they type of girl who will fuck you in the lapdance area for 20bux but she’s cool, Briana is a cocaine ho walking around with her crusty nose all the time with too much drama but is a very nice girl too, Harmony is such a nice girl I just love her, Arabia is quiet but you have to be very careful with her keep her on your good side at all times her lapdances are worth the money I had 1 vip with her and I cannot complain(such a bad girl but so damn good)i dont know what wrong with her it might be mentally, Monique is a crack head who will do anything for a high, Gia is the one who gets pregnant just to gain weight and then goes to have aborting and she can’t dance just bounces her ass, Lexi is always drunk telling the same stories over and over again, Alexa just had her boobs done and a tummy tuck she should go back and sue her surgeon i could have done a better in my kitchen table, Eddie is the manager such a cool dude man so is the big guy Freddy, they also have a cook there Cedric he is the best man if he’s not there dont eat. I think i got every girl i got to know there. there are a group of 3 blonde brazilians who dont speak english but they know how to suck a dick. Over All Anthony’s Rock!!!!!!! Bartender Kelly is so hot and makes the best drinks

  61. ou812
  62. f u eddie
  63. jkbkuvfvmh
  64. Former regular

    Seriously, total honesty, as a strip club where dancers are suppose to dance on stage and get naked: THIS.PLACE.BLOWS.MOOSE.COCK

  65. Jay

    I wouldn’t even bother going!!!

  66. Re: A's worker

    Since your are so openly to incriminate the night time girls, why not be fair and name drop on the daytime girls that are whores? Now when you say that there are good ones and bad ones, the bad ones just don’t hide anything and the so called good ones put on a front cause once the money starts to talk the good ones can easily turn bad you just might have to pay a little more. You don’t have to sugar coat anything and try to prove yourselves. This industry has an already perceived tainted judgement against strippers cause is there really such a thing as a good stripper (c’mon who are you kidding). Good girls are not found in strip clubs (there is a wise statement).

  67. love it there

    love it, love the dancers

  68. /////////////////
  69. bill
  70. 007
  71. kugg f u
  72. jj
  73. ///////////
  74. matt

    i think its a great place theres a veriety of dancers and 98% are great looking smeel good taste ggood and know how to give your moneys worth i just wish fucking was allowed haha i rate it a 10 been going there and spending good money since i was 18 its awsome

  75. Outof towner

    Stevie I miss you already!

  76. F U
  77. tlmg
  78. spelling

    You guys really need to learn to spell. For being in the type of field you are in, don’t they teach you correct grammar?

  79. Too drunk!

    Stopped by in the afternoon. No dancers on stage even with customers sitting at the stage. Most dancers were at the bar. Getting my drink asked bartender if dancers were going on stage. It seemed that the bartender was drinking with the customers and girls. She finaly managed to get a dancer on stage. She had no interest in dancing and just moved around the stage. There was more action at the bar area then the stage. Dancers were hoelering and screeming. I guess it was a boring day and they all started drinking. Finished my beer and left never even got a dance. Management should check because there is a difference between being happy and being drunk.

  80. New

    From out of the area and heard about the club, place was awesome!

  81. About Joe

    I’ve asked a BUNCH of the girls that work there. Joe wsn’t laid off. He is on vaccation.







  83. FU EDDIE
  84. MM

    sleezy girls … just out to make a buck and they dont give u your moneys worth ! what the fuck?

  85. -
  86. kev
  87. F the Man

    Last guys review is true. girls kept g strings on when I was

    there to. Is this even a strip club? Girls showin tits ain’t

    stripping and means no its not a strip club. can see tits on

    cable TV

  88. kevin

    i absolutely love this club.

  89. e

    girls are beautiful..

  90. pb
  91. Jersey

    great club keep up the good work guys

  92. piss hole
  93. ///..
  94. Dave

    Overpriced borthel in the boonies, how did all the ghetto bastards find this place?

  95. Pussyman

    This place is getting better by the day, hot girls that actually put out, if u neede some pussy then this place is a good stop.

  96. kgggk
  97. ,
  98. daydrifter

    Ya gotta go day shift when “Liz” is working. She gets all nude and is a fucking riot! Leather collar and wrist cuffs

  99. Q
  100. ken
  101. Ed

    Best time to go there would be Friday and Sat nights. Even though there is alot of ghetto people, (situation you need to fix, how about no more playing hip hop? You’re clinentele will change.) You will see different kinds of girls that will most certainly meet a man’s taste. The caliber of girls ranges from Shreks to Barbie Dolls. Most of the girls are friendly and personable which I don’t find at the Mardi Gras. It’s hustle and bustle there while here I can expect at least 5 min of mental stimulation from the girl and then off to the ld room. I like a lil bit of fantasy, not “YOU WANNA DANCE?” and then off to the next guy. I dont feel like an ATM here. Check this place out and see for yourself. It’s a diamond in a ruff with lots of potential. You just need to weed out the hip hop guys who have no respect for others and your club will top everyone’s list.

  102. uggjjv
  103. f u eddie
  104. .,...
  105. pat
  106. robert
  107. ff u eddie
  108. ////////////////
  109. Shooters

    I love this place I love the house shotgirls they give excelllent lap dances. I love the dancers especially Jade. Bartenders are also hot and amazing!

  110. A's Worker

    Yeah, Joe got laid off, but it was because of the budget not because he wasn’t a good worker (at least thats what my coworkers there said). Business isn’t what it used to be. Joe was one of the newest workers. Before someone says “Fire a dancer instead”, the dancers PAY to work there. We pay between $30 to $40 per night. Plus $50 for every champagne room we do. The reason Joe had an envelope was that he collected that night’s dancer fee’s from the girls. Also, he wasn’t rubbing up against the girls. A few of the girls tended to ask for massages, back, arms, and seldomly legs. Dancing takes alot out of you. The pole kills the arms and legs. He took care of us the best he could. He was walking around because he was not only door man but a bouncer. He was watching for the wise guys. And he got them too. Broke up fights, and I’ve seen him throw people out. Yes he was hard working, but with the economy, some one had to be let go. They went for seniority over how well the job was done, but the other door man isn’t that bad. Oh and Yoda, the reason he was called Sensei Joe is because he’s a martial artist. Joe has been there sincfe I started, he wasn’t up to anything and he treated the girls well. Yes it’s a shame that he’s gone. Some care, others don’t, but it’s time to get past that. If he come’s back, cool. If not, the managers have their reason’s. Maybe something went down that they aren’t telling us.

    But I do agree with Yoda about the fake cop’s. If your going to be a fake cop or a fake journalist, learn to spell. Do it right if your going ot fake it, else it doesn’t look right, nor does it look real. But Yoda dear, one thing I dissagree with is that you stated cop’s wont go in unless they are there to visit Eddie. I’ve danced for a few cop’s there. Mostly younger one though. That I will admit. The older cop’s generally don’t go in.

    And to FU, if your going to insult the club find something better then “It’s a dump” because its not. It’s getting better and better as the weeks go by. The screens in the champagne room are now see through red curtians, there are now cameras in the rooms to protect the girls. About the only shitty thing there are the poles, ladies rooms and the carpets. Which are fix able. They are fixing things piece by piece, picking their financial battles. Whats so dumpy about the place? The dancers? Are you gay? They are getting rid of the whores that are there, the ones who screw and suck off customers. They are keeping the good girls. So tell me, whats so dumpy about the place? Prices? Well prices are to be expectedly high, it IS a strip club. They are making the place a lot nicer to look at though, and safer for the girls. All you do is call the place a dump, how is it a dump? Have you ever been in there or are you just competition trying to scare customers away? Find another place to razz and bitch about or give some REAL debatable topics other then “it’s a dump” else your just another idiot who knows few words and has no class about him or her. Or is that it, your a woman who’s man goes there alot and it pisses you off. I’e seen that one before too. Grow up, act like an adult. Give some real information or stop bitching about my place of employment.

  111. Dicky

    Really bad, the girls are all low class hookers. At least it keeps them off the streets. 1 step lower and they should have a sexual disease clinic next door

  112. john doe
  113. Not a John

    Horrible strip club (most girls don’t get full naked onstage), decent 2-bit whorehouse. If skanks excite you that you can have sex for pay with, knock yourself out — you’ll love the place. If you’re looking for real pretty girls providing actual erotic entertainment, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

  114. f u eddie
  115. Jim

    Carmen is hot. Elaine is beautiful. Jenn is sexy as hell.

  116. danny
  117. Tim

    You need better qulity of women

  118. Mr fu

    great place to hang

  119. JT

    does anyone know where jamie is know? she was a beautiful black woman with a great rack.

  120. Shawn
  121. ///////////////////
  122. jose
  123. c


  125. Jack The Man

    Why did you guys let joe go what is wrong with you people the hardest working guy and he get let go you go figue come back joe we need you here i will call Jim and Sheri and her sister doreen and talk to them you should be working not layed off….

  126. Levi

    There’s no management watching over these girls during the day no bouncers either. Crazy fights every week where the police show up. Girls sit at bar all day. Mediocre strippers, one of them wearing sneakers. This place is a unsafe atmosphere. Rachet level 10

  127. Love This Place.

    Wow!Haven’t been there in a while but man this place has changed.Saturday night there were plenty of hot girls, and everyone was cool.I love this place!

  128. Billy

    Great time

  129. pee
  130. Iceman

    Club has gone downhill during the days very fast. There are fewer dancers and sometimes only 2 all day long. New manager is always sticking his nose in on the dancers. This has caused many dancers to go to other clubs

  131. ////////////
  132. jbkkjnbhjkj
  133. f uu eddie
  134. dontknow

    the club is good i havent been to many just this one and castaways and ill say i would soooo pick anthonys and im sure i would with some others. been good to me, makes me spend my money

  135. m
  136. fjdhfkh
  137. re: excuse you

    Right. Looks like you need to get your facts straight. I was actually talking about the daytime and I have never seen any Brazilians during the daytime. Daytime are all hoes and that’s a known fact so argue that one and I am sure the night time has its fair share but i will stick to my daytime hoes for the real fun it works better for my schedule (wife and kids home are home at night).

  138. //////////////////////
  139. jess

    love this club

  140. Going Gray

    Shaunna and Domenique … that’s dreams are made of …

  141. hello
  142. richard

    days need cleaning up, lots of prostitution goin on.

  143. f u eddie
  144. Jason

    Club is going down very quickly.

    Dancers are using the place to do

    their extra business.

  145. khjghjhv
  146. .
  147. ghgbvhv
  148. ///////////////
  149. THE BITCH


  150. Pops

    Anthonys is da hotttest fuckin’ strip club in mass.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  151. F U EDDIE
  152. o
  153. Damian
  154. ...//
  155. Frequent afternoon flyier

    Over the last month or so this place has gone downhill more. There seems to be less dancers (and the 1’s that are there have been for a long time). Lot less customers too. New manager/DJ I guess is running the place. Music was way too loud and bad for my taste. Talked to some of the dancers who said that now have to tip the DJ a shift fee. Also I was told that the dancers have to give a mandatory tip to the bartender when they go in back to the C/R. Went for a lap dances only to find less contact than before. Dancers only go on stage if they really have to, and then they don’t get naked. This used to be a good place to spend a couple of hours in the afternoon with some fun girls, but I guess I will have to look for a new place.

  156. Jdog

    I luved this joint!!!!& I challenge all da haters to find a better club!!!

  157. to all

    good prostiute house

  158. Downhill Slide

    Afternoons are going downhill fast. Few of the regular fun dancers are no longer there. Which leaves just the old regulars left. Was there the other day and there were 2 customers. 4 dancers of which I think only 1 was under 30.

  159. anthony

    this club rocks and it has a cool name



  161. One of the dancers

    Its funny how a white man can sit here and call someone ghetto and they dont even know what that is….i dont know what is like to be trailer trash so i dont go around calling you that. and i have worked at the Gra, trust me you can only go there for one thing… get pussy in the vip room or to get drugs, it is not the high class club made out to look like…it is very high trash. i can sit here and talk about what really goes behind close doors, but i rather not. All i can say is that out of all the clubs i have danced at in Mass. and Conn. Anthony’s have been the best, though there are many rude guys that come in through those doors, the girls stay strong and put up with the bullshit and in the dressing room when one of us needs to cry there’s always another girls there to pick her up and cheer her up. Dont judge us by our skin color or body type because you really dont know us, take the time to know who we are and “ghetto” to you will have another meaning.

    Love U Anthony’s Girls

    Thank U Guys for stopping by


    I will come more often to the under 21 side…i might look rude and like a total bitch but i am a sweet heart, very shy too.

  162. FIUUHF
  163. //////////
  164. A's

    Place is great, love morons like FU who have nothng better to do then banter anonymously over an internet forum. Just another loser who got fired or was friends of one of the idiots who got fired, nothing to see here move along.

  165. ..
  166. Fair and Balanced

    Local bar in need of some updating – always can find a friendly face a cold drink.

    Note to Just Me…read the ‘Do nots’….before your next contribution.

  167. thomas

    the atmosphere is friendly and the girls are gorgeous

  168. great time

    i had the best time the other day in there seemed pretty busy and like th girls were making money.. went for cr with isis oh boy was it hot very nice slow hot dance made me feel good to know that i had a good girl in the back with me..cici was great in the lap dance good dance missy is very friendly and liz is smelly it must be from all the dick she sucks in the cr me and isis couldnt watch it anymore sooo gross .over all most girls were fun and nice .isis i will be back to see you soon thanks

  169. disappointed

    gone so far downhill ya think it would have come back up a little by now?

  170. Frank

    Was there Monday afternoon. No dancers on the stage. Seemed all the girls were hanging onto the few guys in the place looking for dances. Only ones that dancers from the the stage was a couple and the woman was getting all the dances.Don’t know about an older man with a white dress shirt who was walking around getting a lot of attention from all of the girls. I have been there before and always spent a lot of money and always been nice to the girls. Guess they had more money,to bad this was going to be my last time for a while and had lots to spend.

  171. ff u eddie
  172. daytime

    Not nice to talk about the girls without giving facts. I have been going there for a while during days and never had a bad time. If you want hoes go to Center stage.

  173. massageexpress

    not worth the time

  174. f u
  175. yup

    club is a dump.yea.and look at the ratings

  176. F U EDDIE
  177. richard carainium
  178. Rock Palmer MA

    I was there last Thursday Night evrything was great except for the music was way to laud and you was not able to hold a conversation with my friends.

    As for the staff they where great the only thing there was an ass hoo there that kept on banging into the guest and try to shadow box them if it was for me i would not allowe that kind oh behavior in the club he also got very nasty with one of the bartenders if you want you buisness to continuie grow i would not allowe this inderviduale in your place of buissness all . thank you for everythin guys

    to the MGR you have a great team there don’t losethem because if you don’t want them i know of plaint other clubs that will take them….

    the rock… peace out.

  179. oo


  180. Drake

    Friday there was this brunette came in around seven, i think her name was alison, within two hours she was so drunk that she actually passed out on the stage, two of the bouncers had to carry her off the stage.

  181. the REAL shotgirl

    whoever used my name in the “shotgirl emma” posting needs to cut the shit. if u want to say stuff on the site use ur own damn name thanks.

  182. big dick rick

    Went by this place a couple nights ago and it is still a fucking shit hole! get rid of all the gang bangers and ghetto babies.

  183. ,,,
  184. Jon
  185. To Xo

    Well now, we thank you very much. Glad your more interested in the ladies then the bouncer.


  186. Luke Delisle
  187. KFJFKI
  188. ....
  189. been there done that

    last place for a club owned by the GRA

  190. jazzmine

    it was fantastic… go, ask for aubrey!!! she gives amazing lap dances!!!

  191. j

    Domenique looks like a 12 year old slut. Not very attractive at all. She can’t even keep her eyes open.

  192. VYHFDH
  193. .....///
  194. watchout

    many hookers willing to do anything for $$$

  195. Ray

    This placi is like a mini MG. You overpay for everything, lots of ghetto trash;if you’re into that.

  196. kml
  197. The man SPFD

    I was at the club a week ago and i had a great time joe the guy at the door treated me and my lady with the out must respect and found us to seat together the what i call

    Hospitality…. I was kind of upset to find out he was nolonger there no joe no the man and fm…. sorry guys



  199. f u
  200. clubguy

    Are you Freakin Kidding me.. Stopped by in the late afternoon.. Found 1 VERY pregnant Girl Dancing, 1 Girl with a severe handicap (deformed Arm 1 hand only) and 1 Girl??Guy???Ugliest bitch I have ever seen…Saw maybe 1 almost hot dancer but she was totally “Down with the Swirl”…WTF….Dont think I will be returning…

  201. HGGF
  202. f u eddie
  203. ,.
  204. hkluio
  205. Adam

    The guy below doesn’t know what he is talking about. Club has changed drastically in the past year. Girls are hot!!!

  206. Sean
  207. happy
  208. Peter

    Really bad on a Friday night, no less. Strip already! Also…

    ah, fuckit, nobody there gives a flyin fuck.

  209. Shotgirl Emma

    Arabia are you for real?! So since i started I always thought this place was kinda sketchy. Obviously drug use like any club, some prostitution in champagne rooms. I could tell something wasn;t right with this club but fuck i need hte dough. But I never knew the management was encouraging prostitution. Isn’t it thier job to PREVENT that from happeneing? Guess I needed to open my eyes to what really goes on in this place. Thanks for informing me sweetie, if it really is true all teh stuff u said maybe i hsould be lookin for a new place to wrok.

  210. Norm
  211. loved it

    Great place, love the girls, love the dances. Best stage dance so far is Kimber. Though lap dances are a toss up between a few girls.

  212. CtGuy

    I use to stop in there all the time when I

    lived closer. Driving through on a Friday

    evening so I thought I’d stop in. On a

    Friday night from 6pm-8pm there was 1 girl

    on stage for 20 minutes, the “boss” sat at

    the bar smoking weed in a vaporizer, his

    friend passed out at the bar, his other

    friend drank directly out of a new bottle

    of Jack Daniels and the bartender just

    wiped off the rim and put bottle on shelf.

    Never going back!

  213. fijfjfidfj
  214. Excuse you?!

    It is NOT a prostitute house! There are only 3 girls there that offer that shit. The Brazillians. The others are good girls. Those 3 whores are the ones bringing it down NONE of the others. Get your fucking facts straight!!!

  215. Big Tom

    That cute little shooter girl is so hot.

  216. I have

    get your head out of your ass sweetie, it’s a whore house.

  217. ////
  218. 12
  219. jake

    it sucks

  220. Harley
  221. XoXoXo

    Um I’m confused….why are so many people so concerned about the fucking door guy? Last I checked this place was a strip club that was about ass, titties and booze…where does the door guy fit into the picture? He’s respecteable? ITS A STRIP CLUB! If you want someone warm and fuzzy, go to McDonalds…why the fuck are people wasting space talking about this dude. I’d rather talk about the chicks! Maybe I’m the only straight guy around here because all you other homos are hung up on some guido old man

  222. Kevin
  223. jason

    LOVE IT !

  224. To Jade

    Missed you this week. You ok? Came by and you weren’t at work. Vaccation? Quit? Get fired? Just a bit worried is all, specially since your a lil goody goody.

  225. Will go back!
  226. JEFFH

    This place fucking rocks.

  227. jeffrey

    the girl with dreads and the one with medusa tattoo’s are great.

  228. get fucked


  229. From Jade to fu

    To the sweety with the compliments, thank you

    To fu, you have shit wrong right there. I’m a dancer there. And I am NOT a drugged up or drunk slut or whore. I RARELY drink if at all. And I DO NOT do any drugs at all. I DO NOT turn tricks (for those playing along that means I do NOT fuck for money or give head). The place IS changing. You come in nights ever? Come fucking talk to me I will set your ass straight. Stop hiding behind a keyboard. I will be there this sunday around 8-830 pm. I work thursday friday saturday and sundays except when sick or at a family event. Do not shit talk my job. Kandeis doesn’t drink or do drugs, Jasmine (shooter girl) doesnt either. Toby doesnt. Jordan doesnt, Kitty doesn’t. I don’t even smoke pot. Guess what, I’m allergic. I can’t drink, I’m aneamic. Seriously, grow some balls and speak to someone face to face, stop being that coward infront of the keyboard. Get a life. RESPECT THE WOMEN OR GET THE FUCK OUT! We DO NOT need assholes like you making us feel bad. Some of us feel bad enough working this job. Some of us don’t even WANT to be strippers but with the economy the way it is we have no choice. I went MONTHS with out a job because my job went bankrupt. I almost lost my fucking home so I swallowed my pride to come work at the strip club to pay my bills and keep a roof over my head. I put in applications DAYLY and come up with shit because no one is hiring. Places are shutting down left and right. DO NOT make me feel bad about holding a job of any kind. Do not treat the girls this way. Its a strip club, you want to go to a bar go to a bar. don’t go to the strip club unless your going to either spend a little cash or at the VERY LEAST treat the WOMEN there with respect. WE ARE NOT SLUTS WE ARE NOT WHORE AND MOST OF US ARE NOT DRUGGED UP SO FUCK OFF. Seriously, do you have any cognative ability what so ever? You need to be so atrocious to us and talk shit, you talk that shit to our faces. Back stabbers are the worst kind of cowards. Do you have a spine? Are there any balls in there? If not GROW SOME. Where do you come off shit talking my place of work and the ladies I work with? We work HARD of orur money thank you very much! 85% o us DO NOT fuck or give head or had jobs. The ones that do GET FIRED WHEN CAUGHT. Insta fired. Gone. Not to come back. I HAVE SEEN IT HAPPEN!!!!!!! Back off and just grow up. This is the most jovial shit I’ve ever seen. Its this simple, don’t like it, leave. Unless your someone who got fired. Reguardless grow up. Or are you just looking for the attention? Are you that lonely that you need attention from people telling you off? Are you that pathetic? Grow up you worthless piece of shit. Leave our club AND our ladies ALONE you don’t like us, fuck off, leave, go never to return. Don’t spend the $5 entrance fee and drink the expenssive beers, your just putting money INTO the club you “oh so hate” loser. I mean how idiotic are you? You must have the brain the size of an amebia and a penis even smaller. With your attitude I would be surprised if you can get laid by anything. Fix the lousy attitude and leave our club. You are NOT wanted or needed. We do fine with the GENTLEMEN not losers like you who get off on making people feel like shit. =====Jade=====

  230. To dancer

    Ok I’ll give you dayshift for whores, but the night shift girls (most of them) aren’t. Bella works at center and anthonys. Theres ALOT of night girls that are not sluts. Granted there are the bad eggs, but Eddy has ben getting rid of them as he catches them. Its catching them thats the tricky part at times since no one uses the cams in the back room any more, they are all turned to the walls. *rolls eyes* But I personally know a few girls there that aren’t whores, found out by taking them in the back. So don’t be too quick to judge unless you’ve worked with litterally all the ladies on all the shifts.

  231. traveler

    Finish the remodel already. C/R has no privacy now. The bar can see inside most of the room. Not much to take in there anyways. Not much stage dancing is done on days. Dancers huddle together on the stage even when customers are there.

  232. Jade

    I still work there. I was in Salem with my bf then I went to see my sister for her babyshower.

    I want to thank you guys for the support though. Very sweet of you.

    Nice to see some real people on here and not just childish assholes.

  233. Rich

    Love the place

  234. fu eddie
  235. the kid
  236. f u
  237. plpb


  238. a dancer from back in the day

    I started here back in ’99. Anthony’s was THE place. Now, it’s a disgusting, deplorable, roach infested STD trap…it’s a damn shame, very depressing. I tried a day shift here a few mnths ago and ended up running (and I do mean running)out the back door becuz of the prostitution. And I’d also like to note, i’ve worked in various diff clubs with the day shift girls here and they were always known to be the “dirty” dancers…DISGUSTING. Not what dancing is supposed to be. Centerfolds is still clean, and so is the new dollhouse,and Foxy in brockton, any DANCERS left should check those places out hookers can stay in spfld area or go to marios, or R.I.

  239. JR

    Jenn the shooter girl is crazy sexy.

  240. JB

    Have been away for many years, and was pleasantly suprised upon my return. Girls to suit every taste, more friendly and open atmosphere from all the staff. Value for the dollar is more than reasonable compared to other dance clubs or to other bars for that matter. It is now a regular stop when I visit Western MA. Keep up the good work!

  241. Phil

    Awsome place

  242. ryan123

    In all my years of visiting strip-clubs I’ve never really been a fan of the “lap-dance.” Call me crazy, but I don’t really visit these establishments for titillation, rather for the aesthetic appreciation I have for the human body. That said, I’ve enjoyed several lap-dances at Anthony’s recently that were nothing short of incredible. Apparently some of the young-ladies who regularly prowl the stage at Anthony’s realize there is an art to their vocation and their attention to that art is something I can’t help but appreciate as well.Don’t get me wrong, this is still a relatively seedy strip-club located in an off-the-beaten-path location. You will not find four-star accommodations, but black walls, black lights and air-brushed paintings of scantily-clad women. The building itself is not-all-that large so it can be difficult finding a seat, especially for a group, on a busy night. But there are nude or nearly nude women on display and I think that’s likely to be all that anybody with even a passing interest in an establishment like Anthony’s is inerested in.

  243. ll
  244. Question?

    Yo,whats up with that shitbag fu?Yo fu,what up with you bein a hatin shitbag!!Yo shitbag!Maybe you smell like piss! I think anthonys is da bomb!Yo jim and Sher good moves! The club is da bomb!!

  245. ugyhtf
  246. Bil
  247. To:The Crew

    The boom, loser?Lol!You mean there is still that much of a demand for lawn mowers, that you still have a job?Trust me Anthonys is much better without your disloyal,lying ass!Dont give free drinks to my best friends loser! Nice try,but damn,you’re a bigger loser than i thought! Why don’t you write to Jim and Sher aggain,loser!!! ha ha…the Boom.



  249. in response

    This is in response to the posrtitute comments on the comment page. Its not letting me post my comment in the comment section so I’m posting it here. Just because a dancer does porn or is a nude model doesn’t make them a whore and doesn’t mean they will screw anyone who pays them. Also what does that make you watching them? Your supporting it. Seriously the girls that are good girls deserve respect. I know at least 4 in there that work as MODELS outside of the strip club. They strip because modeling jobs can be far and inbetween durring this shitty ass economy. And not all of them are dumb either. Quit a few of them are in college, or out of college. One of the girls is going for LAW another went for music and sings opera. Yes you have porn stars there too but that doesn’t mean they are prostitutes. Prostitution is illeagal, porn isn’t. One it’s safer, they get tested for std’s, two you have the choice. People like Bella Vendetta for instance is a bdsm porn star who not only runs her own industry but works at the club, but if you ask her for sex she would laugh at you. She picks and chooses who is featured in her films and every one is tested. She is also a model. Then theres Jade, she went to college and works as a model. Kimber has done one of the two… I will have to ask her if she comes in again, I haven’t seen her in a while. Its very insulting to call these girls whores when 80-85% are not, yes you get the few but you shouldn’t condem everysingle girl. Get your facts straight. Theres no reason to insult the girls its cruel and fucked up. Some are actually selfconcious. Enjoy them, enjoy their work and let them live their lives. Its people like you who drive away the good girls, the ones whom AREN’T sluts or whores because they get upset getting pinned as one when they aren’t. One of my fave dancers hasn’t been coming in as often and I hope its not due to the shit on these forums because she reads and responds. Stop treating the girls like shit and stop being assholes

  250. ,,..
  251. The Man

    Love that club.

  252. driver
  253. Anonomous
  254. KitKat

    I like anthony’s, you just have to put your money down for the decent girls haha….It’s a much better experiance to go there if you are a female though, you get much more attention.

  255. Freddy
  256. nice

    I love the place. It’s comming a long way. I was there tonight, got to see the bouncers do a good job. Some guy tried to get into a fight with a stripper because she didn’t care that he was in the army he threw his glass at her and tried to hurt her. They got him out right quick.

    Toby put on a great show tonight. One of the best dancers ever.

    I didn’t see Kimber there, which is too bad.

    Jordan gave me a great stage dance. And I noticed the pink haird girl, Jane I think it is…. or Jade… idk, she dyed her hair. The dark looks nicer on her. Got a lap dance with her early on. Didn’t even recognise her. Got one with Toby too. AMAZING! I was hoping to see Kimber though. I lov eher pole tricks. Wonder where she was.

  257. TO: fu

    U suck balls loser! Stick to the gay bars! U smell like piss!

  258. ljjdkfjd
  259. F U EDDIE
  260. djvdkvhj
  261. No Monica

    Stopped by Tues. afternoon after hearing that the bartender Monica was fired. I guess she got fired for not having enough girls dancing. I think this is funny because at 1:30 there was 1 dancer. I guess Eddie is doing the job so much better. Saw that there is a band playing Fri. night. Just what I want to see a band instead of dancers!

    Bravo Eddie owner should fire your a**.

  262. /////
  263. F U EDDIE
  264. Papi from spfd

    best little place in town you can hang chill and have a g ood time…

  265. F U EDDIE
  266. tonytone

    checked this place out for the first time on Thursday it was fucking rock. hot ass girls on stage putting on a show. hot ass bartenders and they were cool to talk to. one girl named Ashley had the biggest tits I’ve ever seen I wanna suck on them fucking things. and the bartender Nadine was smoking. her ass was like something off a magazine Jesus Christ. I can’t wait to go back soon

  267. F U EDDIE
  268. headmaster

    This is a review board, not a primary school yard. Any problems with people should be delt with in person. That being said, I have had great dances with Michelle, Isis, Cece, Liz, Amanda, Missy, and Nicole. Please leave the childish behaviour at the door as this is the ADULT entertainment industry

  269. customer

    I dont care what anyone says.. i love this club

  270. IHHUG
  271. Old Day Fellow

    Being a day customer for many years, I go in to relax have a few beers and talk and get a few dances from the girls.Lately thinks have changed with a influx of different dancers.Night and dancers from their sister clubs have starting coming in an skanking the place up. These girls have no problem offering sevices in side or outside the club (rings in lips)Hope management controls this before they lose more customers then they gain. Kim warm those long legs up I will get a dance soon.

  272. Arnold

    This is a really fun place! We’ll be back this weekend. LOTS of sexy,fun ladies…that guy is right…LOTS of good variety…there is definitly something for everyone

  273. jack
  274. /
  275. Lt Ramirez Granby PD

    What up to my friends at anthony’s I know Sensai Joe he’s good friend of minds and the department.He’s not on vacation he dieing to come back to work waiting on the call from his boss Eddie. So what you say Eddie let’s get him back to work okay

    Lt Ramirez

  276. Joe

    Came in last Fri nite. If the bartender was any slower I could have ran to the packie and made it back before my drink was made. But then when you have the tits she had I guess you don’t need talent! Great LP though! Couple scary girls and alot of iffy customers. Get the brothers out and I will keep coming!! And get faster bartenders who are just as hot as the ones that were on!

  277. No name

    Was here on Friday the only reason i went cause i knew one of the strippers but the lighting is to low. the girls don’t give good dances i had one grab the money mention something about my hat and walk away NO DANCE at all.

  278. Bob
  279. .....
  280. fhjdhfh
  281. Cunt destoyer

    Girl with peace tattoo on shoulder green eyes and long dark hair let me bust in her mouth for 20$ anyone know her name? Someone said mercedes is her cousin or sister

  282. ...
  283. The crew

    To ED &Jim Thanks for taking care of me and my friend last friday night you guy’s are the boom drink’s girl’s and free entrace in to the club that what up see you guy’s in a couple weeks….

  284. Tom

    The girls are below average, the place is a dump and the service sucks, bartenders are very slow.

  285. kddpbmgf


  286. staff
  287. Dancer

    Eddie and Bobby rock!We luv you!

  289. To fu and dump

    you must of been barred from the club. I always had a good time

  290. fu

    eddie u suck

  291. Ninja
  292. Awesome

    Yo! This place is off the hook! I went there last night and had the best fucking time!!!!! The girls so smoking hot!!! The drinks were strong and good…not to mention the bartenders are so hot too!!! I loved their sexy school girl outfits….and apparently so does Eddie, someone said he has a thing for nylons?! I had the best fucking time, everybody needs to check this place out!!! Most fun!!!!

  293. Imafan

    Ok, so the place may be a little small and the drinks may be a little expensive. And yes, mixed drinks can be weak depending on the bartender. But, hey, I found that just commenting to the right bartender on the weak drinks (particularly the tall blonde – don’t know her name!) gets you much stronger ones. And, ya know, the smallness allows for getting closer to the dancers who are mingling when not on stage!

    More importantly, the girls *are* great! Having been to Mardi in the past, all I remember is that everything felt soooo impersonal. Here, you’ve got Aubrey, Thai and many others who will talk to you (when both on and off the stage) and get very friendly and flirty (and that goes double if you’re a chick, as I am!). They’re lots of fun and great girls, and some of the shooter girls (Rebecca, if I have her name correctly, is incredible!) are also awesome! And, for the record, my guy and I *love* the music they play.. It’s a perfect mix of dance/hip-hop and rock!

    Yes, both the dancers and the clientele are diverse, but why is that such a problem for everyone on here? I’ve been there several times now, and have only seen one person getting kicked out and he was a white, middle-America (DRUNK)looking guy.

    P.S. South Hadley is *NOT* the boonies!!

  294. Moneybags

    Yep. Dancers not stripping. Had lousy time.

  295. zak

    cool place

  296. meg

    sweet! great time. alot of drunk college girls will show up and jump on stage

  297. the cook

    the place sucks wind and the food is nasty…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. that a fact

  298. f u
  299. ////////////////////
  300. BJ

    Great place. Fast pace. Lots of women.

  301. fred
  302. Nick

    Always a great time

  303. Fun Guy

    Stopped in tonite, place is great!



  305. HOT

    They have some of the best looking bartenders around!!!

  306. .../;/
  307. Biggity

    Club is only improving day by day place rox!

  308. Arabia(I dont neet to hide)

    I worked there for about a year….what “JUST ME” saids its about right….I got fired for complaining too much about all the drugs and prostitution that was going on in the club specially when all them Italian dudes came in, basically they would pick a girl and pay the managers either Eddie or Freddy for the girl and only give the girl 50 dollars….many times I seen girls come upstair crying saying that they had been “raped” or forced to do things they didnt want to do. It is very true that the drug dealing in that club is rediculous, I have seen a girl hit another with a bottleover the head over drug “territory” both girls got suspended but neither got fired bacause they make the club “money” if you know what I mean. Also there was one night that a bartender got poked in the finger with a niddle one of the girls forgot to dishout after she got high, I cant remember how many times I turned in crack pipes that me or other girls found in the dressing room or were left in the bathroom. The VIP room is full of used comdoms and wrapper, nasty napkins and if you take a good look at the curtains and the furniture, thoses glow in the dark strips and stains….dont come with the decoration. They claim they were loosing money at the bar….well maybe if the managers stop sneaking boxes of liquoir out they make some type of money and also Eddie chillin with people till weeee hours in the morning giving out free drinks. I am kinda glad they fired me cuz it has opened my eyes. It wasnt until then when I really seen the type of dump I was working at and if that place ever get rated by the police……AM NOT GOING DOWN WITH THEM!!!!! So if you are a regular customer at Anthony’s be careful and as always be safe….if you dont have a condom just as management for it they will get you one or as many as you need as long as they make money too and keep you as a customer.

    Luv Arabia

    I give the club a 10 not for being nice but for being the biggest drug and prostitution “legal” spot in the state of Mass. the 5th alarm and 418 might be ghetto but nothing compares to this.

  309. From Jade

    Fu, obviously you don’t pay attention to anything you read and your just trying to piss me off. Not working. Everyone there who knows me knows for a fact I do not do drugs, period. In any way shape or form. I don’t drink. I have anemia. Alchohol is a blood thinner. My drinks are virgin drinks. If I drink I pass out from lack of iron in my bloodstream. And I have a boyfriend I don’t sleep with customers. I don’t need too. I get offered money for it even and no price would ever be high enough for my pride and my morals. As for not being able to get a regular job. I may get home by 2:15 but i go straight to bed and I get up by 8 am. I put in job applications even though no one near by is hiring. Your insults don’t bother me. Your logic is flawed. Either grow up or come see me at my job and insult me to my face, unless your to much of a pussy. Shut up or say it to my face.

  310. IHKJGHU
  311. jhjgvkj
  312. Eddie

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