Vegas Strip



948 North Raymond Road, Battle Creek, MI 49014


42.3213458, -85.1414149




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Vegas Strip

  1. Michael& Sherry
  2. Soupy
  3. Samson

    What a complete turn around from several years ago! This place USED to be where all the trash hung out, now it’s a good atmosphere, nice looking ladies, and plenty going on. They even have a “hype man” that was running around on the mic keeping the crowd going with $2 – “fill your mouth with tequila shots” and free jager merch hand-outs… I believe his name was “Suedo”. Fun place, had a great time!

  4. Mikij311

    This place hasn’t changed since it opened still the same old stabbings, fights and trash that has plauged them the whole time…

  5. curtis17

    Would have been a great place with affordable drinks and cute girls but the bouncer was such a jerk, it was incredible…..They have a free shuttle but you have to give the bouncer $20 to get it and then tip the guy (which would have been perfectly fine) but the bouncer who is obviously skimming needed his cut.

  6. Mountainman

    Do the lady dancers wear vinyl gloves to keep clean from all the crotch grabbing that they do? Oh, I forgot, that’s the only way they can get attention!!

  7. Doug

    I had a fantastic time when I visited this club! The girls were very attractive and the dances were fantastic!

  8. Bob

    Not a bad place…day girls are always the same…high quality dances…but a little on the old side…nite girls are better..less quality dances…but hotter ladies…

  9. guess who

    there is only one good striper, she usualy is there in the day time, she is in her 40’s, a brunette, big tits. she gets me hard

  10. nonyobiz

    bv ]np;jlk6t09rhiyogve;kyrn4=0

  11. barry

    This club is trash. Girls look like white trash…most attractive girls in

    their trailer parks maybe?????? This place attracts a lot of truckers. All

    girls have tattoos. No upscale girls. Felt uncomfortable in there. No

    food.self serve Popcorn machine and bags of Gordon food service

    chips. Tiny stage. Overweight girls. Don’t waste your time u want real

    talent go to Lansing or Kalamazoo

  12. Big Man

    Wow this place has changed a lot. Great selection of girls and they lowered the couch dances to $20. VIP dances got a lot better overall a really fun place even the the bar itself is pretty rough.

  13. Erick M.

    Terrible place!

  14. fellow dancer

    I absolutely love working here, things have changed thanks to Josh and his partners!!! You guys and this place fucking rocks!!!

  15. JonJon

    Awesome club not the nicest building but many hot girls you get much more than you would expect by looking at the place

  16. nobody

    There is no longer any dancers from the old hots.

    They have gotten quite a few new ones rom outside town.

    Only bad thing is the VIP dances are $25.00 and theres not much if any contact.

  17. stripclubreg

    This place has done a 180 degree turnaround within a few months time. Best rotation of girls outside of Detroit for overall talent. Its a must see now keep up the great work guys!!!!

  18. Don

    The most down to earth girls in town…..Except for one.

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