Deja Vu Showgirls



2402 South Dort Highway, Flint, MI 48507


43.0006425, -83.6545421




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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One of the more exciting counterparts of the Deja Vu show club chain is without a doubt the Deja Vu of Flint, Michigan. After a recent interior refurbishment from head to toe, the Flint location has even more room to accommodate it’s eager patrons. This show bar has enjoyed a legendary reputation of fun and outrageous good times since it first opened its doors to the pubic back way back when. It has flaunted its corral of fabulous showgirls and full throttle, totally nude entertainment constituting a world of connoisseur cooze and full blown excitement. With a customer capacity at just over 300 screaming patrons, and well over 50 enticing entertainers, the Deja Vu Flint packs the house night after thrilling night, catering to the truly courageous customer.


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. Xbrit
  2. Josh
  3. Greg

    Well it’s the only thing about Flint I like. I was there for 2 months and the Vu was my only salvation. The girls are pretty cute and nice in general. The lap dances cost too much for the length. They usually last between 1.5-2.5 minutes. So I usually sat at the tip bar and give 1 dollar and get tits rubbed in my face. There’s usually lots of strippers on hand, giving good selection for lapdances. Some willlet you touch, you should probably wait for them to place your hand. Basically just a nice home away from home!

  4. George

    Overall this club is one of the best in the area and would recommend this to others when passing thru the area

  5. catina

    love the place and will return soon iam 35 and a singel motther of two and a young grandmother see these girls makes me want to work at dejavu of flint. i hope to see some men at the club working it. the calendder can be updated. can you add me to your myspace iam at

  6. tony

    i’d like come back to this club again.

  7. sam

    OMG! there are some hot girls in here. i fell in love with one of the girls as soon as i saw her. didn’t get any dances and don’t even remember her name. but i am going back

  8. bob moore

    lynn is the best dancer there

  9. fuckery12

    Boobs for horney dumbasses.

  10. BRAD


  11. Kyle

    It was very nice

  12. bill

    The club is ok. I went there for amature night last monday and the 2 girls that were left were smokin hot but the other girl should have won the crowd was louder for her. I think its rigged.

  13. Rich


  14. Lia

    the girls are absolutely gorgeous and very accomodating! every time i go there frankie greets my boyfriend and i by name, and shes awesome. give that girl a raise!

  15. rated on nov 15
  16. I'm a sucker

    it said buy a vip get 15 minutes i wanted a 15

    minute vip for a free 15 minutes.$100 for 30 minutes.the

    stripper told me they only do this for 30 minute vip or

    more.WTF it doesn’t say that on the tv add. or the table

    add. or is this stripper trying to hustle me for more

    money!?don’t get hustled in for that 6 songs for $100 its

    the bait and switch for sure. glad there is alot of


  17. ryan

    it sucks dirty hoes

  18. Allen

    Hello, i am in my mid 20’s and last night was the fourth time that i have ever been to a strip club. Your girls are georgous and beautifil, they were all kind and friendly, i enjoyed your dancer Quinn the most. Her pole dancing is amazing and it was awsome how she was the only girl to climb up to the top of the pole and use it all the way down. Also like i said the all your girls are beautiful, but i would be nice if you had a few more girls with lager that A cup breast. But i dont want to complain, i had a great time and plan on going back for the big show they are having later this week. Thanks for taking your time to read my review. Allen

  19. b
  20. Todd

    A 1 tomorr ow

  21. Correcting bad grammar

    I think what the last poster (sexy tiger) meant, was that the dancers cannot accept tips on thier second song. If you want to tip them on their second song, you can only throw the money on the stage, they cannot come off the stage to get it.

    So, to guarantee proper attention and tipping, you should always go up to stage on the first song to tip the ladies!

  22. grant
  23. scott

    luv the club

  24. johnny

    best club ever paige is the best!

  25. Frog
  26. Edgar Lopez
  27. erik
  28. world traveler

    excellent club management. all kinds of promotions encourage you to spend more and also feel good. feel safe and very welcome by waitress, service people and dancers. never talked to the DJ girl, but she is very cool and did a excellent job. club is a little far from the airport and rich Oakland county, but worth every mile you drive. best girl is called Diamond, dances like a princess and talks like your next door neighbour. compared with other clubs in greater Detroit area, Deja vu Flint is the crown club and Diamond is the diamond on the crown.

  29. DJ

    Hey Deja Vu Flint, Good to see your still around. I got my first job as a DJ here after I got out of the Marine Corps back in 87′ We had great girls then, one used to give me my daily grippin’ Keep it real.

  30. Verne

    I love the club and some of the girls, but $20 is way to much money for a 3 minute dance that equals $400 per hour

    I would like to use VIP more but you need to run specials on that also like 10 min for $40, 15 min for $60 and so on

    I think if you drop your prices a little to match the economy you would get more people in and the girls would get more dances

  31. another guy

    place needs cleaning but other then that it was good. Good lap dance talent… although dances were short

  32. asd


  33. Tony S.
  34. Steve

    All i can say is WOW. i am so going back

  35. Lance

    It was my first time at the flint club. Excellent talent, great private dances. The best in town.

  36. goodguy
  37. husband &wife

    i was very disaponted when my wife and i came in last sat. and hato pay for drinks.i thought it was free cover&no charge at all for swingers sat. o well,still had a good time.most of the girls made my wife and fell welcomed,but 2 were very rude.dont now names.we got many dances.most of them stoode out above the rest i wish i new her you need some better music.

  38. bigbear
  39. dean

    Mercedes is the hottest fuckin thing ill ever have land in my lap for twenty dollars. Naudia is sweet as fuck too. your blind as a fuckin bat if you think otherwise of either. whatever floats your boat if you like dudes.

  40. The DUKE

    I wish someone would teach these little boys what the tip rail is there for. If you aren’t tipping MOVE IT so someone can show their love for the dancers.

  41. thumper
  42. Tim
  43. to Allen

    The last time i was there the only full cups were Nikki and Chase.Both have nice racks and are very nice.I dont know Nikkis work hours but i do know Chase now works in Saginaw.Hope this helps.

  44. Ray

    Hot dancers and a sexy blond DJ thats all I need.

  45. chingy
  46. m

    Gorgeous girls and an awesome atmosphere! Jewels is the one thats makes me wanna come back!

  47. Denis
  48. Steven Jones 3rd

    You have extreamly lovely dancers.

  49. Dee

    I love to see the new talent on amateur Monday’s.

  50. another guy...

    great time, dances seem too short though…

    also i was curious as to what rules/etiquette you have at the club as far as private dances go.

    Also some of the dancers are a little too persisitent to asking if you’d like a dance. I’ll usually say no thank you if i don’t want a dance that moment or if that dancer isn’t exactly “my cup of tea” but when they ask you repeatidly within the hour it can get annoying… other than that it was a great experience, great time, just think the dances are a bit too short for the $$$

    that and your girls make me spend too much of it

  51. MisterMe

    Nice Atmosphere. Maria and Carmen are gorgeous.

  52. Matt

    This is the best club in Flint. It might not be the most fancy, but they do have totally nude girls. Most are really hot.

  53. minbuckeye

    Deja Vu – the McDonalds of strip clubs (at least you pretty much know what to expect). I had a nice time on a late week day shift. Couch dances are fully nude. “Buy the lady a drink” upsell like other Vu’s. VIP area available, but did not have the time to try. Girl actually sat and talked before asking about a dance – I always appreciate that. She even stayed with me after I got a couple. I recommend.

  54. D-Man
  55. clancy wiggum
  56. JF

    Just went for the 1st time. All but one of the girls were polite and hospitable. Special thanks to Phoenix! Wait staff was good. Sound system was good. Music was decent. Ventilation was really bad. Very uncomfortable for non-smokers. Private dances cost too much. I don’t mind dropping $300+ a night, but I’d do it more often if I got more for my money.

  57. Robert S.
  58. george75
  59. Regular

    Been really boring in here recently. Only 5 girls on day shift Saturday. Girls attitudes are starting to get real bad. Haven’t been able to get in as much as I used to, but there had been a steady decline in quality and service over the last 4 – 6 months. It’s time to do a re-fresh on the talent. …and clean and fumigate the place.

  60. Brian J
  61. Vince

    New remodel is very nice much more comfotable. Wondering why so many cameras by booths dont want to end up on U Tube

    not cool. lose the cameras

  62. Seattle Saint

    It doesnt appeal to me until after 2am and then that’s when the real party starts

  63. CB

    I went to deja vu for the first time last night with my wife and I had a pretty good time except that only one dancer came over and asked us if we wanted a dance. I wish more than one girl would have shown interest but I guess they were too busy sitting at the bar and sitting all in a group in the corner.

  64. The Man

    Very hot girls, fun atmosphere. Got a few couch dances, wood much, anyone? At $20 bucks a pop, it’s not a bad deal considering they’re totally nude. Highly recommended.

  65. Chase
  66. xzautco


  67. Patron

    The remodel is a bit distracting at times. However, the atmosphere is fantastic and the girls are above average. A few of the girls are particularly exceptional. The biggest downfall is that the waitresses can be a little pushy with the drinks.

    Keep up the good work!

  68. I love my girls!!

    Carly and Sydney are the bestest ever!! Courtney is also awesome… They should get alot more money!!! I love you girls!!!

  69. Greel

    Another Friday day shift at the Flint Vu. Working where:

    Josie medium short frame, auburn hair, not over large breast, not over weight

    Destiny very short frame (you will be hard pressed to find shorter, dark hair, well proportioned breast and body, great legs

    Star medium short frame, dark hair, not large breast, a bit over weight but carries it well

    Lexi medium short frame, brown hair, thick body with breast to match

  70. jake

    best birthday ever

  71. Infamous J

    Nice club, many good looking girls,

  72. JBD

    This club could use some sprucing up. Like more comfortable chairs.

  73. happy schneider driver

    i was there today from 6-8 i would like to know who was working i got a couch dance that blew my mind and i had to leave right after and didnt catch her name she was wearing glass i would like to spend some v.i.p time with her next time im in town

  74. Ubenn Hadd
  75. Amber
  76. willnevercometoyourclubagain

    the strippers steal from money , phones . Be careful

  77. Double J

    Great club! Autumn was very nice and one of the best looking women I have ever met! Will definately be going back!

  78. gami


  79. Jim

    One of the best clubs in the Flint area. Clean atmosphere with showgirls that dont look like they come off the streets somewhere. Best looking women in town.

  81. MD

    This club was asom i had a rilly good time.

  82. jacob
  83. andy

    i’d like to go back to this club again

  84. Dave
  85. Ted

    Awesome, everyone needs to go there, best club in Flint!!!!

  86. J.P.

    My first time and it was good. Whoever says that Mercedes is nasty is a fool. But Page and Trinity are great.

  87. E

    The girls are friendly and beautiful.

    Skyye was awsome.

  88. Sara

    Great club, beautiful and talented girls. Definately will be back here.

  89. Dissatisfied Guest

    Sydney was not cool with all of the guests. I think she brought her personal business to work with her. She ruined my whole night there.

  90. shocked&awed

    I’ve seen some pretty amazing things on a pole before, but Paige and Pheonix put them to shame!(Are there more with that level of talent) Very beautiful, very talented, and easy going. I would like to thank the blonde that was pretty well equipped for blowing me off so she could eat her french fries at the bar when I asked her if she was available for a dance. It let me see that Paige had not gone home for the night! Just as much talent on the couch as she has on the pole. Hands down, the best lap dance I’ve ever had (with all of my clothes on.) When I come into town, me and buddies used to go to Detroit to party. Never again, you have made a repeat customer out of me, and next time I’m bringing them along. I just hope that Paige isn’t gone before I get back to Michigan.

  91. Pissed off

    I went there a few years ago and it wasn’t that bad. I went there recently, and it was ridiculous. All the girls look like 12 year old boys. No meat to them, no tits, no ass. What the hell!? I knew a girl that worked there that got fired because she put on about ten pounds, you know actually started growing tits and an ass, she looked great and didn’t want to loose the weight, so she got fired! Why isn’t there a variety!?

  92. dh

    great girls uve got there. there was one in particular whose man i cant remember. it was my first time and she made me feel really welcome.

  93. Patrick

    Club could use a makeover, but the gals are hot…and the private dances I had were naked.

  94. Pirate

    High quality dances. Appearance of dancers is just average.

  95. Tee
  96. Fred

    Great job Bree on winning Showgirl of the Year.

  97. Don
  98. Unpleased Customer
  99. Jayson

    Girls are friendly and hot hot hot!!!!

  100. mike

    get some new girls not ones that tell you see will do anything in vip then get you kick out ………….

  101. Shoe

    It was nice and fun

  102. Jade
  103. Tucker
  104. cj

    last time i was at the club i only had one negative thing to say wow

  105. Riley

    Realist, take into consideration that not ALL dancers are like that. I spend my money all on my son. My friend Haifa and I are not like that at all.

    Robbie, thank you for spending time with me that night. I genuinely enjoyed your company. I would love it if you came in next time you are in michigan. I am very happy that you enjoyed your visit. I am glad your cousin and his woman came too. Very cool people! =] and nice embarassing story. I work monday and wednesday nights 7p to 2a and friday days, noon to 8. Hope to see you soon and thank you for your compliments and good review.


  106. Dale

    Nice club, homey feeling, some nice girls, a couple that really don’t belong there but those are very few and far between, everyone else is awesome. Some of the best pole work I’ve ever seen and the booths are pretty cool for private dances, way better setup than Ypsi.


  107. lb

    not enough hottties

  108. FTp
  109. Tommy D

    Went in last night, and didn’t have any fun at all. …and ditto to what the other reviewer said about the waitresses being like flies.

  110. re: verne

    So basically you’d like the girls to do more dances while getting paid less at the end of the night so you can spend more time in the vip. Sounds like a win – win situation for YOU verne. LMAO

  111. Energizer Bunny

    I love the new PPP room. I’d live there if I could.

  112. howie

    first time to this club, loved it. definately coming back in the future. and it’s worth the drive

  113. Donkey Kong

    This club was fun thanks to Diamond. You were great to talk to pretty lady. It’s nice to sit and talk before rushing into dances. Very classy girl!

  114. John
  115. Frank
  116. LaJuana

    although the remodel was a little distracting, the service,the dancers and atomosphere was great! My Husband and I had a blast. Keep up that great service.

  117. Edgar

    Please, More beautiful Girls. Thanks You. Have a good day.

    Edgar O.

  118. Devin

    Private dances need to be longer or cheaper



  120. tyler
  121. Amy

    My husband and I went, first time for me. I really enjoyed myself and so did my husband. We had Chase give us 3 private dances and she was very good. Made me feel very comfortable for a first timer. Can’t wait to go back. Fun and exciting night. Thanks Chase!

  122. Arnie Arnold

    I tought this was the biggest rip off of a strip clue every. Need to hire girls that have big tits!!

  123. jt

    was there last nught, sat.. i got there early and there were only 3 dancers but they cut the price to get in a ton. i won’t say how much though. the girls really started to come in about 30 min later and it enede up being a great evening. had a couple of dances from Missy. she was kind of shy but so am i.her dances were real good though chrissy-jo gave me two awesome dances as well

  124. Murtagh

    Now that the remodel is almost finished the club looks great. Everyone who has been waiting can now come in and check out the new Vu.

  125. Adam Brown

    As the current reigning champion (5/17/07) of the “find my cherry pie eating contest” I have to say that this was one of the better experiences that I have had at a gentleman’s club. The Overall quality of the girls was excellent. *MUCH improved from the past* The staff was all very friendly and sociable. It is good to see a club trying to make it a little diffrent from the rest by holding this contest and others like it. Ill be back to see ya soon! * I DID win 5 free passes afterall! * 😉



  127. jeff

    This club is great! Most of the girls are very friendly. Some are beautiful and some aren’t so but overall love the place.

  128. Dj Shawn

    12 year old boys….. Dear Fellow Fat Lover, the “curvy” girls work down on Atherton Rd.. 🙂 P.S. They need love, too!

  129. $
  130. ken

    i really enjoyed myself at your club, all the girls are very pretty and friendly, but alas, there is one i have not seen in, a very long time, does anyone remember roxy and does anyone remember where is she at? she was a good dancer, and i miss seeing her

  131. bob
  132. Dick Steele

    I have a great time at this club all the time. 9/10 girls are quite fine! Lot of young guys in the club just taking up valuable space and not spending any money. Raise the cover on these cheap punks and I bet the girls will be busier. When the girls are busier, they are making money for themselves. When they are making money they are happier and this will only benefit the club as well.

  133. Jesse
  134. Gerry

    Dancers are all young and beautiful..that’s what I want in a strip club. I feel very confortable with the couch dances but could use more special dances at affordable price. I seem more at ease now than the mgt. before..very pleased. But could use a more better looking atmosphere..Special thanks to Alex, my dancer who kept me very comfortable and Baby girl, who was very accomodating and friendly.

  135. Monday

    I think I’m in love with everyone.

  136. nevacomebak

    The club was decent – the girls are hot but the private dances are not that great. The girls don’t really do much -plus the girl that gave me a dance didn’t even get fully nude…and this is supposed to be a nude club!

  137. hg
  138. toe
  139. jerry
  140. Phish Fan

    I was in Tuesday and just wanted to thank the beautiful aige for making my week. I challenge anyone to check out those piercings and not fall in love. I’ll be back for more.

    Paige is a rockstar!

  141. Don Juan

    This is a really great club with some hot girls. All is well, with the friendly girls and waitresses. Watch out for the occasional girl with tracks on her arms.(Just Nasty) It does get real smoky in there, a ventilation system would be nice as well as Professional carpet and upholstry cleaning.

  142. T-Money

    This was my 1st time at a strip club. Most of the dancers werent that energetic, let alone really attractive. There was only two out of all of them that I saw that night that I really remember. The dance I got was definitly shorter than all of the ones at the vu in PH but it was high quality for sure. My friends like to drive from ph over there sometimes but I dont think its worth the trip. I will say this: The seating was definitly good. The closest seats are practically right in front of the stage.

  143. jordan

    It was the best club I’ve been to yet. Deja Vu is a good one to go to, I wont ever go to another it’s a waste of time and money, keep on keepin on because I will keep comin back and I’ll deffinetly bring friends like always!

  144. me

    I just love going to this place. I’m not a drinker so since they don’t serve alchohol that’s perfect. The girls were very friendly and there was always one available if you wanted some couch dances. I can’t wait to go back.

  145. Drai

    The Flint girls are amazing =]

  146. Lou

    The club needs to upgrade to keep up with the other clubs in the area. The cover should be reduced from $11 to $7 to draw more clients in. Waitresses need to be allowed to wear short skirts and not long pants. This would help in bringing clients in. If you want an awesome dance ask for Bela and Hunter!!!

  147. Alberto

    Love this place

  148. quagmar
  149. DD
  150. Robbie

    I met a really sweet, sexy performer at the club on New Years Eve 2008 by the name of Ryley. Ryley was dancing when my cousin, his girl and I arrived at the club, after she was done she came off the stage and walked down behind us. She stop behind us and asked if we had been there before. me being from Ohio, i had never been there and my cousin had been to a Vu in the past but not the Flint club, So Ryley explained how things worked and asked if any of us wanted a dance and I excepted, and she took me back and gave me my dance. After the song ended, she came out and sat next to us. For the next 4 hours we sat there and just chatted. I was so impressed with her dancing I asked for for 5 or 6 or more dances throughout the night. In my mind she is a very, very talented dancer and my money was well spent with her. I am hoping to be able to visit my cousin in the near future again and to return the club and with any luck Ryley will be working again and i will know that the money will be worth spending on her.

  151. very happy

    my gf and i came in and were treated awesomely. the girls were great and made us feel so welcome, especially Syd, Courtney and Carley

  152. Dave Person
  153. Gary
  154. I.B. Bonin

    Desire is the shit…..

  155. drew
  156. one dude

    place needs a good cleaning and the vip s not very private to many danecers walking back and forth to change,makes it not a vip just a bad dance area.

  157. Mick

    I think its an OK place. Girls are not bad. Could be a little bigger. Maybe a little more talent on the poles. And without a pass $15 is a little to much for entry. Id be more happy paying $10.

  158. Chris

    This club is the best and Carmen is the best stripper there for sure….

  159. Brandon

    One amazingly awsome club and the girls a excellent!!!!!!

  160. K O

    Lots of fun every time, SUCH a great atmosphere to be in! Could even be considered addictive

  161. geff
  162. Danyelle
  163. thomas swoish

    fucking awesome

  164. Jason Bolin

    I love going here, Dancers are fun to talk to and fun to watch… lol. I think they could do a little remodleing but overall I have lots of fun!

  165. sal

    i love it

  166. Realist

    Robbie: Never let yourself be fooled that these girls like you. They don’t so spend your money wisely. Just to put things into perspective some dancers call us customers “ATM’s”. We are nothing but a source of cash for them.

    These girls don’t go to that club for sex… they go there because they need to pay the rent, make a car payment and put gas in the tank, pay for books and tuition. You and she are there for totally different reasons.

    Also don’t believe anything a dancer tells you. I went there with a date and one dancer told us she was bi. I went with a group for another girls birthday and we bought her couch dances (she’s very into girls). The same dancer told this girl she was 100% lesbian who had only had a guy once when she was drunk.

    They size you up and tell you what you want to hear to turn you on and keep buying the dances.

    Don’t believe stories about being abused or neglected either. Why would a young woman just tell a stranger about such emotionally painful experiences… unless it’s only to gain your sympathy and keep the cash flowing.

    Face it, no matter how much you dream or fantasize, the only thing they want to see come out of your pants is money. When that’s gone so is their interest in you and me.

    That doesn’t mean stay away or keep your money in your pocket (code name: K-Mart Crowd). Just don’t lose your head and spend more than you intended to or can afford.

  167. Homer Jay Simpson

    Woooo Hoooo, If this club never closed I’d never leave. Gotta love all thoes doughnuts. Only problem is no Duff.

  168. jello
  169. Asian

    Have been there 4 times. And really like it over there. Have had nice time with many esp missy, paige, diamond, Courtney, alex. A silent admirer of all the beautiful women, who work so hard. Everytime i go there, have atleast 3/4 dances. And good service by the waitress, esp jacky. Waiting for my next trip to flint sometime soon.

  170. Dan
  171. JBL
  172. TJ Nowak

    I think that Bailey is by far the worst one you all have there. She looks like a little girl. She doesn’t make me feel welcome when I’m there. I think she just isn’t Deja Vu material. Maybe she should try a less busy place until she gets better.



  174. Shawn

    Jo Jo is very sexy and super sweet. You have to go to see her.

  175. Jon
  176. Bruce lee
  177. Tonya
  178. Red
  179. Dancer

    I wish my comments would stop being removed. I have important things to say too, that I think the customers should know.

  180. tayshaun
  181. jester
  182. mr ?

    rated at sep 22, 2006

  183. J.T.

    We have alot of new girls starting, and new pics coming to the Be sure to come on in and check the best show in Flint out!


  184. sexytigermiss07

    repling to what the duchess said, when u guy to the dancers do u do it one there first or second song because if its the second song u need a to be in check, they can’t get off stage on there second song.

  185. barry

    going to the myspace is the easiest way to check the schedule. Just add the page to your favorites and check the blog section with the recent schedule!!

  186. Mavrick

    The girls are HOT HOT HOT!!! and the club is just fine, it has that small close feeling, who needs a new club like up in Sagnasty!! Flint is AWSOME!! and Diamonds are also a man’s best friend and Flint Deja VU!!!

  187. Reg_Visitor

    Remodel of the club looks great and many new dancers that are hot. Girls however need to be out on the floor more talking.

  188. Irv

    skyyy gave me the bast lap dance i got the biggest boner and she didnt look at me weird shes a great private dancer

  189. jasmine
  190. K

    best club in state!

  191. Troy
  192. jay
  193. diego
  194. Chuck

    A+++! Super hot girls, friendly attitudes. Girls are nude for the entire second song and the stage lights are bright so that you can really see the naughty bits! What more can you really ask for?!

  195. Eric

    I was in last night and many of the girls were nice. I spent alot of money on alot of girls. Merry Christmas ladies. The waitresses are ok, but they are on u like flies on you know what to buy a drink. Other than that the place needs to be cleaned probably professionally. Music sound is good and a good mix of tunes.

  196. greg luganious
  197. no one
  198. nick

    it was cool

  199. tom
  200. big mike

    no lighting in dance booths, could not tell the girl had a tat on her hip.

  201. l
  202. Mike Oxlong

    w00t for tits and ass!

  203. jason

    the club is the shit and the girls are smokein hot to.

  204. Matthew

    Excellent Place to go. One of the better clubs I’ve been too

    would definetly go back. Girls are all very attractive.

    Waitresses are friendly.

  205. darko milicic

    it is great clubs I really like amereican women.I esp[ecially love destiny.

  206. S
  207. Stanley

    Tried it again. Girls are lazy. Boring. Anybody ever heard of customer service? Waitresses need to get off their asses and clean the tables and counters, and empty the ashtrays. Probably time to find greener pastures. It’s going to be a long, hard winter in Flint.

  208. no name

    I found the majority of girls to be nicer than most clubs, with one exception that may fit the previous reviewer’s description.

  209. Dragonfly

    Diamond is amazing! she totally keeps me coming back. my boyfriend and i love her private dances. worth every penny.

  211. Budman

    The atosphere is great and the dancers are very cute,great time for birthdays.

  212. travis

    If you go to Deja Vu in flint you have to get page or baley they will rock your world. It was such a awsome experince. The vip room was awsome.

  213. william

    not enough itty bittys in club

  214. draves


  215. The Kid

    I was in Friday Aug. 4th, I thought the club was great paid for two dances, one was awesome the other just ok, won’t mention any names.

  216. fading2black

    This club is superior. Far better than any other club I have been to!

  217. paul

    Awesome place I go there at least once a week

  218. Dirty D and Stevie Lee 313

    The minute me and stevie lee walked in the club we got instant boners by the hot ass strippers. I kid you not, We creamed all over the stage with cash (made it rain)then we got a dance from every girl. Ebony and Fantasy and Nikki are my girls. Keep the asses bouncing the dicks sprung by all the custos. Yours truely your best custos Stevie Lee the main G and Dirty D 313!

  219. Mitch

    First time to the club and had a great time. Brooke gave me great lapdances. She is so sexy!

  220. Brendan

    The girls were working it in the lapdances. Quinn and jewel are layin it down.

  221. D

    Samantha rocks! She is by far the friendliest, hottesst girl in the club, and that is saying alot, the girls here are all hot, and talented. Not one unattractive girl there that I saw.

  222. New_Exp

    Needs to due better with posting the schedule

  223. visitor
  224. joe
  225. BV
  226. Air Force

    Once again this club didn’t fail to make me happy. I had a blast and wish i could have stayed longer last night. I would have dropped tons more cash on Natalia if i could have stayed. Thanks dejavu/flint.

  227. scottie

    Great Place to visit

  228. fell in lust now shes gone!

    why isnt allysa on the schedule on myspace anymore? she was only back at deja vue flint for a little bit. she was hot! where did did she go? does anyone know?

  229. Longtommi

    I drive from just North of Detroit to go to Flint Deja Vu.

    I still haven’t seen the ugly girl there. If she is like the rest she has got to be better than what you would find on the street. My all time fav is Destiny (4′ 9″) of sweetness. Best dancer may be Aston, never saw a girl walk on the ceiling before. She does ask her and tip her a few bucks. Thirsty walk across the street and then come back for more HOT women.

  230. HaiFa

    I’am so glad to be working at Flint Deja Vu. The Girls are Beautiful, Customers very friendly & Management by far one of the best.I work Monday Night, Weds Nights & Friday Day.

    After I get a dance from someone, I spend time with them afterwards, I dont just brush them off. I dont think of them as an “ATM” machine. I Like to meet new people and make as many friends as possible. But of course it is My Job aswell and am there to make money.

    Deja Vu Flint Rocks- Stop in and check us out

    XxXoXxX HaiFa

  231. DCT

    I had a wonderful time! Fantasia was hottt!

  232. Melissa

    Paige WAS AMAZING!!! I would love to come back and see her…

  233. The Duchess

    and while you’re at it…. how about teaching the dancers what the tip rail is for. I hate sitting there with a dollar in front of me and the girl won’t come down and accept it or even make eye contact. She’s too good for a dollar?

  234. near50

    Only one girl the entire 2 hours I was there showed any interest in spending time with me and my lady friend. That was Brooke. She took a few minutes to chat with us and gave a great couch dance for which we gave her an extra tip. The rest flocked around the younger guys and never gave us a second glance. The cover charge sure beats the hell out of the Saginaw club but we’ve been going there instead because the dancers are so much more approachable.

  235. mark

    this is the best club in town not to mention the only one with live nude women and its open tii 4am yeah that is the shit !

  236. doug chingo

    just like to say have not ben there for a while because of legal issues but i hope to come soon and that the club is very good managers are very respective when i was there and all the girls were very polite and nice so i rate the club a 10 outa 10

  237. Ron
  238. Re:near50

    I’ve been going to this club for a while and there are certain demographics that get a lot less attention from the girls, and are often flat out ignored. If you’re an older couple you fit into that group. It seems as if the group that gets the most attention are the young college boys who have no money. The girls spend all their time with them, then complain that they have no money. But as soon as more come in, they will spend their time with them…then complain that they have no money. Comments have been made, but management doesn’t seem to care. Luckily I have a few girls that i am regular with so it doesn’t bother me, but they lose a lot of money because of this. Oh well.

  239. poopstick
  240. Dante

    Nice place to spend an evening. Several cute dancers who seem to enjoy what they do, and are wonderful to converse with. The fact that the place is non-alcoholic (even though by law) is also a plus in my opinion. Only problems would be that some of the girls are pushy about getting patrons a lap dance, often times coming back several times within an hour. That and the quality of the lap dances are good, but when considering quality, cost, and length of the dance, it leaves one feeling a little unsatisfied and less likely to purchase another. Lighting is also another issue, its hard to even see the girls for the couch dances, and I know its to make things more exciting, but I would like to see what I pay for. Also, the waitresses could maybe add a little bit of beverage along with the ice I purchase for one of the dancers.

    Yes I know that this review is a little negative, but I say focus on what can be fixed instead of what already works.

    Overall, the place is great. One is perfectly capable of having a great evening by just talking with the ladies and watching the stage dances. I would just recommend that the waitresses put a little less ice in the cups, and also wait for the “Showtime” moments where the dances are twice as long if one really wants a lap dance.

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