Potter’s Gentlemen’s Club



621 East Michigan Avenue, Jackson, MI 49201


42.2482823, -84.398925




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Potter’s Gentlemen’s Club

  1. zander
  2. Will.I.Am

    I love this club. I have been to some of the nicest clubs in the state but none can compare to the relaxed atmosphere and variety of beautiful women as potters.

  3. Guy... at the end of the bar

    Nice place!!

  4. Capt. Jackson

    This place rocks!

  5. harold
  6. vonwoobie

    Forgot to mention, the stlye of the club is cool and unique. Walking up to the door it really looks like your going into an Irish Pub. I dunno, maybe it was one at some point in the past. The inside is nice as well ans not typical strip club atmosphere but more like a nice pub.

  7. Shady
  8. liquer license lost?

    well i was a little impressed til the doorman showed up and he was a real asshole…. I was there on a friday of race weekend. we were there from 2 til 6 left for a half hour, when we came back there was a doorman he asked us for $10 we told him we were there all day he didnt beleive us til a girl confirmed it and i think it pissed him off… so after spending about $400.00 we were getting too drunk so we quit drinking and continued getting lap dances at $20 a pop. then the waitress comes up and says if we dont keep drinking we have to leave. we said we werent staying long just sobering up to drive. 5 minutes later he comes over and says “ok time to go” I said why? he said ” your not drinking” i said i want to sober up a bit he said ” do it somewhere else” I said you would rather we drive drunk? “he said i can call you a cab” i said “your an asshole!” and we left. this jerk turned what would have been us leaving after having a good time feeling good about the place and wanting to come back to being pissed off and never wanting too cause he was so greedy. what every happened to 2 drink minimum? i think $400 should cover it. we werent being rowdy or rude to the girls. when a few people get killed by drunks who leave that bar they will lose their license not to mention people not wanting to come back because of that asshole. most of the girls have fake hard tits and they have no DJ

  9. Traveler

    This club is awesome I travel alot and this is the club I like the most. Girls are great and atmosphere is the best. I’ll go back often.

  10. Randy

    Visit a lot of clubs but this one is special. Drove all the way from Flint. It was worth the trip. Friendly, cute, nice variety and girls always smiling. Drinks reasonable and good food too. Nikkita is a WOW !! Dancer alone is worth the trip. I’ll be back.

  11. Full House

    This place is off the hook. They currently have three sisters and twins working. I highly recommend the sister on sister on sister dance and a twin on twin dance. It’ll cost you C note for those two songs but you’ll never forgot it.

  12. Danny M.

    Hot, hot, hot!

  13. Joe Mama

    The best darn lap dances ever!!! This is bar none the best strip club I have ever been to. I recommend you go now and bring lots of money!!!

  14. The man
  15. Big Harold

    Just a whole lotta fun.

  16. Canada Guy

    I loved this club the girls were great especially Carmen 😉

  17. not Mitt

    Had a great time!

  18. bingo

    club is probably struggling with the new club open in town

  19. THOM
  20. mike
  21. James

    This club is nice it is setup like a Pub but then they have a strip club attached, so you drink and get lap dances what more could you ask for.

  22. Jack

    Had a great time! Treats, no tricks.

  23. pj

    girls taste delicious

  24. joe

    club sucked.

  25. jewel

    love it i work there…

  26. rICKY

    Great girls, relaxed atmosphere, will be back!!

  27. markus
  28. Ron

    It was nice to see some of the girls from here working at the Playhouse. I look forward to seeing you again.

  29. Ramblin' Man

    Came in on a Monday..after a long abstence… Skittles is well worth the private dance!

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