Little Darlings Kalamazoo



1336 Ravine Road, Kalamazoo, MI 49004


42.3073531, -85.6046106




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Little Darlings Kalamazoo

  1. 2FINE

    i won a free vip party and had a real good time. my brother’s batch party is coming up.

  2. dave
  3. turtle

    was in and partied with two hot blonds lexi and teeny man what night

  4. Traveler

    Terrible! Just another pretty building with stupid people running it. Ugly dancers, rude management, insane drink prices, and crappy music (no hip hop, wtf?). Unless you want to pay for a bad experience, don’t come here.

  5. Ewww.

    Get rid of the fat girls and the white trash. WTF.

  6. Jen

    great club

  7. nomadic1

    I loved my stay. I miss some of the girls already. Alise, Haley, Monique and a few others came and sat down and just hung out and talked, it was real fun. One downfall of the club is it is really smokey. Other than that great.

  8. Joe

    Was in last night. Can’t believe the dances went from $15 to $20. Might as well go next door. Seems there are more girls next door, don’t have the high drink cost, and since the dances cost the same, you might as well get it all.

  9. Mistercap12

    A real diamond in the rough. I was in Kalamazoo, MI, but when I walked into Little Darlings it felt like I was transported to Las Vegas. A very clean well designed club. The staff at polite and attentive to my needs. I was there on a Thursday, there were about 10 lovely ladies working. I highly recommend Capri, Bonnie and Ember. I never felt like they were pressuring me. It was more like I was hanging out with a hot, half naked buddy. I would defiantly recommend this place. Its hands down the best club in SW Michigan.

  10. Will

    Took a little time off between visits. When we came back we sat with Destiny and Friend. (Sorry friend, horrible with names as we discussed.) I have never had a better time anywhere than I did tonight. Both girls made me feel like a king. If you ever have the chance, you have to spend time with these two. Both are absolutely gorgeous and well worth your time and money. Definately worth the trip from GR. Love both of you.

  11. Rob

    I have to disagree with the last comment. I was sitting with Jenna and she was very sweet. I try to come in and talk with her about once a week, so I know that when she feels the need, she stops drinking so that she can sober up before she drives home, which I think is very responsible. Anyway, I was sitting with her one night and a customer kept pestering her to drink with him, which she kindly declined … over and over again. He actually came to our table and asked her again. Annoyed, she said she would be right over. She got up, took the gentleman up on his offer, followed the bar tender to tell her NOT to put any alcohol in the drink, took the drink, said thank you, and walked away. Girls are there to make money, not get wasted so assholes can try to take advantage of them. Honestly, I’ve never had a bad “run-in” with her.

  12. heidi420

    love it

  13. To NYE Couple:

    Sorry you were disappointed in your visit. Please stop by again sometime and ask for a manager. We will make sure you get the personal experience YOU are looking for.

  14. big D

    You gotta check this place out! Faith is one hell of a entertainer and beautiful.

  15. Tom

    Get the VIP room. It is worth every penny!!!

  16. yeah right


  17. john doe

    It was better when the girls were better. I don’t mind the drink prices if the girls were good t look at. Some are (maybe 5) but most need to move on.

  18. Spider

    Tuedays are a great value guys! Met a new girl – Nicole. Blonde, apple ass, and a great private/couch dance! She made the trip in worthwhile and fun. Will look for her again in the future.

  19. Victor love

    i’ve been coming to the club for years and i was very inpressed in the last recent times. i heard from some of the girls that new management were driving all the girls out. i don’t know anything about that, i can tell you this…i’m glad not to see some faces

  20. bruce heeter

    very nice since u have moved really had a good time was the sat the 23rd of jan

  21. Billy

    The most pathetic club I’ve been to. Girls are money hungry STUPID BITCHES who shouldn’t be able to work because cellulite with those women are evident, Please don’t go to the Kzoo place, if you spend money on trash its ok, but it’s worth the trip to go to Lansing or ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!!! Be aware

  22. Travis

    the club was awesome. i really had fun. the cute short blonde girl that lives in three rivers WOW GREAT LAP DANCE

  23. PERV
  24. Just passing through...

    This place is very classy. Not at all what I would expect to find in a small town. It is like a little bit of Vegas right in SW Michigan. It was a little tricky to get to off the highway but worth the drive.

  25. BOB

    I HAD A BLAST!!!

  26. Passin by

    I had a great time with Lashell. The building was nice, the urinals were the best.

  27. SKOOBX

    Club was empty Sat. night. Went in, no dancers greeted me, or even looked at me. They were all huddled around the bar. One dancer was sleeping on two stools. First and last time visitor.

  28. Laura

    This club is very well organized and has a very cozy atmosphere. The girls are really friendly and provide exellent costomer service.

  29. Almost there

    Hot dancers hot waitresses hot club. the only bad thing I can say is more girls please.

  30. stan

    great club except for the dj who thinks he knows everything. The gay toothpick guy

  31. Mark K.

    i found my new place to go on a sunday!

  32. Caleb

    This was the first time I’d been to the club ever since it was “The Mermaid Lounge” over on Portage Road. I noticed that there was a lot less hostility between most of the girls. That’s great, because I don’t feel like I’m stepping into a bar-room brawl anymore. There was this one dancer there — Jenna. Oh my fucking God. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. And the dance she gave me — I never thought there was such thing as a good contact-free dance until I had her. 🙂 I will definitely be back to see her.

  33. martin

    I was in town for homecoming weekend. My friends and I had a nice evening they really did a good job of making us feel welcome.

  34. rick

    india is one fine ass girl. the hottest girls in town

  35. winston12

    I would of rated a 5/5 if they had more females on a Wednesday night. The girls are soo hot, even the bartender and waitress – Nina. Dancer Boom Boom Kitty is my favorite. I went with my co-workers on a Wednesday night, it started off with one dancer, but then around 9 more came and they were all hot. They had drink and 2 for 1 dance specials through out the night which was definitely cool. The Dj was awesome, kept the energy and crowd hyped. I would definitely go there again when I come into town. Definitely worth going!

  36. Leo
  37. The Rob

    Fricken awesome. Divine is smokin, so is jubilee.

  38. judy

    my husband and i came in a few nights ago and sat with jenna. she was very sweet and laid-back, very down to earth. not pushy at all, which we liked.

  39. James

    Really nice club with great atmosphere, hot dancers, waitresses and bartenders.

  40. stu

    I thought girls in south bend where hot until i came here.

  41. nick the stick

    kick ass time with kick ass bitches

  42. Jane Doe

    Who is the frumpy friend george of the jungle?? Madelynn is the bomb yea…but i think i might know who u r talking about being the frumpy friend…and if it’s who i think it is that girl is not fat she is thick and some guys like that. but i think it may be roxy or whatever her name is…i went in there with my boyfriend and she was sooo cool to us. but everybody has their own opinions. I’ve heard a few other girls complain about money but she never said anything to us. i think Madelynn and Roxy are two peas in a pod. Roxy has a great ass and Madelynn has great tits.

  43. george of the jungle

    The girl with the cherry tat is madline, n she has got it goin on fo sho! Her frumpy friend has got to go, that girl has no boobs and the only curves she has r her rolls it seemed like all she did was complain about money, wow that kiesha rocked my world!! it also seemed like one of the girls was pregnant, i didnt see her dance but she either had some pudge or had a bun in the ov. i think that it is just ridiculous that there is a ban on rap music, i mean are you fucking kidding me??!!! The 2 4 tues is a good one, tho… y not every nite?? 😉 i like the other guys idea of 90s nite get rid of the played out 80s crap. i miss the old way, k.zoo is not ready for ur establishment.

  44. Brian

    Some good looking dancers, it was a Tuesday. The waitresses were knockouts.

  45. Mgmt

    Sorry Will about the schedules; but 2 of your favorites are not on a schedule, they just pop in and surprise us! Maybe you can get them to post on the comments when they plan on coming in so you have a better idea when to drive down.

    See you soon!

  46. Keshia

    our server aimee was so cute, very friendly and very nice. the dancers did really cool poll tricks and were very attractive, but i was still bored. not sure why, but other times it has been better. the only time the girls came up to our group was for boobies for a buck and couch dances, it just got boring watching them on stage and that was it.

  47. JOEY


  48. Jerry
  49. mjm


  50. kris

    my girlsand I went for a birthday party and had a great time everyone was nice and the girls were sexy.

  51. sweeeeet

    I would say that overall the dancers are cute with a few hotties thrown in. Very nice club cute waitresses. I was treated very by all.

  52. Brett

    This club has it all, hot dancers, laid back atmosphere, alcohol at a reasonable price and great private rooms!! Best club in town.

  53. Andy

    Went in last Friday night. Servers were a lot of fun and did a good job. Dancers were marginal at best and at least half had fat bellies. I was with a group of 8 guys and we sat around the stage. Some of the girls were so bad that we actually turned our backs to the stage and watched the Piston’s game on the big screens (The big screens are incredible by the way). If you get the right girl, the lap dances can be great, if not, very sterile. Not much in between and I’m not sure why. Dancers claim favoritism to some girls by management. I had a great private dances with XXXXX but could tell management was trying to keep her from getting too close. Bottom line, service was good, big screens good, the guys out front were good, the girls marginal, and management appeared to “hover” too much over some girls while letting others do as they please. I’d probably go again once I get into town but unless they clean up their act, I probably won’t stay as long. We were there to spend money and between the 8 of us went through $1700-$2000 that night. We’d have spent more but………………

  54. Jim
  55. sam
  56. HOLLY


  57. theman
  58. Jake

    This place just keeps getting better.

  59. Ohio Boy

    The club wasn’t busy, the music was out dated, drinks was weak and the prices was to high. The girls wasn’t much to look at some over weight and too old. Couple of hotties but Jubilee seem to be on top of the game. The best Lap dance ever!!! Worth every $$$.

  60. MOTOWN


  61. C
  62. Grayson

    Well, for starters, I know I’m going to avoid going in on Monday nights anymore. I’ve been there the past few weeks and it’s a bunch of ghetto-ass motherfuckers who are obnoxious as hell. I sat by one table and they didn’t buy a single dance as far as I could tell. Cheap bastards. Kendra was okay at first, until I realized how much her attitude fucking sucked. The more I talked to her, the uglier she became — dissing on the management, bartender, and the other dancers, talking about how much she hated working there but needed the money. I eventually said I had to go to the bathroom and just sat at another table. The music sucked, what’s with 80’s night??? You guys would be better off having a 90’s night — play some Sublime, STP, good shit like that. Charlie is fiesty, a whole lot of woman, that’s for sure. Loved her. Also, the other comments are correct – Jenna IS amazing. Not only is she smoking hot, but she plays the best music. She’s got a perfect body (I couldn’t believe her tits were real!), a bangin’ personality, great dances, and she exudes confidence — a major turn on. I think there’s local competition for your club in this town, but if you want to rise above the rest, MARKET HER. All people have to do is see her, and I kid you not, they will flock to you — men AND women.

  63. lonely guy

    faith and maria are fucking hot best two

  64. kazoo3

    like the new look

  65. Chuckles
  66. rIpPeR rEePeR

    fucking hot bitches every where cant wait to go back

  67. Ted

    Heard the UFC fight will be shown here on Saturday. What is the cover? Any drink specials? How many entertainers will be there?

  68. stewart

    First of all, I knew I was going to like this place when I heard Slipknot’s “The Anthem” playing. Can’t say I’ve been to many clubs where metal is playing. And the dancer was HOT. I went up to the stage to tip her as I belted out “555, 666!” and she was like, “Oh, you like Slipknot?” Girl knew her shit. I don’t see too many metal girls around, but this one was awesome. I can’t remember her name, I can only tell you she had long blond hair and the most unbelievable brown eyes I’ve ever seen. On another note, the drink prices are a bit high. My buddies and I would have stayed longer if we didn’t go broke off of drinks so quick.

  69. Herb

    Your club is very clean and pop’in. Your dancers are very nice and respectable. Your dancer Jasmine is a very very good dancer. All my compliments go to your dancers and your club.

  70. Jo smoe

    Joesph: You can’t have sex with the girls and they don’t do drugs in the club. I’ve been going there for a long time now and sometimes the girls are happy to get up because the money you think you spend, isn’t enough to keep their attention! You want to go to Hots or Heart beats by all means, go you would not be missed by any of the girls if that is the type of environment you like. As for me, the drinks may be too high for some, but it’s the price you pay to know you are in a nice environment with pretty girls.

  71. alex
  72. Master Control

    Can not understand the DJ. Nice firepole. Urnials are special. Girls don’t interact and work together well. Very commercial, and very little flow. The talent doesn’t know which way to go. Private dances are great, very few can dazzle on stage.

  73. Jay

    When I used to come here, I would have a good time and spend a good deal of money. Lately, it’s like my money is no good, or that the dancers don’t want to dance with me. Granted I came in alone. Most girls don’t want to party with a lone wolf. But the service I received last Saturday was abhorrent.

    I went and sat down, it took forever to get service. I didn’t feel like drinking, so I ordered pop, at $5 a pop ($1 tip), they added up. By the time I got my first pop, I had been approached for 3 dollar dances. I had no singles on me, so I had to refuse. One dancer sat beside me and we talked. We were interrupted by a drunk patron who motioned for the girl to come talk to him. She excused herself and talked to him for five minutes. He kept pointing at me and he tried to proposition her according to the girl. The girl came back to my table and excused herself again because she couldn’t stand this drunk next to us. Five minutes later, the drunk left, but not before aggressively hitting me. I tried to flag down a manager or security person, but no one seemed to be around. When I finally complained to the manager, he apologized, but the drunk had departed 10 minutes earlier.

    I got some dances from that girl and two other dancers. That was all in the first hour and a half in the club. The second hour and a half in the club I was barely approached for a dance, nor could I get my drink refilled in a timely manner. After my third pop, I asked for a water. It never came, and I left disgusted. I was prepared to drop ten times what I spent that night, but the poor service took its toll.

  74. Vic

    This is a really nice club.

  75. faith
  76. Nathan

    Love it!!! I don’t know what club all these other people went to but I had a great time and plan to be back soon.

  77. walter

    I loved this club! It was very high class, and the girls were phenomonal!I got many dances and all were worth while. The prices for dances were low, and the quality and quantity of women was high! I will go back EVERY time I am in town!

  78. steve
  79. bestinmi
  80. what?!


  81. MikeV

    If anyone can help me out there use to be this dancer there I am sure her name was jade she has dark brown hair, dances to metal, has a tat on her back of a flower with some tribal. She is one of the nicest girls I have ever met!!!! She gives one hell of a dance and is great on stage. But I am sad to say that I have not seen her in a while a long while and I was just wondering if she still works there and if so when will she be back in???? If anyone knows what happend to the hottie let me know…. Thank alot…. MIKE V.

  82. sammy soso

    i spent a lot of money, but it was well worth it. will be coming back real soon.

  83. tony


  84. Big-B

    This club is awesome i love the flow style of it and Candace is the shit keep up the good work!

  85. Dan

    whos the next porn star coming?

  86. Madelynn

    hey whats up? thanks guys for saying such nice things. The rest of u jerks who cant find anything nice to say are probably the ones that sit at your table the whole night with your hands in your pockets… if u know what I’m saying. U as customers don’t appreciate a negative attitude in a dancer? Well, likewise for us. The point of going out is to have a good time, and if u can’t handle even that, stay at home and jack off. But anyways, i agree with jane on a broader spectrum: all the girls are beautiful, thats why they work where they do. I don’t have any frumpy friends. Its all a matter of opinion, naturally, but i dig a great personality over anything. I usually like hotties, but i never turn down a fattie!! I think the club is finally getting used to the new digs, so if u had a bad experience prior, come back and try again. We also have a lot of awesome new chicks.

  87. William

    Check out: Chloe, Samantha, Mandy, Brianna and Samara!!! These are by far the hottest dancers around.

  88. Corey

    well well well. what a night at little darlings i had! this is one of the finest clubs in the area with some of the finest women as well…with some exceptions. As I was going back and reading past comments about the club…the few about kendra being snooty is very true. She came up to my table several times asking my guys and i for money constantly..NOT dances..just “give me money.” It was not only a major turnoff..but a big disappointment. As a customer…i felt disrespected. Her attitude towards other girls, management and customers is out of hand. She sat down and talked with us for awhile..and did nothing but complain during her whole visit to the point my guys made any excuse possible just to get away from the table for awhile. As I sat there listening to her blah away about how much she hates the of the guys came back with a VERY beautiful girl! Her blond hair, blue eyes….SMOKIN ASS HOT!! Her personality, body, and down to earth attitude was fine as hell!!! Not only did the attention flow away from Kendra..she eventually got up and left! My friend Ross brought peaches to our table and it was the best thing he did all night. that girl is amazing and knows how to have a good time! I had such a good time with her i spent damn near $150 alone on her…and being a poor college boy..thats alot! so the moral of this story..if you want to have a good time and a great lap dance…pick yourself up some peaches and hold on for a great ride guys!

  89. nikki
  90. Chet

    The ladies aren’t as friendly and a little scary at times. Private dances are too expensive and should be reduced for more business especially in a very poor Michigan economy. If you want more business and the ladies might work a little harder but they will make more then lower prices of dances and liquor. The more they drink the more they spend and this is a no brainer.

  91. don

    The porn star was hot and the club is also a good time

  92. curtis17

    It’s an ok place to hang out for a bit I guess. I find it more entertaining to watch TV on the giant projector than watch the dancers. Its hit or miss with the dancers. Some are really hot, some are just wenches.The staff will give you a dirty look if you order water. And being the designated driver thats all I was going to drink. I was actually cut off from the bar for ordering water… The bar tender even called me out for tipping her “only 1$” for a free water.The DJ is a pirate. The bouncers are always trying to start some shit for some reason. Once I walked out to talk on the phone, and when I walked back in they asked me to pay cover again. I walked out right in front of you and walked back in 60 sec later…. It’s not my fault you forgot to stamp my hand when I went in. One time they accused me of stealing a dancers purse and gave me a pat down only to find…. nothing. Its a fun time when you wanna do hoodrat shit with ur friends and you don’t have cable tv at home.

  93. Joel

    Met a girl that has a cherry tat, was a pleasure to meet. Sat and talked with me, excellent private dance, just a doll. Id like to know when shes gonna be dancing again she was awesome. Thanks

  94. W
  95. tim

    nice place they now how to make sure u have a good time as a customer.

  96. i like it a lot

    Hot dancers hot waitresses hot club. the only bad thing I can say is more girls please.

  97. jimmy D

    service was great, hot bartenders.

  98. Arianna

    Thanks you two Destiny and I have a blast with you also when you come in!!! look forward to seeing you two again really soon….

  99. nick

    glad to see kalamazoo finally has a true gentlemans club. friendly staff.

  100. bobby
  101. Craig

    Was there this past Saturday afternoon. Lea was awsome, Stormy was to talkitive. Would drive the hour from Holland to see Lea again.

  102. Joe Who?

    Nice improvement! Jubilee rocks on stage and off. The girl will beat you and secduce you all at the same time. If you can catch her she is worth the $$$.

  103. confused
  104. Tk

    Dude you club is gay……..ur dancer are fucking ugly as hell fuck my ass looks better then most of them!!!

  105. Renee

    ive danced here for awhile and I reccomend you checking it out!!

  106. dancer

    Hey TK, douchebag…. like you’re any better? we are at the strip club because we choose to be there, but you, you are there because you can’t get any pussy

  107. slackz

    DJs seem to really suck in this club. I’ve been to Little Darlings several times, at different times of day and different days of the week. It’s unfortunate that the music is horrible. I was speaking with one of the staff and the guy informed me that there is a lot of music that is flat-out banned, sometimes just because the manager doesn’t like the artist. Sad state of affairs, really. If you’re looking for drugs and sex, you can find both there, it’s just about finding the right person. Several of the dancers are rather overweight and just disgusting, it seems they’ll put any girl on stage as long as she’ll strip. However, on the better side of things, Jenna is amazing, best in the club to be sure, most likely best in the city. She’s better looking and has a better attitude than any other girl in the club. Other good girls to look out for are Faye Valentine, who gives great couch, Rose, Misty (Wow smoking hot), Kiesha, and Layla. Also, the waitresses are sexy as hell, and most are really cool. Especially Heather, she was a lot of fun and she really loves golf, bragging about her recent hole in one.

  108. Just Visiting from PA

    what is the name of the hot lady who has a Little Devil tatoo on her back? Very nice time with her Friday night.

  109. MrMan

    The waitstaff sux go to the bar for your drinks especially on saturday night(thats when i go in most often) The managers are incompetent, alot of the dancers should keep their clothes on. Prices are still a lil high at lil darlings

  110. Gary
  111. *
  112. K Wang

    I would have to say that Natalie, at Little Darlings is a Hottie! Especially with her cute glasses, it makes her stand out, plus she has a nice butt, and nice curves to go along with it, you should definitely get a dance from her if you can when you go in there.

  113. sparky

    Much improved over my last visit.

  114. John

    I was in there on Wednesday, and I spotted a pretty little blonde sitting by herself, so I invited her over. Her name was Jenna. She was a little shy at first, but she opened up after a few minutes. She said she didn’t know many pole tricks, as she hasn’t been there that long, but I was graced by her stage presence anyway. Her private dances are amazing…I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I’ll be back to see her, definitely.

  115. Brandon

    This is arguably the classiest gentleman’s club I have ever been to. Cameron is the bomb she is the bomb i never have a bad dance their. awesome lighting keep it up.

  116. brad

    Weather sucked but the girls were great ava is the shit. Trey was a great host and the big guy made me laugh.

  117. TO: what?!

    If you are a dancer that is complaining, you always have the option to work somewhere else. If you are a customer, then concider tiping a little more. The club doesn’t take a cut of the tips.

  118. unknown

    This is a very nice club and very friendly. The girls are wonderful. The only two negative things are the mangment and the waitress. There really is one good waitress and make sure u always have somthing to drink the others don’t really u have to go up and get it.

  119. Mike

    Very nice club. Dancers we’re overall very cute.

  120. Dj

    The two blondes are smoking hot. Divine and another that I cannot remember. Unfortunetly, these two are the only dancers that are even remotely sexy. I couldn’t believe some of the girls that were dancing up there. Overweight, ugly, stretch marks, etc… If I wanted to see a bunch of cows on a stage I’d go to the damn rodeo.

  121. Max

    Everything about this place is great!

  122. FRANK

    Pretty girls and low drink prices…what more can a guy ask for??? This is my new favorite place.

  123. wadman

    always a good time- Alex is amazing

  124. Cam

    Harry knows.

  125. Greg

    Sweetness made it worth the visit. I hope that she will accept me as a regular so that she can get that bank roll going and quit her shitty retail job.

  126. Lil D

    Check out Pole-a-palooza tonight thru Saturday only at Little Darlings. See Sondra Saxon winner of Miss Nude World 2009 Pole Division as well as Jaklyn Deja Vu National Showgirl of the Year and Crystal doing high flying tag team pole tricks!! There will also be special guests appearances from Kylie, Phenoix and Quinn!! This event is not to be missed!!

  127. chris

    bachelor party was the shit on 7-0-2010

  128. jimmy

    good club almost as good as vegas lexi is hott

  129. Colin

    MORE JENNA!!!!!!!!!!

  130. Matt

    Nice club, laid back atmosphere, hot dancers and great drink specials. I would recommend checking out Little Darlings.

  131. GRmayor

    Kendra is the best dancer! She is the Hottest, Sexiest, and best personality in the club! I highly recommend that you check out a private or vip dance from her. You will be wishing she was your girlfriend. She really gets into the dances, even on stage. Thanks for the fun dances Kendra!

  132. sw
  133. George

    Was in on Friday for the Fetish Ball….FANTASTIC!! The Devil Dolls fire show was the shit and the club had like 20 of the hottest dancers I have ever seen.

  134. Nice

    I was in on saturday lots of hotties in the house!

  135. mike cowp
  136. Jack

    I fucking LOVE this place!

  137. Brad palmer

    this was the best club i had ever been to

  138. me

    alright club could use a little less overcharging though from certain girls

  139. Alyssa

    Hey Jules, you are awsome yourself!! It’s people like you that make it a fun place to work for us!! Hope to see you again sweetie!

  140. mr. bigstuff

    came in a few weeks ago with some friends and jenna took us in right away. she was totally laid back and wasn’t pushy at all, which made us spend even more on her. we plan on coming back in only to see her.

  141. Dizzon
  142. Jeremy

    I was in there sat night With a buddy and I got a like 6 dances from a girl named Mackenzie (I think that was her name) she had a black sleeve on her left arm, anyways she is by far the hottest girl that I have ever got a dance from. I will deffently be back in but the only thing is that I dont know when she works it would be nice if you guys would put up a schedule of when the dancers were working. Well all in all its better than Deja’Vu next door the ladies in LD are way better looking and and alot more friendly. So hope to see you again soon Mackenzie.

  143. Stanley

    Not as good inside as it looks from the outside. What a disappointment.

  144. Metric
  145. Jules

    I was there with my husband and got a lap dance from Alyssa – it was freakin’ hot. I have never had another lady turn my on so bad my teeth were chattering! LOL

    Alyssa you are awesome. I really enjoyed you!

  146. scott

    great club

  147. Kyle
  148. Jeff

    Little Darlings is the best club in the Kalamazoo area.

  149. Doug

    Not a bad place. Staff were very friendly. Jenna is amazing.

  150. Pearl G.

    I’ll be honest I’ve never been to this place but someone please tell me why you would call a strip club “little darlings” I mean come on that’s just nasty

  151. Roger

    Had an outstanding time. Little Darlings is a grreat club. Love to go there whenever I can.

  152. insane

    your Drink special need some work and i would of really like to hear some rap music in the bar. but other then that it was a good time

  153. September

    I went there on a Friday night. I had a good time with CHASE, she is HOTT! Drink were a bit pricey, I wish that there were more variety of women, and if they had a little more ass that would be great! All in all it was worth it.

  154. BRING IT

    what can i say…


    finally a club worth spending some real money at.

  155. joseph

    You can’t enjoy yourself when you are harrassed for dances every five minutes, can’t talk at length with the ladies becausethey aren’t allowed to sit still and make money. Part of a dancer making money is to be personable with the customer, that means conversations which The Vu mentality won’t allow.

    There are are other clubs in the area with better atmosphere and better (but not by much) prices. If you are looking for flat out sex or your choice of drugs, go here. If your looking for looking club to relax, have fun, and maybe some conversation go to the other topless club in town.

  156. Cur
  157. NAUGHTY B

    dances are okay, service is really great!

    server’s are hot

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