Parkway Tropics



814 Lake Michigan Drive Northwest, Grand Rapids, MI 49504


42.9659184, -85.6880728




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Parkway Tropics

  1. Big L

    Was in last week, April, Vegas and Lucy were terrific! Not exactly a titty-bar but a decent value, girls friendly and drinks reasonable. If you don’t want to leave town, the Tropics is nice.

  2. ACE

    Always a great club to go to. Drinks are cheap and the women are hot! way better than showgirls off 28th st. This is the best place to go

  3. bobby

    jade is a whore!!!

  4. cool

    cool place

  5. dopeboy19

    Friiiiigin Awesome spot! Tremendous place that’s second to none. Plus it has a swell gazebo out front!

  6. Liz


  7. Stanley

    Nice place to stop in for a couple beers, maybe play some pool. They have Keno, which helps pass the time.

  8. Wherestheboobs

    No longer topless…. The girls are all covered up.

  9. mik

    Hadn’t been there in a while, lots of new dancers. Not a bad place for a bikini bar. Waitress and dancers all friendly and good look’in.

  10. suckds

    yuck yuck

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  12. justinlk

    I loved the place, and would definitely go back.First of all, the lighting is incredibly poor, as a previous reviewer had mentioned. You can’t really see the girls dancing very well when they’re on the main stage, though there’s also a catwalk that they’ll go around, which leads up to the bar seating, and there’s normal bar lighting for that part. I don’t really go to watch them dance on the stage, though.The girls are all awesome, though. They are friendly, cute, and give awesome private dances. And private dances are only $10, which is the greatest deal I’ve ever seen. I went on a Sunday night, and then on a Monday at 2pm (it felt really weird going during daytime, but no regrets), which makes me wonder what kind of talent shows up on Saturdays. I got a dance with five of the girls, and I enjoyed each one.I think you’re required to get at least one drink. Domestic beers are $4 if I recall correctly, which isn’t that bad.There are also pool tables and some TVs near the bar.Just so you know, the dancers are required by law to keep a top on. I give this place 5 stars because it is awesome for what it is. And that $10 deal is too good. It’s of course not the high quality you’ll find in Las Vegas or Montreal. I think the private dances are higher quality than the ones in West Virginia, though over there, they’re allowed to take everything off.In conclusion, if you know what to expect, then you’ll have a good time. Don’t go just to watch the stage dances.

  13. Me.

    ‘rob’ is a dreamer. Club is a good place to go,…. too bad Grand Rapids is such a buzz kill.

  14. Stephen

    This clup is under-rated. The dancers are hot the beer is cold and everyone is very friendly. Id i mention the danceres are hot. They seem real and not all fake and plastic like other places. I give Parkway Tropics 5 Stars. Not to memtion Ameature night. Wholy Wow. Thats hot stuff

  15. it sucks there

    this club sucks!!!!!!!!

  16. alex

    does the dj wife is a prostitute? she works for perfect10? the skinny blonde that takes 2 dicks? hore?

  17. stupid

    the girls here are nasty fucking bitches!

  18. Brynn DuBois

    I love parkway tropics there is no place id rather be

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  20. clubking

    the service is terrible, the drinks are over priced, and did I mention the girls are sore to the eyes. There were a few hotties but they’re no longer there. Go else where.

  21. KB

    Always have a good time at the Parkway.

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  23. Tammie

    Better to say nothing as I have nothing good to say…just a bunch of losers there

  24. curtis17

    horrible place, lighting sucks, so dark you can barely see the girls, they go overkill on the black lights as well. most of the girls are decent looking and maybe half have actual talent for dancing, however they spend more time sitting at tables talking with the old men than they do dancing, I spent 30 min sitting at a table without one girl offering a dance and with seven girls and only 4 customers including myself, i would say that is pretty pathetic.Only thing this place has going for it was the bartender, very attentive and sweet disposition…But Don’t waste your time!!

  25. monica

    lots of unique dancers

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  27. rob

    cant get da blow job from jess, stascia, tell her rob came in and i need dat pussy. only fifty will get her done, maybe i’ll just request her on perfect ten, then i can eat dat and fuck dat pussy. ummm man she sure can fuck me and my boys agian

  28. gross

    these girls here are nasty and smoke crack while they are pregnant!! gross to u nasty girls

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  31. bob fakename

    Went on a slow night as I would describe it. Overall very pleased ecspecially the prices. However disaapointed that it is NOT topless. Not even pasties.

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