Deja Vu



6530 Bay Road, Saginaw, MI 48604


43.502252, -83.9725826




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu

  1. jc


  2. tittyman
  3. jamie

    hey i love the sag vu it’s the best, i do miss the days of sunny & jesse or even betty but it still a great club.


    I went there last night. I has so much fun. I love some of the girls they had there last night they are so hot!! I especially love CHARDONAY. I got a hal and hour vip with her. she can drive any man crazy. God I would love to be her boyfriend /husband. I know that in another lifetime. She is so sensual , so sweet so nice and not don’t forgoet down right gourgeous. I will be comming back and mayby next time I might have to get an hour vip with you . Your awesome. If you need a good dance try her out it will be worth your money

  5. Buck

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  7. reno
  8. G.

    the vu in saginaw mi. has some of the sweetest dancers in the tri cities. well worth going too see.

  9. cmg

    I have been to the saginaw vu several times and i love it every time. Great girls and great time each time i go. I have never been in the VIP room though so i was wondering what goes on in there. If anyone can tell me what to expect please do. Thanks.

  10. schedule

    It would be nice if someone would get on here and post every girl that works there now.

    I mean on the thing they call a schedule they have girls that havent worked there in almost a year and then the ones that do work there aren’t listed!

  11. Crazy A

    I had a very good time, but would like to see more women of color dancing. That dark skin makes me hard just seeing them naked.

  12. Aaron Eberlein

    best fucking club ever

  13. sean

    they need to get rid of the ugly girls

  14. rio

    man there aint nothing like the nasty love these girls

  15. reg
  16. andrew

    for the first time going it was great and soon i will be back.

  17. bj

    i love the a team!

  18. gami
  19. Howard

    There are some beautiful women there

    thats good enough for me.

  20. uvwnias


  21. mv
  22. mark

    where is Morgan when you need her.

  23. Miami Dancer

    1. The best way to make big money is to cultivate regulars that see you as a person. 2. Take notes about him and consult them: Keep a small locked notepad in a very safe locked place. 3. Always tell him you missed him and he’s fun: That says you didn’t just miss his money. 4. Have special smiles for regular customers: Impish, a big broad grin, or any other kind of personalized smile that he likes. 5. Give him a big hug when you first see him. It makes him feel wanted and lets the other girls know he’s yours. This is especially important in Las Vegas. 6. Kiss him near the corner of his lips if he’s your regular customer 7. Wave to Regulars: They must be recognized as special ASAP. 8. If you tell him you want to be his friend, be careful how you say it, because guys are used to hearing this as a rejection line. Say it s*xy, kiss him near the corner of his lips, or give him a quick grind after you’ve said it. 9. Never, ever call him “nice”. The reason should be obvious. 10. Ask your Regulars which of your outfits they like and write this down in your notebook: This tells you which outfits flatter you the most & make you more money. Better yet, next time you see him, change into an outfit he likes and tell him you wore it because it’s his favorite. He’ll feel obliged to get a dance. 11. Never tell him you’ll be dancing on a certain night if you are not absolutely positive you’ll be there: if you don’t show up he may think you’re not dependable. Worse yet, another dancer may get to him that night and you may lose your Regular

  24. kool guy

    had a good time there was a really cute thin mexican girl wearing white fur on her legs but didnt hear what her name was. does anyone know what her name is? ill be back for sure!

  25. Your mom
  26. hey now...

    Dude, Chastity is hot. She got me off, I’m a fan;)

  27. J.M

    Some friends and I stopped on our way up to Tip up Town for what was the best part of the weekend. I want to thank Justice for the smoking time I had with her,I will be back soon and will wear that scent you liked so much.

  28. Andy
  29. Re: Daisy

    I agree about Daisy! She’s SMOKING HOT and her dances are AMAZING!

  30. Blonde Bitch

    I had the pleasure of going to the club for my birthday on Sept 27th and loved it!!! The girls there were amazing. I requested a couples dance for me nad my boyfriend and the girl I requested was awesome! Definetly made it an awesome experience and we will be back again!!!

  31. Nancy

    Hubby and I stopped there a couple weeks ago, and I thought the club was very nice. We both got private dances by Bailey, and she was very good at it. Before that, I stopped with my friend and Danni gave us dances, and she was awesome too. Great club! =]]

  32. dano
  33. Christopher Mayse

    i love the vu! i could live there im crazy about taylor!!!! shes so fucking hot i want to do everything possible to her ugh!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Dick
  35. Chris B.

    …My god. My god, my god, my god. Went there to check it out with a friend “For a few minutes”, ended up leaving 4 hours later satisfied and awed. If I was rich, I would never leave.

  36. Chase

    The girls could talk to the costumers more…

  37. unknown

    i went here the other night and they had the most ugly ladies i seen one cute one and the rest were ugly i wanted to spend money but noone was worth my time

  38. eddie

    My experience at this club was good but JEWEL made it fantastic. she is a GREAT asset.

  39. Bethany
  40. sparty

    Does Monet still dance there? she can work the VIP.

  41. 4fun

    Have had some of my best times here! Taylor and Mari are the best Prvt dancers there!

  42. amanda

    I loved it. My girl friends and I had such a great time that we already have to come back at least once a month for a girls night out!! Angel kicks ass on the poll. Melrose ass is amazing. Julia is sooooo hott, and I love the way she moves. The Detroit Tigers girl is smokin and sweet.

  43. Special Events

    Foxy Boxing was only last weekend. And there was baby oil wrestling a couple weekends before that. There has also been a couple homemade bikini contests within recent months, as well as a Big Top contest to “find the best breasts in the Tri-Cities.”

  44. william
  45. Charles

    This place rocked! My Fiance & I really enjoyed ourselves and didn’t have to spend a ton of $$ to do it!

  46. Jerg
  47. dude

    Your not serious are You?

  48. getalife

    for all you hatin ass custos or dancers how bout you get a fuckin life..mari n lexus are awesome …belle dont fuckin stink….and e.t.c theres to many pathetic people that come on here and diss the dancers and if you cant say the shit to there faces then keep it to yourselves you broke bitches… dont hate just cuz you aint shit….

  49. john petitti

    I took my dad there today and we in joyed ur self. the dancer we had was the girl with the glases blond hair an she waz asum thanks your good u get up nor wp

  50. gusa

    i love them girls

  51. me

    this club was ok for my first time, but dont tell them little gold diggers that, they’ll get ya

  52. Sasha

    Those girls are not very pretty at all. Its pretty bad when you can come in off the street looking 10X better then the dancers ever will, and have guys at the club asking for a dance from you, when you dont work their!

  53. zach

    i took my friend here for his 18th birthday we had so much fun

    it was the best day of our lifes we will come back many times

  54. mcyacher

    great club! very high tech and cozy! We need a pic of Aubrey on this site!….Awesome talent!

  55. T MITCH


  56. J.J.

    Awesome club! All of the dancers are so hot, and really nice. Had the time of my life, and I can’t wait to come back!

  57. hosten
  58. heather

    it was my first time there and my boyfriend really wanted me to go so i gave in and went. i am so happy i went and Zoey was great.

  59. happy
  60. Ryan

    This club is very good every time me and my friends comw we have a great time and the girls are very nice and fun keep up the good work

  61. Matt

    This place is nothing short of awesome.

  62. David Miller

    cover is a little steep after 5pm,

  63. New Vistor

    When does Bunny work?

  64. to bitch as well

    Have you ever actually been to the club before? You’re reciting things that you said you’ve heard but you sure point a strong finger for it being just that. Don’t hate on the girls. Maybe some do have problems but you don’t insult the entire club for that. Show some class, like Jamie says. I’m sure you’re just a jealous random anyway that wishes you were hot enough to be a dancer.

  65. ShawnaB

    Absoluly fucking amazing

  66. R
  67. Martin

    I went on a Tuesday night and had a hell of a time. Waitstaff and entertainers were super freindy and hot!!!


  68. Dale E

    Belle…….Why Haven’t I seen her name? Have they not noticed how sexy and toned her legs are? With legs like hers so firm and toned we know how the other assets are going to be! Had to called me a tease!

  69. don't judge

    I wanted to say to the people who are being judgemental of each girl,grow up.each man likes a differnt type of girl,no matter if she is thicker,thin or in between.i like all the girls here and think you are all beautiful in your own special way.Keep up the good work.

  70. Mary

    it rocks

  71. Billy

    Great club great people

  72. DGK

    More Ethnic women, please

  73. therealgq

    Day shift is the best time to go. Penelope is defintely the hottest and the nicest. Mondays and Wednesdays are the best days to visit (discount VIP’s) shit.. that’s why I’m broke now! I’m in loVvVve with Penelope. I got my accountant on the phone-the girl can take all my money.

  74. Big Beezy

    Great place to have fun do have hott girls

  75. Lamar

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  76. skinflute

    had a blast this weekend, girls were amazing

  77. Sigfread

    Man I had a blast this whole week it was an anniversary thing. They had two porn stars come in it was hot!!! I was there almost everyday. It was a blast. They have real hot waitresses too. One was Randi Jessica and Wanda but she said her name was Ryan so I didnt get it.. Oh well it was a good time

  78. Bryce Herzog

    Great choice to go to for my first time at a Strip Club.

  79. Near50

    Pumpkin wrestling was hott! I don’t know what it was but the atmosphere that night was electric. The girls were into their dancing and the crowd was tossing dollar and 5-dollar bills on the stage all night… and not just male customers either… the women were right there in the front row getting into it too. If there was anything negative at all it might be that it was almost too crowded.

    I’ve got two suggestions and a question – First, you should install a photo booth. I’d pay some good coin to have a couple of pics taken with my favorite dancer I’m sure others would too. Second, why not place a few love seats around the house for couples? Those wide armed chairs make it difficult for a couple to sit close and enjoy the dancing.

    Now the question – Is Bunny still working there? She danced for us several times a while back and we haven’t seen her lately.

  80. dancer

    You jealous bitches are hatin’ on Belle and she isn’t even there! How pathetic!

  81. Russ

    i love going to the deja vu in saginaw because its the coolist one around

  82. riley
  83. Kramer..

    I dont think you understand that this is there job and what they do for money. You shouldnt go into a strip club unless you understand that. You don’t go into a strip club unless you are willing to spend money on the girls. I do agree the club does have some girls that need some work but strip clubs must appeal to all fantasies and types even if it isnt your general type understand that others may find them very attractive.

  84. Bor

    Great Club!

  85. James Donald

    This club is pretty good. The first time i went it was the best that was september 2005 after then it has not been as great. with less dancers.

  86. Hugh G Rection


  87. Shark

    Does Taylor still work here?

  88. crazy

    this club is excellent. Keep up the good work ladies. your doing great.

  89. Johnny B Good
  90. Freakii
  91. a dancer

    its optinal for tipping but as far as dances if you do want that dance then kindly say i do want one but not at this second but i want one can sit and talk to me if you dont want a dance just say no not today dont be a ass about it and at least offer for the girl to sit and talk if you have no money you have no money but if dont want the dancer tell her in a kind way dont be a ass to her other than that us dancers are very friendly and very fun so see you soon

  92. Shuck!

    The three best dancers are Dani, Lucky, and tess.

  93. Mr. Shiney shorts

    thank you so much {Casey} minute for minute the 15 min vip is much better time spent..than the 2.5 min couch dances lol.with a wonderful sexy lady like you….i just needed a smart honest babe to figure it out for me….all the blood from my head rushes to my penis..when a hot lady with those sexy eyes looks my way…makes it hard to think…thank you so much for a fun filled afternoon…can’t wait to see you again

  94. Re: Ariel and Taylor

    ARIEL (nice spelling, fucktard) is beautiful, head to toe. Same goes for Taylor. Get your eyes checked, ASAP.

  95. michael

    needs varity, needs real ladys, needs so much more then priding on young drunk men who have no care when they trash the club by breaking things and getting sick on the main floor.

  96. Jim

    Great dances from Belle and Brooke.

  97. brad

    Awsome girls, nice employees, great times

  98. Big Ed
  99. Lee
  100. kikis fan

    yea i know. saturday night i spent alot on her and sugar. some other girls but they werent that good.

  101. big d

    awesome club, absolutly love it there. trixie, melrose, tiara and all the rest are just amazing and fun to talk to!! cant wait to go on the 10th for my bday!!!!

  102. jeff maxson

    been there a couple of times and really enjoyed myself. even my wife enjoyed it and that is saying something. i even plan on taking her there for mothers day. see you then.

  103. jo
  104. BRich

    I went to the club this weekend and I have to say that It’s a great place to go. Just make sure you check out the girls you are talking to. A lot of them could care less if you came back so don’t waste your money on those. If you really want a great VIP I suggest the new girl Glitter though. Like they say…Great things cum in small packages!!!

  105. Timothy

    It is so nice to be able to sit back and watch the Dancers and enjoy them comeing down and sitting next you to chat a little.

    you have a great place.


  106. Kenny

    Super Dupe!! I’ll be back!

  107. Tim Morningstar

    I could run this club better in my sleep

  108. Mj_Payne

    Love the people and I have a great time every time I go there.

  109. Joe

    Roxy the blonde that could kick most men ass? She been

    gone a long time.

  110. Cris

    I spent nearly five hours at this club Wednesday night with my sister and her fiance. It was GREAT. Best club we’ve all been to by FAR. Daisy has to be the sweestest person EVER. And amazingly stunning! All three of us adored her, and we ALL got dances from her. You should post her schedule because we will deffinity be back to see her. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great night, Daisy!

  111. Double J
  112. exacto


  113. butch

    this club is very good but some of these girls think they are pretty gangster, play some country or somethin

  114. Kash

    Best club i’ve been to lately. Flint was ok, but two stories and lots of girls on a busy night is a definite plus. The women like a guy with money, obviously, but I didn’t go there with much and still got treated like a king. I love the Saginaw Vu and I definitely love the dancers. Keep up the quality business and I’ll be a lifer. Thanks, Vu!

  115. bcreek

    First time I went and I was very impressed. A couple that give a very good dance, but I can’t remember there names.

  116. btq. jill
  117. Say What again

    There is alot of hostility towards the girls from By Bitch. I mean sure none of these girls are actually interested in you, and many are not paying for college, despite what they say. However, why so mad, so you like girls with a little meat on their bones, and who knows maybe your a chubby chaser and the Ecstasy & Charisma’s of the club disgust you in ways the rest of us simply don’t understand. This is a review post section, lets try to keep it civil.

  118. The one and only
  119. Adam-GR

    Was at the club Sunday, Monday and Tuesday this week. Had great VIP dances from Pearl and Trinity, but AWESOME VIP dances from Brooke and Chastity. Will definitely be back the next time I’m in Saginaw.

  120. Tay

    I love this club. I always have a lot of fun. The girls are fun and good dancers.



  122. soaked in soda

    Chasity is hot as hell……….i had a good time with her and if she sees this……i hope she gets rid of her dog and bf and gives me a shot

  123. happy cust.

    I really liked Emma, she’s been gone but some of the girls said she’d

    be back and I hope so!! Amazing lap dances, and that girl is top

    notch in VIP, I highly recommend.

  124. jake gusa

    i was there a week ago had a great time love them GIRLS

  125. Nick
  126. DejaVuFan

    For the gentlemen asking below, no, Isis no longer works at this club, she hasn’t been at this club in awhile. I agree though, she is beautiful!

  127. low4sho

    anyone know when monet works?

  128. Kim

    the dancers were really nice and inspiring

  129. Alex

    Great place to go to have fun and relax.

  130. thinman

    the staff always makes sure you have a good time. Most of the dancers are very good at entertaining you then they give you a couch dance

  131. Ernesto

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  132. Yeah!!!

    Anastasia is the shit, get a dance from her if you want to know what a strip club is all about!!!

  133. Pearl

    i love strippers haha

  134. Jodi


  135. Darren

    I’ve been to this club quite a few times in the years past while attending the local college, usually going at night, very nice young tight & toned girls. I came back to Saginaw with a few of my buddies and decided to hit the club during the day, it was a Monday afternoon, and sadly to say I was very dissapointed, most of the girls looked strung out, old, stretch marks, saggy T & A and just plain washed up has been street corner hookers. Please managers have some better qualifications for the girls you hire, sorry girls but after you have had kids, you should be a respectable mother not a club dancer. We’ll try this club at night time again to see if it is any better like it used to be, but not during the day. Darren, Tim, Ethan, Marcus and Mr. B,

  136. time

    The girls are to pushy about getting dances, and lack of letting the customer know they care about them not just the money. The dancers come across of just being about the money…..

  137. Kyle The Great

    This club is awsome, go just about every weekedend and never disapointed.

  138. D

    Who gives the best VIP???

  139. bighunter712005

    Great club my wife and I have a great time every time we are up there. Very couple friendly.

  140. Scotty

    Nothing spectacular, but not a bad club. Had a decent time. Far cry from Windsor though.

  141. Ryan Gehoski

    Keep on doing what u do!!!

  142. JamesPat

    Nice club last time I went…anyone know if Justice still works there?

  143. Cagey

    If you haven’t had the pleasure of Kendra, or Charisma you haven’t really had any pleasure.

  144. To Darren

    Go to the club on like a Sat. night. most of the girls are smokin hot and much younger. always have fun when I go during night shift.

  145. Dick Fore

    Had a blast this Thursday Am night was fun

  146. Lance
  147. bill

    that tiarra is just amazing

  148. Unhappy couple

    Compared to other Vu’s me and my wife have been to, the Saginaw Vu is lacking. Only one girl attempted to be friendly and do her job, the rest could care less. The waitress’ were a joke, as we did not get a drink after a waitress said she would get one for us. Overall, we will not be returning, but heading to Lansing instead, where the girls know how to show us a good time.

  149. Ron

    The dancers are smokin’ hot.. couch dances could last longer then they do. Other then that I had a great time

  150. aaron
  151. Re: John

    And you believed them? Wow. Your gullibility is astounding.

  152. Scott

    Great club, cover was a bit expensive, but had a great time!

  153. Cedric

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  154. wheezie
  155. Jamison

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  156. Big John

    I got a dance from belle. What a nastey smelling thing that was. I would tell any of my friends to not waste their money on her. That turned me off!! Damn, take a trip to general dollar and buy your bitches some soap!!!!

  157. Steel

    Awesome club days are the best

  158. kevin
  159. sir
  160. fred
  161. joha
  162. syl
  163. exe
  164. Ashley

    i’ve been there many times i always have blast there!!!!!!

  165. Terry Senay
  166. Smalls
  167. RC

    Great atmosphere, and very freindly girls! Thanks

  168. Richie

    that one waitress lauren really has it going on she needs to get on stage!

  169. Baby Gurl

    Good times and tits

  170. JOE S.


  171. turk
  172. Cody

    It was pretty good

  173. nunya


  174. Daisy Crazy

    Had a great time. Daisy is delightful!

  175. freddy (not really)

    Is the bartender name Albree or Abree? Honey reminds of a drug store clerk I had a crush on. I dont know but don’t think she take her chothes off for money. Good bye to Lilah.

  176. Crimson Cross

    Does anyone know about a dancer named Brooklyn? She showed me an amazing time,but I wanted to know if she was a freelancer or a regular there. If she’s a regular, can someone tell me what days she works?

  177. MR.PEPSI
  178. wiggum

    waaaaaaaaay better than the Flint vu and the girls are ten times hotter. DJ is funny and they show sports events on the tvs.

  179. to the person below

    U better get your eyes checked because there is no way in hell taylor looks like a man. She is one of the most prettiest and nicest girls there.

  180. toby
  181. the madidor

    loved the girls. But there should be some electro music played like (hyper crush)

  182. Jeff G.

    The Club is great & the girls are great to, I’d like to see a better selection and variety of songs. But over all I give it a 10.

  183. Dale

    Weird spot to ask, but on Friday the 14th is the “Big Top Tournament” I would like to go but it doesn’t’ have a time listed on the calendar. Anyone know what time it will start? Thanks!

  184. prettygal

    dude you are just mad cause none of the girls here are “dirty girls” we wont do things on the side for you. go back to lansing, if you dont like it here. btw the girls are all very hot here. so stick it where the sun dont shine.

  185. Diesel dude
  186. re: Special Events

    Evidently you are employed by the club! You sit there and talk about the “special events” like they are really something. Tell the truth! Foxy boxing was probably prestaged. But, the oil…baby shampoo, wrestling would have been nice if everyone would have had to follow the same rules. But, certain girls were allowed to beat on the others. Homemade Bikini was the only real interesting thing. We need more for our money!

  187. Ivana Fook
  188. Fred is red

    No sorry Wrong Jamie. Lucky is the most gorgeous girl there.

  189. king dingaling
  190. jh

    Lilah is a wonderful girl in many ways . All the girls are pretty nice espiacially jenny and ashley and the bar tenders are cool.

  191. Thomas

    Nice club, very attractive dancers. Dancers seem more inclined to sit and chat after you’ve bought a dance or two (simply ask them to join you back at your seat after a dance). At this club, it’s best to roll the dice and buy a dance upfront. If the dance is to your liking, tell your dancer that you might interested in more dances later, but would first like some company at your table.

  192. jon g

    the wait staff is hotter than some girls

  193. Oldtimer

    I have to agree with Dave. Kasey is the kindest girl in the club. She also gives unbelievable dances. It is always good to talk to her, too. It is good to see her back. Also, Becky does a great job as a barmaid. Both ladies always have a smile on their faces. All the girls work hard, so guys help them out as much as you can.

  194. edward

    it’s the best club i’vebeen to. it’s alot better than Flint and the girls are cleaner.

  195. Getting pissed

    What the fuck? You made a comment just to diss a dancer? I don’t understand this bullshit. Why not trying to comment on someone you do like? There has to be at least one you like a little bit.

    Tiarra is gorgeous and her tits are wonderful. In fact, I think she is one of the hottest at this club. But if you like fake or bigger or smaller or whatever kind of tits, there are other girls there that you could have complemented. pantapped at

  196. Kramer

    Its a great club. I only have about Three maybe four Dancers that I think have the stuff. some of the new girls are down right ugly. no offense, my boys are from out of town and have been to plenty of strip club this one is alot better then the flint Vu. my friend got a lap dance from this clown lookin girl ..I wanna say her name is Dasiy she does give a good lap dance and lil blow …she aweful at dancing up there on stage she needs some new skills..then you have the oldtimers they have it all πŸ˜‰ over all this dasiy dasiy dasiy on here Im surprise she not reviewing herself.they are out to get the money that is for sure…so watch for those blondes they’ll get u hypie!!

  197. Kasey

    Kasey, thanks for making New Year’s Eve extra special. It was a blast! See you soon.

  198. bigdaddy

    place sucks, girls are ugly

  199. fuckery12

    Boobs for horney dumbasses.

  200. ass slapper


  201. Sam O Beach

    I wasted my time and money. I wish they could get some nrw girls with talent…anuone coming there bring the d-con

  202. Tim

    Hot Girls

  203. Nate

    Sunshine is the biggest tease in the world and never does what she says she will do I’ve been there 3 times now and the first time she said lap dance I said give me 5 mins then yea and she necver came back then the next 2 times she said your back!? and I said yea but you never give me that dance and she says hold on we have to go on stage but right after that I’m all yours but she still has yet to come back

  204. Concerned

    I was in early on Saturday afternoon. There were only two girls working. Management needs to hire a few more girls for this shift. With only two girls, it’s hard to get dances or a VIP. I feel sorry for the girls that were working. It was dance and then right back on stage. The two girls were great to me. I did get a few dances from Ashley and they were fantastic!

  205. grrr

    who cares if they act like its only about the money? because it is,genious! you dont go to fast food joint and hope the girl making your burger will prepare it special just for you and slice the veggies fresh just 4 u,right? its justa fricken job,people, entertainment only…not love life and personal shit…

  206. tailgater

    The new girls are hot and a perfect mix with the old ones

    it just keeps getting better nd better here!

  207. Dan

    Got a dance with Modesy. That bitch is hot!

  208. Nathan Block
  209. ?
  210. Different Opinion

    I think August is totally hot!! One of the hottest dancers at the club. She looked great on Sunday night to me!

  211. john
  212. Sandi

    Girls are sweet & hot. I had a blast.

  213. Lexi
  214. MikeyD

    How’s the mileage at this club, anyone know?

  215. WINCH
  216. to wait and see

    you must not have the right lexis, she is one of the finest girls in there!(along with kendra, tiara, and zoey) u must be scared of whoever the girl was or you would have confronted her instead of being an internet gangster! i suggest you get a life and try to keep your man whore on a tighter leash if you are worried about him cheating on you and if hes as lame as you make yourself sound im sure she wouldnt give him the time of day anyways..sounds like ur a little jealous??

  217. joey

    the pussy is good and one of the best times i ever had.

  218. Nick Charles

    Tristan is great

  219. brent

    Was there fri, some hot ass in the club,

    got a few dance but my fave was from cat,

    have to say that is a pretty pussy and

    very wet

  220. Curious pleasure

    was in there last nite and was wondering where have u guys been hiding Zoey.. she was stunning and sweet! What is her schedule? The best dancers there was Zoey, Tiarra, and Lilah luv them all:)

  221. sam

    administration need to hire new managers

  222. UglyGirlHater
  223. Zach Ingram

    I Love it there.. the Girls are amazing

  224. Mr. White

    thank you ladies … wow…my tongue is still hard thats all i can say

  225. eww

    tiarra would do much better on a nationl geographic special with those saggy nasty tits.

  226. ??

    I was in there last weekend and wow ther is to many fat girls. but my favorite was honey she can suck sum dick..

  227. bret

    man i got a vip from angel and tierra it was amazing them two are some freaky girls

  228. C-man

    Went to the Saginaw Vu for the first time tonight, and it was awesome. I’ve been to a few other VUs, and this one is by far my fave. Trixie is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met, and I look forward to going back to see her again in the future. Treat her well guys, because she deserves it.

  229. Tiffany

    I enjoyed being there, some of the gals are real great people to be around where as very few are kind of rude. I got to talk with Devin she’s a real sweetie. Thanks for a good time!

  230. Max

    club is great and most of the girls are great. I don’t get way some of the girls are always the center of attention and they aren’t that great (pretty much a few of the blondes).

  231. Tiarra!

    This club is amazing! I’m addicted to Tiarra! What a beautiful women! Always have a great time with her!

  232. Penis breath

    I have never had such good head in my life!!!

    The VIP’s are so worth it.

  233. Rick and Amy

    Houston, Great Tit job. You definately got your moneys worth. Glad to see you doing so well. We had a great time and will see you this spring.

  234. Tyler
  235. FYI

    90% of the comments on this site are made by jealous Strippers.The other 10% are made by Men that will never have a chance with the Strippers They bash.

  236. Lettie J.

    Recently, as in this past weekend, the boyfriend and I got a wild hair and decided to check this place out. Well, been to plenty of places like this, and well, decor is nice enough, but really I wasn’t exactly impressed by the ladies they had this particular evening. I figure that you run the risk with any strip club of having it not be frequented by good looking talent, and that was a risk I took, but I don’t suppose I will return for a long while. Hopefully, by the next time the wild hair grows, many of the ladies that currently work there will have decided on alternate career plans. Until then, we may just have to head to the Dort for other options.

  237. damn


  238. Blake

    this is a good club to go to i like it a lot the Vip’s are a little expensive but the are worth it

  239. Randi
  240. MidDay Boy

    Its a nice club to enjoy I especially enjoy a lot with Justice

    and Honey they are really great you feel it when you get a VIP

    dance with them. I really want to go again to have VIP dance

    with them.

  241. tomboy
  242. youngpup

    Samatha is amazing…. i wish you had asked for a dance earlier. I will definately be back because of her.

  243. FormerVuFan

    Love the majority of the girls, real sweethearts…with the exception of Taylor & Mari. Taylor used to be cool, but for some reason she’s become very rude lately. She attempted to pour my drink on my head on the tip rail, because I wouldn’t give her a $1…really!…wtf! Her routine is tired! She does the same thing every damn show! Pole tricks are impressive, but it’s the exact same thing in the exact same order every time I come in. A dancer in her late 30’s has no reason for an ego like that. Get the fuck over yourself!

    Mari, on the other hand…has always been a bitch to me! Never again.

    You complain that you can’t make money, how about treating the CUSTOMER with respect!

  244. Juan A Fister

    nice place. they usually dont mind if ur gettin fucked up either, as long as you can control urself and not be a dumb ass…

  245. VU-Regular

    This is for Sasha you sound like a real bitch. If you think you are all that why don’t you get up on stage and show us what you got. The girls at this club are some of the best around the day shift girls are the best and they also have a great personality something you lack. I don’t see how you can complain about them if you don’t like them do not cum here.

  246. Patrick

    This place is off the hook. This is only my second Deja Vu but I have been to several strip clubs in several states. This is hands down the best. Best dancers, hot women, great environment, friendly staff…I could go on and on. I was blown away. I think this place might put a serious beating on my finances. lol

  247. Jason

    If anyone reading this plans to go to the club. Get a dance from monet! I had a few dances and the others were watching the clock but DAMN she gave a heck of a performance. She friendly, sweet, and really into her work. Best money ever spent

  248. dueche
  249. Craig


  250. Robbie
  251. bigmoneydog

    had a great freaking time at the club but the thing that pissed me off is everytime i got a dance the stupid waitress hits you to buy the girl a drink, im not a cheap person and have money, but they hit u to spend $10…thats not a bad price for a drink, but its not even booze its a cup of freakin water wtf

  252. Hmmm...
  253. To John

    I don’t know what Paris told you, but she was in no way involved in any sort of pornography.

  254. ben
  255. Anonymous

    It will get you 15 minutes worth of dances in a VIP room.

  256. gansta of love

    anistaica is the greatest striper of all time

  257. ijughhugdf
  258. Sebastian

    Fantastic time. Cool girls. Didnt expect this in Saginaw MI.

  259. e
  260. concerned:/

    I think its sad that these girls dnt get paid by the hour but yet they get charged for missing a shift. These girls are human beings and they deserve better all this club is concerned about is making money. Come on manangement get it together, on another note this is a great club with alot of beautiful women who need better beneifts or something… they only get paid what they make from dances so fellas tip the gals they need it

  261. Big Guy
  262. About Honey

    I don’t know what your problem is with Honey, but I love her, if you actually knew her i think you would too. I think she is one of a kind, very beautiful, smart, sexy, and alot of fun. She is truly Special!! I wonder what is so special about you, your probably one of the fat slob losers who has nothing better to do than sit in a strip club all day hoping and praying that one day one of them will sleep with you, your pathetic man, examine yourself before you judge others.

  263. response

    dude, If you are on the tip rail it is because you are there to tip. If you dont want to tip, I know for Taylor there are plenty of other people that would like to take your place so get off the tip rail. Why would Taylor want to jazz up her routine when she gets crap like that from a guy like you. And as far as Mari goes… she just tells it like it is. She is the most honest person in there. That is just the way she is and a lot of people love that and you are not going to change that. Start showing respect for the girls and they will show you a good time.

  264. fuck you
  265. Country Boy

    Wow! Friday afternoon 3/21 was really a good day. I had a great time, too. I got a VIP from Kasey. She treated me great! Very attractive and a fantastic personality. I’ve already been back. I can’t wait to see her again.

  266. Brett Warren

    The vu is like a mountain of tits and ass, i met my future wife falon there i love her i want to put my face in her ass and just motor boat her beautiful ass !!!!

  267. Tits McGee

    ok so some of the girls aren’t that grat but the ones that are good and pretty damn good. I mean, Mari and Monet can dance like you wouldn’t believe, Taylor definately lives up to her Pole Princess title and Scarlet is such a sweetheart. Some of the girls are a little pushy but that’s why you deny them and give your money to the girls that actually pay attention to you and deserve it. But enough about the dancers, WHAT ABOUT THE HOT WAIT STAFF!!!!! They are all beautiful and take such good care of you.

  268. Carl
  269. S

    Thought Paris was the best looking one, was very nice, but got a private dance from another couple of girls and they were GREAT and finally got one from Paris and I have to say it sucked.

  270. JNew

    Some fine ladies, a great place to relax.

  271. Pirate

    Good looking dancers. Weak dances.

  272. brian 18


  273. Mac

    Was there for the first time in a couple of years. Had a great time. Loved the new club!

  274. Mikaela


  275. navy guy
  276. not sure

    does anyone know when zoey is coming back for sure?

  277. Tom in Michigan

    Chastity was wonderful.

  278. mf

    Naomi is fine as can be, body was amazing, but for the most part not too impressed with the club.

  279. guest

    Very classy club. I’ve been in a couple times and I’ve found that it’s pretty tough to get a dancer to chill with you on a weekend night because she’s swamped. Other than that, the dancers were beautiful and thin. It’s good to see dancers that are in shape. I was pleased to buy a couch dance and receive a dance that was completely legal. Not everyone goes to a club to get off. Keep up the good work, girls!

  280. Dave burns

    man i have to say it was sweet the dancers were hot man this is one of thee best stripp clubs ever i spent like three hundred buck an didnt care because the club an the girls were off the hook im planning on coming back on pay day the music was just right for them women i was tipping like crazy an private dances o my god they can get youre hart racing keep up the good work girls hopefully i spend more an get a couple free butt if not ill still pay an spen about three to five hundred bucks on these hot ass girls peace

  281. Harry Ballsonya


  282. AuGuSTuS

    I have become addicted as….. The MoTH To The FlAme… People speak but i do not listen… People show but i hear no tell… Alls i know is the ladies that ring my bell… With their beckon and call of a blissful HELL…………..

  283. Just A Guest

    Really enjoy going there from time to time. Like going on off-hours and weekdays so that there is a wide selection of women and not a rowdy crowd. Pixie is the HOTTEST!

  284. king ding a ling


  285. Jjack236

    Was there Monday night. Hadn’t been in a while. Was impressed with the number of girls they had. Viper is smokin hot!

  286. Stephan


  287. eddie bott

    most fun i ever had

  288. wait and see

    who is this lexeus girl..i heard she used to fuck my man and i think they still talkn now..i came in that lame ass club to see the bitch..hoe u is got a huge ass lips…no titties.. are you serious bitch..fall back off ma nigga..jus cuz u a stripper dont mean you should fuck erone

  289. Christopher Maze

    Hello Evryone I am, pizza face they call me that because I hace acne all over my face and balls but I just wanted to say I love the VU becuase I finally have someone in my life shes hot and a milf her name is Taylor, even tho I have no chace with her I just love the fantisy going home and thinking shes with me right now but any who I cant get a real girlfriend in real life but when I am there at the club its nice cuz i feel like I have dozens of Girlfriends, even tho I have to pay them I dont care LOVE THE VU………….<3 C.M.

  290. Nikki

    I went for the first time and I had a fucking good time I loved getting kitty on my face ha ha it was a really good time thanx girls Love yas

  291. h
  292. Samuel

    Last night was my 5th visit to Dejavu. I swear I love it more everytime I go. The whole staff is super cool.

  293. mr.shiney shorts

    casey you are so sexy..had an excellent time with you as always..gotta get some V.I.P. time with this fine lady well worth it!!!

  294. Pretty sweet...

    second time to this club, i’m not overly impressed by the girls working. Only a few really hot ones… I really don’t have any other club to compare to this one since i’ve only ever been here…

    I’ll certianly come back though. Just gotta save enough money (you can go through some cash pretty quick here πŸ˜› )

  295. sam g.
  296. Observant

    After spending many hours at this club over the years it’s easy to see that the talent has certainly gone down hill with the management. You have ill, pregnant, and otherwise rude dancers that do nothing but complain about work. Realizing that this business is all about money there is no complaint about the amount spent on the real talent. It is obvious that the girls are not happy working for the management they have. It’s unfortunate that there aren’t other clubs around for these girls to work at and they are stuck either working with the management they have or traveling. The club has certainly gone down hill considerably since the new building was opened. Try having your girls there and ready on time and opening when you are supposed to open, not when you feel like it. If you keep your girls happy they will keep you happy and everyone will have a good time and the money will keep on coming in. Stop allowing illegal things to occur in this club and clean it up a little. Girls all strung out or so drunk that they stagger when they walk is not attractive and will not keep your good customers coming back.

  297. Landon

    I’ll always be going back….

  298. girl4girl

    Wondering if someone can help. What girls are good at giving dances for other girls?

  299. healthy man

    I enjoyed the stage and private performances, especially the VIP and couch dances. My VIP dancer, Justice, is incredibly beautiful and gives hot couch and VIP dances.

  300. bitch

    i just thought you should know youre dancers look like a bunch of strung out coke whores that will do anything for a line. I know plenty of guys that go in there and say all those girls are on coke and maybe you should invest in a drug rehabilitation program especially for ectasy and charisma who i hear are by the far the worst. If this is the type of reputation that your club wants then start handing out the packages cause your girls are definetly pros when it comes to the white girl.

  301. pimpin curly

    im wondering are you allowed to touch the girls during a private dance

  302. Jeremy

    The best thing that ever happened to me…Loved Adrianna

  303. cuz

    loved it

  304. david johnson

    I wish i was there instead of Iraq

  305. RickBeen awhile since Ih

    Had been a while since I was in. Glad to see alot of the skanks were gone. Class was there in Dani and scarlette.

    But it is still sad to see that They believe in recycling here. There were a couple brought back that have no talent and were let go before!

  306. John Deere
  307. don

    im from flint and to tell you the truth this club is way better then flint. flint has nasty girls and is all round skanky i love this club alot better and ill be comming in more often now that ive been there and seen what the place had.

  308. whatatrainwreck
  309. Luther

    The club was nice thursday night but that one younger guy with the really short beard talkin to all the damn blond bitches is a punk. me and my bro saw him in detroit he was in a fight with 3 guys and was fuckin everywhere. heard he was some kind of a pi or some shit. weird seein him there. hell thats what the damn fight was about I thought. some asshole backhanded his own bitch and next thing theres a back alley brawl goin on. is he a regular customer cause I wanna like get his fuckin autograph or somethin shit

  310. Todd

    Thanks for 15 min of heaven Casey on Dec. 21

  311. Kyle

    The girls are very friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Just a fun place to be overall and they made my birthday something to remember. Greatly reccomended

  312. CollegeGuy

    This is a great club, but I have more of a question for the dancers. What’s the proper etiquette for us college guys? After we get a dance, should we tip? What do you do if the girls keep coming asking if you want a dance, how do you say no without having the girls ignore you for the rest of the night? I know this isn’t the normal post that the same people write about each girl because they know them all by name, but this would help us younger guys out a lot. So if someone could help me out, I would appreciate it.

  313. Adam

    These girls are amazing girls.

  314. cheap backlinks

    MG2sxr Thanks-a-mundo for the blog article.Much thanks again. Really Great.

  315. That guy

    Caidence is hot and metal/rocker chicks turn me on. Thanks for the dance sexy =) Tattoos rock and this girl is amazing. Lucky also gave me a dance and I enjoyed her too, another amazing girl if you haven’t seen them you should go just for those two sexy metal/rocker girls.

  316. Randy
  317. The Man

    I go to this club every Friday and love it!

  318. re: joe and anne

    you came in on a weekend before 6 pm. that is day shift and that is a very low key time of day at the club. these girls dont get many customers and they dont have to work hard that early. if u want excitement,try after 9pm on night shift. also, your wife probably wouldnt make that much money,you have to know the game and know how to hustle…plus,she’d probably suck dick like many day shifters and i’m sure u wouldnt like that…

  319. MATHIEU


  320. Joe and Anne

    The wife and I stopped in on a Friday before 6pm. The dancers all looked bored and rarely smiled. There was always three or four dancers sitting on a couch to the right of the stage smoking while one worked the stage. Their was very little energy. The DJ was totally unintelligible. He just sounded like muffled mumbling over the music. A couple of the dancers looked very fit and attractive. My wife likes girls as much as me and was not enticed to go to the rail. We only had one girl approach us for a dance??? My wife made the comment, “If these girls make a living doing it like this, I should come work here. I could make a killing.” Whe should, she is every bit as hot as these dancers and has more enthusiasm at 6am than they had at 6pm.

  321. william techow
  322. KK
  323. Jon

    I’ll be in town and at the club this Friday night by 10.. Hope to see my girls Justice and Kendra….bring on the VIP baby!

  324. tupac

    the three best dancers at this club are jewel, zoey, and carmel. nobody else even compares to them



  326. phil

    i love the club i enjoy all the girls and all the entertainment on the weekends. the girls are good lookin but i think that new girl tierra is absolutley the most beautiful women ive seen in my life.

  327. cornelius

    its great i love it

  328. Ty

    This club fucking rocks!!!!

  329. Mario VanderMeulen
  330. Xiamire
  331. Jim M.

    Love this club!!! Visit it every time I come to Saginaw You have some considerate and amazing dancers, dayshift is the best time to come thats where the action is at. Three of my fav daytimers are Justice, Monae, Jewel and most recently Zoey. Schedules online would help though since I only visit maybe 2 times out of month. Overrall Saginaw Vu is awesome!!!

  332. sandk

    While your club is much nicer than Flint’s, Flint does one thing better and that’s post schedules on their myspace.

    Why wouldn’t a dancer want her regulars and fans to know when she is working? And if some don’t, then leave them off the public schedule and post a note at the bottom saying ‘We always have freelancers and off schedule girls’.

    You also need to update your pics on myspace way more often. There is nothing up there for the pumpkin wrestling, showgirl competition, naughty santa nights or anything held recently.

    Why would anyone come to your future events if even you don’t think enough of your past events to share with people? Get your customers excited to come in! “Hey, this was off the hook! You gotta be here!”

  333. Yeah

    Hadn’t been to this club in a while. When I walked in was happy to see the quality seemed to have improved since my last visit but was soon disappointed. The first dancer onstage when I came in never even bothered to get naked and after two hours had been waited on once for drinks and not a single dancer had stopped by to ask for a dance. Walked in and walked out with a pocket full of cash. Beyond disappointing…

  334. big papi

    nice club allthough not many girls above average looking..only a few were to my liking was there last weekend and seen two white girls with the finest looking asses both had beautiful natural looks not too overdone pixie and lexis i think? also a cute bubbly blonde name bianca would like to see some mexican or pretty black girls..good music had a good time

  335. Cole

    Me and my friends drove 2 hrs and it was worth it.

  336. Rob

    Great club. The women are not all devastatingly beautiful, but most are quite attractive, with a variety to suit all tastes. Compared to other clubs that I have been to, Saginaw is better than most – particularly for a smaller city. The club is in great condition. They have a fair amount of specials and special events.

  337. exiter
  338. Acid
  339. Natalia

    This club is so much better than a 6.6…

  340. Mikeyyd

    Okay well im 20 me and a bud of mine went there for the first time well first time in the saginaw one we usually go to the flint one which isnt shit compaired to the saginaw one but neways the girls at the sag one are very polite classy and arent straight up hoes like other places ive been.

    honey gave me a private dance and she was very nicee and flirty lol

    the cover charge is pretty cheap which is great for us non rich people lol

    i mean it was everything i expected.

    VIP has good prices pretty fair id say

    which girl is the best dancer for the VIP and flirty?

    gunna bring the girlfriend next time for her first stripclub experience shes pretty open minded so should be good :]

  341. Jay

    Having a dancer keep looking back at the little green light just isn’t right. The have to get rid of the green light!

  342. VuFan

    I LOVE this club! Love the new stuff coming in Jan. Way to go Vu!

  343. Sarah

    Overall an amazing club. Never a dull moment and have a great time every time.

  344. brandon michalski

    love it !

  345. re: Taylor

    Taylro is HOT!!! Yeah I may slam Karen for the way she is and the way she doesn’t care about the girls! But, Taylor is HOT and very athletic.

    But, what I want to know is why does Karen keep rehiring losers??? She needs to get some better lookers with a little talent!

  346. Jackson

    Cool time. I’ll be back.

  347. Paul

    I had a lot of fun. The girls were friendly and werent pushy about dances… they took no thank for an answer when I didnt want one.. and when I did want one they were more than happy… Naomi was very kind and outgoing so yeah I had a blast

  348. justsomedude

    Monet is the best, well worth the time and money spent!

  349. Brian

    I have gone to this club for a year and almost every time it is awesome. The girls are very friedly and hot as hell. Taylor and Bianca are awesome and both give very good dances. On the weekends they usually have cool events and great deals. Keep up the good work Deja Vu and I’ll be there more often.

  350. curious

    Haven’t been in awhile.. was wondering if Scarlett still was workin there.. absolute beauty right there! N i totally agree they need some women with some curves.. not big big but curvacious.. who wants a stick?

  351. marco
  352. re: damn

    A lot of the girls can be like that at times, If they say something like that don’t take it too serious. They may have had a frustrating night. Anyway Management have been giving Mari and Lexus a hard time. Word is they don’t like them very much. They may have been having a bad night.

  353. md21

    Some dancers suck, a lot of nochesters… a few really good ones.

  354. SSG Michael

    Gotta love a club that gives a Military Discount.

    Justice Rocks!

  355. Lauren

    I enjoy going to the club because it has a layed back atmosphere and makes everyone feel welcome

  356. wes


  357. easyrider

    Cheap prices!!

  358. givens

    brittney is hott

  359. Yep

    I was there on a Wednesday afternoon. Three dances – two from Angel and one from Jewel. I had a really great time. The staff was really friendly and the girls did not disappoint. Angel was really sweet and really hot and Jewel was great.

  360. swf

    the girls there are wonderful…mari, charisma, bianca, belle…e.t.c i luv u girls

  361. James

    Girls are friendly and easy to get along

    with and give great dances!

  362. Timber

    Great times and a lot of money spent

  363. Rich

    Here is my review..

    this is a very nice, classy club. It has quite a few attractive female entertainers. the cover is a bit expensive but the quality of the girls is better than some vegas clubs i’ve been too (I travel for work so i’ve been to alot of clubs).

    Here is my favorite list:

    1) Kendra: GREAT legs and rock-hard Sexy Abs. Beautiful entertainer.

    2) Tiara: Has alot of ink but it suits her, has one of the most amazing bodies I have ever seen.

    3) Daisy: Beautiful eyes and smile. Gives a GREAT lap dance.

    4) Paris: such a sweetheart, she’s a dime a dozen

    5) Lucky and Danni: both rock it on stage they give great energy everytime awesome performances.

    Good job management on hiring most the girls – I will be back!

  364. Mike W.
  365. will

    i think august looks like a man she has more mucsles than i do and your face is hit.. sorry but your jus not pretty at all

  366. Steven

    I’ve been to this deja vu and to the one in Lexington Kentucky. I like the prices in lexington better, but the the floor layout in saginaw deja vu is better. I like the second floor belcony. The better thing about saginaw deja vu compare to lexington is the private lap dance area. The crowd can see the lap dances in Lexington, but I think when they are more private like the one in saginaw, the girls are willing to do a little more, but that may be why the prices are a little more in saginaw. I really like the privacy of the saginaw deja vu, but the girls in lexington seem to be a little better though. i think that the kentucky girls are pretty good, not to far south to be hillbilly, but they are really excellent.

  367. Sammie

    i enjoyed it and will be comming back more often

  368. Deejay

    When i went in there were only 5 dancers and 1 came in latr. Out of the 6 total 2 looked fine, 2 were ok, 1 danced and didn’t see her again, and 1 had jello on her ass. It didn’t use to be this bad, this place needs help.

  369. M
  370. Jake

    Loved it!!

  371. Terell

    i really enjoy this club i love the girls and the manager is avery nice person.

  372. Shenanigan69
  373. brit

    i love u

  374. Dave

    Best place in Michigan.

  375. Cool

    That blonde girl is dope, she always chills with me

  376. Keith Davidson
  377. david

    does Serenity still work at the VU ??

  378. Stan

    Very nice night Saturday night. I was treated like a king. The girls were fantastic especially Lexus. She treated me fine, I will be back very soon.

  379. Mike

    Kick ass place. i;m going back. Got a vip. oh baby baby!!

  380. bad time
  381. Tom

    The waitresses are fucking hot!! Dancers too.

  382. Toy Crown
  383. mr.White

    was in sun night had a some time to spare

    saw that little black babe with the wild red hair

    started dancing on that stage i could do nothing but stare

    she rocked my world when we went up those stairs…..

    thank you for that really hot night, U R so sweet and SeXy ZoEy the best couch time i ever had can’t wait to go back, nice club to be in clean and comfortable.

  384. josh

    Got dances from Adriana and Regan tonight. Both very hot ladies!

  385. jean

    Don’t they ever update the dancer schedule. I havent seen Natalia or a few of the others in months.

  386. totalxtc

    Nice place to sit and relax. Nice women, not real busy in the aftenoon. Justice…your such a doll! I sure wish they were all that GREAT! Guys, visit yourself, you will see who works hard yet always makes your stay memorable. If you want the finest in mid michigan stop here!

  387. Nice Club
  388. Bruce Kinder
  389. Why?

    Why do many girls just sit and chat at tables for more a half an hour at a time without giving a couch or vip or moving around to talk to others? They say they want to make money, but then they just sit and b.s. about whatever. I realize some may be working the long con, but there are guys, with money, wanting you to come and work them. I’ve been in several times and this has happened. Not all instincts about who has money are accurate. Also, the lighting in the couch areas needs to change.

  390. Bernie

    The girls are beautiful, including the waitress, who has an awsome set. Justice gave me the time of my life. That girl is amazing in the VIP romm. I am still exited. I would like a twosome with her and Belle someday.

  391. Man Lou
  392. Trey

    Great Club 10 out of 10…I love Nikki she’s one of my favorites very talented woman and super hott.

  393. Val

    Awesome girls!

  394. chris

    It’s a real good club and most of the dancers are nice but some of them are rude to customers. I would say it’s well worth the $15 though. Most of the girls give good couch dances expecialy marie and lexis together.

  395. cj

    i went on my 18th b-day and i had a fukin blast!!! if you like

    fine ass then this is the club for you

  396. Rick

    The girls were a big let down. Some for their age were way too overweight(cottage cheese thighs and a big belly) is just not sexy. The dancers were nice, but not attractive. The club itself was nice. Just need to spend some money on attractive women.

  397. gerald
  398. DejaVuSaginaw

    Schedules have been posted as of 11/06/09.

  399. CF
  400. Joeseph

    loved it…………..

  401. JAK

    The manegment needs some changes, and it would be sweet if there where some bigger girls (not fat just big).

  402. rdubb

    the club is great if i could get there more aften i would but im a trucker so i only get there a little bit oh and for the record not all truckers are pervs just the old ones

  403. Chay

    The girls need to talk to the costumers more..

  404. Austin

    Great club really the bad thing is the night DJ can get really really annoying sometimes with the crap he says when he says it and how all the DJ seem to just repeat the same 2 line about every girl

  405. lovin it
  406. Chad

    Club was awesome, have been there several times now and every time its a blast. Just gotta say one thing, the girl with the stage name bobbi jo is awesome, very friendly and very good hot.

  407. Pissed off customer

    What the hell is going on in that place? Every time I go there it is getting worse and worse. I think its stupid Brittany got fired for something stupid and Thursday Amateur night sucked! One of those other girls should have won 1st place instead. They need to make some serious changes up there!!!!!

  408. Cash Money

    They have pretty much all fine ass girls at this club. Most of them are very friendly. If you look like a pimp though then they are going to be all over you asking for dances. I been to quite a few of these places in the last year and I have to say that the quality of the girls in apperance at this one is well above average. There are no old ass ladys and ugly hoes here just some 8 to 10 bad ass bitches. I had one chick take a tone of voice with me I didn’t like to much but i took her down a notch and then ended up buying a dance for a friend of mine from here cause she looked sexy. Angel is a great girl gave me a quality dance better then most. mikaela is prolly the finest chick you will see in your life. If i did not like 500 miles a way i would be up there every weekend.

  409. big g
  410. ez

    those girls work soo hard for just $1



  412. pat

    i dont know why anyone would talk about tiarra because her tits are not saggy. half of those dancers got really saggy tits or there fake. quite honestly and i think every customer and dancer knows tiarra is the prettiest girl that they got in that club she is a dime piece so people are just hating because there jealous!!!!

  413. Carl B.

    The best in all of Michigan

  414. ZAC
  415. Nina
  416. Michaela

    I have never had more fun in my life than I do here

  417. norm
  418. Tommy

    What time is the BIG BUSH contest starting? I know someone who might want to enter, what time does she need to be there.

  419. Ted

    The Day shift bartender is so pretty and nice too!

  420. Billy B...

    Ithought the girls did an excellent job on stage and in private dancing.

  421. marjani

    the music and atmosphere were great but sum of the strippers i thought needed to get a new job. Sum had no sexy bodies and sum just couldnt dance.

  422. Joe Payne

    Dancers were great but drink prices are too high.

  423. bigbonerguy

    i am wondering if anyone could tell me what the difference is between the 3 min lap dance and the vip dance?

  424. jeff
  425. Hollywood

    why have a vip card an still have to pay cover at the door dont make sence does it

  426. jenny
  427. troy
  428. vu fan
  429. steve armbruster

    great looking girls.

  430. Lol about the douchbag Dave

    you really don’t have anything better to do but sit and write about stripclub bullshit.. i hope u spend money in there since it seems like u go in there often.. fyi girls hate dumbass who don’t spend money and come alot and quit being a dejavu groupie and get a life

  431. Bob
  432. lloyd
  433. annonymous

    The club was fun and the girls were hot, but I thought the dances were a little expensive. Maybe next time I’ll bring in more money.

  434. Boobiesintheface

    It was my first time to a strip club and this place is really nicely setup and everyone is really nice. Great place and the girls are fantastic

  435. kaluminucified

    great club!

  436. To Dave,

    I notice that Melrose, Taylor, Cali, Skyler don’t appear on your list. Why is that? These girls are pretty hot. How are they in the VIP??? any experiences

  437. JohnBush

    Hello! Very good job(this site)! Thank you man.

  438. booby

    get hotter girls

  439. sherman

    not all dancers are great but there are a few that make the visit well worth it…

  440. Marc

    Saginaw is the nicest Vu out there and the girls are smokin hot. Great time!

  441. Colleen

    Naomi is the best girl there. The best looking, best dancing, just best overall. Pretty decent club. I don’t recommend going on a Sunday though….

  442. Pissed off

    Went to see the highly advertised Ron Jeremy show last Friday. Had to pay $20 dollars to listen to 3 1/2 minutes of dick jokes. He couldn’t get off the stage quick enough. All he wanted to do was hocked his goods. Then the dancers who were there last time he payed a visit said it was the exact same show & attitude. Saginaw Vu should be ashamed for letting him screw over the crowd like that.

  443. myself

    Although i have only been there a couple times, the atmosphere is great. i have

    to say i enjoy lucky’s dances. shes one of the best girls there… shes got looks

    and a sweet personality. definitely would come back for her!

  444. to big papi

    are pixie lexis or bianca only available on the weekends? was in weds night and it would have been nice to see some cute girls…

  445. i luv bianca

    bianca is the best! when the hell does she work anymore?

  446. club man

    not a good time last time here


    You can take the high road, jack, I’ll do the work. My last comment was meant for Erin too and all these men/women trying to boost their ego by belittling others. I’ll never understand it ’til my dying day. It takes just as much time and energy to complement one gal as it does to tear down another. Everyone has their tastes and preferences, how hard is that to understand? Wouldn’t it suck if every girl in the club looked the same?

  448. Sunday Night Vu Crew

    i love this place and the girls are awesome

  449. Frank

    I love all the girls their hot!

  450. hank

    Great girls great service….allot of girl nextdoor types and a few model types

  451. Brett

    I have to say that the first visit to the club was awesome. I’ve been to a few and since I’m moving to saginaw soon for work, I shall return with deeper pockets. I just wish I could date kendall. She flips my mind up side down and inside out. I’m usually a straight faced person and too the point hardworker. But I loose all focus with this lady. Very Cool. I’ll be back sometime! Time will tell.

  452. Paul Bern

    I was there last night. it was kind of

    slow, but there were lots of girls. They

    were all really cool. I’m dfinitely coming


  453. bouncy
  454. Peter

    Nothing too bad to say about the club wish they had

    some age 30+ Dancers for us older guys!

  455. tony

    had a bad ass 19th b-day

  456. steve

    I like most of the girls, especaly Anastasia, she is so hot, I would like to see her dance to Bon Jovi again, once in a while.

  457. ok
  458. Little C

    I normally enjoy my club experience, although today, was displeased. I came in to see one of my fave dancers, and she totally shut me down! My server gave me more attention,even when I was the only guy in the club! Not the best time I have to say. 3 out of 10.

  459. Dj
  460. john k

    need more blondes

  461. Honeylover

    Honey gives the best dance in the history of dances.

  462. lylah

    I miss you guys!

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