Deja Vu Showgirls



31 North Washington Street, Ypsilanti, MI 48197


42.2420956, -83.6147241




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Ypsilanti, Michigan is roughly six miles east of Ann Arbor, Michigan and connects easily to downtown Detroit via interstates. Eastern Michigan University is located here, with several other colleges that are within the semi immediate area including the University of Michigan. It has been said that Ypsilanti is the Brooklyn to Ann Arbor’s Manhattan. Comparable to the gentrification causing many artist’s, poets, musicians and hipsters to flee the Lower East Side of Manhattan. So large numbers of students in Ann Arbor have relocated to Ypsilanti thus creating a vibrant underground arts scene, bohemian cultural center and some of the hottest women in the country.


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. Unknown.

    Dakota, Carmen and Peaches were very friendly. They sat and talked with us. They made great conversations, and they did not pester us to pay $20 for a dance in the back room. Kennedy was kind of pushy with us about that. But, over all my it’s a great place to chill with your guy friends and enjoy yourself. Most props to Dakota she was very nice and she is very great towards customers. Same with Peaches.

  2. Rick

    Went to this club last week Had a blast Rose is a hottie AND she can really bake

  3. scott stevens
  4. Dan

    Girls are nice, but no booze. Would like to spend more time with Riley.

    Location next to a bus terminal. I was asked for money by someone hanging around out there. Overall, good experience.

  5. Happy Man

    The Ypsilanti club really needs to post more pictures of there dancers they are really hot especially Becky. I have looked at the web site many times but never knew how hot they where.

  6. fan of red

    I think the red head that looks like carret hot his the hottest one their. I hope we can be special friends, wink wink.

  7. TM
  8. Dave

    Cleanest club I’ve seen

  9. Brandy

    It Was Great!

  10. vance

    Great club . Tiffany is the sexiest young women . I love her Long hair.

  11. jblncky

    I really, really enjoy coming here. Every girl is gorgeous. I’m into tats, and alot of the girls have tats, but I can see where that’d be a negative for some guys. I really enjoyed my time with Payton. She fun as hell. A few of the girls were robotic, like they were going through the motions. The best girls there (in my opinion) are Payton, Crimson, and Angel.

    I wish they had a couple more short girls, but thats just preference, not a flaw. The girls are amazing, and every guy should come here at least once.

  12. brad

    i really liked sugar! shes something special!

  13. it's ya man

    lola is so hot, she has got my attention. WOW

  14. aaron

    i got the nicest titties smacked in my face

  15. man

    Yeeessss !!! Sky is out of this world 🙂

  16. BBOB
  17. disgusted
  18. P
  19. Jimbo
  20. ford man

    i come here all the time, and i never go anywhere else

  21. Scott
  22. evonator

    hot and sexy women especially kirra!

  23. ANDRUW

    emerald and natasha are the best in there. good time. only club where there are at least three girls mean muggin at all times.

  24. Mark from Ohio

    Was us at this club with a buddy of mine after the

    Ohio State Michigan game. Had a blast. Very nice

    club and worth going to. I’ve been to many club in

    many states. There is a dancer there named Sky that

    was one of the nicest girls that I have met. Don’t

    usualy miss them when I leave these clubs, but I won’t

    forget her.

  25. o
  26. juggs
  27. Money

    Pretty good titty bar, could get a little more “bang” for your buck, but i never leave disappointed – til I check my wallet.

  28. Pepe

    My fav club, they treat me good and it gets pumpin in there when it is busy. Used to come in on my lunch break back in the day to see Kadence.

  29. valentina

    i aboslutely love this club…ive danced here a few times and came here for my 21st…absolutely amazing

  30. rocky

    all the girls were amazing my personal favorite was daisy she was amazing in the vip and even better she has a killer personality thanks for the vip daisy it was above amazing

  31. Jaquilin
  32. exxtatic
  33. tt

    Good ratio of woman to patrons. Very friendly dancers.

  34. josh
  35. Heywood Yablowme
  36. anonymous

    LOVE THIS CLUB! I come once every 1-2 weeks and after u start coming frequently the girls get to know you. I always come wit my boys and we just hang out and chill. Its a great place to relax and have a good time!!!

  37. Pleasured

    Lots of fun. Brought my friend here for his birthday and they treated him great. The girls are really hot and nice too.

  38. custo

    great club all the girls are great yuki and zariha are hand the best

  39. David

    My first time wont be my last! The club and the birthday shows

    were the shit! Anna and Emerald are hands down the hottest

    girls around!

  40. moe

    love this club but what nights does harmony dance

    she is by far the best

  41. hangman

    First time back in many years, got private dance from Sable, would definitely do it again, her dances are more than worth the price. Would have liked to try the private VIP dance room.

  42. toledo
  43. Aaron Smith
  44. Chris
  45. sawd
  46. Caleb

    Just went this past Friday for the first time since turning 18 on the 9th, and wow. My friends knew staff members so it wasn’t entirely hard to chill there, but it was just fun because as everyone has said before me, the friendliness the club offers. My friends put me on stage and it was probably the funnest (First) lap dance I’ve ever given a dancer. 🙂 I can’t honestly say I looked at any of the girls and didn’t think they were individuals. Every dancer has her own style and strong points. Madison and Parker especially came over and talked to us. It was a memorable night for sure. I’ll be back Friday. 🙂

  47. Kai


  48. Justin C Blackburn

    Love it

  49. shaun

    I love the club I have been a vip member since last may. its nice to walk in and everybody know you and are alwasy asking how your day was and stuff. I wont go to any other club then this one keep up the good work

  50. Mary

    Money is great here. I’ve worked here for years

  51. bob the builder

    the club overall isnt bad. i understand the girls are trying to make a living but they shouldnt bring it up to their clients. if i say no to a dance it means no, dont sit next to me and make up some sob story about needing money, it wont make me want a dance from you but rather discourage me from it. dont get me wrong, most girls are very nice, i have only ran into a couple who do this. but enough of the bad, all in all this is a very good club. the dancers are very sexy and talented and for the most part give great dances. if you are looking for a great dance i would have to recommend harmony and mckenzie (not sure on the spelling) harmony has a great body and gives (in my opinion) the best dances. mckenzie is not only beautiful, she gives a great dance and has a great personality. she is very easy to talk to and seems like shes really interested in what you have to say, unlike the usual awkward time on the couch waiting for your dance to begin.

  52. Uknown

    The girls are very nice. The service is great. It’s a great place for a “Guys night out”

  53. Bid

    I was very impressed, good looking dancers, curtious service behind the Bar

  54. Bryant

    The girls were pretty hot, but none had more than an A cup! Diamond put on a great show, she can work that rump!

  55. trixyvixen

    i love this club

    *i <3 harmony*

  56. Randy

    Had a blast, Gracie treated my friends and I like her homies hahaha. Two thumbs up.

  57. dallas

    Great place…The Girls are fantastic just a real fun place to hang out

  58. Deez
  59. zach

    deja vu = life

  60. Bob

    Harmony is awesome and gotta say she is sweet and very charming.

  61. joe
  62. jus a girls thought

    I went to the club a couple of times… I noticed that if your a girl and go with girls, the ladies don’t come up to you. I had to call over all the girls I wanted dances from and none came up and asked. They were all talented. Riley is rough but hot. Katie is sweet and likes to talk, her dances are fucking hot. Jade I believe her name is, shes nice, she cheated me 5 dollars but no big deal. She knows how to work it. Stephanie is extremely hot her dances are amazing and shes extrememly nice.

  63. jason

    we went there for my friend’s 18th and i had a great time. i had an amazing

    lap dance from the hottest girl there, stephanie.

  64. G

    I love the people there.

  65. awogg

    theys be some badass bisses up in here…

  66. HandiDan

    Over due for a review, came here for the first time the Monday before last. The first thing that struck me about this place was how relaxed and friendly everyone is here. This place doesn’t try to be pretentious and there is a real sense that you are a valued guest and not just a walking ATM card.

    I’ve never met a Bouncer/Doorman that I felt I could chit-chat with but he was just like everyone else here, disarmingly nice. Answered all of my newbie questions without making me feel like one. The bartender that night was a lot of fun too. Always kept the energy up.

    The main stage is a bit small but the girls put on a great floor show there and all the private dances were at the very least, pleasant. At best, very very hot. Best I’ve had (in my limited experience).

    Unlike some other places, the girls will come sit-down and talk with you even if you aren’t throwing around a lot of money. Some of them are great dancers AND conversationalists like Molly. I highly recommend her if you like petite girls/brunettes/girls with glasses/women in general. Great dances. Try not to fall in love.

    Payton is also a sweetheart and has a great sense of humor. Before her I always thought an “ass hat” was a bad thing. Get a dance and you’ll see. I didn’t get any dances from Mary Jane but she’s great on stage; gorgeous and always wears a smile, if nothing else. But there were a lot of girls there even for a Monday and I’m sure you’ll find AT LEAST one that does it for you. Just a great place to hangout and unwind.

    And yes, there is a bar that’s only a few doors down and they are happy to let you back in if you check with the Doorman first, so there’s really no reason to go anywhere else. Two thumbs way up up.

  67. Darin

    Vixen!! By far, the most beautiful. That smile is KNOCKOUT.

  68. D

    All I have to say is iv’e been quite a few times and its getting worse. Last time I could not even get a lap dance only 3 girl were even asking.

  69. Bart

    Best stippers in the state.

  70. jack

    what a great night. deja vu has some fo the best girls i have ever seen and they are all super nice and friendly. molly is the cutest girl ever!

  71. lenny
  72. michael

    This club was jammin’ Beautiful dancers, but what I remember the most is this hot little waitress named Candy. Too bad she wouldn’t give me a lap dance. You guys really need to get her dancin’ smokin’ hot!!

  73. better

    this place is so much better than detroit!

  74. Tomo

    Asian girls were so hot!!

  75. Frank

    Sky is one of the few girls who makes it worth your money in VIP, if you know what I mean. Def give it a try.

  76. Ed Green

    Had a blast. Was fun all night.

  77. K

    Much cleaner and nicer than the clubs in Detroit.

  78. Devon Connelly

    it was a great time, the girls were really nice, of course, and they are great at what they do, i wish they had a better selection of cigars, but thats ok, ill bring my own next time

  79. bd
  80. joey

    i love carmen and kristi

  81. steven abernethy

    Sugar is amazing, very cool…is real with you..not fake

    alot of the girls are like that, but there are a few that are all about the dance money, kind of fake and really not cool to get a dance from due to there overall ‘personablity’ to the customer or gentlemen in the club

  82. Abe
  83. The Man
  84. Jim

    Sable, Sable, Sable

  85. Crol
  86. animal

    It was my first time to visit a strip club ever. The first dancer that came up to me was Rose. We talkesd for awhile and gave me a great dance. She is hot. Would like to go visit again soon.

  87. Young

    Just go and enjoy it. then I am sure you can feel it why it is so awesome.

  88. hillybilly

    first of all, this is a 18 and above club which i love since i’m only 19.. so the girls r much younger and seem more classy…this was my 3rd timei went.. and everytime i go i bring a buddy with me, and each time i can’t help but spend more then 150$.. so i would recommend u either go there once and get vip instead of messing around with lap dances and just leave, or go there very rarely because they push u to spend money like crazy.. a drink is 5 bucks man.. a red bull. and what pisses me off is that they ask u to buy the dancers the drink, instead of u offering the dancers if they wanna drink.. which also pisses me off.. and the fact that before u go get your lap dance they ask u to buy the dancer a drink, and if u don’t they make u seem like a cheap bastard. but overall the girls r real hot and do a good job.. i’m defenitely going back….

    ps. if a manager reads this, u should offer promotions for brining more people in with u.. like if i bring 3 buddies or something i get 2 lap dances free or something…

  89. Andy

    GREAT CLUB!! Beautiful girls!!!

  90. TB

    Woman are great but do I always have to asked to buy them drinks before my couch dance.

  91. Ramon D.

    Sitting for 30 minutes with a 6 inch stack of dollar bills no f ing dancers really!!!! Never again will I come here and I had such high hopes.

  92. butch
  93. Mac Boyz

    Whys brandys ass so fat,what does she feed that thing?

  94. Danbo

    Hey it was a great time at the club when i went cant wait to go back.

  95. gary


  96. "Iowa Boy"

    best time i ever had in a dance club. Many thanks coming from ur favorite czech (not irish) Iowa boy! 😉

  97. maddogawogg

    This was the cleanest gentleman’s club i’ve ever been to, and the girls were some of the most beautiful i’ve ever laid eyes upon.

  98. harsh

    i had a dance with tia, n i really enjoyed it…….

  99. John & Tammy

    MY wife and I go about 2 times mouth. we have a great time the girls make my wife feel right at home.

    p.s. She leves feeling HOT !!

  100. mad max

    This was my first time to the club. Loved it will be back.

    The girls are very hot and nice to talk to, not to pushy.

  101. Duncan

    Tia was wonderful, she really cares about who she is dancing for. What a wonderful girl. Need to find more like her.

  102. kerry chase

    it is a fun place to hang out with the guys and even bring ur girlfriend it is the first choice 4 me and my friends

  103. mrypsi
  104. kyle

    all the girls are pretty but sage is by far the best for couch dances, she gets really into them and is smokin hott if you’re into the rock image.

  105. John
  106. Richard

    i have more and more fun everytime i go there

  107. hudsonhick

    If you want nude beeve in the face, this is the place to go. When I went there were two 10+ blondes (the younger one is friendliest and had small boobs which I love!). Other girls were okay. Overall a fun place but very expensive but the lap dance room has lots of lighting, nothing to the imagination. Walk the straight and narrow, keep your tongue in your head and tuck your hands under your legs and watch–you ain’t gonna touch!

  108. MR. R
  109. ll
  110. slick rick
  111. Billy
  112. nvalley
  113. jj

    Yeah Payton rocks !!!!

  114. Nick

    This is a pretty good club. The only problems I have are having to compete for the girls on weekends and, if you don’t go frequently enough, having to feel out the dancers every time you go. I usually get 1/3 dances to be pretty good, as in, they’re into it and don’t waste 30 seconds standing there taking off and putting on their panties (pisses me off). If you don’t go on weekends, the variety is definitely lacking, but most of the girls here are actually good-looking. I’ve gotta say, though, is that it’s just so annoying when the girls aren’t horny and having fun, because that means neither are you.

  115. sam

    great club always have a fun time

  116. Unknown

    The girls were very nice and easy to talk to.

  117. Stephen
  118. Katie

    This is Katie and you guys should come see me

  119. KOZ
  120. Gooley

    Alexis is crazy hot

  121. Abe & Derek!!!


  122. CJ

    Mackenzie is so beautiful and I absolutley adore her

  123. TitTommy

    This place sucks, there are many strip clubs that are way better, I don’t know how this strip club has a high rating, maybe cause they sponsor the site. There are many hole in the wall strip clubs that not only have better dances but better looking dancers. How can you like a strip club where you can’t TOUCH!! If you gave this place a high review, this must be the only strip club you have been too.

  124. Robert

    Had one hell of a time!!!

  125. me
  126. JonfromGR

    I had a wonderfull time there this past Monday. Rose is a wonderful lady and I will return to visit her again. I hope she is happy to have her motorcycle back

  127. John Doe
  128. DJ Calloman

    Great club! Anna,Carmen,Bailey!!! the waitstaff Allison&Brittney by far!!!

  129. Don
  130. Chaz

    Heather or Brianna either way your getting moneys worth…;)

  131. Tyler

    need some new blood, fresh faces, do you still have dollar dances, more deal dances, and can you get some hot girls that aren’t covered in tattoos

  132. :)
  133. simmz
  134. heather

    i love the girls!!!!!!

  135. Daniel
  136. Boomer

    Lame…lame…lame…I was there during the week, in the afternoon. Only two dancers available and dances were extremely tame…I won’t be back..

  137. 123penis
  138. customer

    I agree Sky is one of the best in the VIP. She knows how to move her body.

  139. Halik

    Somebody needs to smile in there!

  140. aj
  141. dragonaffiliates

    Very nice bar, every girl there was attractive and very friendly.

  142. dudemrx

    First visit to the club. Girls do nice dance on stage and are approachable easily. I was approached by Krissy and took her offer for the lap dance. Was a very nice experience and she did a great job. Couldnt resist asking for one or two more after that. Feel great personal attention given and it was well worth the time, money and her efforts. I am sure other gals probably are also worth having dances with, just that I stuck with only one. As long as girls like Krissy are there in this club, will continue visiting it in the future. Keep up the good work!

  143. pantysniffer

    great club. great waitresses in sexy outfits, many of whom could be dancers. The dancers are hot and also seem genuinely friendly compared to most clubs. I love that they have dancers of all shapes and sizes and race. Most clubs have all skinny girls like thats the only thing thats sexy er sumthin lol. Only thing i wish is was that they had a changing light show for the stage…all the women look red lol.

  144. Drew

    To Robin:

    Although it is unfortunate that cover has gone up, at the same time it is important that you do have money when you go the club. These girls don’t make an hourly wage. They get nothing for being on stage unless you tip them. No offense, I had a showgirl say this to me a while ago and it kinda sunk in. They don’t get vacation hours or personal time. Purely commision.

  145. SDDD
  146. pervert

    the club is off the heezy. i will come back all the girls i saw were hot but cassidy is the best keep it up and the dj gave me the best b-day ever

  147. brian

    love it long as ur repectful to the women they treat you pretty well waitresses are on point with getting your drinks and food long as you as a customer do your job and dont disobey the rules or expect more from the women you should have a good time

  148. SmXkitten

    Teagen is my favorite. There needs to be a lot more pole

    talent in my opinion. Being a female I would love to be

    wowed by pole tricks.

  149. Flying Lion

    Sweet as hell

  150. Music Fan

    I went last night after a dissapointing night at the bar. My buddy got more lap dances than me, but he doesnt mind dropping more money than me. Had a great lap dance from Sage, she also had some great music on as she danced.

  151. Joey Vansickle

    I want a lap dance from Jenna when I come back! Shes hot as hell!!!

  152. tony
  153. George
  154. nate

    there were lots of hot chicks with nice smaller boobs primo

  155. BJ

    The girls and non dancing staff are very hospitable. the waitresses are always on the ball. great club!!!!

  156. Rodg

    All good except the panhandlers outside the club.

  157. XhXeXy

    Hey Déjà vu,I am incredibly disappointed in you. I feel you should fire your tall dancer, River. She is the laziest adult entertainment specialist I have ever had the displeasure of a private dance from. I have been to strip clubs in 29 states and she was by far the worst private dance I have ever encountered. I should have asked for a refund because she just laid there….for 30 minutes. I should have mushroom stamped her. Don’t give them a dollar of your money.Sincerely,An extremely disappointed patron.

  158. Greg

    Riley is Fantastic!!!

  159. Marc

    I really enjoyed the club. The girls were great. My fav though would have to be this one dancer, Diamond. She was really cute and knew how to work it. I’m definately going back!

  160. lovin' muff

    to the reviewer that wondered how this club has a high rating: because us customers are the ones rating it! it’s too bad you decided to slam a club because you got a dance where you could not touch. some girls at this club do, some do not. but you are entitled to your opinion of course! a bunch of hot girls here! stage shows worth watching! read all the reviews and you will see what i am talking about!!

  161. Mike

    This club had some bumpin’ sound when I made my first visit. The couch dances are kinda short, you have to buy 2 maybe 3 dances for a whole song (thats $60 bucks!!) If your looking for a lap dance wait for one of their deals, you’ll be much more satisfied.

  162. scramz
  163. Tim
  164. ObieJay
  165. Billy Day

    There is no other club that offers ladies as fine as this one does. And boy can they dance!!

  166. DA

    These are seriously as hot of women as anywhere in the country. The dances are outstanding and worth every penny.

  167. Jon

    MacKenzie seems to put on a great show, and her private dances are great

  168. ab

    Nice club. I strongly recommend Payton, he dances are awesome.

  169. bb

    These girls look like they come from Vegas! Super hot and classy, but wild like I like them. Great place!

  170. Aaron Griffin

    I love going to the vu here in ypsi all the girls are so sexy sage is my definate favorite

  171. cantgetright
  172. JIM R


  173. jg
  174. Bobby

    Hot Hot girls!!

  175. Lady Luck

    I love the ones that say “She deserves a raise” WELL TIP HER! What everyone

    that goes to a strip club needs to realize is that these girls do not get paid.

    They PAY THE CLUB to work there. The club gets the first third of every dollar

    they make. There is a manager counting dances and racking up a charge.

    Every song they sit with you in the couch, they get charged for. When there is

    say one person in the club who just sits there and watches the stage for

    hours, they are working for free.

    And two. Would you want fifty different guys a night manhandling your

    girlfriend? The point of a strip club is not to get your nut off, there’s video

    booths for that really, it’s entertainment. A fantasy, a tease. Sit on your hands

    and be respectful. Besides, you aren’t paying them nearly enough for a grope


    And as a strip club connoisseur, no where else have I seen such a selection of

    truly beautiful girls, who aren’t dirty or fifty and who truly know how to

    dance. Those of you who say “wow” at someone climbing a pole and sitting

    there make me laugh. Wait till you see Rylie drop from the top of the pole into

    the splits, or Briana climb up the pole upside down. Or the backwards spins

    and flips and many tricks these girls can do onstage.

    Check it out!

  176. Andre
  177. beer

    Is it BYOB here? Bring your own beer?

  178. the nice asshole

    If you ever have to wonder which girl would be the best dancer for you, check her out on stage. Not just if she’s hot, but how she moves. You like her up there, you’ll like her on the couches. Keep doing a good job girls

    As for the last time I was there… If I’m paying for a bottomless drink, I shouldn’t have to wait a half an hour for a refill. When there are four waitresses just standing there, no one should have to go thirsty.

  179. ezt
  180. Fred

    not bad…will be back.

  181. Miley

    Gorgeous, Smart, Funny, great on the pole, and gives one hell of a lap dance. I got one VIP and had to go back for seconds. Excellent, I will be back again

  182. Jim from Cinci

    Had a great time. Sugar and Sky are good to get a dance from, but Payton was the best. She couldn’t be sweeter. Definitely take the time to get to know Payton.

  183. Bray

    I recently made my first visit here and had a wonderful time. I will most definately be returning!

  184. Re: Beer

    No. No alcohol is permitted in the club.

  185. steve

    sugar is the best

  186. ypsi dude

    I’ve had Tia too. Think she ever reads these posts?

  187. beev

    its straight. cud be better. announcer is a bit annoying and way too loud… cud do without him. dancers r set on older guys that look like they have money kind of sucks when when u aint got saggy balls

  188. P.J.

    I was there on Friday and had the BEST double dance from Stephanie and Shalynn!! They were amazing together and you can tell they really liike each other. Definatley the hottest girls in the club.

  189. Kevin

    the best strip club i ever been to

  190. jeff


  191. Peter

    Thanks for everything.

  192. jake

    club is excellent came for my 18th birthday party and i had an absolute hell of a time i want to thank the owner and dance staff for that

  193. DBeez

    Cooterball was fun on Saturday.

  194. Wow!

    Was in last night for Jello Wrestling, all I can say is

    WOW! Britney & Daisy were the highlight of the night!

    Hottest girls, hands down! Thanks for a great time!

  195. T
  196. Diego
  197. g man
  198. ken

    Great club. Was my first time in a strip club and was one hell of an experience

  199. keith lowery

    was fun

  200. Ed

    They just have about 50 of the best dancers ever anywhwere.

  201. couple

    My wife and I went to the club on Fri. Could have had a few more dancers there but the service was still good. Got a few couch dances with the wife. Manhatten was hott. A very sweet girl that can work the pole. Will be going back again. Thanks Manhatten.

  202. Timmay

    I got the best lap dance in the world. thank you stephanie, this place kicks ass.

  203. curt

    I have mixed reviews about this club. I understand that it is fully nude so alchohol can’t be served. Not a big deal. The biggest knock I have on this place is that you aren’t allowed to touch the dancers while getting lap dances. Also, during lap dances, it seems that the songs are too short. I will end on a good note, however. The overall quality of women here is second to none. Decent club, but not excellent.

  204. kaley

    LOVE IT!

  205. al
  206. Fred R
  207. Zel

    Went here for my 18th birthday, and goddamn it was amazing! Sable gave me my first lap dance and she was smokin’ too. I LOVED IT!!

  208. Bryan McDermott

    I must say, it was the best idea I had for an 18th birthday.

  209. Jim in Cincinnati

    Had a great night on 3/11! Spent most of the night in VIP with Sky and she is awesome. She is a smoking hot SMILF and has a great personality to match! I will definitely be back to see her again.

  210. Andy Schiffman

    clean, friendly, good looking girls, wat more could u want

  211. b dog

    i walk out of their with a …..

  212. Jbird

    This club is awesome.Especially Harmony and angel

  213. big bob
  214. Jim from Cincinnati

    I had an awesome time tonight. Brailey was aawesome in VIP. She has to be the best girl in the club. Must go!

  215. robin

    since the cover has gone up, why don’t you give the option of either buying drinks or not? or up the cover to $10 with the option to buy the drink cover or not. other than that it’s always a nice place to go to and watch the girls.

  216. jester
  217. Bete

    The Partnership is open for business if you can get Brian.

  218. Adi

    some of the girls are really hot…nice!!!

  219. Nic

    I wen there for the first time a few days back had a good time and got the best lap dance ever from one of the hottest girls i have ever seen, Angel. I definetly recomend one, it was simply amazing. also let me say that Riley puts on one hell of A show.

  220. Gooood

    these girls are FINEEEEEEEE get a dance by daisy she will make u wana get a nut offfff

  221. Charles
  222. Bill

    Private dances should be a great experience. However, $20 for part of 1 song SO NOT WORTH IT! Other than that, this club is a GREAT experience and I will continue to visit as often as possible.

  223. jhead

    fukin greatest thing ever

  224. Daveo
  225. Misc
  226. Ryan

    Made my first visit to the Ypsilanti Vu last night and I’ll definitely be going back. The girls all looked fantastic. Sky gives the best dances, but Angel wasn’t far behind. If you’re looking for a great selection of hot, friendly girls, this is the place to go.

  227. Jamie

    went to the club for my birthday. Got to get on stage you might have found some new talent. I am going for amature night. But the atmosphere was great.

  228. A female view

    The majority of the girls are couple friendly. Nice club.

  229. James

    It was my first time at a strip club and I had a blast definetly going back very soon. Would recomend this club to anyone it was a great experience.

  230. chet

    great time, will come back soon

  231. wayne

    way better than detroit for sure

  232. that boy

    When I first entered this club, there were only two girls perfoming on stage. I sat down for three miutes and Marley was kind enough to be the first to ask for a dance. I gladlly accepted. The dance was really great, When we were done I went out and sat, and Carmen asked me for a dance, I gladlly accepted again. She gave me a dance I will never forget, she made good noises as if she was having an orgasim. Next was Rose, I had to say the sexiest of all three ladies,She offered to take me to the vip room,she made a man outtaa me. She took me to heaven, I had to pay for more cause I couldnt get enough of her. I will definetly look for her in the future.

  233. Matt
  234. Samuel

    GREAT place for a great price to relax and take in the atmosphere. The first place I think about going if I’m going to go out and see some tits.

  235. justin
  236. WRAY
  237. TJ
  238. logan shepard

    im in love with mary jane.

  239. JD

    Sky was a great showgirl. Deserves Showgirl of the Year!

  240. Tom

    You girls are not only purty.Your good people and that’s what really counts.

  241. Tia

    Dear Guests,

    I will be leaving town November 1st and return to work November 19th. I apologize for the absence but, as always, look forward to see you upon my return.



  242. dibbs
  243. Joey Garlitz

    went for first time last night and it was amazin cant wait to go again.

  244. Antoine Baldwin-Lane
  245. Patrick
  246. greyhound
  247. Keith

    I was at the club for my bachelor party and it was awesome. Crowded club but Tia kept us entertained. Wednesdays are fucking packed but the amateurs were fun to watch. Thanks again Vu!

  248. Alexia

    I had such a GREAT time!!!

  249. Kaytee

    I have been here 2 times. Autumn is probally the sexiest dancer I have ever seen, she sure knows how to shake it. Miley is a really big sweetheart and talked with my and my friend =)

  250. Leo

    Aubrey,Molly and especially Emerald were all excellent i will return again for these three dancers

  251. Eric

    spent a whole lot of money but it was way worth it. ill deff. be back next week.

  252. Jerry
  253. Bater
  254. Birthday Bummer

    Two for Tuesdays The club has a good atmosphere and the nondancing help is very friendly. Make sure to wait for the announcer to announce a Two For One dance, because not every dance on Tuesday is Two For One. I had problems connecting with the dancers I wanted dances from. I tipped the guy working the door to send Brianna my way, and spoke to her and expressed my desire for her next Two For One dance she disappeared around Midnight not to be seen again. Out of four lap dances two were good. Thanks Brooklyn and Jenna. The girls apparently set their own rules for the dances. I would suggest inquiring before you go back to the Executive Lounge about their expectations. I will try out another clubs before I would consider going back.

  255. Ron

    I come here a lot so I might be biased

  256. ERA

    When the “A” squad shows up, there’s a LOT of top notch dancers with top notch skill. Just hopefully you never run into the “B” squad.

  257. matt D
  258. jay

    Great club me and my friends go at least once a week. We always have a great time girls are great.

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