Alcatraz Industries Inc



10813 Telegraph Road, Erie, MI 48133


41.8155008, -83.4965204




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Alcatraz Industries Inc

  1. never again

    sorry I did , 6 girls sitting at bar almost drunk butts do not even fit on chairs , Well they were just slobs no smiles no clean teeth dirty hair. Sorry I just have nothing positive to say.

  2. Mike
  3. old timer

    Ive been coming to this club for a long time. One thing is that its been consistent, great atmosphere, friendly, attractive dancers, with the advantage of being not being impersonal.

  4. Me

    This Place Rocks

  5. Brian
  6. WTF

    Are you kidding me. Can we find more fat, lazy,and old chicks. No I did not that so. Poor DJ has to say nice things. But Tanya is still the bomb to bad she does not dance. she can serve my beer anyday.

  7. Frank

    Best club in the area

  8. Mark Mason

    Boring place. Girls average. Drinks overpriced. Club is too far from civilization.

  9. max

    cool club

  10. Randy

    Great place to relax. Nice girls will either do whatever you want or refer you to a girl who will. Jasmine is the best. BBBJ CIM for the right price. Negotiate up front.

  11. Rod

    Count your money, count the dances out loud, and be careful of who you pick if you come here. Twice I’ve had girls try to say that they did more dances than what they did. The first girl, a beat up blonde, did 3 dances and said it was 7. The second time, an older brunette, did one dance and told me I had to give her $50 or she would tell the manager I stuck my finger up her ass. I was out the door before she had her top on. I stick with Henry’s, it is close by, the girls are better looking, they don’t rip you off, and I actually get something for my $50.

  12. EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You nailed it. This is a shitty club, in a shitty location, with shitty girls, shitty management, and a shitty owner. KJ gave them a license to print money. They refused. Dumb asses. They are content with the 6 farmers that drive their tractors to get tip quarters to the crack whores or the girls that danced for FDR on a Saturday night. Stopped in tonight….Thursday, big bar night, correct? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girls outnumbered the customers 2 to 1. What up with that? No wonder the only girls that dance here are either crack whores or never was/never will bes.

  13. drew

    poops your my boy blue. Hahaha but i also love alex.

  14. eav (09/02)

    Avoid this place at all costs!!! Horrible!

  15. John

    I had an absolute blast this place rocks!

  16. Thomas

    My friend and I have been coming here for years and we

    usually have a great time. This last time was a bit of a

    disappointment. Since when is it sexy for women to be

    thuggish? Between the talk with ebonics, and the loud

    carrying on confrontational attitude was just annoying. We

    were saved by a hottie luckily. You guys should get rid of

    the trash. From one businessman to another, it’s tacky!

  17. EAV (06/28)

    Avoid this place at all costs!!! Horrible!

  18. mitch

    Dancer ID: going on a wild goose chase to find a dancer that used to dance at Subis in detroit 4-5 years ago. Name was Mica (pronounced Mike-uh). Black girl, short really thick, round soft booty, from toledo. looked like some chick youd see in an atlanta club or in a rap video. anybody have any idea where she might be – retired, in toledo, detroit?

  19. J&C

    Awesome club clean,friendly,good prices,hot girls,and very very couple friendly

  20. Derek

    less stretch marks,and c-section scars in a maternity ward!A dump.If there are 49 clubs – this is rated #50 If a dancer can not get a job anywhere – they cum here.

  21. dissatisfied

    it sucks girls are old and ugly

  22. bob

    this club is worth the drive

  23. Al Marx

    This club ROCKs and you dont have lowrents sneaking around using cell phones trying to get the gals to let them be their Pimp . Crazy some places gals being driven to work with a degenerative male ! Clean nice staff and Foxy Ladies ! Fun Place

  24. shithole

    This place sucks ugliest girls I have ever seen in a stripclub There all old hags with no class watch your wallet it will come up missing

  25. Miss P

    Girls were nice, club is beyond dead. I don’t know how they can afford to stay here. I had to head south.

  26. customer
  27. ugly girls

    the guy below must be really desperate for attention the girls are ugly and the music sucks so does the dj

  28. Customer

    This club has a lot of merit , DJ I didnt see songs seemed repeating , But in generally speaking better than Scarletts /Plantinums in Ohio on Telegraph
    The lady bartender was very nice took my tag off shirt I didnt know it was on LOLOLO

  29. Toledo Male

    Best Club by far. Clean, Great Looking Club! The girls were all friendly and fun and had a no pressure attitude! I spent $300 and it was worth every penny! Drinks are a little cheaper than the other clubs and STRONG!



    Can’t wait til the new laws in Ohio are enforced…Alcatraz is gonna ROCK!!!!! Keep up the great work Alcatraz!! GREAT CLUB! BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!

  30. Roger

    I can’t say enough great things about this place. I was in the area on business and these girls showed me a great time. Everyone is classy and the girls actually sit and talk with you. Worth every penny I spent. Its also very clean and well taken care of. Kudos to the staff and all you hot ladies! Go in an a week night or during the day on Friday. It’s totally laid back and if you tip the girls they will show you thier privates.

  31. cashmoney

    wow wont go there again

  32. E.Vega

    Down right nasty club. Ugly girls who will fuck you for nothing more than a drink. How fuckin’ diseased is that?

  33. Yuck

    …was in with some clients tonight and had an ok time. Chrissy was awesome. The redneck bitches, Alabama and Billy were completely obscene. each wanted $200 for a blow job? C’mon……. I wouldn’t take $50 from either one of those never was to have there lips any where near my dick. Completely disgusting. Gross!!!!!!!! Look at the sores on Billy’s lips….disgusting!!!!!!!!!

  34. Bel-aire

    The bathrooms are clean. But I didn’t come here for a clean bathroom. It seems as though they hire anything that walks in off of the street. Not even a decent looking girl in there on Saturday night, let alone good or great looking. Too bad. Nice place, ugly girls.

  35. Hot4Belle

    It cracks me up that 98% of the bad ratings are from the SAME person. The IP Address is EXACTLY the same..same computer=same person! You have no life that you get on here and post negative comments??? Too funny! Cry baby hiding behind their computer. Typical chicken shit.

    I LOVE this place, girls are gorgeous, staff is friendly! Oh, and to complain that it’s in a bad location…LMAO….it’s 11 minutes from Alexis Road (doing the speed limit). This place is in a PERFECT location….out away from other businesses…you don’t feel like you are in the Red Light District!

    Keep up the great work Alcatraz!!!

  36. DayShifter

    world wide web

  37. dear rod

    sorry some stupid girls have to give us all a bad name. u should know by now that dances are counted by each song played. how could anybody mistake 3 for 7? u or she knows that one of u are lying. thats not something that usually happens here. it could have been true but on the other side, u could be one of those guys who like to complain and say things like that so you can get away with getting 7 dances and try to not pay for it. i dont trust men or women in ANY of these places. u probably work at henry’s so you’ll say go there, but the floor there is sticky, the place is never cleaned and you can pay 50$ for cold sores and diseases. that place is nasty, literally, even the poles were slimey, i walked out of that place and didnt turn back, i’d rather hang out in a place that gets cleaned every night, the glasses that we drink out of to be properly sanitized, EWE henrys is gross. i didnt even want to touch anything in that place. thank you alcatraz for the great club. thanks for this place!

  38. Dave

    We all got drunk together and we had a good time.

  39. Mercedes man

    This club has much potenial but needs to happen a little differently ! Keep the gals off the bar stools at entrance

    Have them mingle with customers as quickly as possible ! GREAT PLACE JUST NEEDS SOME REFINEMENT !

  40. josh

    The girls are hot and the music rocks!!!!

  41. jake

    great place

  42. lucifer

    this place rulz

  43. Ramrod
  44. anonymous


  45. mary

    Club is nice.

  46. Jon

    Girls are beautiful,cheap drinks,excellent service.

  47. magic man
  48. SHORTY


  49. Jason

    This is a very nice club. My wife and I came into the club last week and the girls are very friendly, beautiful, and talented. The service was great! Beautiful inside!!

  50. Yo

    Just a few more miles down the road in Toledo and Oregon Ohio you can find much better clubs.

  51. jerry

    great place, girls were great so were the prices, im hooked

  52. joe
  53. caprad

    Lisa is a hot little redheaded spinner! DONE!

  54. Jack

    Nothing good to see or say

  55. boring

    what a boring ass club you ever consider hiring some good looking chicks in there were tired of all the white trash

  56. (crazy)Madison

    miss everyone

  57. Buckeye traveler

    Worth the trip.

  58. Smoke

    we had a great time. good kitchen reviews. dancers were nice, prices were good. not the usual area to have a club but i like not being right in the spotlight. it was very close but yet just far enough away for me to be out of the talking eyes.

  59. midle of the road

    nice inside. hade about 3 good looking girls out of 15 but the dances where better and you can smoke.

  60. Terry Ryan

    Prettiest girls in the region hands down. Never too busy.

  61. EAV

    Avoid this place at all costs!!! Horrible!

  62. EAV (06/28) (07/25)

    EAV (06/28) (07/25)

    Avoid this place at all costs!!! Horrible!

  63. Jason Sherwood

    This club is boring. The girls are either ugly or drunks. Too bad because the inside of the club is really nice. The rock and behind the bars concept is good. But it can’t overcome the employee problems. Do you really think all 87 bad reviews on this place come from workers at other clubs? Maybe a few girls that used to work here, but not enough business here for other clubs to be trashing it on here.

  64. chuck

    this club is awesome,they have beautiful,friendly girls that will sit down and talk,not money grubbin hoes that just want your dollar!!!i would come back anytime…me and my boys found a new spot

  65. Not soft and Chewy
  66. Randy

    Is another Girl dancer here , Likes it in the ass then CIM

  67. Bigdaddycool
  68. web

    nice place to hang out

  69. nice guy
  70. James

    Awesome set up. The dancefloor is in the middle of the club


  71. fields

    The Club doesn’t open until 5 p.m. and the ladies were all attractive and well worth driving a little out of the way for the visit. Jordan gave great dances and it as good to see Belle back at the club as well.

  72. Tyler

    I like this club. Couples get in free every night and the dancers seem friendly. Drinks were kind of expensive, 3 beers and a soda came to about $20. But lap dances were 2 for $20 every hour at the bottom of the hour, so that’s a pretty good deal. I will say this, they LOVE women here. I brought my girlfriend and every time she tipped the girls they wanted to pull her on stage and get her naked. Our lap dance (couples dance) involved the dancer stripping my gf nude on the top and them sucking on each other’s nipples. Unfortunately guys get nothing (no touching) in the dances but it was a good show to watch them…I’ll be coming back 🙂

  73. bobby


  74. Kevin

    The dancers are larger than the security staff.

  75. outoftowner

    nice place



  77. jackson

    very nice place, very comfortable

  78. sucks

    this place really sucks no hot girls there all old washed up hags

  79. dale38

    Met a girl named Robin, a pretty blonde with glasses.She’s fun,smart,has a rockin body, and is crazy on the couch!

  80. this club rocks

    I love partying here with all these fun, wild bitches!

  81. Alan

    great time

  82. wow

    Had a blast,you guys rock

  83. guy

    dont go here

  84. Jimmy Burns

    Boooooooring. Bellas, Platinum, and Scarletts are all 5 – 10 minutes away and are far better clubs. Cheaper liquor prices, lower to no cover charges, and you get the full show. Girls are better looking also.

  85. LoveAlcatraz!!

    I love Alex, she is great!! Dancers are nice and place is the cleanest around! (even their bathrooms)

  86. jim
  87. BJ

    nice place

  88. Dale

    Nice club, if you want the cheap massage therapy in the other section feel free to email me at spannofhealth at sbcglobal dot net or drop me a line at seven three four six seven three nine three nine nine hope y’all are doin good!

  89. wineguy

    This is a great place to go to kick back and relax. The staff is very friendly; the girls are attentive without being pushy. They range from attractive to downright beautiful.

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