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30100 Michigan Avenue, Inkster, MI 48141


42.2881997, -83.3363261




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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150 reviews for “Bogart’s Lounge

  1. Joe George Joe George

    Does Erin still work ? I had heard that she lost a bunch of weight. She still do extras ?

  2. Anonymous

    Does Rakel still work here?

  3. William H. Bonnie

    Wtf happened to this website?

  4. tarun
  5. BILLY


    This club has high tech enhanced audio and video taping throughout the whole place including VIP rooms and rest rooms. A WORD TO THE WISE

  6. Anonymous

    Typical Hamilton bar. Dirty, dingy with weak, overpriced drinks. $10 for bottle of water? Management only interested in bar making money. No concept of bar atmosphere or customer satisfaction. Which asshole manager decided dancers finale every fourth song was good idea? Dancers can’t make money, and customers get shorted in VIP when their dancer gets called on stage. Several incompetent servers. Monday-Friday kitchen food is best value.

  7. RAY

    Do not go into the parking lot with Kim/Hallie for some

    action. The Vice Cops were in last week looking for her.

    Warrants. Drugs and motel action.

  8. lionsfan

    I like the fact that the black babes here are not pushy. They dont think they OWN every bratha in the club and they dont talk crap if you get dances from just the white babes.
    besides that the club should should provide water squirt guns so we can squirt the babes while they are on stage. I saw this in a club in cali when I was in the Army!

  9. Big Jay
  10. Gerald

    I don’t gather anybody goes to this place for the “dances”. It’s a nice legal way to get my willy warm and at my age, that’s not exactly easy-going these days. Bogarts provides. The girls are nice, but not always the most attractive, however who can complain with what bloggies puts out? Detroit can’t touch this place, can yas! If you build it, they will cum. – Art

  11. Znbrybho


  12. gg
  13. P. Simon

    “…echoes with the sound of silence.”

  14. Lbjtvcdn


  15. LOL

    This place sucks! Do yourself a favor when you go in there sit around and nurse the same warm beer just like all the washed up old farts in here.. Fuck these bitches, I ll never be back, to many cochroaches and underage stink boxes.

  16. used2workthere

    Number 1.Way too many blow jobs upstairs.

    Number 2.It dont matter how pretty you are. You WILL NOT make any money cause of all the crack whores sucking and fucking.

    Number 3.All the waitress sit with the customers sometimes not even giving dancers a chance. They should NOT be allowed to sit with the customers. Why have dancers?

    Number 4.The $80.00 fee just to work there! Come on you can’t be serious. Thats crazy! When there is’nt that much money in there to begin with! OH THOSE GREEDY MOTHER FUCKERS!!! I guess when the economy gets bad the price to work goes up! To compensate for NOOO CUSTOMERS. Making the dancers broke as hell! I think this place could be alot better. But as long as you got glorified pimps running it, It will never be a good place to work. And it leaves all the customers broke as well.

    $5.00 to get in

    $6.75 for a beer

    $10.00 for a wrist band just to go up some stairs for a dance.

    Then the dance is $20.00 or more depending on what the man wants. It could go as high as $500.00 So make sure you clean out your bank account before going! Then let them clean out your pockets and take away all your dignity and self respect. My advice… If you MUST go in. Go in have a beer and leave.

  17. Bernie
  18. The sh--

    Great spot. Friendly atmosphere. The Day shift makes this place Rocks. Night shift different story…

  19. Rielly/Julia

    Looking for “Rielly” that danced and was a shot girl here.

    Miss her, anyone seen her ?

  20. Tom

    This club is great. Just met Dior today and she is the best looking dancer at the club. Great dances.

  21. Klftiibj


  22. Srnzpyqf

    gDXoxv the,

  23. SemiRegular

    Easy place to spend some time. No One is too intense. Food is EXCELLENT!
    Weekday DJ often does NOT give the patrons enough time to Chat AND have VIP Time! Too many stages (3) going with only 12 dancers. Talk for 2 sets CANNOT get VIP for 2 sets!
    Need AT LEAST 4 sets between “on stage” to be fair to patrons! OR let dancers push back their set, when they have VIP patrons. After all, Entertainers DO PAY all the BILLS!
    That is the MOST IRRITATING aspect of this BAR. Other clubs DO IT !!

  24. Bitch

    I left and am at the Playhouse.I’m making money, and saw Paul the Indian guy there. I had to get a dance license, but it was worth it. I’m happy:)

  25. bob with long hair

    i had a fanatastic time on my birthday on 1/12/08 dancers were great especially shawna i believe that was her name anyways shawna was great and i will be back soon THANK YOU SO MUCH gratefully bob with long hair ps see you soon shawna thanks agaian

  26. Harry

    I did fuck Tia…awesome girl!

  27. ramon

    Ofered me a —- for 200

  28. mee

    was in on sat night and could not even get a lap dance and had a grand to spend but was not even ask if i wanted one not even one time and the best girl you had was renne

  29. PORKLION07


  30. boo boo bear

    Just came from Bogarts…Im sure you will all be happy to

    know. NO MORE PRIVATE ROOMS!!!! yay!!! But no ho’s no more

    BJs and whatever else you pathetic,looser gross guys get

    there. Im sure most of the hookers will be looking for a new

    job this week. Hopefully some of the old good girls will

    come back!! Since ALL the nasty customers..Yeah YOU!! I

    guess you will be getting your STD’s in some other bar. BYE


  31. JAMIE

    Needs a fire hose to clean it out. Good pplace to buy drugs.

    DJ is as bad as Dr. Phil. Avoid Hallie, Kim and a few others

    unless you like going to the doctor.

  32. Retired

    Haha, Chriss ( double “s”… Cute!) and Reg! Nice try. The score hasn’t changed in 2 years! And who, seriously, thinks the drinks are too expensive? It’s a damn titty bar!

  33. Lgxuzcoz


  34. Jackie

    The girls are making money at the Playhouse. They are doing things and everyone is having a good time. You have to get a dance card and someone will take you to get it to make it easy. And then you’ll be making $$$$! Hurry…734-941-3144

  35. Special K?

    Looks like someone missed the short bus.

  36. Erimiyeo


  37. Pussy Licker

    I don’t understand reviewers who think girls giving extras in the VIP area is a bad thing. If you’re worried about disease, stay home and watch a video. The reason the health dept doesn’t get involved is because no one has ever caught anything there. You can’t catch something from a bj or hj. I’ve had lots of dances in the upstairs area, bbbj, cim, this place is great. Hot girls, and they’re real sluts. I enjoy watching, and partaking myself, in all the extra that goes on upstairs.

  38. House of crack whores

    Well, where should I begin? First off, I thought this place might be decent but I forgot that it is in Inkster. The cover is too much and the drink prices are atrocious. The women who work here are bottom of the barrel in terms of quality. I guess this place could be like Dutchess of the west side. Needless to say, I will not make the mistake and come here again!

  39. Pete

    I haven’t been here for awhile, until last week. It was dead when I was in and girls were too FAAAT

  40. Ozhyegzo


  41. Godleurb


  42. tgtgr

    Sienna and Amy are good and what is the name of the big titted white girl with a black girl’s booty?

  43. pepe

    i wanna fuck tia

  44. Dfbtvwez


  45. Oifyybwm


  46. drtyuik
  47. Dave

    Came here after the girls at Henry the 8 killed my mojo. Boy am I glad I did. One hot little spinner got everything I had. I’ll be back next weekend to see her again

  48. TOOPOR


  49. Legend Killer

    watch out for oldmanbeard he is really a transvestite

  50. BIG HOSS

    What a waste of $$$$ and time. Most of the girls are skanks.

  51. Long Duc Dong

    This place is a disgusting shithole!!!! If I could rate it a negative 5 I would.

  52. Danny
  53. Xaibbjaj


  54. Keith

    I was at the Playhouse last night and they were busy, and had a great party going on. Only 10 minutes from here and worth the ride:)

  55. stacy

    bathrooms are disgusting refuse to

    use the restroom bar staff are

    horrible and the dancers are worse

    drunk sloppy

  56. JoeBlow

    Ovrpriced drinks and cover charges. Fat girls and a HORRIBLE FUCKING DJ. Walking around all day STAY IN THE BOOTH DICKHEAD!!

  57. JIMBO
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  59. Eftbbkjo


  60. Anonymous

    I suggest if you are a woman dancing here to find a classier bar if you can. You will make much more money an get to keep most of it, pay a flat rate of 55$ flat rate an that’s w tip out, instead of getting pimped out an getting treated like trash by lazy management, dj’s and bouncer’s that do nothing but take all your money an sit on their ass’es well you girl’s pay all their bill’s, feed their kid’s well you all walk out w nothing. This bar charge’s waaaay to much for dancer’s to work here, especially being lower end and classless bar. Seem’s to me, the dancer’s do all the work well the men who work here are just a bunch of loser moocher’s….

  61. t bone
  62. Nelson

    This place is like a urinal with a stage. It stinks when you get there and it will make you stink by the time you leave. Fatassed, little-titted hoes trying to rape your wallet. Go across the street to the Flight Club instead and see what real adult entertainers look like, not these common street whores.

  63. bobwithlonghair

    Stopped in on1-26-08had a great time as usual had a great time seen shana again what a sweet gal . The one barmaid alyssa was so very nice , always made sure i had a drink.Ya I had great time until the unthinkable happend i misplaced 25.00 how i lost it i dont know but i think i might have dropped out in the parking lot. regardless though i was well taken care of (thanks billy) i think everyone seen me panick. and then shana stopped by (site for sore eyes) thank you shana ,and the staff for making everything better.Seen everyone again soon ,bobwithlonghair. p.s.hope everthing worked out shana you know what i mean.

  64. Banned in Boston

    Located on Michigan ave.

  65. Anderman

    Horrible club for anything other than extra and go. Shot girls harass you as soon as you sit down. They come back every 10 to 15 minutes to hit you up again. You will notice that guys are not hanging out for very long. The girls come up, take them to VIP ($10 change to get in VIP) and then the guys leave right afterwards. Girls hit you up for extras on the floor before even getting to VIP.

  66. To Bambi

    I love venison, eat it all the time. It’s your turn so I can

    say something nice about YOU ! Is Tuesday still around ?

  67. qetuo

    Milage is outstanding. Everything else average.

  68. oldmanbeard

    champaign is not blasian idiot! She is a mexican

  69. Zubie

    Friendly club. Good time here.

  70. Nipple Licker

    Workers could use a serious “Pep Talk” about how they would make more money and get more “Repeat Costumers”… ….. Consider hiring a Consulting firm to really change the attitude of the entire staff.. This place use to be the best club around… An investment of $4000 to $6000 would probably generate another $40,000 to $100,000 in gross sales for the year…



  72. Fdqevpne


  73. Mouqzjbd


  74. Jimmy Wood

    Awesome VIP room!!! Oh YEA!

  75. Visitor

    Cool club with lot of friendly dancers. VIP dances are great and you get more bang for your money on all Tuesdays.

  76. nympho

    love this club. went today and had an awesome time.

  77. HankeringHal

    I’ve been to most of the lower-end clubs in the area and I like Bogies the best. The girls treat you right

  78. Sam

    no good here..I like the Playhouse better

  79. Mona

    Where is the Playhouse?

  80. Christy

    Boys and GIRLS…come and see ME at the PLAYHOUSE! Take Michigan to Middlebelt,and turn right. Drive about 10 minutes. The PLAYHOUSE is just past Northline on your left. It is accross from Metro Airport. Everybody is WELCOME! COME SEE US! You’ll be glad you did!! New management!!! More $$$$$ More FUN!!!$$$

  81. explorer

    Had a great time there. Some very nice looking dancers with frieldy attitude and excellent mileage, funny bartenders, and no push for busng drinks for the dancers. the only down side it that the dance area is on chairs in a little side area(this must be some kind of Michgan thing) and the drinks are a little pricey.

    I will return. Some great dancers: India & Tuesday.

  82. Evan
  83. imnluvwthastrper

    Dont miss Casey on Tuesday nights!!!!!

  84. Dougie

    Jobless? Useless? Car less? Go Topless at Bogarts..

  85. dan
  86. Steve Jones
  87. jhfjyfy
  88. Mikey D

    Bless all you girls who go that extra mile for a job well done.

  89. Olgwyvzp


  90. Nhkivirn


  91. J

    This place has its strenghts and weaknesses but overal the good outweighs the bad with me. I m tired of paying $15 and $10 to have some valet fuck up my truck, just to see the same types of girls in my opinion. I have had both Mercedes and Paradise and recommend them both. Next I want to try this Milf I see walking around there, that is what I like enough variety you don’t have to see the same girl twice. Just be nice to the girls and don’t scare them and you will get a good dance. Let them lead you and you will find overal you get what you want! Peace

  93. chris
  94. happy customer

    great club, waitresses are mostly friendly, dancers are good and will work, music, food and drinks are great. great spot to hang out

  95. JBERD

    This place is by far the coolest around. You can’t beat the variety in girls, the prices or the mood! Plus the bouncers are cool, not meatheads!

  97. Wpuexygx


  98. Bambi

    If you can not say something nice, do not say anything at all.

  99. re:customer

    5’6″ or 5’7″ w/ brown hair blond highlights and full service for $200, WOW sherlock fucking holmes you pretty much narrowed it down to just about every stink hole in this cum recepticle…

  100. Qnyesiah


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  102. andrew

    this place is the most disgusting place .

  103. hinesh
  104. well...

    I wold say the Dj on days could use a refresher course , and drinks alittle high , but not watered down . Cant say i have ever been uncommfortable there ..

  105. Big Thom
  106. Leslie J
  107. Dave W.

    Pulled chicken tacos were phenom. Waitress was attentive and friendly. Will be back next trip to the points! Great weekday lunch you can feel comfortable bringing clients to.

  108. happy camper

    the greatest club ever period!

  109. The Other Guy


  110. Larry

    Absolutely fantastic experience. Yes, tips do help but it is not like you have to tip 5 or 10 dollars for each drink. Just be nice to the ladies and be as happy as they are. They will treat you right.

  111. Irishman

    Some heavy gals here, but i like the variety and ethnic mix. $10 Tuesdays are best day to go.

  112. What a shit hole

    What cracks me up first the place is so empty because even their regulars get tired of being scammed.. Second every bitch in this place is trash ugly!!! GO ELSE WHERE

  113. ss

    nice place for meeting girls

  114. Bogarts

    Were it still amazes me they can get the roaches to stand still with customers still in there. Bogarts is so original they even have the original dancers still working there. AHAHAHAH

  115. al
  116. Henry

    I saw a dancer from here working at the Playhouse in Romulus

  117. Vrbbrxpg


  118. bj


  119. not a bad time

    I agree with others, the cover is too much. But I am sorry my trip there I had a couple of very hot girls. Especially one covered in tattoos. She gave an awesome dance. It’s not the flight club, but it’s a good time.

  120. Sgguqyxq


  121. nick
  122. frank

    day shift dj plays the same 5 songs all day. pregnant women should not be dancing or the ones who just look like there 7 months pregnant. club is dirty. drinks overpriced, waitstaff and bartender looks like crack whores.

  123. chriss

    great girl they really stepped up the show on nights, sun and mon are great

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  125. d63

    i dont like sticking fingers in stange holes that i know everyone els has done

  126. DS

    All I can say is you get what you pay for, and you can pay for anything. Old dirty building, free parking, low cover, no coat check, mostly white chicks, mostly rock music. $10 dances on Tuesday. It’s a guilty pleasure, kinda like eating at White Castle at 3am.

  127. Hsfeommy


  128. <than you

    the wristbands are stupid as hell, 10 bucks seriously? try getting a dance while wearing that band, its like having a sign that say ” no money here”

  129. Customer

    Don’t go to this place. One of the girls stole $ 280 from my pocket. She is around 5.6-5.7. Brown hair with blonde highlights. She offers full service for about $200.

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  131. Alex

    Is Natalia/Angalina still working here, if so what shift. She is HOT I would like to see her again.

  132. SANTA

    Ho Ho HO ! Oh, I was thinking about Kim/Hally – HO

  133. Ngzqzoxr


  134. name


  135. gregory
  136. Big Ums

    The girls know their roles. Not the hottest in the city, but they are friendly. Very comfortable local bar.

  137. Dale

    It has it’s charms but the drinks are way overpriced and watered down, there are some girls they need to get rid of, especially the 40 year old crack whores, and the DJ has got to be fired, women make NOTHING getting up on stage and prancing around and the DJ doesn’t give the girls a chance to get private dances.

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  139. me

    thisbar has always been a great place to work and I agree on the shot tray also , so do most of the waitresses

  140. Cmocslgr


  141. titty bar man

    CLub is nice, I like they kind of pushed the older snotty ass waitresses and bartenders ladies and replaced them with younger and fresher faces. they need to go down on the drink prices and go on some days with no cover until 7 pm. that will sound good

    Champagne is an awesome Blasian chick and it is worth it in the VIP with her and awesome tthe petite blond bridget

  142. Foxy

    Desperately needs remodeling!! The music is great and better than most places I have been!! The wait staff is very friendly and service oriented. The shot tray should be forgetten, what a constant harassment of the customers to buy shots.

  143. Mcziqmrx


  144. Seether
  145. Jack
  146. reg

    used to be a great club a couple months ago…suddenly all the pretty ladies have disappeared???

  147. dlyIOZuXQMiYRHoTn


  148. Richard

    This club is a hole.

  149. jerry

    beautiful girls, all of them

  150. bozo

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