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14417 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48126


42.3199567, -83.1825983




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “BT’S Executive Clubs

  1. Mark
  2. Seenmost

    John came from penthouse, where he was asked to leave because he tried to stop all the “extra” stuff that went on there. I believe the owner brought in John to clean up BT’s. John’s a good guy as long as your not looking for a whore if you are maybe you should go to penthouse where they allow that to go on.

  3. Holy Crap
  4. m
  5. Ryan

    Club owners get a clue! You need to use the comments to improve your business! If you really haveLatina working there good for you but it’s clear she has no class and is into turning tricks. I don’t to come to strip clubs to score just to be entertain! Get some classy minorities in your spot again ones who know how to move and who are not stiff! I just call it like I see it! Your club sucks!

  6. Nadine

    You say the Playhouse? Hmm, I want to find out more..Is BT”s going to be open again or were they closed down permanently?

  7. NASTY




  8. RELAX

    Better at BOGARTS, you can relax and smoke there

  9. Elmao

    Much Ado About Nothing!

  10. fdafaasdf
  11. Oti

    hey. this place is doing good. what do you think your saying here. I like this place. You should to. it would be good for your health. it’s good for mine.

  12. Ted

    This club needs to close! I would rather go to a ghetto strip club because this place is one of the worst. Took a trip from Lansing for nothing. Restroom troll asked what type of drugs I was into, not knowing if I was police or not. No wonder why most of the dancers look sprung out.

  13. John Kuron
  14. The Big Guy

    Wife and I have been there a couple of times in the last few months. Once in August and Once right around halloween This place is cool. Its got a laid back vibe and everyone has fun. the DJ the first time was a riot. he played Bartender by Rehab and the girls nearly fell off the pole. the one last time played a little too much techno. And the food, OMG, the steak tips are to die for. The first time it seemed like there was more of the women my wife likes but this last time we met Jo. Jo’s cool, I like her and she is good too. We got a great couples dance. Hopefully they will do a NYE party if not we will be back in Dec.

  15. Luke

    this place is sweet

  16. Raul

    I saw some BT girls at the Playhouse recently. They told me that the valet guy is partners with nick..ha ah

  17. Parking lot wierdo...

    You must mean the guy that walks around smiling, pretending he’s a manager…Ha Ha ha…very funnny!

  18. Thomas

    Nice Tit’s and Ass here

  19. Bill

    ay, this club is all that. Sorry Tom but it’s better then ever

  20. Johnny B

    Gets Better and better each time

  21. Sean Or SE AN

    So you can not peddle your momma, Management compares al

    and she did not make the grade ! Now stop being a poor

    loser and report to your P.O. & stop beating up your momma

    because everyone else will whip your ass. This is a very

    nice club, if you or she does not fit go some place else, try Henry”s South. If you want to whine all the time, get

    a job !

  22. Ryan Dempster
  23. v
  24. Teacher

    I flew in for a hockey game and visited to find a good time.

  25. Farv

    Boring club

  26. hocus
  27. Cary

    I like this place alot

  28. sadhjiuis
  29. Bob Bougner
  30. Dianne

    Me and my buddies had a bachelor party here and got their deal. Girls are hot and he had a good time there.

  31. tad

    ya baby. this is the place to go

  32. Joey

    I was in on Friday. There was ok business.

  33. cra

    Great place, good food, hot chicks

  34. Mike S.

    This club lacks variety, a bunch white females who are stiff and afraid to move. When management is asked about hiring some Black girls they continue to come up with lame ass excuses. Don’t waste your money going to BT’s continue to head East where the ladies do know how to move, the club has variety, and diversity.

  35. Abel

    Bring back the Hookaaaaah!!

  36. not happy

    nick this is aron, i want to come back. please marvin lied to us

  37. Jason

    Not any better than Pantheon. Average at best. Subi’s better

  38. hey

    very cozy scene everyone knows everyone or seems to. Should come see it.

  39. Herma

    Best Bar Around

  40. Anthony

    the best girls of the area and the best club.

  41. Jerru

    skinny white boy acts like the owner..he’s a joke.haha

  42. respectful wife

    The last review was right, maybe us good wives should take better care of the men, sex is all that matters to you women, or so called women, at least us wives have respect for ourselves and try to be good moms, the kids are my only concern, my kids have the same dad, and we try to work things out with our men, but you guys all have to stick your asses and boobs on them, that’s the only way you can keep a man, you know men are week and you need to try soooooo hard to throw your bodies to them. then you all get the men and blackmail them, but we win at the end remember that, and still have our respect. No matter what happens at the end my kids respect me. I hope your children all know where you work, start telling the truth to yourself and your family. Thats another reason deseases are so rapidly spread, places like this.

    wife that woke up!!

  43. Sid

    This is a fantastic place to invest your time at. Fantastic girls, food and staff.

  44. Guess who?

    I was the best at BT’s and I now work at the PLAYHOUSE! Can you guess who I am? You better come to see me! yes!

  45. Ed

    Check the Detroit News on Monday. BT’s got some publicity with Marvin.

  46. kevin

    Yes i have been coming for a while, it”s a very nice place to have a good time.And the service excellent!

  47. Joe Thorton
  48. Sam

    Let me guess is the Playhouse dancer named Natalie?

  49. Jenky Jenkins

    Keep on rockin

  50. BIG HOSS

    Save your money…what a waste.

  51. Newbie

    Finished my night off here and had a great time. this will be my only stop next week

  52. Texas

    Great club, JR is cool, can’t wait to get back.

  53. Kevin Willis
  54. the skin pedler

    very nice club

  55. q
  56. e
  57. barry

    What can I say but this place is the bomb

  58. pocus
  59. abra
  60. dan
  61. Sala

    Nothing here. Bring back the Hooka!

  62. df
  63. not a shill
  64. n/a

    this club sucks ass there are camreas in the dressing room

  65. Don

    It was very slow here

  66. Marty
  67. Fred

    The dances are $25, not $20 and to use the vip room for the dances is $10, So you are really paying $35 for a dance in addition to $10 to get int he club and $7 to park. I tried really hard to find one girl pretty enough to dance with. There was one but she was busy the entire night.

  68. ali hana
  69. a
  70. Abdul

    Dis be my last time here. Smell bad and have fat girls

  71. Chuck

    Great club, 3rd time in there this year and I will be going back for alot more!.

  72. BIG D

    I’m on a layover and found good seats and food here. girls were great.

  73. Abe

    Nick should be going on his vacation to the “Big House” soon.

  74. Staff Infection

    Too many bouncers. Too many waitresses. Too much kissing up to the boss. Too much drama.

  75. Vito

    I just met this hot young hottie named nichole. had a great time and this place is better then ever. I have come here for over 10 years and I love it

  76. Hookah pipes

    a genuine arab oasis, with a nearly all arab clientele. great middle eastern food and hookah pipes, too, even though smoking is prohibited in Michigan, you can puff anything here

  77. Luke Robataille
  78. customer

    Horrible club. Was there last night. Looks like the girls are all drugged up and run down

  79. David D

    Good club! Lots of very pretty women. Hookas are a nice touch but they need more. Watch out, dancers will put drinks on your tab, when you don’t even know it.

    Overall it was great! More girls then guys. I’d pay the 50 for the blow job in the VIP area again next time I go! Ask for Alicia

  80. Oh God No
  81. Yanny

    ya baby. this is the place to go

  82. Fairness in Advertising

    Did they ever get rid of the transsexuals or the smell of roach spray in this club?

  83. local
  84. Keep it up
  85. Charle

    the best club on town

  86. Elvis

    Bad news..stay away..bad biz..bad mgmt..bad experience.BAD BAD BAD!

  87. Lea

    Who is John? I hope he’s getting paid by the hour..He’s worth around $10

  88. better club

    check out the landing strip lounge in downtown romulus

  89. Bosco

    Nothing much going on when I was here Thursday. Pantheon slow too. Landing strip and Playhouse were better.

  90. Enough Already

    Based on the ratings, I tried this club last week. It’s probably the worst place I’ve been to in 10 years. Not only did I not see any dancers over a 4, some were downright scary. I left after a 6 foot tall dancer with a deep voice and big hands tried to flirt with me. Someone’s got to be shilling for this club to keep the ratings up.

  91. Marvin

    NOTHING at BT”S. Girls move on…go to the Playhouse or the Landing Strip.

  92. jo
  93. Jawad

    Don’t waste your time here. You’ll be truly disappointed. A bunch of yahoos running the show. Nothing all

    I’ll never return

  94. I am latina

    YOu are absolutely wrong! They have at least a dozen black women that work here. I am one latina there are several others. The only reason they might have turned your girl away is that too many girls were working that night. This bar is fair with all color and ethnic backgrounds. The dances are not stiff, maybe you are and just couldn’t score!!

  95. Michael

    Day dancers need some upgrading. What happened to the pretty ones. The ladies drink too much on day shift!

    Where are all the pretty ones, where did they go?

    You seem to keep hiring thick and heavy women on day shift! How about more girls like Angelina, Alexis, Mia,Silk,, get the idea. Some can’t even dance, where is the talent???

  96. Dustyn

    Don’t waste your money! The girls can’t dance! They woun’t hire any Black or Latina women who would probaly move alot better then the stiff, non-having personalities they have working there now. Keep your money in your pocket and head to ther strip clubs on that strip, this club sucks!

  97. never again!

    These girls are straight up whores, upstairs anyone? They will suck your dick for $50, fuck you for $100, the day girls are the worst, why is this place not shut down by the health deptment? They are spreading mad diease!!!

  98. Stanley

    I saw some girls from here at Playhouse in Romulus. The party was going on!

  99. Pack It In

    This place is still living in the bygone glory days of expense accounts and a vibrant auto industry. At night, you will have dropped $40 before your ass hits the booth. The last time I was there, there was not one, not two, but THREE shot girls to annoy your ass — about a 1:3 shot girl/customer ratio. Food is always good. Got a shitty dance in the VIP though; the girl was clearly disappointed I wasn’t there to get blown. In fact, the whorehouse VIP seems to be the only real attraction — $60 gets you blown, $150 gets you laid. Dearborn cops must be too busy catching stray dogs to do anything about it.

  100. Bt's lover
  101. jet

    dancers are beautiful and friendly

  102. Superman24
  103. The Landing Strip

    The Landing Strip is being completely remodeled!!!

    We are hiring new beautiful girls for our new club!!!

    Come in and audition today!!!!!

  104. Cramer

    This is the best club in the area.

  105. Dearborn Amon

    SE AN: If you do not like this club why do you keep going

    there and making negative comments. Have you been tossed

    out of every other club? This club is very fine and does

    not need comments from guys that none of the girls will

    dance with or do not have the cash for a dance. “White Boy

    Rick was right, go see your P.O. and tell her you need mental help. Your mentality is sick !

  106. Gustav

    Do you really want to work here? You are advised to give it a serious look first…it may be the last time you visit. Forewarned is Forearmed!

  107. Robert

    I,ve taken plenty of clients there for fun.. going back to when they had Wild game dinner,s there.. Top notch, Everyone I took had a great time.. and more.. Great food drinks,, and even though the bill for 5 was 2600.00 you get what you pay for.. includeing respect..

  108. brandon
  109. asdfasfadsfa
  110. Married respecful women

    All Married men be careful, Michele Paul is a home recker, she had a baby with a married man and called the family to talk to the kids and let them know about her and him, because he had enough of her, already used her up, so please please be careful, another ruined family in Michigan because of girls like your manager Michele Paul, yes I said Michele paul.

    from a ruined family

  111. me

    love it

  112. zliugasdg
  113. Sal

    Not where it once was, however, not as bad as some say!

  114. YOUR MAMA

    This is a Fantastic Club

  115. Dayvisit

    Went here during the day and a lot of the girls complained about other girls having diseases giving BJs and having sex for $20. That is why they say the managemnet and Bouncers are cracking down, so no more good stuff. The dancers are hot, mostly white (but a few were black), and gave good legal dances.THe bouncers did stop by every few minutes to ensure the girls were being legal.DAMN.

  116. Sara

    Best Bar In Michigan

  117. asdaa
  118. Kevin West
  119. Anti-Shill
  120. sayde

    i was here the other day and a dancer named sayde approched me, she is about 5’6 girl next door look skinny no tats not your typical dancer typer super sweet not the extras kind of girl but still gives amazing dances. if your for a clean girl she is the one!

    The club itself was ok. a few good looking girls but most offered them selves up for cheap not my thing.

    i say give it a try there is someone there for everyone!

  121. oinjoiuh
  122. CJ

    smile…… Be back here ASAP

  123. Joe Doe
  124. max

    one of the best times I ever had was last night. I love the girls here.

  125. cadabra
  126. Andy

    Slow mo aroung here…

  127. Jason

    Too 5 in Michigan for sure

  128. john boy

    I made it rain here today

  129. Gandalf

    THe show is weak here. Funny guys running around in the club. Girls are unhappy here. Looking for other clubs to work at

  130. John Doe

    Had a great time. Was personally greeted by the manager, who bought me a drink. The girls were hot, the drinks were great, and the food was EXCELLENT.

    I will definitely be back!

  131. straight like that

    wow. thats about all i can say. i seen in real detroit they this club was going to have a xxx star performing a show so i decided to come out. cover was only 10bucks(same as a regular not not inflated) staff was on deck and ready from valet to the bathroom guy. it has been over 2 years since i have been in there and i must say WOW what a difference 2 years has made. hot dancers,hotttttt staff,and the dj’s ran shot specials all night long!!. i def will be back. ohh and ps shay lynn, ur smokin hott!!

  132. Rory

    This club is weak on dancer Quality. Just about any other club has better

  133. Jim

    Playhouse booted Natalia out a long time ago…heard she’s “boogered up” with “one on the way”

  134. White Boy Rick"

    SE AN, if you do not like the place – do not go there !

    By the way, there are few hills in Birmingham and I drink

    “Jack” and that is not a beer. I do not have a sister and

    in your language “I axe yu wats “your sister my bad”” mean ?

    I did not say anything about you, I just commented on what

    others said. So who’s ignorant?

  135. Betty & john

    I gave the club two chances and both were bad. My husband thought is was great until we went 4/20/07 and got stiffed on a bill. This place sucks we will be going to pantheon for now on better lot more pretty women and better service.

  136. jhggif
  137. Ha Ha Ha!

    BISTRO?? What lame brain suggested that name? I was in for the

    first time in over a year and realize why I haven’t been

    coming here…BORING and WEAK

  138. Farouk

    This club smells like camel dung

  139. Ryne Sandberg
  140. RONNIE

    Looks like the rest of Michigan Avenue to me…HA HA HA…The Lebanese do it better

  141. Joker

    this place is better then my home bars.

  142. frank

    dirty girls every where

  143. Tod

    I had a blast here. the girls here are the best

  144. poiuya
  145. Ismael

    No good…go somewhere else

  146. AHAB

    Negative rating for this club. BT’s is one of the worst clubs in Detroit.Don’t go there.

  147. Isaac

    Great Food and Drinks. I will go back again

  148. Desire

    I’m at PLAYHOUSE!!!Come see me! Mo FUN!! CALL 734-941-3144 for directions..I’m waiting!!!!!!!!!PLEASE HURRY, UMMM!

  149. Never Again
  150. JD

    The bald homosexual in the bathroom wants to set up a glory hole in the

    bathroom, like Ace of Spades did.. Nick doesn”t object!!!

  151. JAKE

    I was just there and it was very busy. We had to wait for a booth.. next time I’ll call ahead

  152. Bert
  153. Big Balls Bill

    I found good luck here and I won big Great Club

  154. daily

    I have got to say the most beautiful day girl has got to be Angelina. She is the sweetest and sexiest babe there.

    Provides a clean dance and just has alot of class.

  155. nick
  156. B. Backsoon

    Great club, Great atmosphere, Great service

  157. xyz


  158. imtheone

    im the one

  159. regular
  160. Geoff

    I love this place to

  161. larry1

    Watch out! A stripper tried to rob me!

  162. Allante

    Great club

  163. You know my name!

    To Deaborn Amon and White boy trick or whoever this applies to if my mentality is sick then your is seriously fucked up! To set the record straight I have not been back to the dump and would not give you racist motherfucker another dime! It was White boy Trick dumb ass that came with his racist sterotypes of Black females so I had set his dumb ass straight ! I’ll say it again there are too many Beautiful women of color and I will defend them until the day I die! So have if I have keep telling you closed minded peons I will! I can’t help it your sorry individuals with the mind the size of nut! Get out of your trailers explore you’ll see the world hopefully not through an ignorant white man eyes but with hopefully some inteeligence go educate yourself! The culture you claim to despise 80% of your children are sucking up liks sponges and trying to be like us!

  164. Clinic Guy

    This place is a whorehouse — anything goes. Watch out for Autumn “bumps” – she’ll give you more than a dance.

  165. Jack

    How is the Playhouse?

  166. Dancer (guess)

    I’m not working here anymore. Too much drama. No name here, but I’ll be moving to the Playhouse. I hear they are making some cool changes there and I want to be near the airport

  167. Tammy

    Big boobs, Little Boobs they are all good Boobs here

  168. DJ Smith
  169. Sean

    I don’t know where to begin but to tell everyone not to bother going to this club! The Girls are horrible you have to bring your own imagination, they can’t dance, they lack personallity and yes where’s the variety! this club is racist, they won’t hire any Black or hispanic females. I saw a new face walk thru the door last nite waiting for an audition, she was beautiful nice tight body but they turn her way ! Yes she was the only Black girl but she would have liven this place up ! I( believe she would move better tyhan than those stiff asses oon the stage. Management get a clue get some differrent girls in this place!

  170. Richard

    stopped by to give it another look…still not much going on here..moving on

  171. Gelrome

    not worth the time

  172. Hank

    This is one of the best clubs I have ever gone to

  173. r
  174. Jeff
  175. current employee

    maybe you should take care of your husbands at home and they wouldnt need to come here to get taken care of.

  176. n
  177. whorehouse

    this place is a whorehouse! enough said!

  178. Dick

    Who Cares. The Playhouse is a dump!

  179. Aaron

    No business here…competition is better at the other clubs

  180. dina

    this club sucks u only get a job here if u suck the managments dick he hates italiano club sucks like tycoons better club 2yrs ago

  181. To Chuck

    you dont know shit about strip clubs if you say bt’s is good it out right sucks ass you must like tall girls with hairy knuckles

  182. Alan

    Did Nick rate his own bar? It doesn’t surprise me. Closed down for “remodeling” (Shut-down). Business is slow and the bar is boring. Try the hookah!

  183. Danny

    Ho humm

  184. vaqia
  185. Ron Halford

    Was in town for the auto show and visited a few local clubs. I have to say this club has the right things going for them. Had the pleasure of getting some dances from a gorgeous brunnette named K.C. I’ll be back for more of her!! Also had the pleasure of meeting the manager on my way out, can’t remember his name though. Class act guys I’ll be back before I head back home

  186. Ca$H

    Club was great. Hooka’s are getting beteter. georgious girls. anyone see that girl Hyifa aka estacy. Wow..Any previous experiences ? georgious girl. ;D

  187. Basha

    Better at SUNSET STRIP! HA HA AAH!!

  188. regular customer

    this club does not have camers.

  189. Arnold

    Great Food and Drinks. I will go back again

  190. joe

    stopped in last friday and had the time of my life

  191. Kathy

    I’m gone. No money here. Weird parking guy acts like a manager, and the club got worse

  192. Orlando

    this place is awesome

  193. mojojo

    the owner might like little boys but the club is good

  194. Mack

    Great looking dancers

  195. Felix

    Nice Tit’s and Ass here

  196. Natalia

    Playhouse is the best..I love the Playhouse…they take good care of all Dancers

  197. surfer boy

    the girls here are stanky and they fart ALOT! they are dirtier than a mexicans butt!

  198. devoted admirer

    Some beautiful girls there with class and mostly dignity. Angelina has got to be one of the hottest day girls they have. She is a doll and so easy to talk to. She makes you feel special and gives her 100% attenition. This girl doesn’t belong in a club, she too smokin for that!!

  199. White Boy Rick

    Mike S.,Dustyn,Sean & Ryan – you gave me all the right

    reasons to go here. Great Dancers, including latinos,

    lack of Drug dealers and no getto trash. Great Management !

    Send your girl friends to Hard Body.

  200. papa

    Bt’s is the place to be if you are in or live around the dearborn area!!!!

  201. CLUB FAN

    Best Club in town

  202. Starr

    This club is a SHITHOLE>..GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!

  203. Rick

    this club is boaring even on the weekend. The dancers are average at best. The

    inside of the club looks nice but the overall this bar cannot hold a candle too

    penthouse and will tank when hustler club opens

  204. Grand Master

    Dear angry colored boy (Sean) how do you keep niggers out of a very busy and successful strip club? Hang one out front.. 200+ years of persecution and everyword that comes out of your ignorant mouth makes me thankful. Your grand father picked cotton for mine so don’t forget your place in this world..What do you call a rich black man with a PhD. Degree from Harvard……….A NIGGER keep the coloreds out and this bar will continue to Thrive. Send them all to the big dumb ape over at Pantheion.

  205. Se an

    Small minds breeds ignorance, as well as small dicks! Because someone is black doesn’t mean that they are gehetto! It’s only you low class , junky meth using hibillies that continue to make me want to puke and don’t let me forget you white ass hole alcoholics. Get a clue dumb ass and crawl back under that rock you came from! There are too many beautiful and intelligent women of colored you just can’t compensate or stand a chance you too fucking ignorant to come up to there level!. But again what do you expect from white trash! The club sucks onwers get a clue! This comment is for all those ignorant white asses who make stupid comments

  206. Jay
  207. john
  208. 4612aada
  209. Rich Guy

    Girls spend too much time in the locker room and not out on

    the floor with customers. If I was the manager in this place

    I would be keeping track on who spends the most time in the

    locker room and charge them another $100 to show up in my

    club. Too many suspicious characters not spending a dime but

    could be coming in to take their girlfriends money. If they

    are not drinking, kick them to the door. It’s not like it

    was when JR was running it.

  210. explorer46

    This is an excellent club. Very nice interior, relaxed atmosphere, and friendly staff. When I was there, Magic was a beautiful and hot dancer.

  211. Rusty

    This is a fantastic place to invest your time at. Fantastic girls, food and staff.

  212. NICO

    The bar smells BAD. Like the strippers. Wheuuuu!

  213. Re:Angry Colored Boy

    Thank you for proving YOUR own small mindedness and ignorance with your last comment Sean! Funny Stuff…Don’t hate cuz your “Peeps” didn’t make the cut!!! Now go buy your 40 of malt liquor and shoot your neighbor for looking at you the wrong way. Hey Snoop Diggity Dogg does it so you should too!! peace out yo!!!!

  214. cxoioiupsdaoi
  215. dancer

    came in this club to work, never again!!!!

    the comments from other people on here are all true!! wish I had seen that before I went in there!!! girls here are all whores, and fuck, suck, and get fingered in the VIP!! Is this a strip club or a brothel??? SO disgusted had to leave. working at the Landing Strip now where the girls are clean and have some self respect!!!

    no thanks to BTS

    you suck, literally

  216. Walter

    I had fun with a bunch of buds last night. good times.

  217. d
  218. New in town

    Great club Great service and Great dancers!!! I’m glad you don’t have many colored girls working here they bring the place down with all their ghetto ass friends. Plenty of Latina’s here though, Puerto Ricans Mexicans and even lightskinned blacks are plentiful here!! You guys are on the right track!! WHITE IS RIGHT!!

  219. jjkladsf
  220. Boot

    Me and my buddies had a bachelor party here and got their deal. Girls are hot and he had a good time there.

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