Players Gentlemen’s Club



13710 East 8 Mile Road, Detroit, MI 48205


42.449128, -82.9833869




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Players Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Rocko

    Love this place. Best in Detroit…. hands down!

  2. GmoneyBags

    This Club is WEAK! This is the only club I”VE been To where the Hoes ARE BEGGIN TO DANCE 4U! These DANCERS R STR8 From the STREETS, Dirt an ALL!

  3. The TRUTH

    Tell it like it is…I’m a motor city man, and spend most of my club time on the 8 mile circuit. However, I recently landed at Metro Airport and called the Playhouse. They told me to take a cab and they paid the tab. I had the best time I’ve had at a club in a long time. Playhouse is worth the drive and that’s the TRUTH!

  4. JT

    Best club in Detroit. Hot dancers.

  5. Val

    I love working here!

  6. Jimmy John

    Great mileage in the VIP, great food and service. Hot dancers, the decor is very late 80’s but that’s when the club opened

  7. crawfish

    Waste of time… not much else to say.

  8. wow

    This place is great-great girls the wait staff is prettiest around

  9. Q
  10. Me

    Hot dancers

  11. REG!

    This club is second rate. These girls look like they were brought in off the street.

  12. Elevated thoughts?

    You have alot of reviews. The best club around is the Playhouse in Romulus. You must not be from the west side of town…or you would know. PLAYHOUSE IS THE BEST! Ask ME!

  13. tittybanger

    My worst expierence ever.Me and my buddy went there the other night and we sat for almost 2 hours,not one girl came over to us at all. We were not offered a dance, this is total bullshit. I will never go there again.

  14. d
  16. draka


  17. customer

    Nice club, good waitstaff, some hot girls

  18. Jon

    I love this place and have been coming here for years… it’s a much more comfortable atmosphere than other strip clubs nearby. Not as much of a ‘gangsta’ attitude.

  19. erica

    I know a girl who works there annelisse very skinny not tits big drug addict who is on drugs 24/7 let her 4 year old daughter be in a bad situation. She needs help bad she has tattos 1 on her back of a fairy and of her husband whom she took all of his money when he was in iraq to use drugs. She’s a child abuser who drives drunk and high with her kid.

  20. couples

    I was disappointed! I came in w/ a guy friend (I am a female) and we figured we’d get a few dances and have a few drinks and hangout. We got in there and the tables hadn’t been cleaned off, so we cleaned our own. The manager saw us do this and apologized. A while later he came back and asked if our waitress stopped by yet, which she hadn’t so he went and got us our drinks on the house, which was nice. We tipped a bunch of girls up on stage but none of them came over to talk to us, they kept walking off to the dressing room or talking to each other not paying attention to anything. Not a single girl came up to us while we were there,and we were in there for almost 4 hours. We started making jokes and taking bets on what girl would come up and at 1:45 we gave up.

    Ladies, speaking from experience, if there is a table in there with a guy and a girl there and noone is sitting with them, take a minute to stop by and talk, you never know what you are missing. Women normally pay the best, they come in the sympathize with the need for money and the use of you body. You won’t have to work for it 90% of the time, girls will just tip you to hangout and talk. Don’t leave tables hanging! We were expecting to spend around $500, more if we found a nice girl or two but not one of you talked to us!

  21. TomPaine

    Player’s is fun. Huge variety of girls, drinks not too much of a ripoff. Some nights- Fridays and Saturdays- there simply aren’t enough girls working and you can feel neglected. So come on a weeknight around supper time (5-8PM) for a great girl/guy ratio and personal attention from sexy ladies.

  22. sheila

    I love this place!

  23. Dan

    Players is without a doubt still one of the best strip clubs in Detroit! I always have a great time, and especially love the new VIP area.

  24. Jack
  25. Jim

    Best club in Detroit.

  26. tonycluber

    I was expecting ice cube to be roaming this club, I enter and sure enough I see tatted white girls wtf not what I expected, was looking for some cute black girls only saw 2 to 3 black girls so I made best of the night to pick up some strippers to model 4 me, thank God those shots in me made it easier on my eyes

  27. SlicktheD*#K

    OMG! Too Many Crack HOES up n THIS HOUSE! Make sure u take sum antibiotics B4 U Enter PLAYERs, BCause U GONNA CATCH A CASE!

  28. Scott

    I had a great time on Friday. I got dances from 3 different HOT girls and not one was a disappointment! The steak was perfect, and the service great!

  29. Joe


  30. Players Person

    Yep, I am coming here and giving the bar I work in a perfect score across the board. Please admire my honesty, and understand it’s my honest opinion. I love working here so much. Peace!

  31. Jay
  32. regularJOE

    I agree! If PLAYERS won’t let their dancers dance with black guys, Detroit needs to close this racist club!

  33. William

    NG Rating..for NO GOOD! I tell it like it is!

  34. paul

    I really like the layed back atmosphere and the selection of girls.Ive always had a good time here!see you soon

  35. Aaron

    Nice club. Went there had a good time last night.


    This club BLOWS, Literally! The chicks is nasty Tho!

  37. danielson

    Fun fun and more fun I give this club 4 stars it is a great Club to go for fun and a drink.

  38. Avoid!!

    Was here a couple of nights ago. I sat there for 2 hours before I was approached for dance. I got a dance from Katrina and she was a horrible dancer. She should of paid me. Will not come to this place again.

  39. DancenGrl

    I used to work here! This place has went to the DOGS! Everyone is right! management does tell his girls not to dance for brothers unless he knows them!

  40. Danny

    Went here and it was the best I was ever treated at a strip club. great girls, great times!

  41. Dave

    Players is small so it’s almost stuffy in there. The door men have an attitude problem but the parking fee isn’t bad. The wait staff was good though but it took forever to get my drink and food. In general the entertainment is OK b/c most of them can’t dance for shit…the girls are OK some of them look like complete shit…dirty…and their bodies weren’t exactly all that haha. I really didn’t see any hot girls just like one or two average. I’ve been to dozens of strip clubs all across the state and Players hands down sucks, it was a waste of time and money so I won’t be going back there!!! However, if you like nasty hoes and shitty service then players will feel right at home ha!!

  42. J
  43. PrettyGRL

    PLAYERS IS FOR HATERS! Detroit should close this racist club down!

  44. Rick

    Lilly is highly recommended.

  45. Felix

    Rating:NG…NO GOOD!LOW HOOD!The horses here have hooves!

  46. Mike

    an excellent and well run establishment

  47. ExGirl

    I used to work there. I can’t imagine them telling someone not to dance for someone that spends a lot of money. I have noticed that the biggest complainers spend the least. I have not been there in a while, but brothers complain to me all the time about strippers not talking to them. If there aren’t any benny’s out, all we see is lip moving. They had good food but I have heard of them and tycoons being really prejudice.

  48. Curt
  49. Tommy
  50. jackson

    mileage galore in the vip with the right girls, extra private vip room for threesomes, good food, relaxed atmosphere, experianced sexy staff, great bar!

  51. BORIS

    BORING.SLOW.Lacks Talent..TRUTH!!

  52. DayShifter

    Jeeze, this spot is more expensive then Tycoons… 🙁

  53. LongtimePlayer

    This is and always has been one of the best clubs in the entire state, and it dominates the East side! You want a great time, no matter what you’re looking for, go to Players!

  54. Traveler

    In Detroit for business once a month now, I try to hit a different club each visit. Players last night was a great time. Very friendly staff, good drink prices/specials and friendly outgoing girls, most very good looking. I’ll definitely be back.

  55. Littlewillie

    Great club. I danced with this hot blond chick and a red bikini and she rode my like a horse. Seems like she knew what I wanted and she worked it hard by riding my shaft. I busted a nut after 5 songs. It was dry hump, but wow I got my moneys worth.


    I used 2b a regular at players, till management told a stripper not to dance for this brutha! Players is for HATERS!

  57. Kally

    The best club on 8 mile

  58. aleks
  59. Jeff

    This club is by far one of the best in the State, The women are hott, the wait staff is hott, and you are treated like a VIP!

  60. re spender

    “paid to sit and party”???

    Are you saying that as a customer , you actually have something to talk to “your girls” about, other than weather and how was your day? you have enough in common to be able to talk to “sit and party”? And you pay them to sit and party?

    you could do that for free at any regular bar, and probably get more savvy girls to talk to.

  61. P
  62. John Doe

    Great people work here

  63. Ringer

    I love this place! Best club I ever worked at.

  64. Joebob


  65. elroy
  66. Jean

    This is the Best club I have been to in Detroit. Beautiful girls , sexy dances, delish food, and great owners/managers. GREAT CLUB!!

  67. toro
  68. eddy

    this strip clubs sucks, the manager was giving me attitude for not tiping the dancers, who’s the manager that sit at the door??

  69. Ray
  70. XXXbeast

    $3 cover and $6 for parking for a subpar strip club…one maybe two decent girls, the rest looked like they should’ve been waitresses at a duve bar for handicapped veterans…charged $7 fot a damn soda and $25 for a dance….$25? They should’ve put a decimal point in between the 2 and 5 and made it $2.50. This was not a players club, this was a get PLAYED club. Fuck outta here.


    PLAYERS IS 4 HATERS! Management tells his girls not to dance for Brothers!

  72. Pretty Face

    Watch out girls, a regular there who does dominatrix picturs pulled a vibrator out on me. Stay away.

  73. winston12

    The worst place I have seen in my life , girls are bad people are bad no one is good in this place

  74. awesome

    great club! great vip room, and the dancers are willing to really open up on you, if you know what i mean.

  75. Steve

    the best in Detroit

  76. still a place to go
  77. Lee151 L.

    Is that what it looks like during the day? LolWell there’s plenty of things to say about this establishment. You just have to get to know the people.

  78. Nicholas

    It is not the same without Ella

  79. The Landing Strip

    The Landing Strip is being completely remodeled!!!

    We are hiring new beautiful girls for our new club!!!

    Come in and audition today!!!

  80. Pete

    Best looking waitstaff out of all the strip clubs on the mile

  81. REG


  82. hunk

    love this club, classy well run, great food and service. my all time favorite dancer works there, lexi on days, anybody else love her energy?



  84. The BEST...

    on 8 Mile!

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