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13201 Middlebelt Road, Romulus, MI 48174


42.208658, -83.326031




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Playhouse Inc

  1. customer

    I fuckin love this place!!!

    Came in yesterday and ended up staying for 5 hours!!!

    All the girls were absolutely beautiful and very fit!!!

    Not one ugly girl in the whole place, and I looked lol!!

    Will most definitly be back soon!!!!

    Keep it up Playhouse!!!

  2. What a Joke

    This place looks like the airport dropped jet fuel on all the dancers. terrible bar!

  3. Charlie


  4. markus

    defitnely not the play house of old, very bad

  5. disappointed

    very sad to see this place fall off the mark compared to years past

  6. T-Money

    I came here for the first time a few weeks ago on a Thursday night and was blown away. There were tons of girls and a lot of them were very cute. I made a return last Saturday night and the place seemed dead. There were only a few girls and they didn’t seem that great. The hottest chick in the place was the blonde bartender. She was smoking hot and had a huge rack. Too bad she wasn’t dancing.

  7. Ted

    The new VIP is great! The girls can really do some fine tricks.

  8. Anton

    Warning Coke Whores Work here!

  9. Gordon

    What a dump! 1 step above the Landing Strip, ill stay at Flight club

  10. Kirk

    I had a great time at the Playhouse on Thursday night. THe girls were GREAT! We stayed there for most of the night, and it was big Fun. We’ll be back….soon.

  11. Henchman

    This club is nowhere as good as Talk of the Town in Las Vegas. When you are in Vegas, come by and see for yourself.

  12. Don

    F Landing Strip..It doesn’t compare to PH. I had an outrageous time here last night. Everyone treated me like I wanted to be treated. Much more personal than the other area clubs..Feels more comfy, for sure..Great spot..XOXO

  13. Ricardo

    The Playhouse is a great club. The dancers definitely make you want to come back. I’ll be back soon.

  14. Felix

    What a WONDERFUL club! You really feel good here! The girls are friendly and don’t try to hustle you like the other clubs. The staff is friendly and accommodating. My FAVORITE for sure! And whoever writes they have great woman, needs to realize that woman is one, and plural for more than one is WOMEN! Hopefully, the lesson will be applied..glad to help!

  15. Drew

    The Playhouse was doing well on Friday. I had a good time and an excellent meal

  16. Lover Boy

    I love the differences between each girl! I love trying them all!!!!

  17. Dude

    From a scale of 1-10 this club deserves a 50!!!!!

  18. Charles

    I had a wonderful time at the PlAYHOUSE on Wed. Felt like a party and the dancers and staff were all cool.

  19. Low Life

    NEVER AGAIN.. dirty club and they had a girl with a gun shot wound on stage … WTF

  20. Anonomus

    The caldeun boss sexually touched me and lied about what I owed in private dance fees. He also forced me to drink underage and tried touching my other girlfriend.nd the food is all old and kitchn smells like mildew I think every guy on staff is there to fuc the girls

  21. James

    The Playhouse is a wonderful club…small, intimate, and cozy. The staff is attentive and friendly, and the entertainment is outstanding. I intend to visit whenever I’m in Detroit for business.

  22. Warning

    This is a little dive bar. I was just there and i wasted my time.

  23. Eddie

    I had a good time at the Playhouse on Friday. Around 18 girls, or so. I’ll be back soon to see…

  24. long dong

    place has potential,but the owner/manager is retarded !

  25. Pigstie

    fat and ugly girls. Worst place ever!

  26. ScottyL

    The place is busier and better looking. My girlfriend worked here but as well didn’t like the way management touched her treated her and screamed at her. She was spoken to very badly from my understanding and taken advantage of.the people are luck I didn’t come beat the shit out of all of em for touching my girl.she won’t be working for any of subis clubs anymore. Next time this happens to someone stand up for yourself,don’t let these asshole punks think they can get away with it just cuz it’s a titty bar

  27. Mack

    lots of negative posts by the IT nerd/nit. for the Strip…nobody cares what’s posted here anyway…the only people reading this are those with nothing better to do..get a life! (Oh yeah..nit.-short for nitwit:)..guy can’t spell either

  28. Mr D

    This place is a dive

  29. The DUDE


  30. larry


  31. Waitstaff

    nothing more to say, horrible service

  32. Kevin

    I was in recently. Management seems to be low key. Not doing

    much. Maybe a change would help

  33. Lou

    I was in the club tonight and it was fun. A little Halloween party going on. I had a great time mingling with the dancers.

  34. Pasquale

    This club is Great! People here treat you right. They make you feel relaxed and appreciated. I had some decent food here, as well. I’ll be back…to see you hotties!

    I noticed the last guy doesn’t know the difference between woman and women (plural).

  35. Brad

    The club was cool, but Ariel is the BEST!!!!

  36. Girls!!!!

    So many girls so little time! I want to try each one.

  37. Ralph Cadidlehopper

    I’ve been around the country. This club is small, intimate, with great women and staff. They treat you like family. It’s the best club in Michigan.

  38. randy

    I think that all is fair here. Great prices good times and alot of talent in the bar. I feel like im at a place where everything is nice and relaxed. Nothing but good times here.

  39. Master

    this is a dump. closed last night too ???

  40. Lucy

    ok place

  41. Donald

    WOW..things are changing here..It’s GREAT!KEEP IT UP!!!

  42. Cramer

    You won’t make any money here

  43. Gay Bar Soon

    This club is turning into a gay bar.

  44. DJ Al. (a.k.a Dick)

    I’m sorry for being a loser…but that’s all I can be..oh..what did I say…what..oh oh..can’t help it

  45. Stepahie

    I’m going to Playhouse tonight, and look forward to it. Change is good

  46. Sara

    didn’t make a dime here

  47. fred
  48. Sick!!

    Got a dance in the VIP, there was jizz all over the seat. how disgusting!!! At least if you are going to run a whorehouse, teach your girls to clean up after themselves.

    Never going back

  49. Thomas

    Playhouse was doing well on MONDAY! The crowd was a little light, but everyone, including the dancers were having fun! It’s good to see some fun being had at Playhouse!

  50. Mike

    I was stuck with a delayed flight on Friday so I spent about three hours in this club. I must say that the quality of the woman was great. I hope I get stuck in Detroit again, because I’ll be back in this club. I wish we had clubs like this back home.

  51. Coke Head

    I like this place. They have what I want!

  52. zeffie

    playhouse is closed

  53. Guiseppe

    I lookng forward to the PLAYHOUSE reopening. It is, hands

    down, my favorite club in the Detroit area. The last I heard

    they are opening in a couple of days.

  54. Seth

    I had an OUTSTANDING TIME! The Playhouse is GREAT! I can’t wait until I’m back in town.

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  56. Nate

    I had a wonderful evening at the Playhouse on Monday night..The Girls were unbelievable, and I had lots of fun!. I’ll be back Friday for more good times…

  57. Mario

    The PLAYHOUSE is I was AMAZED! Women are HOT! HOT! I’m from Atlanta and come to town for business regularly…I’ll be visiting the Playhouse regularly, as well! SEE YOU SOON!!!

  58. Willie


  59. Carol and Alice

    The last two reviews read suspiciously like shills.

  60. Andy

    Andy likes candy and I get my candy at the Playhouse!

  61. Bert

    Cool girls..wierd manager

  62. johnny fever

    this place seats 35 people.It is so boring. The girls look like coke heads.Since chet left this place sucks.

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  64. Skip

    BEST place to have fun! HOT WOMAN! I loved it!

  65. hoi
  66. Old

    I don’t know why anyone would hire dancers this old. I agree to.. don’t go.

  67. Rod

    Excellent club! Great Service…Hot women! As for negative comments regarding service or anything that needs attention: I’ve always found the people at the Playhouse ready to not only listen, but to ACT on any issue I’ve brought up, always to my satisfaction. They are a class act! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PLAYHOUSE! I love your club!

  68. A Smith

    I had a bad time here tonight.

  69. Tracks

    Look for track marks here before you do anything.

  70. Buck

    In today..Great action for a Tuesday.Playhouse is moving forward. I rate It BEST OF DETROIT!

  71. Daddy

    Babies I love ya!

  72. mrs. Mcall

    plahouse sucks

  73. Tim

    Wow next time Im in town, I’ll be more ready for this place, what a great surprise.

  74. Alvin

    PLAHOUSE is incredible. I had more fun here than I’ve had in years at other places. I’ll be back often. I know the other clubs, but this place has personality. I LOVE it!

  75. Back Door Bill

    This Place Is Great Ass As Far As The Eye Can See, I Love This Place And I Will Be Back Keep Up Good Ass Work!

  76. Edwin

    Not so long ago, this club was the BEST in Michigan and

    probably in the top category for the country. What happened?

    I’m from New York and visited every time I came to Detroit. I

    would like to see the Playhouse back open again. HURRY!

  77. Andrew

    All the good strippers moved to Florida.

  78. CLOSED

    Took a cab from the airport to the playhouse and it’s closed. I’m over at the Landing Strip using their wi-fi and I’m very happy. This club is closed!

  79. MB

    Was hoping for a better overall experience. Too many dancers focused on gossip and insults of other people and bars. Was not at all what I was expecting. A couple were truly nice and appeared to want to be there. I am sorry but I was very turned off And dissapointed by the atmosphere and direction of conversation matter by many. Prefer a bar with attractive girls who have substance

  80. Voodoo

    If you want to see a couple of good dancers go see Stormee and Tara

  81. Fire

    I heard they had smoke damage and closed. anybody know?

  82. Just a guy

    HIGHLY recommend this club for fun, woman, food, and business entertainment. I saw the billboard leaving the air port and tried it, LOVE IT.

  83. Dog House

    This place is a dog house.

  84. tom

    thank you to the women

  85. Bingo

    I had a blast last night! Love the Play House and I want more….

  86. Gregg

    I thought this place was a dump

  87. Keith

    I had a good time at the Playhouse. Biz was a little slow and I got more attention than expected!

  88. Keep It Real

    Went here on a Saturday night and was not impressed. The club is very nice from the outside, but small inside. The waitstaff is very good and drink prices are reasonable, but the variety of girls is slim. The girls also seemed very distang, they seemed to sit at the bar when not on stage and did not work the croud. I will not go back.

  89. Arnold

    THE PLAYHOUSE ROCKS OUT! Some new hotties have my DEVOTED ATTENTION! Cherry is hot, others are not! HA HA AH!

  90. Hef


    I believe Vito to be an employee,who doesn’t get out and has nothing better to do than post negative commnents on this site. That said, THE PLAYHOUSE ROCKS!! It’s been picking up in the past couple of months now that the Hawaiian and Horseface bartender are gone. I LOVE this place. It’s always FUN FUN FUN!!!

  91. Walter

    I stopped in the Playhouse on Saturday and it was very slow> Most of the girls must have been out trick or treating! Ha Ha Ha! In all fairness, I stopped in at two other clubs, which I won’t bother to mention, and they were both slow as well.

  92. Re girls

    the service has been bad for awhile, and the dancer quality has been slipping as of late

  93. Mojo

    Rock n Roll Club’s getting better. It’s still my favorite

  94. local

    If you like Stormee you REALLY need help.Come see the dayshift you can actually take a glance above the waist without the fear of turning to stone.

  95. Robert

    Outstanding club! The smaller venue makes it more personal! Hot Women! Warm and friendly service…and from some of the conversations I had here, the club is making progressive changes. I’m impressed. NEW CUSTOMER

  96. victor

    TOP NOTCH! PLAYHOUSE IT OUTSTANDING! Best hospitality anywhere in Detroit area! I love this place..was in wednesday and at least 20 girls and a BLAST! My hat’s off to the Playhouse!

  97. David

    The energy in this club rocks. The woman know what they are doing. Great stuff ladies.

  98. bad

    bad bad bad, second worst experience ive had at a strip club, no girls and terrible service, this and the Landing Dump our done with, just a matter of time

  99. Johnson

    This club is great, had a great time Thur night..i love u Morgan

  100. BaseballGuy

    Was not impressed. I’d rather waste a few extra dollars at the Flight Club for the better quality of women.

  101. Nitty

    Heather is the BOMB!!!!

  102. Timothy

    THE PLAYHOUSE IS THE BEST CLUB IN METRO DETROIT..I flew into Detroit Metro and found out this club is directly across the street from the airport. I spend my waiting time for my return flight to Chicago at the Playhouse and it was GREAT!!!More!

  103. RJ

    Who keeps posting this positive crap about this place? been here 3 times and it was bad to the point i hang out at subis now

  104. Slim

    Playhouse was a totally good time on Thursday. The girls know what to do! I’ll be back!!!

  105. Marc

    Was snowed in, first time to PH, LOVED it! I will be back.

  106. Harley

    TERRIFIC! GREAT WOMEN! The entertainers made me feel very comfortable. I was in town on business and visited Playhouse. I was VERY IMPRESSED! The people there treated me like they’ve known me forever…all clubs should follow they’re lead. See you next time!

  107. Paul

    Pure HOT SEX. If you have money, it is yours !

  108. The Joke

    The Joke is on you if you go here. Worst Place I have ever been to.

  109. Frank

    Wow! I was at The PLAYHOUSE last night and it was “balls to the walls!” Standing room only and some serious Rockin’ going on..Totally cool..we’ll see you next week! Playhouse Rocks!!!

  110. Hank Jones

    Outstanding establishment. I visited on Friday and was blown away by the quality service and attention I received from everyone. Other posts on this site must be from competitors, because everything I experienced was totally positive. GREAT CLUB!!!

  111. Casey

    I was treated very inappropriately by the manager and the manager constantly tried feeding the girls alcohol so he could take advantage of the staff. I barely made money here and there was never customers in there.

  112. Biff


  113. mikes bitch

    great dancers, beautiful. I love Miranda 🙂 Go girl. Shawn the bartender was very well on top of it. Funny guy! Envy you worked that pole! See you soon!!! Best club around!

  114. CLUB FAN

    A few changes will put this place back on top. I love the personal service and attention I receive from the entertainment and employees. Some fresh new people should do the trick!$$$

  115. jt

    An okay club. In on a Sat. and only about 12 dancers maybe 3 worth getting dances from. Better club down the road.

  116. Newbie

    I recommend this place. Was told to check it out, didn’t think it would be anything more than any other club, I was incorrect. What a great place. Beautiful women, that knew why I came in.

  117. Roger

    Extremely intimate setting.

  118. OH YEAH

    This club is the best! The women are fine, but I recommend to stay away from Hope.

  119. real deal

    The owner can post as many fake comments on here as he wants, the bottom line is this place is in serious trouble. Only a handful of average at best girls,and no buisness. So… Pete,John,Rick and Tom,get real.Cause we all know it’s you Mike.

  120. Ray

    It’s the place to be by the airport! I highly recommend it.

  121. YES!


  122. SCL

    This club does suck!

  123. Fun Guy

    I had a BLAST here last night!!! Thanks to all my favorites: Jackie, Ashely, Shane, and Envy!!

  124. Bye

    I’ll never go here again

  125. Rudi

    Great club. Nice people working and very friendly.

  126. Boot Licker

    I like the smell of feet. isn’t that the plan?

  127. it sucks

    i read this shit and go and they are all shit! no good! all shit! they take my money and give me shit.

  128. Sal

    Dive bar, not a good place to visit. watch out for crabs!

  129. dropped

    this place is dropped off my places to visit

  130. krack jack

    Please Please give me some of the drugs you took when they waited on you, because ive had nothing but bad experiences and havent been back since

  131. mr. weeble

    i had a great time and excellent meal! it must be a broke bastard or washed up old cottage cheese haag leaving the negative comments. money = good times at the playhouse!

  132. Ziggy

    Looks like the last person to comment had a little too much fun! Good for him. Playhouse is way WEW!!

    It’s better everytime I visit. Obviously, there is some new management

  133. Hugh

    I drove by the Playhouse a couple of days ago. It looks like

    they are doing a number on the place. I looks great. I wonder

    when they are opening?

  134. Tedd

    WOW! Was in Thursday and they must have had thirty girls. All but a few were perfect and everyone was having fun. I tried four girls before running out of cash and each of them had something special about them. Can’t wait to come back to try more…..

  135. SUCKS!

    this club sucks. the on;y good reviews here and the reviews they posted. I noticed the have a SCL prowler who rips on every ther club that competes with them and then they give themselves praise. this club is nothing special, The girls are not cute, the music is turned way down, and the club is plain and boring. I almost fell asleep here. Go to FLIGHTCLUB if you want some action and fun.

  136. Teacher

    Good good! When talking about the 1 you like best, it’s woman. When talking about the group of dancers, it’s women! Glad to see you’re “getting it.”

  137. Dive

    This is a dump

  138. WOW

    I was in last night, was slower but met the best girl I’ve ever met in a strip club. I’ll be back to see her.

  139. WOO HOO

    YES! I found my favorite dance club! I’ll be back with friends….

  140. Dive Bar Warning

    This is a DIVE BAR. The place seats about 20 people nad they only have a couple dancers. Why is this place still open?

  141. custo

    anyone know if a girl named lola works here?

    anyways, everytime i come in here, nothing but beautiful girls and great service. to all the complaints about service, if you TIP your waitress, she will take care of you. if you had a problem when you were there, you should have talked to the manager. How does the club know, unless you say something, speak up! My compliments to all the hot girls here, who always make my trip wort while!! thanks playhouse

  142. Looser Bar

    This is a total dive bar. don’t go

  143. Big Al

    Waste of my time

  144. Silver

    This dive used to be good. but it’s not now.

  145. Uber Ugly Girls

    These dancers are the metro areas worst!

  146. Tony

    AS GOOD AS IT GETS!..PLAYHOUSE IS #1..I’ve been everywhere in the Metro Detroit area, and the clubs vary, but Playhouse is consistent in showing us how to have the BEST OF TIMES!

  147. Tiny Shit hole

    This is just a tiny little shit hole that needs to be torn down.

  148. Barney

    You should get rid of the managers bartender girlfriend too.

  149. cronk

    i hate working here

  150. neveragain

    This place sucks- if I want fat ugly chicks I’ll ask my mother to dance for me!

  151. AL

    I visit Playhouse a couple times a week. I’m noticing that there are lot’s of new girls coming to work there. Is there trouble elsewhere, or is the word out that it’s probably the hippest adult club in town? It’s likely both!

  152. Anthony

    WOW! Now I know the Best Club is PLAYHOUSE! My 1st visit was FANTASTIC! I’m hooked…this is definitely my favorite club in the entire Detroit area

  153. steve

    was in for my birthday on wednesday. all for the girls were smoken hot.

  154. big sam

    stop lying

  155. Ben

    I agree with the last review…The Playhouse was lots of fun on Saturday..I’ll be back next Saturday. I can’t wait to see Cherry and all of the entertainers!

  156. h
  157. Mathew

    Excellent club! Hot entertainment! Great Food! Good Service! It’s why I come here!!!

  158. To Butch

    The women here are to butch for even lesbians

  159. Georgette

    The girl couldn’t even suck my husbands dick right and the other night the hoe refused to fuck us with a condom she was nasty as hell

  160. Daddyo

    This club will be BACK. They know what to do. The lull is over. There is no competition for Playhouse. They do their own thing. I’ve been going there for a long time and know that they know what to do…wait and see! Ha Ha

  161. michael

    Service was Bad! keep hearing how great this place is and i havent been impressed the two times ive visited

  162. Nice!

    A good amount of great women. Nice food, nice bar, I’ll return.

  163. Laura

    I will never work here again. worthless

  164. Phil

    We were quite pleased with our visit to the Playhouse on Saturday evening. The girls were the best. We’ll definitely see you again, soon.

  165. Marvin

    I happened to stop by the PLAYHOUSE Friday and thought it was fun and doing ok. As far as service it was ok, although management was not very noticable. Good service starts with management. I am in the restaurant business and all staff responsibility stems from the manager…but,as I said, things seemed to run smoothly Friday.

  166. mike mccall

    sorry the doors will be closing. go to the landing strip

  167. Homer

    Bad bad Place. don’t go

  168. Fart Man

    If you like Farts, The old ones are here!

  169. Buyer

    playhouse had a ton of problems and you know it Mike. How much do you want for it?

  170. Bullshit

    These posts must be by the club. The place is a dive. you can find better bitches at bogarts. Don’t waste your time going here!

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  172. Jason

    Dinner couldn’t have been any better!

  173. ed


  174. Blind

    How is management not seeing how bad this clubs waitress and bartender service are?

  175. Dissapointed

    Tried it. I think they are trying to build this place up. Didn’t see what the hype was about. The dancers were attractive on the surface. However didn’t seem to understand men go in here to relax rather than listen to gossip and complaints about other co workers. A few even sat down complaining about how slow it was. Also some brunette charged way more than she was supposed to. Is this really supposed to be the best Detroit has to offer?

  176. jay

    what happened to this club? why does it suck so bad?

  177. Respondtocasey

    I worked here as well and regret every sec of it. The management is very unappropriate and get off scotch free with the things they did to me too

  178. fat

    fat girls with fake tits.. oh boy!

  179. This Sucks

    I drove by at 10 last night and it was closed. wtf!

  180. moron

    funny it must have been someone who worked for the club who said friday was jumping because me and 2 friends came in there and the place was dead and the service horrible, so please who ever posted on how busy it was give me some of the krank your smoking so i can enjoy the show

  181. Antonio

    I had a real good time at the Playhouse on Saturday. Every employee was doing EXACTLY what they were supposed to. Need I say more. Kudos to the PlaYHOUSE!

  182. Barry

    The PLAYHOUSE IS OUTSTANDING! I was in town and visited for the first time and am totally impressed! People are cool and the women are HOT!

  183. Bad Boobs

    This is the home of bad boob jobs. When Boobs go bad they end up here.

  184. Howard

    I thought this place was a dump

  185. Dropper

    Time to put the loosers in their place.

  186. better

    yeap better than The Landing strip.

  187. Jim

    Great club, great girls, highly support the VIP room!

  188. Jimmy

    nice club

  189. dancer (no Name)

    Playhouse is the best club I’ve ever worked. Everyone is cool and friendly.

  190. CRYSTAL


  191. Porter

    TELL IT LIKE IT IS! Playhouse is OUTSTANDING!They have the friendliest staff and beautiful women..keep on keepin’on!

  192. Mega Weight

    I’m no small man. I like girls with some meat on them and this place is perfect for me.


    word on the street is that playhouse has been running in the red for over a year and is about to close or be sold. Expect the doors to to locked without notice. Since the dancers have romulus dance cards they are expected to goto the landing strip.

  194. brian

    anymore fights were the customer gets beat up?

  195. Rafael

    The Playhouse is incredible. The girls make you feel like you’re their best friend. Friendliness is what the Playhouse has always been about.

  196. NAsty

    If you want to see some nasty boob jobs then this is the place to go.

  197. Justin

    The new VIP is great! The place is looking nice. The girls are great, and very hot.

  198. BAM BAM

    I LOVE IT!!

  199. Bob

    Guys if you can get Claudia’s time, do it! Good luck though, she’s always busy.

  200. Norman

    I had the best time at the Playhouse. Everyone was cordial and waited on me like I was a regular customer, which I now intend to be. Great club!

  201. suspicious

    Did you notice a kind of regularity in these reviews.?

    Every few days, a new jim doe has a one liner of how good the club is…doesn’t seem to be written by actual customers

  202. 88

    I like it, I love it, I want some more of it! #1 place to bust in your pants I will cum again.

  203. corn bread

    Why aint there enough black bitches up in this motherfucker?

  204. nnn
  205. Kev

    The worst club in town and cover at $25? Are you insane?! Dances at $35?!

  206. crap

    what a dump!! whos the bimbo blonde bartender with the attitude?

  207. Lisa

    Claudia thank you so much.

  208. Lyle

    Playhouse continues to be the best club in Romulus. I’ve seen the competition go under and change hands several times, and expect to see more of the same. Playhouse ROCKS!

  209. Stan

    Great Girls, Had a nice meal, loved the new VIP!

  210. Arab

    Dis place is ok. The girls are ugly, but the chairs are nice. Da music is ok, but dey need two hot chick bartending. what club do you go to and see a guy barteneding????



  211. Ryan

    Went there on a Friday night. Completely dead. I think Penthouse Club is taking

    everyone’s business these days.

  212. Oscar


  213. Worst

    This is the worst place in the area. don’t go

  214. Erik

    I took my wife…we loved it! Great club.

  215. Mark Anthoney

    Came in from out of town, heard it was great, loved it! Better than I thought it could be.

  216. Boneheadms

    Was at this club on 9/27/06 about 20 woman most 7 to 10’s VIP dances were great. Club is back to normal

  217. Joke

    This place is so shitty they can only get strippers with one tit!

  218. Bud

    Dirty and no vip areas.

  219. Barmaid

    Defintley need better waitresses, instead of drinking shots with bartenders, how about waiting on the paying customers!

  220. mcnasty

    stop in and check out fun club.

  221. Re Gay

    They are going to hire guys to dance.

  222. Everett

    I had a great time at the Playhouse Friday night. The girls certainly knew what to do! Everyone was very personable.I’m glad I visited and will be back on my next trip to Detroit.

  223. Pete

    Great women…Great club…always has been…Playhouse Rocks!

  224. Ken

    Yes, this club is happening. The “can can” girls really can!

  225. Jeffry

    Playhouse is the BESSSSSSSSSST of the Best! Great food…Great service…Great women….Great Club!!!

  226. Q-tip

    This place beats Landing strip 100 % the best club in detroit!

  227. jay h

    stopped by weds for dayshift. no girls,food sucked.never coming back

  228. Tammy

    My husband and I love this club! Thank you for making our dreams feel real.

  229. Stanley

    Good time last week..the only draw back was a horse face bartender that they say is related to the manager. Is this manager qualified? For business or whipped?

  230. Burt

    I went by here last night too and it was closed.

  231. Gary

    Great time at the Playhouse..a little slow but I got lots of attention…This is the most personal and intimate club around…I hear they’re hiring more girls…I can’t wait!!

  232. Dogs

    The dancers here are all dogs

  233. jack the ripper

    playhouse fell off, its like henry the 8ths

  234. Eric

    $20 to get in to a dive bar. no way!

  235. MATT

    Great time at the Playhouse on Saturday..lot’s of smokin’ hot dancers and Great Atmoshpere! What a refreshing change from the shit on 8 Mile! Why would anyone go DOWN there?

  236. Evan
  237. mick

    poor service

  238. Nick

    Visited on a Thursday. Over 20 girls, busy place, great dances, will return soon.

  239. Ronnie

    Very nice club. It seems to be up and down as far as business goes. It’s still a good place for fun. Doesn’t seem to be much carisma in the management department.

  240. alan
  241. Tod

    I love you girls! The nicest woman around town and hot too!

  242. Lenny

    I enjoyed my recent visit to the Playhouse. The girls were friendly. My favorite sport is enjoying time with the girls. And I certainly enjoyed myself at the Playhouse.

  243. Steve P.

    3 dancers no food no cash no fun.

  244. THE MAN


  245. Bla Bla

    The BEST place is the Play House.

  246. Rick

    Nice club. Friendly and intimate. I’ll be back soon with some friends! I can’t wait!

  247. One Timer

    This is a place you only go one time and then never go back.

  248. Hank

    It’s WOMEN, NOT WOMAN when talking plural, which is more that 1 woman. If it’s more than 1, like 2 or 3, etc. it’s WoMEN! GET IT? Your complimentary English lesson for today. Study it…it’s easy

  249. Poster

    I didn’t like this place

  250. Playhouse Sucks

    The Playhose has been all over scl posting shit about all the local clubs. The Playhose is a dead old dive bar that should be torn down.

  251. dump

    bad bad enuff said

  252. Ralph

    Great club…small and friendly.

  253. Big Steve

    They Know how to treat ur HOAGIE!

  254. Monte

    I LOVE this club! Outstanding women and an intoxicating atmoshpere..TOP NOTCH!

  255. YOUR MAMA

    This place is great!!!

  256. Nasty Bar

    This is a hole in the wall that you want to leave as soon as you go in and see the place and the girls. I was afraid I would catch something. Very Dirty

  257. Doghouse

    Who Let the dogs out!

  258. King Crab

    Carefull what you take home from here.

  259. Russ

    I had a great time at the Playhouse on Saturday. Girls are HOT!

  260. Back Again

    Went to the Play House for the Halloween party on Friday. First time I’ve been there in a while and it was like a whole new place. What ever they are doing I hope they keep it up. See you soon.

  261. I'm calling you

    This place hasn’t done shit in years. I’m going here tonight and then I’ll report back. Try to be open tonight!

  262. Dennis

    Playhouse ROCKS! Good job getting rid of Barry. Someone said the Friday night bartender is running the place? I hope it’s a joke. I’ll be at the Christmas Party..YES, YES, YES!!!

  263. Derek

    absolutely terrible service, horrible buffet, who made up the menu?

  264. Louis

    Yes, The Playhouse was outstanding on my visit Friday night. Hot dancers. The club was alot of fun. B back soon!

    Thanks Playhouse for making my night!

  265. Dive Bar

    This place is just nasty. don’t go

  266. Swamy

    Anyone who goes to a strip club and says they are looking for attractive girls with substance should instead go to a grocery store or a college. The Playhouse was fantastic. When I had the right dancer I had a hell of a time and she was super sweet. Thanks Betty! Sometimes it just takes too long to get rid of a girl that you are not interested in. But overall, the Playhouse is TOP NOTCH!

  267. Tubes

    This place went down the tube years ago

  268. Bryant

    Excellent Club! Heather is a hottie! The food here is terrific too. One thing I think is overkill is the posts about PH being better than landing don’t have to say it, everyone knows that this club is far superior. Make you comparison to Fight Club, where it’s a bit more competitive!!! Playhouse rules!!!!

  269. Slimpt

    I am very impressed with the girls. The food was good as well.

  270. Bow Wow

    Wow, what a bunch of bow wows

  271. Franco

    This is a 20 x 40 room from 1980. it’s a dive bar alright!

  272. Infrequent Guest

    Great Club! Good Service!

  273. john gotti

    Club is on the up swing, it has been producing great topless entertainment for the past 20 years, all negative comments from the arab strip are pure bullshit.

  274. Excellent Club/ GIRLS!!

    I was in on Monday and there was a good crowd. Nice women, too! It seems like Playhouse is re-positioning itself nicely. The other clubs in the area are mostly dying. Playhouse is the only one breathing new life into the adult club scene! I have a great time there!

  275. Yes Man

    Love you sweet woman! So many of you!

  276. john boy

    not as classy a place as we were led to beleive

  277. Pleased

    I didn’t even know I could have that much fun in a club. I’m so going to return.

  278. tad

    small place and no private area, girls are ok though and I still had a good time.

  279. sam
  280. Geoff

    Great girls, great food, drinks are what you would expect. Had a great time.

  281. SAM THE MAN

    The folks here know how to treat the customer.The Dancers are

    as friendly as anywhere I’ve been. They have Italian food

    available and it’s very good. I enjoy the club alot and bring

    my friends and clients in whenever I have the chance. A+

  282. special ed

    not impressed with food at all

  283. Troll

    I guess you people are more stupid then I ever thought. The time is comming to crush you. You had a chance to stop. Perpare to be crushed.

  284. Brandon

    Horrible Service!!

  285. Boots

    Is it nude here or topless?

  286. Preston

    MMM-mmm You sweet little honeys. Thank you for the best strip club experience I’d ever had. That’s great considering I”m an old man and hard to please. Can’t wait to return to Detroit for my next business meeting.

  287. Jocky

    Nothing to ride here!

  288. Johnny

    This club is lots of fun. No pretending here. You get what you come for. Good food, service, and a great time. It’s the REAL thing!

  289. Doc Watson


  290. Dr. Acula

    I had a great time quite possiably the best lunch in town!

    Plenty of girls and the food was great!

  291. Bonehead


  292. shawn

    waste of time, its like a old folks home

  293. chat

    went to the playhouse & seen my grandmother dancing.LOL ):

  294. ddd

    The best overall club in the metro area! Great girls, superb food, fair drink prices, good music mix. I always have a great time here!

  295. daddy o

    playhouse is dead. landing strip is way better,check it out.

  296. Randolph

    I’ve tried the rest…and Playhouse is the BEST! No pretending…it’s the real thing…Adult entertainment with a “twist” See you soon!!

  297. Carlo

    I’m in town from New York, and I’ve gotta say that the people here know how to party. I checked out another nice club nearby, but it’s nowhere near to the Playhouse when it comes to a great time. You should open a location in New’d kill ’em!

  298. I have no name

    I love this place. I loved the perfect women, and the great food.

  299. Vitello

    I had an unbelievably good time at the Playhouse. Everybody there gave me the royal treatment. Food is good here…but the women are to die for..

  300. RE ANDY


  301. bad dog
  302. Billy

    Very Ghetto!

  303. Sick

    The food is so bad here the health dept should close them down!

  304. Albert

    I’ve got to agree with some of the positive reviews on this site. I’ve been to the Playhouse 3 times in about 10 days and it’s been all FUN! This club seems to be up and down, but they always seem to pull back together…I’m IMPRESSED!!1

  305. Bo

    Playhouse is best! Compare and see for yourself! We KNOW you’ll be back and will be glad to be here. Welcome!!!

  306. Butch

    I like the girls even if they are a little fat.

  307. Hernandez

    This club is excellent! The best club in Michigan! I will be back to continue my good time here! Hermanos, este club es muy bueno! MUY!!

  308. derk

    god awful attitudes by the watstaff!

  309. IT Guy

    Hey Mack, don’t blame me for your problems. You made your bed with all the postings you made on the other clubs pages. I just pointed out to you that you have been using a PaeTec integrated T1 line for phone and Internet and your static ip range is – This means the ip of your location was recorded with each post you made. Bottom line your busted posting in order to cause damages to many of the local clubs and they could all get together and sue the shit out of you. I don’t have time to play games with you. I guess you need to be blocked from strip club list for your own good. I’ll see what I can do about that.

  310. Adam

    This is a crack whore bar. watch out for herpes

  311. Dancer

    I LOVE working at this club. The men are great and the woman are beautiful.

  312. Bret

    Nice! That sums it up.

  313. Dada

    it’s a dump

  314. Peter steezer
  315. Neila

    My boyfriend and I had a great evening. Food was great, woman were nice, dances gave us something to think about after we arrived home.

  316. Later

    Old dancers and high prices will make last night the last time I ever go here!

  317. HAPPY

    HAPPY to have found this club! Saw the billboard gave it a try…will make it my new place to “Shop” for pleasures.

  318. Snoop

    This club is down with it! I’ll be back. The best time I ever had at a adult club. Outstanding!

  319. Piss Poor

    well im from Romulus and this club sucks ass, almost as bad as Landing strip, So open your Heroin addicted eyes and look around you, also maybe management and the Dj should quit making the how great this club is posts when theres no one in here anymore

  320. team up

    hey maybe the playhouse should team up with the Landingstrip and together they might actually get a full bar with enough waitress that can service the customer, with more than 12 girls to look at, Pathetic here!!

  321. ROB

    The PLAYHOUSE is the place to PLAY! Good times and great people!


    BARK at the moon Devils night bash!!

  323. detroit tity

    Subi’s best friend Alec Lepper is running the place so this must be another Saaaaaaad ass ARAB BAR!

  324. Dancers Wanted

    Ladies, If you have been fired or just can’t get a job anywhere else then we have an opening for you. No matter how old or how much of a crack head you are we have a job for you. To apply just stop in and ask for the manager. We Hire Everyone no matter how old or fat they are!

  325. Shame

    Shame on me! I had so much fun. Thank you girls!!! Sorry to the last post who didn’t like who he met. Every bar has a few girls that feed off the bottom. Try coming back and meeting more girls. There are some very nice women in this club. I met great women.

  326. Cary

    This is the worst bar in michigan. The dancers are nasty and mostly drunk or on something else.

  327. veto

    I saw a butch chick here. When they still look like a dude topless it makes you wonder what your looking at

  328. Romeo

    I rate the PlAYHOUSE as The BEST! It’s small size allows me to have a much more PERSONAL relationship with the entertainers. It’s clean, cool, and lots of hot FUN!!

  329. George

    The Playhouse is coming back! I’ve been a reg for sometime and am happy to see it happening again

  330. Gayhosue

    Rummor is the playhouse will turn into the gayhouse

  331. Alexander

    a little SLOW here. doorman acting as manager. Asian bartender drinks a bit. still some nice looking talent.

  332. Yanny

    Love this club, HOT dancers

  333. Shit hole

    This place should be torn down.

  334. Raymond

    What a terrific club…I was totally impressed with the service and attentions I received. This club makes you feel right at home

  335. Rusty

    Playhouse was great Friday night. Girls were very friendly 🙂 I was treated with the Playhouse hospitality that I’m accustomed to

  336. Duke

    Very cool club. I’ll be back to spend some jack and lay back!

  337. Joey

    I had a good time at Playhouse Friday afternoon. We were partying

  338. Sheri

    Our girl group went to the Playhouse recently, and we were totally in awe. The dancers were great and so was the food. Oh, and the service was great…I don’t want to leave anyone out. We will be back for sure.

  339. Dead Man

    I got aids here

  340. Winner

    I felt like a million bucks after my dance, thank you ladies!

  341. Gill

    This place is the home of bad boob jobs. all the dancers nobody wants… but they are willing to please.

  342. Liam
  343. Celtics

    This is where we hang.

  344. JOE

    Playhouse was jumping last night…lot’s of hot babes..keep up the good work!!!

  345. Aaron

    Playhouse is a fantastic smaller club…personal, friendly, and a BLAST!

  346. Jugod
  347. Troy

    My first time…I’ll be back. Thank you!

  348. Luke

    Very nice woman! Great food, and loved my dances. So many sweet woman!

  349. loyal customer

    i love this bar it has a more intimate feeling than all the other clubs around plus the drinks are at a reasonable price count on me to keep coming back

  350. Carter

    This place isn’t worth anyones time.

  351. Sammy

    Playhouse was a bit slow on the eve before Thanksgiving. But I was thankful for that! I had all the attention and had a great time!

  352. travelsalot

    one of the two best clubs I have ever been to. Girls that I got a dance from was perfect. She directed me to full contact, and she really worked hard to get me happy. i dont know how this place gets such a low rating. great club, will be back when in Detroit.

  353. Manly

    I really think this place is the best ever. Great women and food.

  354. Evan

    I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Playhouse Anniversary Party. I spent some money and everyone had a great time. I haven’t been to the club for while and see that a little Playhouse fun was just what the doctor ordered!

  355. ME

    Awesome club, Great woman….

  356. Harry

    Excellent! Outstanding! Terrific! Exquisite! Charming!Fabulous!Enthralling!Enchanting!Mesmerizing!Satisfying! Need I say more…

  357. mike cock

    all the reveiws are bullshit. must be the owner fag mike

  358. Teddy

    The new girls are just great !

  359. NOTICE


  360. LOve IT

    This club made my head spin! Nice all the way.

  361. bobby boy

    They gave me a watered down drink and i think all the live in the projects behind the club its not worth $20 cover.

  362. Ron

    Terrific time at the old Playhouse last night. The girls were in “rare form” and more than happy to PLEASE me! GREAT EVERYTHING! There’s no need for me to go ANYWHERE else!! Playhouse is the very BEST!

  363. lol

    this place is a joke. don’t waste your time.

  364. Mort

    Wednesday was GREAT at PLAYHOUSE! 20 dancers at least and good action…I don’t think the last guy posting was at this club. Maybe he’s a comptitor

  365. t
  366. max

    went to was so dead it looked like it was closed

  367. Zack

    Very nice club. My first time visiting from New York. Convenient to the airport. Hot girls, good food, friendly serivce. I’ll be back!



  369. Kyle

    I haven’t got my crank yanked so good since the last time I went to Tijuana.

  370. pickleman

    just took the cab here and it was closed. landing strip was way better looking anyway and I had a good lay over.

  371. Otis

    Best club around. Great dayshift. Rated best for food and FUN!

  372. Danny T

    Nice place but everything is way overpriced for now days…

  373. G$
  374. Ronald

    The PLAYHOUSE was kickin’ on Saturday night. They had a good crown and the dancers were great! Best night I’ve seen there in some time. It’s still the best club around.

  375. undertaker

    This place really needs a shot in the arm it’s dead perhaps some advertising, Drink and food specials, maybe a couple Tv’s that wern’t made in the 80’s. I like the playhouse but it’s just to expensive for what it has to offer, which by the way is not to much.

  376. Closing

    This place needs to close

  377. NEW REG


  378. mr mr

    i hate the smoking. somebody make a nonsmoking section

  379. BIG D

    Great place love it! What happened to the Buffet? Dose Heather ever shut the fuck up?

  380. LOLA




  381. Manuel Labor

    Interior needs better upkeep. Club is best for regulars.

  382. Vincent

    My first time here and what a terrific club. Friendly Girls, staff and very relaxed! Playhouse needs a little promotion,as it was a bit slow. But that ment more FUN for me!!!

  383. William

    The PLAYHOUSE is GREAT! Cool women, great food, friendly staff, and FUN! OUTSTANDING would sum it up for me! It’s funny that some of the peopla criticizing this club are always showing up on this site instead of leaving, which is what people do when they’re dissatisfied. Must be employees or jealous..HMMM..let’s hear some positives.Playhouse Rocks!!!

  384. Big Guy

    This club is the best! The best woman, and fun.

  385. Chad

    I loved this place! OMG! The woman!

  386. managment

    please quit hyping this club up!, we have tried it n numerous times and never seen anything close to level that you keep posting here, this place needs help bad!

  387. love this place!

    i really love this place!!!

    maybe two gorgeous black girls, and about 90 percent gorgous white girls – blondes and brunettes

    quite a variety on the night shift, but then again – ive never been there during the day

    clientele consists mostly classy business men

    will definitly return soon!!!

  388. Frankly

    I love you sweet women. So many of you but only one do I love. She knows who she is.

  389. John e

    HaHa can it get any worse?

  390. Sarah

    I love you girls! Thank you for the fun my man and I had last week.

  391. Mr. Bill

    First visit…NICE! Great times with great woman.

  392. Leroy

    This place should be called the geriatric house! This must be where strippers are put out to pasture!

  393. Trevor

    Impressive! Great women, and super friendly staff..a little “tweaking” here and no other club could touch this club. Thanks for a great time and experience!

  394. re: B O

    Maybe your B O makes you smell like baby puke? I would think that since all the playhouse girls smell like B O they didn’t notice you smelling. You Smell Real Bad too!

  395. Old Hags

    Bunch of old dancers. watch out.

  396. Chip

    Small and Cozy, just like I want my woman to be.

  397. Day Time Dave

    Great place for lunch 10-15 girls at least good food and great service durring the day A+++!!

  398. Jack

    A wonderful club…very up close and personal. Great food and atmoshpere..It’s definitely worth the long drive from St. Clair Shores. I’m hooked!

  399. Rondo

    Dive Bar

  400. BIG HOSS

    A nice place to go to but dance prices are too high. Most girls are stuck on themselves..but a few are noteworthy. If they would only get rid of the attitude…like Ginger, great girl with nice tits (fake, but nice) and reaches in your pants for more than just your wad.

  401. Year

    haven’t been here for a year and will never go back

  402. dog

    First time and I really enjoyed the dance until I got hit up for $175. Kathy was full contact and I mean full contact, bet lap dance ever. Iquess it was woth the money, minus blue balls.

  403. Dick

    The PLAYHOUSE is GrEAT on THursDay nights! ALL the Hotties come out! Highly recommended for an unforgettable time.

  404. ril128
  405. a guy

    This place blows! The people writing these reviews are either dancers or their johns. That skinny-anorexic dark girl is the grossest thing since spam. She offered a yank, and I almost blew chunks!

  406. Orlando NJ

    This club was great. I go to alot of clubs around the country and thanks to the server and my 2 new favorite dancers i will be back often. Bring money and you will have a great time. Thanks again Alex it was a blast.

  407. Isaac

    Playhouse is great. I always enjoy spending time around the holidays at Playhouse. Good company

  408. Saggy

    Lot’s of saggy tities here. I agree.. don’t go!

  409. kp

    Was fun but the girls I talked to din’t seem to friendly

  410. ALEX

    The Playhouse is doing much better. The mgr seems to be adjusting finally! We’ll see if he makes the long run. To their credit, when a mgr isn’t making it, they get a new one fairly quickly…must have learned their lesson!

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  412. lame

    bad service bad Dj

  413. Pissed

    I drove by and they were closed for the superbowl game. WTF!

  414. Big Bill

    This might be the best club in the nation ?

  415. Luciano

    The Playhouse is GREAT!The women are very personable. And they don’t try to hustle you like most other places in the area. I”l be back to the Playhouse SOON!

  416. Dan

    Sizzling Hot! Can’t wait to come back to this club.

  417. Traveller

    Love Sunny and Carly. Both blondes and both classy and fun to talk to.

  418. Miki

    Japan woman is hot. You go to this club you like.

  419. T- bone

    Yo this place has turned to shit!!

  420. Debbie

    I was there last night. it was dead. where were you?

  421. Kent

    We had a birthday party at the club and it was grand

  422. kgebka


  423. joel

    ugly dancers

  424. unclemeat

    Overall the Play House is clean, comfortable, and reasonably priced. Private dances are a little steep at $25 a pop, but worth the money if you get the right girl. I’ll be back.

  425. Herman

    YES! YES! YES! This is my rating of PLAYHOUSE! Outstanding…best club to visit while waiting for a flight…The strippers here are sensational…I’ll be back!!

  426. Peter

    Best evening ever at a strip club. Thank you!

  427. Jordan

    This is an old dirty nasty bar with old dancers

  428. The Landing Strip

    The Landing Strip is being completely remodeled!!!!!!!

    We are hiring new beautiful girls for our new club!!!!

    Come in and audition today!!!!!!!!!!!!

  429. Ryan

    Absolutely horrible. The girls, the managing, the service… All a lost cause in my book. The head manager thinks he runs the world with his poor hospitality and awful attitude and someone needs to replace him and a majority of his drunken staff

  430. Richard

    The Playhouse is a great place to unwind…I had dinner there on Tuesday and it is, by far, the best club in town, bar none, when it comes to great food.. The girls are down to earth and treat you the way you want to be treated…Playhouse is first class and I don’t need to go ANYWHERE else! Keep up the good work!

  431. Freddy

    Definitely one of the best venues around. Girls are friendly, the food is great, and lots of FUN!

  432. Mr Crappy

    This place is a dump

  433. H

    Im surprised by the bad reviews. Went last night with my husband and we had a blast. The girls were super friendly even when we made it clear we were just there to drink beer, look at boobies and throw dollars. One girl kept trying for the VIP but I respect that they are there to make money and any other time we would have, it was just a low key night for us. Had a lot of fun partying with the girls and buying the girls shots, why not. Would go back again.

  434. CJ

    I read the previous post so I figured I would check this place out, all I can say is Wow I was really disappointed. Where are all the HOT girls everyone has been posting about it was a Saturday night?? I must admit the club looks nice, but so does Silver Cricket and I will not go back to that Lame place either.

  435. BILL

    Claudia is back!

  436. Henry

    Everyone knows that Playhouse is in the best location when it comes to adult entertainment. Truth is, from my being a customer since the club opened, that the Playhouse has had more good years than bad. I bet all out on the PLAYHOUSE!!

  437. Just Me

    BEST CLUB in Detroit. HOT WOMEN, great food. I’ll be back with many others. Thank you. This is now my Detroit stop.

  438. vito

    not very nice club!

  439. clubman

    Had a great time comming back often!!!!

  440. Jeff

    Nice! Great little hide-a-way for the business man in me. Great place.

  441. Sysco

    Like, they need to get this place BACK! Great club when it’s

    happening. I’ll definitely contribute by throwing a couple of

    parties. C’on whats the delay?

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  443. management

    buy allowing the terrible service to continue thats how

  444. Man

    I love each one of you beautiful girls. So many of you!!!

  445. Dung

    Reminds me of a load of dung. stinks and you don’t want to see it.

  446. Dj Sucks

    Bad Music and loud ass keeps screaming. don’t waste your time.

  447. Archie


  448. Sonny

    I stopped by the PLAYHOUSE this week and enjoyed my visit.

    There were some nice entertainers and everyone was

    friendly. More personable than the other clubs. Of course,

    the Playhouse has always been know for that. It’s good to

    see they are still keeping up the hospitality. I’ll be back

  449. Randall

    EXCELLENT CLUB!I’m in from Chicago,and had a great time. Everyone treated me like they knew me. This club is what service is all about. And I know about service as manager of a large hotel. Thanks Playhouse!

  450. Rory

    I was impressed with the talent at Playhouse! I’ll be coming in whenever I travel to the D

  451. Chris

    Has anyone seen Jay Penske in lately? The dances are worth the $$$ …I miss Morgan

  452. mac

    nothing can help this place. go to the landing strip

  453. jim mcman 9

    play house is the best club around, forget all the others on eight mile, where by the time you sit down u have already spent a few hundred dollars for nothing. Playhouse has it all, top notch girls, awesome menu, good atmosphere, a local hang out where u can get the top notch treatment with out goin broke………….


    The PLAYHOUSE does their own thing…and I really don’t think they care what other clubs are doing. Apparently, other clubs seem to think they are in competition with the PLAYHOUSE! The word is that the PLAYHOUSE has a new menu and will be busy preparing for events and parties to please all guests. I look forward to what’s NEW at PLAYHOUSE!

  455. Mr. Miller

    Thank you woman for such a great evening and helping me with my bottles of wine.

  456. Doc

    I had a great time at Playhouse on Saturday night. It was a big party. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Thanks for the experience!

  457. donnie

    come to the landing strip

  458. New GUY
  459. Art

    This club has the best girls I’ve ever seen at a strip club. They treat you right!

  460. Dave
  461. Mmmmm

    Better than any club! Thank you to all you sweet pretty girls and woman.

  462. Prophet

    I don’t come to the Playhouse for the TV’s! But if I did, it appears to me that they are working fine. It’s tht women I come to see! That’s the area that could use some improvement. Get some girls to come to work. There’s cash money to be made. I want to spend some!

  463. Rubin

    Most of the girls are one dance away from Bogarts.

  464. (gmit)DERECK

    Yo dis place be da shit

  465. Big Balls Bill

    The Girls at this club are great, service not so great.

  466. Sid

    Close to the airport, great place.

  467. Stanley

    Just left the Dayshift here with a co-worker. There was no one in here and the food was average nothing great. I heard the later hours here bring out violent customers so I probably will not give this place a second chance, however my buddy might! He had the best sex since his ex wife!!!

  468. Joker

    These boobs are so funny to look at

  469. Warren

    Were are all the hott girls as promised?

  470. Harold

    Excellent experience! Outstanding cuisine!Abundant and Beautiful Dancers! I’ve been a customer of Playhouse for 15 years and it never fails to please me…Things change, but I believe for the better. No other club comes close to the personable service they offer…THE BEST CLUB IN DETROIT, barr none!

  471. Terry

    WOW, what a GREAT time at the Playhouse! Lot’s of new, young, and FINE talent! WOO HOO! The Playhouse is on a roll for sure!

    Keep on Rockin!!!

  472. Shoe Man

    This place smells like feet and it’s great. I love it.

  473. The Troll

    Are you saying your customers need to get a life? WOW! Not to smart! I like to take my own credit as your Troll however and I’m not some nerd or it guy. I’m just going to screw with you when ever I feel like it and laugh my ass off at you. Thats what Trolls do. Your club left me with something I’ll never forget or get rid of and for that I’ll always be your Troll. When I want to.

  474. Mr. Jones

    This club has “what it takes”. I’m satisfied!!!!!

  475. Gerry

    This is the worst place in the area.

  476. Robbie

    Went there, not expecting much for a Wednesday night. girls were banging hot, lots of variety (not just thin-blond, although i love ’em too!), super friendly waitstaff and bouncers, girls were sexy and a lot of them will do extras for the right price in the vip private dance area. chill, laid back, a lot better than the Landing Strip i went too.

  477. RE: john gotti

    Hey John, Your Dead. Youv’e been dead a long time and your always going to be dead. What the hell do you know? This Club is dead and has been for a long time and thats why you can only get the discard dancers.

  478. Downtown Brown

    I had a Great time! I will be back. Thank You!!

  479. Alvin Lee

    GREAT CLUB! They don’t make them like this anymore. I go here whenever I go to the airport..I slot in extra time for the Playhouse. It’s definitely the best in Detroit.

  480. This Place Sucked

    Took my bachelor party here and it was a fucking waste

  481. This is a dive

    don’t waste your time going here. This place is a dive bar.

  482. OMFFFG


  483. .....

    the name says it all…. wouldn’t go here if you paid me.

  484. Dianne

    I worked here and didn’t make shit

  485. Bam

    And I spit on this place

  486. Stevie b

    This place is a lost cause and should be shut down and turned into

    something more profiting.thw girls are gross and older than me.ive

    witnessed how the staff get treated here and it’s pitiful.the managers think

    screwing the staff and yelling at them works and everytime I’ve been here

    the managers wasted and touching all the girls.the waitresses are rude as


  487. Closing Down?

    I was just there and it was closed??

  488. Mark

    The good times are killing me! Thank you!

  489. Watson
  490. Your Next

    The chix on dix auction is May 12th. Your next asshole!

  491. fun

    this club is so much better than detroit!

  492. larry McCall

    go to the landing strip. all the girls are there

  493. Paula H


  494. HAL

    The Playhouse is a great place to wait for your flight. I had 3 girls entertain me while I dined on lobster tail. The staff was more than cordial. I highly recommend this club to airport travelers. It took me 5 minutes to get to the airport, and I didn’t have to sit around for 2 hours waiting for my flight.

  495. Chuck

    My firsttime was last week and I had a great evening. I tried a few of the girls, they each had a talent about them. I had a good evening girls thank you.

  496. Nipples

    I don’t lie, This place is cold.

  497. Steven

    VERY IMPRESSIVE! Everything was GREAT! The women were “as good as it gets”. We had an outstanding meal, and the servers made us feel like we’d been friends forever. Detroit is luck to have such a well run and beautiful club. We’ll be back!

  498. Vinnie

    the Playhouse is cool. the girls treat you right and they know how to party and make everybody comfortable

  499. Spencer

    Great time at the Playhouse. Girls are wonderful and the staff is on it! No bs at Playhouse…it’s the REAL THING! I think we’ll see patrons returning to a more personal club. The way I see it, I’ve tried the rest and am back home at the Playhouse!

  500. New Playhouse Regular

    The Girls were hot the drinks were cold I had a great time I’m Going Back again soon.

  501. Cindy

    First time with my boyfriend to a strip club, I loved it! I want more girls! We will be back.

  502. Hank Haliburt

    Not worth your time

  503. Abe


  504. Tina

    I was in for V-Day with my man and some friends. We had the best time. The girls really liked having a woman there to play with and my man and I had amazing sex later that evening from all the foreplay. Thank you!

  505. Carl

    Awesome club

  506. Jeoff

    I’m in from Germany, not like what home is like….better.

  507. playhouse staff

    you guys suck, dont know how to run a bar

  508. John

    Thank you women!

  509. Marcus

    So many new girls, all hot, I’m in trouble!!!!

  510. Funny

    Shouldn’t Topless Dancers have breasts?

  511. Worthless

    Total waste of time going here.

  512. Alfred

    It’s nice to see the Playhouse coming back…getting the party started!

  513. Puke

    There was puke in the vip area and they didn’t clean it up. Sick!

  514. Matthew

    Loved this place! Hot girls! Nice girls! Nice service! Thank you!

  515. J

    Sure beats The Landing Strip. Much cleaner and nicer.

  516. nathen

    playhouse sucks

  517. Mr C

    Oh they need to shut this place down.

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