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25231 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48124


42.2973979, -83.2841618




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Silver Criket

  1. Tony

    This place was great beautiful girls great staff

  2. Bobby

    Samantha is the hottest woman I’ve ever seen.

  3. bob

    great club nightshift dancers and waitstaff are hot

  4. Rocko

    This club looks nice, but it’s the same ol, same ol…it’s not worth my time. Still competing with Bogarts

  5. blackmetal

    umm… uh….WELL. thinks bogarts without the smoke in your face, plus a few decent chicks out of a crowd of fatties, grannys and fat grannys.
    ALOTTA strippers here that are WAY past their prime and fading out of the limelight. they were once hotter and younger, but for some fucking reason, they get fat like a fuckin goodyear blimp and age at the rate of a decade per year once they set foot in this place. must be something in the food cause I always see a former hottie from another club stuffing her face in one of the booths at the expense of some rich cucktard to eat away the depression of being out of their former glory.

    the only reason I keep coming back here is the zero cover and no annoying valet. alotta clubs charge valet and cover and have the same shit this place has, so I guess that goes in crikets favor.

  6. Paul W

    Great Place.. I heard it was a shit hole .. but omg.. it is Great!

  7. adam

    Beautiful girls, great service, I will defenantly be back.

  8. Timmy Swanson

    I just got a call today,from my sexy Silver Cricket girl Skyler,she said shes back,I cant wait to see her.Guys shes a must see and shes sweet as pie.Good luck being back Skyler see you soon.



  10. Polo shirt guy

    I sit at the stage when the pawgs are slow twerking. When does the eastern European women work?

  11. C'mon Man

    I was there on Saturday night nothing but girls with drug problems working there. But I must say at least the club looks nice and the door guy was cool.

  12. ED

    Last comment was impolite. However, this club does’t have much going on at all. Lacking business, girls, etc.

  13. harry
  14. Andy

    Went here last night with a friend.

    …………….left with an enemy.

  15. Ryan

    Being that the club is under remodeling….I had a great anyway ! !! Loved the VIP room too, very original. This place has potential.

  16. MGMCasinoDealer

    Nice place with a variety of women. Happy I didn’t pay attention to the negative post but after all usually do get upset when dancers stop or wont like us like we like them. I will return

  17. Alex

    Tons of beautiful dancers. Will defenantly be back

  18. UsedCarSalesMan

    Oh yea buddy… this is one of my fav hangouts to get a beer and rub hot buns. My fellow co-worker and I love this place. We served together in the Army. Well, he is dark skinned black guy and I am a white bread boy. I like both white an black dancers, but my friend like nothing but the white dancers. I asked him once why is that and he said the black dancers bug him if he do not get another dance from them and go to mexican or white dancers. Like, he refuses to dance with black chics just the white and latinas… go figure that…

  19. Paul_the_Painter

    I had heard about the Sliver Criket a few years before I actually found it. I discovered it in August of 2010, and my life has never been the same. If any club could be considered my “home club”, it is the Criket. I feel like family when I’m in there.

    By my 2nd time in the club, either in August or September, 2010, I had met a dancer who agreed to model for a painting I wanted to do. She became a super close friend outside the club, and we are friends to this day. We went through so much shit together, with her drug-addicted loser boyfriend and all. I actually wrote a book about it. But, I digress. I do oil paintings as a hobby, and I’ve found several models for my paintings (dancers and one waitress), and the club even let me have a little art opening there where I displayed two of my oil paintings. They have been very accommodating to me over the years. I consider them family. A canvas print of one of my paintings still hangs in the Silver Criket. It is 36″ by 36″, and you will see it on your left as you proceed to the Men’s Room.

    But you didn’t start reading this review to hear about how the Criket has enhanced my painting career. You are reading it to hear me tell you what an awesome strip club it is, and it really is! As others have noted, the quality of the dancers it mixed, and some are probably past normal retirement age for this line of work. But the average quality doesn’t matter, does it? You need to find that one magic dancer who does it for you, and my assertion is that you are likelier to find her at the Silver Criket than at any other Detroit area club.

    Caveat: I don’t ask for or accept “extras.” I’m a beauty addict, and I have no qualms about paying $20 for a “regular” dance in the VIP. The dancers here (minus a few of the more aggressive/desperate types) please me very much. My current favorite is called Allie, a blonde lady of about 33, with various tattoos, and wonderful tits and ass. But whoever your Muse is, you’ll find her at the Silver Criket. See you there!

  20. Teri

    thumbs up

  21. TRUTH

    Truth be told…the remodel was like “putting lipsitck on a pig”…too bad..tough econony and competition.

  22. Chris

    I was in here earlier today. Wow this place sucks $7 beers and only 3 ladies there during th afternoon. How does this place stay open? At least you can play KENO.

  23. Brut1inasuit2

    This club has a good vibe when walk in. Most of the babes are friendly. The beautyy ratio is more like 5 to 1 ugly or fattie. The vip needs a little help with tthe seats and some fresh paint. I hope Allie and Maria are still working here when the coovid is gone completely.

  24. Hankering Hal

    This is getting to be my go-to club. Nice variety of ladies, of different shapes and ethnicities. No cover during the day, no parking fees, no bathroom trolls. Drink prices are reasonable and lunch menu has not disappointed. The ladies have given me what I needed, for a reasonable price.

  25. Alan

    slow motion going on here. quiet and boring

  26. luv_strip_clubs

    This was my first time at this club. Played hookie from work Friday afternoon for an extended lunch break. I sat at a table right next to where the dancers went on (and came off) stage. The first 30-45 minutes, the dancers wouldn’t even make eye contact with. I don’t know if they thought I was a cop or didn’t like black dude’s. During that time, there were about 10 dancers and about 7-8 guys (old white guys) – so it wasn’t like all the dancers were busy. Just as I was getting ready take off (and cross this one off the list), one of the dancer’s finally approached me. The private dance was awesome, she really got into it. She even offered me her phone number (haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t know if it is real). I will definately go again, but will only let her dance for me.

  27. John

    Very slow business here

  28. mike

    door charge is too high, only a few cute dancers, nice vip room but the rest of the place is still a dump. the owner is pretty cool though. can’t really complaint considering bogart’s has 45 year old dancers and flight club has high price hookers.

  29. first time cricketter

    first time there was awesome

  30. SlingShotDrvr

    mm I like this place and it’s dancers generally good place. Can we start having the dancers post their shoe and panties size? I read on another post about guys buying babes shoes and thongs. D@m what a great IDEA!
    Can we get some guys and gals on board with this. We can start a new biz here…

  31. DR> PHIL

    Andy-she will never be a friend for more than three days-dump her, when your drugs are gone, she is gone.

    EScalde-You dummy-look on stage, you missed something. If

    you wanted to watch TV stay home, O.K. you only have 13 inch TV then go to a sports bar.

    I have always had great service – I think i will go there today.

  32. Gman

    I haven’t been to this club in 20 years and it’s still Dearborn’s best kept secret. Very good club especially the $3 beers monday night. Dancers are good and Autumn is outstanding. $20 backroom dances a MUST with Autumn, she’s worth every penny guys.

  33. unknown

    I arrived at the criket at 650 pm during shift change and only noticed 3 dancers. I over heard a group next to me bitching. I guess they never been thru a shift change. I must give this bar lots of credit because the staff sanitized each chair, table after people left and before they arrived. Lots of bottles of santizer was placed thru out the club. The simple things sometimes mean a lot. It’s an hour later and i’m headed to VIP with this hot half breed after she gets off stage.

  34. Me

    I went on $5 Tuesday and had a blast. I will return

  35. BIG HOSS

    Another hole in the wall to stay away from since they’ve installed cameras in their vip…only Chantel (who is always hyper on drugs or something) was worth seeing..but she is gone and so is this place.

  36. sux

    place is a dump

  37. max

    Thias place is just another hole in the wall dump. Girls are ulgy, food sux, drinks are watered down and cover is way to high!

  38. Jack

    I don’t think so…

  39. Jeff
  40. bob_b

    I went at about 5:30 on a Monday. Not immediately impressed with the lady on stage, “The Tattoed Lady.’ I sat for a while and watched more sports on the TV than the ladies. Then a lovely woman joined me. Her name is Jemma and she was a bright, articulate, sensual, sexy lady. She and I sat for a while and discussed many different things. It was a pleasure to have a real discussion with a woman at a club. We went for a VIP and she was all I could ask for. She was warm, seductive, the perfect lady. Everything I could ask for and more. I enjoyed my time with her so much I went back two nights later for a repeat performance. The second time was even better than the first. All of the ladies are not created equal, choose carefully. For me Jemma was the ideal companion.

  41. Jerry

    Another Saturday night at the criket. My fav weekend get away. Lots of women of all flavors and great food. We arrived early enough to rent the large vip booth by the bar. The night dancers are walking in and I saw the 2 that I will be taking in the back tonight Slim black girl name Diamond and a tall white blond with a perfect rack.

  42. Place Sucks

    Terrible experience

  43. D

    Nice club. Nice dancers such as Nikki and Paige there. BTW, Nikki has some nice legs.

  44. Stanley Mouse

    I found this club to be Ghostly! There may be some haunted

    places in the building. Look around…you will see. It looks

    to me like they are loosing dancers everyday

  45. scott

    night shift is way different than days, nights has some hot dancers. some chubby ones too but most of the girls are good looking, plus the wait staff is young and hot

  46. John K

    This is a great place. Lots of girls, Great food…very nice

  47. Navy

    This club is racist do not come here my friend who is black was treated unfairly by the staff and we both got very poor service from this club. I to read all of the negative post on here about the club but wanted to find out for myself, but i really wished i stayed at home and not spent it in a racist club. Silver Cricket remember its 2009 not 1809. DO NOT COME TO THIS CLUB IF YOU ARE AFRICAN AMERICAN.





  49. tom

    SHIT HOLE!!!!!!!!

  50. Dancer

    Great club with lots of potential. All we need now is to get and keep some more hot girls and we need way better clintele.

  51. Shane

    This place was off the wall on sat, Lots of variety of girls to pick from, and great food also

  52. Dwayne

    Way too high of cover $7.00 !!! R U Kidding me . Nice girls most were super friendly but DJ played some real crap.This place could be nice with some tweaking.

  53. Mark

    Stopped in for the first time on Superbowl Sunday. My friend and I were treated like royalty by the dancers, the waitstaff, the manager – even the coat check girl! Rose was absolutely amazing, and according to my friend, so was Chloe. From now on, the Criket is our club of choice!

  54. joe

    this place is great especially during the day.

  55. Ron

    Nice? what about the rest of the story? Weak show, etc. IT’s same ol’ same ol’ with a new pair of shoes!

  56. smiller_2011

    I don’t understand the comments. I think the club is much better than others in the area including flight club. The girls range widely but always there are many beautiful ladies. It is much more laid back than many places where the girls always hustle aggressively. Here they are much more willing to chat for a while so you can pick a dancer you get to know a little.

    Drink prices are reasonable. Cover is just $5. VIP dances are $20 with no band required. Music is of a wide variety but you can make requests through your dancer if you want something specific. Honestly, what is not to like?

  57. playerD

    In need of continueing renovations…

  58. .....
  59. tim

    Slow business. Light on talent.

  60. Canadian Navy


  61. highwaymenbitch

    nasty, nasty, nasty bitches work here

  62. RELAX

    Better at BOGARTS, you can relax and smoke there

  63. me
  64. Happy guy

    Went here last night with a friend. I’d never been here before but was pleasantly surprised. $3 beer specials till 9 with $3 shot specials as well. The girls were pretty hot. Only maybe 10-15 girls working but I’d say 80% were hot. One thing I noticed right off the bat was this bar’s “cozy” corner bar feel. Now this is no flight club but is definately not a bogarts either. If you want a good middle of the road bar to have a fun inexpensive night out this place is for you! My only regret was not bringing any cash for dance’s…will definately do that next time! Dont listen to the nasty reputation guy’s, this can be a very fun place!

    -Happy guy-

  65. ambg
  66. dan

    was in a couple sundays ago no one there the club closed at 11 what a dump

  67. Brandon

    Lots of Hotties!!!!! And I will be back with Lots of money

  68. Bentley

    had a great time with hot girls who were VERY friendly. i will be back!

  69. naris

    Great time, money well spent, not as expensive as most. I’ll be back

  70. Honest Abe!

    This place is a shit hole!! It should be condemned!

  71. yung A

    wow what cant you say about this club its a joke i mean yeah theres your crackheads in every club but damnnnnn these girls are straight alley rats the dancers are pittiful id rather sit at home at look at a magazine all nite for free there was 1 waitress and the other time she was a door girl young bloonde and petite shes the best piece in there but i dnt go there to cut my coat cheked by the best looking girl in the club step it up they need to recruit.overall remodled or not you cant polish a turd!!!dump.

  72. Re:Bob A.K.A Gemma

    Gemma your an idiot you wrote that comment about yourself. No guy would get into that much detail about a dancer.

  73. John & Nick

    Great food,great drinks,hot girls.We will be back.

  74. Jake

    Best spot in Michigan the girls are friendly and sexy. My bacholer party was great! Had a fun time

  75. saveTRUMP

    Ever since high school I love strippers and I even marr ied one! Being mulatto I like like a skinny mexican. Once I give one black stripper a dance it is a done deal. They have told me I can not get dances from any of the white strippers, and if I disobey I will have hell to pay. The way they get you is clever. When you become dumb enough to get another dancer from the one you have been turning down she will over charge you. She will say to the bouncer you did no pay and make you pay twice or charge you fr 5 dances and you only had 3…! Therefore, I decided to never get another dance from black strippers

  76. montana guy

    $3.00 beer, live band, what else would you want except a great lap dance, one i’ll never forget! don’t have clubs like that in montana!!

  77. Boring

    Went in my first time. No customers and dancers walking around bored off their asses. I thought I was coming there for entertainment not to watch women walk aroungd on stage wishing that hadn’t come into work that night. Hell I shouldn’t had to pay cover charge for that. Nice bar and the remodeling is real nice so get dancers to entertain and customers will come in to see the excitement.

  78. Sammy

    Night Shift has the hot girls..

  79. Kevin

    Returned after almost 13 months away. I wanted to go else where because my last visit was the worst. Fat drug whores and crack heads, a manager that only cared about his girl waitress girlfriend. I took the chance expecting the same thing but was surprised to find new hot dancers, new management and lots of drink specials. What a real turn around. I will return. Congrats to the owners on saving one of my favorite strip clubs. Trust me at the rate they we’re going, im shocked that they remained open.

  80. Weedman420

    Went here for my 21st birthday last November. Majority of the girls were pretty hot and sociable, I mean it’s their job right?Alcohol was pretty expensive ($30 for a sixer) but mixed drinks were strong. The bouncers even gave us a round of shots on the house and we even managed to take lots of pictures even though that’s prohibited. Towards the end of the night I was wasted / blacking out but I do remember getting a little something extra on the side ;). All in all it was a fantastic experience and I would relive it over and over without a second thought. 5/5

  81. RB

    Amanda is the bomb. Best Waitress ever. Love her. Food is awesome.

    Great food. Love the $10 filet special. Day shift girls are very friendly and

    many to choose from. The cricket rocks!!

  82. CJ

    Sammy sorry but you are wrong, it doesnt matter what time or which day this place is a wast of time.

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