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18728 Ford Road, Detroit, MI 48228


42.3292883, -83.2234858




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Toy Chest Bar

  1. ,mvk


  2. aesop

    very costly place to drink…………

  3. JJ

    It’s great to see Maria back on days. The wait staff is great. The club is very clean. The day time management is excellent. They could use a little better menue selection, more soups and sandwiches for the work crowd. Great place.

  4. RIGHT

    the vip smells very bad. the girls are something about it please

  5. Anon

    Place sucks. Been bad for years. Always dead. No good looking girls when I go. Maybe it’s just my timing but WTF

  6. errol

    bar is very expensive.

  7. mercedesman

    I use to come here several times to see a friend , Cant locate the lady anymore . I really never got dances from others ? Shall I return and see whats new ? I tipped good !

  8. candice

    Love the private dances

  9. PK



  10. RE: old ones

    tell the girl you didn’t want her, you wanted another girl….moron.

    toy chest is a good club. wide variety of friendly girls.

  11. anthony

    I used to go to La chambre; what a difference.. I love this place

  12. new

    This club is great! Hot girls, laid back and good food. Worth every dime. I will be back soon.

  13. Crazy dave

    not bad..some girls are hot an some need a little touch up…over all good

  14. nunja


  15. ahmed a.

    go see india

  16. Pat

    This was great evening the other night , I was looking for a smaller gal MacKenzie I called they said she was here , I got there 6:45 they said comein and we’ll find here ? Then never came back I bought another gal 3 drinks talked and went home . Had OK time Thank You !

  17. Jason

    This club rocks.their are cute an some very hot! this place has me on the hook.

  18. Habib

    These girls have worked here so long that they are apart of the woodwork. Thank you to the college girl..

  19. trg


  20. Mikey

    great dnace but horrible smell in the v.i.p

  21. Buster

    Trailer park girls and rejects from other dives are not cutting it. What’s happened to this place?

  22. Mark

    Best strip club in Dearborn/Detroit. This will definitely be my go to spot. The girls here are beautiful and sexier then ever.

  23. tom

    can u say boobs

  24. old ones

    You know what is annoying about places like this. When you are trying to flag down the hot one and feel a tap on your should. “Do you want some company”, after they have already sat down next to you. Then it is the nastiest fucker in the place that you have just watched bounced from table to table. After she talks to you for a half an hour about complete dumb shit, she gets all pissed when you shoot her down for a dance because she is nasty!

  25. john

    love this club. if you want to relax go on days an you will have fun.if you are getting off work an in there on nights you will have a wild time. this club is the best

  26. Johnny Too Hottie

    I can’t believe Nancy let Lady quit. That was a bad business move I’ll never be into this bar ever again. I used to like this bar but now it’s just Trashey, and Dirty, and the hottest girl in the bar doesn’t even work their anymore ( LADY ). It’s o.k. fellas you can find her at Trumpp’s. FUCK Toy Chest and all the nasty bitches that work their.

  27. sara
  28. cougar

    drinks are waitress is nasty.not attentive at all.

  29. danny

    This club is number 1# had a great time thus day. wow girls are hot!!!

  30. dave
  31. wyan

    Been looking for this dancer that works on days. called the bar for her does anyone know when she works? dark hair brow eyes.didnt get her name but comes in late

  32. KR

    Rather pay an extra couple dollars at the door and be able to get a 5 dollar domestic beer. VIP needs updating. A few of the girls are very worth my 40 minute drive. Susan, Madison and Jewel are incredibly good looking and the first that I look for.

  33. jody

    don’t waste your time here. Try cheetah’s on the strip

  34. Not Impressed

    I was bored here. Only person nice was my waitress.

  35. mickey

    Not a bad place

  36. Pete

    I like this club. The girls are hot, and the waitresses are sexy.

  37. envy
  38. errrrrrrrrrr
  39. ryancn77

    beutful girls that aim to please ,drinks are verry watered down, vip is semi privet, all in all get your drinks b4 you go and you will be happy with your visit

  40. Marc

    Dirty place, vip smells. Girls were in need of a dentist.

  41. Tony

    Like this club but the dancers dont talk to you

  42. New customer
  43. jimbo
  44. to $20

    get a real job

  45. Sunanee

    had a good time wish that the club had more booths an heat an air back there smelled like pee. but doesnt ever club smell

  46. jc

    Still the best club in town! always have a great time.

  47. baller
  48. TIM

    Why is this bar so dead? at the party fri an you girls looked so hot dressed up but looked bored. again wish sammy a happy b-day i think that i am done coming here after what was done to sammy. does this bar can afford to lose anymore customers?

  49. JMR

    Going down hill fast.

  50. Darren

    Had a great time tonight!

    Met a wonderful girl named Mellisa. Very beautiful with sexy freckles! Gorgeous!

  51. likes the hands

    dirty bar

  52. JoJo
  53. ououy
  54. Joe

    Was in you club on sunday night this club has some sweet hotties.

  55. The Big Guy

    The wife and I went here last Saturday. It’s OK I wasn’t super impressed. Dancers seemed OK. There was a red head wearing green that worked it good. We were given a booth with no tip (thought that was kind weird) then I found out why. From that booth you could see less than half the stage. The booths are glassed in so even if you wanted to turn and look, you were looking through red glass. nobody came up and said hi except one little thing wearing a pink fedora that seemed stoned to the bejesus. Oh well we were scouting clubs to really party at the 14th sorry TC youre out

  56. Dick Johnson

    Club has gone way down hill on days, bunch of talent that has long since seen better days

  57. stan

    this club has the best and hottie dancers in town. worth my time.

  58. becca

    the vip smells

  59. club sucks

    this club sucks

  60. Darcy B

    Great Great

  61. Strip Club Guy

    Worst club in the area. Started out good years ago but went to shit. Lots better clubs to spend at. Security comes into the VIP every fucking song, girls take your tips on stage but do nothing to earn it, they don’t even know what fucking order they’re supposed to dance half the time. Every other girl is complaining about how shitty her shift is. Maybe if they knew what it means to make guys (other than their regulars) feel more welcome, they’d get more repeat business. So what if your fucking sugar daddy is in the club, you never know when a guy is prepared to spend hundreds on your ass. But since most of the girls here have such limited thinking, all they’ll get is the same fat, old, bald guy.

  62. Waste

    Its a waste of time going there during the day. You will end up spending money on the girls just because you feel bad for them.

  63. amy

    Nancy wishes that she could be a dancer..

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  66. Nate

    I happy to say I went to Playhouse after reading a review here. It’s a wonderful place to hang out in the afternoon..The day dancers are outstanding and the chef is great!

  67. sam


  69. George

    Yes, Dakota did get kind of “thick” she needs to go on a diet

  70. El Cid

    New style in the VIP and more hot new girls who aren’t stuck up. Mad props to TC’s for keeping it real in the D.


    Fell in love with this bartender name jess will be back to see her.

  72. ted
  73. Sugar

    I used to work here, but now I’m at the Playhouse in Romulus..only 15 minutes away, and I’m making moola! you know? like SERIOUS Cash! A new chef is putting out the best club food in Detroit. If you want to BANK some $$$ call info and ask for the number for the Playhouse in Romulus…see you there!

  74. tourist

    lotta desprate girls with fair/poor bodies trying to get paid. sad

  75. VERN


  76. dough boy

    this club is on my hot list! all shape and sizes on these hot girls and a good mix of girls with different ages.this club is for ever guy.

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    cialis doesn’t work anymore

  78. Lady's man

    This club is great. I had a an excellent $7.00 steak lunch and all the day girls were beautiful and attentive. Also, Carol, the waitress, is just awesome. She is not slow and snotty like many titty bar waitresses. No pushiness or attitudes, unlike the Flight Club. I enjoyed a number of girls in the VIP- Nicole, May and Armani are outstanding- but I wish I could have tried them all!

  79. diego

    very xpensive…valet,cover..domestics $6.45

  80. D an D

    reading about your club an came to check it out. this place has alot of hot dancers but no one in the club. i like this place it my little hiding spot to get away before i go home to the wife. Thank you

  81. Say What

    Whats with this club web site? need to work on getting the hot one on here. I like to see what the fuss is over your boss nancy she must be hot.been in your club and dont care for the dancers in your photos. but some other hotties.Need more of them

  82. to nancy

    stop writing comments about yourself on here..

  83. Al

    I saw a Playhouse dancer working here and also working at the Playhouse. I haven’t been here for years but visited with some friends from Ford. We prefer the Playhouse and all the good times and hot girls there!

  84. unknown

    Came to your club during the day an never left. the last guy was right.. this club is really making a come back. some very nice looking girls. be back soon

  85. I guess Black

    Was there 2 months ago and the place was great. Went today and it’s all black. Wtf smh Toy Ches what are you thinking? Cheap strip club will be for sale soon. Unbelievably stuuuupiddd

  86. english

    Fuck this bar. The dancers are nasty. The V.I.P smell’s like hot sex and must, when I walked back their I almost threw up in my mouth. I had to leave after that I will never be back t this bar . I thought it was very dirty and the girls are trash. Don’t waste your time. I’m takeing my $$$$$$ else ware>

  87. guest

    girls are hot great vip dances

  88. Cindy

    I’m at Playhouse now. They have the best lunch menu around, and the girls are happier here

  89. Hound dog

    reading the post and yes the dancers are hot but the club dance room smell bad.

  90. girl that works there

    I am a dancer here and we have the best girls in town

  91. miazga

    Playhouse sucked. Try Flight club

  92. mongo
  93. Kenny

    I’ve been a long time customer, place is great. I have a few favorites, and I’m always glad to see them. I have not seen Maggie in a while, rumor is, she got caught doing extras and was fired. Anyone know if that’s true. If so, does anyone know where she’s working now. Great place

  94. Gelrome

    I wuz at this club today. Nothing happening. Slow mo, if you know what I mean. Good luck without me

  95. Rick

    Say hello to a quaint lil club…a hidden secret. I come from Dallas on business and was recommended by a local business associate. I recommend this bar to every one! some of the reviews are quite funny but all in all this club had wonderful girls with lots of choices and fun variety…I wish i could have choose them all! When in MI I will always stop by for happy hour easy to and from the airport…very laid back club a must stop.Ask for anyone of the girls they all are fabulous in the the VIP

  96. Greg

    The girls are young and HOT! Some are a little lazy, and a few sit around talking to each other, rather than talking to the customers. The wait staff is very good, especially on days. Good clean place to take clients. Hard to believe it’s in Detroit.

  97. camao

    hot hot hot had a great time here. and so did my friends.

  98. k

    the shit

  99. MIKE

    LIKED the food. and the waitress are hot!!!! some need to dance

  100. Ghani

    It’s not worth it. Scummy bar…

  101. Tadakichi

    every one is awesome scott dave the ladies oh hell yea

  102. Came by

    Yeah this club doesnt get the high marks that it really should. the clubs always dead when i come here…but the girls are hot and the foods good and you can pick about any girl in the place for a dance. two thumbs up #1

  103. never again

    LAME!!Its time to upgreade

  104. Ejg

    Overpriced,to dark,so-so service,totally bored dancers

  105. DAN

    this club has some hot girls here. and they are worth it.

  106. Mary

    I think that Nancy wrote the comment about the managers being hot because not one guy would say it. She is fat since her prego treatments and likes wearing half shirts to show off her fat belly. She has a body of a man and tht means not sexy manaager

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  108. Alex

    The day shift is run well. The girls are mostly hot, all the sluts are gone now from days, except for maggie. They could use a little better selection of lunch food, but other than that great place.

  109. Sal

    Even though Star isn’t here anymore it was still a good time the other day…

  110. Chris

    All I can say is this place sucks, I guess some of these ratings are from people that work there. The girls were not even average and rude, the bartender didnt even check on me after I tipped her $10, and to top it all off the valet drove my truck into a dirt pit.

  111. chad

    club is the best

  112. Ray

    These dancers are hot!! had a great time. alot fun for the bucks..was worth it.

  113. BIG HOSS

    A nice place to visit but the girls need to come around more often rather than do their dance onstage and hurry back to the dressing room. What a beauty in Maria…wow…she is so HOT!

  114. happy man

    Kiersten and Aneesa are real good, milan has a awesomme booty and lynn has incredible tits

  115. Harold

    I had a good time here for lunch, but night is horrible. The 10 minute drive to the Playhouse, on Middlebelt in Romulus, was WORTH IT!

  116. Johnnyy tooo hottttie

    I come to Detroit from Chicago a out of all the bar’s I like this one the most. That girl’s are O.K. but their is a hand full of hottie’s like ” Lady ” damm that girl blow’s my mind!

  117. Todd

    Had a good time

  118. Reggie

    This is a great place. The girls are outstanding.

  119. tanoki

    very very good place to relaxe and do business

  120. richard95

    Out of shape women. I enjoy a thick woman, but these ladies had gross beer guts. A couple of the women were attractive, but overall disappointing. Also, this was the Saturday night crew – thought that would be the “A-squad.”

  121. Me

    Been going to other clubs. what was i thinking??

  122. Mike Daniels

    The quantity and quality of the girls has gone down hill significantly. There are hardly and customers on days anymore and there is no privacy at all in the VIP now.

  123. lol

    Owners need to change the name to Tool Chest! And the only thing upscale about the place was the blonds fat ass that sat next to me and got pised when I told her NO.

  124. Don

    It’s the shit

  125. Eric

    This is a great place. The girls are hot and the dances are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I would highly recommend this place.

  126. NEW GUY

    moved here a few weeks ago….this club rocks felt like king of the bar with all these hot chicks all over me. do i need to say more…..

  127. Deek
  128. Me and Me

    Dancer dance very well but that vip smells bad. had a great time. the club needs some work. but some good looking dancers.

  129. Dwight

    Awesome club! Girls were very friendly. I felt at home.

  130. b
  131. hjjhjgjgh
  132. God

    Loved it! all of it

  133. ;)
  134. hoodatt

    too much cheddar for getting in the door, beer and whiskey. Every biz in town

    is dropping prices to match the crap economy of the D, strip bar like this needs

    to roll the same road.

  135. morris
  136. Spencer

    Re Dakota: “THICK” is an understatement. She was hot when she worked at the Playhouse. Must be eating too much mashed potatoes with butter and gravey!

  137. troy

    Hey when is the next hot porn star working in your club? the last one sucked. the dancers are way hotter than the use up porn star

  138. rob the bob

    nuthin good about day shift sluts

  139. Sephen

    Overall this is at the high-end of clubs in Detroit. I come here when I want to have a good somewhat quiet time, but I go to FC when I want to let loose and party it up.

  140. REVIEW

    that backroom smells bad. this club has hot dancers but they need to work on that back room

  141. doug

    Was in the club on monday days. wow the girls gave great dances.coming back soon but going to try nights this time.hopefully the girls are as nice as days.

  142. Shill #73

    I love this club. — A Shill

    Seriously though, way to many reviews in such a short time that are all positive. The posts have a lot of similarties too.

  143. 2
  144. Jay

    Like this club…Alot of good looking dancers. food was good had a good time.

  145. no name

    Who cares about the trash talking and yes, the managers run their mouths too. It’s called politics, it doesnt matter where you are it’s all around. This is a great club. The girls are mostly friendly, the dj’s are super cool, and the managers and staff are all very welcoming. I think this is one of the best clubs I have ever worked at!

  146. former patron

    yes the vip does smell…

  147. frank

    mmm ashley

  148. Barry

    Saw Dakota here, at least 20lbs heavier than she was at the Playhouse. They must have fired her. The show is very weak here.

  149. Money

    This club is on its way back. drink prices are good and the girls are hot hot hot. and alot of them to go around.

  150. Herb

    Low business and quality on days. Regulars are leaving for better clubs.

  151. Steve

    Thought there was a lot of hotties in this joint and not very many guys but more for me the better. Very nice club. Had a great time

  152. Tommy

    The girls are not pretty. They don’t seem to like the manager Nancy. The d.j plays the songs too long with one girl on stage which leads to boredom for customers. The worst food menu for a so called Gentleman’s bar.

  153. tg


  154. sonny
  155. xoxoxoxox

    I had a great time

  156. ??????????

    I had a great time when I was their. I meet the most beautiful woman in the world her name was Lady and because of her I will definitly be back.

  157. Strip club expert

    The vip does smell bad. Most of the girls do smell bad. The bartender is average. Waitress staff is average. Food is okay. Can get alot for a little from the girls….but the way they look and smell it’s not worth it!

  158. Kyle Raynor

    In regards to the 10/31 post Lady was at TC FEB 14. Maybe back for good?

  159. Looker

    Very attractive girls, with lots of variety. Most are friendly and have good personalities.

  160. benny

    love all the large brestists and tight ass

  161. terry

    I’ve seen better girls

  162. Mi-guy

    Nice club with lot of good looking girls. Had a good time in VIP.

  163. RJ

    This is a great place and the girls are Great too.

  164. Mackensie

    Hey do your self a favor get this women back in here . I can’t find her any where

  165. PDiddy

    I have always had great experiences at this club. Food is very fairly priced. Valet is cheaper than most places. Women always have sat down and got personal with you before asking in a nice way if you want to play.

  166. nat

    the manger sucks

  167. scared
  168. noel-fan
  169. Detroit Groove

    Could play more techno, less metal.

  170. marty

    horrible service!

  171. hgf


  172. Ryan

    The best club around !

  173. HO HO HO

    Can you say HO HO HO this club makes me wanna say yum

  174. The Dick
  175. johnny

    wake up toy chest dancer

  176. None

    Fun, calm place to hang out. Some people complain that the girls don’t pay enough attention to the guests…I prefer not to be hounded anyway. A little pricey but very safe and top notch dancers.

  177. papa
  178. Remark

    This club has some good looking dancers. was on days an this waitress is so hot. be back to see her an her big boobs

  179. The Landing Strip

    The Landing Strip is being completely remodeled!!!!

    We are now hiring new girls for our new club!!

    Come in and audition today!!!!

  180. lookers

    this club has the best topless waitress and bartenders on monday. yes the dance room smells bad.

  181. sammy

    hot chicks, fair prices, great dances, yummy food and safe parking

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