Mettler’s Bar & Restaurant



117 South Front Street, Mankato, MN 56001


44.1667246, -94.002831




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Mettler’s Bar & Restaurant

  1. Taz
  2. LT
  3. Al
  4. ET
  5. Danni

    Nice club to come and dance. Low house. Lots of customers. Friendly staff. I’ll be back.

  6. Gerry

    no big deal

  7. Jamie

    Nice place to dance at.

  8. Johnny
  9. Donnie

    Fun place hassle free. Fun girls.

  10. Dustin

    This club is one of the best I’ve ever been to. Girls are hot as hell.

  11. Tank
  12. Lyle

    Came here for Vikings training camp and discovered a great club with very pretty girls.

  13. traveler
  14. Ben
  15. Erin

    This club knows how to treat their girls. Low house fees and no schedules to keep. Great fun and decent money.

  16. ABC
  17. Sorry

    This place is getting old, stale, and boring. Please get rid of the old strippers.

  18. Tad H.

    Beautiful women,fine food,tasty drinks,and a classy place. What more could you want.

  19. Smitten

    I was in here on wednesday and I was impressed!! It’s been

    awhile since I’d been in there and there was no more ugly

    girls!! Hot tight bodies galore. What a nice change finally!

  20. Mike U.

    Lots to love here and not just the women. Food,Drinks,and Pool.

  21. kato2112

    I keep going back to find the ONE hot chick that dances there, her name is Ariel, met her late August. other than her the place is dog shit. fat blacks and fat mexicans who smell HORRIBLE

  22. Big Guy
  23. Josh M.

    This club is one of the best. Girls are friendly and treat you nice even if your not spending money on them. Not like other clubs where they are just snobs and bitches if you don’t spend a lot on them.

  24. Chasity

    My thoughts are this is a fun time not only for the customers but the dancers enjoy themselves here.

  25. Otto from Owatonna

    Wish we had a club like this.

  26. Pat
  27. Loren

    Most excellent.

  28. Brody
  29. cege

    New cleaned up look. Plasma tv’s….well done.

  30. Gerri
  31. Brown
  32. out of towner
  33. Courtland Cory

    I come to Mettlers every other weekend to see the luscious ladies. This place is nice to have around since we lost Nicolet’s club a couple years ago.

  34. Hey

    Got beat up by a bouncer named huggy bear. Kicked me right in the shin and slapped me on the fanny. Other than that I had a good time. WOOOOOHOOO Mettler’s! Where the whiskey flows like honey down the side of a chicken Mc. Nugget!

  35. Layton
  36. Daryl
  37. Jasmine

    Came here to dance last weekend and had a great time. Made an average of $475 a night. Guys were nice. One dancer told me it only gets better.

  38. Chad

    This club is fricking great. Girls are awesome,music is actually some rock and roll not rap crap,food is good and very reasonable,drinks are a little high but the cheap cover more than makes up for it. The dances are well worth the money.

  39. Matt P.

    Big time fun and great girls.

  40. Hal M.

    I went to heaven last night oops I mean Mettler’s and was surrounded by angels.

  41. Jay
  42. Autumn

    Make good money here on weekends. Weeknights are slow but the weekends more than make up for it.

  43. Tyrell

    Club is all about fun.

  44. ted

    the women here are getting better, thank god the older ones are retireing and getting on. lots of good looking younger girls.

  45. BarMaid
  46. Loyal Customer

    One of the best values there is when it comes to strip clubs.

  47. Smokin

    Don’t know which one of the management is writing all of these friendly notes but this club is nothing like they paint a picture of. It is just a joint with dancers and not many of them are in the 5+ range. Without the owners doing these posts they would not have any business,because for a strip club they suck

  48. bigguy

    need better dancers like they had in late 80s and eary 90s

  49. Ken

    All I can say is one word FUN.

  50. Sherri
  51. Arnold Denack
  52. Warren from Waseca

    This is a great place to come and see titties and have fun. If the girls are not quite good enough troll the bars.Tons of hot college chicks.

  53. J. R.
  54. Bridget

    Love dancing here.

  55. Owen
  56. Foster

    Mettler’s is the best.

  57. dennis
  58. Nick
  59. Sunni

    Have danced here on and off for a few years. Make a good amount of money. Businessmen types that like the company and conversation. Get a good amount of dances in a night.

  60. Chuck

    This weekend was fantastic at the club. So many hot young ladies.

  61. 11111
  62. Ashley

    Great potential for money here. Low house fees and big tippers especially on weekends.

  63. Bill

    Club needs new girls and let the old ones go

  64. Wally
  65. Shelby

    I dance here at least once a month and it is a great place. Not as much pressure here. Guys know how to relax and have fun. College town.

  66. T

    Nice place lots of girls, good dj’s

  67. Steve

    Came down for Vikings training camp and had to stop in and see the luscious ladies of Mettler’s.

  68. Joshua W.

    Average as a strip club, there isn’t a drink minimum but usually a $2 cover to get in and you have to be 21. Suprisingly the food is fairly good because the kitchen is shared with the Loose Moose Convention Center next door and they have many bar food items to choose from. Like in previous reviews however it is very hard to eat there with a girl grinding on a guy or girl at the table next to you but there is a separate area up near the pool tables where it is unlikely this will happen.

  69. Ron

    This club knows how to throw a party.

  70. Paulie

    Loved this place in college and still love it today!

  71. Roger

    Lots of girls on weekends.

  72. Mike

    Always been a fun time here but the girls are even better now than in the past.

  73. Donald
  74. Josh N.

    Always a good time.

  75. George
  76. sasha
  77. Nate

    Place has awesome women.

  78. Larry
  79. Cities
  80. Justin

    Lots of fun. Good times to be had.

  81. Lainey

    Great place to work and make some good money.

  82. straight

    to the individual that has an obsession with Ariel and her “shit”=SEEK HELP.

  83. Jerry
  84. Tami

    I’ve worked here a few weekends in the past couple months and this place is great to work at. A lot of guys to spend money and low house fee and management is not pushy on dances.

  85. That's

    the problem. they’re some of the same ones.

  86. Lance R.

    Great music,terrific girls,good food,and a staff that is willing to do what it takes to make sure you have fun.

  87. Boss Man

    This club has it all. Drinks,Food,Hot ladies,decent music,and the prices are reasonable. I’ll be back again and again.

  88. Steve O.

    i love this place and all the hot girls. Food and drink isn’t bad either.

  89. Jim
  90. Chuby
  91. Dave

    They sometimes have a lot of gals that just dance for one guy. Very few of the dancers know how to tease they just strip.

  92. dannyboy7

    The worst bar in all of Mankato! Fuck my dick the bartender with Woody is an awful person! We try and act like a normal people and just get the cops called on us!. Do not go to this bar if you want to have a good evening. if you go here you will go to jail and possibly wind up with a criminal record.

  93. Frank

    Victoria is the best….

  94. KatoDude
  95. Trenton W.

    Place has great dancers,music,and food. Drinks are a little high but you can’t have it all.

  96. Anton

    Club has it all. Food,drinks,fun,and beautiful dancers.

  97. Patron
  98. Chris
  99. Tom

    Unfriendly bartender

  100. Tabitha

    I’ve danced here for a few months now and I’m glad I was told about this club. Compared to the Cities clubs I make a lot more here. Less house fees,tip outs, and hassles. Clean club and nice staff.

  101. Aaron

    This is my favorite club in the state. I have tried some others but most have stuck up girls and poor attitudes. I’ll come back again and again.

  102. Lynne

    Awesome place to dance and make good money.

  103. regular
  104. Jack M.

    One of the best clubs in the five state area.

  105. Bruce

    We had a good time here this past weekend. Didn’t know they allowed so many beautiful women in one place.

  106. Howie

    Had a lot of fun here this past weekend.

  107. ME
  108. Caleb

    Down here for Vikings training camp.Tradition and we had to stop in and see the girls at Mettlers. Always a good time.

  109. Tad

    Checked this club out for the first time last night. This club is awesome.

  110. Stephany

    Cant make any money at this place unless I put on my knee pads. Count me outta here

  111. Brian
  112. jr
  113. Jess
  114. Re: cara

    Unfortunately we are still subjected to negative elements such as your

    a.geriatric flatulence b.constant pestering for a dance c.the nasty rash on

    your groin (is it contagious?). Let’s wrap up the summer

    WITHOUT you “reporting for stripper duty”!!!

  115. Evan

    Stopped in here to check club out. Will be going to college here this fall and my god it’s great to have a place to go see lovely ladies plus amateur nights and wet t contests on Sat. nights.

  116. Chase

    Went here for BP and I’ll be back. Girls are sweet and fun. No bitches.

  117. Lindsay

    Best club I’ve danced at. Fridays and Saturdays are fantastic. Lot of guys and their not afraid to spend.

  118. Stryker
  119. Dean
  120. Dereck
  121. Tim

    Great Place, will go back every time I get a chance!!!

  123. Lyle P.

    Here on a weeknight and the place is still a good time.

  124. Tanner

    Come in ladies during the next few weeks. Would like to see some new talent here during Vikings training camp. Always plenty of guys willing to spend money on hot young beautiful ladies.

  125. HardRok

    Nice looking place. Friendly owners and bartenders. The dancers are really nice. Some of the dancers have been here too long but on the other hand some that have been here a while you want to be here for a long time such as Allie, Becky,Victoria…..

  126. OU812

    Would sooner drive 1000 miles for a club then walk across the street to this one.

  127. Lewis
  128. Dayna

    Danced here for the first time this weekend. Very impressed with the stage,the dj’s,and the layout of the club. Place was full Friday and Saturday nights. Guys here really know how to party. Already coming back next weekend. Beats the club I was dancing at in the Cities.

  129. nic d.

    Ok-two steps into the ‘club’ I see my dad’s friend who is in his in his 50’s. I was with my brothers and he was very happy to see us all and greeted us with open arms & hugs. For a college town, I thought they could get some cuter ladies. Most of them were pretty good looking from the neck down. God bless them for working what they had. The food was pretty good but I was a little uncomfortable eating while some geezer was being dry humped 5 feet away from me. Pretty solid pace over all otherwise.

  130. Warren

    Great club.

  131. Z

    Not a bad club, kind of sleazy and there’s usually only a few girls that are really worth it, but you can have a good time.

  132. Denny
  133. James

    Best girls I’ve ever seen in a strip club.

  134. Jarrod

    Love the club and the women.

  135. Bryce

    This club is a great time. Girls are sweet. Music is loud and decent tunes.

  136. Tex
  137. Dylan

    Club is a great time. Lots of girls and great variety. Food is good and drinks are a little high but tasty.

  138. fuckery12

    Pretty good for a college town. Nothing special. Just the local gals 🙂

  139. Milt

    The only reason anyone makes good comments about the women is because they don’t get out much and anything is better than nothing or what they have at home. Save your money and time and go somewhere else or stay home and put up with your wife. This place is not worth going to.

  140. Rachel

    One of the best clubs I’ve ever danced at. Nice stage,great dj’s,awesome crowds,and great money.

  141. J.R.
  142. Jeff N.

    Here last night and had a hell of a good time with the ladies.

  143. Brad
  144. Pete

    Was in last weekend and had a hell of a good time. Didn’t know it would be so much fun. This club is better than most of the ones in the Cities.

  145. Taren

    Club is very nice and staff and dj’s are friendly.

  146. RJ

    This club is not Schiek’s so don’t go expecting every girl to knock you out on looks. That being said after several years of regular visits there are always a couple of girls that caught my eye. The drink are overpriced, and this is the only place I’ve ordered a martini and had to specifically request it not be on the rocks, but the pay off is a $3 cover and $10 lap dances. Girls are pretty free to do what they want, so you may or may-not get tits rubbed in your face, but if you watch them at some other tables you can get an idea what to expect. All told, it may not be the best club in the state, but it is the best “value”. Oh also the cheese-curds are fantastic!

  147. stayhard

    There are a few good dancers there but it is a crap shoot. I live out of town a long ways and wanted to know when certain dancers where there and they would not let me know and said that they did not know till the last minute. If that it true than you might go some night and there is not a single dancer there.

  148. Pete J.

    Take it from me. This place rocks. Not much hiphop rap crap here. Women are here to please and very lovely to look at.

  149. Alex

    I love this club.

  150. BigC

    Usually a good time. They have good dancers, big screen TV’s with sports on, pull tabs, fairly clean. Well worth a couple hours and dollars.

  151. Greg

    Lots of fun and the women are hot.

  152. SCE

    Always beautiful women and a good time here.

  153. Hannah

    Danced here last weekend and was very impressed with the club. Staff was very nice to me.Customers treated me with respect. Will be back.

  154. Tandi

    I’ve danced here off and on for a couple months now and I’m very happy here.

  155. Greg L.

    All I can say is the women here are outstanding.

  156. Paul

    Best club I’ve been at.

  157. Louis
  158. Jeff

    Another night and a great time once again at Metty’s.

  159. Arnie
  160. Matt
  161. John

    I like the atmosphere at Mettler’s — friendly.

  162. Kevin
  163. Annie

    Have danced here for awhile a couple times a month. The club is fun. The dj,s are nice. Don’t have to inhale smoke here anymore which is great. Good spenders most nights.

  164. Tara

    Danced here in the past and will be coming back soon. This club is very dancer friendly. Low house and plenty of customers to spend money on you.

  165. Keith L.

    Great times at this club.

  166. Troy

    The best club around.

  167. Lucas
  168. Jason

    SUMMER!!!!!!!!! that is all

  169. Ethan G.

    This club is rocking no matter what night you’re in. Great place to eat or hang out. Not to mention you get to do it in the presence of lucious ladies.

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