King of Diamonds



6600 River Road, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076


44.8530449, -93.0182342




8am – 8pm


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399 reviews for “King of Diamonds

  1. Carl

    Used to frequent back in the day when it was the hottest KOD girls were there Mercedes Lena Justice Genevieve Tara Amelia these were the girls who put the place on the map it was awesome in there back then aside from the crooked owner and all his weird rules and racist bs the music i will say is the one thing thats greatly improved no more non stop 80s rock and roll from open until close. The VIP rooms are recent additions nothing special back in the day the girls did straight up $10 lapdances very strict rules minimal contact and made thousands of dollars per night doing them the girls these days would never cut it like those girls back then by far 2000-2006 was KOD at its finest. Dont get me wrong of course the girls are pretty enough most of them do after hours types of things to make most of their money but i mean any female can throw on a bikini and grind around on c*cks dry humping fellas for a few bucks. Just not the same these days

  2. Reply to JN

    Kendra is a dirty hooker who sleeps with all her customers. Don’t let that trash back into the club

  3. Evan

    lots of hot dancers

  4. Hal

    First time there. Great dancer to guy ratio. Can’t beat the $1 beers from 3:30-5:30. All of the girls were really friendly. Kitana is the best!

  5. Jeffboy

    Its amazing i put on the 3d glasses its like im actually there!

  6. Strip club lover

    KoD is the best damn club in the USA and I have been to most of them

  7. V. P

    To the person whom likes to post negative reviews and rate clubs inappropriately. You certainly were not at the King of Diamonds, had you been, you would have seen a very clean, respectable club with fantastic entertainers. Maybe you were somewhere else and forgot, hmmm? The King of Diamonds takes pride in the cleanliness of the club and is very proud of the fantastic women who are talented, beautiful and sexy who provide outstanding entertainment to all who enters. The KOD is the place to be!

  8. Tony
  9. Gent - regular

    free parking, friendly dancers, cool staff, reasonable rates on drinks. Full nude babes.

  10. Sam

    Club sucks! It is dead! If you want quality girls that aren’t worn out and aging go almost anywhere else.

  11. Tow truck
  12. Traveler

    Good club will be back

  13. Daisy

    Daisy is a gem. New talent that is growing into a future pro.

  14. HJ or BJ

    You say you Do score one or you’re looking to? Typically not that type of club!! I’m quite shocked really!

  15. Bret

    WOW! Fantastic club! Women are hotter then any of the other clubs in the cities and I have been to most. Was in this week and had dances from Tawny daryl kianna and Alexis I thought I was in heaven.

  16. Ollie
  17. Johnny

    I score a HJ or BJ from a smokin’ dancer about 75% of the time I go to this club—price? usually about $200.

  18. Geno
  19. dholtz
  20. Moses

    Best club my wife and I have ever been to. The girls are beautiful. They and the staff at the KOD are the reason why we keep going back there. The new management appears to be doing a very good job and it is nice to see someone in control of what is happening opposed to the previous owner who was never there. Congratulations

  21. asw

    I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Had a great time last night! The staff were great and the girls were AWESOME!!! Thanks to our waitress Tabitha and thanks to Camryn!!!

  22. Lynn
  23. juy
  24. KD

    It was good to see Tatum back at KOD last weekend after a few months being gone! Tell the DJ to turn down the volume of the music on the lower level stage. It is way too loud. It would be nice if the stages had better lighting, they are a little dark. Still a good club though.

  25. Harry
  26. Jimmy
  27. observer

    Girls are great but would someone please tell them not to chew gum onstage—it may be a little thing but when you are selling fantasy everything counts.Waitresses are really friendly and attentive too.

  28. Mike S

    Great atmosphere, Great Girls, Great dance prices, Deffinetly worth the drive!

  29. Kevin

    King of Diamonds is a great club! Well worth the drive or the visit if you are in town on business. I always entertain my clients at the KOD when they come into town. They always have a great time! Thanks KOD

  30. Alby
  31. Tommy

    tatum is really hot! I wish I saw more of her at KOD!. If you write anything about Kendra / where she is working now you will be banned from posting comments about KOD.

  32. I love this place!

    There is a woman for everbody’s taste at this club. The dancers are beautiful and the dances are worth the price you pay for them. Drink prices are a little high but the dancers make up for that ( i hope the owner is grateful for them– they seem to work MUCH harder than at any other club I’ve been to in Minnesota nd I’ve been to most of them I’m not sure if it’s because they love working here or because dances cost half ($10-) of what they do everywhere else) I like that there’s everything from the “girl-next-door” types to “tattoed-pin-ups” and everything n between. Check it out for yourself– you won’t be dissapointed!!!

  33. nbg
  34. Brandon
  35. Harold

    Hot dancers…great time. becoming a regular

  36. Chad

    Was at the Lip Lock contest last nite and it was the best. Beautiful girls, did I say Beautiful,that is an understatement,they were drop dead gorgeous. I had so much fun. Thank you KOD for another great event. I was a newbee last nite but I will be a regular from now on.

  37. Bill
  38. cxs
  39. Darrin
  40. Mack

    he place looks great

  41. Daniel

    Great club, great girls, great low prices. What more could you ask for?

  42. Entertainer

    This is the BEST club in Minnesota!!!

  43. John

    I’m glad Tatum is back. Hot!!!! To the club, you don’t need to bombard the other review section of this website with your posters. Just post a poster once in a while. We will all see it.

  44. Randy

    King of Diamonds is top notch! If you’re in Minnesota make sure you stop by and say hello to Tatum, Kianna and Robyn! They are awesome!

  45. Josh

    I always have a great time every time I come.

  46. harryto
  47. al

    hot girls, very friendly, good drinks, nice servers, vip room, $10 dances, Great time

  48. ok

    spent too much but had a good time…will be back

  49. hgh
  50. Joe
  51. Erik

    Great place!

  52. Karl
  53. grd
  54. Scarlet
  55. jake
  56. Charles

    Claudia, Melody and Simone, enjoyed spending time with you last night.


  57. Damian

    Best club in the cities. Gals are gorgeous, drink prices are less than any of the other clubs and the VIP lounge is the best I’ve ever been in. My girlfriend loves getting table dances and that makes it that more enjoyable for me.

  58. ttr
  59. Richard
  60. Duane
  61. Jay
  62. Jack

    Nice little club. I enjoy coming in watching the girls.

  63. Abe

    A rare find. This club has it all.

  64. traveling dancer

    i loved this club. would work here if ever in town for a job.Nice girls good variety,lots of talent.They were having fun and i was fav in the twin cities and me and my man hit them all

  65. Folletto

    I have started going there on a regular basis and feel more comfortable there than any club. Ever!

    Hard core blue collar bar with lots of beautiful women and 2 stages with totally nude women. My kind of place.

  66. Harley

    Fun place to go.

  67. cbc
  68. Willy

    Anyone know what happened to Kennedy??? Is she at another club? Or Justice?

  69. Donald

    Melody is a must see! Great time.

  70. Joey

    I love this place

  71. Luke

    I’ve been going to this club for years. This club is still the best in the nation!

  72. hgf
  73. Salesman

    one of my favorite clubs period.


    Great Club!

  75. NYB

    Staff are the worst and the girls don’t do shit! Dancers only dance half a song so the dance price is the same as any other club. Don’t be fooled. Drinks are super high as well. Not the same as more open and free clubs.

  76. question

    To the person who posted below. What is a “mixed girl.”

  77. uyu
  78. oxo
  79. Ray

    Great place great dancers reasonable prices, what more could I ask for

  80. Re: Harry

    I always have fun when I go here…sounds like you have even more. Who do you recommend? Curious

  81. saje
  82. ghb
  83. Jim & Annette

    My wife and I go to the King of Diamonds a few times a month. The KOD is the most couple friendly club we have been to in the whole state of Minnesota! The entertainers are beautiful, sexy and friendly. There are always plenty of entertainers walking around at any given time, from blondes, brunettes and red heads and many more! Thanks for such a great place for my wife and I.

  84. Murray
  85. Joe B
  86. gbh
  87. pat
  88. Bachelor Party

    We had a great time and the girls were terrific !

  89. hot

    Hot hot hot hot hot hot

  90. dannyboy7

    I used to love this club, but doubt I will go back was there from 7 to 12:39 tonight only had two girls ask Me for a dance on a Saturday night? And my favorite girl only reason I chose tonight to go Cali, the most beautiful sexest girl on the planet was to busy taking to a guy at the bar who never even tipped her,oh boy what I would give for her snap chat lol she’s so SEXY

  91. EBT

    Mark – I think Kitana generally works Tuesdays and occasionally other days of the week. Not sure if she was around during the holidays but I’d check on a Tuesday.

  92. travelingguy

    I went there tonight (Thursday). The club was clean, well light, 2 stages with girls on both. There was a nice variety of girls and they worked the room well. The girls went nude on stage and have decent stage shows. Most of the girls were hot (8 or higher)

    The table dances were not really worth it though. You sit on high bar seats so there is not much touching and the girls only go topless. You have to get VIP for the girls to go nude.

    The drinks were expensive and apparently they have a rule that you need to order new ones every 30min or so. No standing around without a drink at this club.

  93. yt6
  94. Tanya
  95. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  96. Ron

    Stopped at the King of Diamonds last night. This club has a great comfortable ambiance. The girls are ‘smokin’ HOT HOT HOT! Affordable VIP and great service!

  97. ????

    Rumor has it that this club is getting shut down by the end of the year??? Any truth in this??? Larry fuck up that bad??

  98. Joe

    Great time as always. Variety of girls. Hot veteran dancers you can actually have a conversation with and and younger ones to with tight little bods. Table dances are cheap compared to other places. I like VIP cuz you don’t have the whole club looking at you getting dances and it’s a lot more comfortable. Bouncers are strict about phones out but if I were a dancer I wouldn’t want my naked shit out on social media for granny to see either. The bouncers put up with a lot of crap and remain professional even when guys are being dicks to them. Bartenders and waitresses always super friendly to me too. Cheap drinks if you compare to downtown. I won’t go anywhere else. I love KOD.

  99. Randi

    This club is the best place I have ever worked. The money, customer quality and quantity are great. I thank the owner for his professionalism and having this place for me to work at.

  100. Danny
  101. Sal

    This club is the best in the state.

  102. Daven

    Need more strippers that can actually use a pole. Getting to be very boring here. The drink prices keep changing. Set a price and leave it. Get some girls with tits. Too many sagging bags!

  103. Alexis
  104. Red
  105. Paul

    We had a small bachelor party at the KOD Friday bight. We had a blast! Thanks KOD, great club!

  106. Fast Eddy

    Karen and Sugar are both back at the club and it is hopping on the week end

  107. frt
  108. Doug

    This was my first time going to this strip club and it wont be my last time going to this strip club. I will make it in there everytime i am in town!

  109. Cindy

    My husband and I love the friendly staff and the gorgeous and very friendly dancers. This is the only place we go to because we are always treated so good and the prices of drinks are very reasonable.

  110. fun

    I always have fun here

  111. joseph1k

    This is still my favorite strip club to go to in Minnesota, staff is great and most of the dancers are perfect for the best strip club in the state. That being said, every time we are in town and go there “Kendra” doesn’t belong. She is gorgeous, but she thinks she is too good for a fully nude club. Both time when she took the second stage we put our drinks down and just left, which is sad because it leaves a bad taste in the mouth, ruining an otherwise perfect experience.

  112. Jose
  113. nvh
  114. Curly
  115. Big Rig

    The place to be on Saturday night

  116. Christy
  117. Jahj

    If this is what it is like here after covid19 for good this club will die fast!

  118. To Cory

    My wife and I go to the KOD 2 – 4 times a month and love it! We won’t go back to any other clubs. I think you will be pleased.

  119. ghr
  120. Jim Z

    I haven’t found any place better than the KOD and I have been to Gentlemens Clubs all around the USA

  121. G.Love

    Found dollar taps from 3:30 to 5:30 on Fridays. Cups are smaller than usual, though nowhere near small enough to feel like you’re getting taken. Definitely worth sticking around for the private dances, too.

  122. Sammy J.

    First time…impressed. Hot girls & clean club.

  123. Robyn
  124. Mark Your Calendars

    The King of Diamonds is hosting our annual carwash. We are raising money for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)to bring awareness and help people with ALS lead more productive lives. Check out our website at click on the promotions page for more information. Thank you.

  125. Mikey

    Was in tonight…pretty slow, we need a stimulus 😉 When was the last time anyone saw Marilyn? Did she go to another club?

  126. Milt
  127. Excellent!

    Great club!

  128. p
  129. tim
  130. cbg
  131. hgy
  132. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    This place is as great as everyone said it was! Will be back soon

  133. Visitor

    Prices for food and drinks are ok. Table dances for $10 are a great price. Girls rate form 1 to 9.9 (some are very bad / some are so HOT you need a fire suit). Music is to loud!

    All the dancers and staff are friendly. Service is very good.

    VIP Room cost is over priced. If you visit to the Twin Cities this would be a very good choice for a nite out.

  134. Alex
  135. Allie
  136. Angi

    Great place to work

  137. nhg
  138. K

    really slow

  139. Howie
  140. JP

    Went into the lounge with Angel,she is my fav by far! Thanks to everyone at the KOD for the royal treatment. Also, that $3.99 hamburger I had there was awesome, best burger I’ve had anywhere

  141. Drew

    I can’t say anything bad about this place. What a great club!

  142. Michael

    I had the greatest time on Thursday with Katie.She is so interesting and totally the girl next door.I found that completely refreshing.I will no doubt be back to see her.Her body is amazing,perfectly perportioned.I’ll love the King of diamonds,always have.Now I have an extra special reason to go in.

  143. regular

    Just want to say I love all of the KOD girls. They are always friendly and never pushy about getting table dances. When I don’t want a table dance I don’t keep getting pestered about getting one from all of the other girls.

  144. King of Diamonds

    The King of Diamonds is having our annual car wash THIS SATURDAY, August 16, 2008 from 11am till 6pm. Outside in our parking lot. The Roy Rogers Band will be here singing rock and blues at it’s finest! We are raising money to benefit ALS also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Hope to see you all here! Check out our website for further information or call us 651 455 3886

  145. Kev
  146. Denny
  147. Super Fan

    Whoever would say anything bad about this club is out of there MINDS. I love the King of Diamonds along with several of my business associates. The women are the best in the Twin Cities. Hottest, Sexiest, Classy women in Minnesota. To all the beautful women of the King of Diamonds, you are what keeps us men comming back for more. Thank you!

  148. Dale
  149. 88
  150. Politely Spoken

    The King of Diamonds is the longest run Gentlemen’s Club in the Twin Cities area. Larry opened the doors to the King of Diamonds in 1965 and has no plans on closing the business anytime soon. The King of Diamonds is the best club and will remain the best club in the Twin Cities for a very long time.

  151. Hank

    Awesome club with the best boob to customer ratio in the city !

  152. colefromcali

    Flew into town for business. This place is pretty close to the airport so I went. First time there. Great experience. Place is clean and friendly and has lots of beautiful ladies. Great happy hour specials and drinks are priced cheaper than most non strip club bars. I liked the VIP lounge- quiet and comfortable. I’m coming back next time I’m in town.

  153. Jackson

    No other club even comes close on the quality of the girls.

  154. j

    Just want to say this is the best club I have ever worked at and I have danced at clubs all over the country. To Joe whoever you are – Zip it. If you going to keep bashing go to another club website,we dont want you around

  155. KOD
  156. Chaz Satler

    Had a terrible time. This is not the best club in Minnesota. Terrible experience!

  157. Ken

    When a club tells me I have had too much to drink, I appreciate it. The club is turning away money when they won’t let in an obviously intoxicated patron. By the way, were those 2 drinks Long Island Teas?

  158. Had fun
  159. larry1

    I am from the east coast, visiting Minn, and let me say I am so glad I found this place.On the plus side…Very reasonably priced. VERY. $10 lap dances? Hell, I’ve paid $30 for a lot worse.Great club layout. Multi bars and stages. Lots of places to sit.The rotation of girls thru the stages was fast and wonderful. Never a dull moment.Great vibe – clean, felt like a “regular” bar. Very comfortable. And they even kept the bathroom stocked with paper towels! This is a foreign concept where I come from.Easy access, lots of parking. I am used to gravel lots and drunk guys urinating next to my car.ALL staff were courteous and polite. Back east, we can be real jerks and try hard to be jerks. Everyone here was polite to me. I appreciate that a lot.And, of course, the girls. Not a bad one in the bunch. Full nude. They also moved when they were on stage, even if no one was sitting at the stage. Most of them really tried. It’s a tough job to look interested in all the time, but they all did. Wonderful, beautiful, polite girls.The cons are few..A separate lap dance area would be better. Feels odd being grinded on while some dude is next to you (yeah, I know there is a back room, but I am talking about the basic lap dance).There is a no-touch rule. I get it. I followed it. Just different from where I am from, where you can touch, and the girls touch even more. This rule – I hate to say – is probably a good thing, but I honestly do miss more physical contact. A lot more. It is the reason why I did not give 5 stars. I can deal, though. I am just comparing to what I am used to (the reason why this is a good thing is that the clubs that “allow” massive contact tend to become mini-brothels, which brings a lower and less attractive element of girl willing to jack you for 20, and then you get diseases following shortly. There are clubs in CT that are rampant with disease).All in all, if I lived near this club, I’d be here once a week, even just to have a beer. Just a great club to hang at, with the bonus of ample nudity. Hats off. When i come back to Minn, I will be be back here, and I will bring all my colleagues.

  160. GR8 Club

    Gr8 Club

  161. Cash Dog

    Bottom of the barrel shit hole of a club. Bitches are some of the worst I have ever seen! Had a dance from some fake ass skinny Mexican bitch and I swear her pussy must be infected….my jeans smelled like her rotten kitty all night! These bouncers need to chill the fuck out. One of these times they will pop off to the wrong nigga and get smoked!

  162. Steve

    Had a blast. Rachel is amazing and spent time with Daisey, who is new but beautiful personality and great body.

  163. herb
  164. Pitter
  165. James

    Best girls in the city.

  166. Sara

    This club is great to work at

  167. rex
  168. Curt
  169. Steve O.

    Very impressed on my first visit a few nights ago, enough to get me back the next night 😉

    KoD has a real personal touch… unlike other clubs you may have visited in the Twin Cities.

    The Girls really make you feel welcome and seem to enjoy this environment (also unlike other clubs), which means a great experience for all.

    Grats to the Management/Staff & Girls for making KoD something special!

  170. Alvin

    Great club

  171. mike

    Great club although the quality of girls has gone down some. I guess they were so hot a few years ago and cant top what you had. Sometimes it seems as though its been quanity not quality. It seems as though there are too many girls on especially early in the night when there isnt many customers and there are girls coming and going. Not that I dont mind lots of beautiful women. I just dont like to tell 1 girl no and when the next girl that I wanted a dance from asks I feel I have to tell her no too since the other girl just asked and I dont want to be rude. kind of felt like they were lining up to ask. I love the new vip room and Glad the drink prices are more affordable, now I can come more often. The music has gotten much better Its nice not to here all 80s. The girls are friendly and a great atmosphere.

  172. dancer

    Excellent club, but the dancers are insanely competitive and not very friendly. If you can deal with stress and high levels of dancer drama, you WILL bank here. One single stage set can get you as much as $100.

  173. Rick

    Went there this past Friday. I loved the variety of women including the amazing women who work the pole. Would come here again!

  174. jizz-wad

    If a dancer you like asks you for a dance…take her up on it. A lot of these gals have regulars they tend to and it might be be ahwile before they get back to sorry ass, if at all you’ll see them again. Ladies know the cheap-dudes!

  175. reet
  176. Trent

    I haven’t been to the King of Diamonds in several years. This place has made some major changes that definately will keep me coming back for more. Glad I came back.

  177. Riley

    If your lookimg for one hell of a dance make sure to see Riley. She works Sundays, most Mondays, Tuesdays and all day Saturdays. She seems more comfortable being Friendly on Mondays and Saturday nights. Any day she works was always fun though. 1/2 hours make sure to tip $100 before the dance starts and for an hour make sure to tip $200 before haand also. She wont dance with me anymore so I figured I would pass the information on you all of you. You wont be disappointed. The hour will cost you $800 but very much more worth it then half hour for $400. I just wish she would still dance with me. I never left VIP UNSATISFIED. Shes good!!!!!

  178. nvb
  179. rer
  180. Judd
  181. Customer

    King of Diamonds is the greatest club with the best entertainers. I will be back in town May 29. Look forward to seeing all of you then!

    Take care,

    T. K.

  182. to Tawny fan

    She had an injury late last year and I hear she is recovering well

  183. ghf
  184. Jude
  185. Roger
  186. Ace
  187. Manny
  188. Ben
  189. n
  190. Steven

    This place is the best. Always have a GREAT time whenever I stop at the KOD.

  191. Re: Jimmy

    Jimmy, the place is remodeled, they do have a VIP and all the women are 8++. i’m sure you won’t be dissappointed.

  192. Garth

    I missed the KOD live broadcast of 93x yesterday. What happened? I was looking forward to BSing with Rudy the DJ.

  193. gentle giant

    if you want more then a dance all you have to do is ask and some of them will help you out with that

  194. ken j
  195. Wally
  196. Katie

    Had a horrible time. the stripper that i danced with smelled really bad. staff was rude. took almost 15 min for a drink and was weak. not worth the money.

  197. Chet

    Sassy you are my favorite. I love your smile amongst other things

  198. club goer

    what does everyone think of sassy and alexis i think there the best at this club

  199. Troy

    This club is AMAZING!

  200. TC

    da best lookin girlz around.

  201. Calli

    This club is the best I have ever worked at

  202. Devin

    Club is outdated and uncomfortable. Need table and chairs like almost any other club not high tables. Taller stage would be nicer more eye level. More dance specials and 2 for 1’s. Better food quality. Steaks and mote cooked food. Not microwave food like they got. If they want top dollar for food, they need real chef cooked food. Seats for the dances are uncomfortable as hell!

  203. Repeat customer

    I went to last nights and last months Amateur Contest and both were the best I have ever been to. Management did a great job of keeping the action going, the girls all were either drop dead forgeous or at least very cute and shapely. Usually some of the amateurs are less than appealing but there were none of those either night. I am looking forward to the Lip-Lock Contest next month. I will deffinitely bring all my male and female friends to see this show. Good job and keep it going.

  204. cvd
  205. Andy

    I agree, this is the best place in Minnesota!

  206. Allen

    The DJ really keeps this place rocking

  207. Marcus
  208. long time customer

    KOD has the best beverage prices of any Gentlemens club in the Twin cities. Where else can you go and get a $1 beer right after you get off work and see gorgeous entertainers and not pay cover charge until 5 PM? To those who bitch about the high prices, go to downtown Mpls. and see what you pay there.

  209. ad

    This club is a dump. Very dirty with piss poor service.

  210. dano
  211. cherry

    Cherry is hot h ot hot here!

  212. Smilin Joe

    I love you guys. I always have so much fun at your club, keep it up

  213. Chucky D

    Yes, its tru about Kendra! Anyone know whatever happened to Marilyn? She was a sweetie…

  214. Bob
  215. Frank


  216. Kate

    Of all the clubs I have been to around the country, this place beats all the others, no question about it. There are always plenty of customers there so I can make money and they keep the low-lifers out so I don’t have to put up with anyone trying to put me on the streets so I could give them all of my money if you know what I mean. The other girls and staff are so nice to me I feel like they are family. I love it there

  217. Steve

    VIP room is better than most clubs in Vegas except much less expensive and prettier gals

  218. Harry Reasoner

    Good place for extras!!!!!!

  219. to: G.Love

    FYI: The $1 beer cups have been the exact same size for about the last 20 or more years as has been the $1 price for the same brand of beer,MGD. Damn good deal considering the inflation rate in the last 20 years has risen dramatically but that product, size and price has not changed.

  220. mux
  221. Ralph

    This club is the best club I have been to in a long time! I will be back. If you are in Minnesota, definately make this one of your stops!

  222. kenny
  223. Best

    club in the city.

  224. SRL
  225. Willie Peat

    I’m heading to KoD this Friday with some friends from college. Any recommendations for a must-see dancer who works the night shift on Friday?

  226. Jim
  227. Samuel
  228. Darrel
  229. 10+++


    Need I say more.

  230. William

    I rate this club as EXCELLENT!

  231. Burt

    This is by far the best club in Minnesota!

  232. W. Y.

    Had a wonderful time.

  233. zilch
  234. Dave

    Was in here this past Thursday night, had a great time, alot of hot, fit girls.

  235. Weekends

    are great at this club !

  236. brian
  237. Cliff
  238. Ka-lel

    The only thing good at this club that will save this club is ka-lel

  239. Ian

    Rude club! Stuck up dancers! They beg for tips on stage and if you don’t have exact change they keep it as a tip no matter how much! A mexican stripper there stole 60 from me! This place is a joke! Stay downtown.

  240. h
  241. Bobbi
  242. The Unkown

    King of Diamonds is the place to be! Has many different kinds of women to choose from.

  243. sam
  244. Franklyn

    This is the 2nd best strip club I’ve been to. There are hot happy natural blonde girls that can really entertain. The girls really enjoy themselves there and dances are affordable! Pros:1) Cover was free on a Wednesday! 2) Drinks were cheap @ 3:30 – 5:30 PM at $1 a cup and $2 after 5:30 PM. 3) Dances on the floor are only $10 so make sure you tip your dancer! 4) VIP is fully nude but no touching and it’s ~$185 for 1/2 hour and $90 for 3 songs. They accept credit card with no extra charges! 5) They had 2 stages to entertain you and the club was busy at 3:30 PM on a Wednesday! 6) They offer $10 ride to the Wild games and I’d definitely return.7) Close to the airport8) Each girl gives close-ups for tips on the dance floor. Truly an amazing experience.Cons:1) Hard to get to if you’re using mass transit2) Some girls have fake titsPlease see Ginger and Sarah!!!! 2 of my favorite girls there on my first trip to King of Diamonds Minneapolis.

  245. Kendra
  246. To Jeff:

    Jeff you shouldn’t even go into bars like this! The King of Diamonds is by far the best club in the cities and has the hottest girls around! Where can you go and enjoy $1 tap beers and Free admission for the first 2 hours they are open? If you think $1 beers are expensive, you need to stay HOME!

  247. adamrod

    The Basics:$5 cover the Monday night$4-5 Beers$10 Dances The King of Diamonds is a full nude strip club located a bit south of St. Paul, nestled just back from the road in what appeared to be a mostly residential area. Once past the doorman (note the vending machine full of porn) there is a medium/large main bar area with another smaller bar sectioned off toward the back of the club (closed during my visit). Once you enter the bar is directly to your left, a bunch of high tables take up about 1/3 of the club, a couple bar tops and stools separate this area from the seating around the slightly elevated stage. Tip the ladies at the edge of the stage, there wasn’t any sort of dollar parade following each dancers’ set. The couch dance area is to the left of the stage. As someone else noted the dances performed in this area are in full view of the other patrons but you’ll be paying too much attention to the girls to notice any creepy guys ogling your dance. The club is No-Touch so keep your hands to yourself, but the ladies do plenty of grinding. Honestly, for $10 it’s probably the greatest value in lap dances that I’ve ever seen. (Apparently during the $10 dances the dancer is required by the club to keep at least one foot on the floor at all times. If the dancer hadn’t said anything I would never have noticed) Part of my high rating is due to the attitude of the dancers and staff. Everyone was very friendly, polite, and low pressure. There is no dollar parade, you won’t be constantly hit up for additional tips or dances. The girls might approach, say hello, chit chat, then suggests a dance. You either take them up on it or don’t, no big deal. Take them up on it though. The girls are lovely. I don’t know if it was just the night that I visited but none of them were plastic-y. Just cute, natural women with the occasional tattoo or piercing to grab your attention. It’s enough to make you fall in love with Minnesota girls.

  248. Glenn

    much improved..will be back.

  249. Andrew

    over all a good club. i have a great time every time i come in. thanks for being that club!

  250. WTF
  251. kid rock
  252. Peter
  253. Couple

    Enjoyed ourselves. Be back.

  254. Don

    All I can say is WOW! Where do they find all of these beautiful women?

  255. dse
  256. Darlene

    I Love this club

  257. Glen
  258. Ted S.

    Good club!

  259. Adam
  260. Sammy
  261. Mya

    Great club to work at, money is good and everyone there is like family. Would not work anywhere else

  262. Elise
  263. Greg
  264. canola seed
  265. lapper
  266. Kevin Sura

    Only a few girls. They were in their 40’s and definitely past their prime. Way over rated. Worth the drive to venture in Wisconsin. There is only microwave food over priced. Dress codes..
    No cut offs…you will be turned away bring a tshirt in case with sleeves if you are there for night show. Staff are rude. There are a few younger girls but usually high on molly that is sold there. Watch your drinks they spike them with drugs.

  267. BJ

    I like this place….good happy hour prices……good number

    of dancers….two stages which is cool… is way too

    loud though.

  268. Scott

    Was in KOD last week. Nice to see pretty girls nude and dollar drinks. I dropped a lot of money on a beautiful hispanic girl called Ionna – Good thing I live in Phoenix as she was worth every dime and I would be very poor living back in Saint Paul!

  269. Jeff
  270. bfh
  271. alan
  272. gbg
  273. Big Mike

    great place to hang out with the strippers

  274. Cleaver

    Sassy, Aurora, and Thai are the best dancers there. Hands down!

  275. Joshlyan
  276. Kent

    I was in the Twin cities on business and one of my close friends at the ‘triple m’ recommended the KOD as the best place to go. He was right on everything he said,the girls were beautiful and plentiful,the place was fun and inviting,service was very good,drinks were reasonably priced and yes, we had a great time. Kianna and Daryl went into the VIP room with us and that was the icing on the cake. They made our time there that much more enjoyable. Kudos KOD

  277. Lucas
  278. KOD fan
  279. Monty
  280. David

    Great club. We went to the KOD last night (Friday) had a great time. Planning a guys night out once a month or more!

  281. Management

    Mark Your Calendars for Saturday, August 16, 2008

    The King of Diamonds is hosting our annual carwash. We are raising money for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)to bring awareness and help people with ALS lead more productive lives. Check out our website at click on the promotions page for more information. Thank you.

  282. Chris
  283. Great Time

    Great time last night. Great Place, Great Girls, Great Fun

  284. Stev

    What are your experiences with VIP? How is the privacy, attention and show given by the dancer? Just like the public shows but with full nudity?
    Any suggested dancers if I go for it?

  285. Nick

    Great place

  286. Zack
  287. Sawd
  288. chuck
  289. Pete
  290. Sunny
  291. JN

    I like visiting KOD. Suggestion is to bring Kendra back. One of your hotter girls.

  292. Sheryl

    My boyfriend and I love this club,best in Minnesota

  293. jhy
  294. P D

    a 10

  295. Fred

    Will be back. Enjoyed myself.

  296. Art

    Friday nights are the best time for this club

  297. gene
  298. to harry

    Or is that HAIRY? You most likely are a Choice girl who left the KOD and is trying to lure anyone you can to your empty club. Eveyone knows the KOD has the best girls in town and customers are going there to see them. Too bad for you cause you fucked up.

  299. yu8
  300. Stanley
  301. Big Johnson

    I like this place. Friendly atmosphere and sexy nude girls. What more could you want. I’ll be back.

  302. Seb
  303. pitbull

    Had a nice time and yes the girls are hot, had the best dances from Raven. It’s nice to go to a club that has a happy hour, no cover and dollar beer

  304. Ive been everywhere

    Love this club and all the beautiful girls, great place

  305. THE BEST

    The VIP is THE BEST I recommend Sonique. There are plenty of other great choices too like Robyn or Tatum, who I will spend time with in the VIP during my next visit. I went to the VIP with Sonique and had THE BEST time. Always have a great time at the KOD

  306. Marv

    In this bad economy, all of the strip clubs I have been in lately have been less than busy, actually dead, but the KOD has had the most people consistantly and that makes going there all that much more fun

  307. ED

    An excellent club. Hot chicks!

  308. iuy
  309. Happy Customer

    Things have change at the KOD! The roster keeps getting beter and better and better!

  310. Top Notch

    This is a TOP NOTCH club! The women are friendly, nice and gorgeous too! Great club, keep up the the great place!

  311. New Dancer

    Just started at the King of Diamonds this week. This is the best club i have ever worked at. THe girls all get along great, the employees watch your back and the money is great.

  312. jonathonK

    definately the KING of strip clubs- i wish ida came here before ! im DEFINATELY coming back!

  313. Vernon

    Very hot dancers.


    Kendra got arrested for soliciting prostitution to an undercover cop at Shiek’s (Where her name is Erica). What an awful parent! That brings a new meaning to the word “hoe”!

  315. Louie
  316. Paco
  317. Curtis

    Great! That’s all I have to say!

  318. Lee

    Terrible club and staff. I was there today and this is the most stuck up boring club around. This club is dying fast and most of the girls I saw today are leaving this week.

  319. Laura

    This is the best and only place I would work in the Midwest

  320. Carl

    This is a club that has it all. Strippers are just so HOT

  321. Stan
  322. Wild Bill
  323. David

    Very dark, microwave food not grill cooked. Only a fee girls. Girls are all mostly young like 20-23 immature. Staff is rude at door. Waitresses take forever for an over priced drinks. Seating is super uncomfortable and vip room is dark and uncomfortable. Dance costs are fairly cheap. Can’t hear dj hardly at all. They only play half songs. Not like fat jack’s that plays whole song. Would recommend clubs in Minneapolis for value.

  324. the real joe
  325. Arnold

    Love this place

  326. rob

    had a great time last night! I loved Ariana! she was super hot and lots of fun!

  327. matt
  328. Jonny

    I love the girls. They are really nice. Friendly staff all around!

  329. Steph

    Was wondering if Kitanna still works at KoD?

  330. t

    best club in town!

  331. Jessica
  332. RE: Jake

    Post on your own club site! We know who you are

  333. BEST CLUB!

    Thanks KOD for having a great club with the most incredible ladies around.

  334. Big fan

    What happened to Tawny?

  335. ynt
  336. gfr
  337. Kelley

    Loved it had a great time!

  338. yty
  339. Jamie

    My Husband and I go to the King of Diamonds 2 – 4 times a month. Very couple friendly club! Definately recommend to all.

  340. Cherise
  341. B.T.

    Hot girls, reminded me of Vegas, but not cheap

  342. Norm

    Strippers are first class

  343. Dollar

    I wonder what you think are the 2 or 3 best clubs in the metro if this is third? It is a little bit in the eye of the beholder but this place is pretty good.

  344. Terry
  345. CJ
  346. Will

    Wow, they have some beautiful ladies! Overall it’s a very friendly place, most of the security staff seem pleasant and reasonable — but they do know how to do their job. The tenders and wait-staff are very nice. 2 exceptionally good looking waitresses! Drink prices are high but they don’t push the minimums unless you’re a load. $10 table dances can be fun — VIP room is Awesome!

  347. kui
  348. me

    ok club

  349. Great Place!

    Lots of beautiful girls everywhere you turn!

  350. Jerry

    Pretty girls,this is a great place

  351. larry
  352. Robyn

    Robyn is a top choice here.

  353. Lucus D

    This place is the best club I have ever been to and that’s saying a lot. Gorgeous girls, reasonable prices, and very comfortable feel to it. Highly recommended.

  354. Shane

    I have been to most clubs in the Twin Cities area. This club is the best. The last comment couldn’t have said it any better. “This club is AMAZING”!

  355. carnal knowlegde
  356. vcf
  357. suckstobeme
  358. jku
  359. Henry
  360. Tom
  361. Goods

    Great club to work at! We do our best to make the customer happy. People need to understand though that this is NOT a VFW or local tavern… This is a gentlemans club and the rules are going to be strict. Follow the rules, you will have fun! Don’t follow the rules, not so fun!

  362. Johnson W


  363. Gary
  364. George
  365. Brent
  366. Bellagio

    Can say that I have been a KOD customer for over 15 years and the place is still one of the best clubs in the US. Great girls and almost always a great selection of girls. As someone who considers himself a friend of the owners, keep up the great work.

  367. kuj
  368. New Customer
  369. Daisy
  370. gordy
  371. Dan
  372. fds
  373. Mandy

    My boyfriend brought me into this club for my very first strip club experience. I was amazed at how clean and well run the place was. the girls were beautiful and I got my first lap dance. Ohmygod, awsome! We will deffinitely be back

  374. Candy

    We had a great time at the club, my boyfriend was happy with the quality of the dancers. I am disappointed with the amount they charges on drinks, we had pop to drink and on their site they said it’s only $4.50, but when we got there the bartender charges us $5.50 per pop. We ordered another one through the waitress with no ice and she charges us $6.50 for pop. I couldn’t believe it, so be careful of what they charges….. Overall, we had a great time… and coverage charge for couple was reasonable.

  375. New Customer - Jim

    Stopped in Friday at 1:30 for 93X happy hour. Place was busy and full of eye candy! I see you next week.


  376. Mike

    Alright typical club. Parking is great and free. Dancers are average. Staff sucks. A couple of hotties there. I can’t wait to see a little latin girl lola. Better on saturdays.

  377. 1st Time Impression

    Very out-dated. Tables are very uncomfortable. Dance booths are like sitting on cement. Uncomfortable. Microwaved food. No couches other than in their expensive vip which need to be repaired badly. Dancers are mostly drug users and alcoholics and lack communication skills. Only a few working daily because most of them went to a real classy club in mpls called Downtown Cabaret.

  378. fudee

    fine gals

  379. Kile
  380. ujh
  381. Robert

    Great club! The girls are all very sexy, friendly and fun! I will be back soon! Strongly recommend this club to everyone. I travel all over the US and this club is by far my favorite stop.

  382. Nate
  383. Jeremy
  384. mark
  385. Sgt.

    Savanna and glissen you rock!

  386. lnn
  387. TK

    I go there with guys from work quite abit, there are a lot of good looking dancers but the private dances are just average and drinks are very expensive for what you get.

  388. POPS
  389. Sandy
  390. Rain Man

    Love this club. Girls are great looking and friendly. One of the best clubs in the nation.

  391. U Va.

    Lots of hot dancers.

  392. brad

    hot chicks, expensive drinks, was crowded I got my drink knocked out of my hand

  393. Ryan
  394. JT

    Awesome place. Great happy hour… Music is way too loud by the lower stage,,especially too much bass! Maybe could use some younger girls.

  395. bigdog
  396. Lucky

    Where did Coryn go? She was one of the coolest gals and had a great rack.

  397. fdf
  398. Craig

    This place is worth the drive. I live in Minneapolis and there are different clubs to choose from close to home, but the only club I go, and will go to is the King of Diamonds. Always treated great by the entertainers, the staff and management always treat me with respect.

  399. Peanuts

    Hottest club I’ve ever been to! Check out Amy and Ricci!

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