Choice Gentleman’s Club



254 North 2nd Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55401


44.9833892, -93.2722546




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Choice Gentleman’s Club

  1. Tc

    ok, but pretty empty

  2. 2 Stepper

    I was in last week for the first time in a long time. All of the reviews this club has been getting got me curious. I realized how much I missed this place. It is still the best club in town.

  3. MeLarry

    Excellent acrossda board

  4. LappyTime

    Agree with DaDude on this one. While you can occasionally have a great time at Choice, the day shift has gotten pretty bad. Construction out front, no parking and no one on stage makes it pretty dull unless you can connect with a dancer for some fun on the couches. (thank you Buena) If there aren’t that many guys (and there usually aren’t during the day) the ladies spend the whole time up front or in the back room.

    That said, if you connect with a dancer, there’s great fun to be had, but avoid the VIP. With one exception a LONG time ago, there’s nothing extra to be had there.

  5. May

    May as well see Nia with Mitt

  6. Old John

    Finished it the rite way.

  7. .-.


  8. Wes

    ok at best

  9. Oregonguy

    This is still the best strip club in the cities for private dances. Tip decent, don’t ask for anything illegal and enjoy the grinding.

  10. n
  11. Jackie

    Constant lies and deceit at The Choice.

  12. bj
  13. JSM

    don’t wanna go

  14. Justin24

    Just ok

  15. Barrny

    That place across the street is a barn. Choice rocks!

  16. Bob

    lotsa fun!

  17. Just Ok

    Nothing to write home about, but ok.

  18. justanotherguy

    Stopped by after the game Sunday place was full of beautiful

    smiling women my friends and I took a seat on the rail and had an

    amazing show from Chanel and Lilly followed by two more ladies

    Kylie and diamond I believe I then got a dance from Chanel which

    was great I will be back

  19. steve

    it use to be better

  20. USedToBe

    This club used to be pretty good, but not so much anymore unfortunately.

  21. Drama

    Way too much.

  22. Hmmm


  23. Stew

    Had a pretty good time there the other day.

  24. FromUpNorth

    When I am in town I usually for to the Vue – not any more. Great night with 2 different ladies. Best couch dance in MPLS especially for 20. I will be back next time in town

  25. NY Tony

    the asian girl sure can work her tongue

  26. costumer

    vips are now no siting, no rubing no touch zone. what a waste of my money

  27. good

    at stealing your money.

  28. Mikey

    Princess and Sabrina really know how to welcome you to the club. Best private couch dances I’ve ever had. I hope they are there when I get back to Minneapolis

  29. fun

    this is a fun club

  30. awful

    my skin crawls everytime I’m in this place. just nasty.

  31. Tricked

    Bunch of thieves working here.

  32. Frankly

    not my cup of T

  33. rayJ

    might be time to drop those prices

  34. john

    hot girls, fun place!!

  35. Alfe93

    Had a pretty good time at The Choice this afternoon.

  36. Yeck

    Poor all around.

  37. Honestly

    Nothing but love at the top in this place. This is the place to be.

  38. Just No

    Enough said.

  39. TheAnswer

    Just don’t go there!

  40. Closed?!

    Went out of my way to try to stop in, but they weren’t open. WTF?

  41. catch something

    only reason to go here but cant imagine why youd want to

  42. Agreed

    There are good and bad days here, just like at any club.

  43. Shame

    Used to really like this club.

  44. Red

    Simply not good.

  45. silky pants

    Still my favorite strip club.

  46. heffers

    Maybe I came on the wrong night, but that’s all I saw here.

  47. Life is Good

    Hope Ya’ll don’t think your gettin under Tom’s skin with this BS. Your bitterness is hurting you a whole lot more than it is hurting him. The only person that should be bitter about getting fired is Gary.

  48. Mon

    meh is right

  49. Bad Call

    Don’t waste your money.

  50. troy

    girls are ugly

  51. Huge

    Huge potential with a new owner

  52. Good Words

    Trashy. Sleazy. Awful. Rip-off. Life-ruining. They all fit nicely.

  53. Fred

    Had an alright time.

  54. Cardz


  55. Paul Wilson

    Come on guys….geeezz….spending $200-$300 for VIP?? You had be getting some full sex for that kind of money. The VIP are total rip offs… your money on 3 trips to the VIP and go to Bangkok Thailand, Angeles Philippines, Shenzhen, China…get a girl that is just as beautiful ir not more for $50 a night…..well I won’t say more…but this is riduculous. Used to be able to get continuous dances on stage…but not now…it is concentrated for couch dances only. What a fast way to go through a C note. Go to Bangkok..and your view of the strip club scene changes a whole lot… the point I used to be a frequent visitor to the Choice and MPLS strip clubs…but now I do not ever go.

  56. waste

    What a waste f time and money.

  57. Roger Ebert

    Thumbs Up! Come and see the best show in town.

  58. Vern
  59. mr X

    How many fatties did u hire in a pass few months?

  60. Nellie

    YMMV, but my experiences here were pretty negative.

  61. Skip It

    But that’s just one man’s advice.

  62. Chemist

    These girls are good!

  63. todd

    worst club in town, and that’s saying a lot

  64. outoftowner

    Best little stip club in the Twin Cities. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the girls. This is spendy entertainment and you get what you pay for.

  65. 01


  66. Mooch

    Plenty of udders in this place too.

  67. rick

    pretty damn skanky

  68. Steven

    Thought it was alright.

  69. Big Guy

    Stopped by and got the job done; gotta love this place.

  70. regrets

    Wish I never heard of this place. You will too.

  71. xXxKATOxXx


  72. Timmy

    The best club in Mpls period. The sexiest ladies around. I

    love the vibe of this place when that pervert Tom is in the

    house. It will not let me drag the slider to rate this place.

  73. arne4x

    Bleh is more like it.

  74. Not Good

    Just Bad

  75. anonymous

    barbs a witch and billy is a loser, so…. how did divas do?

  76. Bobby

    Agreed awful, The Choice is pretty awful.

  77. Outoftownguy

    This is a great little club. The private dances are awesome and the girls are friendly. Highly recommended.

  78. Subpar

    There are better places in town to waste your time and money.

  79. By Fred

    It’s not that good either.

  80. wil

    there are better

  81. Sir mix alot

    lots of hot ladies!

  82. trukdriver

    Precious (days) gives great dances!!! thanks

  83. That sucking sound...

    …is your wallet being sucked dry.

  84. Richard


  85. Gtty


  86. Ken

    This place is great. Lots of sexy ladies.

  87. liarsvictim

    Don’t waste your time on this place. Both the club and the girls in it are diseased.

  88. Negative

    That’s been my experience too.

  89. Blech

    Pretty gross really.

  90. Nathan

    There’s a girl for every taste. Excellent at the Choice!

  91. rory

    What did it used to be that was so much better than it is now?

  92. erik.

    ROCHELL RULES!!! she was the coolest one there. nice place. not white trash or ghetto. fun time. thanks rochell you made it cooler.

  93. Patrick

    It’s ok

  94. Blah

    Don’t know why you would want to go here.

  95. Synonym

    What Jimmy isn’t.

  96. HK

    If you’re one of the sniffer’s row creeps looking for “extras” this place is for you.

  97. Larry

    I’ve been to better clubs, that’s for sure.

  98. fastptch

    it is an awesome club, laid back atmosphere. The ladies are outstanding.

  99. nbg
  100. mixed bag

    had a couple of ok experiences here, but the bad far outweigh the good

  101. Dan

    Stopped by yesturday and was dissapointed, won’t be coming by anymore.

  102. Went Here

    Won’t be back.

  103. Kyle

    It was alright. The music was too loud but at least it wasn’t rap.

  104. Lou

    Disappointed with the girls, none over a 5-or 6. I expected more, won’t be back

  105. Ex

    More bad than good.

  106. Guy

    Got lied to and stolen from.

  107. wu spec
  108. No Good

    No good at all.

  109. 100NinetyNine

    There’s no amount of alcohol that could make some of these women look good.

  110. Buddy

    The girls here are mean.

  111. zxc666

    Naughty, not nice.

  112. Dirty

    Liars and stealers.

  113. Happy

    Greatest club EVER!!!!!!

  114. Really?!?

    Why would anyone want to go here?

  115. Plenty

    Looks like there’s plenty of opportunity here.

  116. DancerX

    Don’t expect morals in a strip club. But this club is still dirty and gross.

  117. Tre


  118. Wow

    So many negative reviews. Must be pretty bad.

  119. twincities

    Poor across the board.

  120. limp1
  121. Scary

    Didn’t feel safe the last time I was in there.

  122. Candy
  123. JW

    Never again

  124. captain spaulding

    I love finding new places to explore, and the choice is now my new favorite place! Exotic women from all over the world!! Sweedish, Danish, Italian, Lebonease, African, Chinease, caribean, and Asian! This place has a real diverse group of sexy dancers!

  125. Ralphie

    Haven’t found the Choice enjoyable the last few times I’ve been in. Seems

    like a lot of new girls who are not nearly as talented as the old girls used

    to be.

  126. Yuck!

    Nasty place filled with nasty people.

  127. lester
  128. Nate

    The girl who I got my lap dances from is amazing

  129. Arny

    I had a terrible time.

  130. MommaSaid

    If you can’t say anything nice…

  131. ac450

    truly lifewrecking

  132. Marshall

    Had a very happy vip dance followed by amazing back massage with Lyla from night shift

  133. Katie

    I love this place!!!

  134. Tomas

    It’s alright.

  135. stripclubdude

    Yeah, it’s gotten pretty awful.

  136. jim

    hot , hot, hot!

  137. 1


  138. Jimmy

    Constant lies and deceit at The Choice. Enjoy!

  139. Whaaat?


  140. don't

    huge waste of time and money

  141. Matt


  142. Obvious

    Everything. By lying and stealing. Taking money for it. Yes.

  143. thom

    Been good at times, but have had some negative experiences there lately.

  144. MM


  145. Joe

    Best in town

  146. Bill

    I went there on Oct. 10 and the new GM was very nice to me also, Lexy gave me

    one of the best dances ever. Hopefully they get more talent like her.

  147. Don't Go

    The dancers will rip ya off. The VIP is a scam.

  148. disappointed

    with a few exceptions the girls here are gross

  149. DT

    Quite a disappointment.

  150. Trig

    The math on this place just doesn’t add up. I’d stay far far away to be on the safe side.

  151. Gary

    Not too bad.

  152. Most Reviewed?

    If you look back in the review history, most of the positive reviews are from some kind of spam bot. The review score is finally getting back down around where it should be.

  153. Spanky

    He was just “spanking” the two people that he “shot”. At court the Judge agreed that they were bad guys. He had to protect the ladies. He uses sound judgement when he shreds people.

  154. tom

    nothing special

  155. tony

    I liked the sisters that work there jinessa and kendra there very exotic and know how to move they both have great smiles and they give a good lap dance I fell in love with the both of them. I definately go back for them. If your looking for all natural girls that are sexy you like them.

  156. night owl
  157. David

    This was my first club. I went once and went back the next night… and the next…

  158. use to stop

    lady manager was rood and the vip is completely overpriced! girls were great!

  159. No

    Music in this place was just awful last time I was in. Made it hard to enjoy

    the mediocre girls.

  160. justnasty

    name says it all

  161. agree

    lots of drama.

  162. Justno

    Hasn’t been enjoyable in a long time.

  163. average white guy

    I love the choice….I can’t understand the negative comments, obviously fired employees and their boyfriends just want to hate. The atmospere is comfortble, it isn’t all bright and glitzy, and I can sit there and not be noticed.(except by the girls!) The club is classy, and I have never seen any of the problems I see at most clubs. Not a place for hip-hoppers though…..the dress code keeps out the wanna bees!

  164. Jerry

    Not sure what to think

  165. BIG PLANS

    Sunday was awesome at The Choice. Even better than Saturday. Gotta check out the day shift later this week. Like I said before…I can’t get enough of this place. By far the best club in town.

  166. lame

    that is all

  167. twincitystories

    The Choice should rename itself The Dive, as that is what it has become.

  168. Cpt. Shithead

    Danish, swedish, lebanese, chinese, egyptian, puerto rican, mexican, african, japanese, is how you spell it retard!

  169. Carl

    Vip definetely worth every dollar

  170. What a hole

    Just go to Augie’s and save you money

  171. 10


  172. Mitt

    May as well stop in.

  173. Trends

    This club has been on a downward trend forever. If you’re thinking about going there, just don’t.

  174. Skydancer

    Don’t work here if you can avoid it.

  175. ty

    Way overpriced vip. They want $200 for fifteen minutes in the vip other clubs are less than half of that! Girls no offense ur great-mngmt think a little!

  176. Aecr

    Not so good.

  177. .


  178. Adam Lambert

    You gotta be Anderson Cooper not to love the Choice girls

  179. .:.


  180. Matthew

    I miss the female DJ …. she was really cool

  181. omar

    The club is far more intimate and casual than Deja Vu. Much better experience.

  182. TCPatron

    Can’t say much good, so won’t say much at all.

  183. Oregondude

    This is a great place and I always check it out when I am in

    town. Never go away disappointed!

  184. Barnes

    Can’t say that I’m a fan either.

  185. Chris

    A nice club

  186. Indifferent

    I think its ok.

  187. TroyP

    Ok, but won’t be back.

  188. Hills
  189. whats worse?


  190. Andy

    If you have a fetish for being constantly lied to, then you’re right, these

    girls will leave you very satisfied.

  191. santa

    nothinbut ho ho ho’s

  192. ytr

    Pretty poor imho.

  193. matt69

    lies, lies, and more lies

  194. If you can't

    say anything nice…

  195. Another Try

    Gave it another try. Hasn’t gotten any better.

  196. Trapp

    Not terrific.

  197. TemptMe

    why is it terrible

  198. Too Bad

    It really is too bad that this club has gotten so bad. I used to really enjoy

    frequenting it, but no longer.

  199. strippy

    just bad

  200. remy

    its just ok

  201. Ined

    Not so bad.

  202. edward

    Pretty ok.

  203. Jen

    Awful and maybe even dangerous.

  204. clown

    katana is an idiot

  205. big tony

    Theres obv someone here whose not a fan of the choice dudes not wrong though this place been getting bad.

  207. FormerDancer

    Used to dance here, but can’t do it anymore. Sad because it used to be a

    nice place to dance.

  208. Kevin Garnett

    This place is one of the finest clubs around. Come prepared to have fun with a lot of cash!

  209. Lifelong Customer

    I’ve had some good times and some bad times at The Choice. It really

    depends on the luck of the draw on any given day.

  210. Valerie
  211. custromer


  212. Not so nice

    Not much more to say than that.

  213. Toddy


  214. Alfie

    Not so nice.

  215. JRF

    I always have a good time at this club during the daytime. Lolita gives excellent dances and there are always decent girls available to entertain you.

  216. Really

    Couldn’t be worse.

  217. exdancer

    Run as far away as you can.

  218. stayaway

    stay far far away

  219. Art

    Jimmy is a peacock flying into a rainbow

  220. BGS


  221. Brett

    This is a great place. I went for my birthday and had a really fun time.

  222. Colorful


  223. Almost Slipped

    Thought about trying this place again today, but then I remembered how

    shitty and ripped-off I always feel after visiting. Glad I decided not to go.

  224. FattiesGalore

    They’re right. Bunch of chubby strippers at this club. Couple of hidden

    gems, but mostly it’s not good.

  225. Slider

    couldn’t get the slider to go negative

  226. Thomax

    Not too bad I guess.

  227. Brent
  228. Guest

    Most of the girls were very friendly and there was a decent mix if ethnicities, including asian, hispanic, black, and white. The dances were great and the VIP dances were awesome.

    It could be improved by having more light. It’s hard to see any details of the girls on stage or even in lap dances. It could also be improved by having more stage dances. It got boring when there were no stage dances, which was at least 50% of the time. But overall, I really like this club.

  229. Don


  230. average joe

    It was very, very nice!

  231. Kenda

    Maybe I was imagining things but I sensed lots of tension in there the other night

  232. Gwen

    Girls are the best looking in the metro. Recommendations for night shift – Lexi, Lilly, Nadia, Talon, Reesa

  233. mookie

    The girls here will leave you satisfied! Isn’t that why you go to strip clubs?

  234. brad

    strange little club. probably won’t be back.

  235. no joke

    The dishonesty and hate starts at the top here. Warped by too many drugs. Owners have been here too long.

  236. Girls


  237. Longtime Customer

    Good call getting rid of these people Tom. They do not deserve to be blessed by you. I am sure the club is running alot smoother without them. Gary would be a wonderful Choice and a Blessing.

  238. Alfred

    Kinda pricey for what you get.

  239. G

    pretty freakin’ awful

  240. Blue

    Will be the color of your balls when you leave.

  241. elf

    Glad to be out of there.

  242. someguy

    Hot girls, nice grind but lousy VIP. Went once with a lady and got 20 minutes for my 30, went again a couple of weeks later, same thing. Since you can’t touch on the couches anymore, and the price is fairly high for a VIP, how ’bout giving us the full 30?

  243. TedW

    Not a great place.

  244. Al

    A great mix of girls, white, black, Latin and Asian. Love that they are not pushy like dream girls and assholes like other clubs. Most laid back club.

  245. forzy69

    waz ok but wont be going back

  246. arnie

    I just don’t see what people see in this place.

  247. Kender
  248. Pants

    Lies, lies, lies.

  249. No Axes

    Just ugly strippers. And the few who aren’t ugly on the outside are even

    uglier on the inside.

  250. Bob

    I’m normally a day shift guy but with all these hot 19 year olds at night I’m becoming a night owl

  251. Chad

    Very sexy girls. Fun club.

  252. TommyBoy

    Don’t really care for it.

  253. mark


  254. Tiny dancer

    I hated working at this place. Glad I don’t have to any more.

  255. re

    Agreed. Pass right on by.

  256. Michael

    Went with three friends and had a blast! Natalie, thanks for a fantastic time!

  257. NICE


  258. regular

    Choice has some of the best girls around. Yeah, most of them are stuck up and somewhat snobby, but how do you expect these “teenage millionaires” to act? Have you seen how much money the girls at this club make? Way more than other clubs such as Schieks, Ricks or Deja Vu! And every dollar we give them is WELL worth it! I just wish Mercedes was back, she was by far the best. Cameron isn’t bad either.

  259. clams

    and the like.

  260. zach

    had fun! Sky was unbelievable! She gave an amazing private dance, and was extremely friendly! There was one other girl (not sure of the name) who whipped me with a belt and it hurt like an SOB, and just because I didnt want a dance from her. It was pretty dark in the club, but still had a great time; especially with Sky!

  261. jarell

    Why are these girls so lazy they aren’t even cute!

  262. reviewer

    0 stars.

  263. Claude

    Hasn’t been any fun since my favorite dancer left.

  264. exD

    out of there!

  265. Beautiful

    Take a look around. There is beauty everywhere here.

  266. Bleh

    That says it.

  267. Green

    Below average

  268. ABR

    Another bad review

  269. sickandtired

    Done getting ripped off by this place.

  270. james


  271. jf261969

    Very good club for the daytime. There aren’t many stages dances, but you have excellent access to the girls and the couch dances tend to be very good. My favorite is Lolita.

  272. mathew
  273. Thim

    Just ok.

  274. Xk123

    It’s an ok place I guess. There are a half dozen in town all about the


  275. victim

    Real cheaters..dont go…

  276. paige

    went here for a girls night. We had an absolute blast. the girls are hot and super nice.

  277. Jon

    Always a great club. Justice was great in the VIP room.

  278. dholtz
  279. sunny

    this is the best stripclub in minneapolis. Though the VIP charges are way to high, but private dance is amazingly hot. Girls there really know how to make the dance just better n better. I had 4 dances in one go because she was just going better and better. Amazing. Will go there again very soon 🙂

  280. betterlatethannever

    Enjoy this place while you can, cause once Tom is busted its bye bye Choice.

  281. Ann Landers

    Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.

  282. poor

    No more

  283. Anthony

    This definitely isn’t some Dirty Dancing fairy tale.

  284. Amanda


  285. Margaret and Jerry

    We agree with Kirk…best place in town. Keep up the great job everyone. We always recommend Choice to everyone. Can’t wait to go back!!!

  286. ThumbsDown

    You get lied to in every strip club, but the lies that get thrown around in this place take the cake.

  287. Smitty

    I agree. Touching was enjoyable

  288. no problem

    The slider let me give this place the 0 it deserves.

  289. Nalle


  290. Hugh

    Hugely disappointing.

  291. I.C.Booty

    Unbelievable!!! I really enjoyed the stage shows and the way the ladies were willing to chat, even after they got dances!!! D.J. was fun, bartender told jokes, staff as a whole was very friendly. Two thumbs up for Adrian, Paris, and Nikki from Denmark!!(she told me a was a naugty boy in four different languages!)

  292. LTM

    For my money the best club in the twin cities. The couch dances have a great grind. Girl are friendly and know how to take care of a customer. Be friendly and tip well if you got good service.

  293. Ralph

    More bad than good.

  294. Wicked

    not in a good way

  295. John Doe

    Love this place!! You can’t leave without experiencing Sammy, Taurus, Lila, Dallas. Gorgeous and know how to do what they do!!

  296. Average

    There’s better, there’s worse.

  297. CantImagine

    Anyone having anything good to say about this place.

  298. ldit
  299. kirk

    best place in town

  300. howdy dowdy


  301. RMick

    not very good for me today

  302. Skeeter

    Has gone downhill.

  303. Kev

    It’s alright.

  304. A.G

    Super friendly staff, especially the girls. Go visit Jayden and Rachel. Best

    club in town.

  305. Danny

    Pretty cool little club.

  306. ceo chuck

    The Danish girl is the hotest dancer in town. The variety of other girls was also exceptional. I love sitting in a dark corner and watching the show. V I P dances are heart stopping!!!

  307. scammed

    Beware this club scams people

  308. harry

    The club could do more business if they would accept competitors coupons. The girls are great and give the best dances in town. It is up to the management to get more people into the club to reward the girls for their hard work.

  309. Oregon
  310. customer

    fun place!

  311. Trick

    Had an alright time the last time I was in there.

  312. Thomas

    Really could be better.

  313. ---> * <----

    3 <----

  314. nanana

    Not gonna do it

  315. Ned

    Move along. Nothing to see here.

  316. terry


  317. JJ

    Do not drop the prices. We do not need Jimmy in here with his Obamacheck.

  318. Rex

    Had an awesome set of dances with Allison today on day shift. There’s

    some great new talent in this place

  319. Teddy

    Very disappointing.

  320. Twins Customer

    This club is very good most nights. Find Mia, Lisa, Jo Jo working and you are looking at extremely beautiful women. There are plenty of other good looking women too.

  321. paul

    i am from out of town, haven’t been to choice in a year. came back a couple of days ago and didn’t recognize this place. what happend?

  322. Allgone

    Not worth the trip

  323. JRG
  324. Brian


  325. Never Again

    This club is a dump.

  326. Zig Ziglar

    Some of us learn from other people’s mistakes and the rest of us have to be other people.

  327. steve-o

    AVERAGE girls, Terrible staff. I’ve been to the Choice twice and the cops have shown up both times. I wouldn’t go here if you have a warrant… or if you don’t for that matter.

  328. TED
  329. I'm in love with a stripper

    Great club, got all of my moneys worth. Small private club atmosphere where the girls are very personal.

  330. xxx

    filthiest club in town

  331. Bologna

    This place is great. Bring your friends.

  332. Love it

    I love spending my money here. Good to know that Tom isn’t giving my money to digruntled donkeys.

  333. OO


  334. Funny

    This place is a joke.

  335. Shorts

    Lies, lies, lies.

  336. 12 Stepper

    This is the perfect place to break you of the habit.

  337. Buzzz

    Only great if you like your skanks gross.

  338. Trashy

    Although I suppose that might be your thing.

  339. bad


  340. Shane

    Tried it, but don’t plan to go here again.

  341. Watt

    Happened to be in the area. Hope not to be again anytime soon.

  342. What?

    As many guys working there today as girls. Pretty pathetic.

  343. clint torris

    Wow, what a fun place! Tables have candles, room is dark, and dancers light up the room!!! VIP was so hot I have couch burns on my ass!!!

  344. Johnny Walker

    This place is like the “cheers” of gentleman’s clubs. Not to big, or glitzy, girls are great, and staff is really friendly.

  345. Holiday

    It seems like this place is never open on holidays.

  346. yep

    Definitely not good.

  347. Dave

    Came in here week monday, had a good time with mina, great body, pretty face.

  348. //

    cops are coming!

  349. Jake

    Alright enough.

  350. josh

    I had a great time at the choice. I really like this dancer named kendra she is beautiful and has a great smile she also was one of the nicest girls in there shes not pushy and shes a great dancer. she has great big nipples and perky natural boobs. If your looking for natural beautiful dancer that gives good lap dances kendras the one to get a dance from

  351. hARVEY

    Just went back and looked at the last 6 of the 12 pages of reviews. 6 pages of reviews this year. Looks like a spambot 2me2.

  352. Jane

    Tom’s a swell guy and this is a swell club.

  353. Epiphany

    What do they lie about? How do they cheat? What makes em whores? Did you ever work here?

  354. Satan

    The current rating for this club is 666, which is so fitting that I almost hate to ruin it. Maybe when it gets to 0.666?

  355. Slum

    What a shame.

  356. Al

    Poor across the board.

  357. Jon

    That was a mistake.

  358. cork

    Keep on bailing Tom.

  359. Big Ben

    Always love a happy ending.

  360. PrettyAwful

    Like me, The Choice is also pretty awful.

  361. Tried

    Won’t make that mistake again.

  362. mike

    Good time had! Would like to stop again with more cash and have some fun!

  363. Just Bad

    That’s what I call it.

  364. Riley

    If your lookimg for one hell of a dance make sure to see Riley. She works Sundays, most Mondays, Tuesdays and all day Saturdays. She seems more comfortable being Friendly on Mondays and Saturday nights. Any day she works was always fun though. 1/2 hours make sure to tip $100 before the dance starts and for an hour make sure to tip $200 before haand also. She wont dance with me anymore so I figured I would pass the information on you all of you. You wont be disappointed. The hour will cost you $800 but very much more worth it then half hour for $400. I just wish she would still dance with me. I never left VIP UNSATISFIED. Shes good!!!!!

  365. Tim Johnson

    I see what you mean about booty Stacie and Aria yum

  366. Dude-o-rino

    This is the best all-nude club in the Twin Cities. Find the right vibe with the

    right girl and you’ll be satisfied. Got to spend some quality time with Mina

    this weekend, she has the best legs in Minneapolis, and we both were

    completely satisfied.

  367. FatAsses

    Some of the girls have pretty faces, but there’s a lo of fat asses in this

    club. Hope you like cellulose.

  368. allen

    Da Bomb!

  369. Maybe

    But maybe not.

  370. Some Guy

    Man these chicks are crack heads…they will do anything for a rock. Not very classy.

  371. V

    You know the rest

  372. Trex

    Average about sums it up it seems.

  373. -10

    or worse.

  374. Save Yourself

    Don’t work here!

  375. Da' Dude

    Dayshift is pretty lame; usually 6 girls, and only a couple

    customers. They won’t put girls on stage, unless there is

    alot of customers in the building. When only a couple

    customers are in, the girls sit around up front, or in the

    back. Club should reduce cover during days, or come out

    with coupons.

  376. It's A'ight

    tru dat. tru dat

  377. JohnnyBeGood

    Day Shift girls are hot. Great dances.

  378. Les

    Check this club out if you like great bump and grind lap dances. Very seldom get a bad lapper here. Never been up in the VIP. Fun little club.

  379. oldtime dancer

    Tom is swell and sexy and so is his club. I have worked in many clubs and he is the best person I have ever worked for. I loved the way he smiled at me whenever I was puting on my stockings. I hope he stops smoking the MARLBORO’s.

  380. Skanks

    That’s what you’ll find here. No class at all.

  381. Former Customer

    Ugly dank club filled with ugly skanky old women.

  382. Dave

    Very low key club but I always enjoy myself. A good variety of woman and i always leave satisfied! I have a few favorites there…… it’s called the choice for a reason for sure Simone

  383. Adam

    It had been a couple years since I had been to Choice, I went back the other day and was sort of disapointed. Is it new management or something?

  384. Tattoo
  385. Not Worth My Money

    This place has gone down hill. Don’t waste your time.

  386. tcstory

    Gone way downhill.

  387. nah

    not worth the trip

  388. ex-dancer

    stack paper, say nothing, stay away from drugs and get out as quickly as you can

  389. demetrie

    met a guy WHO CALLED HIMSELF THE GENERAL MANAGER, he was the biggest jackass i had ever met! as long as he is there, i will be far away

  390. Ben
  391. Dover


  392. Dick

    Someone’s been grinding their axe here. I’ve been to all the Minneapolis

    clubs and Choice is the best. You get the best dances with the least

    amount of hustle. Once you’ve cultivated a favorite, she’ll treat you right on

    repeat visits. Be patient on day shift and you’ll find a gem…the looking is

    easier at night when there’s more stage action.

  393. escaping family man

    I really like going to the choice, it is calm, and safe. I don’t want alot of drama when I go out. I love the candle-lit atmosphere.

  394. silkypants

    Last visit on 3/28/07. This is still my favorite strip club. In my opinion the private dances are the best in town.

  395. Nasty

    Dirty and filthy too, but not in a nice way.

  396. re Spanky

    He publicly shreds people out of quick delusional judgement, yes he has also “shot” at least 2 people because he “thought” they poisoned him but was really just on too many drugs.

  397. nelle

    gone, gone, gone

  398. Will from nordeast

    There was a lovely variety of dancers, the bartender told me jokes at bar, and everyone seemed to be in a great mood! That Saturday two of the girls danced together on stage, and it was REAL hot!!! I found the club by accident, and keep going back!!

  399. really?

    Is just ok what you want from a strip club when you’re spending all that money?

  400. uh-oh

    What are these skanks going to do now?

  401. Arnold

    I will be back.

  402. notnice

    not nice at all

  403. Ed

    alright enuff i guess

  404. Justin

    Just ok.

  405. Ashley

    I feel sorry for anybody who has to work in this place. I hope Tom gets the help he needs so badly.

  406. Overrated

    At some point, someone really jacked the ratings of this

    club up, but it really doesn’t deserve it.

  407. heh

    No sex, but plenty of videotape.

  408. Oldtimer

    This club used to be the best in town, but not in 2012.

    It.s really gone downhill fast lately.

  409. Temptress

    This club is terrible.

  410. NeverAgain


  411. cklein


  412. Thieves

    Not just liars.

  413. Purple

    Is the color it turned 7-10 days later.

  414. Boo

    No Nakova? Boo to that!

  415. Tank

    went with some friends, but wasn’t really the kind of lace we were looking for. Seems much more for lonely single guys.

  416. the watcher

    I love the candlelit tables, the dark and sultry mood, and the overall feeling in the club. Not a bunch of silicon enhanched bleach blondes either! I like natural bodies, and there is quite a variety at the choice. Wed nite two girls teased each other on stage, and I nearly needed a clod shower!!! Two er….thumbs up for the choice!!

  417. GRINCH

    Was there even one employee who wasn’t fully ignored every Christmas? Haterville

  418. Frank

    Very dishonest place. Stay away.

  419. Sweetypie

    Mind blowing hot girls.

  420. Goober

    Plenty bad is what this place is.

  421. travis

    $14 cover during the day?! I was expected top notch atmosphere and entertainers not what I found inside at all! The girls here are like brain dead or something! They are old and lazy either overweight by quite a bit or extremely underweight, I couldn’t find a girl to even get out of her seat for the first 10 mins and when they did I couldn’t find one I was remotely attracted to!

  422. :


  423. Old Fart

    Hot girls, give very nasty dances if asked for. Will be back when I get a chance. Had a hard-on for hours.

  424. cpt. clown

    chinese, lebanese, egyptian, danish, puerto rican,swedish, japanese, hawaiian, they’re all here

  425. ,


  426. Paulie

    Nice place, but no more touching during the dayshift!?!? That used to be the big selling point. No groping the nether-regions, but a backrub or stroke of the leg was fine.

    VIP is overpriced unless you find the rare lady that allows extras. You can get as good or better dances for the same overall price downstairs.

  427. Nene


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